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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 3, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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it's already happening. thanks so much for joining us, everybody. >> heather nauert is in for gretchen on the real story, which starts now. good afternoon everyone. the presidential candidates crisscrossing new hampshire today in a mad dash for votes before the primary. i'm heather nauert in for gretchen carlson. this is the real story. new hampshire is the next political battlefield. rubio, christ yes, kasich, bush. they're all meeting voters and drumming up support in the granite state. bernie sanders holding a rally later. >> now we're about to take a live look at hillary clinton. she's working to get out the vote for next week's primary in dover, new hampshire. that's where we find ed henry. ed, the candidates looking forward but still looking back to iowa. >> reporter: that's right. hillary clinton is speaking just downstairs from where i am right now. she'll be out in a moment.
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what's interesting is all that controversy still from iowa about the coin flips. six coin flips that helped hillary clinton win various precincts in iowa. we've heard, wait a second, there were coin flips that helped hillary clinton that actually helped bernie sanders as well. maybe it didn't have as much help as sanders supporters think. there's questions being raised about whether bernie sanders will contest the results in iowa where it appears an actual count of clinton supporters was not taken in polk county at one caulk e. caucus. it caused some confusion leaving bernie sanders to say, wait a second, maybe we need to look at this. >> . >> we have time to analyze it. our people in iowa are taking a look at that. but i do think it's kind of
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unfortunate that, again, i don't want to misspeak here, but it may be the case that some delegates were selected based on a flip of a coin. not the best way to do democracy. >> so he's looking at it. but the sense i'm getting from the sanders camp is that they're not planning to contest the results. they don't want to look like sour grapes. they think he did quite well in iowa even though he finished second. he raised $3 million over the internet within 24 hours of the iowa caucus results. >> that's a record certainly for his campaign. well done on that $3 million. want to ask about that. so clinton now in new hampshire where you are today and trying to lower expectations there. what is she saying? >> reporter: it's interesting. just a few moments ago at a previous event she was suggesting there were pundits out there, i haven't heard them say it. pundits telling her to skip new hampshire because she's down there. sounds like they're trying to
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lower expectations. >> you're behind here. i am. you're in your opponent's backyard. new hampshire always favors neighbors which i think is neighborly. and you know, maybe you should have just moved on to some of these other states where everybody says you've got big leads and all of that. i have to tell you, i just could not ever skip new hampshire. i cannot even imagine not being here. >> reporter: they jumped on the fact that bernie sanders was planning that rally you mentioned and a news conference later today. canceled them overnight. her campaign saying he's taking the lead for granted. we've heard that the events are back on schedule. >> ed henry in new hampshire. thank you so much. a coin flip, could all of this be iowa's answer to florida's
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hanging chads? we remember that. >> good afternoon to both of you. let's first look at iowa. bernie sanders is saying, he doesn't think he'll fight for this leslie. what do you think of that idea? if there is discrepancies in his campaign spokesperson said that he or she believes that there are, why not fight? >> well, i'll tell you, i am not a mathematician by any means, heather. yesterday on my radio show, we had somebody from iowa really break it down. iowa is a caucus and it's about delegates. we see numbers with regard to delegates. we also do not hear a lot of things such as contest where bernie sanders won with coin tosses. one of the reasons he's not pushing is because at the end of the day, although it's by a slight amount, she clearly won even without the coin tosses as was explained to me by iowa
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insiders who do have the mathematical skills to break it down. >> chris, i think you need a fighter to be of the president of the united states. he had the opportunity to spike the ball when it came to hillary clinton and the e-mail server scandal. he didn't do that in the debate. should he be fighting this now? >> well, look, this is not a clear win for hillary clinton by any stretch of the imagination. a victory that was called by the head of the democratic party in iowa who is also a clinton surrogate smelled bad to begin with. it is the narrowest margin than anyone won by in iowa caucus. the des moines register raised questions and that the math may not have been done properly. we're talking about .2 of one percentage point and according to one analyst on a liberal network said there is nowhere to be found in the iowa democratic
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rules for the caucus an option of flipping a coin for delegates. so that option may not exist at all. that's bizarre. the flipping of the coin. somebody was quoted in one of the local papers there saying if there weren't cell phones in the room they would think it was 1800s or something. leslie, i want to talk about the state of new hampshire and the republicans there, donald trump and ted cruz trading a whole lot of jabs on twitter. still over iowa. we'll talk about new hampshire in a minute. ted cruz didn't win in iowa, he stole it trump says. that's why all of the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. bad. cruz is dismissing the claims. we'll get back to you in a second. let's check in with fox business network's blake berman outside of a cruz campaign event in new hampshire. blake, any response from cruz just yet?
