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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 3, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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jon: see you pack here in one hour. >> "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. we have andree tantaros. harris fog r faulkner, judge jeanine pirro is on the couch and you remember him as face of calvin klein, actor, general hospital alum, host of show, fix it and finish it, the man who does it all, antonio sadat toe, jr. you are outnumbered. >> i'm outnumbered. >> you're a fan of the show. now you're on the couch. how does it feel? >> very bright, very happy. wonderful people on the road
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over there watching us. andrea: like your morning show on the west coast. >> my morning show. andrea: wake up with "outnumbered." >> on my 9:00 a.m. show. harris: security cleared 100 women. did you tweet? >> we did it here this morning. the judge and i were in the makes uproom. that was fun. >> he needed none. i needed all the makeup. >> great to have you here. maybe get some much your political perspective on things today. >> please do. >> let's get started. we're six days away from the new hampshire primary and stakes could not be higher for donald trump. many pundits saying the granite state, a must-win for the billionaire businessman. after he failed to win iowa, blunting his momentum. right now trump leads his rivals by more than 20 points. but still needs to prove he can turn that enthusiasm into vote on election day. "the donald" telling hannity last night he is confident of his chance. >> just take a look at the
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overall picture. here i'm doing so well. it is very natural fit. i've known the people for years. i've been up in new hampshire for years. i love of the place. i think i'm going to do great here. >> as the candidates bar r barnstorm new hampshire, marco rubio finding a big target on his back after his strong third place finish in iowa. several of the contenders wasting no time taking shots at the florida senator including iowa's winner ted cruz, who continues to hammer away at rubio for once being part the so-called "gang of eight" on immigration. >> when we got to washington marco and i took very, very different paths. marco made the decision, the conscious, deliberate decision, not only not to lead the fight against amnesty, but stand with barack obama and chuck schumer and harry reid and to lead the fight for amnesty. >> all this as the gop field getting smaller. senator rand paul this morning announcing he is suspending his
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presidential campaign. all right. antonio, we'll start with you first. >> please do. >> broadly speaking what do you make of this race right now? >> i think it has been an exciting race for quite a while. in my opinion i think donald trump actually won. >> why is that? >> i think there was a little, you know, i think corruption in there. i think there was some stuff going on. also doesn't really matter. i think the next one will be big for him. i think he will win from now on. i think he will win nevada. >> do you support donald trump? >> i do support him. i support anybody talking about a socialist country. i know a lot about it. my mom is pro practicing. -- prague. no socialist countries in the world have ever worked. certainly united states will never work as a socialist country. anybody on the right, and i'm not for either party. i think right now we need somebody who will fix this country. we're in debt. this military has got to go back up to where it used to be.
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i met donald trump. i actually, you meet somebody, you look him in the eye, you kind of know what kind of person he is. i think he is good for the country. >> interesting, judge, donald trump did admit, we'll talk about the democratic race in just a second, donald trump sort of surprised a lot of people when he came out and actually admitted that skipping that debate may have hurt him. here is what he had to say about it. >> well that could have been with the debate. i think it could have been the debate. i think some people were disappointed i didn't go into the debate. if i had to do it again i would have done the exact same thing, the reason is, you know why? because i raised $6 million for the vets in one hour. so if i took a second place instead of a first place, and could give the vets $6 million, i will do that all day long. >> hmmm. >> you know what i thought was really interesting, and that is the fact that donald trump comes out and says you know what? it probably is something should have been done but i'm not sorry
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that i did what i did. i mean that's his way of saying, you know what? at the end of the day, maybe i should have done that debate. i think he understands also that the margin is so big in new hampshire, that new hampshire is so different than iowa, that he is now, almost game over as far as i'm concerned. >> absolutely. >> he is, when you talk about socialism, donald trump is the exact opposite of socialism. this is the capitalist king. and so i think that, as we get to a more moderate state, donald will not be criticized for having new york values. i think it is going to work on his behalf. >> what do you make of idea, marco rubio has this target on his back. ted cruz is clearly going after him. also he has got those like bush and christie and kasich who are making -- >> i don't understand why bush is even in the race. >> i agree. you know how much money he spending on ads?
