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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. coming to you from new york city tonight. we're back in washington, d.c. tomorrow. until we head to new hampshire on thursday. greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. and donald trump is speaking for the first time since last night's iowa caucus and his second place finish. just moments ago former massachusetts senator scott brown endorsed donald trump: before we get to our other news tonight, let's listen. >> i don't know -- i was talking to scott about this before. i don't know that it's appreciated really by the voters. i'm the only one on both sides that is self-funding. i'm putting up my own money. and i don't know that the voters appreciate it. when they go in to vote, i don't think they say, you know, i'm going to vote for trump because is he self-funding and he is not going to be influenced by lobbies and special interests. et cetera.
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i tell them. sometimes they like it but i don't think it's something they vote for. which is a shame because it's actually a very big thing. you understand that. it's a very big thing. it's a very big element if you can have somebody that can actually self-fund and not be be influenced by bad decisions. by people that are looking for themselves or looking for the company or country they represent. that's a real positive. i just -- but i just don't know whether or not the voters appreciate that. >> what did you learn in iowa? >> i have learned that they are great people. i really -- i thought the people in iowa were fantastic. i think they are just great people. you know, obviously. i was second. i had the largest vote getting in the history of a republican primary except for one. and i brought many of those extra people in. and they also had, as you know, the largest turnout in the history of republican primaries in terms of iowa
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by far. not even close. i think it was like 50 or 60,000 more than they have ever had before. so, you know, i just learned that they are terrific people in iowa. >> i look forward to that yes. >> who am i going after who? [inaudible] >> who said that? >> i don't think so. no, i have a very good relationship withwr marco. i like him. i don't see that necessarily . [inaudible] >> you are talking about in iowa? well, that could have been with the debate. i think it could have been the debate. i think some people were disappointed that i didn't go in the debate. if i had it to do it again, video done the exact same thing. the reason is, you know why? because i raised $6 million for the vets in one hour. so, if i took it a second
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place instead of a first place, and could give the vets $6 million, i will do that all day long. >> [inaudible] >> what's that? who? wait, wait. excuse me. >> on what? [inaudible] >> on ads. we're going to be spending money. we're going to be spending a lot of money. we will be spending money on ads and spending money on the ground game. yes? [inaudible] >> i can't help it. i mean, whether i'm celebrity. i mean, this is me. it's me. >> look, i think most people say i did a great job in iowa i came in second. i spent far less than anybody else. and had i known i was going to be liked as much as i am in iowa, and people did like me, you will understanding that, i would have maybe spent a little bit more and i would have been there a little bit more and maybe i would have won it.
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but i'm very happy with it. i have seven delegates right, you know, at the top. you look at other people, in all fairness, senators, governors, they are way down. when i have 25% or are 26% and they have 1%, hey,x÷ but you people don't mention them. >> one thing is you people don't mention them. you don't mention all of the other names. now, you mentioned the person marco, good guy. but he came in third. they make it sound like he had a victory and i didn't. but i came in second. excuse me. i started off on 17th. i was 17th when i first started i had nothing. and then i inched my way up. went pretty rapidly, actually. and now i'm leading everything. and i did okay in iowa. pretty good in iowa. yes. >> well, i think we are
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going to have great success here. i think it's a very much different kind of a process. this isn't a caucusing process. this is much different. this is a normal voting process. the iowa is, you know. >> "on the record" will continue to monday this donald trump news conference. we will keep an eye on upcoming rally and bring you any news as it happens. well, new hampshire, sure not iowa and the 2016 candidates know exactly that after big surprises last night. the 2016 candidates shifting strategy. some beating the path to new hampshire and some looking beyond to south carolina. in just seconds senator tim scott is going to tell you who he is endorsing but here is a hint. it's one of these three candidates. [chanting (. [. >> tonight is a victory for the grass roots. tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> we will go on to get thep
