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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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wishing him the very best. nfl top selling jerseys for the 2015/2016 jerseys, tom brady taking the top spot followed by peyton manning. it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast and donald trump cries fraud. ahead, why he's accusing the iowa caucus winner ted cruz of stealing the wins. and demanding a redo of the whole iowa experience. also, why bernie sanders has issues of his own with how hillary clinton won. plus, the social media site that lets children sign up and potentially become victims of predators. a 13-year-old girl was apparently using it before cops say a college student stabbed her to death. and how much money do you get paid not to commit crimes? you'll hear about the government program that pays people to follow the law. let's get to it. now, "shepard smith
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reporting" live from the fox news deck. >> we all wondered, right? we know you did. we wondered what would happen, donald trump, win so much, get sick of winning thing, did not win? what if instead he lost? well, he lost. and now two days later, we know how trump will react. today's announcement from a top twitter trump, it was fraud. the iowa caucus results, not real. stolen by ted cruz. that's the proclamation from the still republican front-runner for the republican nomination who after losing the battle for iowa demands a second chance in iowa. 2 iowa, let's call it like 2 corinthians. the billionaire unleashing a tweet storm saying ted cruz did not win iowa, he stole it, that is why all the polls were so wrong and why he got far more votes than anticipated. bad. complaints, a mailer that the cruz campaign sent to potential
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caucusgoers. at the top, it says official public record. it warned of a voter viblgs and sa said you could improve your score by voting. it even warned neighbors could see if you have not been voting. ted cruz said he would not apologize and he'd use every tool he can to increase the vote. but today, trump tweeted, "based on fraud committed by senator ted cruz during the iowa caucus, either a new election should take place, or cruz results nullified. that would return us to the winning narrative because if cruz is miraculously nullified in his win, then trump wins. trump says he figured out why cruz is a crook. >> what kind of people do we have running for snauoffice? no, it's honestly, really, really dishonest, and i think i know why. you know why? because he was born in canada. >> dishonest because he was born in canada. today, the cruz campaign hit
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back. reality just hit the reality star. he lost iowa and now nobody is talking about him, so he's popping off on twitter. the cruz campaign continues, "there are support groups for twitter addiction. perhaps he should find his local chapter." ted cruz and other republicans are spending the day stumping in new hampshire, but donald trump is not stopping in that state at all today. he has an event tonight in arkansas. meantime, two big change s and two more casualties on the campaign trail. rand paul quit this morning. sources now confirm to fox news rick santorum is also out. they never saw their campaigns take off. paul came in fifth in iowa, santorum was second to last topping only jim gilmore. their exit now frees up about 3% in the new hampshire polls. the 2016 race is fox's top story. iowa fraud. let's get to the democrats with ed henry in a moment. first, carl cameron, he's live in new hampshire this afternoon. you're in the middle of a ted cruz event right now, huh?
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>> reporter: yes, shep. gotstown, new hampshire, is where ted cruz is going to hold a news conference in a moment. i'm in a melee of the press. an arm's length to my left is the door cruz could only in on any second and he'll be talking about trump's latest attack and the assertion cruz's votes be nullified or the iowa caucuses have a do-over. that would be unpress debted, first all, could be difficult, and there's no way the other candidates are going to go for. what trump is doing is making a lot of noise, tweaking ted cruz, trying to create some kind of doubt about his honesty, authenticity and whether or not he's running a fair campaign and trying to stay in the news, fairly effectively so given this conversation given he's not in new hampshire today. he won't be in new hampshire today and hasn't been since last night. he did not of this last night. he did morning talk shows on
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television, didn't mention it. but he did call in to "the boston herald's" morning stream radio show. listen to this. >> what he did is unthinkable. he said the man just left the race and said it during the caucus. >> right. >> then when the clarification, when a statement was put out that ben carson saying it's unstru untrue, they got the statement and put it out. a lot of people didn't think i should go to iowa, actually i came in probably first if you think about it. >> actually, i came in probably first if you think about it. well, he didn't. but now he's claiming that trump -- excuse me, cruz's victory should be nullified. senator cruz, himself, tweeted earlier that this is yet another trump tantrum and that he's clearly very angry with the voters of iowa. having said that he loved them in his concession speech just two nights ago. shep, this is not a story that's going to go away, and cruz is going to be coming into my left for just a second so we'll be
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waiting to see him, and as you pointed out, rick santorum has not yet withdrawn from the race, he has not yet suspended his candidacy, but it is expected that this evening he will make two announcements, one that he is withdrawing, and that he will, too, suspend. the reason they say suspend the race is frankly is because they need time for their lawyers to close out the bills and close up shop so they suspend rather than quit, that way if things reverse and other candidates drop out, they could get back into it. santorum will make that announce earlier tonight. rand paul did earlier today. here comes the prevailing champ in iowa, senator ted cruz will hold his news conference in just a second. i'm going to go to work while he talks and we'll throw it back to you. >> we'll be watching for that. before we go real quick, does this mean no farm for donald trump, is he not going to buy that farm after all? oh, wait, here's ted cruz. who knows if he'll talk about this. listen. can you get that mike up there, carl?
