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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 3, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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strident in their support for rand paul, who are they going to support? is rand paul going to become an -- saying very shortly, you know what, i want my voters to go to whom. >> only ten left. tomorrow phil mcgraw will not be running for president but he will be here. och >> fox news confirming rand paul suspending his campaign, poor showing, finished fifth in iowa. kentucky senator calling it quits. the candidates in that race getting ready to battle in new hampshire republicans back on the trail getting every last vote out before first in the nation primary. as we say good morning let's get on to the news right now. welcome to america's news room. martha: you have donald trump with a big lead in the granite state, 20 points with the best polls up there, the we confined, ted cruz, john kasich, marco
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rubio, jeb bush and chris christie rounding out the top six of their but after second place, third-place finish, trump says skipping the last debate was not such a good idea but he is moving forward with what he sees as bright skies ahead for him in new hampshire. >> what happened if you take a look at the overall picture, here i am doing so well. it is very natural, i have known the people for years, been in new hampshire for years, i think i will do great year. i would have done better in iowa had i not wanted to that event for the vets but i am happy with second place finish. bill: fox news digital policy editor, let's start with rand paul suspending the campaign. following mike huckabee on the sidelines. what does that mean in new hampshire? >> iowa did its job.
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rand paul didn't do horribly, and he wants to be in contention and if he couldn't do okay there it was unlikely to go forward for him so he took the chance and as it turns out very few people will end the being president. we looked it up. not that many all and most are already dead. bill: we are reaching out to his campaign and the explanation, and my average, 22 point lead in new hampshire, this morning he said he is just a rookie he finished second in iowa and he will take that and you say? >> i say what politicians say, he is tweeting ted cruz that he stole the election in iowa, that it is fraud, this or that. for trump is always a fine line. if trump could be a more
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disciplined candidate, do the other things it would help him in some ways but at the same time like they said about reggie jackson they didn't come to see him bunt, they see him to swing, and what trump's fans and supporters like from him is the audacious thing. it is a double-edged sword. trump is vacillating, trying to be conciliatory, set it up and do what you are supposed to do but other times he himself into his twitter feet or his comments blaming the process, in iowa accusing rivals of stealing elections, there is the battle within him for how to deal with this but the stakes are enormous. it doesn't win new hampshire by a large margin, he can't have a five point win, he needs a big win in new hampshire to show that he can win in states that are demographically suited to him. this road will not -- bill: i went to the motion in
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iowa and still finished in second place. that is how he is characterizing it. they want to see babe ruth's swing the bat so ted cruz is swinging the bat out of iowa and making the case the following way. the has money, has a bang, he won i wet, previous winners as republicans in iowa don't have the money or the foundation for a national organization ted cruz has. he had on the plane late yesterday, watch it. >> conservatives are supposed to be brothers and instead we have resources that compete nationally, a grass-roots army on the ground and i believe grass roots will decide this campaign. bill: he is running a national campaign. despite the outcome in new hampshire. >> 10,000% right. unlike other iowa winners ted cruz is going for the long haul, he does have this other stuff.
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and one other thing, he has marco rubio to worry about and while ted cruz is right and his path to the nomination broadened out with his clear we in in iowa and outperforming the polls in iowa he does have a problem and that is what ever donald trump's polls in iowa over stated his support but understated marco rubio, he has momentum and as you see rand paul dropping out, unless figures like jeb bush, chris christie or john kasich can manage to hobble marco rubio in new hampshire marco rubio has jet fuel in his tank and money coming in and this is shaping up to be an incredibly interesting race. bill: you knew it was going to happen. talk to you later. coming up on america's newsroom we are talking ted cruz and the marco rubio campaign next hour. jeb bush joins us live from the trail and we talk to iowa, so many things coming up on a
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quickly moving story with the news of rand paul and his suspension, he came out with a statement in a moment coming up. martha: there is irony in the exit to these races because many people thought rand paul had his best debate ever in the last fox debate before the iowa race that he settled in, calm down, did very well. he also had since the end of january to contend with the prospect of jim gray who is running against him for the senate seat in kentucky. says it has been an honor to run a principled campaign for the white house, today i will end where i began, ready and willing to fight for the cause of liberty. there's more in that statement in a few moments. in the meantime on the democratic side senator bernie sanders is still not conceding iowa to hillary clinton. the closest democratic contests in iowa's history, hillary clinton beat bernie sanders by
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3%, four delegates between the two of them, 49.9 to 48.6. clinton campaign declared victory early on caucus night but sanders this morning say not so fast on this one. >> the iowa caucus is not sure we did not win it. we feel fantastic, we came a long way in iowa and now we are in new hampshire. >> would you contest those results? >> we are looking at it right now. but the important point is at the end of the day, we came from nowhere to startle the entire world. we took on the most powerful political organization in the united states of america. and near the won that race. martha: fascinating. clinton and sanders setting sights on new hampshire, the
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granite state is the focus of everything, sanders has a double digit lead in recent polls, both candidates are busy as they head to new hampshire. you have sanders and trump in good positions and the rest of everybody making their mark and surprise to the upside. bill: that hole:flip stuff wcoi was about delegates, not votes. 6 for 6, head plus -- >> it is the case to say i will shovel your driveway if you give me delegates, there are all kinds of legal things they do in iowa that are perfectly fine in tradition to divvy up the delegates. really interesting. look at this, a weather alert. dozens of people picking up the pieces after a series of
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tornadoes touched down in alabama and mississippi. one mobile home cracked in half after it was picked up, kerri and dropped by the high winds. witnesses a it was horrifying. >> darren know what came out of that clause that. i was grateful to god he brought us through it. bill: how severe is the damage? >> glad that woman is okay. there are many reports of damage but there are no reports of any fatalities or serious injuries but a tornado damaged homes in other buildings in eastern mississippi. the storm uprooted trees and knocked out power. the same storm system then moved through western alabama damaging the corrections institute. a couple homes were also damaged giving residents a scare.
