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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 2, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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tomorrow night, marco rubio will join us tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern. as always, thank you for being here and we'll see you back here tomorrow night. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on totveasily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there.@e >> so what about the iowa vote? donald trump placing second. did his debate snub hurt him? >> god bless the great state of iowa. [cheers and applause] >> ted cruz winning in iowa. very religious voters put him over the top. what will that mean in new hampshire? >> when i am our nominee, we are going to unify this party and we are going to unify the conservative movement. >> marco rubio almost beat trump. what does that say about the republican field? >> i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief.
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thank you, iowa. >> and finally, hillary clinton is tied by the socialist bernie sanders. will that hurt her campaign? caution you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪h-9÷ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the iowa vote, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. you know the tv media goes nuts over early political events. there is a lot of nonsense being spouted. talking points would like to set the record straight tonight. ted cruz won largely on the strength of religious republicans in iowa and a well organized campaign there. senator had to win and he did. although dr. ben carson now accusing the cruz campaign of dirty tricks. carson will be here shortly. donald trump ranri second and his snuble of the fox news
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debate hurt him. here is the proof. late deciding iowa voters broke for marco rubio 30%. ted cruz 25%. trump just 14%. had mr. trump showed up and v9p( well in the debate, the not have been that way, in my opinion. all the other republican candidates got hammered, including jeb bush who spent some time and money in iowa. on the democrat side, it was a tie but the timing is absolutely nothing. the reason is hillary clinton will win the nomination, even though bernie sanders is saying stuff like this: >> thank you so much, as you know we just got in from iowa where we astounded the world. [cheers] now in new hampshire we will astound the world again. >> talking points gentle message for senator sanders. nobody was astounded, bernie. all the polls said you would compete very well in iowa.
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also polling put sanders ahead in new hampshire. nothing astownding about that either. what is astounding is that anyone could actually believe bernie sanders will defeat hillary clinton for the nomination. that will not happen because minority voters in the larger states will break big time for mrs. clinton who is running as barack obama's ship mate. in fact, hillary clinton's biggest opponent is the fbi. not the socialist sanders. the bureau is actively investigating mrs. clinton's email problems and we'll have a special report on that tomorrow. now, in new hampshire, donald trump's likely to win. so all of those who say he has been damaged are full of it. it is clear that in iowa religious voters preferred the very conservative cruz. it's also clear that mr. trump made some mistakes campaigning in the buckeye state -- hawkeye state, i should say. buckeye is ohio. but trump is still very strong in newóy hampshire. south carolina, nevada, the three upcoming votes.
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the media, of course, despises donald trump and will paint him as a loser if they can. but here on the factor, we are fair, truth is trump remains very formidable. senator marco rubio the big winner in iowa last night. his campaign is now very competitive and should remain so unless the there is something about the senator folks don't know. in new hampshire folks can vote for either party. much wider audience than had in iowa. cruz, trump, rubio, all viable. bernie, two state pony. hillary? not damaged by early voting no matter how it goes. her high noon, march 11st, the super tuesday primaries. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from washington, charles krauthammer, look as little dazed by the brilliance of that talking points memo. where am i going wrong? >> you know, next time i'm going to have to wear sunglasses. the brilliance is blinding. >> blinded by the light.
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>> right. you know, you are completely wrong when you say that trump was not damaged. this is supposed to be a no spin zone. of course he was. he lost. >> so what? >> trump is a guy who defines people i don't actually hate the word. either losers or winners. when you lose something, in trump's world, you are a loser. now, here's the damage that was done. if trump -- look at the counter factual. if trump had won, ted cruz said last week correctly. trump wins iowa, he is going to win new hampshire. runs the table. and he cruises right through the stating for the nomination. he ain't cruising no more. this is going to cost him a long slog through the trench. i still think at least as of today, a candidate casino i'm still going to putñ)t little more money on trump than on the other two. namely rubio and cruz, but it's just going to be a little bit more money. >> all right.
