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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 3, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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coast. up next, "the o'reilly factor." good night from washington, d.c. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. andy? >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show ted cruz wins the iowa gop caucus with donald trump coming in second. i wish i could think of the word of someone who wasn't a winner. it will come to me. on the democratic side six precincts were decided with the toss of a coin and hillary winning all six times. no surprise to batman fans who knows two face always wins the coin toss flip. and a new pair of pants that moisturize while you walk. another victory for perverts.
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back to you, tom. >> thanks, andy. let's welcome our guests. she wants the truth, but she can't handle the truth. fox news contributor ebony k williams. the last time someone loved a foster this much they tried to kill the president. precinct media executive producer camille foster. you will never catch this brooke babbling. our correspondent farrah brooke. and don't let his boyish face fool you. where he counts, he's all man. how did i butcher that intro? it was so easy. >> joe mackey. let's start the show. >> the iowa caucuses have come and gone. and on the republican side we had a clear winner. >> they told me i needed to wait my turn, that i needed to wait in line.
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[applause]. but tonight, tonight here in iowa the people of this great state have september a clear mess -- have sent a clear mess edge is. after seven years of barack obama we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. >> wait. hold on a second. i guess he wouldn't have known it from his speech, but marco rubio finished 3rd. the real winner was ted cruz. while many saw him thanking everyone for a second place finish thanks to the media. >> iowa sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. >> well that is personally disappointing. okay, look, ebony, does cruz's
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victory give him the inside track? is he on his way to the nomination? >> no, he's not. bravo, mozel, ted cruz. it is not that big of a deal in the sense that we know what happened to previous caucus winners. he doesn't get the nomination. more than anything it was trump losing that was the take away story. that's more than cruz winning. he has the ground game and that was expected. let's not get too excited about it. >> that's what trump is saying now. what's going on? i came in second place and everybody is acting like i am the loser. everybody is going crazy for rubio and he came in third. >> rubio. only because he over performed and we under expected. >> why is the eke expectation game -- expectation game the biggest thing in politics? >> this is the first time anyone has been excited about third place. rubio is fairly polite and clearly he does not have a chance in this election.
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>> this is a question for you, joe. look at the clip. rubio is speaking and he gets interrupted. >> they told me i needed to wait my turn and that i needed to wait in line. [applause]. >> joe, does that happen to you at a comedy club? they think they know your punch line, but they don't. >> it is weird because she said this is your turn, but it wasn't her turn to talk. >> and it wasn't his turn to win. the whole thing made no sense. i honestly was watching it five to 10 minutes in i was like oh this isn't cruz. i had no idea. >> he was acting like it was though. >> the only time you should be excited about finishing third when you are a -- finishing third is a marathon. we have cars and food. >> i don't think the americans come in the top three in
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those. >> i hope the results don't go to cruz's head and make him more unlikeable. >> do you think cruz is unlikeable? >> finally the nasal cruz was gone. >> never likable. this is where i am. i hate all of them almost equally and what i am trying to sort out is who i hate the most. i think it is ted cruz. what i want more than anything else is for him to lose. >> what is it? >> it is not because he is from canada. >> personally i am happy that the pentagon party has new people to direct their attention to him. >> the politicians don't like him. the people don't like him. >> i guess if you are on the
