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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 2, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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candidates. they're always very, very forgiving and understanding. even with pat. we'll try to put new hampshire on the spot. we're doing it all over again next week. one contest down. only nine more to go before america elects the next president. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." hello, everyone. we're back from iowa where the first vote of 2016 presidential race is in the history books. what a wild night it was. today the candidates are fanned out across new hampshire. the next front in the war for the white house. more on that battle in a minute. a contest between hillary clinton and bernie sanders was settled just today. even though clinton declared victory last night. the ap called in it her favor.
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the closest race in iowa caucus history. last night iowans set a new record for turnout in the republican race. ted cruz got the nod there surprising many pollsters who had donald trump pegged to win. >> god bless the great state of iowa. tonight, iowa has proclaimed to the world, morning is coming. and tonight is a testament to the people's commitments, to their yearnings to get back to our core commitments, free market principles, constitutional liberty and the judeo-christian values that fill this great nation. >> and trump placed second and marco rubio pulled off a strong third adding fuel to his bid for the white house. we'll get to the democrats in a minute. >> well, it was very exciting.
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iowa was fantastic. lots of enthusiasm. i love a big turnout. let's talk about that. and hillary, wow. she wd-40'd to squeeze that little win right out. so she's in trouble. as for ted cruz, i'm in a 12-step recovery program from the longest speech ever. as you know, we were waiting to take off. so thanks for that. he pulled off the big victory florks doubt. he had a great ground game. so he delivered what he promised. marco rubio was the big surprise. the big win. of the night, really outperforming which i thought was fantastic. he did what we talked about earlier. under promise, over deliver. he has a lot of enthusiasm and momentum going into new hampshire. as for donald trump who is a very close race. he obviously outperformed what many thought he would be able to
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do and accomplish in iowa. he is in a strong position in new hampshire. what i liked most was how he handled the second place finish. his language being very congratulatory it was a huge turnout. >> 186,000 caucusgoers turned out this time. the top three finishers, top, cruz -- i'm sorry, cruz, trump, rubio, all three would have had the highest vote totals in history. >> and to add to that, ted cruz ended up with more votes than any gop winner in iowa ever. >> so did trump and so did -- >> they did. well, that is just amazing. >> that's huge. >> ted cruz deserve as lot of credit. knowing the state well, he had really good organization. he had a few things that could have tripped him up but we
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didn't. are we going to do our sound bite now? >> no, no. don't say that. >> i'll wait. >> i think rubio gained the most. it raises the question, is america ready for a president who looks like a teenage member of menudo? and if you look at the other side, you look at how close sanders got to hillary. who knew that there were that many socialists in iowa. it is like finding satanists in the vatican or brain cells in paris hilton. she is the most famous woman on earth and she is being beaten by a socialist. she's as popular as shingles. >> i think it was big night for marco rubio. guess on beat expectations. it is like two-thirds of the voters in iowa went for a clearly anti-establishment republican, cruz and trump. but then all of a sudden, last minute when it was a matter of
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who can win in the general election. who can beat hillary clinton? i think that boosted rubio. i think that's what was at work there. >> let's just, i don't play games here. cruz is the trump buster. right? he is the guy that beat all expectations. all the polls were wrong. juan williams was wrong. everybody was wrong. there is not a poll that doesn't show trump winning. guess what. cruz by micro targeting people, even sending out false notices saying he was out of the way. >> it's exciting. >> very quickly. marco rubio feels like the big winner from the night. now you have the four quote/unquote establishment. cruz, trump, tlrn rubio and bush.
