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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 2, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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choose your book? >> we'll leave it there. we flew home with bret baier and talked about every time we finish with one more thing like this. >> he said he loves it. >> he's in new york. he's coming ought right now. >> time for a real show. a little bit of clarity for rerepublicans and a lot of uncertainty for democrats. what iowa teaches us as we head to new hampshire. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. we are coming to you tonight from fox news world headquarters in new york. the center of the political universe is now shifting from iowa to new hampshire. republicans have emerged from the caucuses with what could be a three-man race between ted cruz, last night's winner, donald trump, the favorite so far in new hampshire, and robidas rubio who came in a
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surprisingly close third. others in the field are ready to make a big comeback in the granite state. the democrats did not know who won iowa until he have one already was in new hampshire. when hillary clinton was awarded the narrowest of victories. new hampshire now provides a virtual home court advantage for vermont senator bernie sanders. meanwhile, martin o'malley has drop out of the democratic race and mike huckabee is leaving the gop contest. ed henry is with the democrats where the chill in the air is coming from a disappointed clinton campaign. we begin with carl cameron and a republican race that appears to be taking shape. good evening. >> hi. the top three out of iowa. cruz, trump and rubio flew overnight to the granite state. and they've got a bracing cold welcome from the first in the nation primary rivals. >> 180,000 caucusgoers in iowa
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who haven't predicted a president right in a long time. >> in a post victory interview with fox news, cruz was already organized the best organized and financed national campaign. >> we ended december 31 with almost more money in the bank than jeb bush plus marco rubio plus john kasich plus chris christie all combined together. that's remarkable. >> cruz' victory speech went nearly 45 minutes. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> he took a swim at trump's media dominance. >> iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. >> and rubio as the darling of gop insiders. >> will not be chosen by the washington establishment.
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>> today christie mocked marco rubio for what he says is an overly polished scripted candidacy. >> so i hope you guys -- >> he's been very disappointed over the last couple days by his performance in iowa. sometime when people don't perform well, they're under duress. i chock a lot of it up to that. >> trump who said anything less than a victory would be a waist of time was gracious in defeat. >> we finished second and i'm honored. i want to congratulate ted. >> rubio was a close third and his acceptance speech got reviews. >> to not in iowa the people of the state sent a very clear message. after seven years of barack obama, we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. >> mike huckabee suspended his
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campaign. others may soon make other similar decisions. ben carson came in fourth. when he noumsed he was going home to florida, the cruz campaign suggested he was withdrawing. >> this is before the caucuses is over and that was quite a dirty trick. >> our political team forwarded it to the members of the team. unfortunately they did not then forward the subsequent story that was ben's campaign clarifying that he was continuing the campaign. >> cruz said that his campaign should have forward that had subsequent message. that was a mistake and apologized. you can see more of that this evening. even if it was a dirty trick, tonight say that it was, all the candidates need to be ready for a lot worse. now that they're in new hampshire and soon south carolina where the street fight is always tougher. >> thank you. while hillary clinton is probably claiming victory in iowa, it would not be a stretch to say they won by the flip of a
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coin. chief correspondent ed henry is in claremont tonight. >> reporter: good evening. sanders came up just short. he is talking tough, not just about taking clinton but winning the white house altogether. after stumbling in iowa, hillary clinton moved quickly. >> i am so thrilled that i'm coming to new hampshire after winning iowa! >> reporter: the front-runner rocked by socialist senator bernie sanders who came this close to defeating her. he was greeted by supporters waiting at dawn in new hampshire where he is leading by double digits. >> a long night for the clintons since she only beat him by coin
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tosses. >> if the coin hits the floor -- >> seeking out a win in new hampshire will not be as easy as a coin toss for clinton who trail by 22 points. today she abruptly that i have had her message from attacks on sanders that clearly did not work in iowa. >> when i listen to the republicans, it chills me. i will fight against defunding planned parenthood. >> sanders said he is taking it all the way to delaware. signaling the coronation is a long, costly fight. >> we will create a government in washington that work for all of us. >> clinton is trying to regain momentum like 2008 when she lost
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in iowa but stormed back in new hampshire. after a surreal scene last night. she came out to address supporters and with a slim lead would not declare victory. >> as i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief. >> she is now semithe democratic forum on went and a debate thursday which will only be clinton and then sanders. martin o'malley suspended his campaign. >> the people have made their choice tonight. >> the odds of winning six coin. while this is not the best form of democracy, sanders has no plags to contest it. >> go check that coin. now that iowa is over, who do you think will went the two nominations? let me know. you can use the #special report.