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>> everyone in the media said trump was going to win monday night. sunday i watched the news, i watched every single talk he had saying there was no way cruz could win, cruz can't win, cruz can't win, trump will win, it was guaranteed. but the people of iowa rose up. they had something else to say about it. monday night was an incredible grassroots victory. it was a victory for courageous conservatives across this country. it was the men and women of iowa putting the country on notice that the media is not going to choose the next republican nominee or the next president, that the pundits are not going to choose, that the cartel, the washington cartel, the lobbyists and the money is not going to choose the next president. that it's going to be the grassroots. it's going to be we, the people. and what is most encouraging that we saw in iowa is we saw the old reagan coalition coming together. we saw conservatives and evangelicals. >> i want to hear about the trump tweet storm. carl, are you going to ask him about the trump tweet storm? >> can you tell us a little bit about your thoughts --
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>> there we go. >> -- trump wants only not to do a redo of the iowa caucuses but your results should be nullified? >> well, listen, it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum, if you like, another trumper tantrum. his reaction to everything is throw a fit, engage in insults. i understand donald finds it very hard to lose, that he finds that very difficult for him. but at the end of the day, the iowa people spoke. donald trump guaranteed a victory in iowa. and then he lost. and he doesn't like that and his reaction is that he breaks down. he really has problems, you know, you accuse the people of iowa of being stupid, in fact, he skipped the iowa debate. it makes you wonder if his next step is to accuse the people of new hampshire of being stupid, if he plans to skip the new hampshire debate and after that plans to accuse the people of south carolina of being stupid and skip the south carolina debate. listen, this is a job interview. anyone who wants this job
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interview needs to come and answer the questions of the men and women of iowa,f new hampshire, of south carolina. i'm here campaigning on the ground answering the questions of the men and women here because that's the respect you owe the people on the ground. and there's a reason that donald engages in insult after insult. because he can't debate the substance. he doesn't actually want to talk about issues. donald does got want to defend his lifelong support for socialized medicine, for bernie sanders-style socialized medicine. donald wants to expand obamacare so that the federal government is in charge of your health care and my health care, is in charge of your doctor and my doctor. he's entitled to that view, a view that would be welcome in the democratic party, a view that both hillary and bernie sanders support but it's exactly the opposite of my view. my view is if i'm elected president, we're going to repeal every word of obamacare. donald doesn't want to discuss that issue, doesn't want to
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discuss his issue for eminent domain, taking private property and giving it to giant corporations and casinos so instead he engages in insults. i think the people are interested in substance and record and -- >> this line of attack, though, he's calling you a cheater, calling you a fraud. does this cross the line for you? >> oh, listen, donald's insults get more and more hysterical the more and more upset he gets. that's fine. he can do that. i'm not going to resound in kind. >> do you think they're funny? >> i wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing donald has tweeted because he's losing it. look, we need a commander in chief, not a twitterer in chief. we need someone with judgement and the temperament to keep this country safe. i don't know anyone who would be comfortable with someone who behaves this way having his finger on the button. we're liable to wake up one m e
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morning, donald if he were president would have nuked denmark. that's not the temperament of the leader to keep this country safe. we need a president who will have the back of our fighting men and women, who will have their back and will be clear eyed and focused on our enemies, on radical islamic terrorists and defeating isis. that's what i will do every day and the american people -- >> well, there you go. there's a lot there. that was a lot. first of all, it was a trumper tantrum. that's the word for the day. the new word for the day, trumper tantrum. that's apparently what happens when donald trump loses and then he loses it. according to ted cruz. quoting ted cruz, "he is liable to nuke denmark. do we want his finger on the button? "kt he says he couldn't debate the substance. trump guaranteed a win, didn't win. cruz talked about trump calling iowans stupid. in his trumper tantrum. and there if you were curious before you google it, the word is at the bottom of the screen spelled t-r-u-m-p-e-r