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now would you have to outsiders vying for one vote and maybe the establishment goes behind rubio. the script has been filmed on the outsiders. >> you coming out of new hampshire. >> for one week. >> maybe it's, only out of iowa. i think in new hampshire you'll have all the establishment candidates who did not do well. even if you consider him. he was a tea party guy at one point. if you consider him acceptable to the establish many as compared to cruz or trump. then you have in new hampshire, bush, kasich, rubio, basically trouble. >> let's talk about your takeaway from last night. >> so we were thinking about it. one was turnout appears higher for both but it didn't end up helping. the higher turnout they expected would help bernie sanders and
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trump and that wasn't the case. there was higher turnout. i think that shows that cruz and rubio and then hillary clinton had really good organization on the ground. what i thought was interesting, how do you nail your dismount, right? you stick the landing so you can propel and jump then into new hampshire. you want a really good speech. i felt like the two winners, cruz and hillary, did not have very good speeches. but that trump and rubio did themselves a favor so i think we have both of those. >> iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. will not be chosen by the washington establishment. will not be chosen by the lobbyists. >> we have to be united against a republican vision, candidates
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who would drive us apart and divide us. that's not who we are, my friends. i followed their campaign very closely. i understand what they're peeling to. and i intend to stand against it. >> that i think cruz had an amazing historical night. i think the big knock against him was his speech was really long. i think he could have had a better head into new hampshire. if you come in second and third, i think trump and rubio did a better bid to go on to the next state. i think we have that too. >> i'm really honored and i want to congratulate ted and i want to congratulate all of the incredible candidates, including mike huckabee who has become a really good friend of mine. i want to thank all the folks that worked with us. we had a great team. we're so happy with the way everything worked out. >> tonight, i thank you in iowa. i thank you. we have taken first step. but an important step toward
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winning this election. now moment has arrived for this generation of americans to rise. now the time has come for to us take our place and do what we must. and when i'm elected president of these great united states, we will do our part. >> i felt like trump was very gracious and he didn't, he didn't try to do something that would steal the spotlight away. if you win the nomination, you have to go back to iowa and try on win it. i think rubio, i talked to somebody who advises their campaign and he said i think that rubio even surprised himself last night which is why i think it sounded humble and gracious. >> i agree with both assessments. i think trump was very good. he was humble and gracious and congratulated the winner and said i'm coming back. >> i'll going to buy a farm. >> i'm going to tell you my takeaway. the coin toss. are you kidding me? the democrats have decided who won the iowa caucus over a coin
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toss. that means the leader of the free world on the democrat side, in their opinion, can be done by tossing a coin. watch this. >> tails. you got the extra. so our official delegate for this precinct is hillary clinton. remember, it was very, very close. it was settled by a coin toss. so hillary wins by five precincts. she had six coin tosses which she won all six of. the odds are 1 in 64. >> because bernie bought the old heads i win, tail you lose. if she's president, do we go to war? i don't know, toss a coin.
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should we open our borders? i'll go with heads. >> i think that should be for who is kicking and who is receiving, if you know what i mean as commander in chief. >> i got where you're going with that one. >> yes. you just cannot get enough. the coin toss. did those weighted coins come in handy? did you distribute them? she decides, okay. they say she will win or she's the winner of it. but she actually doesn't say she won. in fact, bill clinton and clels were supposed to speak. called off last second shelf got off, weight off the shoulders. take a look. >> as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa! i'll keep doing what i've done throughout my life. join me.
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let's go win the nomination. thank you all and god bless you! >> you just can't feel so good about that. coin toss, it was so close. how did bernie sanders do it? i believe it was greg's t-shirt. >> a coin toss? is this the best way to pick your nominee? >> i think the best way is to caucus. what's interesting to me, it was a dead heat. huge turnout both sides. that was supposed to benefit trump and bernie sanders. you get the big turnout. you got the very lefty democratic base in the state of iowa. and it is still a tie. i think bernie sanders has a 25-point advantage in new hampshire. he is from the neighboring state. to win. what does it mean going forward? and i don't think it is very good news. he has to now build a structure
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in place, nevada, elsewhere. hillary is already there. >> quick thought? >> i thought i left the building. the fact that sanders got this close tells you two things. that hillary clinton is a bad candidate. hillary clinton is a bad candidate. and it's amazing. she so bad. >> heads or tails. >> even being an historical first is not going to help her. the fact that she is running as a woman is not going to help her. the fact that a socialist, the fact that you can only vote for a socialist if you've never experienced socialism. it is like liver and onions. once you try it, you never try it again. socialism is the liver and onions of ideology and it is amazing that that actually came close to beating, again, probably one of the most famous women on the planet but nobody can stand her. >> and if sand hers just done a little bit to question her
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trustworthiness on the e-mails, he probably would have won. >> can i throw one more stat in there? >> there's never been, in 40 years, never been a president who has lost both iowa and new hampshire. so you have to win one of the two to become president of the united states. at least over the last 40 years. >> any prediction on the top three in new hampshire? >> we're doing new hampshire in c block. >> do you want to try it? >> anybody? >> i don't know. more of our takeaways when "the five" returns.
