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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 3, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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men and women have different roles. i don't care what anyone else. rick says -- there is no draft for men and women. >> true that it's all voluntary, but you're still required to register for the draft. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> have a good day. >> bye. good morning, my friends. today is wednesday, the 3rd of february, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. this is a fox news alert. you've got to look at this. a packed plane explodes at 10,000 feet leaving a gaping hole in the side and one passenger literally gets sucked right out. was it a bomb? >> looks like it: meanwhile, ted cruz issued an apology after dr. ben carson called him out on this program for cruz's dirty campaign tax kicks. >> i apologize to ben for that. they should have forwarded that subsequent story. that was a mistake on our part. >> but according to dr. carson, sorry isn't good enough. wait until you hear what else he
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wants. and we hate to ruin your sunday plans, but one newspaper wants to know is it time to boycott the super bowl. >> right. >> we'll tell you what the publication is. mornings are better with friends. ryan's back. he survived the blizzard. >> there was none. good news, it swept by. >> didn't it snow yesterday? >> two inches, three inches. people of iowa -- >> they're hearty. tough. >> as soon as the plane landed, weiner as good as ever. >> they wound up with that much snow in iowa where it's -- in washington, that would close the capital city for a month and a half. >> they wouldn't even try. why bother? >> anna, great to have you. >> thanks for having me. we'll start with news. heather has a whole bunch. >> exactly. brian, great to have you back from iowa.
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anna, great to see you. we begin with headlines with a fox news alert. a passenger sucked out of a gaping hole in this airplane. look at this. a believed explosion rocked the jet 10,000 feet over somalia. the terrifying video taken by people on board. the jet eventually landed safely. authorities are investigating what caused the explosion. bomb residue, we're told, was found on the damage inside of the jet. so far authorities are not calling it terrorism. we'll keep you posted. the first case of the zika virus contracted in the united states was transmitted through texas and not a -- through sex and not a mosquito bite. a dallas man contracted the virus after having sex with a woman while traveling to venezuela. the world health organization says it's just the second case spread through con account that it's aware of now.
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it could be game over for johnny manziel. report say the cleveland browns will cut the quarterback next month. he's being investigated for a domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend last weekend in texas. he has a history of offfield incidents including partying and drinking and spent time in rehab. in a statement is says he's undermining teammates and the organization. one of pop music's biggest stars set to sing the national anthem at the super bowl. you recognize her? ♪ ♪ i was born this way >> lady gaga chosen for this year's honor. beyonce and coldplay will perform at halftime. the broncos and panthers face off four days from now, levi stadium in california. those are your headlines. we'll be cooking up super bowl recipes later. i'm glad you're here so you can baby sit my 6-year-old. >> not you are cooking up recipes -- we're watching. >> you've got to help. what are you talking about?
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>> thanks. meanwhile back on the campaign trail this morning, the presidential hopefuls are duking it out for votes in new hampshire. >> and our molly line has the latest. good morning, molly. >> reporter: good morning. great to be with you this morning. very busy first day. the candidates saying good-bye to iowa. hello to the granite state in this super busy and contentious first day on the ground post caucus. let's start with senator ted cruz. he arrived with bait of steam at his back. he didn't stay long, however. this is a state that's packed with independents. the moderate voters more than the evangelical or conservative voters that helped him claim victory in iowa. he darted to south carolina. he's already back here today in the granite state for some of that. trump, after the humble tone after his second-place finish in iowa, was back to his more fiery self on the ground, expressing frustration at all the attention
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that third-place finisher marco rubio is getting but admitted this last night -- >> i've been up in new hampshire for years. i love the place. i think i'm going to do great. i think i would have desert better in iowa had not wanted not to do the event for the vets. i'm very happy with second place finish. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie was already on the ground yesterday having skipped caucus night in iowa to focus his effort here in the more moderate granite state. he slams third-place iowa finisher marco rubio who arrived hoping to capitalize on his better-than-expected finish, firing right back at chris christie. >> let's see the next week in new hampshire. i'm ready to play. i hope he is. >> i think he performed well last night in iowa. and sometimes people get disappointed and act poorly. >> reporter: meanwhile, on the democratic side, the iowa democratic party handing the
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victory to secretary hillary clinton over senator bernie sanders last night by just a small margin. bernie sanders, though, on the ground in new hampshire has expressed enthusiasm actually about how he did in iowa, looking forward to new hampshire. clinton has been very aggressive being after both sanders and the republicans here on the ground. it's going to make for an interesting week. back to you. >> no kidding. thank you very much. meanwhile, yesterday on this program, we had dr. ben carson on. and he said the cruz campaign sent an e-mail to all of the staff members across the state that said essentially ben carson is dropping out, suspending operations, tell everybody that. and they should vote for ted cruz. and -- >> it started when chris moody came out. he's a reporter who said carson won't go to new hampshire or south carolina -- will go to florida. that was information that he thought was correct. it seems to be a misinterpreted by congressman king who tweeted, "looks like he's dropping out.
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i hope he essentially" -- i'll paraphrase here -- "go to ben carson." that's when there was a wrong interpretation and things got out of control. >> then tweets said where dr. ben carson was going. he was going home but only to get fresh clothes. that information never made it to the supporters of senator ted cruz apparently. it was on purpose or not on purpose? dr. ben carson was on the program yesterday. he says this is dirty campaign tactics by the cruz campaign and that his wife witnessed it firsthand. >> she spoke at one of the caucus sites. and before she got there, one of the crews people had, you know, again, disseminated that information to the crowd. and -- the organizers told her, i'm still glad you're here so you can set the record straight. and she did. and we actually won in that precinct. >> so the cruz campaign got caught red-handed.
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ted cruz was on "hannity" last night. dr. carson said on our show somebody should get fired. and at least an apology. last night he got the apology. >> last night when cnn posted a news report that ben was not continuing on to new hampshire, not continuing to south carolina but instead was going to florida, our political team forwarded it to the members of our team. unfortunately, they did not then forward the subsequent story that was ben's campaign clarifying that -- that he was continuing the campaign and was not canceling the campaign. so i apologize to ben for that. they should have forwarded that subsequent story. that was a mistake on our part. >> here's the irish -- a culture exists within the cruz camp that would allow people to take advantage of the situation like this in a dishonest way. isn't this the same thing we see with the obama administration?
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the irs scandal? no responsibility. let's see what in fact the cruz campaign will do about those individuals who inappropriately disseminated this information knowing that the caucuses were not over. they were anxious to get it out there, weren't they? >> they were. >> here's the thing. after we did the story yesterday, a bunch. people said, look, it started with cnn. actually when you look at chris moody from cnn, he sent three tweets in a row. what the cruz campaign did is they cherry-picked one in the middle. the tweets go -- ben carson's campaign tells me he plans to stay in the race beyond iowa no matter what the results are tonight. said -- carson won't go to new hampshire or south carolina but instead will head home to florida for some r&r. he'll be in d.c. thursday for the national prayer breakfast. and ben carson will speak at his victory party in iowa before the caucus results in so he can catch a flight. what they're is doing deflecting, saying it came from
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cnn. it was clear on twitter that he was going to continue his campaign 40 minutes before steve king from iowa continued -- >> yeah. the tone that dr. carson set for the last couple of days. no way of he going home. in fact, it was you or tucker who asked on the ground in iowa, do you see any reason why you would not be in new hampshire. he said, yeah, if i'm dead. in other words, i'm going to be there come hell or high water. >> right. so we'll see what happens. let's talk about the super bowl. it comes up sunday, if my calendar's correct. at that time, you're going to be seeing the nation come together. it's become a national holiday. "usa today," the national newspaper of america this appears on hotels has called on america to raise awareness about head injuries that occur in the national football league and football at all ages. since they happen, why don't we do something like, i don't know, have a boycott of the super bowl? >> yeah. a fellow named tom cretemmaccer, communications director at yale
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divinity school. the headline is, is it illegal to watch the super bowl? he says it's good for your brain. players wind up with dementia later and early death. it's like the "hunger games" essentially without direct killing. because parents now are not allowing their children to become football players, maybe you should do what he did three years ago. he stopped watching football. >> it's part of our culture. it's americana. the nfl is trying to make some change so that these players don't end up with dementia and end up with all these after effects from their concussions by changing the rules and adding better technology the helmets. >> "usa today" has a special poll out, a super bowl poll out. they make a ton of money off the super bowl and their coverage. this is something that you hear -- we're not forced to play football, nor are the panthers. i'm not sure if the broncos have to play against their will.
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i believe america should boycott the boycott and continue to be one of the 100 million that will watch around the club. >> i love it. this note will make you happy. we'll share that their because it will most likely be on one of your social media feeds today. a leaked super bowl ad about the wiener dog. it's going viral. look. >> for some reason, there's no sound on this. it's adorable. it's a wiener stampede for as you can see dogs dressed as hot dogs running at full speed at people dressed like condiments. there's a great soundtrack. next thing we bring it to you, we'll bring it to you with the sound. it's great. >> don't tell your doggies. >> you'll see it at the super bowl. >> tell us, do you go along with the "usa today" boycott of the super bowl? at 12 minutes after the hour, who said crime doesn't pay? coming up, the proposal to hand
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out cash to criminals. >> you'll want to hear that. and how much should college cost? bernie sanders says -- >> tuition free. tuition free. tuition free. free. free. free. free. free! >> sounds great. but who's going to pay for free? we'll break down bernie's plan coming up. >> all of us -- >> free! ♪ are you ready? are you ready? i mean, really ready? are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? do you look buttoned up, prepared, professional? you've got to be ready. the floors, mats, spotless. the uniforms clean and crisp, ready to produce. ready for the unexpected. are you ready to prosper, to grow? do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? to be ready is to anticipate. prepare.
