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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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to the bottom of it and tell us what happened. that would be the solution. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i am bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here, because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. iowa is in the rear view and it's on to new hampshire. the first in the nation primary exactly one week from tonight, and the electorate there, very different from the one in iowa. welcome to "the kelly file," i'm megyn kelly. by the way, we loved the iowans. tonight, virtually every connecticut connec candidate is in new hampshire or on their way there. all three of those men have already hit the trail, looking to build on that momentum. watch.
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>> last night, the men and women of iowa sent notice across this country that it will be decided by the grassroots. it's going to be decided by the men and women here in this room. >> the header is winner of the night, marco rubio. trump, humiliated. how come the person that comes in third on many of the networks is being covered like it's one of the great victories in the history of politics in this country? >> vote for me, because if i'm the nominee, we are going to beat hillary clinton and it won't be by a flip of the down. no state demands more of your candidates than new hampshire. the role you play is so important. >> tonight, we'll be joined by marco rubio to ask him about his strong showing in iowa. and we'll ask governor mike huckabee about who he's endorsing after he bowed out of the race. tony perkins is here to talk about ted cruz, the evangelical vote, and south carolina, which
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is right after new hampshire. but we begin with dana perino, who is co-host of "the five," and mark tiesen, former speechwriter for george w. bush. let's talk about what trump said today. he doesn't like the media coverage with respect to marco rubio's third place finish with respect to his second place finish. he did make an admission saying he thinks skipping the debate hurt him but he would have done it all over again. >> that's ridiculous. he basically said i was able to raise $6 million for the vets, so i would trade first place for $6 million for the vets any day. he admitted the fox debate probably cost him iowa. if he had shown up, he could have won iowa and raised $6 million for the vets another night or just written a check
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for $6 million. donald trump missed an opportunity to take ted cruz out of the running, and it was a mistake. he didn't show up for the last job interview, so now ted cruz comes into new hampshire with momentum. and that's bad for donald trump. >> does he have a fair point when he says, why is everybody talking about marco rubio like the second coming when he came in third. he came in behind me. >> first of all, he came -- he said ted cruz barely won iowa. he came within 1.2% of being third place. so he barely won second place. second of all, the reason second is a loss is because he was leading. the reason third is a win for rubio is he came from behind. he gained something like eight or nine points to get up to 23%. so that's the reason why everybody is talking about marco rubio, because donald trump fell in the polls and marco rubio
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rose dramatically. >> i said moments ago, dana, new hampshire is a totally different ball game. and trump is way ahead there in the polls and the electorate looks almost nothing like what we saw in iowa. >> in iowa, you have one of the most religious states in the country, and new hampshire is the most secular. so donald trump, when he says that he is disappointed in the press coverage, he raised expectations so high and what i saw him do at the end of the night last night is lower expectations going into new hampshire. i still think he wants to win, but he realized that was a mistake. new hampshire, these are a lot of independent folks. they call it that for a reason. what you saw, i think the other reason they're talking about marco rubio, is after the debate, megyn, that's when we knew a lot of people would still change their mind and that's why marco rubio was able to climb those 8 to 9 percentage points to get to third, almost to
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second. that's why he has momentum going into new hampshire. i think he will probably place first or second in new hampshire. >> wow, lots of big predictions. now he's fourth or fifth. new hampshire, dana, is a much more competitive state for the so-called establishment candidates, whatever you want to call them. it's rubio, it's jeb, it's christie, it's kasich. and they're all, dana, gunning for rubio right now. he's been taking a lot of fire this week. >> i think they've probably had to anticipate that. but new hampshire is very practical. in all of the polls, he's the only republican able to beat hillary clinton in new hampshire in a general election matchup. >> so, okay, but chris christie didn't get that memo. because he's already going after rubio hard, mark. the problem for rubio, as we saw with cruz last week at the debate, when you stick your head up, you get whacked. when you do well, the other