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welcome back to the "the five's" iowa caucus breakdown and our takeaway. >> gregory is so disdainful of liver. i happen to like liver and onions. >> i'm very mean to my liver.
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>> i have for you, we're going to serve for you, baked cauliflower. please, roll the tape of bernie sanders. >> what iowa has begun tonight is a political revolution. when young people and working people and seniors begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, enough is enough. that our government, the government of our great country belongs to all of us. not just a handful of billionaires. when that happens, we will transform this country. >> i think he's talking to you, gregory. he's talking about free health care, single payer health care, higher education, raising the minimum wage, higher taxes on eric. this is what we're talking about. >> a failed ideology that destroyed countries. by the way, he reminds me of
2:20 pm
somebody at the rental car agency that is mad that he didn't get the sebring. he wanted the cadillac because they were going down highway 1. they had a hard top and he is demanding a refund. >> i think bernie did okay. >> he's a nice guy. he is preaching a deadly ideology. >> i mean, if bernie -- >> did he great. what are you talking about? >> bernie -- >> a socialist is now tied with hillary clinton. a socialist is tied with a socialist. >> you can't even recognize, wait a second. that electorate as we keep repeating. i think it is 43% say they are social i haves. the media, the academia, the government, has painted socialism as a romantic notion instead of something that kills. >> they're mad their populist energy mad at republicans. i think they think this is the democratic response, the far
2:21 pm
right of the republican party. >> i won't disagree with you there. >> i prefer your comments last night as we were watching the returns come in and you were crushing red wine. >> what was i saying? >> you were saying, write it down. you'll forget to say. oh, i won't forget with the placement hillary and -- >> oh, yeah. i remember. >> can i mention one thing about bernie? >> how dare you! >> that he really relied on millennials and young people and they did not turn out. they turn out to his rallies but the turnout at the caucus was not as strong as the seniors who supported hillary. >> and you can divide it by incomes. people of upper incomes and moderate incomes supported hillary. it was people of lower income. >> they don't have to pick up the tab. >> i thought you were a bernie supporter because you hated
2:22 pm
hillary. >> wait a minute! >> he is too expensive. we can't afford him. we'll have to export him to another country. i'm sure he would quite like it. what have you got? >> i know a lot of people are focusing on the candidates. i'm always interested in finding out about that person behind the scenes. the person behind the person if you catch my drift. hopefully it is not bill clinton. but it might be somebody behind bill clinton. if you see behind bill, you see this young fellow. right there. there he is. as he drake university student. clinksdale is his name. >> is that the guy in the plane that was after me? >> you'll have to be more specific. >> any way, he is very emotional. it looks like he's imitating a
2:23 pm
fish. he could be a sanders plant. >> is that it? >> that's it. >> is it time for twitter tuesday? >> you know it. >> new hampshire is next. the candidates are staked out across the state today. the war games, that battle when "the five" returns.
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working to get their campaigns back in play. take a listen. >> y'all treat politics in new hampshire like we treat football in texas. there are millions of americans counting on each and everyone of you to vet the candidates. >> we need your help. >> a week from today i need your vote. >> when you run for president, you have to show your heart. i'm excited to be here the next seven days. >> you are going to make some big decisions. i home you make them in my direction. if you do, we'll win. >> quite a pivot from iowa to new hampshire. cruz had about 70% of the evangelicals in the state. they tend to do the opposite there. can cruz pull off a win in new hampshire, too? >> i did some research. it is a very interesting state.