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>> god works in mysterious ways. amazing that how he came in and moved around and people's lives were saved even though homes were destroyed. >> reporter: plenty of damage and training moments over night but no serious injuries. bill: thank you. 10 minutes past the hour president obama making a push for religious tolerance. a visit to a mosque is causing controversy. we will tell you what that is about moments away. martha: an explosion on a commercial jet causes 1% to be thrown through a hole in the side of the plane while it was in the air. bill: the republican field turning its fire on marco rubio left. chris christie's tough words for the freshman senator. >> marco rubio, and i hope you guys have some questions, time
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for him to start answering questions. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. ..
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martha: word coming from rand paul that he has suspended his campaign just a little while ago earlier today. he is in a senate race, the lexington mayor contesting his senate seat and early on there was some concern that his focus on the presidential campaign was
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going to be an issue. republicans did not want him to lose the senate seat. he always contended he has not missed votes, that he has done both jobs furiously over the course of his campaign and he stands by that. at this point he says it is an honor to run a principal campaign for the white house. today i will end where i began, ready and willing to fight for the cause of liberty. one fuhrer person in the race for the nomination. martha: with mike huckabee suspending and rand paul, official you could argue the field is down to ten. chris christie just starting at town hall meeting in lebanon, new hampshire, he will be in the real moment. the new jersey governor and others out in full force campaigning ahead of the state primary which happens tuesday of next week, chris christie using his time on the frail to go after marco rubio, he is one of its many candidates now taking
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aim, placing third. mocking marco rubio's campaign here. >> i am not the boy in the bunker. you know who that is? never answers your questions, and i hope you guys -- it is time for him to start answering questions. and -- jenna: justin kindle of the lyrics of paul simon. let's get to rand paul. >> i like seinfeld. bill: marco rubio is reacting to the incoming fire he is taking. >> i don't know what the questions are and last week in iowa alone, we missed 20 town hall meetings where we answer questions that range from what
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my faith meant in my life to how to react in the south china sea to chinese aggression. candidates underdress a lot of things that are not true. perhaps they don't even mean that we won't worry about that. we will focus on our campaign. >> that is immediate reaction to the chris christie allegations lycee marco rubio has been protected, he speaks in speeches that are pre drafted and now he has to coming to new hampshire and let it all hang out. what is going on? >> what is going on is marco rubio had a good finish in iowa and we have four candidates, chris christie and jeb bush, marco rubio and john kasich and those other three don't want marco rubio to get any momentum so they're pushing back hard. criticism by the way that chris christie gave about marco rubio has been true for much of the year in iowa and new hampshire, a lot of criticism of not showing up. look at the simple count, he has
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not been a states as much as anyone else, town hall meetings last week, 45 minutes, we will see how long they go. not the traditional new hampshire way. regift creepier speeches when he goes to visit a business. they do not want marco rubio to get momentum and he has some. bill: john kasich has been hanging out practically living there, pressure on him to do well, chris christie got his own set of pressure on him and so does jeb bush. they all have to do well or the state of their campaign will be held in question. >> absolutely. the other three and mention did not include marco rubio and saying they have to do well. the thing you got to remember when we talk about rand paul is no one drops out of new hampshire because they got sixth place. a drop out because they are
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broke. jeb bush maybe able to survive but marco rubio has been canceling questions about how much money he has, chris christie does not have much money nor does john kasich. they need a big showing in new hampshire. bill: what does the suspension of rand paul due in new hampshire? how did he view his own chances of success? >> on one level it is amazing. 14 months ago he was actually winning. he was the leader in new hampshire trading back-and-forth with chris christie, he is the libertarian, the live free or die stake in new hampshire where his father got second place with 23% of the vote four years ago and rand paul around 3%, the impact may not be all that big but i want to point out one thing this does mean, this means good news for ted cruz. he has been battling for those libertarians in new hampshire. i was with ted cruz yesterday and they were playing videos
6:20 am
before he showed up with ron paul supporters. got involved because of ron paul in politics and ted cruz, one or two or three more points ted cruz can have. bill: carson supporters in iowa, rand paul -- new hampshire going to ted cruz, which explains that? >> this is where the message has been different region iowa ted cruz -- on evangelicals, new hampshire is the seventeenth religious state in the country, it has a big base of libertarian voters and he is making that pitch, that part of the tea party particularly when it comes to foreign policy, that is the divide between marco rubio and ted cruz and thankfully ted cruz has consolidated conservatives along with libertarians. bill: we will see you in new hampshire. james kendall from the boston
6:21 am
globe. more to analyze. we are just scratching the surface. thank you. martha: libertarian support in new hampshire, we will see if that is the case. intelligence officials say the internet is one of the biggest tools used for radicalization for terror groups but now hear what steps google is taking to outsmart would be jihadists on line. bill: they redeemed too damaging to be released, what is in the e-mails of hillary clinton? we will talk to someone today who has read them. >> hillary clinton can never be commander in chief because anyone who lies to the families of people who lost their lives in the service of this country can never be commander in chief of the united states. and that's our family. i'm going to look back on this time and be like man, those were the good ole days like i'm in the good ole days like right now. i love what i do,
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jenna: anyone using google search for jihadi material, they give an incorrect result to be redirected to an anti radicalization sight. it is part of a pilot program. that announcement made by executive for the company. lawmakers in the u.k.. google saying they are working on ways to identify people looking for extremist content online. that is a very good start. what else they're doing because that public information. you wonder what they're doing on the private side of all of this. we will see how that works. martha: we are getting new details about the hillary clinton e-mails at rich beem too damaging to be released. one u.s. government official who reviewed, read these documents that are so hot that the state department said there is no way to release the even if they are redacted, telling fox news they contain, quote, operational intelligence and their presence on clinton's and secured
6:26 am
personal e-mail system put lives at risk. according to utah congressman chris stewart who sits on the house and tell committee, all the e-mails, welcome. we are able because all of this is classified. the kind of information that was on hillary clinton's and secured server. the press was reporting 22 e-mails more than that. as air force pilots for 14 years, one of the most sensitive weapons systems we have. i sit on the house intelligence committee kirstin: says to some of the most sensitive information we have and i have never read anything more sensitive than what these e-mails contain. they do reveal classified sources and they do revealed human assets. i can't imagine how anyone could be familiar with these e-mails
6:27 am
weather center receiving them and not realize these are highly classified. martha: sounds like you were shocked when you read these? >> i was shocked in the sense of actually seeing it but i had a sense before going and what they contained some wasn't terribly surprised. the question we have to grapple with, there's a legal process that will play out but we have to ask ourselves the question did hillary clinton demonstrate the judgment and respect for protocol that would allow her to protect national security. when i read these e-mails and see how they expose the most sensitive information or potentially exposed that i don't know how we can -- martha: when you go to her statement, i did not send or receive any documents that were marked classified. you read them.