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let me challenge. >> he has a slight edge. >> yes. >> but the overwhelming edgy would have had if he had won in iowa disappeared in a puff of smoke last night. >> all right. now here is where you're wrong. it doesn't matter -- >> -- enlighten me o seer. >> i will. it doesn't matter that trump didn't win in iowa. he showed pretty well. everybody knows overwhelmingly it was a religious7aq: vote. trump supporters are not bailing on him in new hampshire or south carolina or nevada because of the iowa vote. they are not. so next week, trump is likely to win new hampshire, all right, i think rubio may run second in new hampshire because he is the guy that really has the wind behind him. but i don't believe trump -- in the eyes of his supporters is damaged at all. that's just my opinion. you know what? that's why the show is fun. because you say one thing. pny the other. now, let's go over to hillary and bernie. >> wait a minute. >> rebut, okay. come on. i'm ready.
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come on. >> you are just wrong again and i can't let that pass. >> all right. go. >> your interpretation of iowa is incorrect. it's not that cruz is the religious vote and that's why he won. because if that were true, how do you get rubio coming into one point of trump. >>? that is the nonreligious vote. >> neferredz, he loses the religious vote. he loses the nonreligious vote. so you have made the point the point is. >> trump beats them. you know that from the entrance polling. >> we don't know how it breaks down for rubio. the pointy is that cruz won the conservative vote as did rubio. what you had between these two men, rubio and cruz are running as conservatives. the reaganites. each has the mantel and competes with the other for the mantel. one is more extreme and one is more mainstream. trump is not a conservative. >> true. he is a populist. >> you are making my case for me. >> that's why he loos. --
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lost. >> if you add up the conservatives, cruz and trump, you have got 51%. i'm sorry, cruz and rubio, the conservatives, they took 511% of the vote. the populist took 25%. that's why trump lost. >> okay. i am submitting to you that in new hampshire, a secular state, with no evangelical quotient, okay, cruz is not going to perform nearly as well because the religious factor was huge in iowa. you are now beyond that that does not play anywhere else. but i have got to go the last two minutes over to hillary. iqg mean, this bernie sanders thing is a media-driven thing. everybody knows, you know, i know, sanders has nok[k shot to win. and it just -- i mean it angers me in the sense that it's a phony deal. >> now, this may surprise you. but on this i will say that you have stumbled on to the truth. it occasionally happens. it was more of a stagger on to the truth but you got it.
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i agree with you this is a complete media hype. the idea that sanders has any chance of winning. again, on "special report," we do our candidate casino. i put zero dollars on sanders last week. and you are also right that the most important primary on the democratic side is not iowa, it's not new hampshire. it is the comey primary. comey being the head of the fbi. if he makes a criminal referral, she topples over and then you get a biden and perhaps even with a warren as his running mate. but you will not get a bernie sanders. >> now, how late can biden get in? see, this is the timing and we have a special report on this tomorrow. how late can biden get in and get on all the ballots? do you know? >> it is sort of like -- i don't know the rules on this. but i'm sure the dnc will change the rules. >> right. >> if they get -- if she is literally knocked out, look,
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the democrats can change any rule, any time that they want. >> all right. i have got to governmental it's not going to look good. it's going to anger the sanders people it can be done and they will do it. >> charles krauthammer, everybody, give him a hand it will be interesting to see the mail tomorrow. next on the run june?adthe left wing and right wing media weigh in on the votes. very provocative sound. we have that for you as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. if you have high blood pressure like i do, many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin® hbp.
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hi hey you look good. thank you, i feel good. it all starts with eating right. that's something you taught me. that's why i eat amaz!n prunes now. they're delicious and help keep my body in balance. even this one loves them. you eat prunes? mhmm. it's true, feeling good starts with eating right. i love these. sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruit. in the impact segment tonight, over at cnn there was a lot of rooting last night, especially on the hillary clinton front.ju >> much better candidate. i will tell you. the past two to three weeks. hillary clinton has blossomed into the kind of candidate that you dream about. and that would not have happened had you not had this sort of de --
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>> well, i'm not sure how many people are dreaming about hillary clinton's candidacy. but be that as it may, joining us now from boston mary ann marsh a democrat and andrea tantaros, host of outnumbered. anything about last night surprise you. >> how close it was between hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the left and on the right rubio's last minute rise. those polls were correct and he was in striking distance of the top two. those were the two surprises that i saw. >> i wasn't surprised by rubio showing because 3 '3% of the caucus voters were undecided going in tom) the last weekend. >> um-huh. >> and when trump didn't show up, mary ann as i explained unbelievably in the astute talking points memo, when trump didn't show up to the debate, a lot of undecided voters went blank you, i'm going to look at cruz and rubio. there there really isn't muchzie÷ delineation. they are not similar people.