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[ cheers ] young democrat still feeling the burn after senator sanders' narrow loss in iowa. shockingly good showing. maybe it's because he's been saying things like this -- >> i believe that public colleges and universities should be tuition free. make public colleges and universities tuition free. public colleges and universities tuition free. televisi tuition free. tuition free. free. free. free. free. [ applause ] >> so tuition free sounds really good. but who is going to pay for the free stuff? brian brenburg is chair of the
3:18 am
program in business and finance and associate professor of economics at kings college. sounds good. >> yeah. sounds really good until you ask who's going to pay for it. who's going to pay for $750 billion of free education the next ten years. >> what's the answer? is -- the billionaire tax? >> bernie's answer it's going to be taxing the wealthy wall street speculators. we'll tax the stock and bond and mutual fund trades, and that's going to pay for this. it's not. it's going to be you and me, it's going to be taxpayers. it's actually going to end up being middle-class investors who own 401(k)s, investing in mutual fund. >> or they're not going to pay, not going to invest, and the money will disappear. >> that's the other issue. what we've seen especially with the example. in the 1980s there was a financial transaction -- people said, i'm out. i'm going to trade somewhere else. sweden earned almost nothing on the tax as a result. >> what about the quality of an education that's free? what happens is, if you're going to push down the payment scale,
3:19 am
make everything cheaper, the quality professors will leave, the money will not be there, universities will not profit. >> there's nothing that addresses innovation and addresses quality. what it does, it funnels students to public colleges and universities. it makes it almost impossible for private universities or colleges to compete because they can't offer the free tuition. you narrow the set of options. >> what he is right about is the cost of college is ridiculously high. kids are taking out loans. when the loans go up, the education goes up. so the price of the tuition goes up, too. >> yeah. the subsidies drive the cost of college education higher. if we move this direction, you're because of cost going to balloon. there will be nothing to constrain the higher costs. we're fueling demand. it's the wrong approach. we should be expanding supplies. >> you say we're feeding off a 1916 model of what higher education should be. that's the conversation we should be in. >> absolutely. four-year colleges are great for some, but there are a lot of ways people can get their
3:20 am
education for their lifetime. we need to think more creatively. >> let me tell you, i was in iowa. and the reason he's got the young vote, the free college, kids think it's coming around the pike. >> give stuff away, and you can buy vote. >> you've got to get to school. 20 minutes after the hour. great job. a place where the muslim call to prayer blasts out five times a day. ♪ it's in america. pete hexet takes us inside this muslim city, the first ever next. and something fishy in the neighborhood. someone is leaving catfish in mailboxes. is this a prank or something sinister in i don't think they can survive without water.
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the x1 voice remote is here. fire up the coffee pot for your wednesday. quick headlines. the dramatic rescue of a taliban hostage in afghanistan earning a navy s.e.a.l. the highest military honor. chief special warfare operator edward buyers will be awarded the medal of honor on the 29th of february. in the december, 2012, rescue operation, he threw himself on a doctor being held hostage to protect him from gunfire. and president obama set to visit a controversial mosque in baltimore today. the visit drawing criticism over the mosque's tie to extremism and muslim brotherhood. the mosque also has a close tie to a virginia mosque where former al qaeda leaders once spoke. meanwhile, the first muslim majority city in america in michigan, what is it like to
3:25 am
live there? >> pete went to find out himself. first time ever in america. >> we did. in 2013, this town became the first muslim majority city. we went to check it out. what was it like. it is unlike any other town in america. surrounded by detroit. hamtramck elected a muslim city council, and more changes are coming. ♪ the town of 22,000, 40% immigrants. in 2013 it became the first muslim majority city in america. >> i don't see it as anything other than us moving forward to better this city and community and the future. >> reporter: the councilman is part of the new muslim majority on the city council. >> i never see myself as a muslim council member. i see myself as a council member. this is where america in real sit happening now. you see the multitude of
3:26 am
different cultural and background getting along. >> reporter: in schools, students speak 27 different languages. young muslims here dress in western clothing and say they're assimilated. >> anybody that comes from overseas like, this is the number-one city. everything over here, like, it's not hard to live. they've got the arabic stores. >> reporter: how did you find yourself here? >> i was born in the united states, california. i moved here in '04. came back in '08. and i moved to flint. lived there until five months ago. >> reporter: why did you move to yemen? >> so i can speak the language, learn it. >> reporter: obviously san bernardino, there's fears, over 120 arrests of isis members in the united states. is there no reason for other americans to be worried? >> there's crazy people everywhere. i think we stick together and watch for everybody. like me, if i see my brother doing something wrong, i'm going
3:27 am
to tell on him, why he's doing this. >> reporter: others still have concerns. >> there's an element of fear of the unknown. >> i want my kids to grow up in a safe america. right now i don't think it's safe. >> it's not epcot center or disneyland. >> reporter: the mayor considers herself part of the old guard. a symbol of the once-dominant polish population. >> it's hard for them to watch the -- visually watch the city change around them. i think that's pretty normal. >> reporter: in 1970, the polish catholic population was 90%, even earning a papal visit from pope john paul xxii in the '80s. to see that population is plummeting, leaving some to wonder what's next. >> i wonder what's going to happen to the churches, too. there's less and less people attending it. and they might end up out of -- we might end up with instead of three, we might end up with two.
3:28 am
perhaps one. ♪ >> reporter: what you hear is the islamic call to prayer. blasts out five times a day throughout the streets of hamtrackck, michigan. the city has as many as seven mosques. more than any in the country. religious leaders just bought a vacant building in the heart of the city. >> churches, mosques shouldn't be on the main drag. i don't know why they're doing it, but it's happening. >> reporter: does it make you raise an eyebrow? >> kind of because what it is, i guess way back, they want to put church on the main drag, the city would not allow it. now they're allowing it. i don't quite agree. >> reporter: muslim leaders in hamtramck have denounced religious extremism. it's what's not said that has some on edge. >> the vast majority if not have demonstrated out in public condemning those behaviors. that's not the rule of islam.
3:29 am
those extremists are not welcome anywhere in our community. >> being optimistic, i would like to think that people still can trust others, but being realistic, i know that's not always the case. >> my personal belief, you know, i don't think they're ready to assimilate, or i don't think they're ready for western culture yet. >> reporter: yeah. a lot of folks talked. what was said on camera and off camera. a lot of folks weren't willing to go camera and say their true fellings. >> why? they've got to live there. >> yeah, there's social pressure. when the camera's off or preinterviewing, they say, well, we're worried. there's anxiety. >> we talk about assimilation and the census center says traditionally muslim groups don't intermingle because of language barriers.
3:30 am
>> there isn't as much assimilation. folks in the polish population talked about that, too. concerns about immigration. >> something stuff. great job. >> thank you. 29 after the hour. >> coming up on this wednesday, hillary clinton edging out bernie sanders in iowa barely. but was the correct winner there called? new questions about whether or not she really won this morning. >> should we flip a coin, steve? it isn't just flint, michigan, dealing with a possible water contamination crisis. how can you make sure your daughter is safe? more coming up. -- your drinking water is safe? more coming up. first, happy birthday to isla fisher. >> don't ever leave me. pump up your look
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the "shot of the morning" is back. the latest version of bad lip reading from 2016 nfl season. just in time for the super bowl. watch. >> you've got to make up your mind to use a brush every day. it's going to be fun playing the orphans this summer. >> tell us about what you and the guys have planned for new year's eve. >> well, at midnight, first we're going to take whatever, bingo and other games, you know. and we're going to buy a quick stop pizza slice. i was talking about we might have to go in and get biscuits in saskatchewan. >> makessense. >> i want that job. you watch video with no sound. what does it look like they're saying there? >> how did they do that? >> i don't know. >> they're good at that. >> it's funny. that was the first time in the history of this program we said saskatchewan -- >> biscuits --
3:35 am
>> in the program. 26 minutes to the top of the hour. heather's here. >> good morning. i think i saw that's where bigfoot was last spotted, sat catch wan. >> probably watching -- saskatchewan. >> probably watching. did hillary clinton really win the iowa caucus? she beat bernie sanders by .2 point. the counting of the votes was a nightmare. many precincts needed coin flips to determine a winner. others reported website glitches, and party leaders were unable to track down tallies in several precincts. many wondering if the chaos cost sanders the victory in the state. now he may be backing out of tomorrow's debate. the sanders campaign says he won't show up unless clinton agrees to future debates. clinton says she's hopeful she'll be on stage again. you know, they'll probably put it up against the super bowl. nobody watches. today, happening today, new york real estate heir robert durst expected to plead guilty
3:36 am
in a felony gun charge in louisiana. that could bring him a step closer to being extra kpro indicted to los angeles where he faces murder charges. he's accused of killing his friend, susan berman, 16 years ago and gained notoriety of his crimes during the documentary "the jinx." apparently crime pays in washington, d.c. lawmakers approved a proposal to pay up to 200 people a year to not get into trouble. here's how it works -- city officials identify people who are at risk of committing a crime. those people would be asked to participate in behavioral therapy. if they fulfill the program, they would be paid --not sure how much they would get. and a mystery stinking up one florida neighborhood. people in st. cloud, near orlando, say catfish randomly show up in mailboxes. they noticed something was up when the mailman delivered directly to the door without being asked.
3:37 am
neighbors have no clues as to who it could be or why they keep getting the slimy creatures in a mailbox. >> i got a turkey carcass once -- >> why? >> a sflank. >> -- a sflank. >> yeah. i was in high school. >> i think fish would be worse. >> i'm not hungry anymore. >> she looks like such a nice woman, too. >> she does. >> like "grumpy old men," that movie. 37 minutes after the hour. i didn't just snort, by the way. that was not real. to this now, large, destructive tornadoes tear through mississippi and alabama. the cleanup now begins for many after a total of six tornadoes were reported. 21 million americans at risk from alabama to indiana. and maureen molina is following that. >> reporter: good morning. the storm system producing all kinds of severe weather across the south. on the cold side, we had to deal with blizzard conditions. check the video out of kansas.
3:38 am
snowfall accumulation out there. that was the case as well across iowa and extending to nebraska with whiteout conditions, snow piling up, and a lot of -- several foot-defeat drifts out across the plains. significant storm system. and it actually shut down several interstates. a big concern with the storm. it is winding down across the plains. welcome news. now snow across wisconsin and in the upper great lakes. rain will be a boeing story, as well. there is a flood threat across parts of the southeast and will extending into the mid-atlantic. you see the front extending from upstate new york to the gulf coast. there's a risk for additional severe storms. it's not as high as yesterday's concern. you are still looking at isolated tornadoes possible. in addition to the flood threat and also damaging winds from those storms. back inside. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, a congressional hearing set for later today on the flint, michigan, water crisis as the fbi, the fbi has now joined the investigation into what happened there and if
3:39 am
anybody was at fault. and as flint deals with the fallout, the concern is spreading across the country like in new orleans where the daughter flows through lead pipes installed year 100 years ago. do you know whether you have lead pipes or whether your water is to -- to test your sink? good morning. i don't know if i have lead pipes. i don't know in the house, but what the see it has running to the house. >> that's on people 's minds. water is essential for life. it's 2/3 of our body weight. recent stories had us wondering what is coming out of our taps. i'm here to teach us how to become our first clean water sleuth. >> the first steps is test your water. you can get tests where? >> yes, available at home improvement stores. there's a number of varieties and brands that are available. it's important to read thestructions to see if it --
3:40 am
instructions to see if it comes what you're looking for. it comes with vials and testing strips that have a reactiontant. it will change colors -- >> like changing the ph in your pool. >> that's right. they will change color if there a contaminant. this is bacteria. bacteria can be present. you fill it up, shake it and leave it for 48 hours. if it changes colors after 48 hours, the bacteria levels are too high. >> a lot of people want to test for lead. make sure on the outside of the kit it has what you want. listen, meanwhile, this is what a lot of people do, we have a brace -- they can filler what out? >> contaminants. does a fairly good job of removing leads these are carafe
3:41 am
filters. some are nsc certified, the national science foundation, that means they're good at removing lead. >> make sure you change the filters. they don't last forever. >> that's important. they do not. >> for instance, this is a filter you can put on the faucet. when we moved in, there was one of these on. there of course, it was 20 years older. we left it for a year or two. that was dumb. >> this uses force to get it through the process. we cook with water, it keeps it clean. >> you need to change them once in a while. we never did. >> yes, you do. >> the other idea is you can call in a plumber and install a system that's a couple of hundred bucks. this is the best you can do. >> they get high marks for removing contaminants and arsenic.