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defense secretary ashley carter says russia is the top threat to the u.s. followed by china, north korea, iran and isis. today the forces in afghanistan talked about what it will take to turn things around in that part of the world. national security correspondent jennifer griffin at the pentagon. >> in his final appearance before the house armed services committee, general campbell, the outgoing commander in afghanistan testified the u.s. military needs to stay in afghan for years to come. >> we have to stay for the long haul. >> after serving 18 months, overseeing the transition in afghanistan. it is on the rise sense they with drew from a high of 100,000 in 2011 to the current 11 of 9,800 troops. last year, president obama halted a u.s. withdrawal and reversed a decision that would
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have left just 1,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan when he leaves office. in the past three weeks the u.s. military has carried out a dozen air strikes and commando raids against militants alined with isis as the group tries establish a foot hold in afghanistan. the current commander wants the u.s. to commit to training afghan troops until 2020 but does not think afghanistan will end up like iraq. >> i don't see afghanistan as iraq. i don't see the afghans running. >> the defense secretary ash carter said neither isis nor the taliban are the greatest threats facing the u.s. right now. at a speech outlining the defense budget for next year, carter said russia and china post the greatest threat to the united states. isis was fifth. >> we're taking a strong and balanced approach to aggression. we haven't had to worry about this for 25 years.
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while i wish it were otherwise. >> he also wants $1.8 billion to buy 45,000 month of of these smart bombs. >> we've recently been hit by so many prokts we're starting to run low on the ones we use against terrorists the most. >> in his budget request, temd pentagon is asking for $7.5 billion to fight isis. 50% more money than last year, in part to pay for those smart bombs. a u.s. official tells fox news north korea is days away from could not another ballistic missile test. norh koreaa says it will launch later this month. now to the threat of domestic
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terror. the news is not good. >> the terror group threat against american targets. with more than 62 isolated arrests in the last year, they said the heartland is the new battlefield. >> if you can't trust local law enforcement with information, you know, we're shooting ourselves in the foot. we won't be able to prevent a lot of this. >> home town security is where it is all about when it comes to hls. >> after the massacre in san bernardino, it took on new meaning. reporting any suspicious reports. they testified intelligence sharing is still an obstacle. >> it doesn't matter that i'm wearing a state patch and he's wearing a local patch, when it comes to this. >> senators agreed. in terms of overprotection of
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data. >> even though the threat of domestic terrorism escalates, the obama administration is asking local law enforcement to return by april 1st federal equipment that they say. >> make sure it gets that equipment you need and not five bearcats or five emrats that were not designed to run on these streets. >> but one said they're using the same weapons and tactics on the local battlefields. >> they need the ballistics vests. >> meanwhile the intelligence community believes more than 36,000 foreign fighters, a record number, have gone to syria and iraq. at least 6600 have western passports and have traveled to the u.s. without a visa. the top generals in the army and marines say women should be required to register for the
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draft. this comes following pentagon pores women will be allowed to compete for all combat jobs. >> based on this lifting restrictions that every american who is physically qualified should register for the draft. >> the secretary of the navy and acting army secretary says the matter should be discussed. another plunge in oil prices. the s&p dropped 36. the struggling economy is one of the areas where congressional republicans are at major odds with president obama. today, a cordial airing the differences. there was not a lot of agreement. >> house speaker paul ryan and mitch mcconnell made the less than two mile trek from capitol hill to the white house for a
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meeting with president obama who in this, the twilight of his presidency, is looking for legislative common ground with republicans. >> it is possible for leading republicans to sit down in the same office with a leading democrat and have a conversation about the priorities of the country. >> the priorities like the transpacific partnership deal. criminal justice reform. expanded funding for the so-called cancer moonshot. cooperation to end opiate abuse and more tool help a debt ravaged puerto rico. >> all of us understand. >> while the men did agree on a few items, the gop remains at odds at the white house over a number of issues. sanction against iran. and replace or repeal the affordable care act. >> what we are showing today, we
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don't need 60 votes to repeal obamacare with the president. we can get it done. now we're going to being an opposition party. >> it is almost like it is ground hockey today. >> with an ongoing battle against isis, even white house officials expressed littlement on mix that the meetings would accomplish much. >> conversation, yes. willingness to work together, that may be a different issue. the speaker's office that they do hope to make some progress on mental health and criminal justice reform to name a couple issues. they said given the way things have gone in the past, we should expect more in the way of repeal votes and executive actions for some time to come. >> up next, we talk with dr. mark siegel about how worried
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you should be over the zika virus. first, fox 29 in philadelphia with bill cosby in court. the 78-year-old actor and comedian contends his legal team made a deal with the prosecutor in 2005 to drop the criminal sexual assault case. also today, an accuser on the west coast that she was dropping her case against cosmetic be. he has been accused of sexual crimes by 30 women. and the closing of end state 70 between denver and the kansas state line. more than 900 snow plows are deployed statewide. >> most crews are working 12-hour shifts. and this is a live look. the big story tonight, another dangerous criminal out on the streets. l.a. county sheriff's officials say they accidentally released an inmate awaiting trial in connection with a gang killing. they're not saying how steven
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lawrence wright was able to walk out of jail. that's tonight's live look. we're outside the beltway, too. we'll take a look.
