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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 3, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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bought last nawgh last august is worth area of los angeles. martha: we'll see you tomorrow. we are on early today. good day, everybody. jon: we count down to the showdown in new hampshire. a com competitor gone now. another republican is dropping out of the race. i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. we are now seeing more fallout from the iowa caucuses. senator rand paul of kentucky ends his presidential campaign. molly? >> despite finishing fifth in iowa which defies expectations.
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rand paul decide he's done with his race for the white house. he said although today i will suspends my campaign for president, the fight is far from over. i'll continue to carry the torch for liberty in the united states senate and look forward to the privilege of representing the people of kentucky for another term. he will be focusing on his reelection campaign. he has long boast a strong libertarian following but failed to break out among the crowded gop field. iowa third place finisher senator marco rubio had this to say. >> rand is someone i disagree with on a lot of issues. but he believes strongly what he stands for and i respect that. he's a true believer on limited government and liberty issues. i thought he ran a good race. we wish him well in the senate race.
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reporter: senator ted cruz is hitting new hampshire with steam from his iowa victory. he apologized after allegations his campaign spread rumors that ben carson was pulling out of the race. the cruz camp claimed it was a misinterpretation, but cruz acknowledged a follow-up message should have been sent out to clear you have the confusion. >> i apologize for that. they should have forwarded the follow-up story. >> let's see what the cruz camp will do about those individuals who inappropriately disseminated that information knowing the caucuses weren't over. they were obviously anxious to get out there. trump said ted cruz didn't win
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iowa, he stole it. he tweeted that a new election should take place or the cruz results nullified. election day is quite a bit away next tuesday. jon: some tough talk on the campaign trail aimed at senator marco rubio after his strong third place showing in iowa. governor chris christie is calling him the boy in the bubble. >> we know who the boy in the bubble is. he never answers your questions. he's constantly scripted and controlled. i hope you have guys ask him some questions because it's time for him to start answering questions. jon: joining us now, michael
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warren and jackie kucinich. jackie, why is chris christie going after the guy he calls the boy in the bubble? why not donald trump or ted cruz? they finished ahead of marco rubio. >> marco rubio finished stronger than expected an has the momentum going into new hampshire. when you are at the top you are going to draw fire. it will be interesting the next couple days to see how these candidates respond to marco rubio. you have to manage he's going to be on the hot seat whether he's on that center position on the stage. jon: is it possible the guy who finished third considered the real winner? >> that might be going too far. ted cruz did win. but marco rubio does have all the sights aimed at him because he's expected to run in that establishment lane.
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you have got chris christie, jeb bush, john kasich. those three governors don't have a path unless they can beat marco rubio in new hampshire. that's why you are seeing them go after him on this. he does have a target on his back. but he's not necessarily the winner in iowa, and that's why you are seeing this play out in new hampshire a week from today. jon: should we look for a circumstance plar firing squad that includes those three governors aiming at marco rubio with trump and cruz off to the side? >> there will be people who keep attacking donald trump. but i do think michael is right. the other thing i would add is that for several of these governors, it's hard to see where they go after new hampshire if they don't show well in new hampshire. their momentum will be kinds of quashed.
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if chris christie doesn't have a good showing, where dose go next? jon: people like john kasich have been in new hampshire saying if i get smoked here i'm done. the campaign is over. is that the way a lot of these campaigns are looking at it? or is kasich unique in that way. >> he may be unique at reading his stage directions. but i think that's right. you have the march 15 primaries. florida. jeb bush will have a lot of incentive to stay in and kasich to ohio. but they do have this problem in which they have to finish ahead of marco rubio. it's not inconceivable they can do that. let's not also discount ted cruz. not a natural state for him as even evangelical conservative. he works hard there. i saw him a couple week ago in new hampshire and he's a hard worker.
