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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 3, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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andrea: i'm outnumbered. thank you, antonio we'll keep you over. trivia question what do harris faulkner and antonio sabato, jr. have in common, i will give you a hint. janet jackson. harris: oh, no. no.
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>> now sexually transmitting. >> the u.s. has warnings to travellers about the zika virus. it is all "happening now". we begin with the race for the white house. candidates barnstorm new hampshire ahead of next week's primary. i am jennily. welcome to "happening now". >> and i am jon scott. donald trump is calling for i redo. he accuses the tread cruz campaign of fraudullent activity and a shake-up in the race. senator rand paul announces he is suspending his campaign. right now, senators ted cruz and marco rubio are just two of the candidates holding events in the state. rubio in a town hall meeting and
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cruz holding a meet and greet in a country store. we find carl cameron. bring us to up date. >> reporter: hi, jon. ted cruz got to the country store and candidates have come here for decades. it is not technically open yet. there is a push to get it ready for the candidates to come here as part of the battle. there is a major battle between ted cruz and donald trump. after a slew of morning show partnershipses, trump tweeted today that he thinks that cruz cheated and stole the iowa caucus grading voters. and that is dirty and the race ought to be awarded to trump
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himself. the campaign manager that trump has a twitter problem and should get a self help program. and cruz has yet to respond upon to. it the race is one candidate short. rand paul returned to washington and acknowledged he would withdraw from the race and he will suspend his campaign and he will finish up all of the legal work to close out campaign and offered the video to explain. >> it has been a privilege to give voice to the liberty movement in this race. and today, i will suspend my campaign for the presidency, i will fight on for liberty and the constitution and justice in the united states senate.
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and that is famous for are independent voters. and that is a liberty movement or the 603 movement and named after the area code. and that is in the establishment lane and meeting jeb bush and john kasich and support rand paul had here. john? >> fascinating developments and we'll talk more about it in new hampshire. in the meantime, we'll take you to a live event that is happening with the president that is getting a lot of attention. the president after meeting with muslim leaders in a baltimore mosque is making a statement there and this is the first visit of his presidency. >> you will be a fantastic
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doctor and i suspect your parents are here because they wanted to see you. where is his parents. there you go. yay. let's goichlt good job, mom. she did great. she was terrific. and to everyone here at the islamic society of baltimore, thank you for welcoming me here today. i want to thank muslim american leaders from the city and state and some who travelled from out of state to be be here. i want to recognize congressman john sarbanes who is here as well as two other great leaders in congress and proud muslim americans congressman keith elliowa son from the great state of the minnesota and congressman carson from the great state of
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indiana. this mosque, like so many in our country is an all american story. you have been part of the city for half a century. you served thousands of families, and some who lived here for decades as well as immigrants from many countries who worked to become proud american citizens. a lot of the americans never visited a mosque and to the folks who haven't think of your own church, synagogue or temple. and this is where families come to worship and express their love for god and each other. there is a school where teachers open young minds, kids play basketball, football and baseball and i hear they are good. cub scouts and girl scouts, meet and recite the pledge of
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alledgeiance and inner- faith dialogues and you build bridges of understanding with other faith communities, christians and jews. there is a help point serving the needy regardless of their faith. and members of this community are are out working for social justice and urban development. as voters, you come here to meet candidates. one of your members said, just look at the way we live, we are true americans. so the first thing i want to say two words muslim americans don't hear enough. thank you, thank you for serving your community and lifting up the lives of your neighbors and helping keep us united and strong as one american family. we are grateful for that. [applause] this brings me to the other
