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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 2, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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break in, because breaking news channel. and this is becoming annoying. yesterday, it had a big turn around and they welcome like -- and today is bad. why? very good question. let's ask neil. neil cavuto starting now. iowa decides. now the race is on for new hampshire and beyond. how will it shake out? now, live from des moines, "your world with neil cavuto." >> all right, the scene in des moines, iowa right now where we'll still staying. my colleagues got out before the snow, we did not. but our obligation remains to you. so we remain here. very good to see all of you here. but the fallout from this state is being felt far and wide. donald trump in the unusual position of technically not being the front-runner anymore
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amid indications in new hampshire, which will be doing things a week from today and we redebate all of this all over again. carl cameron is in new hampshire with the latest on the fight going on there. sir? >> reporter: hi, neil. it's historic. this is the town hall where over 100 years ago abraham lincoln finished up four speeches and george washington used to come by here in the 1770s. hopefully for marco rubio it will be historic tonight, after coming third in iowa. all of the major candidates have arrived in the granite state. donald trump has not yet had an event. he plans to have one later this evening in milford, new hampshire. it will be a town hall with a news conference. trump came in a very disappointing second. we expect and we're hearing that
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his campaign will be getting the endorsement of scott brown, the former massachusetts senator, an unsuccessful u.s. senate candidate last election. so trump is trying to get that momentum restarted here in new hampshire where he has a big lead in the polls. ted cruz has already been hard on the stump. mr. cruz today had an event in windham, new hampshire and asked a variety of questions, including about trump's mocking of a disabled reporter. cruz immediately suggested one's actions are often an expression of one's character, a clear assertion that trump sometimes is less than charitable to people without apparent provocation. cruz was also pushing back on marco rubio. he suggested that on the subject of immigration, which was so strong for mr. trump in iowa, that trump was absent when ted cruz was fighting the gang of eight bill sponsored by marco rubio.
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all very aggressive politicking here. the idea that the iowa caucuses have a low turnout, a high percentage of social conservatives who prefer a more civil type of policy driven, spiritually driven campaign gets ellipsed now by the new hampshire primary. this state has one third of the population of iowa but three times the turnout of iowa. independents can vote here, and they expect to see the candidates take one another on, to see who is the stronger leader. of course, after we get done with the new hampshire primary a week from today, then it goes to south carolina where the mantra down there is, republicans will elect the conservative who can win, meaning the general election. seven days left before the new hampshire primary. to give you an idea how undecides can be changed here, in 2008, after hillary clinton had lost the iowa caucuses to both barack obama and john edwards, she came to new hampshire and she had a tearing
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moment. she cried on the campaign trail. her momentum completely resurged and she won the new hampshire primary. she didn't win the nomination obviously, but she didn't turn around the loss she suffered in iowa and new hampshire is notorious for that in both parties. >> i remember there were 11 polls conducted after iowa all had barack obama winning new hampshire and they were all wrong. remember that? >> reporter: just a couple of tears can turn around a lot here. >> carl, thank you very much. carl cameron in new hampshire, where we will be if we can make it out of this state. the former governor of that fine state joins us. you have not formally endorsed anyone in this race, have you? >> no, i have not. how are you, neil. >> very fine. are you leaning towards anyone? >> no, i'm just hoping that christie, bush, kasich or rubio
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end up as the nominee. the country needs somebody that can fix the problems. iowa did its job last night in getting the ball going back in the right direction, and we hope new hampshire will continue that momentum. >> you mentioned one of the four rational ones, and you left out ted cruz and donald trump. was that a slip on your part? >> absolutely not. there were two winners last night. ted cruz and rubio were the winners and donald trump was the loser. i think you'll see new hampshire -- it doesn't follow iowa but it pays attention to what happened there. i think trump really got hurt. his aura of being a winner was broken. he's tried to convince people that he's always a winner. he lost in iowa badly. and frankly now they're going to look at his record and realize this guy has a long record of losing from his four bankruptcies to trump airlines to trump university to trump
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towers in florida to trump vodka, to trump mortgage company, to trump fragrances, to trump magazine. they're all failures. he's a loser. >> now, now, now, obviously you're not a big fan of mr. trump, that's fine. but he didn't lose badly. he came in second in a very big evangelical state. he's leading in the polls in new hampshire. don't you think you're writing him off a bit too soon? >> i'm not writing him off. i'm just saying that's what the new hampshire voters will have to look at. and i'm hoping they'll pay attention to his real record instead of his hot rhetoric. >> what do you make of scott brown set to announce his unequivocal support for his presidency? >> the candidates are up here, they've all garnered significant endorsements. chris christie probably has 150 significant endorsements.