6:28 am
is she the person sending or receiving this information you say is classified regardless of the markings on it? i would assume you would assume she would know that as secretary of state when she looked at that content. >> ridiculous assertion. if i receive any mail saying here are the names and addresses and phone numbers of ten undercover agents, i would know in the e-mail didn't say that. i would know that was classified. i wouldn't look for a heading and go there is now heading and therefore it is not classified. she has to understand, she has to demonstrate judgment to say this is clearly classify and she didn't do that. >> did she send a receive e-mails he looked at? >> absolutely. martha: her name is on the 29 e-mails you are talking about. >> they were her e-mails. martha: the suggestion that she looks at these e-mails, they were never marked classified,
6:29 am
she blows this off, she says it is ridiculous, last weekend she said it is just like benghazi, they just want to hang my name on this and talk army in an unfair way. your reaction to that? >> don't know why she would use benghazi as justification, that was hardly a success story but, this is not a vast right lincolnton conspiracy, obama administration officials told us these e-mails were so classified they can't be released. this wasn't something coming from the right. it is coming from the current administration. her argument is not with me but with the president and his administration. jenna: would you assume that would be an indictment? >> i am not an attorney, i don't know. i would be skeptical to say something anyway but i don't think that is the primary consideration. primary consideration is your judgment, not the legal outcome.
6:30 am
martha: thank you very much. bill: two seconds from "the opening bell," the republican contender for the nomination. rand paul making it official suspending his bid. how will that change the race? only one week prior to new hampshire. >> ted cruz trying to defy history and continue that momentum into new hampshire, tough for people to do in the past. is he different? >> understand there are millions of americans counting on each of you to that the candidates, not to listen to the empty talk, not to listen to the campaign promises but to look us in the eye and determine who is telling the truth and who is not. so i signed up for experian. they helped educate me on how debt affected my fico score. now my credit and i - are both healing nicely. go to and start your credit tracker trial membership today.
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>> the last two, good, principled and hon. came out of iowa, they did not have the resources or national team. and be able to win the nomination. >> texas republican making efforts to defy history as he campaigned ahead of the new hampshire. ted cruz hoping he can continue the momentum after winning iowa caucuses something the last two winners. and in 2012, neither of them went on to secure the nomination. the ted cruz team is trying to make sure that does not happen, national spokesman for the presidential campaign, good morning, great to see you this morning. what is the strategy to avoid that future? >> from the beginning we ran a national campaign, spent a lot
6:35 am
of time organizing, we worked every single one of the primary states and will continue to do so. we never had estate strategy and we raised $50 million and came out of iowa. last report $19 million. chris christie, jeb bush, marco rubio combined. we have a national campaign, we have a great candidate and message and we plan to take that state after state. martha: is a different place and iowa. these are the most recent numbers for new hampshire and as you look good this donald trump way ahead by 21 points, and kind of a cluster in the middle, ted cruz, john kasich, marco rubio, but bush with an three points of each other and chris christie three points lower than that. we have a tremendous amount of
6:36 am
time into new hampshire and they feel their game is as good as yours so are you dealing that? >> there is a fight for the establishment vote which is the dominant vote but there are a lot of establishment candidates competing for it, john kasich, chris christie, marco rubio, jab, carly fiorina, that is where the current petition -- competition is, only one conservative let competing for the conservative vote. we hope that is enough to do well. there's a lot of expectation on marco rubio coming in with some momentum out of iowa for himself and expectation that he would do well with the establishment vote so we will see. martha: let's talk about evangelicals, that was a big victory for support for ted cruz, he got 62% of the evangelicals vote in iowa. the number was 56% last time
6:37 am
around. he may have succeeded, i know it has been a big goal to turn out the base and that may have worked. in new hampshire that part of the vote is only 21%, so how does that change what we will hear from ted cruz? very religious, very spiritual in many of his speeches and iowa. will he do the same in new hampshire? >> ted cruz doesn't change his message from state to state. one of my favorite headline does he bring that will begin this message to second in new hampshire and is working. exit polls showed the that the evangelicals, very strong, but also tea party where ted cruz started and got elected to the senate, people who are fiscally conservative and libertarian vote, bringing together a lot of reagan democrats voting for is in iowa and new hampshire is more focused on economic issues, ted cruz can't find the lowest
6:38 am
single flat tax plan at 10%. he is a broad base, strong message, protect the constitution, that has been the strategy from the beginning to unite the different parts of the conservative base, constitutional conservatives and libertarianss and tea party members and if we do that in new hampshire, not expecting to win, and great expectation to do well from donald trump to regain something here, but we will go on, we were in south carolina at and wanted to plant our flag, we are going to compete in new hampshire, and -- martha: marco rubio with a lot of momentum so we will seek, we contend with that. bill: president obama making it
6:39 am
in baltimore. what is that about? in washington, good morning, why now? >> it is impossible in most situationss to take the politics about anything the president does, this is no exception. even the white house admitting clearly a swipe at republicans. >> certainly true the we have seen an alarming willingness on the part of some republicans to marginalized law-abiding patriotic muslim americans and it is offensive. >> reporter: critics say he is too concerned about the possibility of anti muslim rhetoric or backlash in the wake of the islamic terror attacks we have seen the this white house refuses to call by its name islamic terror. bill: why was this mosque
6:40 am