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republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. iowa, we love you, we thank you. you're special. we will be back mani', many times. in fact, i think i might come here and buy a farm. >> when i'm our nominee, we are going to win iowa and why are going to win this election for this country. >> and so, iowa, thank you so much of. we will never forget you. we will see you soon again and, new hampshire, we will see you in the morning. thank you, god bless you. >> south carolina, united states senator tim scott goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> thank you, greta. it's good to be back with you. >> nice to have you back. okay, big news. you are making an endorsement. who are you endorsing? >> marco rubio he is head and shoulders above the rest of the field. we have a very talented field but without any question having the chance to host 12 candidates in individual forums in south
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carolina culminating with poverty forum. one person stands head and shoulder on national defense and economic opportunities, that's marco rubio. >> okay. just out of curiosity. who is number two. >> marco rubio is number one and we have an amazing field. >> no number two? >> here is -- it's like horseshoes. you don't get much for number two. we are going to focus on making sure marco is number one. >> what about the other u.s. senators? two other colleagues, senator rand paul and senator ted cruz and senator ted cruz, of course, just won iowa. >> solid guys. we have been blessed with really strong conservatives. the 2010 marco rubio, ted cruz, rand paul, tremendous class. we are so thankful that we are serving with good people. the reality of it is though we are looking for one person who is going to lead this party and unite the party, beat hillary clinton and not compromise our conservative values. that person, without question is, marco rubio. >> all right. the other uy senator from
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south carolina, senator lindseyodsae graham. he was in the race but no longer in the race. evidence has endorsed governor jeb bush. he likes a governor. he likes a governor's experience because senators have a different job and very different experience than a governor. do you have any sort of hesitation about -- i know you are new on the senate any hesitation about the fact that marco rubio has never been a governor? >> i have had the opportunity, the privilege run a very successful business, real estate business and insurance business. what i'm looking for is someone that has the insurance qualities that can come day one and do a very good job. marco rubio has the intellect. he has the capacity for leadership. self-one of the most amazing elected officials i have ever known. but what impresses me the most about marco is while he is an amazing elected official. he is a better husband. is he a better father, what this country needs is integrity and character and someone who understands the challenges that we face, marco rubio is the real deal. >> the last first term senator -- president we
4:09 pm
currently have a first term senator. how does marco rubio compare to president barack obama, not in ideology but just in how they would perform the job as being president? >> well, i am no fan of president obama. we have seen my vote. what we need in this country stray true rock solid conservative. i believe a rubio administration is 180-degree turn, which is great news for the future of the country. >> can you work -- you have got some liberals in the senate. you have got some liberals in the house. and as much as people want everything that he or she wants his way all the time, we do have to work a little bit together in this country. can he work across the aisle? >> i think marco rubios has bring people together. while he is 94 out of 100 in some of the conservative rankings, he has encouraging message that draws people together. is he a uniter but, yet, is he completely conservative. >> all right. are you available on
4:10 pm
show? [ laughter ] >> that's your primary. >> come on down. we will be there. >> try to book you on air. >> i love it. >> senator, nice to see you, sir. >> you with it. >> less than 24 hours later, kauai does feel like old news. we are all now head to do new hampshire. one week from today the folks of8 the granite state will become the second state to make presidential picks. nearly all of the 2016 candidates are already there on the new hampshire trail. zeke miller is -- zeke, you were on the set with me last night in des moines, iowa. you have already made it to new hampshire. tell me, how busy is it in new hampshire? how many people are there campaigning now? >> 9 candidates here already today. the three governors watched their caucus results last night from new hampshire. john kasich has been living here basically for four or five days. almost four or five weeks now. and today marco rubio, ted cruz, and donald trump are all in the state holding events this evening.