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they're all garnering endorsement. scott is just one more in a long line of endorsements that have gone to a variety of candidates. >> governor, i was talking to bob dole the other day here in iowa, and he was expressing reservation no so much about donald trump, but ted cruz. he said between the two, cruz would be the worst bet, saying he doesn't even get along with fellow republicans, let alone how he would have to reach across to democrats. so what senator dole was telling me, you would have a better time seeing donald trump get things done than ted cruz. what do you think of that? >> if trump is the nominee, the republicans will lose the senate. and if the republicans lose the senate, there's no chance to get anything done or anything stopped. that's why i am so strongly leaning to one of what i call the four rational candidates. the christie, bush, kasich, rubio contingency. and i really do think for this
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country to fix the mess obama has left us, you need somebody that understands how to deal with the system and those guys do. >> governor sununu, always a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you, neil. in the meantime, you might have noticed in the right corner of your screen, a big old sell on the corner of wall and broad. what the heck happened today? >> you know the drill, neil. first crude oil began to collapse, so markets started out under pressure and it only got worse from there. connecting these oil dots, a lot of scuttlebutt which banks will take hits from the bad loans. they're dumping financials to make up for lost crude oil revenue. then the selloff got worse when the federal reserve told wall street to stop whining, and should. worry about wild gyrations and hissy fits of the stock market.
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there was good news. maybe cheap oil having a positive impact with some stocks. also, buyers nibbled on chipolte mexican drill and mattel retooled its barbie earlier in this week. had its best session in years after strong earnings. so at least the little girls are getting something out of the cheap oil crisis. auto sales popped last month. chrysler the big winner. it was a crazy day on wall street. >> well, janice dean the weather machine was telling us about this big blizzard to come that was going to stop everything. it did halt flights but kept saying something about a foot, foot and a half, it was going to be wicked and awful. you know, i'm no meteorologist, janice, but i have a ruler, and i'm looking at this to the and a half of snow, janice. [ laughter ]
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[ inaudible ] no one touch it. >> yes! >> all right, was this weird or not? this was acted out no fewer than six times in iowa yesterday, in democratic precincts where the race was too close to call. they had a toss of the down to see who won. there were six tosses of the coin, hillary clinton won all of
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them, and that tipped the scales to her in the tightest iowa caucus results we've ever seen, i mean, ever. ed henry now on that battle. hillary clinton was looking like the winner here, now not in new hampshire. >> reporter: i was there, it was a surreal scene in des moines, as these results were coming in amid the coin flips, and the numbers kept getting tighter and tighter. hillary clinton's lead over bernie sanders had been a few points and by the end was less than one percentage point. and the bottom line, hillary clinton came out very awkward in des moines at her victory party, because she came out without declaring victory, just saying i'm breathing a sigh of relief. but then here in new hampshire, she made clear after some news organizations came out
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suggesting that bernie sanders simply cannot catch up. she decided to make it clear that she won in iowa and is now focused right here on the granite state. watch. >> i am so thrilled that i'm coming to new hampshire after winning iowa! [ applause ] i can tell you, i've won and i've lost there. it's a lot better to win. >> reporter: that loss, of course, a reference to 2008 and we should point out after finishing third in iowa last time that she ran, hillary clinton stormed back here in new hampshire, tried to get some of the magic from her husband known as the comeback kid from that rice in 1992. she won new hampshire, lost the nomination. this time she's facing a double digit deficit to the democratic social senator bernie sanders, who came so close in iowa last night. he landed in the middle of the night and basically was greeted by a few hundred supporters in a