3:42 am
they require professionals and can go into the thousands. >> i think a lot of people on their honey-do list for this weekend, get a kit. find out what's in the water. >> you condition get all your information from the host testing kits. call the epa. there's a 1-800-number for the water safety hotline. you can ask for state certified sensors. >> the water company should send a letter that shows the scary stuff. >> they do. just kboech what comes out of your pipes could be affected. thank you very much. coming up on this wednesday, with more women taking on combat roles in the military, should they also be required by law register for the draft. women. and the skies about to get more friendly. airlines now catering to kids. s
3:43 am
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3:46 am
avo: the ready for you alert, only at quick headlines now. no birth control, no booze. that's what the cdc is telling women ages 15 to 44. the agency wants to reduce the number of babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome. the cdc says more than three million women are at risk. and the skies getting more friendly. in a few days, united is letting little kids board early again. the company initial deaway with the policy in 2012. now kids will be able to board after passengers with disabilities and active military members. can their parents, though? >> they're a package deal. >> the 2-year-old, get on. meanwhile, top army and marine corps officers suggesting women should register for draft like their male counterparts. this comes a month after the pentagon's historic shift on policy, opening all military
3:47 am
jobs to women without exception. so should they be drafted, as well, in that event? kristin fisher live from d.c. with details on the proposal. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. top army and marine corps generals told congress just yesterday that now that all combat jobs are open to women, they also should be required to register for the draft. the thinking is if you can fight just like the men, you should register for the draft just like the men. >> based on this lifting of restrictions for assignment to mls that every american who's physically qualified should register for the draft. >> i think that all eligible and qualified men and women should register for the draft. >> reporter: this is coming up because of what happened in december when the u.s. military opened all combat jobs now wimbledon. at a hearing before the senate armed services committee, the top army and marine corps generals said it will take up to four years to fully integrate women into combat jobs. they said that women should have to register for the draft. the marine corps has been
3:48 am
reluctant to bring women into certain combat jobs, especially special ops. they say that combined gender units are not as effective as male-only units. the secretary of defense in december rejected the argument while simultaneously vowing that no physical standards would be lowered to make way for women. now the marine corps is saying if women are eligible for combat, they're also eligible for the draft, though there's no immediate threat of that happening any time soon. the last draft was more than 40 years ago during the vietnam war. you work out a lot. you'd probably be fine. i think i'd have to work on these guns little bid. >> the gun show. >> we can work out together next time we see each other. >> this is a ridiculous devil rays. we don't have a -- ridiculous debate. we don't have a draft in this country. go to the post office and fill out a form. >> the pentagon has changed their policy, trying to make it across the board. >> actually, just tweeting this -- is it final for women to
3:49 am
register for the draft? should every american have to? >> e-mail us, one of the most pivotal moments in legal history. >> got away with beating her. he's not going to get away with killing her. >> i can't go to jail, boss! >> that's the tv version of what we saw live on tv years ago. this morning, the story of o.j. simpson is back in the spotlight in a new fx tv series. kim goldman, sister of ron goldman, who was murdered, comes up in the next hour. and the story will inspire you -- a little boy battles cancer for three years and wins. meeting rich, big daddy salgado forming a bond for a lifetime. they're here to create and celebrate a major milestone. >> he's a survivor. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
3:50 am
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hi, everyone. good morning. after nearly three years battling leukemia, tyler west is cancer free. thanks to the treatment he received at st. jude's and thanks to his fighting spirit. something that impressed the next guest. rich big daddy salgado is the founder of the golf classic and he's joined by his wife. big bad did's little brother, tyler west and mother is joining us from memphis, tennessee. we'll be up here on the tv screen. it will be crowded. congratulations to you on your two. you just got married a month ago.
3:54 am
i got to watch you down the aisle. >> thank you. >> we're so happy you're cancer free. thank you for being with us. what was that like going through treatment? you were diagnosed three years ago to the day. what was that like for you? >> it was very -- it was interesting. >> was it scary? >> no. >> no? well, the doctors i guess were really helpful and i understand, mom, that they take the kids around in little red wagons instead of wheelchairs. really often, when they're struggling and can't walk. how did st. jude's research hospital help you? >> st. jude helped us by giving us our son back. they did everything in their power to make sure that tyler was going to thrive and survive. and beat cancer and they did. and it's something that we will be forever grateful for because how do you say thank you for giving you something that cannot be replaced in any way? >> tyler, when you were going through treatment, what did the doctors do? did they prick you with needles that hurt and did you feel sick
3:55 am
or did anything happen that didn't feel very good? >> well, they pricked me with needles, they pricked me with needles sometimes. >> what would happen when you would go in for treatment, tyler? >> we would -- we would go in for treatment, we would do some -- we would do stuff like either go to school or have -- or have blood drawn. >> yeah. they would have little parties for you with the other kids and have places to play and allow all the families just like yours to be able to stay for free. big daddy, when you started your celebrity golf classic several years ago, initially it was for brain aneurysm research because you suffered from a brain aneurysm. how did you decide to get involved with st. jude's? >> well, i met a big supporter of st. jude's and we said, you know what, you should -- you steer yourself towards this and
3:56 am
i went down, i visited the hospital. met tyler. we have been buddies since. i think every one of i many friends out there, whether it -- of my friends out there, whether it's sports or tyler, i think you got enough shipments from me from all over the country. cheese heads, arizona iced tea. just one great, happy friendship. and we're going to have them up at this year's event -- >> this summer. >> as our guests. >> yeah. >> a lot of celebrities and athletic superstars. real quick, we have only 30 seconds. but you have a surprise for mom, don't you? >> yes. we are actually doing a celebrity event for the ladies that same day of the golf classic, and i would like to honor you and give you recognition for what you have been through. and it would be an honor if you could come to the brunch that day. >> it's a celebrity luncheon as well. what a great thanks. guys, thanks so much. we're coming up against the hard break, but tyler and michelle, wow, you're such fighters.
3:57 am
we appreciate your strength and your inspirational story. two minutes before the top of hour. more "fox & friends" after the break. who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital.
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hi, everyone. it's wednesday, the 3rd of february, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. a bomb blows the hole in the side of the airplane packed with passengers and flying at 14,000 feet. and there's a chance this was no accident at all. oh, boy. yep, ted cruz says sorry after ben carson call him out for his dirty campaign tactics that he says. >> i apologize to ben for that. they should have forwarded that subsequent story. that was a mistake on our part. >> but according to the doctor's story, it's not good enough. wait till you hear what he wants. and the case that captivated the world. the o.j. simpson murder trial. remember? >> got to bring -- he's not going to get away with killing her. >> i can't go to jail, boss.
4:01 am
>> okay, that miniseries just started last night. what do the victims' family think? the sister of ron goldman who was murdered joins us live this hour. meanwhile, live from new york city, for a wednesday, this is "fox & friends." >> and welcome aboard, studio "e." brian, you have to be disappointed. you're in a studio with no breakfast bar. >> get up and look down and see your set there. we had an apartment on the other side of the window. it would be fantastic. >> just walk right there. >> great to have you back. >> good to be back. go to new hampshire on monday and tuesday, right? >> and wednesday. i'm moving to new hampshire for a couple of days. >> political season. and we have a fox news alert. a video from inside the passenger jet over somalia where an explosion blows a hole in the cabin packed with people.