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>> reporter: no. cruz just wrapped up his event here at a country store. talked for 15, 20 minutes and engaged in a question and answer session. he kind of left the issue. he gave a standard stump speech. the back and forth, back and forth between trump and cruz is on here in new hampshire after donald trump unleashed what amounted to a twitter rant saying that ted cruz and his campaign committed fraud and because of that, according to his tweet, the election he says should be a redo. here is that tweet. donald trump saying, "based on the fraud committed by senator ted cruz during the iowa caucuses, either a new election should take place or cruz results nullified." before that, the cruz campaign spokesman sent out a state statement that went after donald trump, directly after him. here's what it was in full. "reality jumped -- he lost iowa
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and now nobody is talking about him so he's popping off on twitter. there are support groups for twitter addiction, perhaps he should find his local chapter." ted cruz is doing a media event 30 minutes or so counsel the road. you can bet it will be brought up and cruz will have a response then. >> that was a clever tweet there. rand paul, out. so who is trying to pick up his supporters? the most likely candidate? >> rand paul was running at about 3 3e% according to the -- that would amount to hundreds of voters if not thousands come election night. we saw how important a percentage or two one way or the other could be in iowa. marco rubio for one gave a comment to this today saying that he would welcome the support of senator rand paul. for now, the paul campaign is saying no endorsement as of yet. back to you. >> we'll be watching that one.
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blake burman, thanks so much. leslie marshall and chris plant. let's talk about the republicans. trump has that business about saying that ted cruz committed fraud right there. i'm wondering if trump is trying to attract more attention to himself. trying to suck the oxygen out of the room. is that what this is about? >> i think it's partially about that. i think it's also about unfortunately, we see sour grapes, whether by a large margin or a small margin, somebody won iowa. it was cruz on the right, hillary on left. bottom line, you got to look forward. this is not about iowa. this is about the number of delegates. donald trump may not get delegates in new hampshire because he missed the debate, because he doesn't have the campaign that's been run so slickly by ted cruz and also by marco rubio and that, by the way, also leads to their experience. i'm going to tell you, i think rubio is the guy to watch because these two are fighting in new hampshire.
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new hampshire is a very different state than eye wachlt the republicans in new hampshire are different than the republicans in iowa and certainly the amount of independents. i think mr. trump might be surprised a second time. >> chris christie is talking about how it's downnd marco rubio in new hampshire. listen to this. >> you just look at the way senator rubio is responding. he's not talking about jeb bush or john kasich. you heard him talk about anybody other than me in the last 48 hours? he knows we have the most support from folks like this and i've spent more days here than any other candidate and done more events here. he knows i've done three times the events he's done here in new hampshire. he knows that his impediment to the next round is right in front of you. >> chris christie is number 6 in the polls in new hampshire. chris what, do you make of that? >> well, look, chris christie as you said, is so far behind and
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right now, we've got a two, a three-person race perhaps including marco rubio and the rest are trying to get a some attention. and at this point are kind of also rants. donald trump's assault on ted cruz, on the other hand, accusing him of fraud, fraud if i'm not mistaken in an election is a felony and that's a fairly serious accusation. donald trump didn't lose by a razor-thin, he lost by a significant enough amount. also the alleged fraud was not perpetrated against him but against dr. ben carson, the explanation is what the explanation is, i suppose at this point. we should look at that and whether the cruz campaign and congressman king were involved in that in any deliberate misuse -- >> mailers were sent out that were inaccurate. looked like they were from n official government agency and they were not. >> we have to leave it right there. thanks a lot for joining us.