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the centers for disease
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control, the cdc is confirming the first case of zika virus in a person who has not traveled outside the u.s. the person acquired the virus through sexual contact from a person who traveled to the country where it was present. investigators are exploring the possibility of it being passed on through sexual contact. it is usually spread through mosquito bites and it is linked to birth defects. right now there are 28 countries and territories where the zika virus is present. that includes nations from mexico to much of south america, even the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico. the world health organization calls it an international emergency and estimates up to 4 million people could be affected by year's end. the cdc says there are at least 34 travel associated cases. it is urging pregnant women to postpone travel to places where the virus has been reported. and one pregnant woman who
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recently traveled to guadalupe now fears she may have contracted zika. >> i want to know if i'm healthy. i want to know what our future will be. everybody wants to know their future and they want to do their best for the baby, for the children. >> now more on what we need to know about the virus. >> what should people be concerned about? should they be concerned about this. >> first, they should not be concerned about sexual transmission. i talk to the head of the cdc who said it is very isolated. we won't see a sexually transmitted spread. number two, pregnant women are the group we are concerned about. they do need to be concerned if they travel to these countries. and she said it's one more thing on my list. what do i do? >> i would like to see a ram i had test. women have enough to worry about through nine months of the
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pregnancy without worrying the b the zika virus. >> so how do they deal with it if it spreads farther than cases now? >> that's a good question. they told me the key is mosquito control. they've double in it brazil before. they knocked out the 80s egyptian mosquito that is carrying this thing. it came back. with the still water, anywhere there is swamp. even in poor buildings. we have to knock out this mosquito. that's number one. and they said they're working on a vaccine. they're making a lot of progress and they expect it will be in two to three years in the doctor's office. >> bottom line, people should not be scared of this. >> if you're not pregnant, you won't get very sick from this and they should not be afraid. >> good to see you. >> when we come back, the top
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issue in new hampshire. drugs. an indepth look at an epidemic.