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t-a-n-t-r-u-m. trumper tantrum. it is the word of the day. trumper tantrum. the two front-runnerses for the republican nomination for the president of the united states, ted cruz there, donald trump earlier. we'll get to the democrats in just a moment. where there are smiles abounding as well. and there's fantastical news amid the trumper tantrum, we have a miracle on waulll street. we were down 100 points or so. now look at it soar. this is fox news channel. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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our political coverage continues now. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are getting ready for a town hall tonight in new hampshire. six days before the nation's first primary. surveys show the vermont senator has a double-digit lead over the former secretary of state. meantime, bernie sanders says he's still considering whether to challenge the final numbers in iowa. after secretary clinton's razor thin victory on monday night. >> we have 20, 21 national delegates from iowa, secretary clinton i think has 22, but there were, i think, six precincts where if you can believe it, it was a coin toss that decided the results. so we want to just speak to the iowa democratic officials, but we're really now focusing on new hampshire. >> here's one of those coin tosses he mentioned. secretary clinton won all six of
12:16 pm
them. whether it affected the delegate total or the overall total is another matter, but it certainly helped her with sandersless than half a percentage point. the closest race in iowa team history. ed henry is live, dover, new hampshire. any word from sanders' camp about whether or not he plans to actually contest this or if this is just all talk? >> it's mostly talk, shep. it's a good question. it plays nicely into what you were just talking about with carl, it's a contrast to what donald trump is doing, sort of trying to blow up the process and say, we need a whole new caucus, there was fraud. bernie sanders is being much more cautious because when i talked to his senior advisers they say he doesn't want this to look like sour grapes so he's raising questions about those coin flips. he's saying he's concerned. he wants to get more information. he is stopping short of contesting results. watch. >> we started off in iowa 50 points behind. it appears that we lost by .2 of 1%. we will be talking to the iowa
12:17 pm
state democratic officials, but we are now focusing on new hampshire where we're working really, really hard to try to win that primary. >> and part of this is sanders doesn't want to mess up a good thing. yes, he came in second in iowa. after the results came in, shep, in the next 24 hours he raised $3 million over the internet. it gives you an idea of the excitement and energy on the left. if he looks like he's contesting this in would backfire, shep. >> secretary clinton firing back at sanders today as well. >> reporter: yeah, last night i was with him at a town hall-style event in new hampshire and sanders basely said hillary clinton is all over the place, one day she's a progressi progressive, the other day she's a centrist moderate democrat. hillary clinton fired back today and said, look, this is a low blow. watch. >> well, you know, maybe she's a progressive on, you know, some
12:18 pm
days. i thought to myself, i think it was a good day for progressives when i helped to get 8 million kids health care under the children's health insurance program. >> so, you can see what she's trying to do there which is that within a democratic primary here in new hampshire, she thinks it's going to backfire on sanders for suggesting she's not a real democrat, shep. >> ed henry, live this afternoon, ed, thank you. ahead, a mother's heartbreak in blacksburg, virginia, after her teenage daughter, a cancer survivor, is found stabbed to death. >> nicole was very lovable person. nicole touched many people throughout her short life. >> next, the college student now accused in her murder. and what investigators are saying about how he met the seventh grader on a social media app. that's coming up on this wednesday afternoon from the fox news deck. you do all this research on the perfect car.