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reason i want to come here today. i know in muslim communities across our country, it is a time of concern and some fear. like all americans, you're worried about the threat of terrorism and on top of that, as muslim americans you also have another concern, that is your entire community so often is targeted or blamed for the violent acts of the very few. and muslim american community remains strong several million people in this country and as a result most americans don'ts inially or at lost don't know a muslim personally and as a result many only hear about muslim and islam from the news after an act of terrorism or in
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distorted media portrayals in tv or film. all of which gives this hugely distorted impression and since 9/11 and more recently since the attacks in paris and san bernardino, you can see people conflated the acts of terrorism with the beliefs of an entire faith and more recently we have heard inexcusable political rhetoric against muslim- americans that have no place in your country. no surprise that threats and harrassment of muslim americans have surged. here in this mosque twice last year threats were made against your children. around the country, women
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wearing the hijab have been targeted. we have seen children bullied and we have seen mosque vandalized. sehl americans and perceived to be muslims have been targeted as well. i had a chance to meet with some extraordinary muslim americans from across the country that are doing all sorts of work. some of them are doctors, some of them are community leaders, religious leaders, all of them were doing extraordinary work not just in the muslim community, but in the american community and they are proud of their work and business and education and on behalf of social justice and environment and education. i should point out they were all much younger than me which is happening more frequently these
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days. and you couldn't help but be inspired about the extraordinary work they are doing and you could not help but be heart broken to hear their worries and anxieties, some of them are parents and they talked about how their children were asking are we going to be forced out of the country? are we going to be rounded up? why do people treat us like that? conversations that you shouldn't have to have with children, not in this country and not at this moment. and that's an anxiety echoed in letters i get from muslim americans in the country. i have had people write to me and say, i feel like i am a second class citizen. i've had mothers write and say,
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my heart cries every night thinking about how our daughter might be treated at school. a girl from ohio 13 years old, told me i am scared. a girl from texas, a confused 14-year-old trying to find her place in the world. these are children just like mine, and the notion that they would be filled with doubt, and questioning their place in this great country of ours, at a time when they have enough to worry about p. it is hard enough being a teenager already. that's not who we are. we are one american family and when any part of our family feels second class. >> the president speaking to the islamic society of baltimore, described as one of the largest
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and influential community centers of its kind and the president talking a little bit of treatment of the muslims in this country and his opinion. this is his first visit and this type of outreach in his entire two terms. we'll continue to watch the statements he makes over the next half an hour or 40 minutes. he has a roundtable that we streamed live in fox news. jon? >> what is next in the run up to new hampshire. polls show that trump has a 20 point lead on the republican side. but the polls are not always accurate. larry is director for center for politics in the university of virginia and let's get his take. iowa is always very difficult to poll in advance, what about new
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hampshire? >> it is always said that new hampshire is equally difficult to poll and here's why. just like in iowa, 40 percent or more of the new hampshire voters, can change their minds at the last-minute and they've been known to do it as when hillary clinton upset barak obama in 2008. he was favored to win after winning iowa. and the other thing in new hampshire independents choose whether they will participate in the republican primary or democratic primary and that changes the calculation. believe me, we are all being careful and we have been burned too many times in the past. >> when they choose they tend to go where actions exciting. you think they will vote in the republican race this year?
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>> i think so unless the democratic race gets close. today it is not close at all. bernie sanders is well ahead of hillary clinton. and i have seen this movie before. sometimes right at the last 48 hours, you will have a closing. and that's what hillary clinton is hoping for and why she's debating bernie sanders again. they are trying to relive history in a different kind of way. >> you say sanders and trump are on top. ifts to continue his campaign, he has to have a win there, why do you say that? >> look, i don't think anybody was shocked that he didn't win iowa. he had a tough road to hoe particular beingly with evangelical being more than 60 percent of the voters in iowa. evangelicals are only 22 percent of the new hampshire electorate.