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>> give the money to rest of the guys, not that donald trump needs it. and we get on -- >> talking at sit is a dell plan to defeat isis and everybody looks like they are from the citadel. this is the america. united states of america. have your supporters look like country. >> over $100 million spent on campaign is like one or 2%. at this point he has got to leave. most of them should leave. leave three standing there. >> the crowd harris, is thinning with rand paul getting out of the race today. harris: getting out, we haven't talked about ben carson, he got nine, 10% which is where it was going in for the polling. that is another important who told me on camera if he starts to slide he will not hang in there in those low single digits. it will be interesting to see if he can rebound in new hampshire as well. he was in the top four, top five. andrea: interesting to your point, antonio, about the corruption rumors in iowa. trump is doubling down on those,
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doing that to stand up for carson senatorrers by which hopes to get his corner if and when carson drops out. my only concern he is going after ted cruz so fervently, he should focus on marco rubio than the others going into new hampshire. he just picked up scott brown, our one lucky guy, his endorsement yesterday in live free or die state. >> our one lucky guy. harris: whomever donald trump go after, whether they skin their neon him or cut their hand figuratively speaking he elevates them. who he chooses he elevates. maybe he is not choosing to do that with marco. andrea: after iowa caucuses ended in virtual tie for democrats, hillary clinton immediately started shifting her first campaign message. at her first town hall in new hampshire, live in derry, she stressed the economy after iowa entrance polls showed that was top issue for voters. clinton dropping her attacks on bernie sanders after they appeared not to work in iowa.
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cnn's wolf blitzer an opening but she did not take the bait. >> are you suggesting bernie sanders he may be progressive but he can't get things done? >> i'm talking about my record. at the end of the day, what matters to me is that we move our country forward. so i'm going to lay out my record, lay out my ideas and senator sanders can certainly lay out his own and we'll leave it up to the people of new hampshire to decide. harris: wow. andrea: made her rounds yesterday, antonio with wolf and chris matthews and others but what is happening on the right is happening on the left too. >> yeah. andrea: you see the base bucking the establishment. donald trump is rich, he has golf courses has all that money, people who support him don't see him that way. he is blue-collar workers. he speaks forethem. they don't care he is wealthy. don't care he owns golf courses. on left you see sanders capturing the imagination of
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democrats. they're not called stupid like trump supporters. they're called misogynist. we know from iowa, antonio, clinton lost 10 percentage points of women to bernie sanders. she has to temper her rhetoric or she will isolate half the democratic base. >> i think clinton should be in jail at this point. i think she's been through so much. i think american people know what she is all about. i think it is time they put her behind bars. this is crazy that we're actually even seeing her talk on camera because she shouldn't even be there. what she did to this country, all the lies, i mean that is a disgrace. disgrace to our country. >> if i've seen the movie "13 hours." >> i love that movie. >> no one came to the defense of the ambassador and ty woods and glen doherty. hillary clinton is the epitome of someone who is basically in favor of wall street but goes out and says i'm not. >> yeah. >> i'm the friend of veterans but when she is called to action
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she does nothing. >> changes her mind. >> i think the public sees it. i think what will happen ultimately there is no way she will be the standard-bearer for the democratic party. it is not going to happen. >> you have bernie which is ion worses because he is socialist. he wants to give everyone free stuff. that is never going to happen. nothing is free. you have to work hard and make -- i came from italy as legal alien. i came here, got my green card. we worked hard. came here. i have a future and my kids have a future because we worked hard. there was nothing free. that world of free stuff does not exist. >> free is good except you have to take it from someone else. >> where is it coming from, exactly? harris: you know it is interesting too when you look at people like glenn beck who says he understands the bernie sanders voters and their anger, not politics of it all, but the anger. hillary clinton is not tapping into the young vote, those women
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following bernie sanders. if you watch video very closely night of caucuses in iowa, in the gym premiums, you can see them walking from one side to the other t join other side. it is visual thing. those people crossing over. where are the coins that got flipped that gave her six or so districts? >> the two-headed coin? >> bernie sanders for first time isn't just capitulates, tired of emails -- he wants that looked at too, this flip of coin toss. >> on lighter note, if she will shift her campaign strategy somebody should tell her to smile a little bit. look at that interview, like her last campaign shift she would show us her softer side. i guess she ditched that. >> bob woodward came out and said, stop the screaming, hillary. andrea: president obama making the first trip of his presidency to a u.s. mosque, expected to make remarks at the top of the hour.