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super far right he is your guy. i get that. no, he is not going to be -- look. here is the question. do you want to win a general election? if you do it can't be ted cruz because he is too polarizing in that way. i don't know why you are hating on marco rubio being happy to come in third. for awhile it looked like a two-man race and he is in it. he can win it. >> the only thing that seems to be important he will take the momentum into new hampshire and see where he goes. >> the momentum from third place? >> bill clinton -- if i am correct in my mind, bill clinton was third in iowa and second in new hampshire and then he waltzed to the nomination, the come back kid. >> i think it is trump in new hampshire. his face looks like a stack of pancakes. >> speaking of that let's go to donald trump. despite many predicting a win, he finished a disappointing
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second. joining me is done national strum -- donald trump himself. mr. trump, thank you for joining us. >> how are you? >> great. good to see you. mr. trump? >> i want to say something before we get started. i love you tom. i love you, i love your panel and i love fox news. i wanted to get that out of the way. >> there seems to be a lot of love coming off you lately. you said you love the people of iowa. do you still love iowa? >> i absolutely love iowa. it is a fantastic place. i am probably going to buy a farm there. >> really? >> yeah, you said that last night. would you move there? >> i would go back and forth. a little bit of fresh air and a little time square. "green acres" was a huge, huge influence on me. >> that's right. your first wife was kind of like like -- reminded me of
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zsa zsa gabore? or was it eva go -- gabore. >> it was a close situation. i can tell you the way ivanna spent money was never ending. >> so is iowa your favorite state in the union? >> that's a tough one. that's like asking me my favorite wife. that's a very difficult question to answer. i have a very big heart. i am like the national distributor of love. that would be a tough question to answer. i have a big heart and a lot of love for all of the states and all of my wives and all of my future wives. >> i kind of like this new donald trump. it is very interesting and very warm. how do you feel about ted cruz who won the iowa caucus? >> i have grown to really, really like ted. he is wonderful. he is a great canadian. it is a fabulous place. it is almost like another country.
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>> you have respect for the canadian people? >> i do. and i can't wait to be president to negotiate against them. they are so nice. i will crush them in a matter of minutes in negotiations. >> that's a little bit of the old trump there. you once tweeted no one remembers who came in second. >> no, i never tweeted that. >> it was a tweet. you quoted walter hagan and you retweeted them. >> i don't think that was me. i think that was somebody else. >> i think i tweeted slow and steady wins the race. >> really? that's interesting. that's almost like jeb bush. >> no, i don't think that was jeb. that was me. >> so how do we wrap our mind
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around this new donald trump? >> you know, i turned the corner and i i can see it is better to embrace people and love them. honestly i love megan kelly. she is wonderful. i had a crush on her. it is a high school kind of thing. i felt the best thing to do with her is to say i don't like her, but honestly i love her. >> if i see her around the hallways i will let her know. do you see anything wrong with your campaign? you did come in second. >> my campaign is like america. we are not winning. but i will tell you something, i will make my campaign great. it is going to be fantastic. we will win in new hampshire. it is going to be a landslide. i am about 40 points ahead out there. >> a lot of the polls say you
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are ahead there. i want to ask you about the democrats. hillary won three contests by a flip of the coin. do you think that's a good way for someone to win an election? >> those are fantastic odd. that's amazing. i wouldn't give those away at micah seen know. 50/50. i would take that any day of the week. that's no way to decide though who will lead the country. >> mr. trump, thanks a lot. as usual -- do you have to go? >> no, i am here in las vegas as you can see and checking in on my fantastic trump tower hotel. it is a fantastic hotel, tom. the next time you're here on tour you have to stay here. it is absolutely beautiful. >> beautiful. thank you so much. i love this new donald trump. good luck in the granite state, mr. trump. >> by the way i want you to know i love granite. it is my favorite mineral. >> thank you so much, donald trump, ladies and gentlemen.