2:29 pm
of course, your favorite banl, elf. dog patch in little abner was based on it. it is where you go to hide. both the sopranos and breaking bad, central characters went to new hampshire to hide. their new motto should be, new hampshire, no one looks here. >> that's a beautiful state. do you want to comment on the politics? >> absolutely not. i'm so politicsed out. my brain is fried. >> who are you? >> did you a great job in the debate. >> do you need my help? >> yeah. >> in iowa the polls showed trump would win. in new hampshire, polls show trump would win. do you think the polls are more accurate in new hampshire in. >> in fact they are. he enjoys a quite sizable lead
2:30 pm
in new hampshire. then you have other people with momentum. let's see if we get in a little closer. i don't think anybody is taking anything for granted or going to rest on their laurels. we see the effectiveness of having a highly calibrated ground game and that worked very well for cruz and marco rubio. marco rubio didn't talk about his ground game as much but he did deliver it. >> you want to get back in now. you're just like a minute and a half behind today. >> yes, i am. >> do you know why? >> i'm the old man on the mountain. >> i know what that means. >> rubio leads iowa with a -- >> thank you. >> okay. rubio leaves iowa with some wind at his back. and i checked this out to make sure, right now he is polling as the only one in the race that beats hillary clinton in new hampshire in the general election. >> interesting. a few more stats? >> sure.
2:31 pm
only twice as iowa picked the nominee in this whole caucus process in the last 40 years. eight time out of ten new hampshire has picked theminee. interesting that new hampshire we know is way more secular as you pointed out. and also more modern. so it will take away from the cruz momentum more than a little bit. i would suggest -- >> also kasich and christie by the way. >> i would say trump and maybe rubio. cruz, kasich and christie in third. money will be very important. because of that rubio win, i think he will get a lot of money over the next two weeks between now and new hampshire and south carolina. very important. but also, donald trump hasn't spent any money. he'll tell you. that he hasn't spent a lot of money. if he does and really wants to win and be president, he needs to start spending money in new hampshire now. >> didn't he tweet that he doesn't get any credit for
2:32 pm
self-funding and maybe it's not worth it? >> hopefully he -- >> the ground game costs a lot of money. >> you can't figure out yes didn't to have spent any money. >> still haven't figured that out. >> it is a mystery. >> i'm going to show you some sound from hillary and bernie in new hampshire. >> i am so thrilled that i'm coming to new hampshire after winning iowa! we're bringing all that energy, all that excitement, all that determination right here to new hampshire where we're going to work hard until the primary next week. >> now in new hampshire we'll astound the world again. >> bernie is way up in the polls in new hampshire. i don't know with democrats. does iowa and new hampshire
2:33 pm
usually track? >> no. >> neither. on either side. republican or democrat. what is interesting about new hampshire is the large number of independents. you can, in a primary you can vote on either side. you just to have declare which side you want to vote for. as a candidate you are really reaching to the middle in a way that you don't in a state like iowa with all the evangelicals. take an issue like abortion, pretty definitive in iowa. you don't see that in new hampshire. on democratic side, should hillary clinton really put a whole lot of effort in? i think bernie will win as the neighboring guy. >> she does have a beautiful voice though. did you hear that? >> she is losing her voice. >> she can do a duet with ted cruz. >> it says that in new hampshire a candidate needs to face and talk face to face with the voters five times each. >> that's the number? >> interesting that new
2:34 pm
hampshire has one-third the population of iowa. yet three times the number of voters turn oupt than in iowa. >> we are filled with, full of fun facts. >> and iowa -- >> and corny jokes. and iowa is a shorter word but has more vowels. >> the same number as ohio. >> way to go, ohio. >> you are blowing my mind. next, we answer your questions from last night's election. stick around. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was
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so on this twitter tuesday we're answering some of your questions from the election. this is from allison. not including anything about politics, thank god, what surprised you the most about
2:39 pm
iowa? >> it's been a few years since i've been in des moines. i have to say i love to watch cities redevelop and revitalize. and the downtown area of des moines was great. if you are a young person that wants to start a business, it seemed to me that would be a great place to be. the apartments, great little tech businesses, good restaurants, and i got to go to yoga at a winery. what's better than that in. >> some interesting clubs. if you're into certain things. alternative life styles. >> you were hanging out at the lesbian bar the whole time. [ laughter ] >> eric? >> there are about 13 jokes that can go with that. i agree with dana. last time i was there was 2008, bachmann, a lot of cafes. coffee shops. beautiful bistros. gorgeous little town.