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the purpose of the trip and the controversy over the venue is huge. why this particular mosque is troubling so many people. plus bill cosby in court. why the disgraced star could see the sex assault case against him go bye-bye. we'll ask the judge. right after the show catch more from the couch on the web. it is called "outnumbered overtime." if you haven't done it today is the day. go to click the o-t tab. give questions to antonio. judge is here for free legal advice. take her up on it. ♪
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♪ harris: we are waiting for president obama's remarks from a mosque in maryland scheduled for 1:00 p.m. eastern at the islamic society of baltimore. the first he has visited since becoming president. this trip is part of the administration's push to recognize the contribution ever muslims to america and to counter an argument linking the muslim faith to terrorism. here is white house press secretary josh earnest. >> i think it is certainly true we've seen alarming willingness on the part of some republicans to try to marginalize
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law-abiding patriotic muslim-americans, and it is offensive. we have seen a willingness on the part of leading republican presidential candidates to try to appeal to people's fears and anxieties, and, they capitalized on terrorist attacks to do exactly that. harris: but critics say they're concerned about reports about that mosque, the one the president chose to visit? reports that the former imam there has links to the radical muslim brotherhood, and, to the northern virginia mosque where the anwar awlaki is preached. he was so evil, our federal government droned him. they took him out. andrea: the question is why he is going to it particular mosque. we know the president wants to tackle islamophobia. we wishing and we would hope he would elevate fighting isis and radical islamic terror the same time he is fighting islamophobia but he doesn't.
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there are some mosques he could have chosen. muslim brotherhood, don't forget, they have deep ties to terrorism. many members of al qaeda are members of the muslim brotherhood. he has had the muslim brotherhood to the white house when they took over in egypt after hosni mubarak fell. the egyptian people were not happy we meddled with the election and put the muslim brotherhood in power. look at what the president is doing, not just going to this, going to radicalized mosque, releasing prisoners from gitmo. rules of engagement for our military to fight jihadis. everything he is doing, point to the question whose side he is on? and they are wondering why he picked that mosque. harris: there is simultaneous thing andrea is talking about judge. bring you to something that happened on "america's newsroom" today, get your reaction. muslim reform movement and advocates and leaders are looking at some of the things andrea listed, wait a minute is that where the president wants to go and let us tell him why he shouldn't. watch. >> domestically he is cozying up
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to those who actually may preach against violence but they're preaching ideology that is on conveyor belt towards radicalism which is islammist. harris: he talking about the specific mosque. >> saudi jasser makes great sense. before give being them a check they have 10 sailors on their knees with guns to their head. we have president instead of protecting americans is more worried in protecting along with attorney general loretta lynch. rhetoric, free speech first amendment is insulting to muslims. they ought to start taking the side of americans who are victims of muslim or islamic jihad. this is a run-up, not just to the presidential election and taking down republicans, but it is a also a run-up to the national prayer breakfast. if you recall last year, basically, christians, it's your
9:20 am
turn, get off your high horse. this is a president who does not, my sense is, who doesn't believe that americans are worth protecting as opposed to the feelings of other individuals. harris: wow, that is really strong. i want to flip this though because this isn't the first president to visit a mosque. sandra: important to point out that george w. bush visited a mosque as well. it was only six days following the 9/11 attacks. he faced similar heat. it was washington, d.c. mosque, attempting to reach out to muslim-americans at that time saying these acts of violence against innocents violate fundamental tenets of the islamic faith but doesn't that make it so clear this isn't, the controversy isn't around obama visiting the mosque. it is the mosque that he is visiting. >> when was last time actually president obama went to see and talk to christians and talked to churches? this is president who just made the biggest deal wit biggest terrorist current from
9:21 am
from -- country in the world. christians are being killed all over the world. president wants to take out bible from schools, in god we trust. all these things are slowly going away going to a mosque and association with terrorists. bush, it was a different time. also, bush used to pray every morning. he was a christian. so you kind of knew this guy actually went to church. president obama he has never talked about christians. i mean there is an epidemic right now, wordwide, that christians are being slaughtered. this president never talked about it once. never talked about jesus christ once his career. that is the problem to me because i have a president who i believe is not a true christian. harris: well the white house would tell you that is not the case and -- >> wow. harris: he did meet with the pope. there is flip side of all of that. one thing for certain, his staff had to looked at mosque -- >> talking about the pope, he met, i mean the pope just met with, the pope met in vatican
9:22 am
city with the leaders of iran. so i mean, does not say much about the president meeting pope at all. president should go to churches and talk with christian leaders and maybe the point he is with them. >> hasn't the u.k. declared muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization? that is something been in question for years. the u.k. just came out muslim brotherhood is indeed a terrorist organization. andrea: they are. >> yet our president is visiting a mosque with muslim brotherhood -- harris: i question whether or not his staff would have looked at list of things reported as facts and looked at things out there and -- >> of course they wouldn't. andrea: they didn't do it with bergdahl and, doesn't read intelligence briefing, why bother research in fact, harris. harris: we'll be watching for that. the president will be going to this mosque in maryland. we'll cover it as it happens. here is a question for you, should we be bracing for what they're seeing in europe? first the facts. refugee crisis reportedly reaching critical levels there.