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shifting gears now, isis exploiting the syrian refugee crisis. what our top homeland security officials are now telling lawmakers right ni on the hill about attempts by isis to bring terror to american soil. plus, an explosion on board a plane, sucking one person through this gaping hole mid flight. imagine that. 13,000 feet up. other passengers stunned while they're in the air. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing.
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america's heroes have a if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. it's quarter past the hour. a divide-based airline confirming that one passenger is missing after an explosion blew a hole in the side of the
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airplane shortly after takeoff over somalia. officials are now investigating. let's check in with trace gallagher live with more on that. trace, do we know anything more about this explosion? >> reporter: heather, if you look at the gaping hole in the air bus 321, you can tell it was from the inside out. it was caused from a design flaw or metal fatigue, which is highly unlikely or an explosive device. there are reports that explosive residue has been found. about five minutes after the flight took off from the airport in mogadishu, passengers heard a loud bang and the cabin filled with flames and smoke. the video you're about to watch was actually taken by a somalian deputy ambassador who got his cell phone close to the hole in the plane. listen to what he saw after the bang. >> just saw white smoke and a
11:17 am
few second i didn't realize where it was. then when things calmed down, you know, of course, we saw a hole in the plane and the first thing you worry about is can we really make it. >> reporter: and a big reason they were able to make it is because the explosion didn't damage any of the flight controls. as you can see, it was close to the wing, which is the strongest part of the plane. experts point out, had it been in the tail section this might have been turned out very differently. there were a few injuries among the passengers and crew. as you were talking about, heather, local somalians reported seeing a burning body fall from the aircraft, the body of an elderly man was later row recovered. all passengers and crew are being questioned by authorities. security at the airport in mogadishu is very tight because al shabab controls territory within the airport and in the flight of the air path. no claim for responsibility as of yet.
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>> trace gallagher, i can't imagine being there and something like that happening. another person who reported on that is katherine harris. but we're going to talk to her about officials on capitol hill testifying about the growing concern of isis ewing the refugee crisis to get terroristst into the united states. this comes amid a growing debate over the handling of the humanitarian crisis in syria and that region. who exactly should we allow into our country. chief intelligence correspondent katherine harris is live for us in washington. what are they saying on capitol hill today? >> the director for immigration and citizenship services testified that a social media account scrub is done, but only in cases with other warnings. >> we are doing that in cases of flags of concern and adding resources quickly so that we use that in fact fort -- the entire body. >> is this the high risk? >> right now and then we're going to be moving to covering
11:19 am
the entire population. >> it's important. because one of the findings that came out of the san bernardino terrorist attack in december is that tashfeen malik entered the u.s. on a fiance visa. the fbi later confirmed she was using a private messaging service to talk about jihad with her future husband. the case under scores the fact that the immigration process does not routinely review publicly available information published online by the applicant. >> tell us about other changes and folks on capitol hill saying how long it will take before they look at everybody's social media profile. >> some of the changes include the following. tashfeen malik applied for a visa in saudi arabia where she lived at the time and a review of her immigration file found deficienci deficiencies. one that the couple met in person. no translation was done on the arabic stamp in her passport. it was concluded that she and her future husband probably
11:20 am
never met in person before applying for that visa. >> do we currently have changes in place based on what we learned from the failures in that case? >> something is different now. we're going to use the more intensivelily and more strategic and targeted way to target the kinds of issues that i know we're worried about. >> at times today there was real frustration with the bureaucracy and the administration's priorities. >> we're going to allow up vetted refugees into the country? they put americans at risk. >> i'm amazed that an administration that wants to expand background checks for law-abiding american citizens exercising their second amendment constitutional rights will refuse to do the background checks necessary on possibly syrian refugees. >> one of the big things that came out of the hearing is that it's going to be difficult to balance this national security piece with this very real and growing humanitarian need. to answer your question, there
11:21 am