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candidates -- that's my interpretation of what they're doing. the question is whether rubio can sustain it. so far he's run this gentlemanly campaign where he tries to obey reagan's 11th commandment by not going off fellow republicans but it's about to get ugly. >> and he's going to get it from the trump and cruz, the outsiders, and he's going to get it from the establishment candidates, because he's really not an establishment candidate. think about this, he was the guy who ran as a tea party insurgent against the establishment candidate to get to the senate seat. he has one of the most conservative voting records. he's not an establishment candidate, but he appeals to moderates because he has such an optimistic message. so he's probably the only candidate that can straddle the establishment and the outsider lane. the outsiders want to take him out and the establishment guys
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want to take him out. the reason is because he's so strong against both of them and probably against hillary clinton because that's the candidate they worry about the most, someone who can unite the republican party and go after her. >> speak about the importance of these next few days, because what we're learning about new hampshire is the reports say the voters there are fickle, fickle, but that's not what you want in a voter. you want loyal. you want fickle and the "chicago tribune" reporting today that well over half of the gop voters there have yet to make up their mind. so they're there for the getting. >> so all of the candidates are going to be there for several days. there's a very important thing happening saturday night. just like last week going into iowa, there is a republican debate on saturday night. and i'm assuming that all the candidates are going to show up to that because they don't want to make that mistake. for somebody like john kasich, he could make a strong stand in new hampshire. then there's this question where
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do you go from there? marco rubio, i heard from a congressman that's supporting him that said, marco rubio almost surprised himself last night, and so if he can now do that step change into being one of the leaders of that pack that you just talked about, kasich, christie, jeb, he might do very well. but these next two days are critical because people haven't made up their minds. >> half the electorate up for grabs. thank you both so much. and breaking tonight, fresh off his better than expected results in iowa, senator marco rubio is here to talk about his chances for new hampshire. plus, new details on the secret to how senator ted cruz scored his big victory. tony perkins will join us on that. and how hillary clinton pushed some sanders' supporters a little too far, when we come back. >> i'll look back over the years of my involvement in the very
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if i am our nominee, and i will be our nominee thanks to what you have done here in this great state -- [ applause ]
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when i am our nominee, we are going to unify this party and we are going to unify the conservative movement. [ applause ] when i am the nominee, we will unite our party, we will grow our party, and we will defeat hillary clinton or bernie sanders or whoever they nominate. [ applause ] >> that was republican presidential candidate marco rubio last night after surging in the iowa caucuses. he tied donald trump when it comes to number of delegates. ted cruz will get eight, trump and rubio will get seven and he scored 23% of the vote well above projections. but it isn't iowans senator rubio has won over. conservative radio rush limbaugh was praising the senator's conservative credentials. listen. >> speaking from -- i don't like this idea that marco rubio is all of a sudden being labeled as
6:13 pm
an establishment candidate. i know that rubio's got the baggage of that gang of eight bill, and i know that in many people's minds he's got the baggage of wanting to grant the current number of illegal citizenship, i understand that. but marco rubio is no moderate republican centrist. i don't see marco rubio as anything other than a legitimate, full throated conservative. nobody's pure and nobody is ever free of making mistakes. >> joining me now, republican presidential candidate and u.s. senator from florida, marco rubio. congratulations on your performance last night. >> thank you. we felt great about it. and it's good to be here in new hampshire. we're excited about new hampshire, as well. >> do you agree you're no moderate centrist? >> i have as conservative of a record as anyone running for president. the difference is i have a conservative record but i can
6:14 pm
grow the conservative movement. we can't just win with the people we have now, we have to unify and convince more people that conservatism is the right approach for america. i've done that and will do that. we're going to go to people struggling under student loans, the single mothers struggling paycheck to paycheck, the hardworking families who are living the way i grew up and we are going to convince them that conservatism is the right way forward for them and for our country. >> as you know, one of your competitors took a shot at you, governor chris christie, who is hoping to perform better in new hampshire than in iowa. here's what he had to say about you and your performance. >> i'm not the boy in the bubble, okay? we know who the pboy in the bubble is, who never answers your questions. so when the boy in the bubble gets here, i hope you guys ask him some questions, because im's time for him to answer some questions.