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so, 30% of the -- as we pointed out 30% of those who voted late voted for rubio and i think it was because of trump's not showing up. am i wrong? >> you are the not wrong. but that's only a factor not all the factors. i think there were several others o. obviously ted cruz had the better organization here. had trump had the organization, can you overcome a 4 point deficit. that's where the polls showed him. that was the margin of error. he should are been able to do it. >> nuts and bolts are one thing. national perception is the other. now, he had henry reports that hillary clinton does not want to run against marco rubio. all right. do you believe that's true? >> i think that's possible. but i think marco rubio has yet to prove himself. >> all right. so you believe that it's possible that he had henry's report something is accurate. he had will be thrilled with that. >> he had will be thrilled with that and it's to be he had is right. >> i believe that you look at the demographic chart and rubio would be tough for clinton and that's what rubio's campaign thing is now i can win. >> correct. >> don't get ahead of me.
8:16 pm
the clinton. >> it's possible. >> i know this to be true. because they told me. members that i can't name because they would be not only fired but probably burned at the stake. they think they can beat trump and they think they can beat cruz. rould you agree with that? trump would be much tougher than people think, especially with, i think there are a lot of reagan democrats. blue collar workers. union members who would support trump. i think that makes it difficult. >> okay so cruz is an ideological candidate. the numbers aren't there for a very staunch conservative in america. >> correct. >> trump can cross over because of his message of they are all idiots and i'm going to straighten it out. do you agree. >> i actually agree with just about everything that mary ann said. one, i agree with her that point that trump giving the fox news debate could have been a factor but not the factor. >> that's not allot of voters shifting. >> the fact thatdmyóvuu and his new york values did so
8:17 pm
well in religious rural iowa is huge. by the way, if you look at cruz and trump, both nonestablishment candidates, it was a sharp rebuke of the establishment last night. and number two, trump got the most votes of anyone in iowa. ever in the history of an iowa caucus, except for ted cruz. >> i'm not running down to a disenfranchised voting public. >> yeah. >> i am telling you it was incredible blunder for him to not show up that the debate and give rubio and cruz all that air time. all right. that was the blunder. >> it may have been a factor. it may have been a factor. >> more than that. >> mary ann. >> you don't -- >> but mary ann is right about the crossover appeal with blue collar male voters. these voters, bill, they feel that the republican party has left them. they have don't have a country club membership. they don't have the elitism and they don't fit into the democrats progressive agenda. >> trump is able to compete
8:18 pm
beyond nevada, all right. he is going to have a -- he will win new hampshire. that's a forgone. and then i want to bring you back to mary ann for the last -- this media -- trumped up, pardon the pun ', between sanders and clinton, this is a joke. what i hear, she has got -- hillary clinton, there is no way on this earth, other than she is indicted or abducted by aliens, that she is going to lose to bernie sanders. and you know it, and every democrat knows it because people of color, primarily voters, they are not going to vote for bernie sanders. so once she hits south carolina and florida and texas and california, and those are where the delegates are bernie can run around new hampshire andxó have a little snow blower and do whatever he wants up there and it doesn't matter. i wish the media would tell it the truth. last word. >> here's the difference, bill. you are right but.