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and in new hampshire, he has every establishment candidate still in the race and still polling ten percent. and so the vote against him is split. and if he can't win in new hampshire with a long lead, seems to me the air will go out of his balloon as he moves south to south carolina and the states on march 1st. >> you told us iowa would start the willowing processes and we saw it with rand paul dropping out. where do you see his supporters going? >> i thought about that and looked at the other candidates and rand paul is pretty low in the polls, i don't think they will move en masse to anybody. i think 3 or 4 candidates getting a percent. that is usually what happens when a candidate like rand paul
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drops out. and marco rubio better be ready because the fire he takes is going to be be withering. >> you look be at the strong finish in iowa. he finished third. all hail to ted cruz for first and donald trump for second. there was marco rubio just a point beneath donald trump. and all of the other establishment front runners know that marco rubio is the guy to beat and donald trump and ted cruz are looking over their shoulders at rubio. not the only target but the number one target is marco rubio. >> something that voters should pay attention to. larry, it is good to have you on. >> thank you, jon. appreciate it. now the spread over the zika virus capturing national attention. and now a patient in texas did
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not contract the virus from a mosquito but a person. and this is raising more concern cans about continuing the virus and it may cause birth defects in new borns. we have dr. manny alvarez. this is close to home. i am 31 weeks pregnant and you deliver babies professionally. and before we dig in the news on this. what do you tell your patients about this? >> i am telling my patients about traveling to the caribbean and south america, i am suggest is -- suggesting they don't do it because of the unknowns. we know it is a problem in the south america and caribbean. the problem that i have, those health departments don't have good accountability.
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in venezuela there is a lot of reporting the cases, but the health department doesn't have the handle on it. we have brlt better data in brazil. they have national campaigns and the only way to eradicate the problem is to eradicate the mosquito. we are looking at a global crisis. >> and it is alarming it can be caused by many things and there is a presumed link but not scientifically proven yet. tell us about p that concern. >> microceph ali is when you have a small cranium and brain and we know that there is a genetic component that can led to it. and we know that a big culprit
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is infectuous disease. cm v, and you know, they can get in through the placenta to the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy and cause brain damage. we have evidence that the zika virus is the culprit and the mechanisms are going to be forth coming. exactly what gestational age do you need to be pregnant to get it. if you get it nerl the first or second trimester. this is where the baby is developing versus in the third trimester. you don't develop microsepally. >> what is the treatment? >> there is no treatment per se. you have congentittal deficiencies of the brain matter and the bone structure of the
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child. a lot have motor disabilities and brain disabilities. >> we knew about this antidotally and thinking it could be transmitted through sexual contact. and how big of a deal is this? >> it is a big deal. but still the big problem is is the mosquito because that is the natural vector for the virus. but the reports going back several decades are true. and this is a perfect example. this is going to it change the dynamic not only in the areas super infected with the virus, and bring a public awareness that you can get it through intercourse or get protection for that, too. this is a big public health crisis. >> thank you. we'll certainly watch it. >> hillary clinton won iowa by a razor thin marge and i know media treated it as a setback.
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is mrs. clinton treated fairly? a fair and balanced debate next.
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>> hillary clinton won independent iowa, but you would not know it by the headlines on tuesday morning. new york times writing, the hillary clinton campaign unnerved by iowa and braces for new hampshire. short comings of a candidate who once seemed invincible. and how iowa went wrong for hillary clinton. did hillary clinton really win the iowa caucuses? coming to her defense is a columnist. hillary clinton won the iowa caucus. cut her slack. >> we have president and found
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are of the new democrat network. and that is an interesting topic. simon is there a double standard? was the coverage over done. >> i don't think so. both of the things were true. it was much closer than winning. if she won iowa 4 or 5 points. she was ahead in iowa 45 points and this race closed up. and we move on to new hampshire and she will be in the same position as bernie sanders. it will closeup and get tight and do better in new hampshire than people think. >> before you move on talking about new hampshire, tony, this is an assessment in the atlantic that is more sympathetic. high surrounding standards concealed hillary's compliments.