6:15 pm
it seems to me that he should have to stand across from you and answer questions. >> do you take offense at him calling you a boy, a boy in a bubble? >> i think chris didn't perform well. you asked me tough questions in the debate, others have. i answer tough questions all the time. >> you are very smooth. your remarks last night were amazing. you were articulate, there was no teleprompter. is that scripted or just how you talk? >> that's what i believe. and obviously when you're running a campaign, you're driving a message. why would i tell people anything other than what i believe? i believe this is the greatest country in the history of the world. but every generation has to do its part. if we have another four years like the last seven, we are not going to remain a great country. this is a time for urgency.
6:16 pm
i feel a sense of urgency about get thing right. i try to communicate that. i'm about to do it here in new hampshire and every chance i have to go on your show, i will do it. >> you always sit for the tough questions and you never complain, never once, even if we ask really tough questions. i want to ask you this, now that we got the marcomentum as they call him, you know who is coming after you guns ablazing. and you're going to be in his cross hairs. how are you going to handle donald trump's attacks on you? >> well, again, we've dealt with that earlier in the summer. if someone says something that's not true or below the dignity of the presidency, we'll address it. but i'm not going to get off the topic of why i'm running. i didn't get in this race to fight with other republicans. i'm more than happy to talk about policy differences. we do have policy differences and we'll discuss those.
6:17 pm
but i want this campaign to be about nominating the right person, a conservative that will unify the party, grow the conservative movement and win this election. hillary clinton cannot be the president of the united states. that's what i'm going to focus on. we're going to keep our focus on what matters here. >> there are still so very many republicans running for president. and i know new hampshire has a way of being a clearinghouse for that. let me get specific with you. do you think it's time for jeb bush to drop out? >> i don't think it's time for anybody -- they've been working hard. i respect these people that are running. this is hard. they're working just as hard as i am. they have right to see it through. i think it's time for the republican party to begin to coalesce around somebody that can win. hillary clinton attacks me five times for every one time someone else is attacked.
6:18 pm
they know if i'm the nominee, i'm going to win. so i think it's time for voters to start coalescing. the candidates deserve to see this through. you'll never hear me calling for someone to drop out or make up rumors that someone is dropping out to get votes. >> what is winning for you in new hampshire? no republican has never won the nomination without winning iowa or new hampshire. but right now you're not poised to win new hampshire. so what is winning for you there? >> i think the fist lesson about last night, voters are making up their minds late in these races. we did very well with voters that made up their minds in the end. this is a very unusual political year. you have nine or ten legitimate candidates running campaigns on the ground here in new hampshire. so i think some of the rules that have applied in the past are not operative. i know this sounds perhaps a little simplistic, but my goal
6:19 pm
is to get as many people to vote for me as possible in new hampshire. when this process is finished, we'll have more than half the delegates and will be the nominee. how we get there, i don't know if anyone can predict that. there's been a lot of twist and turns. >> there certainly have. great to see you, senator. all the best. >> thanks for having me back on. the minute governor mike huckabee suspended his campaign, one big question was asked, and we'll see if he answers it with an endorsement, just ahead. plus, ted cruz took iowa by storm. but can he repeat that in the coming weeks? tony perkins, who has endorsed senator cruz, will weigh in on what to expect in new hampshire and south carolina, which is right after that. that's when we come back. >> one of the things that we're seeing in iowa but also new hampshire and across the country is that old reagan coalition of conservatives and reagan democrats. that's what it takes to win. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris.