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american headquarters in depth. the drug crisis. it is the number one issue as the presidential race comes to the state. >> sir, did you use heroin today? >> with over four hundred overdose deaths last year alone in new hampshire, one a day. this state is obviously in the throes of an extraordinary epidemic. some of these victims are as young as 15 years old and they all end up here in the state morgue. >> every month we lose dozens of our fellow citizens. our families lose their loved
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once. our businesses lose valuable workers. our future shrinks before us. >> the new hampshire governor, this is the most urge end issue in the granite state. >> we've lost over 400 in 2016 to drug overdose. that is a staggering statistic no matter how many times we say it. >> the 20-year-old matt sits behind bars facing felony drug and burglary charges. and he is one of the lucky once. at least he is alive. >> my mom actually saved my life. >> how so? >> i overdosed in her bathroom. she heard my head fall and hit the floor and came to check on me and when i didn't answer, she opened the door and i was on the ground seizing, convulsing, not breathing. and she gave me cpr until the emts got there. it was her who saved my life. >> now your mom lives with that
3:30 pm
image of you. >> every time i think about it. >> the veteran com jack riley has seen it all. the dea's deputy administrator has never seen it this bad. >> new england is ground zero to saert extent when you see the abuse and unfortunately overdose. >> according tonight poll, for the first time in eight years the plurality think drug abuse is the most important issue facing the state. more than jobs, the economy or taxes. >> she walked into a bedroom on a friday. her 16-year-old son was in bed a needle in his arm. that's something that really goes after your heart. >> i was using four grams a day just to not be sick anymore. >> abby carried parker, her
3:31 pm
baby, to term. both mother and child, high on heroin. >> i could feel my child moving in my belly and knowing that he was going through the same thing that i was going through. and i just felt so helpless. because the only thing i knew what to do about it was to keep using. that's the only thing that made me feel better. >> abby was homeless, pregnant and addicted. when the nurse gave her shelter. outside what will become with funning the hope on haven hill recovery central for women like abby. i spoke with the police chief. >> to hear a story like that is just devastating to me to think that one of my family members might end up having to go through something like that. >> an awful lot of attention on new hampshire. are you afraid after this, people will go away and say your
3:32 pm
problem, be ours? >> we feel in new hampshire that we've been able to utilize that relationship. >> so what was that like to watch the baby go through withdrawals? >> heart breaking. and it is hard sometimes to talk about with people. because they, most people say, if you knew, why did you keep doing it? why didn't you just stop? and it's not something that i really had a choice in the matter of. if i could have just stop, he would have. >> the heroin epidemic continues to rage in new hampshire. even as the presidential candidates are crisscrossing the state. there were 11 overdoses. one was fatal. the others were saved by the emts. we just got a call from the mayor of manchester. there was a 35-year-old who died from an overdose just this
3:33 pm
morning. he was the 22nd fatality in the state of new hampshire just this month of january alone. >> all the candidates have talked about it. is there one hitting this hard? >> they talked about it in painful poignant ways of their experiences with their own relatives. i would have to go that governor chris christie as a former prosecutor would have a leg up on this. >> make sure you check out our app. it allows you the voters to truly see which candidates you agree or disagree with. >> he'll be asked about how much you agree that statement. afterwards it will show you who. each statement and hue sided for or against. every wednesday, hear what the panel will highlight how the nation voted on this topic.
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>> when we come backer it is on to new hampshire. we'll look at the results from iowa. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader
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who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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3:37 pm a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages.
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because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. marco made the conscious decision not only not to lead the fight against amnesty but to go stand with barack obama and chuck schumer and harry reid and to lead the fight for amnesty. >> ted would like to portray himself as the only conservative in the race. i can actually grow our party. i can take the conservative message to people that don't support us now and bring them to our side. >> iowa has never been a big determiner here. if you talk to people who live in new hampshire. bush spent like $30 million. we spent like $150,000 to caucus. we did better than i thought we
3:39 pm
would do. >> the race is taking shape. candidates now heading to new hampshire after last night's iowa caucuses, taking a look at the results here. the actual first votes in the 2016 race. ted cruz, the big winner. you see donald trump and marco rubio. now looking forward, after those votes. you can see the real clear politics average in new hampshire. this is how it stacks up heading into this race with trump with a big lead. and that is where we start this week. likely to change though after the results from iowa. let's bring in our panel from washington. charles from the washington times. ron, the senior political columnist of the national journal and singled indicated columnist, charles krauthammer. your thought about last night and how it defines this race going forward. >> one thing, we had huge turnout and more favorably on the republican side than the democrats. you had people like david
3:40 pm
axelrod warning this could be a bad sign for purple state like iowa. on the republican side, i was struck by, it was kind of satisfying for someone like me who has had a problem with donald trump, watching him get beat by a pickly canadian. and looking at the internal of the polls and seeing that most voters in iowa, and the republican field were looking for a candidate who cared about them. who were like them. of those voters, only 5% voted for trump. it was kind of ironeck that donald trump was the outsider. >> charlie, trump is touting an endorsement tonight. he is 200ing the form he senator from massachusetts. scott brown, who will endorse donald trump. what do you think his chances are rebounding from this loss in iowa? >> well, obviously, you just slowed the polls there. he is doing well. it is a primary there as opposed to a caucus and it is a place is far more natural for donald trump to do well in. i think that obviously, a lot of
3:41 pm
people have enjoyed watching him lose or coming in second place in the caucuses last night. when you stop and think about where he started and the unlikeliness of a guy like donald trump, a brusk new yorker, doing as well as he did. it is fairly amazing. i would say that he met expectations just as ted cruz met expectations last night. and had ted cruz lost last night, we would be talking about would he even be able to stay in the race? >> obviously, didn't spend a lot of money in iowa either. let's look forward to new hampshire. now you have these other candidates that are trying to stake claim to this establishment. take a listen to chris christie. robidas rubio's response. >> maybe he'll answer more than
3:42 pm
two or three questions in a town hall meeting and do more than 40 minutes on a big stage. telling everybody. >> he's been very disappointed over the last couple days by his performance in iowa. sometimes when people don't perform well, they're under duress and they don't do well. the other thing is he's always trying to stay away from his record. >> you have governors jeb bush, kasich and christie strike to make their claim. >> well, for the four of them. new hampshire is pretty fertile territory. far more secular, far more middle of road. and you allow the crossover of independents that's not allowed in iowa. it looks like this will be the cannibalism of the main stream candidates. obviously rubio has the advantage. he got the big bounce.