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jon: new hampshire can be unpredictable. >> it will be interesting to watch this cycle in particular. new hampshire has been decided. they were big fans of mccain and marco rubio. this cycle it may have been all over the place. so you have to manage it's going to get nasty and it will be a blood sport because it's so close going into tuesday's contest. >> you also observed marco rubio campaigning in iowa, and you say that the caricature some painted of him is not necessarily correct. >> sometimes it is. rubio can come off a little scripted, particularly if you heard him talk before. he does have to improve on that. he's getting a little whether and able to call an audible and say something off script. but i think chris christie is giving to something rubio need
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to address in new hampshire. lis not some sort of lab-created candidate. but he's answering these questions and addressing what they want to hear from a presidential candidate. i think he's got all the political skill in the world to do that. but he has to seal the deal and it will be tough with these people going after him. jackie kucinich from the daily beast. ien * police say two israeli security officers were shot and stabbed in the old city leaving one of them critically wounded before the attackers were shot and killed. reporter: today's attack is similar to what we have been seeing the last 5 to 6 months,
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young palestinians carrying out unsophisticated but deadly attacks. three palestinian men armed with guns, a pipe bomb and several rifles went up to, walk around jerusalem's old i when they were approached by israeli police and asked for i.d.s. it was then they carried out this attack. they stabbed and killed one israeli police officer. one of the police officers was killed. another one was very seriously injured. now, these attacks have been seen as lone wolf attacks. they are not driven by a militant group but by the frustration of individual palestinians. they say this frustration stems from the lack of prospects for an independent palestinian 8 and the growth of israeli settlements in the west bank. it fuels this wave of violence. it has been going on for half a year now.
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day after day we are seeing these attacks. in the west bank and settlements and parts of israel. israeli officials and the politicians are trying to figure out how to stem these attacks and they have found no way of stopping these attacks. they are continuing and growing deadlier and deadlier. jon: a 13-year-old girl brutally stabbed to death. two people behind bars accused in her murder. today one of them is appearing before a judge. a mosquito carrying a viruslings to brain damage in newborns are popping up in one region of the u.s. why expert say people living there should not panic. did senator rand paul dropping out of the race influence who you support on the republican
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jon: here are some crime stories we are following for you. a man accused of murder may be barred from his own trial. the judge telling him one more outburst will lead to his removal from the trial. a virginia tech student charged as an accessory to the stabbing of a 13-year-old girl is in court today. authorities say natalie keepers helped dispose of the body after the murder. another college student accused of kidnapping and murder in the case. david sweat faces up to 14 years in prison for the prison escape in upstate new york. jenna: several health officials
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say mosquitoes responsible for spreading the zika virus are in the united states. they do anticipate small clusters of people becoming infected, especially in the south. reporter: public health officials in dallas, texas confirm there is a local patient there who contracted zika through sex with an infected traveler who recently returned from venezuela. but experts say by part most common way people are getting this virus is through mosquito bites. that has people concerned even near the u.s. >> now we typically wouldn't be getting calls. but because of the zika virus, people are scared. >> in the middle of winter this mosquito control business is getting calls from people concerned about the zika virus.
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>> i was told in the urban environment in venezuela is ideally suited for the spread of the zika. >> reporter: it's been found in puerto rico, the virgin islands and some southern states. disease detectives say for most people the symptoms are mild and the virus clears from their blood in about a week. >> if you are pregnant don't go to a place that has a zika outbreak. that's important until we learn more. reporter: matt brill says people can reduce the zika joust break by clearing stagnant water. >> one of the things you want to do after rains, walk around the house and take a look. pretension is the key here.
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but the main warning remains for pregnant women to postpone travel to areas where the zika virus is straight aheading. two dozen destination are lifted by the cdc where this is going on. jenna: the airlines will give a refunds if you have a ticket to one of these locations and don't want to go. thank you so much. jon: community in the deep south picking up the pieces after powerful tornadoes tore through, destroying everything in their way. the u.s. pressures china to scrap plans for a missile launch.