4:02 am
>> the big question was it a bomb? >> sure looks like one. abby huntsman joins us. these pictures are unbelievable. >> they are. talk about one of the worst nightmares. somali officials have found no evidence of on-board criminal activity. the mystery blast leaving behind a gaping hole in the fuselage. this video was shot by a passenger showing the size of the hole. now authorities have confirmed one person badly burned was sucked out of the plane, falling to their death. their body found in a nearby town. two other people also injured on board. now, this photo showing the impact of that blast. the pilot, crew and passengers say they saw fire and heard a loud blast, suspecting it was a bomb. the jet landed safely, luckily just moments after the blast occurred. it took off from mogadishu airport and it was headed to
4:03 am
djibouti, africa. they were worried it was a terror attack by al shabaab. the initial investigation found explosion residue on the damaged portion of the plane and the investigation is far from complete. either way though, guys, talk about a frightening experience. >> no kidding. it looked like it was photoshopped. >> it really does. >> inside that plane. >> if that's a hole in the side of the plane, it's going down. how they were able to do it is astounding to me. >> well, it's all about the pressurization. these guys are experts who fly these planes. got it down to the lower zone and were able to land safely. but one person sucked out of the side of the plane. if it was a bomb, it was probably that person with the bomb planted on them. and looking to new hampshire and before we look right ahead, time to look back. one of the surprises is that
4:04 am
donald trump didn't win. in the end though he did finish in second place and marco rubio went from teens to finishing a point and a half behind donald trump. he talked about that last night on the debate. he talked about that last night and some of the reasons why that could have happened, why he did come in second. >> i did well in iowa. i came in second with -- and i spent less than just about anybody else. i came in second and people said oh, that was a disappointing evening for donald trump. marco rubio, good guy by the way, came in third. they said he's had this unbelievable evening. i came in second by a lot of votes by over 2,000 votes. >> well, he didn't go to the debate before the iowa caucuses and donald trump actually mentioned that last night, that may have been one of the things that hurt him. and his ground game wasn't as strong as ted cruz. he hadn't spent as much time, visiting all 99 counties like
4:05 am
senator cruz had done. >> when asked would he do it again, skip the debate, he said probably yes, because he was able to raise $6 million for the vets in one hour. also he was asked by sean hannity is everything good with fox from your end? and trump said that is true. >> well, one more thing to mention about the debate. the beloved president ronald reagan skipped a debate in iowa and ended up losing in iowa. fires his campaign manager and goes on to win in a landslide. i'm not comparing donald trump to ronald reagan or not comparing donald trump to ronald reagan, but maybe you will see donald trump more of a dedicated campaigner. that was something that herman cain mentioned yesterday. >> tactically, a good move for donald trump and ted cruz would be to stop hitting each other and holding off marco rubio, the establishment candidate. if you read the text, he went after the canadian, ted cruz. >> he's done okay so far. >> marco rubio, he said a good guy. >> the caucus situation in iowa
4:06 am
is a little different. he said he much prefers -- you go in, you vote, you leave. like in new hampshire. so let's see what happens next tuesday. meanwhile, it was on tuesday morning we were telling you about how ted cruz won the iowa caucuses. well, dr. ben carson was on our program yesterday and said, look, there was a dirty trick here. apparently the cruz campaign sent out an e-mail during the caucusing and it said that ben carson is out. tell all of the people in the caucus meeting rooms that carson is out and they should vote for cruz. well, as it turns out, dr. carson's wife candy actually heard it with her owner as and called him on it. and said, my husband is not dropping out and he went on to win that particular precinct. >> right. well then last night, we did hear an apology from senator ted cruz on fox news channel, but dr. carson says that's not enough. and maybe some heads need to roll. listen. >> last night when cnn posted a
4:07 am
news report that ben was not continuing on to new hampshire, not continuing on to south carolina, but instead was going to florida, our political team forwarded it to the members of our team. but unfortunately, they did not then forward the subsequent story that was ben's campaign clarifying that that -- that he was continuing the campaign and he was not canceling the campaign. so i apologize to ben for that. they should have forwarded that subsequent story. that was a mistake. on our part. >> well, here's the issue. a culture exists within the cruz camp that would allow people to take advantage of the situation like this in a very dishonest way. isn't this the same thing we see with the obama administration? the irs scandal. no responsibility. let's see what in fact the cruz campaign will do about those individuals who inappropriately
4:08 am
disseminated this information knowing that the caucuses were not over. they were awfully anxious to get it out there, weren't they? >> here's the thing about what ted cruz said he said, you know, the initial story came out and we sent it out, we should have included the follow-up story. the initial story from cnn never said that he was dropping out. and the follow-up tweet from chris moody who's one of their correspondents on the ground came out seconds later. the first one said carson is not going to new hampshire, but instead heading home to florida for some r&r. he'll be in d.c. for the national prayer breakfast and then seconds later, it says ben carson's campaign says he plans to stay in the race beyond iowa no matter the results tonight. it looks to some like they cherry picked the one, made it look like he was dropping out. and then blamed cnn. >> because dr. carson and ted cruz are going after the same
4:09 am
evangelical voters, dr. carson said i could have come in higher. >> and donald trump would have perhaps to winning it. i thought for ben carson that was akin of bobby knight throwing a chair on the court. that was as angry as i have ever seen him. i think it's great for his candidacy. i saw a lot of energy. >> yeah. >> it's awesome. >> heather nauert, i have never seen you angry. >> of course not. good morning, everybody. i hope you're off to a good day. i have a fox news alert to bring you right now. this one coming here from home. a south carolina teenager was -- with close ties to isis could be paroled later today. a 16-year-old syrian native was arrested last april after he admitted that he planned to meet up with a fellow radical muslim and then drive to ft. bragg a military base in north carolina to kill members of the u.s. military. now, the 16-year-old had previously bragged about being a member of isis.
4:10 am
he is still being called a national security threat. well, the first case of the zika case contracted in the united states was transmitted through sexual contact and not a mosquito bite. health officials say that a dallas man contracted the virus after he had sex with a woman who became infected while she was in venezuela up. the world health organization says this is only the second case of the zika virus being spread through sexual contact that it's aware of. after hillary's narrow victory over bernie sanders in iowa is it 2008 all over again? here's what bill clinton says. >> you don't think bernie sanders is barack obama? >> no, don't get me there. there is -- no, i don't. but barack obama is not bernie sanders. let's not play two games here. she and president obama had enormous overlap on what they wanted to do and how they wanted to do it. and there are big differences in their positions on the issues.
4:11 am
and now we are free to talk about them. >> all right. well, hillary clinton andnie sanders will both be holding several events in new hampshire today. love to get to see him fired up and angry. >> that's as mad as he can become. >> their goal, close the gap. don't make it a 20 point loss. meanwhile, the super bowl, which i believe is sunday. and it's a collision sport and most concern for people and even former football players is the rash of head injuries many of which we didn't know about for years. but we know about now. >> that's right. "usa today" today has a column by a fellow from the yale divinity school that said is it immoral to watch the super bowl given the fact that in some players, the violence of the game causes dementia, a lot of parents aren't allowing their children to play games. and he also writes we watch knowing that it's dangerous, the
4:12 am
players are black or from disadvantaged backgrounds you end up with a creepy feeling he says. essentially he is saying we should all be like him and stop watching the football games which he did three years ago. >> even the super bowl and football in general is american culture and nfl has done a lot by putting new technology in helmets to try to limit concussions and also change the rules and all of that. but you're calling for a boycott of the boycott, aren't you? >> yes, please, do not boycott the super bowl. brian wrote in, and everyone is comparing the nfl to the hunger games. the nfl is not forcing the guys to play. they're adultis playing a dangerous game for a lot of money. >> there's the key. david said i'm not watching because i'm not a sports fan. it's not immoral to watch, but more people are concerned with who will win the super bowl than they are with more important things. >> like how funny the
4:13 am
commercials will be or how good the cheese dip will be. >> the cheese dip is excellent. >> keep the comments up. meanwhile, a woman's final wish on earth is to be buried next to her husband, but the church says no can do. find out why. he defined conservatism in under 90 seconds. >> government is not the author or source of our rights and you don't make america great again by giving more power to one guy in washington, d.c. >> now senator ben sasse is here to rank the top gop candidates on their record for the conservative cause. in a matter of moments. announcement: this storm promises to be the biggest of the decade. with total accumulation of up to three feet. roads will be shut down indefinitely. and schools are closed. campbell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red. made for real, real life. frequent heartburn brand in america.
4:14 am
i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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4:17 am
our next guest, a u.s. senator from nebraska, managed to define conservatism in record time. >> most governments in the past said that the king has all the power and the people are dependent subjects and the american founders said no. god gives us rights and the government is not the author or
4:18 am
source of our rights. and you don't make america great again by giving more power to one guy in washington, d.c. what makes america great is not some guy in washington who says if i had more power i could fix it all unilaterally. that's not the american tradition. >> there he is defining conservatism. now, ben sasse is here to talk about the republicans who are running for president on his scale of conservatism. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning, steve. thanks for having me. >> let's start with your colleague, ted cruz. >> all right, ted is a consistent guy, a constitutional conservative. he's shown it before the supreme court, fight for the constitution when he was in texas. >> would you said some have said he's the most conservative? would you say that? >> i think we're blessed -- we have an abundance of riches in this party. there are a whole bunch of pro constitution guys and gals
4:19 am
running in this primary. >> absolutely. another one is marco rubio. >> marco paints a vision of american greatness in the next century and it's built on a constitutional set of commitments. >> what about carly fiorina? >> mine, she's obviously a capable, able, practical leaders. i think she is a breath of fresh air. people want to hear her on the debate stage with hillary clinton. >> what about my governor from new jersey, chris christie? >> that guy is not only tough in the fact that as a former prosecutor he would want to take the fight to isis and al qaeda and he's willing to talk about entitlement reform. need more of that blunt speech. >> what about ben carson? >> he's so inspirational. i'm so grateful for the way he gives everyone hope again about america. we need more ben carsons in washington. who came here to promulgate a framework and not trying to make washington the center of american life. he's an exciting, inspirational
4:20 am
figure for us. >> finally, this should be the best one, how about donald trump who referred to you as a gym rat in a tweet? >> mr. trump is not only witty and funny, frankly as a son of as a football and wrestling coach, i will take gym rat. he could have gone after my teeth, but gym rat, i'm going to own that 100%. mr. trump is an unknown though. he says if people screw you, screw them back. it feels like he might be advised by lois lerner. that's not what we need to make america great again. what i hear from nebraskans while he's great at diagnosis, we don't know what he's for. he's right that america is in a crisis, but that isn't a joke. it's a serious matter. >> so you just say, you know, he's an unknown quantity so it's hard to grade? >> the guy doesn't talk about the constitutions or limits on government. he doesn't talk about rolling back president obama's executive unilateralism. >> all right, ben sasse, thank
4:21 am
you very much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. coming up, a story that's terrifying. new york has a slashing problem and another person is randomly attacked with a knife. the nation's top cop is not making anyone feel any better. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? [tires spinning] ♪ [glass shattering] [screaming] [electricity arching] [pole crashing] ♪ ♪ [impact thud] ♪
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hey, everybody, the super bowl -- and americans will eat about 1.3 billion chicken wings. >> billion? >> billion. >> absolutely. so we wanted to kick it off with a friendly wingoff representing fox news channel and the carolina panthers, anna -- >> and the broncos. >> our cross network rival representing fox business network and the denver broncos. good morning, ladies. which one of us can't take the
4:25 am
heat? stacy kane is a chief marketing officer from east coast wings. that's a stunning number. over a billion wings will be consumed on super bowl. >> absolutely. east coast wings will serve over 66,000 pounds of wings which is equivalent to five elephants and a baby elephant. >> wow. barbecue or teriyaki, something not super spicy. >> these are -- >> a disclaimer, they're so hot? >> that's right. >> you're not responsible for internal tissue burns or allergic reactions? >> i'm out of here. >> one of the things -- you specialize in a sauce that is so hot, it can do what to you? >> it can burn your tissues, it can. >> what tissues? >> i'm sorry. >> all the way through? >> yeah. it has over 2 million -- >> can you shot a over here? they made up fresh wings for us.
4:26 am
they have the fryer right here. then all of the sauces of various diabolical intensity. >> stacy, you have one for us. >> that's right. you're going to spin this -- >> right now? >> the hottest. >> can i go first. great. >> the hottest. the hottest. >> oh, man. >> let's see. >> you guys -- >> you got this. come on. for the team. >> she's not worried. >> okay. your turn. >> i'm ready. >> oh, all right. >> how hot is this in intensity? >> so these guys are going to start somewhere around 20,000, and then the second one is more of -- somewhere between 20 and 170,000. >> so the really hot one is this one over here? >> the insanity. >> come on.