was really no timeline on when some of the changes would be made. but we did learn that they used social media, but just only in cases where there are other flags and then they would bring in the additional tool to vet. >> seems like a simple check. i guess that's government for you times. katherine her ij in washington. the coast guard swimmer forced to drop into dangerous waters twice in search of first responders who were trapped by the pounding surf. plus, bill cosby back in court on felony sexual assault charges. what his legal adviser is doing to try to get the case thrown out. lawmakers on capitol hill grilling officials responsible for the flint water crisis. what can be done to fix that problem? >> outrage doesn't begin to cover it. so i don't know how we fix this. but it has to be fixed. we can't let this happen. it should have never happened in the first place. ♪
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rescue crew in need of a rescue of its own. this taking place in oregon. watch this. the coast guard called in to help two first responders who fell into the water searching for a missing girl in this incredibly difficult water condition. look at that right there. one worker was taken to the hospital. but they've since been released. on the other side of the country, a retrial here in pennsylvania facing a felony sexual assault charge, his top legal adviser is trying to get it thrown out claiming that a former prosecutor gave cosby immunity from prosecution after closing the investigation back in 2005. so that cosby would testify in a civil lawsuit. let's check in with rick
11:26 am
leventhal live outside the courthouse in norris town, pennsylvania, where it's really coming down out there in terms of rain. rick, tell us about this argument here. >> reporter: well, heather before lunch, the two sides had what in essence were closing arguments and the judge announced he would have a decision when they returned around 2:00 this afternoon. we're hearing from inside the courtroom, which is closed, that more witnesses are being called. so this hearing is not over yet. it's focusing on the key question which could make or break the case. wlofrnt there was a an agreement between the prosecuting and his former lawyers and is it enforcement. the da spent six hours on the stand yesterday explaining why he chose not to prosecute the man known as america's dad back in 2005 when a temple university basketball manager andrea kos tanned. they believed her story but
11:27 am
didn't think he could win a criminal case because there were inconsistencies when she told the story three different times to law enforcement. she waited a year to report the incident and hired a civil attorney before calling cops. a press release was announced saying he would not prosecute the comedian. it served as the written agreement not to prosecute and compelled cosby to testify at a civil trial allowing kos tanned to collect a significant settle. ment. they say it was a misuse of authority and never mentioned immunity and dofrnt grant immunity to him. they want to use it at a criminal trial against him and we're waiting on this judge to decide this. >> they're hanging their hat on a press release for immunity? >> it's a strange and unusual circumstance that none of us have heard of before. >> tell us what happens next. >> reporter: well, we're told this hearing is continuing. more witnesses are now being called, presumably by the state,
11:28 am
by the prosecution, which has the right to call witnesses to try and convince a judge if he's siding with the defense to change his mind. in the meantime, the d.a.'s office may proceed with the case even if it can't use cosby's own words against him. there's still the questions about whether they could testify about the way cosby assaulted them. the comedian faces up to ten years in prison if convicted. but that trial seems a long way >> rick leventhal, thanks. stay dry out there. seems to be a lot of finger pointing as lawmakers try to get to the bottom of the flint water crisis. we'll tell you more about that. how damaging are the clinton e-mails? someone who has reviewed the e-mails says he's never read anything like this. listen. >> air force pilot for 14 years, sensitive weapons system we have. i sit on the house intelligence
11:29 am
committee. access to some of the most sensitive information we have. i have never read anything that's more sensitive than what these e-mails contain. a new
11:30 am
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concerning rick santorum. the former pennsylvania senator canceling all of his south carolina events and there are reports that he could be dropping out of the race altogether. and then endorsing someone.
11:33 am
his campaign only kwon firms that he will be on national television making two big announcements. he will go on the record with greta van susteren on the fox newschannel. you want to watch it. new developments to tell you about now on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal with word that even more top secret information was put at risk by the former secretary of state. congressman chris stewart reviews some of the e-mails. listen to what he told america's newsroom earlier. >> the press is reporting there's been 22 e-mails. there's actually more than that. if i could just give a little bit of my background. i was an air force pilot with one of the most sensitive weapons systems we have. access to some of the most sensitive information we have. i have never read anything that's more sensitive than what these e-mails contain. they reveal classified sources and methods and reveal human assets.