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jon: cleanup under way in mississippi and alabama. the worst damage in a community near tuscaloosa where dozen of homes were destroyed. tornadoes in a largely rural airn yeah in mississippi in the eastern part of the state, damaging trees and knocking out power. jenna: more information on the growing crisis on the korean crisis. north korea is days away from launching a long-range ballistic missile. this comes after the north's fourth nuclear test. diplomats, the u.n. are work on
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sanctions against the north. you have said this to us. we talked about the nuclear test a few weeks ago said watch out, there will be a ballistic test soon. why did you say that? >> in 2006 when the north detonated their nuclear device. these tests come in pairs. even when north koreans fall back on established patterns of conduct, the last test was december 2012. the iranians are funding this beast that will be tested in a few days. the iranians spent $1.5 billion on the for koreans each and every year. jenna: tell us about the technology. this technology, why is it significant to watch? >> this technology, this booster has been in development for two years now. and it certainly puts a north
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korean missile deeper into the north american homeland. maybe as far as the great lakes. when the iranians get as well they will be able to hit the east coast. american diplomats are not stopping this threat. so maybe you should move to kansas. jenna: we have sanctions on iran and there have been some new sanctions or discussion of new sanctions because iranians had their own missile test. how are we allowing this to happen with north korea and this partnership? >> the south koreans are shoveling a lot of cash into the north korean regime. you have businesses there that employ north core reyants. the chinese are block new sanctions in discussions in new york show.
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and the russians aren't helping either. what the united states needs to do is start targeting north core wean banks and chinese banks because they are intimately involved in north korea's missile transactions. jenna: how different is it to do that? >> it is difficult. no one wants to take on beijing. it's not going to be good enough to say i want to stop this but i didn't want to anger the chinese. jenna: you doarnts think they would -- you don't think they would take the opportunity to hit an american city. it's difficult for our viewers to think about an american city being hit. >> i don't think the north koreans will launch a missile because they know we would retaliate and completely destroy north korea. but what is being discussed is
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they take one of their devices and put it in the back of a pickup truck in times square. clearly this is something we have to think about because this is something that's very hard for the u.s. to retaliate against because we don't know who placed the device there. jenna: there are reports out of china that the last several days and longer there has been a serious crackdown and activists and others. does that present an opportunities for to us do the things you say or does it make it harder? >> it makes it easier in that china is showing it's a villian in the international community. there is a struggle between the protestants and the chinese government that has been going on 5-10 years. and it's occurring all over the country.
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in china the communist party is nervous because more people search more jesus have christ online than they do for their own leader. jenna: of course you have north korea and you think we'll wage to this test in the next few days. >> sometime between the 8th and 25th of this no which is when north korea notified the two u.n. agencies of the launch. it gives them a big propaganda ploy with their own people. this will occur soon. the north koreans need to test, and they have to show their iranian customers that their stuff works. jon: new court action for a convicted killer turned podcast
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star. could he get a new trial? we are going to talk with fill scott about the gop race after he just made an endorsement. who is he backing? >> one person stands head and shoulders on national defense and economic opportunities.
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jon: from america's election headquarters, one state down, iowa, another up next week, new hampshire. dozens more to go in the long haul to the make the presidential ballot in november. ted cruz won iowa's republican caucuses over donald trump while hillary clinton beat bernie sanders by a hair in the democratic race. and the fighting has just begun according to jerry seib, washington bureau chief for "the wall street journal" he writes, the iowa results suggest that those fights will take place in two parties deeply divided between insiders and outsiders, between young and old, between the most and least wealthy. the situation is volatile. and as a consequence unpredictable. gerry seib is hire now. interesting, even after iowa you talk about both parties being very divided and those divided voters will have to come together, coalesce around one candidate on each side, jerry. >> or some candidate will have to bring them together but you know what iowa showed is really
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what the splits are. they came into sharper relief. on republican side, you have donald trump appealing to a different kind of republican coalition. tend to be a little less educated, more down scale than traditional republican voters are seen as being. interestingly marco rubio showed there is a market for people who are pragmatic, who find candidate that can win. he won convincingly among voters in iowa to find somebody that can win in november. at least what the entrance poll told us. that is important distinction. he won with voters that made up their mind at last minute, which suggests donald trump didn't bring those people home, didn't expand base much as he might have wanted and suggests that skipping last debate wasn't such a great idea. democratic side, big age gap, bernie sanders, older voters, hillary clinton, big gender gap. women more for hillary than bernie. those two gaps are pretty apparent in national numbers and likely are going to continue for
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the weeks ahead. jon: you mentioned trump skipping the debate. you also point out he is a guy branding himself as winner and if he comes away from second place and lower down than the polls had him, what does that do to the trump brand. >> in part how he handles not winning. we're seeing evidence. he sort of lashed out varies people. lashed out at voters not giving him enough credit for financing his own campaign. lashed out at media for not giving him credit coming in strong second place in iowa. today he shifted course and said ted cruz stole the election and should be a do-over. this is always case, i've written about this earlier, people watch what candidates do under stress. there is no stress greater than being on losing side of a primary, or a caucus when you have invested a lot of time, money and energy in it. we'll see how that reaction plays out over the next few days. we'll particularly see what the trump reaction is like at the debate this weekend among republicans.