4:27 am
>> oh, i'm not good at spicy food either. >> that shows how tough we are. >> we're good. >> all right. it takes a little bit. >> takes a second. >> is it burning yet? burning? how are your internal -- how's your internal tissue? >> diabolical. >> the one i'm eating right now. i'm okay. >> he got it. >> steve, how you doing? >> there it is. >> i would like to know that i'm crying. i do have tears coming down my face right now. because of my intense training through this segment. let me see what i get next. i'm up again? >> this isn't bad. >> i got one too. >> yes. i'll take that other one from you. >> all right. there's a whole technique to eating these chicken wings,
4:28 am
right? >> the producer who put this together, there's no water here! >> oh. this is not good. >> aren't you glad you're missing this? >> oh, man. i got the spicy one. >> obviously, this is a survival contest. should something happen to you guys, the show must go on. saying you do survive let me tell you about the case that captivated america. i'm talking about the o.j. simpson trial. now, being relived on tv. >> got away with beating her. he's not going to get away with killing her. >> that series aired last night, part one. who do the victim's families think? kim goldman says something was left out and she's here next. and paging dr. sully, another incident captured on camera.
4:29 am
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knock it out, fast. abreva. last night was caucus night and ted cruz was the winner on the republican side. donald trump who was expected to win came in second with 24%. and marco rubio is right behind him, he had 23% to come in third which is pretty good considering the fact that most iowa voters think marco rubio is a game you play in the swimming pool. >> marco, rubio. >> that was good. he chronicled donald trump's tweet in the beginning, hey, i'm glad to come in second, but at the end it was donald trump back to being donald trump. >> easy for you to talk. my lips are on fire from the wings. i'm hot right there. >> that's not good. >> no, it's not.
4:33 am
hot wings -- from here the lip area right down here. i'm kind of worried how -- how it progresses through the day. >> you could be burning up from the inside. i mean, you could -- it could burn right through your ribs. >> feel the burn. >> we did sign a waiver though. >> i didn't sign it. >> lawsuit. >> heather, anything hot right now? >> not yet. was there voter fraud during the iowa caucus. votes at a des moines high school were counted by hand and bernie sanders and hillary clinton were separated by five counts and after a second vote, hillary clinton gaped more votes but counted different people. listen to this. >> you just recounted -- >> that's not accurate. >> three people -- should we do people left? we heard -- >> all right.
4:34 am
so after that exchange, no recount ever happened and that gave hillary clinton the win. well, democrat party officials say both campaigns agreed with the results. and imagine being is slashed in the face on your way to work. this has happened. ten times on the subway in new york city, within the last month. during the latest attack, the victim said he was waiting for the train and he had someone pour coffee on him and then cut him in the face. the police commissioner of new york city said folks shouldn't be worried. wow. outrage in minnesota. after an 84-year-old woman is told that she's no longer able to be buried next to her husb d husband. that woman's daughter now says she is in shock. >> it just made me angry right off that they would send a letter like that and tell her that her soul is in immortal danger. >> darlene pollack has been a member of the church for 50 years when she received a
4:35 am
letter. the letter said she hadn't attended services in the last year, so she was no longer welcome. four services she was supposed to attend and she didn't. now church leaders say it was a misunderstanding. the family will meet with church leaders later today. what happened to minnesota nice? those are your headlines. >> when hegseth came here, i think that hurt the niceness. he brought his niceness to new york. let me -- let's switch gears and tell you about a story that no one thinks is nice. more than 20 years after the o.j. simpson trial captivated america, one of the most followed legal dramas is being brought into the spotlight. >> what about your left hand there? how did you get that injury? >> i don't know. i -- first time i was in chicago, then i got back to the house and i was running around and i broke a glass. actually, i cut it before. maybe i opened it. >> why did the cops tolerate -- >> i don't know.
4:36 am
he's the juice, he rushed more than 2,000 yards in one season. >> i have no idea what that means but it shouldn't matter. he got away with beating her. he shouldn't get away with killing her. >> ron's sister kim goldman is joining us right now from los angeles. so nice to get up this early and talk about something so important. it was part one last night on fx. i was wondering what you thought of the perception, how it's playing out? >> i'm still kind of trying to process it. i don't really know what's to come. it's a little unnerving to watch your personal family story and a story that impacted us so greatly be played out for the national screen yet again. i'm just -- i'm anxious about it, to be honest with you. >> so far the goldmans aren't in it. we led up to the bronco chase after part one. we know it's from jeffrey too n toobin's new book. is it a concern we'll get caught
4:37 am
up in the case and not caught up in the human beings involved? >> yeah. i mean, you know, that's -- i sort of feel like i have been catapulted right back into the late '90s when the case happened. we struggled with that way back then when ron and nicole were barely mentioned throughout the entire case. they were barely mentioned again more than just -- you know, more than just being pieces of evidence. i feel like i'm back there again. i want people to remember the victims although i realize the show is not about them. i think that's unfortunate. >> right. how have you dealt with it? the fact is, when people see your last name and recognize you from the national news coverage that lasted all this time, does it bring up the memory of your brother every day, his life or the way he died? >> it's a little bit of both to be honest with you. i'm fortunate that people have been loving and supportive and kind as it relates to our family. sometimes that's painful because people really missed out on the beautiful spirit of my brother. it makes me sad that i don't get to continue to share him.
4:38 am
so we do our best to keep talking about him and talking about victims' rights and what it's like to be on the receiving end of a horrible trauma and tragedy. >> did they give you a screener on this, so you know what's coming up next? >> i do not know what's coming up next. we weren't brought into the fold at all. i would have liked to be extended an olive branch so i would like to be more prepared. >> i think this analogy works. after the 9/11 attacks, the rebuilding of the downtown and of course everything that keeps coming one the attacks, the afghanistan war. after a while, a lot of the families said, you know what, i have to get away from it, i have to close the door. not forget about my loved ones but i have to get on with my life. did you go through that, where you said, as much as i don't want to forget my brother, i have to forget about the case? >> there's no way to forget about it. the internet and social media and the public and, you know,
4:39 am
encyclopedias don't allow us to do. i get to choose how i'll let it, you know, filter into my life or how i'm going to block it out. some days i do much better with just kind of putting the walls up and other days like this, it's harder to do that so this is just part of the grieving process. i feel very lucky that i'm surrounded by such love and support that i get to have days where it's harder and i get to be cuddled and other days i can champion the cause. >> the fact that he's in jail right now, does that gratify you at all? >> yeah. i mean, i feel -- i feel a little bit relieved that he's not out raising chaos and causing problems. i feel like i can breathe a little bit deeper. but i wish of course that he was incarcerated for the crime against my brother and nicole. but i'll take it for now. >> as the fx series unfolds,
4:40 am
because they have top quality talent with a great script, we open to get your input. >> thank you for having me. >> just so you know, we have not forgotten your brother and nicole. this is about a human tragedy. really not about a legal case. all right. kim goldman, thanks so much. >> thank you. coming up straight ahead, today president obama is making his first visit to a mosque in the united states. did we mention it's linked to the muslim brotherhood? and it's got questionable characters involved. a live report from the white house is next. and you know her best as buffy the vampire slayer, but this morning sarah michelle gellar is stirring things up in our kitchen and making a big mess, can i add that? but first, the trivia question of the day. sarah, you cannot play this. you're a celebrity. this british lawyer is married to actor george clooney. be the first -- sarah, you cannot play. with the correct answer, you can come in second.
4:41 am
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4:44 am
time now for some quick headlines. my lips are still on fire. >> they're chapped. >> they are chapped. meanwhile this is the caught on camera edition, a florida man steals from walmart using his daughter as his side kick. he reportedly rehearsed a backup plan with her in case they were caught. and told her apparently to lie about throwing a receipt away. where's the receipt, i lost it. miracle escape. a baby in the united kingdom survives after the car they were in completely flip and smashed into another car. the 4-month-old was in a baby seat at the time of the accident. oh, my goodness. a plane makes an emergency landing, oh, man, in a hawaiian lagoon. the plane's landing gear got stuck, the pilot had to burn off
4:45 am
fuel for two hours before the splash down. the good news is that the pilot is okay. >> not a good day for vehicles. well, part of president obama's agenda today is visiting a muslim mosque that has ties to extremists we're learning. >> that's right. the move is raising some eyebrows among the president's critics. leland vitters is live to tell us more about the visit. >> well, good morning, guys. raising eyebrows not only among his critics but among muslim americans who are saying of all the mosques in the country, why is the president going to one with such controversial ties? >> he insults our community by cozying up to radicals who have extreme views incompatible with america. it's about partisan one-upmanship rather than the real reform if president should lead. >> the controversy about this mosque centers around a former imam in baltimore who did have ties to the muslim brotherhood
4:46 am
in his past life. he left the mosque in 2003. why, we don't know. but he did maintain some ties with the american islamic relief organization, the parent organization which does have ties to a group known as al qaeda, known as the taliban. and the u.s. treasury department says it has ties to terrorists. the same former imam after he was there went on to preach at a mosque that had been home to al alawlaki, the famed leader of al qaeda in yemen. still, the white house though is completely undeterred and taking what you could only take a not so subtle swipe at its critics and republicans. >> i think it's certainly true that we have seen an alarming willingness on the part of some republicans to try to marginalize law abiding, patriotic muslim americans and it is offensive. >> now, the mosque is eating
4:47 am
this up ahead of the president's visit. they put out a press release saying, quote, the visit comes during a time of increased violence against the american muslim community. and that is something that president obama is likely to hear a lot about when he visits the mosque today. he's going to attend a roundtable, then he's going to give remarks of some type. it's unclear of course if he's going to address any of the concerns regarding this mosque's ties and the former imam or just leave the politicians to himself. >> well, we'll see. thank you for the live report from the front of the white house. what do you think? >> it appears they chose this mosque on purpose. they have to know, it has ties to the more extreme form of islam or the more fundamentalist reform. this white house is saying, it doesn't matter, a mosque is a mosque, an imam is an imam.
4:48 am
of course we are an inclusive country and i appreciate the president's willingness to show that americans are pluralistic, they do embrace people of faith who do so good in -- do so in good faith, but there are so many ties to the muslim brotherhood, to the desire to expand that funding of groups overseas, the others that worked with radicals. it sends the wrong priorities of this white house. >> is this an opportunity for the president to rally the troops and say let's make a distinction between radical islam and normal islam? >> it should be. but he's going to stand there and say, look at all the wonderful patriotic american muslims who we should be embracing without looking at the political -- again, the political ideology behind so much of that. which is driven by a supremacist ideology, tied to extremists around the globe, preaching it and funding it and harboring some the extremists' ideologies. >> the imam in front who's talking is saying the right things. >> sure.