3:43 pm
he was 8 points higher than what people expected in iowa. i think that will be one of the two stories. that will be who come out on top. if you don't pass robidas, and you're one of the three governors, you should go home. they won't want to win. i don't think it is realistic. the other story is what's called the ant-establishment lane. i think it is a complete misunderstanding of what's going on. that somehow trump and cruz are identical because they're anti-establishment. there's a huge difference between them. yes, they're ant-establishment but trump is a populist. cruz is a conservative. so they stay ant-establishment vote in iowa is over 50%. that's the wrong way to look at it. you add up cruz and rubio. what 751% of iowa is
3:44 pm
conservative. that at the time me the republicans are likely to stay with their roots as a conservative party and not be, except the siren song of the populism that trump is championing. >> all right. >> last night we began the political revolution. not just in iowa. not just in new hampshire. but all over this country. >> people understand that good ideas are one thing. you have to know how to implement. you have to have a record of getting results and i'll taking my ideas and my record to the people in new hampshire this week. >> the democratic caucus results, pretty amazing if you look at the actual votes there. the percentages, some decided by
3:45 pm
a koinl toss. you look to the new hampshire real clear politics average and you can see heading in, that bernie sanders has a huge lead. how does hillary clinton change that dynamic where bernie sanders is kind of heading in with big steam? >> it's kind of hard to. the democratic party like the republican party, the voters are clamoring for change and don't want an institutionalist. don't want the establishment. she is trying to lower expectations. he's from vermont. this is a state very comfortable for him. nobody from a nearby state has not won new hampshire. but new hampshire should be clinton country. it was clinton country in 1992. it was in '96. it is where she rebounded in 2008. the fact that she is so far behind in new hampshire i think shows again that she is a relatively flawed candidate. and it is interesting, you have a clinton in new hampshire saying, not too much change. not too much change. that guy wants to be too much of
3:46 pm
a change agent which is the exact opposite of what got bill clinton elected in '92. and bill clinton today was dismissing sanders in the same way he was dismissed in the '90s by the bush family. this guy is too airy fairy and too much of a dreamer. it is awfully ironic. and i think that the best you can do is keep expectations low in new hampshire and count on the african-americans to savor in south carolina. i'm not even sure that's a guaranteed thing. >> all right. 15 seconds here. it's tough last night. hillary gave up a 41% lead in iowa. that said, the am of enthusiasm behind bernie should have converted into a much better showing for him. and i think she ran the coin tosses last night. and i think she might run the tables from here on out after new hampshire. >> can you do it in five? >> she ran against hope and
3:47 pm
change eight years ago and lost. and now she's running against a revolution. and offering, i can implement. not a very smart idea. >> that was seven but close. >> thank you as always from washington. next up, we'll talk economy with an all-star panel from the fox business network. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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my main goal was to feed him a quality diet., i decided to give freshpet a try. dexter: there's real chunks of vegetables and chicken in it. raul: and, if the food is in the fridge, you know it has to be fresh. patrick: he's a happy guy when he has his freshpet.