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you know he started out as a gracious loser. looks a little less like that today. jon: a lot of republicans are hungry for some kind of victory after seven years of a obama presidency, they feel like they sent conservative majorities to the house and senate. republican majorities and you know, a lot of things have not changed that voters thought would happen. you write that mr. rubio emerges looking awful lot like the mainstream party voters candidate, voters can embrace. his support was fairly even across age and demographic groups but bold among republicans whose top priority was simply finding a candidate who can win general election in november. among those voters mr. rubio led mr. trump 44-24%. so rubio according to the exit polls is the guy republicans think can win? >> we'll see. that is the picture you get.
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look, there are a lot of people around here where i sit, republican looking for somebody emergeed not named cruz or trump and if it is marco rubio they would be happy with that. there are a couple other people who still have chance to emerge that lane in new hampshire. didn't place heavily in iowa. i'm talking about john kasich, jeb bush and chris christie. there is alternative for them to emerge with marco rubio in that space. once you get past new hampshire there is somebody in spot where more traditional candidate lies but not three or four people. we'll see what that is. marco rubio has appeal to some people. doesn't look traditional. hasn't been in washington for some time. he is younger candidate, looks untraditional in a year where not traditional is place to be. he is comfortable with the establishment. he is trying to live in the space between the two big currents in the party. we'll know whether after new hampshire whether he is guy can pull that off. jon: hillary clinton was
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supposed to win the democratic race in iowa. is it deja vu for her. >> she lost in iowa in 2008. that was a big blow to the campaign. she won at the outset by air ha. that is significant for her, she may not win new hampshire. that will be discounted because bernie sanders comes from next door in vermont. people are not expecting her to win in new hampshire. kind of expecting her to pull it out in iowa even though just barely. the campaign moves on to much friendlilier tear tear with south carolina and nevada, more moderate establishment figure will have easier time of it. so i think she did what had to do in iowa. survived. that is what she needed to do, survive. jon: gerry seib, bureau chief of "the wall street journal." thanks, gerry. >> happy to be with you. >> putting my confidence and my trust in marco rubio because i believe that he takes us to that better future. jenna: south carolina senator
8:37 am
tim scott making a big announcement, endorsing marco rubio after his strong third place finish in iowa jerry seib talking about with jon. senator scott is our guest. he joins us on "happening now." nice to have you on the program. >> great to be with you. jenna: one of the things we talk about, you had a whole life leave politics. you ran two successful businesses. you had that experience and brought that to you to washington. that is criticism of marco rubio, like chris christie call him the boy in the bubble. doesn't have experience outside political world. considering your background why you think marco rubio is still the right choice? >> reality is, if you have the opportunity to lead, can you lead? i look for people who have the, have demonstrated the ability to lead and marco rubio is absolutely a rock solid conservative who can lead. quizzing him over the last several months as i have every single candidate, remember that
8:38 am
i went through 12 presidential forums, one candidate at a time. i had a chance to evaluate their leadership skills, evaluate their intellect and see the capacity to turn this country back towards conservative principles this election is good news for conservatives. we have a couple of candidates who truly have demonstrated the ability to lead and ability to bring people together. marco rubio, head and shoulders is the guy that does that the best. jenna: one of the things he said on greta's show last night, you said marco rubio has the capacity for leadership. curious if you give us some very specific examples. where have you seen him demonstrate this leadership and get actual results. >> well, one of the great places to start is the fight against obamacare. we have been fighting this fight since 2010 when conservative voters throughout the country brought together a class of conservatives. marco rubio is one candidate without question that led the successful effort to remove the
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basic bailout fund for health insurance companies from the obama care legislation. this is good news. that is a leadership position that we have, we should celebrate because he has been very successful leading the charge to eliminate those bailout fund for health insurance companies that is a classic example of someone who not only is a conservative but gets conservative agenda items done in congress as we all know very difficult to do in this environment. jenna: absolutely. health care is a big issue, a big sector in our economy. certainly something to pay attention to. immigration is another big issue. you've seen attacks on marco rubio and whether or not his leadership works when it came to gang of eight and policies on immigration in washington, d.c. what do you say to critics say that is issue and they feel they can't support marco rubio because he did not lead for conservatives on that topic. >> questions about lessons learned in 2013.