chosen? what is the background? >> reporter: we don't know how of this mosque was vetted but one watchdog group called the islamic society of baltimore, the mosque the president is going to visit which includes a school and health clinic, a front organization for the muslim brotherhood. the controversy centers around a former imam who was a member of the muslim brotherhood in sudan, who left in 2003 but work for the islamic american relief organization, the group has been cited by the treasury department as having ties to the taliban and al qaeda. >> he insults our community by cozying up to radicals with extreme views incompatible with america. >> our muslim communities, backdrop of partisan one of seamanship, the real reform the president, domestically and globally. >> reporter: the mosque is leading this up, all the questionable activities happened
6:41 am
more than a decade ago. they put out a press release ahead of the president's visit and the visit comes during a time of quote making peace violence against the american muslim community. is unclear if the president is going to address any of the concerns of his critics in terms of the ties the mosque has had or talk about the need for tolerance when he heads up there in the next couple of hours. bill: our guest next hour, we will talk to him. martha: high-speed chase ends in dramatic fashion with a truck crossing over the median. unbelievable. the video we get from that police troopers and the things that are happening, look at that. that is horrible. we talk about that getaway attempt and what is going on. bill: donald trump question marco rubio's third-place finish villages marco rubio's surge in the hawkeye state a sign of
6:42 am
things to come. >> he comes in third. i come in second. trump no good, marco rubio unbelievable night. unbelievable.
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6:45 am
martha: police releasing video high-speed chase that happened last year. you conceal pickup truck passes cars as it picks up speed. police said the driver ran a patrol car and injured an officer before escaping to the freeway after a few minutes picking up speed over the medium, cuts across traffic. 32-year-old driver treated for injuries and arrested at the scene. tough day at work out there. bill: 15 minutes before the hour. breaking news from the trail, rand paul, senator from kentucky officially suspending his campaign. seven days prior to the primary
6:46 am
in new hampshire, new video from capitol hill moment ago, not much of a comment. we got a statement from the senator short-time ago but nothing on camera just yet. colorado senator, a marco rubio supporter on the senate foreign relations committee, thank you for your time. what do you think the impact is for rand paul in new hampshire? >> give credit to rand paul for a great campaign, he is strong in colorado and cattle lot of support in other states that he is ready to get behind the field to make sure we send the president the nomination to the white house that can win in november. bill: the suggestion is rand paul supporters could go to ted cruz, ted cruz because of his position on surveillance. what do you think? >> a lot of rand paul supporters will support marco rubio. i am sure there will be people who try to go through all the different candidates that bottom
6:47 am
line we appreciate rand paul's participation. as a candidate he did a great job and great service, it is not easy running for president. this brings clarity to the field. >> marco rubio moving too strap far to the rate for new hampshire, and immigration and anti-abortion stance getting firmer by the week. what do you think of that argument? >> marco rubio is the only one who can win in november. we don't get bulletin's when it comes to nominating our candidate for the white house was marco rubio can unite the party, bring the country together. and optimistic message, he is right on the economy, security, constitutional values, matters of faith and family, that is how we are going to win this nomination. i understand people who want to be president but only one can be president and the only one hit in the hillary clinton. bill: chris christie calling him the boy in the bubble. stand around and talk and don't have to act. what you think?
6:48 am
>> if it comes to issues like the affordable care act marco rubio is the only one who has done something to stop the affordable care act by stopping the bailout of big insurance companies, chris christie has done nothing to repeal the affordable care act, chris christie has been wrong on guns, wrong on planned parenthood. this is somebody who wants to be president but is realizing quickly he is not going to get there. there is only one possibility for the republican party. and voters of new hampshire will realize the candidate who can win, states like colorado, new hampshire, ohio, iowa, ohio, marco rubio. we have got to stop the third term of barack obama with the election of hillary clinton and marco rubio can bring people together to make that happen. >> the competition is more fierce in new hampshire. you have jeb bush out there, chris christie as i mentioned, john kasich camping out in that state and donald trump is suggesting this last night. >> i did well in iowa.
6:49 am
i came in second and spent less than anybody else so we have to be given credit for that because everyone told me i couldn't do well because of whatever it is, you will have to ask them but i came in second and people said oh that was a disappointing evening for donald trump. marco rubio, good guy by the way, came in third and they are saying he had this and believable evening which i came second by a lot of votes, like 2,000 votes. that is a lot of votes. bill: do you expect marco rubio to be much more targeted as he takes on donald trump been coming weeks? >> marco rubio has received tremendous targeting already. you are over the target when you take flak and marco rubio has been taking incoming fire from all the candidates. more money has been spent in this race by republicans against republicans than any time in history. much of that pointed to marco rubio because he's the true threat to their efforts to get the nomination and the most
6:50 am
viable candidate against hillary clinton. i think donald trump did not do much winning as he said he would do in iowa and is under a lot of pressure in new hampshire to perform. ted cruz has to win in new hampshire to validate his success in iowa but marco rubio and perform all expectations. talk about getting a lot of votes. got a lot of votes nobody thought he would get and that is, winning in my book. bill: they are looking at him in a different way. next tuesday we will see if he can follow it up. republican from colorado supporting marco rubio live from the hill, 10 minutes now. martha: fox news alert, lawmakers grilling authorities in this hour about the devastating water crisis in flint, mich. the latest out of that hearing coming next. plus the horrifying scene aboard a jet when a passenger was sucked out of a hole in the side of the plane. we will tell you what happened.