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parking lot here in new hampshire. sanders simply stunned that his supporters waited all night just to see him. watch. [ inaudible ] >> we thank you so much. >> reporter: so a scare for hillary clinton. she has a lot of work to do here. the latest fox poll suggests she's behind sanders here in new hampshire by 22 points. after this scare in iowa, if she loses big in new hampshire, this is going to put a lot of pressure on her. but one of her advisers told me earlier today, a win is a win. if the broncos come back with a lucky play at the end of the super bowl and win by a field goal, you're still going to call it a win. the clinton camp calling this a win. >> thank you very much, ed henry. it isn't all it appears. it was so close, especially when you look at the way democrats
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all right. back in iowa with you here right now, and the battle back and forth as to who really won yesterday in this very, very
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tight delegate race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. now, remember, it works differently in this state for democrats who count delegates, not popular vote. and they have 1471 delegates to go to the state convention. so it's the delegate portion that matters here. but what if it doesn't jive with the popular vote? this might be a case of delegate vote going one way, the popular vote going another. that would be weird. >> it would also be a big story. >> what do you got? >> we know exactly how many democrats turned out, which is 171,029. that's been released. >> that's not a record, but the second highest number. >> it's the second number since obama's huge turnout in 2008. and those numbers got reported eventually that obama had 93,000 votes and you can look at the
1:22 pm
delegates, which is what they caucus about. but this has become a primary caucus. iowa has become extraordinarily important. that race was important. and the american people and democrats ought to know if bernie sanders actually won the number of votes. the reason i'm saying that, because hillary clinton had so many rural precincts in places that she won, and because in the bigger college areas, sanders had big votes, it may well be, in a race this tight on the delegates, we're talking four delegates out of a total of the several thousand, there is good reason to suspect that he might have, because he got votes in big precincts with lots of people, but the delegate numbers didn't change. >> let me ask you this, in the six or so precincts decided by the toss of a tocoin? >> that is a party rule for
1:23 pm
later in the delegate process. the state party -- >> when they do that, i suspect they're so close to being even and the only way to decide is flip a coin? >> the question is, they can do a partial delegate count. they can split them. >> why didn't they do that? and what are the odds of one person winning all six coin tosses? >> pretty amazing, if we started doing that. look, let me be frank about it. the state party was an adjunct to the clinton campaign, as most of the democratic party is. they were dealing with the state party, the -- allowing these tossed coins made the difference. you have -- but you have -- >> we don't know it for sure -- >> i am just -- >> i know, but it was a close
1:24 pm
race notwithstanding. the sanders people saying that's a story right there. if it's even in a state a few months ago she was leading by 40 points. >> the big story is if bernie sanders got more votes here. >> you don't know that for sure. can we recount the votes? the democrats say they can't. >> you don't have a problem there, you have what was sent in each precinct. you can recheck everything to make sure those results match. >> you say they're lying? >> i'm saying they're not telling the whole truth. >> which is lying. >> fine. here's the bigger point, if bernie sanders won iowa by one vote, he would be the man who slayed her here. it's worth enough for the sanders' campaign and everyone in the media and country to demand -- look, we don't care
1:25 pm
about iowa because of delegates, we care about iowa about who wins the -- >> why do the democrats do it that way with delegates and the republicans do it by votes? they give them to the precinct captain and count them up. why is it done differently? >> because the democrats stick to this argument, because it's a portion of delegates -- remember, it's on the county level before we go to the state level. that's what they claim a caucus is. this has become in reality a primary caucus. and for this race, who won? who had the most people come out and vote for them matters. this is a democracy, not something to hide in the coin. notice the precincts missing last night. they all came in for hillary. i just think we all deserve to know. >> we're watching, we'll see what other reactions they have.