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>> >> what we saw last night was we saw that old reagan coalition coming back together again. [ applause ] we saw conservatives and evangelicals and libertarians and reagan democrats, all stands together saying, what on earth are we doing? >> senator ted cruz giving a nod to iowa's evangelical voters. that group was critical to his success in iowa. so many turned out, they represented six of every ten caucus goers. a new record. tony perkins is president of the family research council and author of "no fear, real stories of a courageous new generation
6:24 pm
standing for truth." good to see you. you must be feeling pretty good. >> it was a good night. i think the takeaway last night for conservative voters is don't listen to the polls or the pundits and vote your values and that's what people did and we saw what came out. >> the quality that came out most when choosing who to support, the overwhelming answer was someone who shares my values. this is a return of values voters in iowa. >> the values voters are back. these are issues, they care about all the issues. they're not single issue, but they want to know someone who has a faith construct, a world view similar to theirs. that gives them comfort in knowing how they'll make decisions. >> what does that mean for new hampshire? because the conventional wisdom is he can't win there. >> it's more challenging, no question about it. but his message is resonating with nonevangelicals, as well. people are angry about the
6:25 pm
political establishment of both parties, not solving america's problems. so i think he's going to take the same message. but will he place first? i don't know. he'll do well. but in south carolina, another state with a lot of evangelicals, is up next. >> ted cruz is a limited government guy. does the evangelical thing hurt him in new hampshire? >> let's not get hung up on the polls. we were told donald trump was going to run away with iowa, if we had this surge of turnout, but the new voters, most of them were evangelical and they went to ted cruz. so what he's doing, this is a message to republicans. oh, you can't have a candidate that's too conservative because we might lose the general election. when you have a candidate in the middle of the road, that's not going anywhere. the only thing in the middle of
6:26 pm
the road, yellow stripes and dead animals. >> thank you for that image. there's a reason he's no south carolina, but then back to new hampshire right after this. you've been to south carolina recently. that looks better for cruz. what are you seeing and hear thing? >> it's good and positive. marco rubio had a good debate last week. i was there watched it. he always does well. he is connecting with more moderate evangelical voters as it's described. those not as conservative. i think he's going to get some of the vote in south carolina. but i think increasingly those who are libertarians, those two are tea party, those who are evangelical, are going to be attracted to ted cruz, because he's a constitutional conservative. they know the construct by which he will operate. >> the latest numbers in 2012, evangelical voters in south carolina, 64%. so if they vote the day iowans did, he's got a real shot there.
6:27 pm
he says his campaign has staying power, resources and broad appeal. >> it's a first. he's positioned and prepared. this is the first time we've had a conservative come out of iowa that has a nationwide organization and money in the bank. >> the victory speech, a little long. tony, great to see you. frank luntz is here tonight. and the hillary clinton comments that had bernie sanders fans losing their minds. >> i am a progressive. [ crowd booing ]
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from the world headquarters of fox news, it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. >> breaking tonight, hillary clinton has official hi won the iowa caucuses, just in case you're getting caught up after last night. but there are new questions over some bizarre voting rules and what turned out to be the closest democratic iowa caucus race in history. the campaigns are in new hampshire today. mrs. clinton celebrating her razor thin victory, squeaking out a win by 0.4%, but today bernie sanders had a thing or two to say about it. ed henry is live on the campaign trail in new hampshire. ed? >> reporter: good to see you, megyn. it's interesting because of the rules with the caucuses specifically in iowa. some of it got interesting. if you look at this video, there
6:32 pm
were precincts that were so close, they were being decided by coin flips. you heard a lot about this today. six of them, in fact, went to hillary clinton by coin flip. and the chances of somebody winning six coin flips in a row, you've heard this, is 1 in 64 it seems a bit odd. but the new england register pointing out the delegates decided were designed by coin flip on the county level, not statewide. npr is reporting there were some coin flips that hillary clinton's camp won, pouring some cold water that this was the deciding factor. but sanders told reporters that he wants to take a look at this, because he's confused by it. he thinks this is not how a democracy should be run. but he's politically savvy enough to not make a big stink about this and is happy he came back from 50 points down to make this almost a tie with hillary clinton. and he says he's looking past
6:33 pm
her to the general election. clinton says she's declaring victory and will come back here in new hampshire. watch. >> we will not only win the general election, but we will create a government in washington that works for all of us. >> i am so thrilled that i'm coming to new hampshire after winning iowa. i've won and lost there. it's a lot better to win. >> reporter: right. she's talking about that. when i was talking about the coin flip, i meant to say the sanders camp won some of the flips, as well. the clinton camp is referring back to 2008. it was humiliating for her, but she came back strong in new hampshire, and won that primary. they're hoping to do the same here, but the latest fox poll has clinton down here 22 points. >> ed, on those coin tosses, what were they calling?