10:27 am
it is impressive his rise. but she remains idea logically full verable. >> it is sad to see the talk. i think simon gave an effective and nottive assessment and i groe agree. the four headlines came from what we on the right consider a left stream mainstream media. it is not as if it is it a right wing conspiracy. hillary clinton was ahead. bernie sanders is a more flawed candidate than barak obama was. that comparison is silly. and the clinton campaign, they were off by seven points in iowa and they had indicated they were expecting a win. they had to hold out to declare a .2 percent margin of victory. there are six coin tosses that
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decided the delegates and she won all six. there is questions out of iowa. she will lose in new hampshire and then new hampshire to south carolina, there is 11 days where the dominant cycle. hillary clinton underperforming and losing. >> that is an interesting point and simon, it may be hard to focus after a compliment from tony. there are those who say hillary clinton should skip new hampshire and don't worry about it and go to south carolina and she has support according to the polls and move past that fire wall where she is successful, what do you think about that strategy. >> i think in any presidential race and skipping a debate makes you look weak and ineffective and that impacted donald trump i think. i think jeb bush and the others who didn't compete in iowa, it
10:29 am
hurt them. you have to fight and show you have the toughness and vigor to take on the the presidential race. i think she is doing the right thing. she will wake away from the delegate in new hampshire. she's doing the right thing. >> tony, what does it look like for a clinton win being that bernie sanders is ahead in the polling just like rubio coming in third place. >> though unlikely change the conversation completely. the democratic caucus is different than the republicans. come march 15th. republican primaries are win and take all. when you see the fight for the democratic electorate and unmarried women are voting for bernie sanders and young people are voting for bernie sanders and progressive are aligning for bernie sanders than hillary
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clinton, it doesn't matter unless she figures out a way to reach this part of the democratic base that don't think she is representative of their belief. >> what is your response, simon. >> look, there is no question that bernie sanders winning young people in iowa by 70 points. it should send shockwaves through the clinton campaign. this is the most important part of the new democratic coalition and she's showing enormous weakness and it has to be addressed and become a major focus. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, tony. >> happy birthday. >> a dangerous storm system damaging dozens of homes in the south spawning several tornados in the process. where is the system heading now? >> and new development in the robert dufrt case and putting
10:31 am
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10:35 am
>> what did it sound like? >> boom, boom, boom. just like that. black as it was. and like it was -- coming down, boy. >> our chief meteorologist is live with more, rick? >> i think it was a rough day yesterday and today will not be as well. all of the reports of the tornados in mississippi. and the same cell dropped the tornados. it was a slow moving front and we have a lot of rain in the northeast and southeast. hard to believe that ten days ago, we have one of the most significant winter storms and snow storms in the eastern sea board and all of that snow is gone because of the temperatures being being so warm. but with this storm we'll see localized flooding. and some of these cutting in florida and carolina and getting
10:36 am
severe throughout the day today. it is it a bigger chance for strong damaging winds. and they will go through tonight as well. and it is it such a slow- moving storm. it is slowly moving off the shore. it sticks around tomorrow. and hugging the coastal areas down by the southeast and get ready for a lot of rain. this it is saturated ground and we'll see localized flooding. flood watch in effect for philadelphia and dc and parts of the southeast. temperature wise, it is incredibly warm. here we are jenna. 61 degrees and in february '61 degrees. hard to imagine that. big cold comes in tuesday and
10:37 am
wednesday. and in the east for a number of days. and this weekend, not that bad. >> you can't keep it with the winter coat. it is disorganization all over the place. thank you. >> you bet. a new twist in the robert dufrt case. he could go on trial for murder. casy ste gal has the latest. >> reporter: we'll start with the back story. robert durst has been behind bars since last year. he was arrested in. jw marriott hotel near the new orleans french quarter. prosecutors believed he was about to flee the country. inside of that hotel room disguises and marijuana and a handgun and large sums of
10:38 am
cash. until now he fought the federal gun charge and pled not guilty. today that changed. under a plea deal struck between the defense team and prosecutor he changed his blow to guilty. this opens the door to extraditing him back to los angeles where he will stand trial for his friend susanberman. she was kill canned in 2000 and the leads dried up. but durst was heard on tape saying what did i do? kill them all, of course. >> we were dealing with a cold case and benefits the defendant for having a trial. they know the case in california, is sh some what weak. they have an admission that may or may not be admissible. and that is yet to be determined. >> under the plea deal durst
10:39 am
will be arraigned for murder. and he will be sentenced in the gun charge. the 72-year-old looking pretty frail in the courtroom today. his lawyers remarked about his ailing health through the whole ordeal, jon. >> for more on the durst case, greg jarrett, he plead guilty nonew orleans, what happens now? >> he goes on trial. prosecutors have a theory that he killed susan because she knew how and why he killed his wife. she was to be intrude and she is lying dead with a bullet in the back of her head and they believed she did it so she would not rat him out.