8:19 pm
the problem is the problem is i think we are settling into a war of attrition. democrats award their delegates proportionally. bernie sanders will keep picking up delegates. since last week $20 million since last month and average contribution is $27. is he going to do that race like 2008 between obama and clinton. that's a war. >> he is not. he is going to get knocked out on march 1st. >> milk shakes, i will bet you milk shakes. >> i would take a few of those dollars and buy a couple good suits. >> if i were bernie i would get a food taster. i do agree with you -- >> -- want to you to think this is like a big heated race. come on. >> it's. >> save the seeing: save the segment. >> it's never going to happen over there. all right. ladies. thank you. >> thank you. >> directly ahead. ben carson furious. he says the cruz campaign used dirty tricks on him. doctor will be here. gutfeld, mcguirk have some interesting iowa observations. those reports after these
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>> okay. >> that i was going to go back home, that i wasn't going to go to new hampshire. i wasn't going to go to south carolina. >> all right. so cnn put that up. let's just walk through this so we know what we are talking about. cnn put that up. apparently that came from steve kick, the congressman in iowa. is that where that came from? >> well, steve king subsequently tweeted out that it looks like carson is out of the race and, therefore, you need to reconsider. >> now, do you know who put the original cnn thing up? who did that? was that cnn itself? >> i havehm no idea where they derived such information or why they would not be interested in verifying it. >> isn't it cnn's fault then rather than ted cruz?
8:25 pm
because if cnn did that, and believe me, cnn has put out false information about me, this program, fox news. we're not surprised. it seems like that's what they do over there. but, isn't it cn ns fault and not ted cruz's fault? >> well, i talked to ted cruz earlier today. and he says that he didn't know anything about what the campaign did. in terms of contacting precincts telling people that i was dropping out. that a vote for me was a wasted vote. you know, my wife spoke at one of the caucus locations and a cruz person before her had told everybody that i wasn't going to be in the race and they should reconsider their vote. a carson person had spoken already. but the people wanted to hear from my wife. she did go up. she spoke. they loved her. standing ovation and we won that precinct. >> okay. >> i don't know what the total impact would be across
8:26 pm
all of the precincts, but obviously this is the kind of thing that we don't want happening. >> absolutely. i'm trying to find out who the villains are here. look, you got 9%. if you were out of the race, that 9%, most of it would have gone to cruz, all right? because you guys, you know, are very religious-oriented, your message is tailored for the evangelical. it makes perfect sense. i'm trying to figure out who the real villain is here. when you talk -- you talked to ted cruz today, okay. are you satisfied with his explanation? >> well, i have to accept at his word that he didn't know because he said if he had known, he would have not agreed with such a thing. >> a gentleman will do that his campaign still ran with false information. information that helped them, no doubt. but the information, it looks like, came from cnn. that's what7ú it looks like. >> yeah. but, bill, here's the issue. a culture exists within the cruz camp that would allow people who take advantage of
8:27 pm
a situation like this in a very dishonest way. isn't this the same thing that we see withtz administration, the irs scandal? noth what, in fact, the cruz campaign will do about those individuals who inappropriately disseminated this information, knowing that the caucus were not over. they were awfully anxious to get it out there, weren't they? >> sure. but that's politics as usual to me. all right. so, did you call cnn? do you have anybody in your people call cnn and say what the duce is going on? why would you put out false information? you have investigated that? >> our people are investigating that absolutely. >> so when you know, we need to know. all right? because i agree with you. i want to put this -- i want to stop. this i want to stop it cold. >> right. >> well, there are so many people who have said that's just the way it is. it's assess pool. that's the way politics is. >> no. don't stand for it? >> i don't accept it i don't accept it at all.