9:23 am
concern here at home the islamic state savages could use a refugee program to get into the united states. what is being done to make sure that doesn't happen? is it enough? they say crime doesn't pay. maybe it does. lawmakers are planning on paying people not to commit certain crimes. stay close. >> huh. peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. hyeah?m. we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes. well, i found this new thing called allstate quickfoto claim. it's an app. you understand that? you just take photos of the damage
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♪ sandra: lots ever questions on capitol hill right now about the migrant crisis and growing concerns isis will use our refugee and visa programs to get into the united states. house lawmakers hearing from the homeland security department most senior officials for intel and immigration. here is one exchange from earlier. >> i got to tell you, mr. rodriguez, i've been here, this is my 14th year to be honored to serve in congress. i haven't heard a opening statement from a witness i disagree with more than years yours. i don't know why in the world we
9:28 am
should have sense of urgency to accept these refugees? >> if we're not seen offering opportunity to the very victims of isil and al nusra, then we will have, we will have given away a vital part of the battlefield. >> why do we owe them opportunity? >> sorry? >> why do we owe them opportunity. we don't have to have them in our country to make sure they stay safe and well-fed. sandra: heated arguments there. germany talking about the cost of taking so many migrants. it has already cost taxpayers billions of dollars. in the aftermath of the new year's eve attacks in cologne, the city is setting up safe zones for women during the big carnival that starts tomorrow. remember this? we told you before about pamphlets distributed in germany showing migrants how not to treat women. that is free. on to that, more cartoon
9:29 am
guidance, distributed at public swimming pools in germany after reports of migrants groping women in the water. judge, as i was reading through that, i couldn't help but see your body language. you're disgusted by all of this? >> i'm disgusted by it. first of all did we just give 100 billion or 150 billion to iran? let them take them. let saudi arabia take them. here's the problem this administration has no way to vet who these people are. isis already said we're sending in our people through the refugees. now what are you going to do? call 1-800 assad, i have this guy mohamed here. he says he doesn't have criminal record, let's let him in to san francisco. no, no, no. and the idea women need a safe place, as if we are living in a country where sharia law exists in order to be able to go out to a carnival is an outrage! harris: that's the part that really got me. that you're actually now going back in time, by not just a few years, but by centuries.
9:30 am
you're going to send us back into the 7th century basically, you will pen the victims in. you make sure they're safe but you're not going to deal with the guys who need a cartoon to them them not to grab my booty. really? you're not dealing with the problem. >> it will start with germany and keep on going. even in my home country of italy there are a lot of problems. people don't talk about rome, infested with people moving into neighborhoods and living in homes and pushing people out and expecting that home to be yours all of sudden. government doesn't want to kick them out, doesn't want to do anything. it is only spreading. >> you compound it with these sanctuary cities we have. harris: that is why you picked san francisco i would imagine. >> they're sending people, i was reading an article today how they're sending refugees into montana because they want -- sandra: andrea, what do we do about it? andrea: pressure has to be put on the white house to not take upwards of 60,000 refugees is what they're talking, you know
9:31 am
it will be higher, sandra, and far more costly. over 75% of them muslim men. imagine what over 60,000 muslim men in this country would do? drastically change the demographics. i ask the question, after every point on this couch was spot on, where are the women's groups? where are the women's magazines pressuring president? we know their own government said they can't vet them. takes two years. at the same time, sandra, we are hearing refugees quote, share our values. booty grabbing as harris said and molesting and assaulting is not sharing our values. harris: that is technical term. andrea: it's a direct threat against the safety of women. look at report catherine herridge did yesterday how isis has over 6,000 u.s. passports? the the technology in china for the holograms, they're getting so good, they're able to produce them and a lot of those isis members will use very good u.s. passports to infiltrate our company, our country, kill americans, assault our women, rape our women and then what? then what do we do?