10:40 am
>> and he misspelled the letter beverly hills and it looks the same. and there it is. it has the same misspelling and block lettering and he was confronted with that and he made a creepy admission. >> he excuses himself in the interview and goes to the bathroom and has a creepy conversation with himself in the mirror. and take a listen. kill them all. of course. >> and here it is. you are caught, arrest him and what a sdaefrt and what the hell did i do? killed them all, of course. most of that will come in because it is an admission to interest. and that is when you you confess to something it is it. kill them all.
10:41 am
that refers to multiple murders. in los angeles you are charged with only one murder. that particular segment does not come in evidence. >> that does not. >> thank you. jenna. >> border control from space. some are concerned that borders will not be the only thing getting watched. >> police searching for a modern-day bonnie and clyde as one of the victims tell how he survived. >> i could try to be the hero and end up with bullet holes or be submissive. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
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10:45 am
firefighter's helmet cam. a family of five lived in the sxhoem amazingly all got out okay. the 14-year-old boy sounded the alarm. he hopped a fence and helped a neighbor get out of her home. >> a couple wanted in a multi- state crime spree and offering a $10,000 award leading to the arrest of blake and brittany harper. they were accused of robbing and kidnapping. both kidnap victims were released unharm. and one talked about the experience. >> hey, i can do this for you. i need you to give me all of your money and car keys. i never met someone i couldn't get along with. if i can keep them calm and i will not give shot.
10:46 am
i gave them no reason to hurt me and they talked about how they didn't want to hurt me. they didn't seem like crim names. they just seemed like a couple that had run out of options. >> rod wheeler joins us now. it is it a compassionate description by a man taken hostage. what do you make of his impression of the crim names. >> it says a lot about the individuals. a lot of viewers asked me whether or not they are running because of something they had done in missouri. and here's that answer. i think yes. the guy, blake fitzgerald he had an active warrant for burglary in missouri. once it was issued, he fled the state along with the woman. and the u.s. marshal's office takes over the investigation and that's why the u.s. marshal's
10:47 am
service and leading the investigation. and in addition to the kidnapping charges and felony charges and the robberies, these folks have added charges to go with the burglary. >> we are confused about the motive. these two individuals told the person they kidnapped. we are trying to get to florida and we want your car and we don't know why they are doing this? is that strange? >> yes, they were trying to get to panama city, florida. why panama city? this is what they are doing as i speak, they are trying to figure out whether or not one or both have associates or relatives and friends that live in panama city. and this is how they look at this. it is a possibility they made that statement to the victim to throw the police off and meaning that instead of 75 south to
10:48 am
panama, maybe they decided to go north to throw the police officer. but will they be caught? absolutely. they will slip up. and they don't seem to be the most sophisticated criminals to me. >> they could actually be be anywhere. >> i have seen these cases, they will slip up and try to rob another mcdonald or a hotel and that person, that victim will call the police right away and the police will set up a dragnet and cut off all of the roads and pick them up. my biggest concern is that they do have a weapon. they have a gun. and i hope they don't use it and haven't up to this point. but as law enforcement, we don't know and we have to anticipate the worst. >> what would you be doing today, rod to track them down and talk to family members and social media and friends? >> family members and friends
10:49 am
and people in the area and knew these two individuals. i would be talking to all of the folks and offer a huge reward. just so you know, there is a reward for $10,000 out for these people p. and that's why the pictures are flashed. and that will bring these people to justice, jenna. >> it is something we are going to be watching. they have been on the run for a few days. concern about inner stellar spy games. cameras on the international space station. raising questions about surveillance and misuse of cutting edge technology.