2:40 pm
and agreed. a very young town. >> and the capitol is beautiful. >> i've been there forever, the old dog around here. the weather is the biggest surprise to me. because the weather was great. typically i am afraid of going in the summer is beautiful. in the winter, iowa is bitterly cold and the wind whips. i thought it was great. i understand it snowed today. >> a little bit. judge just a dusting. >> a few panic attacks in the bar. >> k.g.? >> any other secrets you would like to tell? >> no idea. yes. all right. let's start with, how about the cowboy bar? uh-huh. >> i can't believe i missed that. >> save a horse, ride a cowboy. some people took that seriously. and then dinner, food.
2:41 pm
to the barbecue bacon bacon. so that was very good. we had the elvis pancakes, fried bananas, the peanut butter super, the ribs wrapped in the bacon. it was quite tasty. then the bloody mary with the bacon in it. it is on the internet. >> you know what surprises never most. what is their problem with the letter s? it should be des moines. what's the problem with ss? >> they keep buying fouls. >> i hate when people buy vowels. it's a waste of money. >> do you know why? monks. >> juan knows some interesting stuff. >> hit us with another one. >> french? >> yeah. >> this is from someone named sports radio. talk about having cruel parents.
2:42 pm
stupid. why am i here today? >> we're going to get pulled off the air. >> it's going on happen. do you think trump loss will make him come back stronger/better candidate? when he has failed in the past, he always seems to, i mean, comes back. >> it's only 140 characters. it's twitter tuesday. >> people eliminated -- it's my fault. >> yes. >> let's start. but do you remember the question? >> i remember that you said it was unfortunate that his parents named him sports radio. i think that's not his real name but we'll go with it. so yes. i think donald trump is not planning on losing new hampshire. i think he issing good probably going to tate. i don't think he'll allow any other outcome. especially after facing a tight race. >> i think if cruz is lost in iowa, he would be buried.
2:43 pm
if trump loses in new hampshire, he'll be buried. i think trump will work harder. spend cash. one of the telltale signs for me is hearing from cruz people who said they did not see trump's people on the ground them didn't see the ground game. i thought that's weird. >> spend the money. >> so i guess he'll to have anty up. >> it feels like with this momentum with rubio, dole what he has to do to win new hampshire. don't forget, rubio gotten dorised by senator scott. in south carolina. it is ten days after new hampshire. it feels like trump and rubio going down the stretch. >> oh-oh, the cruz people will be after you. >> believe me. they're already after me. >> i have a quick answer. i think we'll know more after saturday. because people have forgotten, there is a republican debate saturday night. hosted by abc.
2:44 pm
it's in new hampshire. >> the trump coming? >> i assume. >> i think not showing up was not a good -- that was not a good dig. we saw in the focus groups in the polling, a lot of people in iowa waited until after the last debate who they would vote for. in new hampshire we know there are about 45% of peel who have not made a final decision yet. this debate matters. >> show up and give them the razzle dazzle. >> what does a rubio surprise look like in new hampshire? i don't even know. >> reunited. >> look, he has a -- >> first place finish. that would be a surprise. he has to beat kasich, bush, christie, all that. he has to right now. the surprise would be if he was able to come out ahead of all of them. not necessarily win. i think it is trump's to lose. but i don't think he can win it.
2:45 pm
>> what do you think? >> i think he come in second. >> i think the surprise would be if he doesn't place in the top two. i would be surprised if he was in a crime spree. if he said i just want to go to new hampshire to rob banks. >> and he wanted to mention safe in the speech. >> here's the thing. a fabulous singer. >> the segue about rubio? likable. likable. >> remember that. >> it's forgotten. i have the memory of a fish. okay. two more candidates left the presidential race last night. who will exit next? some final thoughts when "the five" returns. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates.