6:34 pm
>> reporter: i heard in some of the video i heard tails. there could have been other ones they called heads. >> that's crazy talk. >> reporter: that might be for you. a lot of people call tails. >> just confirm that reporting. viewers at home, don't listen to that until we have that confirmed. ed, thank you. that's also new reaction to an awkward caught on tape moment at bernie sanders' iowa campaign headquarters last night. all the senator's supporters were gathered there. and watch what happened when hillary clinton's end of the night speech was on in the crowded ballroom. >> i am a progressive. [ crowd booing ] i'm honored to stand. [ crowd chanting "she's a liar" ] >> joining us now, robert
6:35 pm
zimmerman, a democratic national committee member, clinton supporter and co-founder of zimmerman edleson public relations. great to see you both. >> good to be with you. >> it's interesting, because you love to talk about the civil war on the republican side. well, the democratic side does not look that unified to me. >> you know, megyn -- >> "she's a liar," wow. >> what troubled me is i saw those volunteers asking like the republican presidential candidates. actually, they were better behaved -- >> those were bernie supporters. that's your future, robert. you're insulting the future of the democratic party. >> obviously they were rowdy, no excuse for that behavior. but it was better than watching the republican presidential candidates attack each other on their religion, their citizenship, even attacking each
6:36 pm
other's wives. so you had a spirited debate about how the strength of our middle class, make college more affordable. >> the screen next to you provides some evidence of some nastiness beyond the fight for the middle class. the entrance polls last night showed most important quality, honest and trustworthy, they went for sanders, 83% to clinton's 10%. >> yeah. >> what does that tell you? >> this is a battle between experience, which those entrance polls said those over 60 valued experience and those under 44 valued honesty. i went to the caucuses and talked to a lot of young people. i was shocked, because i'm of the belief that democrats don't care about the e-mail story. but i was shocked to see how many young people, especially young women, and i have them on camera, i'll post it online later today so you can see these interviews at the caucuses, they
6:37 pm
all talked about the trustworthy factor. that shows me that those are people who don't trust hillary, who are not going to turn out if she's the general election nominee. that's bad for democrats. >> let's remember, you're telling half the story here -- >> hang on. if millennials don't turn out in the general election, democrats don't win in states. democrats won't win the presidency. >> let's be realistic here. yes, bernie sanders did well with young people, no question. but hillary clinton won in iowa last night because she was able to forge a coalition. she was able to forge a coalition, winning strongly with voters 45 years and older and voters who focused on economy, health care, how to fight terror, she did particularly well. [ overlapping speakers ] >> she said she was -- she was on camera saying i'm a
6:38 pm
progressive. we heard the bernie sanders crowd erupt with "boo" and then "she's a liar." they don't believe she's a progressive. does she need to run as a more leftist democrat to win the general? because when she gets to the general, won't their doubts about her progressiveness come back to help her? in other words, those people she needs to get in the middle may like the fact that she's not quite as left as she says she is. >> number one, i'm a former hillary supporter, so i respect her. but you have to let go of these labels like progressives. to younger people, they don't like labels. they want to know that she cares about them. she feels their pain, as bill clinton used to say. she understands their concerns. that's what bernie sanders is doing, and that's what speaks to the future of the democratic party. >> that's because of all the
6:39 pm
free stuff he says he's going to give them. >> you don't negotiate from the middle. you negotiate from your ideal situation. bernie sanders has negotiated more with republicans than any other senator. >> first and foremost, let's point out that hillary clinton has demonstrated not only progressive values but the ability to get results and the most important point here, megyn, you talk about hillary clinton moving too far to the left, respect for the rights of lgbt americans, immigration reform. these are the issues that define the main stream of america today. so you're seeing her -- >> all about awe then 'tis ty.