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on the other side of the aisle hillary clinton narrowly eked out a victory over the grand father. she won by .2% of the vote. the closest margin in iowa caucus history. the two will basically split the delegates. a winner had to be declared by a coin toss. out of the coin tosses hillary won all six times. the hot guy with the guitar, he dropped out of the race. what do you think of that? people dropping out of the race. this is where we win down the field. >> who else is to drop out? >> i didn't think donald trump was going to do well. what i can't figure out is why anyone thinks there is a big distinction -- going from one expert making decisions to distributing the decision between like 50 million idiots
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who don't know anything in particular saying they will make the decision and that will make it better. it sound like a step backwards. >> i didn't understand the definition of socialism when i thought it was a good idea in clenl. college. >> what do you think -- is this a victory for clinton? >> no, it is a miserable loss. >> i wanted to use up the word tyrick. it brings up the intelligence portion of the show. >> this is a failure for her. i don't know how her party is trying to spin this into a win. this was absolutely a loss. no one knew who bernie sanders was a year ago. he was the ridiculous, i'm plausible candidate and statistically neck and neck with the former secretary of state. that's definitely a win for him. he will do well in new
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hampshire and the fact that he he is on the map -- >> ebony said it before. iowa doesn't matter because the person who wons iowa doesn't go on to winnomination. >> in 2008 huckabee won. i guess we can see how relevant the statistics can be. >> why did they tire of huckabee? i knew i forgot his name. >> i just felt hillary is -- has a lot of people voting against them. >> she is a champion for women and fighting for people like yourselves. >> it is sketchy. she won six out of six? she hasn't been that lucky since she traded cattle for $100,000 cattle. >> you remember that one?
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>> i read fast on the puric article. >> it is true. we used to give us grief, but she has had many, many scandals. the e-mail thing is haunting her. this is a time for bernie. >> i think it is time for bernie to take control, but a mistake for o'malley to drop out. he should have taken an uber and stayed in a hotel and if clinton gets indicted he goes back up to second place. >> people will have to make a choice then between bernie and somebody else. >> he has been toying around with this for a longtime. this is a scary position and clearly people are split. when it comes to the time that someone is chosen hopefully everyone can get on board. >> that's it. consolidating your base, right? >> i don't think they are that split. we don't like her. what are our options? i think that's really sad. for my true die hard
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democratic friends they have even less. they all have choice. different shades. >> and look at the fight it is causing? >> it is 50 shades of bed. >> hillary didn't get to bask in her victory as a new folk huer row -- as a new folk hero emerged. >> what a chaotic scene at hillary clinton's headquarters for the evening.
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>> intense. camille. i saw a picture of sticker kid with bernie sanders. is he an operative for the sanders campaign? >> he is an opportunist. that's fine. you want to be on television and make a name for yourself. but what is this dance. everybody is dabbing now. there was no dab. i didn't see a dab. >> i saw a dab. i challenged you. i challenge you. >> go back and look at the tape. show us the dab. if there was a dab -- >> we will show sticker boy dabbing. sticker boy seems like the kind of guy you would like to hang out with, right? >> i read he didn't even vote in the caucuses and i don't
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know why we are giving guys like this a for rule. why are we promoting idiots? it is bad enough sam morrell is a guest on this show. >> they are good to me and it is good. >> why do we have candidates standing in front of people all the time? they are falling asleep or making faces. >> it is the most entertaining part of the whole thing. we need something to keep our eye on while these candidates are yaping and yaping. this was a big deal. this guy is the star now. he said what would happen if hillary is indicted. bring out sticker boy. >> i contacted sticker boy to bring him on the show and he didn't call me back. what do you think of that? ebony? >> that's rude. hillary will not get indicted let's speak clear of that. >> of course she is not getting indicted. >> loretta lynch is not
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indicting hillary clinton. i think there will be a split baby of sorts. the fbi will recommend they have enough to indict and the doj will take a close look and say not so much. that's what will happen. life will move on and she will get the nomination. hopefully they learned a available lesson. don't for feed a candidate down your party's throat. >> should i call an american of african hair 10 -- heritage black or african-american?