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if ted cruz doesn't know about this, then he clearly needs to very quickly get rid of some people in his organization. and if he does know about it, isn't this the exact kind of thing that the american people are tired of? why would we want to continue with that kind of, you know, shenanigans? >> all right, that was dr. ben carson complaining to my buddies on "fox and friends" that a lot of supporters were telling folks at the caucuses, we hear ben carson has quit the race, he's going back to florida, and has had it. now, that did filter around and the idea being you're wasting your vote if you vote for ben carson because he's exiting the race. turns out that was not the case, ben carson was flying back to get new clothes and rejoin the race. bottom line, the damage was done and ben carson was demanding an
1:31 pm
apology. fast forward later today, he got such an apology. ted cruz saying that was not the intention, but his staff forgot to convey the followup tweets that he was simply going back to get fresh clothes and rejoin the campaign. but that was left out and wounds are going to take a long time to heal. a lot of folks in the carson camp are saying dirty pool. you say what? >> it was unintentional. there was such an electrified environment in the campaign. i got an e-mail that might be a possibility. but they were quick to correct it with me, because i said can i say it on the air? they said no, because it's unsubstantiated. >> we got the same thing. one of the things that came up, and he clarified later, there was nothing to indicate he was
1:32 pm
quitting the race, just heading back to get new clothes. but do you think that the campaign owed it to the carson folks to clarify that he was not quitting the race? because if i'm intent on voting for ben carson, i won't vote for him because i think he's out of the race. >> i don't think it made that much difference considering where he was polling. most people -- >> i think what they're saying is it makes a difference in a relatively close race say between me and donald trump. >> it might have made a slight difference and all is fair in love and war. >> remember the weird ballot thing that looked official that intimidated a lot of folks, if not ted cruz himself, his campaign played fast and loose. >> well, jeff roll has said on camera he will pull out every card in his rule book, every old play that he used with huckabee in iowa.
1:33 pm
>> what are you talking about? >> the campaign manager. >> i thought going back to "the beverly hill billies." i'm kidding. bottom line, do you think that these things added together raise some doubts whether, you know, ted cruz plays fair? >> no, most people who know him recognize he does play fair. >> okay. >> after all, i think what happened in iowa is a great exhibit. his message is resonating with people. >> what do you think did it for him? do you think donald trump folded or he soared? >> well, cruz outperformed donald trump. he went after it the old fashioned way. he kissed a lot of babies, he went to a lot of state fairs and that's what it's going to take in south carolina. >> thank you very much. you were great last night. it wasn't as long a night as it could have been. >> no, we didn't have a pajama party.
1:34 pm
>> we have a lot more going on. the latest from this state and again, concerns about momentum here. i said about people prematurely discounti ining donald trump, remember, he came in second in an evangelical state and he has a lot of money that he hasn't spent. so remember, this is coming from the same folks saying this guy couldn't be stopped 48 hours ago. nor after this.
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all right. what of donald trump? depending on when you get the main stream media snapshot, he was unstoppable right before the iowa caucuses. he comes in second. again, in a very evangelical state and they give him up for
1:38 pm
dea dead, or he's been humbled or humiliate humiliated. right here in new hampshire, he's still leading by a lot. megan mccain joining us, byron york with me in des moines. byron, just as i think we pumped him up too soon, i think we're burying him too soon. >> absolutely. he's very much alive, and he actually played right into this. i went to a lot of trump rallies, which he would say to the crowd, my advisers tell me i should just say i hope to do well in iowa, but i really want to win. on the other hand -- >> yet polls, they seem to back that hope up. >> donald trump was leading in 13 of the last 13 polls, including the real clear politics. so the polls were wrong. >> what did they miss? >> i think they missed the effectiveness of cruise's ground game, the ineffectiveness of
1:39 pm
trump's ground game. i went to a caucus last night, and they give an opportunity for a representative of the campaign to get up and say a few words. there was nobody there to speak for trump. so they missed those two things. they also missed rubio's momentum. so they missed a lot. >> megan, he goes into friendlier terrain, territory, certainly in new hampshire, has operations and a ground game. so it's not as if he's a nonfactor now. what do you see happening? >> of course donald trump isn't a nonfactor, but he is going into new hampshire a little wounded and a little momentum taken, simply because he's tweeted second place is losing.
1:40 pm
a lot of people have underestimated rubio's surge in a lot of different areas of the country. new hampshire is a tribute state. it's a live free or die state. traditionally new hampshire residents do what they want. they want physical interaction with their candidates on the trail. they want to go to town halls and have intimate connections and i don't know that donald trump has been doing the kind of campaigning that he needs to get the win people are expecting. >> in a state like new hampshire, would he be punished for not doing more? >> there are other reasons that make it a much different state. last night in iowa, 64% of the republicans who took part in the caucus identified them severals as born again evangelicals. in 2012, in new hampshire, it was 22%. remember how i said nobody would get up and speak on trump's behalf in the caucus?