4:49 am
>> so far -- >> but so many of the groups say the right things and that's good. but you have to follow the money. so many of the unindicted co-conspirators emanate from mosques like this one. >> we'll follow the president and get the comments tomorrow. pete, thank you. coming up, she's made herself a name on screen with hits like "buffy the vampire slayer" and now sarah michelle gellar is stirring up things in the kitchen. she is here to show us how to use her kid friendly cooking skills. good morning, michelle and kids. in 1994, brian adams who would become a guest on our show topped the charts with our hit "all for love." he got help from sting on this. their relationship would not flourish. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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4:53 am
all right, now for the answer to the "fox & friends" trivia question. we did not let sarah play this. but we can prove you knew it. amal clooney is the wife of george clooney and you know who knew that? joanne from florida. she'll be getting a copy of my book, "thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates." i will sign it and send i. >> i think she prefers cash. >> oh. >> $22. >> who got the answer right? she did. sarah michelle gellar, who as we know has been on tv and the movies for a long time. >> for example -- >> oh, hey. oh. >> i think it's the saddest thing i have ever heard. cheers.
4:54 am
♪ oh, yeah, oh, yeah oh, no! >> look at her kids. >> never seen that movie. my kids are not seeing it. >> well, she's mixing it up in the kitchen. she's got new kid friendly baking hints that are fun for if whole family and she joins us with her friends, ollie, blake and are these model children? >> these are model perfect children. yes. did not prompt them with sweets early in the morning to come here. >> of course not. you put together a kit for baking so that all you have to do is get the kit, it's get right there. >> i think nowadays we live in a world that's extremely connected but what's happening is we're becoming more and more disconnected. i look for moments with my family, with my friends where we can make the genuine connections. you look at the statistics of putting the kids in the kitchen early, it's hand/eye coordination, science,
4:55 am
mathematics. and more than anything, it really just creates a memorable experience that these kids remember. >> like i had five brownies, but mom said i had four. >> that's the math. starting with the signature mixes we wanted kids to enjoy this, but with ingredients that i feel comfortable feeding my family and myself. i think it's strange to see an aisle in the supermarket where we're accepting of the chemically treated ingredients. how do you make scratch baking simple, convenient and easy and let the kids explore their creativity. >> with cake pops. >> creativity is our road to invention. >> i mean, everybody is all over pinterest finding the great ideas and there wasn't a market out there that you noticed that was for kids. it was more for adults? >> i think it's for adults as well. there was pinterest, i call it the gap between inspiration and execution. which is ultimately we're inspired to do this stuff, but how do we find the time? i have a girlfriend who's 22,
4:56 am
single and her and her girl friends do these at night. it was great, because don't listen to this, because on tinder she writes baker. >> where do you get the boxes? >> on the website, and you can get a month he subscription. >> do you make a mess and you have to clean it up? >> yes. one of the reasons i'm also here, i teamed up with swifer to say yes to the mess. it's true because parents because they're aware, you poll parents, 75% are aware that making a mess is important to the kids' creativity. but -- >> how do you use these? >> you can use these, super easy. >> you have to push the button. >> now you can make the mess and clean it up thoroughly with swifer. >> this is better than the iphone. >> come here. come over here, gentlemen. come on over, geraldo. this is how we like to do it. get the big gentlemen. >> big kids. >> yeah.
4:57 am
>> you can do it. >> so we're teaming up to get -- to encourage kids to say yes. >> what planet do you live on? it's a swifer! >> this is great. kids, you were fantastic. make a mess, clean it up. >> clean it up.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
advil pain relievers are used by more households than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. hi, everyone. good morning. wednesday the 3rd of february, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. this is a fox news alert. a bomb rips a hole in a plane packed with passengers at 14,000 feet. and there's a chance this was no accident at all. meanwhile, it was one of the most pivotal moments in legal history. retold now with an all-star cast on tv. >> he's not going to get away with killing her. >> i can't go to jail, boss! >> wow. so what does geraldo rivera think of the new series? he covered the original.
5:01 am
geraldo has his thoughts in moments. >> yeah, he watched last night. and a muslim call to prayer blasts out five times a day, in america. ♪ and it's right here. yep, in this country. we take you inside this muslim city, this hour. because mornings especially this wednesday are better with "friends." good morning, everybody. >> you know, i could have used that swiffer about half an hour ago on my lips after we tried -- >> you still can't get over the hot wings. >> it's hot all the way down. my lips. >> right here. same thing. >> two times in which you were hurt by this show. emotionally lots of times. one time you dove into the ice. and just now. what was worst, what's more traumatic for the doocy body? >> the only time i had to go to the emergency room is when richard simmons broke my nose.
5:02 am
he really did, he broke my nose. >> i told you not to go. >> you have to explain that why. and geraldo has more on the fx o.j. series. >> we have reports of an explosion on board the plane, not sure exactly what caused this. officials are saying that they have found no evidence of criminal behavior on board a passenger jet, but look at this. there was an explosion midair at a passenger -- and a passenger sucked out of the gaping hole you're look at right now. this happened at about 10,000 feet. imagine that. terrifying video taken by a passenger on board that plane. showing the chaos. two other people were injured on board. that jet landed safely. but authorities are investigating what caused that explosion. this information just coming in. we'll keep you posted as we get more throughout the day. well, the first case of the
5:03 am
zika virus contracted in the united states was transmitted through sex and not a mosquito bite. health officials say this a dallas man contracted the virus after having sex with a woman who became infected while she was visiting venezuela. the world health organization says this is the second case of the zika virus being spread through sexual contact that the agency is aware of. the fbi now joining the investigation into the flint water crisis. this ahead of today's hearing on capitol hill. multiple agencies including the epa trying to figure out exactly who is at fault for the dangerously high levels of lead in the city's drinking water. also, this is developing. victims of a legionnaires outbreak are suing a hospital and workers for $100 million for exposure to that. it's unclear if the legionnaires outbreak is linked to the water. and a dog who had been recently separated from her puppies sneaking out to comfort
5:04 am
crying foster puppies. yeah, maggie the australian shepherd made a bee line for the puppies and touched noses with them. how sweet. the kennel owner let the pups snuggle together for the night. those are your headlines. snuggel with the dogs. >> good doggie. presidential candidates are hitting the ground running in new hampshire. >> they're ramping up on the attacks on the rivals this after donald trump is reflecting on the send place showing in iowa. >> he said some interesting things there. we have the latest from molly line. hey, molly. >> hey, great to see you guys. this is the center of the political universe, all the white house hopefuls have come to the granite state and donald trump who struck that humble tone after his second place finish in iowa is back to his fiery self here on the ground, expressing frustration at all the attention third place finisher marco rubio is getting.
5:05 am
>> second and people said, oh, that was a disappointing evening for donald trump. but marco rubio, good guy by the way, came in third. and they're saying he has this unbelievable evening. by the way i came in second by a lot of votes like by over 2,000 votes. >> senator ted cruz coming to new hampshire with some steam at his back. post iowa victory. but that's not the only big news for cruz. the caucus winner apologized after accusations that his campaign had spread rumors as the iowa caucus was under way that ben carson was pulling ott of the race, blaming a cnn post that he was headed to florida after iowa. cruz acknowledged the follow-up clarification should have been se confusion. >> i apologize to ben for that. they should have forwarded that subsequent story. that was a mistake on our part. >> let's see what in fact the cruz campaign will do about those individuals who
5:06 am
inappropriately disseminated in information knowing that the caucus were not over. they were awfully anxious to get it out there, weren't they? >> meanwhile, on the democratic side, the iowa democratic party handing that victory to secretary hillary clinton over bernie sanders. although it was very, very, very close. tiny margin. sanders today hitting the ground and yesterday talking about how happy he is with where he finished in iowa. looking ahead at the process in new hampshire, secretary clinton talking about the republicans quite a bit here on the ground. really digging in to the republican side of this race and also of course hitting sanders along the way. so an interesting race still developing. very, very busy day out on the trail. lots of rallies. lots of town halls. lots of hand shaking before the week -- >> and baby kissing. that's right. >> a lot of molly line as we settle in on new hampshire in the next week. thanks. speaking of new hampshire, geraldo rivera joins us live. >> hello.
5:07 am
now, you wouldn't ordinarily associate me with new hampshire, although my daughter went to camp there. >> you have a special about heroin. that's a real problem that folks in new hampshire are dealing with and no doubt it will be an issue on the campaign trail. >> just the way you said that is exactly why it's such big news. new hampshire, you know, as the presidential candidates, crisscrossing the state making the pitch for next tuesday, the biggest issue according to important polling there by the university of new hampshire and the tv station and others, mur, the biggest issue isn't terrorism or economy or jobs, it's drug abuse. why? last year 400 people in this relatively small state, a million people, 400 died of drug overdoses and there were 400 the year before that. >> new hampshire. >> in manchester, 100,000 people, they had 11 overdoses
5:08 am
over the weekend. >> so you get -- >> you know it's a big deal. then there's no one better at this than you. so you're focused on real-life stories. what's the story you want to bring to us right now? >> well, it is a tragedy. you know, i have covered the -- you know, the various war on drugs since president nixon declared it back in the early '70s, but what's different, this drug epidemic is exploding in a relatively middle class, relatively rural, suburban part of the country. you don't associate these folks with drug abuse. you don't associate them with being junkies, but they are junkies. it's a terrible thing, that young man, a basketball star in his high school now in prison. he stole everything from his parents. everything from his grandparents to support his habit. then abby, a young woman pregnant, pregnant and heroin addicted. so guess what? the mother is addicted. so is the unborn child. the child is born a heroin
5:09 am
addict. had to be given methadone. i think you have a clip. here's abby. what was that like, to watch the baby go through withdrawals? >> heart breaking. it's hard to talk about with people because they -- most people say, you know, if you knew then why did you keep doing it, why didn't you job stop? you know, it's not something that i had a choice in the matter of. if i could have just stopped i would have. >> baby born addicted, had to withdraw. >> what compounds the problem and they have great law enforcement people there, the governor is a wonderful heart working person that's trying to pass legislation. this is the live free or die state. in other words, rugged individualism. no state income tax. so there's a real feeling or has been, hey, you're a drug addict, your problem, you have to fix your problem, it's not my problem, the state government shouldn't get involved in, you know, drug treatment and that kind of stuff. they are really because of this epidemic, 22 dead this year
5:10 am
alone since january 1st. this little state. the mayor called us yesterday, 35-year-old man od'd. sunday, a 27-year-old man. they're being forced to fact that for instance, neonatal addiction, they have only seven beds in the whole state. so abby couldn't find a bed. she was homeless, on a bench. we started last night on bret baier's show. "special report." we show not only the addicts and their problems and that situation, but also how the state is dealing with it. >> go ahead. >> geraldo, you covered both o.j. simpson trials. >> i did. every day. every day. >> last night was the debut of a fox miniseries or an fx miniseries. "the people vs. o.j. simpson." we had kim goldman. the sister of ron goldman on the program and she's upset because the material she's seen so far does not focus at all on the
5:11 am
victims. i want you to listen to this and get your reaction. >> it's a little unnerving to watch your personal family story and a story that impacted us so greatly be played out for the national screen, yet again. i sort of feel like i have been catapulted back in the late '90s when the case happened. we struggled it back then and ron and nicole were barely mentioned throughout the whole case and they're barely mentioned again beyond being pieces of evidence. i feel like i'm back there again. i want people to remember the victims. the show is not about them, it's unfortunate. >> what did you think? >> nice to see kim again, and having known every one of the participants in this crime drama, i thought -- i think the victims will be more person personalized as the show goes on. brian murphy did a great job in the casting.