6:40 pm
she's been here two years in iowa and it came down to a coin toss. mike huckabee is no longer running for president, but he may still play a role. we'll show you no. and frank luntz is getting results for predicting results in iowa. >> how many of you walked in here supporting marco rubio, raise your hands. three of you. how many are going home, most likely to vote for rubio, raise your hands. that's the impact of a single debate.
6:41 pm
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follow up for you. a prediction that frank luntz and his focus group made yesterday. it was a two-man race according to most polls. but after thursday's debate with fox news, voters began focusing on another candidate, whose finish last night has become a headline all its own. >> i want to show the audience at home, how many of you walked in here supporting marco rubio, raise your hands. three of you. how many are going home most likely to vote for rubio, raise your hands. that's the impact of a single debate. how likely are you to stay with marco rubio? >> 100%. i asked him a question last weekend and the way he answered
6:45 pm
it with my 10-year-old, it made me solidify why i would choose him. >> i'm moving towards rubio. i am very impressed with senator rubio and the understanding when he speaks that he's giving americans the importance of this election. >> joining us now, frank luntz, who is ceo of luntz global and author of "what americans really want, really." frank, the focus group gets it, predicting a surge in marco rubio's momentum and that's what we saw last night. >> yeah, and in fact, megyn, i apologize for this, but this is what iowa has left me. the other thing that we saw was the organization. that's where ted cruz had the advantage. donald trump had significant support. but if you were supporting ted cruz, you came out and voted. let's see how that works for new hampshire. i believe that donald trump's
6:46 pm
lead is so significant that no matter what happens in the debate on saturday, trump will still be the winner. the battle is for second place. marco rubio is in perfect position, because new hampshire voters are economic voters, whereas iowa voters were social voters. ted cruz is going to have to wait for south carolina for him to show up. and the fourth prediction is watch for a surprise with chris christie. he's been rising in the new hampshire polls. he's somewhere around 10% right now. he has the chance to show up. trump wins, rubio second, christie does better than second. and ted cruz's next surprise will be south carolina. >> rubio is nowhere near second in the polls right now, but no poll has taken into account his finish in iowa and perhaps the momentum he's built. why are you saying christie? the conventional wisdom is the establishment lane is going to get behind marco rubio. even though christie has put a lot of time in new hampshire, he
6:47 pm
does not have any momentum coming out of iowa. tell me in i'm wrong. >> i agree with you. but because nobody talking about establishment, it's not in the lexicon of the average voters. we pundits talk about it, voters do not. christie is one of the great debaters. he's won a couple of these debates and between him and rubio, they have the capability to turn the undecided voters. megyn, i think up to 40% of new hampshire voters could change their minds between now and next tuesday and the best debaters do the best on election night. >> let's talk about the torrent of ads that has been unleashed, particularly against rubio. marco rubio has been the focus of jeb bush. you dialed one of the super pacs supporting jeb bush. they unleashed this ad on marco rubio. let's see how it did and you can tell us about it. >> marco rubio, he ran for
6:48 pm
senate saying he opposed amnesty, then flipped and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship. he supported his own dream act and then abandoned. marco rubio, just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush, he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right-to-rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> the lines did not look so good. >> they aren't so good. jeb bush will spend when this is all over $100 million. unprecedented for a super pac. and that money has been wasted. if i was a donor, if i was one of these people who contributed $500,000, i would demand my money back with interest. all of these ads have failed. they have another one with marco's boots. it's crap.