8:40 am
immigration conversation, illegal immigration conversation has to start with our borders, biometric system broken through the visa system the if you don't stop there i'm not endorsing you. i had the conversation with marco rubio. he has been clear and has been consistent. he learn ad valuable lesson. he understands that any conversation about illegal immigration first starts with our borders, deals with our visa system and amnesty can not be a part of that package. he is committed that to me. i trust him. i have confidence in his word. that's why i'm supporting him. jenna: that says something. for sure, one of the issues that you keep on bringing up and we've seen in a few different interviews that marco rubio is the conservative that you really want to get behind. and you and marco rubio and ted cruz came into washington at similar time. you had tea party movement behind you. a lot of conversations on what defines a true conservative. ted cruz is saying he is true conservative because washington, d.c. still hates him.
8:41 am
that is how he validates it. and apparently worked in iowa. and i'm curious your thoughts on that? there seems to be a little bit of a race to the bottom who is the most conservative of all. what define as true conservative in 2016 and why do you think marco rubio is it? >> fact of the matter he define conservatism is your record. heritage action, one of the most conservative organizations in all of the country says marco rubio is 94 out of 100 times conservative. that is pretty darn good. that is an a. the american conservative union says 98 out of 100 tiles marco rubio is true conservative. rush limbaugh says that marco rubio is full-throated conservative. i look at the record, not the rhetoric and his record is consistent. but being a rock solid conservative. myself, myself, trey gowdy and others who came in through that 2010 tea party wave, our records
8:42 am
are consistent with conserve conservatism. if you do not have a conservative record, all you have is conservative rhetoric, it will not ply with knee. >> piqued my curiosity about sitting down with the candidates. good to give them a good once over to make sure they're the right people for the job. >> absolutely. this country must be under girded by conservative principles. our future is bright if we turn back to convservative values our founding fathers had. i'm looking forward to that candidate and support him. jenna: thank you very much for being on the program. >> god bless. jon: convicted murderer of a subject after hit podcast series wants a new trial. our panel breaks down the case.
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jon: convicted killer who was the subject of a popular podcast downloaded 68 million times
8:46 am
might get another chance to try to clear his name. adnan syed is in court this week. he is seeking a retrial for the 1999 murder of his ex-girlfriend, hay lee. adnan is serving life in prison. the podcast serial raised questions about his conviction downloaded more than 68 million times. his attorneys are ready to present new evidence that they hope will exonerate him all together. let's bring in our legal panel. trial attorney bobby -- bob b diana, if he gets a new trial does it stand to be a fair one? people's memories fade all kinds of things happen over that span of time? >> it's definitely a disadvantage to both sides to have a trial happen so long after the incident.
8:47 am
but, in this case, obviously it's advantage of the defense because the alternative is that he remains in prison. with this particular case, you know the issue is, was there ineffect tiff assistance of counsel and was the new evidence enough to warrant a new trial. jon: there is, there is evidence, bob, or there are suggestions that the prosecution was cutting deals with potential witnesses here and that may have affected their testimony. if that can be proven or even suggested, is that enough for a new trial? >> jon, i'm very concerned what i'm reading in a particular case as former homicide prosecutor myself and as a prosecutor in general we all know especially with regard to the alibi witness, it was alleged she was cajoled by the prosecutor not to testified on behalf of the defense, depriving defense of very critical evidence, jon, in a case where there wasn't solid dna evidence and relied upon somebody who participated in the
8:48 am
crime at minimum after the aftermath as only witness against this defendant. kind of an outrage. as far as ethics rules of prosecutors are concerned you can not tell witness not to testify for the defense. if that turns out to be true there will be new trial in this case. jon: the old saying, diana, the prisons are full of innocent men. everybody who is in jail says i didn't do it. how reluctant is a court going to be to take up a case that has been popularized in media and say oak, we'll take another shot at this trial? >> you know the final decision needs to be made based on the law and facts. media aspect, give it attention, probably did bring it back into the court system but reality the bench officer, that is the judge, making the decision in this case needs to look at the facts independently what the media attention is. there is an alibi witness, a witness that the prosecution knew about and failed to disclose to the defense. that witness was interrupted in a sense that they were not allowed to testify or they were
8:49 am
convinced not to testify and that's a crime in of itself, whether the prosecutor does it or defense attorney does it, it's a crime to convince a witness not to testify for either side in a criminal proceeding. that is compelling evidence that should be brought in ha new trial, absolutely. jon: bob, you said the prosecution moved too fast with this case. what do you mean by that? >> listen, when you are doing a homicide investigation, what happens, and i've been at the scene to saw it happen, they base the case around motive. she broke up with one another and she started dating somebody else. i can't tell you how many cases i have, jealousy, divorces, investigators move toward that person and investigate the case based on motive only and start putting square pegs in round holes. i think that did happen here. we didn't have forensic evidence. they didn't have solid dna evidence. they relied on somebody that said he committed a crime. they have cell phone records that are suspect whether he was at the location.