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marco rubio just finishing up an event behind me. 700 people, very enthusiastic. clearly there is a lot excitement going on in new hampshire as the second state is getting ready to vote. >> the most recent poll i have, were poll has donald trump at 38, which is a commanding lead over anybody else. 24 points ahead of senator ted cruz and he is -- and he is 28 points ahead of senator marco rubio. is this for donald trump to lose? >> you know, he certainly has a lead here. you talk to everyone. but certainly after we saw the polls out of iowa and then the caucus results. there is clearly a bit of disconnect in terms of the people being polled by these polls and turn out to support donald trump. it's clear that he is bringing more people to vote in these elections. is he driving up excitement. he hasn't really brought them over to his side. that said, it's a far more favorable state for him. evidence does have -- talk to anyone in the state. that said, again, coming out
4:12 pm
after the caucuses. this race will be completely reshuffled. probably two or three times between now and next tuesday night when voters vote. this is new hampshire politics here. happens fast. it happens ugly, sometimes. and it happens in explosive fashion. and that's -- this year will be -- should be that no less. >> it's going to be very exciting, zeke, see new new hampshire a couple days. thank you, zeke. >> thank you. >> and day one in new hampshire saw the candidates out in force on the campaign" trail. >> hey, patty, it's marco rubio, i need your vote here in new hampshire. >> now it's game time. >> you know, i said last night when i got to to nashville i was in the rear view mirror. if i get smoked in new hampshire, i'm going home. if i do well in new hampshire, i'm going forward. so it's all up to. >> you restoring trust in the political process is important. and only a president can do that. >> y'all treat politics in new hampshire like we treat football in texas. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> well, last night's big surprise, senator marco rubio surging within one
4:13 pm
point of billionaire donald trump and coming in third place. and today some candidates are taking a swing at senator rubio. here is governor chris christie. >> i'm going to work. i love you guys. follow me around all you want. you know me, unlike some of these other campaigns, i'm not the boy in the bubble is we know who the boy in the bubble is up here.9c he never answers your questions. constantly scripted and controlled because he can't -- so senator rubio, when the bubble gets here. i hope you guys answer some questions he wants to say this race is over. all him. seems to me sit across from you and ain't questions the way i did. and you and you and you. and he has to. so now it's time for him to man up and step up and stop letting all his handlers write his speeches and handle him because that's what you do. that's what you have to do whether you have never done anything before. >> fox asked senator marco rubio about the governor's comments. here is what he had to say.
4:14 pm
>> well, i don't know, we have now been through seven debates. i don't know what the questions are more importantly, last week in iowa alone we probably did 2 otown hall meetings where we answered questions that ranged what my faith meant in my life how we should react in the south china sea. again, candidates when they're under duress say a lot of things that aren't true and perhaps they don't even mean. we are not going to worry about that we are going to focus on our campaign and we optimistic about new hampshire. jackie kucinich and guyton. -- guy benton. like calling ted cruz the anchor baby because he was born in canada. what do you think? >> needling him a little bit. if i'm marco rubio saturday night on the debate stage i'm wearing a flak jacket there is going to be incoming from all directions. every single person on that stage, almost without exception, has incentive to come after rubio.
4:15 pm
he has sort of ascended and portraying himself as the guy who can unite the party. so both elements of the party, if you will, view him, i think, as a threat at this stage. >> is that in part, jackie because although senator ted cruz dominated last night in iowa. won it. it's a very different voter -- voters are so different in iowa than new hampshire is that they don't see senator ted cruz the threat tonight but senator marco rubio? >> absolutely. rubio has played the game very well. he did not inflate his expectations. you talk to the rubio people in the last week or so they would have said we are going to be three. we don't expect to be two. we are going to come in third. 3, 2, 1 strategy. right now trying to come in second is. war over second place. you don't have the evangelical block that really propelled ted cruz to the top of the5 pack in iowa in new hampshire. >> we have three governors that have been up there. kasich, who has done really well and christie and bush. they are popular up there. >> if you look at the
4:16 pm