11:34 am
i can't imagine how anyone could be familiar with these e-mails whether they're sending them or receiving them and not realize that these are highly classified. >> wow. this coming amid new concerns about the 30,000 e-mails, the former secretary of state deleted from her computer and server. the fbi trying to recover them and there may be more damaging ones than the ones we know about. monica crowley is joining me. monica, i want to start off with your reaction to congressman chris stewart's comments. he's a credible witness and has seen the document this is question. the headline there, what the news he broke, we've heard the number 22 top secret and beyond top secret documents in question. he's saying there are more than that in play. the interesting thing, heather, is that we have heard from mrs. clinton, she turned over about 50,000 pages of e-mails to the state department. so the one that is we're hearing about, the top secret ones, the
11:35 am
highly problematic ones, the classified and sensitive ones, they came out of those. she chose to turn over to the state department. she's told us that she, in fact, deleted 30,000. we have no idea if that number is accurate or not. could be a lot more than that. she could have deleted 100,000. we don't know. if you take her at her word, the fbi is in the process of recovering those. maybe they already have completed that process. presumably those are the most damaging because she sought to delete them. while we're having this conversation about the legal and political jeopardy she may be in with the ones that we know about, what is in those that we don't know about. >> and the fbi looking into that and we may or may not get that information. it's ironic that hillary clinton is now saying i want the state department to release this. the statement says, no way, lady. we can't release these things. they're top secret and classified. let me talk about tonight, hillary clinton and bernie sanders at a town hall tonight. is he finally going to hit her
11:36 am
over this. a huge develop neshlt for this. >> one of the questions that bernie sanders and others should be asking her is this. we know that you mrs. clinton repeatedly lied about the e-mails that you turned over to the state department that we're now finding out about. why should anybody give you the benefit of the doubt that the ones you deleted were all about yoga and chelsea's wedding? >> that's what the congressman, chris stewart is asking. he asked this earlier today. listen. >> we have to ask ourselves this question. did hillary clinton demonstrate the judgment and the respect for protocol that would allow her to protect national security. when i read the e-mails and how she's exposed some of the most sensitive information or potentially exposed that, i don't know how we can say again that she has demonstrated that judgment. >> yet her campaign and some of her allies calling this a big old nothing burger. when they down play it like that, there's something to it. >> you don't assign 150 fbi agents to a nothing burger.
11:37 am
there is a big question about her judgment on this, of course, but the fbi is looking at two tracks. the possible mishandling of classified material, but also the public corruption track which we just learned about a couple of weeks ago, which is did she commingle her work at the state department with her and her husband's work with the clinton foundation? did she leverage her job as secretary of state in order to personally benefit herself, her husband and/or their foundation. that is really where the crux of the matter is and that's what the fbi is -- >> it's all up to the fbi. monica crowley great to see you. president obama making his first visit ever as a sitting president to a mosque. the white house says the move is designed to celebrate the contributions of muslim americans in the united states but that visit is not without criticism. we're live at the white house. kevin, why did the president decide to visit this mosque now? >> reporter: heather, great to have you with us today. this is in a long list frankly
11:38 am
of community outreaches by the white house. you remember he met with sikh leaders and the muslim community last week. he visited that israeli embassy here in town. first time he's done that as well. all of this happens ahead of the national prayer breakfast. in that vein, it seems to make sense. but it's important to point out that the president wanted to get out and do this for a number of other reasons. in particular, keep in mind the political climate. you've heard about the muslim community. what the president wanted to do is reassure them that they too are part of the fabric of america. >> recently, we've heard inexcusable political rhetoric against muslim americans that has no place in our country. we have to reject a politics that seeks to manipulate prejudice or bias and targets people because of religion. >> that speech was about 45 minutes long. a fairly powerful presentation
11:39 am
if i say so myself. but there has been criticism like why did he pick that particular mosque. they were tied to a former imam with terror ties to say nothing of the fact that the criticism continues to be out there. why does he reach out to this community and not oerts more broadly. it's. >> spend more time with law enforcement or christian groups. people asking a lot of questions about that today. on the other hand, president bush went there after 9/11 to a mosque. we should mention that as well. >> kevin cork, thanks, always great to see you. putting federal and state officials in the hot seat over the government's handling of the water crisis in flint, michigan and why officials dismissed the test results for months and months as residents consumed lead tainted water. our correspondent mikey manual is live on capitol hill. was this a fall you are? can we tig out if this was a local, state and federal failure