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and then there were 11 on the right and two on the left. ening the bid after poor showing
2:50 pm
last night. >> as we come here tonight, it is time to officially suspend the campaign. but not because of the votes. it is because of illness. obviously, the voters are sick of me and i ned to acknowledge that. >> i have to tell you that i am suspending this presidential bid. but i am not ending this fight. because the fight that you and i are engaged in is a tough fight. tebl toughness of the fight is the way the hidden god of telling us we're fighting for something worth saving. >> i know that you were moved by those words from martin o'malley. >> he suspended his campaign which i found out was a hair brush and a bucket of brine shrimp. >> hey! >> he has the presence of a drain fly. when he was there at the debate, he was there. i didn't understand it. how can he suspend a campaign if he was never there? >> let me say on the republican side, you know, it locks like
2:51 pm
ben carson didn't do very well. he might be somebody who is thinking, but guess what? he says he was the victim of dirty politics. and today, an apology from ted cruz. >> ben carson is someone whom i respect and admire. we've become friends and is had dinner together more than once and as he man of great character and integrity and principle. i very much admire him. last night when cnn posted a news report that ben was not continuing on to new hampshire, not continuing on to south carolina. instead was going to florida. our political team forwarded it to the members of our team. unfortunately, they did not then forward the subsequent story that was ben's campaign clarifying that he was continuing the campaign and was not canceling the campaign. and so i apologized to ben for that. they should have forwarded the subsequent story. that was a mistake on our part. >> are you buying it?
2:52 pm
>> it doesn't look like it. >> it's kind of unfortunate. but it didn't matter. i don't think that it suppressed turnout. i don't think that ben carson was going on place in the top three. >> it shaved points off other candidates. >> and the evangelical vote. that was an accidental. >> yes. he should have forwarded another e-mail once they cleared it up. but man, cnn, what were they thinking? >> what were they thinking? that was reckless. >> one more thing. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters.
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jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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time for one more thing. fox news crushed the caucus coverage last night. we were number one in total viewers peaking, 2008 was the last time there was an open democrat and republican primary. a whopping 697% increase from 2000. so congratulations to all those who worked so hard to bring you the most watched caucus coverage ever. >> i peek at viewers sometimes. i'm on o'reilly tonight. it will be a disaster. >> i'm on it tonight and it will be amazing. >> you're always amazing when you're on o'reilly.
2:57 pm
two of my favorite people in the world. hillary clinton and rosie o'donnell, why don't we just bring them together to make all of us feel really good. go. >> hi, nancy. >> hi, helen. >> what's the story? morning glory? >> what's the tale nightingale? >> hi margie. hi, alice what's the story, morning glory? >> i did this because i feel so bad today. because i haven't had any sleep. i wanted everybody to feel bad. >> you've action pleasured that. >> under promise, overdelivered on that one. >> your turn. >> so yesterday i had moose, remember that? who can forget. >> it's a dog. >> now i have a ground hog.
2:58 pm
punxsutawney phil. he didn't see his shadow so apparently we'll have an early spring, right? if he didn't, it would be six weeks longer. >> yep. de blasio dropped it. >> who pardoned the turkey? >> you want to see a baby that can't stop laughing because his pug keeps flipping over? just watch it. [ laughter ] >> so that's hilarious. that's baby kennedy who lives in san francisco with her best friends, barnum and bailey. >> that would be funny if that was a tiger. >> what's wrong with you? >> dogs and babies are usually a good place go to for one more thing.
2:59 pm
>> mom, can you skeexcuse him f the table? >> back to work. starting today. starting today, if you go to mickey d's and order a happy meal, your prize will be a book. that's right. mcdonald's is sponsoring reading is fundamental to give away 100,000 books. happy valentine's day, moose. he know you don't like it. >> that's so great. i love that they're doing that. >> they have four books they're giving away. this is third year the fast food restaurant is serving up books. by the end of this year, 2016, they will have given away 50 million books. unbelievable. that's really good stuff. mcdonald's that's wonderful. >> if you look at the number of how few books are actually in homes for a lot of children and the impact on their lives. that's a good idea. >> are you sad that they didn't
3:00 pm
choose your book? >> we'll leave it there. we flew home with bret baier and talked about every time we finish with one more thing like this. >> he said he loves it. >> he's in new york. he's coming ought right now. >> time for a real show. a little bit of clarity for rerepublicans and a lot of uncertainty for democrats. what iowa teaches us as we head to new hampshire. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. we are coming to you tonight from fox news world headquarters in new york. the center of the political universe is now shifting from iowa to new hampshire. republicans have emerged from the caucuses with what could be a three-man race between ted cruz, last night's winner, donald trump, the favorite so far in new hampshire, and robidas rubio who came in a


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