8:28 pm
>> absolutely. you are going to campaign in newz hampshire. you're going
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and then major money going to help hillary clinton's campaign and our pal george soros is behind it wait until you hear this. i hope you stay tuned to those reports. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. weinto a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust,
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campaign 2016 segment tonight. how fox news is covering the presidential election. yesterday, rush limbaugh said this. >> i think fox is burdened with this belief that
8:33 pm
everybody in the media thinks they're conservative and they don't want to be thought of that way. so they will purposely hit conservatives hard to show that they are not friends and not biased in favor of conservatives. >> now, speaking for myself, i hit everybody hard, if that's necessary. and that's the way the media should cover politics. with us now here in new york city kennedy who has her own program on the fox business network and in washington katie pavlich,ed torew@ey of townyí katie, what do you think about mr. limbaugh's statement? >> i think that he is wrong. i think that, you know, fox news is exactly that it is a news outlet. we provide the news. and, sure, when fox news came on to the scene, it provided an alternative to liberal mainstream media because those outlets simply weren't allowing conservatives to have a voice. fox news counterrerred that by putting conservative hosts on the air and having
8:34 pm
conservative pundits on the air but we also have a lot of straight news reporters throughout the day. megyn kelly of course is one of those people who has been in the news a lot for asking a certain candidate something that their supporters didn't like. fox news anchors and reporters aren't purposefully going after conservatives they are simply asking questions about their records and about their positions. that is called journalism. it's not about purposefully going after them to somehow prove that they're not conservative. journalists here are simply doing their job. >> what do you think, kennedy? >> i think there are so many smart, passionate people on the air. it's evident any time you turn on one everywhere shows where there is discussion. you will see people actively engaged with one another greeing on whether they are conservative or liberal republican or democrat and also in the middle of a a huge political paradigm shift. it's hard for people who have been static for a long time to wrap their heads around it and it makes people a little bit uncomfortable, i think that's okay. i think that's really good for fox and really good for
8:35 pm
the political process. >> katie, in talk radio is not journalism per se. i did a talk radio show for seven years. i tried to bring journalist i can tenets to it but it wasn't reporting in the sense. i andy other talk show host make their opinion on a opinion. fox news as you pointed out makes their on opinion and hard news during the day. that's where people get confused. also, if you ask somebody's candidate they are supportingidrz tough question, then they that. because on talk radio, the host favors somebody and they are not skeptical of that person. >> right. >> they don't -- i got thousands of letters. you hate this one, you hate that one. you are prejudiced here. you are prejudiced there. >> right. >> i think it's an understanding issue more than anything else. >> i think that, you know, conservative audiences in general have been complaining for years about the mainstream media being
8:36 pm
biased towards their presidential candidate, senate candidates, you name it but the bottom line is you can not complain about a media trying to hold conservatives accountable if you are not willing to -- or you can't complain about the media not holding barack obama accountable for example but then also complain when journalists at fox news or other outlets are asking republicans some similar questions about their positions. i mean, there should be a standard of being harsh on everyone. >> equal treatment for all. >> exactly. >> but the understanding of what is happening in the media is hard. it's hard. it's blurred with internet. it's blurred with talk radio. it's blurred with cable news. and people are getting confused. >> it is confusing but also a very crowded field and incredibly important election. because there are so many candidates. you have to be able to sift through that you have to be able to critically and analytically take their arguments apart to better serve people who are hurting and they are scared and that's the bottom line. >> you know, i'm proud of myself because nobody knows if i'm supporting anybody.
8:37 pm
i never endorse. i never do that but nobody knows. again, i get thousands of letters saying you are supporting this and you are rooting for that. and it's all different. but i will tell you i'm not supporting putin. i am not supporting him. >> tough stance, bill, very bold. >> putin, i'm not -- he is not worth. >> putin doesn't like people like you. that's good. >> all right, ladies, thanks very much. big time money flowing into hillary clinton's cause from the controversial money guy george soros. and then gutfeld and mcguirk on the iowa vote. we're coming right back.