polling, new hampshire is donald trump's to lose. evidence has a giant lead there. >> he is at 38 according to this poll. >> he has about a 20 point lead on average. what rubio is trying to argue now is this is a three-man race. and after iowa. you can see some evidence for that but you have people like kasich and christie and jeb to some extent who are heavily invested in disrupting that narrative for rubio. they have to make their move this week in new hampshire. >> and i think it's actually quite shrewd on the part of the rubio campaign. trey gowdy congressman from south carolina and senator tim ott from south carolina. and that is next up on -- down the field. that's next one february 20th. it looks like he is looking beyond. >> he has put a lot of his eggs in that basket that response also reminded,%0 christie's comments reminded me what he said to jeb bush way back in one of those debates, you know, jeb, your advisors are telling to you say nasty things about me. i'm sorry about that kind of condescending. didn't go after him. >> i was actually surprised listening to that dipping into donald trump's. i thought he was quite -- i
4:17 pm
use the term sober not alcohol sense but not as fiery as he usually is. >> the tone is a little different. >> tone is a little different. he seems much moreé= sedate. low energy. and i'm not -- i don't mean that as an insult. i'm just saying that he is not fired up. maybe he is tired. we all are. >> true. >> this is just the beginning. anyway, thank you both if you will stick around. on the democratic side. the race was raise razor thin. >> good to see. interesting bernie sanders wrapped up a rally here. pretty good crowd in new hampshire. is he talking tough about going beyond iowa. he has a double digit lead here in new hampshire, obviously. and said tonight that he not only believes is he going to take out hillary clinton in the long run but that he is going to beat whomever is the republican nominee come
4:18 pm
november. so he is somebody who is coming out of iowa, despite just coming up just short. and talking pretty good game about how he thinks he is going to win. this think about how close this was. you mentioned it being razor thin. there were actually six different precincts in iowa where a coin toss decided it. that's right. a coin toss. and there are officials in iowa, assuring us that this was not the differencemaker in the entire race between clinton and sanders. that the coin flips were over county delegates, not state delegates. obviously when you talk about such a small margin, greta. every single precinct counted and the fact that coin flips are in the rules is something that's raising a lot of eyebrows today. some reporters asked bernie sanders about that a short time ago. evidence says he doesn't think that's the best way. best form of denial democracy. he did say he is not bitter about it happy he came back from 50 points down. is he going to look forward and not demand any kind of recounted or review. he is looking forward, greta and feeling good. >> he had, i don't
4:19 pm
understand how the clinton people can say it's a victory in iowa because that was -- i mean, first of all it's a tie. she need to do win. >> virtual tie. >> now she is in new hampshire where she is by about 30 some points in the latest polls and she won new hampshire in 2008. so now 8 years later she is getting clobbered in the polls in new hampshire. this, to me, looks like hillary clinton is in big trouble. >> >> let me answer it two ways. number one with i think you my producer jake gibb son just talked to it a senior sanders' aid that said in the first 90 minutes after bernie's speech last night saying he was close, it wasn't even a victory speech. he raised a million dollars in 90 minutes. think about what he raised overnight. we are still trying to get those numbers as well. this money is coming in over the internet. gives you idea the momentum he has. clinton people how they call it a win i talked to one of her senior advisors on the ground in new hampshire today. he said look, it wasn't the preteddiest wins but if the bronchos score in the last
4:20 pm
minuted in the super bowl this sunday and they win by a field goal? you will call it a victory right? a win is a win is win. >> anyway, he had, thank you. could new hampshire bring nor surprises to the 2016 race? 20088 new hampshire primary winner, former presidential candidate senator john mccain is standing by to go "on the record." also we have brand new information of a horrific murder of 13-year-old girl. the suspect two college students. that's coming up. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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people of iowa have spoken but, of course, the 2016 presidential campaign is so far from over. the candidates are already moving on to new hampshire. new hampshire is entirely different ballgame than iowa.
4:24 pm
in 2008, he won new hampshire and was the republican nominee for president. senator john mccain goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening. one of the great times of my life was election night in new hampshire and could i just point out, i still believe even though mr. trump has got a sizeable lead, that the people of new hampshire pride themselves, as you know, in examining every candidate. there is an old udall joke fellow in arizona once ran and lost guy in concord said to another guy in concord what yiewnk of udall for president? i don't know, i only met him twice. they examine the candidates. that's why i think there could be some surprises in this campaign. >> but i think that a lot of people are sort of agassed0@ that trump didn't win in iowa after leading in the polls. they think that senator ted cruz is like on the way and senator marco rubio. but if you look at you coming in fourth and then you -- and then a week later you win new hampshire and you get the nomination.