6:51 am
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bill: airline passenger sucked out of an airliner in flight after a gaping hole is seen in the side of the plane caused by suspected explosion. here's the scene from inside the flight maximally on route to the nearby country of djibouti. this from outside the plane, look at that. no sign or evidence of terrorism but they are investigating. we will see how that one -- bill: lawmakers trying to get to the bottom of the flint water crisis. martha: representatives from the epa and michigan state government being grilled about that and grilling taking place on capitol hill. making any will live with the story. what are we hearing from lawmakers on this?
6:55 am
>> reporter: lawmakers are fired after the emergency management for the city of flint, mich. declined to show a. take a live look at this house oversight hearing. chairman jason tic that is not a option, he is threatening to send u.s. marshals to pick up that former emergency manager. here is more from jason chavis a short time ago. >> i physically cannot understand or comprehend what the parents or loved ones or individuals who have been drinking that water have been going through. i am disappointed in the response at the local level, state level and federal level. there's a failed in every level. >> you can expect plenty of fireworks with officials from epa, state officials and local officials on the hot seat from capitol hill. martha: was are democrats say about hole water debacle? >> reporter: they say congress has a responsibility to provide help for the people of flint, michigan and they are fired up that rick snyder, the republican
6:56 am
governor of michigan is not here. more from the panel's top democrats moments ago. >> the governor hand-picked appointees to run the city and they decided to use order from the flint river. also led the michigan department of the environmental quality which failed to protect the people of flint. >> reporter: coming pastoring panel member, how this would be inert districts to their constituents. martha: thank you. bill: rand paul suspending his campaign for the white house. the reason for his exit and what it might mean for other republicans in new hampshire tuesday. martha: jeb bush joining us to discuss the republican front runners and what is next for his campaign as he turned his sights to new hampshire. >> the brother of the president who kept a safe and i am proud
6:57 am
of him as well. [applause] >> i will accept whatever that is supposed to mean, not sure what it means that here's the deal. i have lived my own life.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
martha: one fewer person in the gop race. rand palm announcing he's suspending his race after his message failed to catch on with iowa voters. he said although i will suspend my campaign for president, the fight is far from over. i'll continue to carry the torch for liberty in the united states senate. he has a little bit of a battle on his hands and he will turn
7:01 am
his focus back to kentucky. the candidates have six days before the big primarily tuesday night in new hampshire. ted cruz and marco rubio holding town halls right now. among the many, many events that will take place. bill: it's interesting to see how the strategies are shifting. everyone feeling the pressure to live free or die in new hampshire after senator marco rubio's strong showing in iowa. chris christie lashing out at rubio fairly aggressively i would say. >> i will have as many gaggles as marco rubio will every day. if he wants to answer your tough
7:02 am
questions about his record and lack of experience, if he wants to answer your question about why he ran away from his own immigration bill when it got too hot. and maybe he will answer more than one or two questions at a town hall meeting telling people the speech he memorize over the course of time. let's get the boy out of the bubble. i'm ready to play. i'll be ready to see him saturday night. martha: are steve hayes, your reaction to that. >> there are two attacks on marco rubio. twice he raised marco rubio's age. he said this isn't a student
7:03 am
council election. voters will say one of the things that concerns them about marco rubio is his relative youth compared to others in the field. that maybe he could be another barack obama and is too inexperienced. the second is really ridiculous that he doesn't take questions. rubio has taken questions at town halls in all of the early states. i was with him in iowa when he took 8-10 questions. he answers the questions as well as anyone in the republican field. chris christie is particularly good at these town halls. he will spend two hours talking to voters. but rubio answers questions and he answers them pretty well. martha: christy likes that for actual and he's willing to stand
7:04 am
there for a couple hours so he's looking for things that are his strength. >> obviously he has been disappointed by his performance in iowa. sometimes when people don't perform well they are under duress and they don't react well. and chris is always trying to divert from his record and doesn't want to talk about issues. he supports gun control and personally donated money to planned parenthood. martha: ted cruz is the same age with the same amount of experience in the senate. but nobody says they think ted cruz is too young. physically they look different ages. but it's a side note that's interesting. >> rubio does look younger. voters say he looks so young. could he possibly be president. on the substantive stuff.
7:05 am
they have become comfort wabl that possibility judging by the result in iowa. martha: what ted cruz did in iowa will continue to work for him. and reaching out for the base. there are conservative voters people don't know about. he's the on person who can get them to come out and raise the overall numbers -- i have to step off that for a second. this was the rand paul video we were waiting for. >> it's been an honor to participate in the republican 2016 presidential primary. i'm proud of our principled campaign and the thousands of young people energized by our message of limited constitutional government. ours has been a unique voice in this race, one that says big government threatens americans from all walks of life, rich and poor, black and white, from the coal miner who lost his job over
7:06 am
president obama's destructive epa regulations to the teenager facing jail time for marijuana. i'll continue to fight for justice reform, privacy and your fourth amendment rights. i'll champion due process over indefinite detention. i'll continue to be a voiceover the out of control regulations, spending and debt that is crippling america's economy and america's children. and the unintended consequences of regime change and nation building. it never forget the thousands of american soldiers who have given their lives and the thousands more who live every day with catastrophic injuries. these are the issues that defined my campaign. kelly and i are deeply grateful to our after and tireless supporters.