5:12 am
i thought courtney vance was great, cuba gooding jr. as o.j. john travolta as ron shapiro. and just fantastic. >> david schwimmer -- >> he was great as rob kardashian and talking about the daughters. i thought it was terrific. like it was a rewind of history for me. you know, we -- we reached out to mark fuhrman and asked his wife what he thought about it. he hasn't watched it yet. i thought so far, so good. if you haven't caught it, you should. >> ten-part series. started last night. >> on fx. terrific. >> thank you, geraldo. >> great series. meanwhile, the new hampshire primary is less than a week away, next tuesday. how much can we rely on the latest polls? especially when they were so wrong in iowa. >> and it's a place where a
5:13 am
muslim call to prayer blasts out five times a day in america. ♪ how are those calls being received by non-muslims and what city? we'll bring you that story in a minute. at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises.
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5:17 am
with the new hampshire primary less than a week away, how much can we rely on the latest polls? here to take a closer look is fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. peter, the day before iowa, we thought that donald trump was going to run away with it. >> and the lesson is let the polls beware. the real clear politics average, trump was winning with almost 29% and cruz about 24% and then rubio at 17%. what was the actual result? well, ted cruz won, donald trump was second and rubio was third. and there was a big, big variance, four-point cruz variance. there was a six-point rubio variance. and there was a four-point trump variance. so the lesson for a lot of americans are, what are the politicians saying, candidates saying, how should i be voting for them?
5:18 am
should i be voting based on polls about who might win, who could win? who could have, should have won or based on their positions. which i think americans have gotten a real -- you know, a dash of cold water in their face. a lot of people in the media who have been pumping these polls up, saying, listen, donald trump is going to run the table. it will be, you know, iowa, new hampshire, on to south carolina. and it's all done. obviously, now in new hampshire it's every man for himself and woman. they're killing each other big time. and it's an open race for about six different people. i think at this point. >> you just mentioned new hampshire. it's next tuesday. right now, according to the real clear politics average, donald trump as you can see, he's tripled the next -- >> yeah, almost at 34%. >> cruz, kasich, bush, rubio and for christie, for christie, that may be his last stand. for john kasich he's saying if he doesn't do well, he may fold the tent there as well. who becomes the target?
5:19 am
rubio has now become the target for a lot of politicians and candidates here, except for donald trump so far who basically said nice things about him yesterday. >> yeah. >> so all of these folks are being tested as to expectations. and so called momentum. let's be clear about this. people talk about momentum. momentum is in your mind or in a pundit's mind. so they say this candidate has momentum. why are they saying that? are they saying that because they wanted that candidate to have momentum? they spoke to three people in the granite state, well, people have to use their common sense in terms of polls, expectation, momentum and policy. >> sure. >> policy being the most important thing there. >> you know what in iowa on the republican side they had a record number show up. >> but it was split amongst the candidates. all the pollsters said there's going to be a rush of people for trump to the polls and there was
5:20 am
a rush of people against trump to the polls. so when you have this kind of intensity and now this kind of competition, this is a competitive race that anyone can win. the press wasn't saying that a week ago. listen, donald trump who i like very much personally, i represent him, he's a terrific guy, he could win this thing because he's a dynamic entity. but they had him winning it. and now, oh, no, maybe cruz is going to win it or maybe rubio is, kasich says to "the boston globe," maybe he'll come along. christie is coming along. maybe carly will pull it out. >> maybe people shouldn't put the cart before the horse. >> maybe people are angry at cruz about ben carson. may no attention to polls. pay attention to the policies. common sense in america. >> thank you very much. it's a place that the muslim call to prayer blasts out five times a day. ♪
5:21 am
and that is right here in the united states of america. pete hegseth takes us inside this city in america where the majority of people are muslim. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at my m...about my toothpasteice. she eveand but she's a dentist so...i kind of have to listen. she said "jen, go pro with crest pro-health advanced." advance to healthier gums... ...and stronger teeth from day one. using crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my... ...whole mouth feel awesome. and my teeth are stronger too. crest-pro health advanced... superior to colgate total... these 5 areas dentists check.
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5:24 am
together, we're building a better california. well, not too long ago on this program we were talking about the president's plan later today to visit a mosque in suburban maryland. but you also had the chance now with peter hegseth -- he joins us right now. pete, you actually went to a community in the united states of america, where they're the first muslim majority community. >> that's right. also now has the first muslim majority on the city council. so four of the six city council recently controlled by muslim
5:25 am
americans. it was a fascinating time. we figured we'd check it out. a bit of a preview surrounding the city of detroit. and more changes are coming. here's what we found on the ground. ♪ this is hamtramck, michigan. in 2013 it became the first muslim majority city in america. >> i don't see it anything other than us moving forward to better this city and this community into the new future. >> this council member is part of the new city council. >> i never see myself as a muslim council member. this is where america in reality is happening. right now. you see the multitude of different cultural, different backgrounds, all getting along. >> in the school, students speak 27 different languages. young muslims here dress in western clothing and say they're
5:26 am
assimilated. >> anybody that comes from overseas, like the number one city, because everything over here like -- it's not hard to live. they have the arabic stores. >> how did you find your way here? >> i was born in the united states in california and then i moved here. in '04 and i lived in flint. >> why did you move to yemen? >> to speak the language. family. >> you have family back there? >> yeah. >> in san bernardino there's over 120 arrests of isis members in the united states. is there no reason for other americans to be worried? >> always, you know, crazy people everywhere. you know what i'm saying? it doesn't matter. i think we all speak -- we watch for everybody. if i see my brother doing something wrong, i'm going to tell on him.
5:27 am
why are you doing this? >> but other residents still have concerns. >> there's an element of the unknown. >> i want my kids to grow up in the safe america and i don't think it's safe. >> it's not epcot center. >> this mayor considerings herself part of the old guard. a symbol of the once dominant polish population. >> it's hard for them to watch the -- you know, visually watch the city change around them. and i think that that's pretty normal. >> in 1970 the polish catholic population was 90%, even earning a papal visit from the pope in the '80s, but today that polish catholic population is plummeting, leaving some to wonder what's next? >> i wonder what's going to happen to the churches right now too. because there's less and less people attending it. and they might end up out of -- you know, we might end up with instead of three, we might end up with two. perhaps one. ♪ >> what you hear there, that's the islamic call to prayer.
5:28 am
it blasts out five times a day throughout the streets of michigan. the city has as many as seven mosques. more per capita than anywhere else in the country. one popular mosque is expanding, buying a vacant building in the heart of the city. >> churches, mosques, shouldn't be on the main drag. and i don't know why they're doing it. but it's happening. >> does it make you raise an eyebrow at all? >> yeah. kind of, because what it is is i guess way back, they wanted to put a church on the main drag and the city would not allow it. now they're allowing it. and i don't quite agree. >> muslim leaders have spoken out and denouncing religious extremism. it's what's not being said has some on edge. >> the vast majority have demonstrated out in public, condemning those behaviors. that's not the root of islam. those extremists are not welcome anywhere in our country. >> being optimistic i like to
5:29 am
think that people can still trust others, but being realistic i know that's not always the case. >> my personal beliefs, you know, i don't think they're ready to assimilate or i don't think they're ready for the western culture yet. >> how many people, peter, feel like he feels? >> a lot. the difficulty with getting people to talk an camera, most people were unwilling or they changed their tune once they got on camera. there's an there's abiding fear under the surface. a lot of enclaves of the bangladeshis and others staying as opposed to integrating in the community. >> trouble wise, is there trouble in the community? >> no. there's 27 different languages spoken in the schools, it's a very diverse community. but again, it's the subterranean sense, wow, this doesn't look the same. we're not sure how the new majority muslim city council will represent the polish americans. under the surface, there's
5:30 am
anxiety. >> changing face of hamtramck. >> that's right. >> 29 after the hour. a brand-new warning from the cdc. the one group of women experts say should never ever pick up a drink. need a date? look no further than right here. one offering blind dates. is it a good idea or a bad idea? >> i believe that's heather nauert's son, peter? >> good stuff.