11:40 am
or what? >> reporter: heather it sounds like one area where both parties seem to agree. the oversieft panel heard from a flint, michigan mother with hazardous waste levels of lead in her drinking water. >> you got blown off by the locals, right? >> yes, sir. >> you got blown off by the state, right? >> yes, sir. >> the federal government failed you. >> everybody but -- >> exactly. this is just unacceptable. we have a responsibility that these kids -- >> democrats seem most upset with michigan republican governor rick snyder while republicans seemed angriest with the environmental protection agency. heather? >> as you watch that mom testifying on capitol hill, what can we do to help the families right now? >> well, there's going to be an effort on capitol hill to hold people accountable for this mess in michigan. there's also a question of what can be done to help the children affected by this dangerous
11:41 am
water. >> the question is, what will they leave us? and how will we send them into that future? are will we send them strong and hopeful, will we rob them of their destiny and dreams? no, we will not do that. >> subpoenas have been issued for several other former officials related to this water crisis and the bottom line is, the karm of the panel, jason chaffetz expects a lot of documentation from the epa by the end of the week. heather. >> i bet. mike emanuel on capitol hill, thanks so much. can a defendant claim brain injury as a legal defense? the doctor who discovered cte thinks all of the hard hits that o.j. simpson took in his playing days may have played a factor in his behavior. how liable is he when it comes to preventing and researching brain injuries and is this going to be a staple in legal cases in the future? caring for someone with alzheimer's means
11:42 am
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that just tastes better. fresher. more flavorful. delicious. with more great nutrition. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition.
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better eggs. shepard smith. a most hated man in america, a bigger jerk than we first thought. that's what martin shkreli's critics are saying about the memos bragging about jacking pill prices for the sick so he could get filthy rich. the former drug ceo mocks his critic, chats up teenage girls and bad-mouths about everybody else. but today he finally went silent. you'll find out why when shepard smith reporting begins in 15 minutes. a former star nfl quarterback, the latest to be found with a traumatic brain condition following his death, the family of ken stabler telling "the new york times" that the former raiders and saints great had cte. in the meantime, the doctor who discovered that condition is now saying this about o.j. simpson.
11:46 am
>> o.j. simpson is more likely than not suffering from cte. >> can a defendant now use that brain condition as a defense? let's ask our defense attorneys and both former prosecutors. let's start with you on this. with o.j. simpson, he's up for parole in that armed robbery case. >> right. >> in 2017. so could his lawyers use this as a possible defense? >> that's in the blink of an eye. i'm going to say no. here's why. cte does cause aggression and impulse control which would explain a lot of criminal behavior, especially on the part of o.j. the problem is, you can't prove whether they have it until they're dead and you examine their brain. o.j. won't be able to say for sure that he has it. however, his attorneys may say he probably does, let's spring him loose to treat the man for this disease. >> goodness, gracious, the poor guy. they'll argue. >> sorry. >> arthur, how are they going to argue this case? i'm assuming they'll make this case because they want their
11:47 am
client to get out. >> what my esteemed colleague is correct in saying, it can't be diagnosed at this point until death. however, you can use circumstantial evidence. ken stabler played the position of a quarterback. a quarterback is not necessarily a target of multiple hits like a running back is and also regarding o.j. simpson, i'm being serious, his lawyers and doctors have said his head and bigger and heavier than the average man's. so the impact -- >> so is yours though. >> thank you. the impact to his head is going to be that much more powerful because of inertia. they're going to say to the parole board, look, our guy should not be treated like a common person. he is most likely suffering from an ailment that affects his perception. >> feeling sorry for o.j. simpson. >> that's the lawyer's job. >> that's up to you. >> stranger things to be argued.
11:48 am
i'm looking forward to -- we know that a lot of nfl players have gotten in legal trouble in the past and will in the future. are you looking at this as a possible defense for future cases that these guys are held on? >> i suppose if you could show that these players had the pre can you remember sore to cte, the aggression and impulse control, it could be a form of insani insanity. you remember lorena bobbitt, she used the irresistible impulse defense successfully when she committed err act of violence. i would make the argument -- >> you have to admit that you did the crime to use the defense. >> true. >> so in the first case, simpson's murder case, he's saying i wasn't there. it wasn't me. that defense would be irrelevant. the second case when he's on audiotapend and he was there, that's when this type of defense -- it would be in mitigation. it wouldn't be because i have this, let me go. it's give me less jail time.