7:07 am
it has been a privilege to give voice to the liberty movement in this race. although today i will suspend my campaign for the presidency. i will continue to fight on for liberty, for the constitution, for justice in the united states senate. thank you, and god bless america. martha: you can't say rand paul is not a person who sticks by his principles and convictions. and he will continue to do that the senate. >> rand paul when he entered this campaign made two judgments. one that there would be a bigger constituency for the issues he championed and he would be the outsider taking on that voice. but ted cruz stepped up and stole that mantel the inside washington outsider. second there was the presence of
7:08 am
donald trump. i think that was overstated to a significant degree by the media. but it shrunk after the attacks in san bernardino and paris where people think terrorism is one of the top coup issues. martha: what do you think is jeb bush's biggest challenge in new hampshire? >> trying to reinsert himself as one of the top four candidate. with the distance between jeb bush, chris christie and john kasich in iowa stunned everybody. their totals added up come to a third of what marco rubio earned in iowa. if it's a similar outcome they are having a hard type justifying their campaign. martha: jeb bush will join us
7:09 am
coming up in a few minute. a look ahead at the attacks going back and forth between marco rubio, and jeb bush. all of that we'll talk about with the governor. bill: we mentioned a story a moment ago. breaking news after a passenger was sucked out of an airplane in midnight. sources believe that gaping hole was caused by a bomb on board that plane. it left out of somalia to a nearby country. if we can bring up the video again. i want to point out something that's an important clue. when you look at the gaping hole. one of the things terrorist organizes have come to understand is they want to put their operative right near the wing near the fuel tank. if they are able to ignite the
7:10 am
device there they have a shot at an expo tension explosion if they are able to even gang the fuel. that's significant that the device went off in that section of the aircraft. east africa as well as the sinai have become in effect the new laboratory for the exploitation of explosive devices by these terror groups. you think about the mution metrojet. it was a device on board. they recently arrested an airport engineer and we see what appears to be another example on the somali flight. all of these groups remained focused on commercial airline passenger jets because of the economic impact and the message it sends. >> we'll find out who was sucked out of that plane in due time and we'll figure out whether that person was involved. catherine herridge on that
7:11 am
breaking news in d.c. martha: hillary clinton and bernie sanders are locked in a virtual tie coming out of iowa. bill: donald trump's second place finish in iowa, is that a relief for the republican establishment? plus the campaign's new hit on trump. >> i'm sick and tired of politicians finding ways to dispairng people to make themselves look strong. it's not strong to insult women. it's not a sign of strength when you say that a p.o.w. is a loser because they got caught. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna.
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your home and here's the best part... you still own your home. take control of your retirement today! martha: donald trump holds a commanding 20-point lead in new hampshire today. others are trying to build off trump's 20-point finish. >> i hope you want someone who has a heart for people, someone who has a spine and will stand on principle and has a proven record to show it.
7:16 am
as a commander-in-chief will have a steady hand and won't say the craziest things in the world. martha: former florida governor and republican candidate for president jeb bush. we are glad to have you with us today. a lot of people who saw your last debate said you were strong up there. donald trump will be on the stage saturday night. how are you going to handle it and how are you going to go at them? >> i'm a proven leader. i was governor of a state where we made a difference in people's lives. it's not a risk to support me because i have led, i made tough decisions. 8 years ago we elected barack obama. there was nothing in his background that showed he could
7:17 am
lead and he hasn't. my success will be to lift people out of poverty and get a raise for the middle class for the first time in a long while. martha: were you relieved at the outcome in iowa. were you relieved? did you feel in terms of the race overall that he didn't come in first? did that tell you anything? >> i applaud ted cruz's victory. but new hampshire has a strange way of resetting races. i think the candidates that come here and work in earnest and go to town hall meeting and are engaged and challenges are the ones who will start doing better. strangely enough, over half the people are undecided. they said they could change their minds. these last seven days my focus is to stay on message.
7:18 am
talk about the future of this country, how great it can be if we fix a few things. mr. trump comes into play. he's not a serious candidate. he doesn't have serious ideas. >> he's leading in the by 21 points. >> it's all about the polls. but i'm talking about what the future of the country holds. before my interview you were talking about an attack by a terrorist group of in somalia. outside of the caliphate of isis there have been seven attacks. that's what people are concerned about. martha: we showed the most recent polls. john kasich, ted cruz, marco rubio, and you are all within 3 points of each other on the real clear politics basket of polls. marco rubio comes into
7:19 am
new hampshire with and head of steam. how are you going to deal with that? >> he gave a victory speech in iowa and he came in third. you are not going to be coronated. people won't lay down and say he's the guy. he will have to earn it and go to the voters and directly make their case. if he doesn't, he will be in trouble. momentum has a strange way of dying. i'm not going to give him advice because i don't want him to do well. martha: you are suggesting he hasn't put in the time he needed to in new hampshire and that will make a difference for him? >> i'm just saying i have and so have other candidates and the election results are bear that out. martha: this morning rand paul dropped out of this race. there is a lot of talk in
7:20 am
republican circles that there is pressure on you and others to get out and pave the way for marco rubio right now. your thoughts on that. >> that's ridiculous. we had one election. not single delegate has been selected. marco rubio came in third place in a caucus state, and we are all supposed to bow out. it's absolutely absurd. i'm going to earn this by working hard and laying out a case that i have the leadership skills to fix what's going on in washington, d.c. we need to change the culture and fix the economic situation. that message will resonate and i'm in it for the long-haul. martha: south carolina, that's where you expect to do well. will we see your brother with you in south carolina? is that part of your strategy after new hampshire? >> i hope to see my brother
7:21 am
campaigning. he's the most popular republican in the country. he wants me to win, and i love him dearly. my mom is coming here, and that's even more important. everybody loves barbara bush. at the end i know i will have to earn it. i'm working 24 hours a day to make my case. martha: thank you very much, governor. always good to see you, sir. bill: the president makes his first trip to an american mosque. holding that event at a mosque with ties to extremism. martha: lottery tickets have an expiration date and a lucky winner could end up missing a huge payday. welcome to the world 2116, you can fly across town in minutes
7:22 am
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bill: president obama set to attend an islamic round table. marking the first visit by an american president to an islamic mosque. but critics say the mosque is tied to a former radical imam. good morning to you. why do you think now this trip is being made? >> i think he's basically using it as a political prop in this height of a partisan season and right before the national prayer breakfast wanted to make a
7:26 am
point. why didn't he visit a 60s temple or synagogue. those of us in the muslim reform movement ask why is he visiting a mosque heaped in ideology that has gender apartheid in the mosque. they called homosexuals deviants with a mental disorder. the president is using muslims as a prop who disagree with his own values. bill: you question his judgment. where would you have expect him to go? is there another location you would recommend he could go? too most of the mosques are driven by the north american mosque connected to the muslim
7:27 am
brotherhood but much don't practice gender apartheid. many are heaped in modern interpretations where you have a mixture of interpretations. they do exist. are they a majority? no. if tef was interested in leading in the us into reform that would help deradicallize. he talks about having a forum. but just like in foreign policy in suffereddive arabia and iran, he's cozying up with people who are preaching ideologies. bill: they do not recognize women at this mask, is that true? >> yes. a journalist is standing outside with other women saying we are against the treatment of women that are separate and supposedly unequal. they should be equal and they
7:28 am
are not. in that mask women are relegated to the back. they have to look at the sermon on a tv screen. they can't be in the main hallway. now them see at the meeting, they have pretends to have american values. but when the president leaves they will put the curtain back you have between men and women. bill: this internal debate we are having about muslim refugees. what do you think the white house would like to get out of this visit. what kinds of message do you have think the president personally wants to drive from it. >> the one many of us muslims want to believe. muslims are part of the american fabric. my parents came to america to be more free than of any so-called muslim country. that's what he's trying to do and he's also being partisan saying republicans are bigots.