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie
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ibanez. the winter storm system trekking across the u.s. spawning one tornado. the twister damaging homes downing trees and power lines in western alabama. further northwest the storm is dumping lots of snow forcing the closure of more than 100 miles of a major interstate in nebraska. japan is readying its missal defense system ahead of a planned north korea satellite launch. critics believe pyongyang is using it. there is fear they are trying to develop missals with nuclear war heads. it is expected to take place between february 8th and the 25th. and forcing a plane to make an emergency landing in somalia. a blast leaving a gaping hole and forcing an emergency landing. an aviation expert says it is consistant with an explosive device. two people were slightly injured. the white house wants
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congress to approve more money to battle the heroin ep deem america. ep dim mick. they are looking for access to treatment and more money for prevention programs and overdose reversal drug. the centers for disease control says opioids were involved in 28,000 deaths in 2004. bill cosby is expected back in court. his lawyers are trying to get a judge to throw out a sexual uh sought location. this is the only case in which cosby is facing charges. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox you are watching the most pourful name in news. fox newschannel. >> the question of race continues to fascinate white
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people. on abc's "the view" sara hanes asked whoopi goldburg a question that's been on all of our minds lately. what to call americans of african heritage, black or african-american? >> people get you will up in arms. i know i am black. i have been black since the moment i was born. i am clear on it. they are upset. you just don't want to be black. no, it is not something you can change. i am black, but i as an american you don't call white folks white americans. you don't call them italian americans. you don't do that. some people do it, but it is not how you are addressed. >> i beg to differ. it is how i am addressed. look at my mail. see now i never get upset when people address me that way, only that the male comes to me without any questions.
12:26 am
sara hanes still wanted clarification. what exactly should she call whoopi? >> so i should just call you black. >> call me whoopi. oh my god, wait, wait, wait. she said sometimes i even get that wrong. last week -- >> not that again. >> this happened for real. >> she got all excited and she called me oprah. >> now that is embarrassing. let's go to the panel. kanye, what are your thoughts? >> it is because of the yeazy's. >> no, not as limber as i used to be. >> i want to bring you in on this discussion. is whoopi -- i am not sure where she stands. >> i don't know what she is talking about. the truth is i have a vaughn vaw luted -- convoluted view
12:27 am
on race. it means what you want it to mean. people were fine calling them african-american, negro, colored , black, all sorts of things. the truth is you are a person and it works well. >> so why weren't you there on the view? >> do they have guys on the view? >> sometimes. >> we had people who want to talk about race stuff the whole time. >> how is it we are still talking about these issues in 2016, ebony? >> people are still confused and uncomfortable. i am grabbing and i am owe -- i am black and i am okay with that. if i heard him correctly it gets confusing. you do not reference that way? >> i think black pride and
12:28 am
other things are ridiculous and superfluous. >> i am black and proud. but i am also american and proud. it is how i identify. he is right. it is a social construction. it works. maybe it is not so simple. >> i was confused when whoopi said -- sara haines her co-host said she said what should i call you black? she said call me whoopi. she wants to know if it is an indirect term. >> i think that is an honest and fair question. as you head the history of whether it is black americans or latino americans we evolved in what is appropriate. it is fair that people want clarifications. >> the problem we have trying town tangle is people say things and there is no i will intention behind it, there is
12:29 am
generally not because they are trampling a social convention and they get in trouble for it. we need to move beyond nonsense. >> who do mean by we? >> everybody. >> you have part of the nervous americans. you are not all the same, nervous americans, right? >> no, i know i do because they get upset when i say that. >> who is they? >> everybody. i tell you what, i awcially don't trust somebody who married ted danson on a discussion by race. >> dating, married, what's the difference? see i do it for all races. >> i think it is good information for when i call the president black obama. >> coming up half time with tv's andy levy. i will see you after break.