10:50 am
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hi everyone. i'm heather nauert in for gretchen carlson. a passenger sucked out of an airplane at 13,000 feet as a possible explosion creates a hole in the plaechblt was it a bomb? ted cruz suggests donald trump should go back to iowa and join the democrats. what's behind this latest fight. will bernie sanders or won't he contest the iowa results. and congressman with access to the country's most sensitive information has seen the hillary clinton e-mails that we will never see. he says he's "never read anything more sensitive than what these e-mails contain." all that at the top of the hour. see you then. we're getting new video showing awe pair of russian cosmonauts going on a spacewalk at the international space station. this amid new concerns about the cameras and whether they should be rented out for surveillance here on earth. steve hair began has the story
10:54 am
live from miami. steve? >> john, a recent offer by a canadian company to rent the two cam rams on board the spacetation raised concerns about space surveillance. >> the company installed two high resolution cameras on the russian side of the space station in 2014. the russian space station see only a small percentage of earth. >> attempting to find ways to make money. >> there are also concerns that russia could use space imagery for military ends in ukraine and syria. >> clearly, it could be used to identify, locate and find positions on the ground for strikes by russian aircraft. >> the commercial use of cameras on the research station shows how the line between government controlnd private enterprise in space is vanishing. >> governments and militaries are having difficulty dealing with that because they want to foster innovation.
10:55 am
but they don't know what that means in the long-term and so they're always nervous about it. >> of course, the space station was originally designed to be a lab. increasingly it's being used as a destination point for private companies trying to figure out how to make space travel profitable. john? >> fascinating. thank you, steve, in miami. never know what danger lurks around the corner like a rambunctious 2-year-old who put this baby-sitter through the paces in a courthouse lobby. we'll explain in the final 30. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow.
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milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity.
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. lady gaga will en joit spotlight on two high octane stages. first, the national anthem before the super bowl this sunday. then a week later, gaga will perform at the grammys in honor
10:59 am
of david bowie. >> i was surprised they would pick gaga. >> she rises to the occasion, miss gaga. i'm ready for her. >> heard tony bennett. >> our adore-meter is spiking. this 6'6" cop volunteers to watch a toddler at a utah courthouse while her father dealt with a difficult traffic case. little girl took charge. gathering treats from other deputies, watching cartoons on the officer's cell phone and then finally she went down for a nap. >> i mean, that's the kicker for me. the courthouse with a stranger. she was able to lull herself to sleep. that police officer i want to hire him. >> he could consult. >> my son did not take a nap today. i need a 6'6" police officer to control him. >> maybe it's the badge that makes the difference. she's respecting authority. >> that's right. >> i should try that. yeah.
11:00 am
it's already happening. thanks so much for joining us, everybody. >> heather nauert is in for gretchen on the real story, which starts now. good afternoon everyone. the presidential candidates crisscrossing new hampshire today in a mad dash for votes before the primary. i'm heather nauert in for gretchen carlson. this is the real story. new hampshire is the next political battlefield. rubio, christ yes, kasich, bush. they're all meeting voters and drumming up support in the granite state. bernie sanders holding a rally later. >> now we're about to take a live look at hillary clinton. she's working to get out the vote for next week's primary in dover, new hampshire. that's where we find ed henry. ed, the candidates looking forward but still looking back to iowa. >> reporter: that's right. hillary clinton is speaking just downstairs from where i am right now. she'll be o i


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