1:41 pm
that's a public act you have to do. in a primary, it's just like voting, you walk in, go in the booth, secret ballot and you're out. >> now the pressure we're told will be on him to spend some of that money. he's been loathe to do that. do you think that changes? >> yeah, i think the pressure is on for him to turn into a real candidate in a lot of different ways instead of tweeting his way to the white house. byron, i still think new hampshire traditionally has a very unpredictable population. my father in the year 2000 was supposed to lose to president bush and won by ten points. they take their rights as first in the nation primary voters very seriously and anything can change. we're a week away and in a 24-hour news cycle, that is a long time. >> guys, we shall see. and we'll be there, joining you guys as we get ready for the first primary a week from today. i don't know as much about politics as byron. i'm in the search for good
1:42 pm
barbecue there, because there's one place here that's going to be very tough to top, and it is a political haunt. it is a media power haunt. and obviously, it is a delicious haunt. a lot of you are saying, what is all this food doing on your set? this is jethro's barbecue, and yes, we paid for every bit of it. more after this.
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all right. welcome back to des moines, iowa. we're still here and enjoying it. jethro's barbecue, this is the big cheese at jethro's. during these events where candidates of both parties are
1:46 pm
crisscrossing the state, they crisscross right through his state and some of them a lot. >> they're all the time, neil, and we love to have them. >> do you see multiple candidates at the same time? >> not only the candidates but we have watch partying when the debates are on and all of their super supporters are there. so it's a very political place. but -- >> who's been there the most of the candidates in this cycle? >> i would say the trump watch party group has been there the most. but jeb bush has been there several times. marco rubio has been there several times. the list goes on and on. >> who are the biggest tippers? >> i can't tell you that. >> don't ask, don't tell. now, when they all order, lock at these guys. this is amazing. you weren't planning to take that food back, were you? >> no, this is for you and all your staff. i hope we brought enough.
1:47 pm
>> i thought it was for me. but you have all these different sites together. do you miss it when the candidates go and they move on? >> we're busy all the time. next week, it will be the state wrestling championships. there's people here all the time from all over. >> you don't play favorites to democrats or republicans, all are we can. is that by design? >> because we are really wanting everyone to vote for jethro. >> i like that. very well done. >> he's got a real platform. he's for pork. >> do you notice we had a very busy caucus this season, a lot of people voted on the republican side more than ever. on the democratic side, second only to the year barack obama won. those greater numbers, do they jive with the numbers you see in the restaurant? >> it translates all to the bottom line. it's good for business. the iowa caucuses are good for
1:48 pm
business. >> what is the most popular item? i'm glad we don't have a mike on pat right now. we have crews coming in that aren't even ours. what's the biggest seller for you? >> our slow smoked wings. first of all, it's a jumbo premium wing. we slow smoke it over hickory and oak wood. then we flash fry it for about 20, 25 seconds, so that seals all that juice and moisture into that wing. so that and then our baby back ribs are pretty spectacular. >> you're not eating this stuff. you're pretty thin. >> you have to have discipline, neil. >> story of my life, pal, story of my life. you must have a little tinge of regret when you see the candidates go, a little bit? >> actually, it was fun having you here for another day, but we're really ready for them to leave as iowans.
1:49 pm
>> their ads are nonstop. it had to kill you guys. >> and the newspaper is full of it every day. it's time for someone else to get all this fun. >> there you go, out the door. >> we'll see you again in four years. >> but they come in like two years, right? >> well, it leads up to it. you're exactly right, they'll be coming back within a year and testing the waters for 2020. >> people told me you have a good eye for a future star. you had a good eye for barack obama. anyone else catch your fancy that this guy could be a comer? >> i don't get into politics, neil. >> see how i tried to slip that in? jeff, stop. all right, great. thank you very much. very good seeing you. very slighted to see you. again, jethro's barbecue owner,
1:50 pm
bruce is the man. presumably at the end of the show there was going to be some left over. i think that is highly doubtful right now. >> we got the we have the cater back. >> we have a lot more coming up including what really turned things here. sometime silly things that turned it in a very serious way. i'm not talking about the food. stop!