5:31 am
5:32 am
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5:34 am
i think super bowl. yeah, the super bowl goes ga-ga. lady gaga will sing the national anthem before the big game on sunday. >> rah-rah rah, but that's not the best super bowl headline of the day, the bad lip reading featuring the nfl stars, just released. >> you have to make up your mind to use a brush every day. it's gonna be fun playing the orphans this summer. >> tell us about what you and the guys have planned for new year's eve? >> well, at midnight, first we'll take whatever bingo and other games, you know? we're going to buy quick stop pizza slice and i was talking about we might have to go in -- we might have to get biscuits in saskatchewan. >> those guys are so good at that. >> i guess -- >> excellent. >> they have a lot of time. >> well, because then they get -- they put it on the internet and their channel. they get a billion hits. >> yeah. >> advertising money. >> i mentioned that because we
5:35 am
have a bunch of advertisers in here from fox sports right now. 26 before the top of the hour. and heather has a big question and it revolves around that coin toss. >> yeah, that coin toss in iowa, a lot of folks are asking today. did hillary clinton really win the iowa caucus? she beat bernie sanders by 0.2%, but it was the chaos counting the votes. the precinct -- some of the precincts used coin flips to figure out who the winner was. others reported website glitches. party leaders were unable to track down votes in several precincts. this morning, bernie sanders is now saying he may challenge the results. listen to this. >> we're looking at it right now. but the important point is that at the end of the day, we came from nowhere to really startle the entire world. >> well, that is not the only drama unfolding this morning. the sanders campaign says he won't show up for tomorrow's debate unless hillary agrees to
5:36 am
future debates. clinton hopes he will be on stage tomorrow. a radical recommendation now from the cdc this morning. the agency is urging millions of women to stop drinking if they're not using birth control. this covers women ages 15 to 44-year-olds old. the agency says that says any amount of alcohol can harm a developing baby. the aim is aimed at reducing the number of babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome. of course you shouldn't drink if you're pregnant. a reporter calling out a nashville city official, accusing him of wasting tons of taxpayer dollars and this is the response that she got. listen. >> can you explain the picture frame that's $600? >> that's [ bleep ] i thought you would be. >> well, that is the election commission chairman, ron buchanan. he was being grilled on what seemed on the outlandish
5:37 am
expenses charged to his government account, including expensive dinners and a $600 picture frame. he has since resigned and an audit has been ordered by the mayor. >> what could be worth a $600 frame? >> remember the umbrella stand that was $600. >> or the shower curtain. things cost a lot sometimes. thank you. large destructive tornadoes tear through mississippi and alabama. the cleanup now begins for many after a total of six tornados were reported. 21 million americans were at risk from alabama to indiana. and maria molina has a lot more on this. >> good morning. the same storm system responsible for the severe storms across parts of the southeast brought blizzard conditions through the plains. take a look at this video out of south dakota where we have strong winds producing whiteout conditions out there, and more than a foot of snow reported across the plains. including places like nebraska and also heavy snow being
5:38 am
reported across parts of iowa. now, that storm system is on the move today. it's bringing snow early this morning across parts of wisconsin and the upper great lakes. a large cold front associated with the same storm is bringing in rain from upstate new york all the way down to the gulf coast. we are looking at a threat for some flooding in addition to isolated severe storms anywhere from the florida panhandle up into parts of southeastern virginia. there's a threat for damaging winds, some flooding and even isolated tornadoes throughout the day today. back inside. >> thank you. one company is promoting blind dates between workers to boost office morale. but is this a lawsuit waiting to happen? let's ask fox news contributor, dr. keith ablow and arthur idol what. it's not so much the date you have a problem with, but after the date. what if one party wants to continue -- >> right. >> harasses you?
5:39 am
>> this is like the 1950s or '60s or '70s i think it's a brilliant idea. i think it fosters great relationships throughout the workplace. however, in today's day and age, if someone say, anna, i love your dress, you get offended. because i do love her dress, by the way. then you get offended, then you go to h.r. and say, i think he crossed the line. the problem is nowadays legally speaking, regarding sexual harassment or plain old harassment, where is that line? i wanted him to tweet me, i didn't want him to tweet me. i wanted him to call, didn't want him to call. >> a fine line, and some people don't get the hint. >> i think i got the hint after the third time about your dress. >> but all the relationships are not romantic. they're meant to build team work and camaraderie. >> yes, my politically correct friend is engaged to someone in
5:40 am
the office with him. is that a bad thing? >> no. >> truth alert. >> it's good for him. good for mary ann. if somebody who is normally would never have access to the top tier executive can sit down for coffee and commune with that person -- >> keith, i agree with that. >> too politically afraid -- >> too afraid. >> but from a doctor's point of view. where do you say you went over the line? those lines are so blurred now. if someone says can i have your phone number and call you tonight after hours, those who spoke, one called the other. that's unfortunately what i'm afraid of. >> it happens in every office in america, it will never change. >> you can call me any time you want to. mary ann is very understanding. >> very close. >> we go through training all the time. isn't this one of the biggest lawsuits, sexual harassment? >> yes.
5:41 am
i agree with their concept, and this is a voluntary encounter. no one is mandated to have the little coffee klatches. >> and one company has been setting up the blind dates for the employees and half have volunteered. >> do it with caution. good for them they do. >> i'm with you, keith. >> solidarity. >> all right, guys, thank you. here's what's coming up. a teenager accused of pledging allegiance to isis and pledging to kill our soldiers could be let out of jail today. how could anybody let that happen? incredible news for the wounded warriors. a critical tool to help them walk again. it just got a whole lot cheaper.
5:42 am
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some quick headlines now. one would-be robber picks the wrong clerk to mess with. the armed man tried to hold up a florida convenience store, but the man behind the counter was an iraq war vet. the man eventually ran out. and to he have wounded warriors walk again, it got cheaper. suit-x is launching the robotic legs that cost about $40,000. earlier technology costs upwards of $100,000. and now to a fox news alert. a south carolina teenager accused of pledging allegiance to isis and plotting to kill our soldiers could be let out of jail later today. >> wow. felicia lawrence is live in charlotte, north carolina, with the details. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. yes, we are waiting to see if this teenager could be let out of jail even after he admitted to planning an isis style terror
5:46 am
attack. now, the south carolina parole board could make that decision later today. but here's what we know at this point. they have not released the name, his name, because he is under age. but last summer he allegedly planned to rob a gun store and shoot up a military base here in north carolina, but police found evidence of this. so isis material was found on his computer and in his room. even after the fbi investigated as well as york police, but officials are saying that he could be released as early as today. why? well, the law does not exist where -- the law does not exist at this point, there's no law against juveniles plotting terrorism. if he is charged, the maximum sentence the teen could face, he could be held behind bars until he's 21 years of age. at this point in time, we're waiting to see if this decision could come today. whether or not he should stay in jail or be released. that's the latest from york, south carolina.
5:47 am
felicia lawrence, fox news. >> thank you. interesting. 14 minutes before the top of the hour. did you know that heather's son loves being on tv? >> oh, yeah. >> just one second. hey, see those words over there? right? that's television all right. i think. hey, by the way -- >> that's you. >> oh. well, today we meet her other son, peter is here. they are "cooking with friends." peter just fell. all right, peter -- is he okay? >> he's okay. he'll be okay. >> we'll make sloppy joes with him coming up. but first, bill hemmer and -- >> we almost had to come to you early. >> they're like fox news contributors for your show. >> we're a family, baby. >> indeed. good morning. stunning changes in the race for the nomination on both sides. who is looking at a must win in new hampshire? we will tell you. and also, jeb bush is live today. he will make his case here.
5:48 am
donald trump now reacting to iowa, what he says and chris christie has a new target. all of that happening in the moments after iowa. president obama goes to a mosque. what's that trip all about? we'll find out when marcia and i see you, 12 minutes to the top of the hour, here on "america's newsroom." relook.
5:49 am
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just one second. see those words over there? that's television all right. i think. hey -- by the way -- >> that's studio. >> today she's brought her other son, 6-year-old peter, to show us how to make sloppy joes. >> when you watch your brother is that the guy you know at
5:52 am
home? >> he's a pretty smarty. >> yeah, mom. >> is your brother -- >> doing a magic trick. >> is your brother at wild, or you? >> both. >> help year mom do sloppy joes. >> i want to do a magic trick. >> i grew up in the midwest, my mom was always looking for' eas stuff to make in the cold weather. peek a boo. want to help me cook? come over here. >> peter, come on. >> he's like my dad. get me out of the kitchen. come on, sweetheart. we're making sloppy joe's. i love this recipe. you can do it with ground beef or with turkey. dump some stuff in here for me, please. >> now, you're talking. dump some stuff. >> you notice steve is backed up. >> flailing arms. jumping. he's got the dance moves like
5:53 am
his little brother. help out here, peter. onion, brown sugar. put the brown sugar in. >> put the stuff into the pot for your mom. >> give that to your mom. >> no, i want to put it in. >> good. good. >> good job. >> and we have brown sugar. >> put that in. >> tomato paste. >> put that in. >> very good. >> he gets to miss school this morning. >> do you want to stir it? worcestershire sauce. all of this will be on the website. >> do you want me to put that in? >> yeah. >> come on, mom. >> mix it up. >> look at that. >> there you go. you can do in the crock pot. >> who needs manwich when you've got this? >> that's right. >> what do we do next? >> we stir. >> there you go. >> put it all together. >> we need the swiffer. >> we do need the swiffer. >> i know how to make anything. >> how do we make the beef go to
5:54 am
sloppy joe's sandwich? >> get a great kaiser roll. going to eat this or the hot dogs? >> ew. >> that's why they call it sloppy joe. >> very messy. >> this is terrific for super bowl unless you want to have a clean house. >> okay. >> you want some cheese on that? >> yeah. put some cheese on it. we like to serve it with tater tots. >> yum. >> all right. >> and i promised peter a hot dog for coming in. >> all right. so the super bowl recipes continue. again, a great contribution. >> nice manners. he said please. >> we'll put some more sandwiches together while we take a quick break. more "fox & friends." >> it's sloppy. >> it's a moving apron.
5:55 am
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we have got a fox news alert. and we didn't see this coming. another republican apparently is now reportedly out of the race. fox news has confirmed that rand paul, the senator, will suspend his campaign later today. this after he finished fifth in the iowa caucuses with just a little below 5% of the iowa caucus -- >> yeah, he did get a delegate out of iowa. this is a bit of a surprise because he does say how much money he had, how he had a strategy in almost every state. that's why he was so vociferous in his protests last time when he was put on a second stage. he said, listen, i have a first-rate campaign and we have a plan for the south. it looks like he's not going to get to even to new hampshire. >> this comes about 24 hours a little more than that after governor huckabee suspends his campaign on the gop side and martin o'malley on the democrat side. >> he's got to be disappointed that the liberty caucus did not show up in the numbers in iowa that he was hoping. also perhaps that he was unable to garner the same kind of
5:59 am
support his father had when he ran for president. >> but see, he was on the cover of "time." he was considered the new candidate, the new republican. what i think eventually that people will conclude, when we were talking about the nsa and privacy he was the guy. but when it became san bernardino and paris and isis, people didn't feel as comfortable with his foreign policy and his positions. >> you know, one of the other things is you have to wonder whether or not it hurt him when he was moved -- he didn't make the cutoff for the main stage at one of the debates. and he said, you know what, if i'm not going to be on the big stage, i'm not going to show up. you have to wonder whether or not that actually hurt him going into iowa. >> but then he was welcomed back to the big stage. >> he did exceedingly well. that was the best debate he had. and maybe it was because donald trump wasn't there. and he was really -- he purported himself well. he was true to his school. you knew exactly where rand paul stood every single time. >> yeah, the big question is now of the people who have been very
6:00 am
strident in their support for rand paul, who are they going to support? is rand paul going to become an -- saying very shortly, you know what, i want my voters to go to whom. >> only ten left. tomorrow phil mcgraw will not be running for president but he will be here. och >> fox news confirming rand paul suspending his campaign, poor showing, finished fifth in iowa. kentucky senator calling it quits. the candidates in that race getting ready to battle in new hampshire republicans back on the trail getting every last vote out before first in the nation primary. as we say good morning let's get on to the news right now. welcome to america's news room. martha: you have donald trump with a big lead in the granite state, 20 points with the best polls up there, the we confined, ted


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