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we are in new york. welcome back. and i'm a lucky guy with an all-star panel ofh0x reporters. trish regan. melissa francis, co-host of after the bell daily 4:00 p.m. on fox business and liz claman anchor of countdown to the closing bell daily at 3:00 p.m. on fox business network. it's ladies night. >> you are outnumbered. >> we are talking economy and we just had iowa entrance polls. we have some info. the dem side, the top issue 30% economy and jobs and there you see healthcare at 30%. on the republican side, the top issue, government spending. 32%. the economy, jobs, 27%. all the talk about terrorism and national security, it's
3:52 pm
jobs. and the economy that are driving this. >> because that's a domestic issue. something that people are really facing head on day-to-day. they want to know am i employed? am i gonna be employed? are my friends employed? is my family employed? the economy is something that touches everyone on a very personal level and a very specific way. so terrorism, yes, obviously extremely important to people as well. but, in a way, we're seeing the economy edge out the terror fears right now,. >> oil is still driving. 2003. incredible. i didn't think i would see it. it should be good for people at home to have gas prices lower. that's not translating that tells you a lot about the problem. it means wages have been lagging all this time. and people don't have the confidence or the money to spend that extra income. also, those lowering oil prices tell you there is not a a lot of demand out there in the broader economy when you look at the slowdown in
3:53 pm
china. you look at what is going on in the bring -- brick nations. it is giving people pause. >> we hit $19 trillion, liz, the national debt just last week the number. it's sitting on their minds, voters. >> it's a stunning number. and it does matter. you look at some of those entrance polls and, of course, people coming out and saying it still matters. the economy but also that debt. the problem becomes with almost all of the candidates, i believe, in fact, all of them. even when their plans of tax cuts which is like red meat dangling candy in front of a baby, of course they are going to grab it. even when those are scored by right leaning tax foundation, every single one the candidates a huge yawning hole which makes that national debt bigger. where are the details? tax cuts sound great, bret, but in the end what's that going to do to the deficit?
3:54 pm
>> there a sense the obama economy is not going to be a plus for hillary clinton or, let's say bernie sanders once you get to the end of this race? >> yeah. i mean, she has got to overcome that. we were growing at 7% or 8%, she could say look we have had all this growth. our economy is barely growing at all. weave just saw the last print on overall economic growth for the last three months of the year 0.7%. .7%. bret, that's nothing. we are skating very close to it a potential recession. so, how is she going to come in and say, look, can i do more good when it comes to the economy when she has got to overcome barack obama. >> got to overcome bernie sanders first. >> bernie sanders may benefit from that because is he is doing all of these give aways, here, let me give you free college that speaks to at least a certain portion of the population. economic populism, whether it's on the right or the left side, seems to be working on the right side it would be donald trump, in an interesting way.
3:55 pm
the populist sense of immigration and a immigrants are are taking our jobs and i'm going to give that back to you. so when you narrow it down to one candidate on other side, the gloves are going to come off. that's what you will see. >> if you look at the federal reserve itself says this has been the weakest recovery we have ever had in history. she ties herself close to the president. nobody out there in the audience would say to themselves in the past seven years my fortunes have gotten so much better. my family is doing great that hitters hillary clinton. >> trish, melissa, lids, thank you. thank you for having me. [ laughter ] >> any time, bret. >> that's it for the panel. stay tune to do find out who has the toughest job in the world. reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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finally tonight, presidential candidates may think campaigning and running all over the country is really tough. but president obama apparently wanted to make sure these candidates know the job they are running for is no cake walk. >> it will not be easy. >> none of this will be easy. >> passing passing this budget t be easy. >> i knew that solving this crisis would not be easy. >> it won't be easy. >> i never said change will not be easy. >> i had no allusions that this will be easy. >> none of this will be easy. >> none this will be easy. >> that won't always be ease j. >> it's not going to be easy. >> it's not going to be easy. >> the work will not be easy. >> it won't be easy. >> last point i would make this is not something that is going to be easy. ♪ that's why i'm easy. >> not too easy. thanks for inviting us into
4:00 pm
your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. coming to you from new york city tonight. we're back in washington, d.c. tomorrow. until we head to new hampshire on thursday. greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. and donald trump is speaking for the first time since last night's iowa caucus and his second place finish. just moments ago former massachusetts senator scott brown endorsed donald trump: before we get to our other news tonight, let's listen. >> i don't know -- i was talking to scott about this before. i don't know that it's appreciated really by the voters. i'm the only one on both sides that is self-funding. i'm putting up my own money. and i don't know that the voters appreciate it. when they go in to vote, i don't think they say, you know, i'm going to vote for trump because is he self-funding and he is not going to be influenced by lobbies and special


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