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well, well, well, welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we may have missed from tv's andy levy at the "red eye" news desk. i can see you. >> caw see me in camera? >> i can see you right in the camera. >> let's get to iowa, shall we? you seem to be saying cruz's win wasn't unexpected, but wasn't it unexpected? trump was leading in both
12:34 am
polls. >> i know better than the polls. >> all right. >> going back further than the trump phenomena we saw increasing. cruz has been there a year and building a brown gram i trusted. you have to be there and do the meat and potatoes and that's what cruz did. >> i fell like maybe he be -- belittles his victory. >> i am just kidding. >> farrah, youd of rubio this is the first time anyone has been excited about third place. i haven't seen a competitor since the jamaican bonn sled team. >> i have never seen any politician that is happy. >> you thought cruz was likable when he was all horse during his victory speech. >> he did. >> it made him more likable
12:35 am
because he gave up that the lilting thing he does of it seemed real to me. >> he said morning it coming and i got scared sp. that's supposed to be nice. >> even how he said iowa. you also said politicians don't like him and the people don't like him. >> sbt that -- sbt that what i said in i was saying nobody likes him, but he won. >> let's talk about trump even though i don't want to talk about trump because i want to talk to winners. do we have mr. trump on the line? >> andy i want to tell you is you do a great job. >> earlier you love tom and the pam. >> i didn't you were there
12:36 am
actually. i have one real question for you, sir, i don't know if you spend a lot of time. >> are you kidding me? i am all over twitter. at the tweet every one to two names. >> it should seem like last night once the results came out you didn't tweet again for a longtime. >> that's very true. i was very tired and put a lot into it. >> let's talk about something jeb president bush would do. >> he is low energy and i am high energy. >> you say high energy now. >> i am high energy. >> a lot of people on the internet talk about your small hand and say you have stubby fingers if baby pans.
12:37 am
baby pans. will that benefit you. >> you are making that up. >> all of my wives have loved my hair. women are constantly flirting with me and i think it is because of my hands. >> a very masculine and very attractive hands and i use testimony if you know what i mean. >> no, i don't know. >> i use them in conversation. >> before you go, are you feeling good about new hampshire? >> i feel fantastic about new hampshire. they love me up there. i am so far ahead it is unbelievable. i can do anything and it is not going to hurt me. >> do you think it is possible -- you know i know they have farmers and people who work with their hands will
12:38 am
that scare them away from shotting? voting? >> we have a bad connection. >> we lost the connection with mr. trump. >> no stubby hands. great hands. iowa democrats. this was a victory for hillary. >> i guess it could be. 12 based on judge shaw shapiro? i don't think so. it might be greek. >> you said why why don't people like hillary? she is a qham p yen dpor -- champion of women. she is sticking up for people like joe. joe what do you think that means?
12:39 am
>> maybe she thinks i dwopt do well with stand up come dye and there will be programs for my comedy. >> camille, with cruz winning and rubio a strong serve, are you glad we have the democrats to put white beak back on top. >> i don't even know what you are talking about. i don't know what that means. ebon you said you don't believe hillary will be indictmented. i have to crush my dreams. >> i don't want to be a dream killer. it is what my legal experience tells me. the evidence is insur mountable. >> i agree with you. whop be says call her american. camille you gave a nice speech. tom asked why you weren't on
12:40 am
the view and she said they don't have guys. >> young we can talk about the genetic frnses between guys and gals. define black. it is actually a thing that means different stuff across time and space. it does. if you go to bra swrail and find that. >> we should note that everyone here rks everyone is african-american. >> especially me. >> i have gone to pro swril and asked around. >> you show that now. do we have a picture. i am done. >> thank you, andy. it is time to take a break of the a college forces kids to
12:41 am
exercise when we come back. now 450er is what is coming up on the ?eks -- on the next kennedy. >> hello. on the next kennedy your night in shining army will be there. see you at 8:00 p.m. 5 cook paw sirveg on fbn.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. u.s. investors could be in for another rough day on wall street. asian shares stumbled again
12:45 am
overnight because of a new steep drop in the price of crude. benchmark u.s. oil fell below $30 on the new york mercantile sm traders faced concern is as the dow plummeted 295 points and nasdaq fell 103 points. federal health officials will offer new headlines on trying to prevent the sexual transmission of the sika virus. it stems from a care case in texas where a person was infected having sex with someone recently in venezuela. it is spread through mosquito bites and prompting the world organization to declare a global emergency. >> his state provides $30 million to help the residents pay their water bill. for the last year they were paying water that was too contaminated.