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8:41 pm
thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment tonight, violence in chicago remains out of control in the minority precincts and i believe this is racism. you want racism? this is it. but, first, big time money flowing into hillary clinton's super pac. george soros, far left guy as you know, donated $6 million to mrs. clinton's osgáh(ac a few weeks ago. that on top of another million he had already given to priorities u.s.a. with us now attorneys and fox news analyst kimberly
8:42 pm
guilfoyle and lis wiehl. where does the soros money go, exactly. >> it's a super pac as you said. if it goes the same way as the last national election, attack ads. they attacked romney on when he was working at bain as you know. steel company that they shut down and apparently. >> television ads. >> television attack ads, exactly. >> attacks people that mrs. clinton wants attacked? >> right. >> you say it's a super pac. >dyww super pac. >> with all due respect people don't know what a super pac. >> supposed to be independent committee. >> independent, everyone. independent. >> scary. >> and the reason is an individual can only donate. >> this is another fraud the government allows. >> well -- >> -- because. >> the supreme court allowed it in 2010. >> another fraud. it's not independent. >> what they said corporations have a right to do what they want. first amendment a right. >> corporations? >> yes. >> soros is a far left crank. >> the money coming from his corporation into the super
8:43 pm
pac. >> okay. >> bottom line it's a way to shield it obviously. and it's legal. >> so priorities, u.s.a., and to be fair the republicans have these things, too. the koch brothers. >> perfect segue way, mr. o'reilly. >> what did the koch brothers. td3'd super pac funded by the+[ two brothers in 2014 of note and interest to you, perhaps, that during the 2014 midterm election, they spent about $23 million, a considerable amount to influence those elections. >> who were they influencing. >> midterm elections. >> attacking democrats. >> libertarian nonintervention. they like rand paul. they like rubio. they are not really for trump. >> this cycle, who are they giving all their money to. >> so far they have not cone -- donated. >> they got all this money. >> they have a tremendous amount of cash on hand because theykj@ldid not spend it. >> it's it the same thing.
8:44 pm
they will buy ads and say this is sponsored by whatever. >> 37 million just ready to go now. >> do you aboth agree with me that th violence up 75% in january. the stats run believable. i mean, it's numbing. shooting after shooting after shooting. we have known about this for five years. they haven't done a damn thing to stop it. isn't this racism? >> oh, it absolutely is talk about black lives matter. i in these communities being slaughtered and you have an ineffective mayor standing by doing nothing about it. i mean, it's really outrageous. can you imagine six killed just from friday to? 2 'wounded. >> six killed. 23 wounded up 75% from this weekend from last year. >> yeah. the most violent january in at least 16 years. >> did they say -- well we are doing anything or we don't care? >> the department sells really because of a decrease in stop and frisk. >> the police department says that?
8:45 pm
>> we're not allow to do stop and risk. >> so the cops are saying because the liberal rahm emanuel administration says you can't stop and frisk for weapons that's why all these people. what does rahm emanuel say. >> he is not saying anything. he fired. >> americans are mad at him. >> fired the superintendent gary mccarthy after release of that dash cam video. >> so what? >> it's a nothing burger. he fired this guy. what's he doing to be able to stop the violence and save minority lives in chicago? he needs ton thrown out of office. he is a hack. >> six people killed over the weekend all of them are african-american. come on. >> it's gang warfare. they will won't stop the gang warfare. if i'm mayor in chicago one week i would stop it you both pointed out where is black lives matter? sharpton? jackson? where are they? gone. because this is the real racism. ignoring a situation where innocent american citizens, mostly black are being terrorized and the authorities will not stop
8:46 pm
the tearization. >> you are absolutely right. activist says he has been a friend of the factor says no protest planned. nothing ever happens unless it's on be a police video. so it's shameful. >> hard]é to blame white people for it but i'm blaming white people because rahm immanuel is -- emanuel is a white guy. >> a media thriller in the marketplace. also i'm tweeting about politics these days at o'reilly factor. and for you bill o' premium members. having extensive no spin news report tonight about the iowa votes. we hope you check all that out. gutfeld, mcguirk on deck. the iowa vote for the boys. and the factor tip of the day very good news for the factor up ahead. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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back of the book segment tonight, what the heck just happened? here now to analyze the iowa vote, bernard mcguirk and are you going gutfeld. i understand you were you were in iowa and you got in trouble in a corn field. want to explain that? >> first, i would like to thank the people of iowa and the folks in law enforcement who were there and gave me a ride home and a blanket. [ laughter ] i sleepwalk and because i sleep in the nude, it can be very embarrassing. i would like to apologize again to law enforcement about the back seat. [ laughter ] >> so pretty much you're not indi indicted? >> i'm okay. they said they've never seen anything like that. >> i can imagine. >> they don't even want me to come back to face the charges. but i was in iowa, and the number one question when i was there is, why was i in iowa?