9:32 am
harris: couple points to push here. andrea talked about this. 60,000 in country of 300 million i don't think you can change the demographics. >> you can change a community drastically. harris: we saw this in history, men would come over without their families from different countries. your families came here. you do that. you get a job, bring the family over. that is part of the argument. >> i respect the values of the country. the difference with people -- harris: how do they get a job? they don't speak english. >> they want to learn the language most of them. went to gun store in los angeles this place was packed with women and men buying weapons because these people in this country are afraid. they don't know what is going to happen next. there was a line outside of the store to purchase machine guns or guns, whatever just to protect themselves. things are changing. andrea: let me quickly address that point because we're taking and taking now, 460,000 asylum-seekers a year. that does change the demographic. harris: add 60 to it. sandra: battle ramadi and fought
9:33 am
the jihadi, 300 of them standing firm. they are committed to the mission. only take as couple. they will die in the name of allah -- >> do it all the time. harris: quickly to dovetail after what andrea said, we learned that isis has material that was gained by hacking. some pretty detailed information about military members, government members, if they were able to come here, it would make it much here to find people they're looking for on information now that they have it. andrea: they are already here. tough to put that genie back in the bolt. they say crime does not pay but some people in washington, d.c. may be entitled to taxpayer money for merely following the law. the city couldn't sill approving a plan to pay up 200 at-risk residents not to commit crimes. they would undergo counseling. if they stay out of trouble, get they could get cold hard cash. yeah your cash. no word how much they get but based on a program in richmond, california, that pays participants up to 9,000 bucks a
9:34 am
year, d.c. residents not all convinced. >> that would tell me that the council that sponsored this bill is intellectually bankrupt. that they can not come up with any intelligent ideas on how to stop crime. andrea: want to go to the judge on this because you have put some criminals in jail, 100% conviction rate. perfect record. can you pay them not to commit crimes, judge? >> no. let me tell you want to do. you want to stop crime, put people that commit them in jail. if you want to give away money, give money to victims. how are you going to pick out who you give the money to? will you give money to a guy in hopes he won't commit a crime? i tell you something, andrea, if i'm criminal, number one, collect money and go commit a crime because i'm convinced they're not going to get me anyway. plus i move to sanctuary city and they can't do anything. harris: wow. sandra: isn't there another side to this though?
9:35 am
those already been in prison, are they predispositioned to commit another crime? >> depends on the type of crime. sex offenders, 75%. sandra: if we're looking at bottom line, looking at the dollars spent, if this were to be effective, wouldn't it be less costly to the government than reincarceration? >> the whole concept is contrary to our values. like sharia law, contrary to the constitution. paying people to be respectful of the laws is contrary to what we teach our children in school. we can not do this. we're headed down the wrong road. plus, if people think that they can get away with it, and then line their pockets, then they're going to do both, and it doesn't work. andrea: quickly, antonio, you live in california, what do you think of this program? >> this program is going to fail. it should never even be considered or talk about it, that is worst thing you can possibly do. how do you base the amount of money? kidnap something this or this is this?
9:36 am
more tax money from the people. >> or i pay you $9,000 not to rob a bank? how about i stab my neighbor? makes no sense. >> there is no common sense. andrea: they're not paying me to get into the commercial break but we have to get paid i guess because the advertisers are paying us. bill cosby facing serious sex crime charges but now a decision made a decade ago could shield him from prosecution today. could cosby walk?