8:50 am
that location they deprived him of a alibi witness. they moved too quickly. i have have been involved in cases with weak evidence, you have to wait it out, go methodically. i'm sure you don't wind up where you are, i'm your diana agrees with, as prosecutors we don't win a case in front of a jury, we try to make sure in the appellate process as well. >> right. jon: thanks very much. bob, diana. thank you very much. >> shocking allegations about americans linked to one terror group overseas. what fox news is now learning and what means for our security here at home. ♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me
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♪ jon: let's find out what's ahead on "outnumbered" at top of the hour with sandra and harris. ladies? >> hey, happy hump day by the
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way. >> hello to you, jon. less than a week out from new hampshire first-in-the-nation primary. can the stakes be any higher for donald trump and marco rubio? >> meanwhile, just hours after barely beating bernie sanders in iowa, a sudden shift in hillary clinton's messaging. will it work? >> despite her wacky lifestyle advice, gwyneth paltrow says she is not an out of touch celebrity. she's normal. hmmm. >> you stole my hmmm. we'll run that by our #oneluckyguy. one of hollywood's hottest people. antonio sabato, jr. he is outnumbered. if that is really possible. we'll call him outnumbered the at top of the hour. jon: looking forward to that. that will be good. >> see ya. jenna: shocking information about the fight against extremism here in the united states. fox news learns dozens of americans are now fighting for the islamic terror group, al-shabaab in east africa.
8:55 am
paul tilsley live in south africa with the very latest. reporter: jenna, hi. fox news learned that 30 americans working for the islammist terror group al-shabaab. this is 10 times higher than the figure previously given. the high-profile atrocities al-shabaab is known as the attack on west gate mall which 60 people died and strict fundamentalist lifestyle is what is attracting so many americans to join them. >> it is very enticing for them to offer sense of community, a community of believers who have a real sense of purpose. al-shabaab is very strict in terms of their doctrine and their ideology. so they're going to engage in very violent, you could say advent truss activities that are attractive to young men. reporter: the counter extremism
8:56 am
project says the most of the fighters from the u.s. are somali-americans from minnesota but americans from other states have also been drawn to somalia to join al-shabaab. sources say the americans are spread out throughout al-shabaab. it is known that somalia authorities have captured three americans serving for the terror group within the last year. but with some 40 american terrorists out there running free, the concern today is that they could be planning to come home and stage al-shabaab attacks on american soil. jenna? jenna: big concern, surely. paul, thank you very much. jon: new next hour of harping -- "happening now," a modern day hunt for bonnie & clyde with them going on three-day crime spree. one of the victims is speaking out. fire seen from the viewpoint after firefighter. how the footage was recorded. we want to hear from you, does senator rand paul dropping out of the place influence you
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jon: see you pack here in one hour. >> "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. we have andree tantaros. harris fog r faulkner, judge jeanine pirro is on the couch and you remember him as face of calvin klein, actor, general hospital alum, host of show, fix it and finish it, the man who does it all, antonio sadat toe, jr. you are outnumbered. >> i'm outnumbered. >> you're a fan of the show. now you're on the couch. how does it feel? >> very bright, very happy. wonderful people on the road


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