6:49 pm
it doesn't turn voters. i cleaned up my language for you. but when i play these ads to these focus groups, they use the actual word to describe their reaction. it's a waste of money and it helps rubio and hurts bush at the same time. >> so it has the reverse effect intended? >> because it makes people angry. they're angry at the people that hosts the ads. it says jeb bush is a leader. what people hear is, jeb bush is running a negative ad against his friend, marco rubio and they hate it. >> i can just picture this meeting with frank where they call him in and say we want you to look at these ads and he looks up and says "crap, i say, it's crap." >> but you have to understand in
6:50 pm
these private meetings, i don't use the "c" word. >> great to see you. we'll have him back in a week. we have governor huckabee here tonight. he's just left the race for the white house and a certain republican candidate will be in his hometown tomorrow. tomorrow. coincidence? the governor's next. i take pictures of sunrises. it's my job and it's also my passion. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12-hour pain relieving strength of aleve. and now... i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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in iowa they said, don't go to iowa. you don't play in iowa. me. i said, why? i know people in iowa. they're great people. they said, no, no. it's not going to work. i said i want to do it. i have to go there. and i went there and i think we did really well. we did really well [ applause ] >> that was donald trump who's headed to little rock, arkansas,
6:54 pm
tomorrow. there he was today thanking the people of iowa for a second place finish. just 24 hours ago governor huckabee said he was suspending the campaign for president. mike huckabee joining us now. it's great to see you. let's start with the news. do you plan on making an endorsement when trump comes through arkansas tomorrow? >> no. i have said all along i didn't know he was going. i'm not going to be in arkansas tomorrow. and i really don't have any intention of making an endorsement any time soon. i certainly reserve the right to make an endorsement some point but i don't see it happening right now. i have a lot of things i'm trying to clean up the loose ends, pick up the pieces of a listening year of campaigning and putting everything i had into something that just didn't turn out. so, you know, my perspective now is not to focus on endorsing somebody. not sure that it would mean that much. i'm going to get, you know, to putting life together. i want to say this and an
6:55 pm
important perspective. >> sure. >> losing an election is not losing your life. you know? it's more the life than this. what i've experienced, i'm flattened an disappointed, hurt by all of it. but no more so than all those americans who put their heart and soul into starting a business and then losing it. all the people out there that work 30 years for a company and then saw their job shipped to mexico or china. you know? i think about the fact when you lose an election, you get to identify with the people that you said you were running to be able to identify with. so, my perspective is, look. this is a great country. and a kid like me that grew up in a little house in hope, arkansas, to get on the stage, what amazing opportunity to live in the united states. tonight i count my blessings to be in the united states of america and to be able to be part of this amazing place called america. >> governor, you launched your campaign on the kelly file and
6:56 pm
you have come back many times. >> yep. >> we have been very grateful for that and if i may steal a line from my colleague sean hannity, you're a great american. thank you for what you've done for our country and thank you for being with us here and sharing your thoughts. >> thank you, megyn. >> all the best to you, gov. we'll be right back. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. it takes a lot of work... but i really love it.s. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing.
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great time in iowa. friendliest, nicest people in
7:00 pm
new york. and we were walking around. what is this? friendliness. oh, it's kindness. oh wow! now it's on to new hampshire. who are you rooting for there? let us know facebook or twitter. thank you so much for watching. i'm megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." welcome to "hannity." after a big night in iowa, the presidential candidates turning attention to new hampshire. both senator ted cruz and donald trump, they will be here with reaction tonight. but first, senator ted cruz had a huge victory in way and as he told his supporters after his win last night he plans to keep this momentum going. take a look agod bless the great state of iowa! tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. we are going to do this together. as a


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