9:37 am
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but now that she's taking osteo bi-flex, she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort. with continued use, it supports increased flexibility over time. karen: "she's single." it also supports wonderfully high levels of humiliation in her daughter. karen: "she's a little bit shy." in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. you were made to move. so move. ♪ harris: from one judge to another because we have one on the couch today, a judge is expected to decide today whether to throw out the sex assault case against actor bill cosby. cosby was arrested and charged in december as you know, facing up to 10 years in prison if he is convicted. he is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting former temple university employee andrea constand at his suburban
9:41 am
philadelphia mansion in 2004. bruce castor, declined to bring charges against cosby at that time because he believed the case was too weak. he says that decision shields the comedian from ever being prosecuted in the case. the current d.a. disagrees. so does judge jeanine because her head is twisting. >> okay. harris: why is it -- the defense attorney will pick what he can. did he pick something strong saying if you could have done it then you can't do it now? >> well he picked something that is not quite, if you could have done it then you can't do it now because the statute of limitations has not run. here is the issue, harris. the issue is whether or not the present d.a. can be bound by a decision made by prior d.a. i was sitting d.a. if d.a. before me decided not to prosecute someone i decided i had evidence, you know, too bad, it's me, i'm in charge here. but the problem is that there is a concept of immunity that flows from one d.a. to the next.
9:42 am
and unless there is newly-discovered evidence, most d.a.s would respect the other decision. let me tell you what makes no sense at all. it inures to the benefit of bill cosby he took the civil case, gave a deposition admitting quaaludes he used to impose himself upon these women or sexually assault them, let's be honest. the problem is, had he not believed and his attorneys not believed that he could never be prosecuted he would never have given that deposition. harris: ah. >> so the fact that cost by has admitted look, i did give them quaaludes so i could have my way with them will work to his advantage. harris: right. >> because the judge deciding the case is going to say, wait a minute there had to be an agreement. it wasn't in writing but there must have been -- harris: speaks to immunity. i get that. i want to ask you a hollywood question because we have seen women come out of the woodwork, so many with act cuelations against bill cosby.
9:43 am
why do you think it took so long to believe anything these women had to say? i know he was a big star. >> right. harris: what is the culture in hollywood -- >> they were afraid. i think they were afraid for many reasons. work, being able to work again, if it's a true. if it is not, people believe me? will they trash my career? will they do this to me? at some point they had to. took one person for the next. obviously we have so many, we lost count but hollywood is you know, either you go all-out or nothing at all. i think fear held them back. harris: interesting. so what do you see coming out of this? by the way, this is just one, which is what we're talking about. >> this one. harris: do you think any other women have a case in your mind i might try to get that one prosecuted? >> it is always he said/she said in these cases. the d.a. made a decision 11 years ago that there wasn't enough. he says believed the victim but he wasn't going forward. well if you believe the victim you should be passionate enough to convince a jury of 12 people
9:44 am
because they will believe her too. harris: what would you argue? >> what i would argue if i were the d.a. i would say look, that so-called agreement was not in writing. right now maybe i'll give up using that deposition but let me prosecute him anyway. so i think the deposition is off the table. harris: wow. i would assume that would attract more people -- >> statute of limitation, harris, most of these cases are old cases. 12 years is a long time in pennsylvania. very unusual. harris: we have seen merry christmas turned into happy holidays and halloweened turned into fall festival. now one elementary school is banning the date of love. valentine's day celebrations and other quote, dominant holidays where this is happening, whether it is just pc silliness. ♪
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9:49 am
making his visit to a mosque in his presidency. we're expecting comments on that shortly. marco rubio speaking today in new hampshire. new reports today suggest some big republican donors are getting behind the florida senator after his strong showing in iowa. he is taking some questions from the press right now. ted cruz holding a rally today in hookseth new hampshire. he will be speaking later, hoping to keep momentum going after his big win in the iowa caucuses on monday. we have live team fox coverage as the election heats up in 2016. andrea: it is. thanks jon. sandra: students at a minnesota elementary school about to get a lesson in heart break. their school won't be allowing them to exchange valentine's day cards this year or celebrate any other holidays for that matter. the school's principal saying he made the decision because he didn't want any of the students who are mostly foreign-born, to feel excluded, saying quote, i have come to the difficult decision to discontinue the
9:50 am
celebration of the dominant holidays until we can come to a better understanding of how the dominant view will suppress someone else's view. i don't know about -- >> what is going on in this country. harris: they treat valentine's day like peanut allergy. that is health issue, i get that. this is strange to me. >> just tell them, if you bring valentine bring it for everybody. harris: that's what we do. that's what my girls do. >> great point. i got a letter from my daughter's school. bring a valentine for everybody. antonio you have three kids. >> this is absurd. this country is falling apart every day. it is like, no christmas no that. does he have the right to do this? can we actually put him behind bars? this is -- >> i wouldn't prosecute him. but he, do we have a case here? so. harris: antonio sat next to the judge for so long he wants him to prosecute him. >> can we do that? >> here is interesting thing
9:51 am
about this. i looked up st. valentine. it's a saint. did you know everyone ever the three valentines was beheaded? i looked it up. harris: wow. andrea: live can be hard sometimes. life can be really, really hard. >> if you believe in procreation valentines is important. should like him. should like you. harris: people who are not necessarily from this country might get confused, might not appreciate, might not know about a certain thing? wouldn't that be a lot things in the classroom. >> they're coming here to the person the american dream and values. harris: do you stop everything you're doing because you want no one feeling -- >> what are we stopping? affection? havefeelings for another human being? the whole concept is chris crazy. andrea: they don't have feelings of love in other countries? a lot of other countries celebrate valentines today because it is st. valentine.