7:29 am
where universal human rights i hear more from the conservative side. our movement is bipartisan and we beg the president to some using muslims as a prop for plus slim one upmanship. he's feeding into saying these muslims represent us. and they don't represent muslims that are reformists. martha: donald trump's loss to donald trump in iowa may have republican republicans --
7:30 am
bill: a decades old sexual assault case against bill cosby and whether a deal struck with a prosecutor stilled stands today. >> i finds it ironic that in cosby would seek to exclude evidence that he gave quaaludes to women. that was his testimony. dose want to exclude the truth? with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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7:33 am
bill: breaking news. rand paul made it official his bid for the republican presidential nomination has been suspended. in this minute 45 video statement. let's roll a piece of that. >> it's been a privilege to give voice to the liberty movement in this race.
7:34 am
although today i will suspend my campaign for the presidency, i'll continue to fight on for liberty, for the constitution, for justice in the united states senate. bill: alan colmes, brad blakeman former assistant to george w. bush. he joins huckabee and o'malley with a suspension of the campaign. what's the impact of that? >> the impact is we are starting to winnow down the field, cove letting among four or five now contenders that are going to go forward and have a chance to win the nomination. let's remember senator paul is thinks selfishly. he has to be re-elected to the u.s. senate and he will have a tough race. i applaud him for what he has done. now the question is where does this support go.
7:35 am
i happen to think it won't go to any one person like cruz, i think it will be spread through the the field. bill: he's getting a alcohol frengt mayor of lexington, kentucky. >> i can't imagine people who supported paul will go to cruz or trump. i'm guessing this will even out the field a little bit more. with huckabee gone and cruz, it will even out the playing field. bill: john mccain and donald trump and his chances in new hampshire. before we run this, the average of polling in new hampshire has trump plus 22. sizable. watch. >> i still believe even though mr. trump has got a sizable lead that the people of new hampshire pride themselves in examining every candidate. that's why i think there could be some surprises in this campaign.
7:36 am
i think there is great volatility. the people of new hampshire pride themselves in saying i'm not making up my mind until the last minute. bill: what i remember from mccain in 2008, he was hitting all the stops. his big issue was the war in iraq and how you managed it appropriately. trump is saying he's just a rookie politician yet he still finished in second place in iowa. what is the expectation for trump on the issues in new hampshire tuesday. >> trump says he's a rookie because he lost iowa. in the days leading in the up to iowa he was going to win. and the polls had him ahead. i have been to new hampshire several times in the presidential races and they decide in a few days or on a date election themselves and i don't believe the polls in new hampshire and trump shouldn't either.
7:37 am
it's not enough to campaign at 36,000 feet and touch down every once in a while. new hampshire requires you be there every day. bill: when it comes to his message, does this message play better in new hampshire than iowa? >> i don't think so. i want to echo some of what brad said. people in new hampshire do think for themselves. they don't follow the lead. >> bill clinton lost both, so it's not a predictor. donald trump calls himself a winner. it's like to charlie sheen without the drugs. the perception is gone when he loses. so that will hurt his momentum going forward. bill: what about the messaging in new hampshire? is it from trump more effective in that state? >> i think the question is not only the message that you have,
7:38 am
but the way you deliver it between a crowd of 3,000 or 4,000 and what's required in new hampshire, that's face to face, eyeball to eyeball, person to person. what work is bread and butter economics. it's not the evangelicals that's attractive in iowa. it's the economy. it's dead. it's education. it's the bread and butter issues. if trump isn't able to speak in specifics about those issues, he won't win. bill: there is a debate saturday night and he will attend this one. he admitted not attending the boston debate hurt this chances. he also said he was going through the motions in iowa. gentlemen, thanks. 22 now before the hour. martha: there are new calls for the united states to change its
7:39 am
open door policy with cuba. william lajeunesse reporting live. reporter: if you cross the borders you get sent back. but if you are from cuba you are allowed to stay. >> these cubans stand in line for a visa to visit the u.s. others aren't waiting. traveling through central america to texas. >> cuba has sent to the united states 2 million people. the exodus from cuba is exploding. unlike other immigrant turned back by the border patrol, cubans get a free pass. >> you say you are a cuban and they let you in. they are released with food stamps, medical care and enough cash for the next 8 months.
7:40 am
then they can become permanent legal immigrant. 44,000 sky bands arrived in the u.s. last year looking for a better life. >> the current situation in cuba is pretty bad. it's critical. reporter: cubans fly to ecuador, take a bus to and buy from mexico city. congressma curbelo says they are no different than other immigrants fleeing poverty. reporter: people are trying to get in now before we change the policy.