8:51 pm
[ laughter ] i had no good questions to answer. i didn't know why i was there. >> anything surprise you about the vote? >> not really. iowans are consistent, they picked another loser. cruz is not going to win the nomination. >> how do you know? >> because nobody likes him. >> you don't know him. nobody likes him? that's what they say about me. >> sean penn will win a pulitzer prize before he wins the nomination. >> i thought the real winner was rubio, because he convinced that someone that looks like a 12-year-old soccer player could be president of the united states. >> rubio did very well, and that gives him big fund-raising opportunities. and momentum going into new hampshire. are you going up to new
8:52 pm
hampshire, gutfeld? >> yes, i'm very excited to be there. >> i bet you are. >> interesting thing about new hampshire, that's where people go to hide. if you've ever watched "the sopranos" or "breaking bad," that's where they go to hide out. i think it's perfect for me. i'm small enough, i can hide anywhere. >> i am not going. rubio came in third, acting like he won the debate. >> he's up eight from 15. >> donald trump had a great idea, he's going to buy a farm, he can have a modern day "green acres" with milania has the za za gabor character. >> trump is going to win new hampshire because he's so far ahead and new hampshire is built for him, because you're a little cranky up there in that kind of weather, particularly the winter.
8:53 pm
second of all, it's live free or die up there. that's the state motto, live free or die, and they take it seriously. >> i thought it was live free or diet. >> no, that's san francisco. why do we have gutfeld on this program? >> again, i ask that question every day. >> last word, you both agree that trump will probably win. rubio going to beat cruz in new hampshire? that's the big question. >> yeah, probably not. cruz has got the -- >> you? >> i say trump, rubio, kasich. >> kasich has a good operation. and bernie is ahead by like 50 points. >> bernie should demand a recount. >> it doesn't really matter. do we all agree with that? there are the boys, everyone. take it for what it is worth.
8:54 pm
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"factor tip of the day," big ratings win for "the factor." in a moment. but first, we haven't heard from dennis miller running around in antarctica. two big shows coming up. go to the website to link you over to the box offices. now the mail. >> all fnc political commentators have wide range to give their opinions, darren.
8:57 pm
as i just said to gutfeld, take it for what it's worth. >> well, it's good for me, debby. we try very hard to be fair and accurate in our assessments. >> i disagree. this network has treated mr. trump in a fair way. >> have you ever heard of the fisher house charity? it builds homes for severely wounded vets. i are give you 5-1 odds on $1,000 that goes to the fisher house, if you win, i give them $5,000. if i win, you give them $1,000. i will bet you that senator sanders does not win. let me know if you take it up, fisher house.
8:58 pm
>> same company, different name, rocco. it's now high bar shirts. very observant, by the way. >> with marco rubio in particular positioning himself as reagan-esque, to understand ronald reagan and what he went through pertains directly to this year's election. so i'm glad you like the book, mike, and everybody should check it out. >> i thank you. really appreciate your loyalty. and on this subject of loyalty, "the factoth "factor tip of the day," we want to thank all of you for making
8:59 pm
us the highest rated news cable show winning our time slot every single month in all demographic cat toirs with the exception of a political town hall one evening. we are in our 20th season, and we work very hard every day to give you an honest, interesting program and we thank you all for responding to that. "factor tip of the day," gratitude is a good thing. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website. and spout off about "the factor." plenty to talk about tonight. name a town if you wish to opine. word of the day, no venality when writing to "the factor." tomorrow, we'll figure out this ben carson thing and why that was put up that he was dropping out of the race on cnn. that's serious. we'll get to the bottom of it. and we hope cnn will help us get
9:00 pm
to the bottom of it and tell us what happened. that would be the solution. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i am bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here, because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. iowa is in the rear view and it's on to new hampshire. the first in the nation primary exactly one week from tonight, and the electorate there, very different from the one in iowa. welcome to "the kelly file," i'm megyn kelly. by the way, we loved the iowans. tonight, virtually every connecticut connec candidate is in new hampshire or on their way there. all three of those men have already hit the trail, looking to build on that momentum. watch. l


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