9:52 am
sit the classroom where people learn and educated? isn't it what the white house calls a teachable moment? where students could learn about holiday that teaches people to love? i mean -- harris: that's the thing. andrea: could use a little more love. why not? harris: we're doing away with all the celebration because we want to spend more time learning but that is not what they're saying. sandra: doing away with dominant holidays, because he used that word twice. harris: christmas and valentine's day are not exactly the same thing, hello. >> talking about love. andrea: doesn't want people to feel left out. if you got red carnation in school and someone got white karn nays, who every got white felt less. >> really? i never got carnations. harris: i never read into it that far. you're right. both about love these holidays. >> they're both about love. they're taking one by one. it will be gone. it is unfair. for the kids too, it is unfair for them.
9:53 am
sandra: antonio sabato, jr., he is upset. >> i'm upset and hurt. sandra: actress gwyneth paltrow raising eyebrows claiming she is self-made and just like everyone else in hollywood with rich and famous parents we might add. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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♪ andrea: actress begin negotiate pal troy has earned her -- gwyneth paltrow has earned label of from haters because of her life-style choices. in magazine she is self-made woman. i went to uc santa barbara when i quit trying to be actress, my dad was like, that's great but i won't help you. i got an apartment. worked as hotels in restaurant. juang quarters to buy starbucks and to get gas. she may have had to pursue side job to go through acting. her late dad is producer, bruce paltrow and her mom is blythe damager. >> "meet the fockers" if you remember that. sandra: had to scrounge quarters
9:58 am
to buy a $5 starbucks? come on. andrea: judge, do you feel sorry for her? she made it on her own? won academy award. her parent are very famous. her dad said he is not helping her. is there truth to what she is saying? >> honestly, the woman, came up with the term uncoupling. harris: consciously uncoupling. >> i don't understand what she is talking about. married to the guy from coldplay. harris: she was. >> she -- >> i'm not impressed. she says she is cook. she is all things. isn't she is cook too? harris: she is cook. andrea: antonio play devil's advocate. i like gwyneth paltrow. >> she is sweet. i met her before. andrea: some of her articles are relatable. keep beauty products in fridge. that is important question. how to wear stretchy pants beyond the yoga studio. >> i don't put beauty products in the fridge. i don't think you feel sorry for anybody in hollywood.
9:59 am
we have the greatest job, i mean everything is, is catered to us on daily basis. we're so blessed and fortunate. i don't think you should feel sorry for the girl. she has a lot of stuff most people don't have. >> in other words when you met begin negotiate you have nothing to talk about? >> i don't know. >> come out say i'm regular person? >> maybe insecurities. andrea: she has done that before but in this particular instance i didn't have my father's help. you know, look, my parents had, you know, a lot of success in their life. they didn't give me any money. they gave me college education but i kind of see where she is coming from. >> she has the last name. people knew who she was. when she screen tested started auditioning. andrea: got the academy award though. >> yes. harris: no one is saying she is not talented. she may be starved for attention. sandra: antonio said, she is very sweet. i don't feel sorry for her. >> a lot of people are very sweet but --
10:00 am
andrea: i'm outnumbered. thank you, antonio we'll keep you over. trivia question what do harris faulkner and antonio sabato, jr. have in common, i will give you a hint. janet jackson. harris: oh, no. no.


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