4:25 pm
it certainly does make you pause. >> i think there is great volatility out there. again, the people in new hampshire actually pride themselves in saying i'm not making up my mind until the last minute. they realize how important their vote is. and with all due respect' to iowa and i do not mean in any way to denigrate or downgrade the importance of iowa, that is only a couple hundred thousand people as you know that was able to win with. and new hampshire is really the first test of a broad cross section of voters know that liberty is i graham is out -- now that senator lindsey graham is out. do you have endorse a candidate. >> i have a race to run. i'm not going to endorse. i wish them well. >> how about national security? who is the strongest on national security. that's near and dear to all
4:26 pm
of our hearts. >> i think jeb is good. chris christie is good. john kasich is goodf i think marco has been very strongly involved in national security issues i have agreed him on that. he obviously is very articulate as well. >> what about if it were trump and cruz? i know you have had some comments about senator ted cruz. could you pick between the two? >> no can't pick between the two? >> no. nor am i any of the others. >> i want to talk about iran. medals given out to those who captured our sailors. >> one more disgraceful chapters in american history. my family goes back generations in the navy was the capture of these two small boats and putting americans on their knees with their hands behind their neck subjecting them to that in gross violation of international law and
4:27 pm
ourselves as well as our vice president praising the iranians for capturing americans and guess what happened yesterday? the ayatollah gave medals for bravery to these iranians that captured our vessels in gross violation of international law. this president will do anything necessary to prevent upsetting the nuclear agreement, including firing a missile within 1500 yards of our aircraft carrier. including firing two missiles in violation of u.n. sanctions. including recently telling americans they better get out of the gulf of oman. i'm telling you they are denigrating the united states of america throughout the middle east. >> senator, nice9rc) to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> more political news "on the1 on the record. girl brutally stabbed to
4:28 pm
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4:32 pm
leading up to nicole's abduction and murder. our department, along with an impressive number of investigators are from multiple agencies assign to do this case are fully dedicate to do seeing justice is done for nicole and her family. we will maintain that vigilance in coming days, weeks, months, as we go from investigation to prosecution. >> nicole was very lovable person. nicole touched many people throughout her short life. >> reporter colleen is live in winston, salem, north carolina. thank you for joining us. is there any information how the accused killers would know this young girl? >> police are being very tight-lipped on that particular question. tammy weeks has said, nicole wants mom has said it's believed that her daughter
4:33 pm
met david eisenhower through social media police are saying that they had established some sort of relationship prior to her abduction and murder. they are not commenting beyond that. >> and am i correct that he was picked up and then the body was found about 1100 miles from the home, i mean at least suggesting to me that he might have tipped the police off where to find her? >> you know, they are actually saying that he did not tip them off but that they got multiple tips about this case that led them to her body in north carolina just over the virginia line.óa who is the 19-year-old college student. >> police are not commenting on that. we know natalie went to high school in the same town as david eisenhower. both first year engineering students at virginia tech. i was up in blacksburg yesterday, their dorms have are just a few blocks from
4:34 pm
each other o. what her involvement was we don't know yet. >> it's a terrible story and a lot more facts we need to know. it's just absolutely horrible. coal leap, thank you very much. >> no problem. "on the record's" ted williams is here. before ted was a criminal defense attorney he was a homicide detective. ted, i guess -- i mean, first, we have to figure out the connection if there is one between the accused and the decedent. >> this is a parent's worse nightmare, greta. there is a lot that we do know tonight. we do know, first of all nicole was a fighter. at one year's of age she came down and had to have a liver transplant. at 4 years of age she came down with cancer. she fought. but we know that. >> and she was also subsequently bullied online this teen because she had a scar from a tracheotomy. cruelly, i mean, even before the murder, i mean it's like vicious things were done to this kid. >> very cruel.
4:35 pm
what we have been able to gleam is that on wednesday last week she left out of her home, barricaded the door. left out through the window. before she left out, she spoke with one of her school mates and she informed that person that she was going to meet david eisenhower she gave them information. this is how the authorities what from what i have been told. found out about david eisenhower from virginia tech it. i believe they may have scrubbed his computer and found out about natalie. they both are from maryland; greta. >> what is she accused of doing? he is accused of stabbing thisi, poor child to death. what is she accused of doing? >> natalie was initially charged with accessory after the fact and disposal of a body. but, those charges have now been upgraded to accessory before the fact. they said there was some organization up to three weeks before this child went
4:36 pm
missing. >> and the young man who is david eisenhower, who is now sitting in jail charged with this, he is an athlete. he was a star athlete in maryland? >> he is a star track athlete in howard county, maryland. went to high west virginia tech on engineering scholarship. was doing very well there. and so now what everybody is wondering is what was the motive? we do know that young nicole was stabbed. that has been told to us. >> it's just terrible. 13 years old. a kid who had had so many challenges in life. bull idea on the internet because she was overweight and had a funny scar on her neck, supposedly by other teens. and now of course stabbed. terrible. >> you, griff jenkins and i are going to be down there tomorrow and perhaps maybe we can give you the restfy6$i the story. >> ted, thank you. and bill cosby in court today. what happened? we are live at the courthouse straight ahead.