12:46 am
they will use it to drink, wok and bathe. they want money to battle the mine to earmark $1 billion for pho celts in next fiscal year. and toyota is getting ready to recall trucks and sos and can inflate without a crash and possibly injuring drivers and passengers. owners will be notified by the male about when they can bring in their trucks for free repairs. now back to "red eye" for all of your headlines go to fox they are tracking your slacking. freshman at oral roberts university are now required to use fit bits. it is a wearable fitness
12:47 am
monitor. the $150 disco vice reports the heart rate information and number of steps to a school computer. students are required to nch average 10,000 steps a day. a week as part of the health and fed ex bays they will use hookups to get the intense activities. they are all banned from smoking and drinking and pre marital sex is prohibited as it is for the "red eye" staff. 10,000 steps a day? is that a week or a day? what did i say? >> it is a day. >> 10,000 a day and then 150 minutes of intense activity. that's a lot. >> it is a lot, but i put on the old freshman 15 and sophomore 12, junior 5 and senior 30. i was scelt going in and --
12:48 am
svel going in, but when i got there i was more of a potato. >> you do, you like that. it is the intercourse. okay i will flatten my gum. >> do you keep tabs on them so they don't have sex? >> i think they are infronting on one of the last great rights. be fat. own your own accord and i think they can get into the data. i think the results will end up belong skewed. the boys will be wearing it on their wrists. >> i don't know what she means. >> i don't know. >> anytime they get that dorm room to themselves it will look like -- >> that's totally against the
12:49 am
rules and there is no reason to believe at the will vie dsh dash violate. when you are taking sex and drugs and drinking why not walk around in a circle. >> you weren't talking about video games? >> that is precisely what we are talking about. >> if somebody is playing video over and over again? >> who said i have been playing with a -- they think you are up to as good. i will say this. i actually put on a freshman 15 or so. >> you do? >> and it taught me how to take it off ordinary they need to run into matt discipline. >> this is something where
12:50 am
they would see eye to eye. michelle obama is restricting people's diets in all sorts of ways. >> i want you to talk to me about how you use joy sticks. >> i was never good at the. >> stick. i was agitating. >> we will close things out with the bedtime story.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" alley green, andrew schulz and john. guess jeans has come out with a new product that makes your traditional pants look downright lazy. the new jean care collection not only slims your thighs and butt, but also hydrates and nourishes and soothes your skin. the secret? embedded microcapsules. they burst as you walk releasing kinko extract and the smell of laugh vendor and chamomile on your skin. now i can tell this guy to stop telling me to moisturize. >> it rubs the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose
12:55 am
again. >> i always am insulting him. would you wear these jeans? >> i am horrified. i like to put information first of the those jeans didn't do it for me. >> it is just the look of them. >> it is the look of them. it won't come sen say the for the lack of fashion. what is wrong with a by for indicated product? you hydrate first and then put on the jeans. >> i don't want in nutritious bursts. i want unregulated to get my permission. >> you can put on the lotion and put the pants on. >> i don't know if they are for men. i don't want them because i have active glands. there would be additions on my pants. >> somebody tell me they are
12:56 am
not going to put that on vine. you can take them out of context. sometimes i put could i january pepper in my socks. could i january pepper. >> do you think this is a slippery slope? >> graphic teesen fused with axe body spray. this is a little too much for me, but if someone buys them for me, i will care them. and i will give them a try. i saw they are $130 so i will not go out and get them myself. but if anyone wants to send me a pair i will give it a try. i am in for a viet mile-per-houren fused experience. >> they say you shouldn't wash women. >> that is gross. greasy, oily pants. >> it just gets back to a big question in america is are geeings -- jeggings really
12:57 am
pants? >> thank you and that does it n%r me, tom shillue. see you next time.
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>> he's in new york. he's coming ought right now. >> time for a real show. a little bit of clarity for rerepublicans and a lot of uncertainty for democrats. what iowa teaches us as we head to new hampshire. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. we are coming to you tonight from fox news world headquarters in new york. the center of the political universe is now shifting from iowa to new hampshire. republicans have emerged from the caucuses with what could be a three-man race between ted cruz, last night's winner, donald trump, the favorite so far in new hampshire, and robidas rubio who came in a


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