7:41 am
bill: there is a strong and severe with the system moving across the country, forcing several rescues from fast-moving water. martha: it's full steep ahead after hillary clinton and bernie sanders stump to a photo finish in iowa. >> louisiana night we began the political revolution not just in iowa and new hampshire, but all over this country. get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. i'm definitely able to see savings through using the car buying on usaa. i mean, amazing savings. i was like, wow, if i could save this much, then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. (announcer) usaa car buying service powered by truecar. save money, zero hassle.
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bill: crews rescuing people trapped in rising floodwaters. this west of nashville, tennessee. luckily first responders were able to get them and in type. firefighters pulling several dogs to safety as well. but that system continues moving east. martha: bernie sanders and
7:45 am
hillary clinton putting iowa in the rearview mirror. >> every state you go to, that's what the media says, what happens in iowa or new hampshire it's very important to us. we are going all the way to the convention. we have the momentum. i think people are tired of establishment politic and establishment politics. martha: it seems -- there i a lot of discussion about whether the sanders campaign will contest what happened in iowa. it's possible. it looks unlikely. do you think they are moving on and just moving this to new hampshire or do you think we'll hear more about iowa? >> they should move on to the
7:46 am
next state he hopes to win, and he should hope to win it by a late. i think when he was talking about trying to manage expectations, he had run his entire campaign as the outside candidate. he's the underdog. you can run against something. but i think his campaign is struggling. he's actually the establishment. he's likely to win new hampshire it's a white state where he does very well. he's likely to do well and he's struggling to figure out how does he run as the leading in the candidate. he should move on to new hampshire and he should move on to look at the states after that. he's not as likely to do well. there are more community of color where he does very badly. he needs to push that true. >> what's your take? >> i think it's telling looking back to iowa exactly what's going on there. it's difficult to discern who
7:47 am
won in that state. i understand that she has been declared the winner, hillary clinton, i'm not necessarily disputing that. but it's such a byzantine and opaque system. they use computer formulas to allocate what they call equivalents. there are were coin flips and hillary clinton magically won all of those. i'm not a member of a party that calls themselves democratic. but at the end of the day we know the establishment pick, hillary clinton allegedly won there. what we saw in the "new york times" yesterday is hillary clinton's campaign is quote unnerved by what they saw monday night. i think not just what they saw in bernie sanders, but some of
7:48 am
the actual data and hillary clinton getting clobbered by voters under the age of 45. getting crushed by voters who prioritize honesty and empathy. martha: guy is right about the data unde underlying the iowa situation. she thinks she won in iowa. given the way they do things we may never know. but the fact of the matter is it's basically a tie. she is facing new hampshire where he has a huge lead right now. what do you think she needs to do to have the story be coming out of new hampshire, wow, hillary clinton did better than we thought. >> she did actually win iowa. that much is clear she did win the state. but those numbers are very telling. that's the place the campaign needs to refocus on people under 30 in particular.
7:49 am
the campaign that the clinton campaign ran this year as opposed to 2008 is a different kind of campaign. they did go person to person, laid that ground work, and they will continue to do that other states moving forward. they did see the difference in the level of support. it wasn't just that the support was there, but it was an intense support. i spoke to a lot of first-time caucus-goers who were eligible to caucus but didn't because they assumed she would win. so the support there is more intense. but they have to do better with voters under 30 if they want to stay competitive. bill: jon scott is coming up on "happening now." jon: rand paul dropping out today. we'll have analysis as the makeout continues. and we are -- as the shakeout continues.
7:50 am
and we are looking ahead to new hampshire. ted cruz and marco rubio and we'll talk about some whining from hillary clinton supporters. bill: is this a turning points in the case -- a turning point in the case against bill cosby? >> dose want to exclude the truth? i thought mr. cosby always wanted to have his day in court. now he appears to want to dismiss a day in court. that criminal case. it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. martha: we have been showing you the candidates and where they are spread across the state of new hampshire today.
7:54 am
this is ted cruz selling his story in henniker, new hampshire. he's hoping the people in new hampshire will give him the same sort of support he found in iowa. bill: it's a big day for bill cosby. the judge weighing a decision on whether to just hold an alleged promise of immunity in an assault case dating back to 2004. what's happening so far, rick? reporter: this hearing could make or break the case against bill cosby who gave a thumbs up as he arrived at the courthouse and giving a nod to a small crowd supporters. it was all about the former d.a. bruce castor who spent 6 hours on the witness stands explaining why he decided not to file
7:55 am
charges against him. hhe claims he gave her wine and drugs. the fact that she waited nearly a year to come forward and hired a civil attorney before calling police. so he gave cosby immunity from prosecution which he confirmed by issue offing a press release. then he forced cosby to give a civil deposition in the case. so cosby could not claim his rights against self-incrimination. the judge will decide whether that deposition can be used against him in this criminal trial. bill: what if the judge rules against cosby? reporter: in it he admits giving
7:56 am
quaaludes to women and he admits to getting intimate with her. but the d.a. could still proceed without that deposition. but the deposition is very important, bill. the judge says he will rule on it today. bill: we stand by for that headline. rick leventhal, montgomery county. martha: rand paul suspended his campaign for the novel nation for the gop. more on that straight ahead.
7:57 am
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you're not thinking about all the money you saved by booking your flight, rental car, and hotel together. all you're thinking about, is making sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters. martha: the winner of a $63 million lottery jackpot was
8:00 am
bought last nawgh last august is worth area of los angeles. martha: we'll see you tomorrow. we are on early today. good day, everybody. jon: we count down to the showdown in new hampshire. a com competitor gone now. another republican is dropping out of the race. i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. we are now seeing more fallout from the iowa caucuses. senator rand paul of kentucky ends his presidential campaign. molly? >> despite finishing fifth in iowa which defies expectations.


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