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it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. get ready to speed read the news. uh-oh north korea doing it again. launch a satellite. some fear that same technology could be use to do fire intercontinental ballistic missiles. u.n. has called tougher sanctions. amazing video out of florida. see a small plane in 25 feet of water after going down. two men were on board. the single engine planes when they were force to do put the plane down. miraculously the two men were able to turn to safety and they had no injuries. ntsb is now investigating. and a case of the dangerous zika virus now confirmed in class. this is the first infection to happen inside the united states. a patient became infected through sexual contact.
4:42 pm
but the cdc has yet to confirm if it was sexually transmitted. scientists previously believe it was transmitted through mosquitoes and not person to person. and there is a new bonnie and clyde on the run. missouri couple wanted for a string of robberies and kings from alabama to georgia. police say jake fitzgerald and britney harper kidnapped a clerk. robbed a mcdonald's kidnapped another woman and stole an suv. the couple
4:43 pm
charge the former doctor hundred tillable that could be thrown out. today was about a non-prosecution agreement that the former d.a. says he may, with cosby's former attorneys and lawyers for the alleged victim andrea who worked as a manager for the temple university basketball program. caster divided not to press charges against cosby back in 2005 because he says there were inconsistency is in her story. and when she told it the three times to police in her native canada. the pennsylvania police, and the d.a.'s office. con stand says cosby gave her pills and wine at his home and sexually assaulted her. she didn't report it for nearly a year which made it impossible for forensics to collect. she contacted a civil attorney before she contacted police. gave cosby immunity to to prevent him from claiming the right of. non-prosecution deal forced cosby to give a deposition in that civil proceeding
4:44 pm
which led to comestand negotiating a large settlement. caster says is the agreement was in the form of the press release that he issued at the time. and the new da argues that a press release is not evidence of immunity. there was no separate report or request for immunity from a judge or the filing of paperwork. and cosby's testimony in that deposition, which included his admission that he gave quaaludes to at least one other woman helped solidify the new d.a.'s case. the hearing wraps up tomorrow. the judge says he plans to issue a decision tomorrow on the admissibility of bill cosby's 2005 deposition. if it's allowed, the state will use cosby's own words against him. but if a judge says it's off could be dismissed as early as tomorrow. >> and if it is off limits, cosby may have a malpractice case, a legal malpractice case whatever lawyer advised him a press release was immunity agreement.
4:45 pm
headed your way. some areas getting heavy snow and others tornadoes. that's next. don't forget to watch sean hannity tonight. talks with senator ted cruz. crump, governor chris christie and governor john kasich. they are all on sean's show tonight at 10:00 p.m. that's 1010:00 p.m. an equity sue that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪ staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't...