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♪ eye of the tiger ime. tv anncr: good afternoon everyone. morning rituals are special. when you share what you love... ...with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're grrreat! at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. we're hoping to get out of new hampshire but we're in no rush with all the good memories in iowa. >> i'm having a big problem with
1:54 pm
adele. she has this song. ♪ >> her people. you want to get back to adele? she didn't call back. she's busy. >> i know adele. >> why don't you talk to her and tell her she's being very petty about this. has she called yet? not yet. she's not calling. >> i do have adele on the phone. do you want me to -- i'm hot as a pistol. any potentially single girl,er . >> we have a statement from adele. her staff has said -- wait a minute of they're british. she has not given permission for her music to be used for any political campaigning and she is very upset. >> adele has not gotten back to me. we know you're connected with that community.
1:55 pm
>> i'll call her. >> i don't understand what's going on. >> the co-founder of ben and jerry's which i've single handedly made a huge conglomerate. the hunky monkey. what do you do? >> you have to watch your diet. >> you and me both. >> take stairs whenever you can. >> i'm on a very high floor. you must be taking a lot of vitamins. >> he's going to announce that he is backing donald trump. >> backing him against traffic. >> who is the least offensive out there of all the candidates? >> george washington. >> he is not running. >> good luck with this acting thing. i think you have a future. >> hey, governor, listen. how are you? >> a little wired here. >> we're doing a live interview. >> it's a photo bomb and an interview. >> way to go. >> my strongest candidate for
1:56 pm
vice president, i tell you. i think it can bring in a lot of different folks. neil cavuto. >> he would lose a lot of support right there, governor. talk to a fellow. apparently a few people want to shake your hand over there. all right. we'll separate. you're very popular among college kids. >> we have dorm captains. >> what do they drink? >> i want a president who knows what they don't know. >> i built a career on that. >> we're at smitty's tender loin and i have to say, he looks a bit like you. >> we're not going to be afraid. find out what this is about. totally perfect.
1:57 pm
>> do they deliver to my hotel? >> tuesday is going to be impossible to travel in iowa. >> you know, i bet smitty's would deliver over here if we're stuck. >> will you deliver these to our hotel to neil for lunch? >> i sure can. >> we have a tender loin coming to you for lunch. >> just tell them i know adele. that opens doors. smitty's website has crashed. apparently when we brought attention to his famous eatery, the site crashed. it crashed. so you're welcome, smitty! >> can i hug you? >> no. >> at ease. >> he said it cost me $100. >> we are here including through a snowstorm. >> i'm ready. >> pajama party. >> you getting home on tuesday?
1:58 pm
not happening. >> so i'm going to have to do jello shots at a party with pat. >> i'm going through the image. i didn't really follow that through, did i? >> you didn't. you really didn't. >> we've already promised jello shots later. on it will get kind of ugly. but at the same time, interesting. >> you'll do jello shots tonight. i would love to see pictures. okay, my friend. >> i cannot see that enough. the picture. it is like the girl beatles. >> you're not even looking at the president. >> the race has been reconfigured we didn't think possible. so iowa has done what it so often does. make idiots out of pundits. not us, mind you. we got it right.
1:59 pm
that's the way we roll. we're back at it again in new hampshire. >> we had a fun time here. we hope to leave here but do i want to thank my staff and this incredible crew. i waltz in here right before taping and get out right afterwards. they're their entire day getting cold. i don't know what they're whining about. they have a lot of barbecue. are you okay? the barbecue is gone. what happened to it? oh, you packed it up for me. pat took off with it. again, a lot is at stake. a lot of people say you can have fun with this and not take yourself so seriously. life is about ups and downs. enjoy the ups and get through the downs. specially iowans could not an more gracious or giving group of people. think about it. every few years they have all of us to contend with and all the
2:00 pm
candidates. they're always very, very forgiving and understanding. even with pat. we'll try to put new hampshire on the spot. we're doing it all over again next week. one contest down. only nine more to go before america elects the next president. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." hello, everyone. we're back from iowa where the first vote of 2016 presidential race is in the history books. what a wild night it was. today the candidates are fanned out across new hampshire. the next front in the war for the white house. more on that battle in a minute. a contest between hillary clinton and bernie sanders was settled just today. even though clinton declared victory last night. the ap cald


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