11:49 am
>> they settled the lawsuit with former players. they have to pay for health care expenses. how does the nfl's settlement perhaps factor into this? not with o.j. simpson but players in the future? >> i think it gives credibility to the fact that this is a real problem. this isn't something someone made up. oh, you got hit in the head a lot of times playing football so you have an excuse. obviously the nfl wouldn't shell out that kind of money unless they believed it was accurate. >> it's not going to protect players going forward. you have to be a former player. >> i have an idea to keep them in line, sailor even a bobbitt. >> got to leave it there. arthur and donna, thanks so much. the former ceo is known for raising the cost of a life-saving drug by almost $1,000 went before a judge today. it's what he's not saying that's raising some eyebrows. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century.
11:50 am
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new court action today for the former pharmaceutical ceo under fire for jacking up the price of life-saving drugs this after he recently fired and then replaced his entire legal team as he deals can charges he ran something that was similar to a ponzi scheme. adam shapiro with the fax business network is live for us in brooklyn. adam, when does he go on trial? >> reporter: okay, so he was in court today just a status hearing and he waived his right to a speedy trial. they'll come back here may 3rd to find out if both sides are playing fair turning over the documents. the bottom line, martin shkreli who faces several counts of securities fraud told maria bartoromo that he's not guilty. >> obviously i think i'm
11:54 am
innocent, not guilty. so forth. the government alleges a so-called ponzi scheme. despite that, all of my investors were successful in our funds and usually in ponzi schemes someone loses money and the government can't find that mart of the so-called scheme so we think their charges are baseless and meritless and we'll be victorious. >> reporter: shkreli is best known for jacking up a life-saving drug, something like 5,000%. that has nothing to do with the criminal charges. congress is looking at that. back to you. >> there was a lot of news about the expensive album, the record that he bought. that now coming into play in court? >> reporter: it's not coming into play in court but, for instance, tomorrow in washington, d.c., he's going to plead the fifth and not going to answer any questions about raising the price of the drug, but he's got a following of people on youtube that he's incredibly popular and one of the reasons he's popular, he's been battling with hip hop rapper by the name of ghost face
11:55 am
killa and he's a member of wu tan clan. i'm speaking a language i don't know anything about. this has a huge following on line. you have martin shkreli versus this rapper. >> nice job. nice try. adam shapiro in brooklyn. adam, thanks a lot. can't wait to do that with you back here at the studio. super bowl 50, broncos quarterback peyton manning revealing a major operation he'll have to undergo in the near future. and a little dog getting some really big love for one very impressive dance. watch. ♪
11:56 am
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at here's what america is clicking on today. a dog in thailand welcoming the year of the monkey with his very
11:59 am
own version of the traditional chinese lion dance. it's believed by some to dispel evil spirits and bring good look. nice, pup. uber getting incredible demand for puppy cuddle sessions today. the company is teaming up with several animal organizations to deliver puppies to users in select cities across the country. we tried here all morning long to get some pups in, no luck with that. all right. we'll try again. mcdonald's facing a class-action lawsuit for claiming its new cheese sticks are made with 100% real cheese. plaintiffs are saying that is not true. nothing in there, empty. peyton manning discussing his future beyond sunday's big game. the quarterback who will play his fourth super bowl say his doctors told him he'll eventually need hip replacement surgery. he's battled neck, foot and rib injuries in recent seasons.
12:00 pm
wishing him the very best. nfl top selling jerseys for the 2015/2016 jerseys, tom brady taking the top spot followed by peyton manning. it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast and donald trump cries fraud. ahead, why he's accusing the iowa caucus winner ted cruz of stealing the wins. and demanding a redo of the whole iowa experience. also, why bernie sanders has issues of his own with how hillary clinton won. plus, the social media site that lets children sign up and potentially become victims of predators. a 13-year-old girl was apparently using it before cops say a college student stabbed her to death. and how much money do you get paid not to commit crimes? you'll hear about the government program that pays people to follow the law. let's get to it.


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