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4:49 pm
this is a fox news alert. there is violent weather in the south. tornadoes expected to touch down at any moment. plus, another snow storm could be on its way. fox news meteorologist janice dean is tracking it all. janice? >> hi, greta. let's take a look at it we too have the threat for tornadoes overnight tonight. tornado watches in place for the next couple of hours. from the gulf coast to the ohio river valley across the tennessee river valley. the good news is we don't have any tornado warnings, which is great. we have seen several warnings in and around
4:50 pm
alabama, parts of mississippi. just a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings but i'm concerned overnight tonight we could have these rain wrapped tornadoes. wepeople need to be'5,7 alert have yourf noaa weather radios on. tornadoes overnight. concerned it's dark and people won't see them coming. make sure you are listening to your local weather alerts. current temperatures ahead of, this we have got very warm air. unstable air mass and cold behind it that's where our blizzard is still cranked up across the northern plains and the upper midwest. where we have blizzard warnings still in effect overnight tonight and into tomorrow. this is the same blizzard we were talking about for iowa caucus night. that will continue overnight. we could see anywhere from 3 to 6. even 10 inches of snow once all is said and done then it moves off toward the east
4:51 pm
coast. >> i credit you withholding off that storm so we could have that caucus without any problems. thank you for that. >> you can imagine if it was the day of the caucuses it would not have been good. >> you worked magic. thank you, janice. >> you got it. >> back to washington, d.c. and finally they meet. president obama and speaker of the house paul ryan meet at the white house. what did the two discuss? kevin corke is live outside the white house. kevin? >> you are right. finally right. first time since paul ryan ascended to the speakership that he and the president were able to meet inside the oval office. and have a one-on-one. now, irshould also point out, greta, before that one-on-one, he and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell also joined the president for a little lunch. they made the mile and a half journey from the capital over here to the white house. now, theyment us to talk about a range of topics. transpacific partnership, criminal justice reform. fighting the opioid crisis. debt crisis in puerto rico and of course the so-called cancer moan shot. white house cherry picked
4:52 pm
those topics. they have want to do talk about things they could get traction on with the republican leadership. given thewenvironment, however, greta here in washington, whether or not they are able to move the needle is anyone's guess. keep in mind, just today the congressional leadership were still out there trying to attack obamacare with another vote. they also voted for more sanctions on the iranian regime. it's going to be a tough 11 months with the white house if they expect to be working closely with g.o.p. leadership. i should point this out as well. speaker ryan said we still feel like we can get some things gone not as much, however, as the president would like, greta the president is very interested in poverty. like to have the two of them talk about the war on poverty we haven't won yet. maybe they can talk about that some time. >> pretty good idea. i think you are right about that mental health. speaker paul ryan wants to get something done on that issue while they still have time. while the president is still in office. greta.
4:53 pm
>> meeting is is a start. good for that anyway. kevin can, thank you. >> thank you. >> and an important programming note speaker paul ryan will go "on the record" tomorrow night. he is going to talk about his meeting with the president. what he thinks of the 2016 race and remarks he is giving tomorrow at the heritage action policy conservative summit. don't miss speaker ryan tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. on the record or dvr it. throw awful insults at each other. we are very lucky. i will explain off the record. that's next. [ salesman ] congrats on the new car.
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4:57 pm
let's all go off-the-record. one down. the iowa caucus and now it's on to new hampshire. and who doesn't love the political excitement and last night in iowa, we had fun here "on the record." we launched the now very famous, world famous greta drone. it's an amazing new way to shoot a story. because it gives you, the viewer, a big view and we all understand the story better when we can see more.
4:58 pm
but as exciting as last night wasjel for us with the greta drone, i know the last few months have been pretty raw for the american people. politics is a contact sport it has no rules. at least super bowl quarterback peyton manning and cam newton has rules to protect them. candidates say awful, awful things about each other and even tell lies about each other. i'm sure that the political process often disgusts you. but do remember this. while all the -- how the sausage is made is ugly what counts is the final product. or second choice or somebody you didn't want at all at least we get to vote. we're lucky, that's a democracy. remember, what former british prime minister winston churchill is quoted as having said. democracy is the first worm of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time that's my
4:59 pm
off-the-record comment tonight. and now it's time for campaign flash. ted cruz finish speaking in south carolina. many candidates are all every new hampshire tonight. that's donald trump speaking live in front of a few thousands in milford, new hampshire. that's first appearance since finishing second last night in iowa. governor christie saying iowa is now in his rear view mirror. and ohio governor john kasich also just finishing his town hall in plymouth. governor kasich has been polling well in new hampshire. and that is tonight's campaign flash. that's all we have for tonight. see you tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. remember, house speaker paul ryan will be here to go "on the record." of course we want you all to go to facebook as well and check out our facebook page because we have got a lot going on and on gretawire. if you get a chance tomorrow night, if you can't watch speaker paul ryan live, use
5:00 pm
your dvr because you can watch it later in the east coast. up next, "the o'reilly factor." good night from washington, d.c. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on totveasily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there.@e >> so what about the iowa vote? donald trump placing second. did his debate snub hurt him? >> god bless the great state of iowa. [cheers and applause] >> ted cruz winning in iowa. very religious voters put him over the top. what will that mean in new hampshire? >> when i am our nominee, we are going to unify this party and we are going to unify the conservative movement. >> marco rubio almost beat trump. what does that say about the republican field? >> i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of


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