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there are disturbing new details in the case of a 13-year-old cancer survivor who has now turned up dead. including how she may have met the accused killer. the victim's name is nicole lovell. cops found her body on saturday after prosecutors say somebody stabbed her and left her on the side of the road. on our wall today, the suspects both students at virginia tech. david eisenhauer on the left charged with kidnapping and murder. on the right, natalie keepers. prosecutors initially accused her of helping him dump the girl's body. but now they're indicating she may have played a role before the girl died. we also heard from the seventh grade victim's mother. tammy last night broke down in a news conference as she detailed her daughter's lifelong health struggles. she described the liver
12:23 pm
transplant that nicole received before turning 1 year old. and her fight against cancer when she was just a few days -- years old. >> nicole tried to live a noro diagnosed with nonhodgkins lymphoma. at this point, we almost lost her for the second time. she fought once again, but after that, it wasn't enough. nicole developed acu kucut kucu respiratory distress syndrome, ards, she slipped into a coma for months at which time she developed mrsa. we thought at that time she only had 1% chance of survival. coley once again beat the odds, after eight months in the hospital she was released and she started to thrive. coley had a passion for pandas,
12:24 pm
music, dancing, dreamed of being on "american idol" someday. her favorite color was blue. nicole was very lovable person. nicole touched many people throughout her short life. >> they found her body on the side of the road. she was in the seventh grade. we're also learning about the girl's possible connection to his this accused murderer. according to the neighbor of the family little nicole told friends she'd sneak out to meet her boyfriend who turned out to be an 18-year-old named david who she met through the social messaging app, kik. you're supposed to have parental permission to join kik if you're under 18. there's word the girl was part of a facebook group called teen dating and flirting that's since been taken down. we reached out to both kik and facebook for comments.
12:25 pm
nothing so far. our fox news legal analyst, i mean, your heart just breaks. >> my god, how awful. every parent's worst nightmare, right? stranger danger totally different in this age of the internet. >> i don't know -- i guess they can both be charged now. there's some question about whether this other 18-year-old, the female, had some sort of involvement prior to the girl's death. we just don't know everything. >> we don't, but it's a great point. i think, one, it's aggressive prosecuting because what they're doing is they're going to try to ensnare these two. there's probably digital footprints. the fact that they've charged her with accessory before the fact means they have reasons to believe that she aided him, not in the commission of the crime necessarily, but encouraged him, aided him in the concept of the crime. so it's clear that there's some sort of arrangement between these two. that's why she was charged so heavily. as an accessory before the fact, we're talking about some heavy charges similar to the murder charge that he's facing 20 to life. >> you talk about these digital
12:26 pm
footprints. they're helpful after the fact, but apparently they're not very helpful when things are going down. >> oh, my gosh, absolutely. i mean, here's a young girl who's prime for victimization. we know she was bullied, ost ostracized and calling out for attention. we have an alleged predator who lures her out of her home, hey, come meet me. she's a 13-year-old baby girl. what does she know about the dating scene, she's going to neat her death ultimately obviously if he's charged effectively and gets prosecuted and ultimately pays for the crime? >> are there dangers of overcharging? you said it's aggressive, not overcharging. >> not when it comes to the life of a child. juries get it. if you have a child in the mix, something like this, this child had no way of defending herself against these two predators, alleged predators as we say, nothing's been obviously -- they haven't been convicted so they're presumed innocent until guilty. >> hearing her mom there, all she'd gone through and now
12:27 pm
whatever this end was, just -- >> that's especially -- stabbing, this is -- >> so personal. stabbing. >> it's almost a crime of passion. we don't know. there hasn't been any confirmation that she was sexually assaulted but there is a presumption that she was. and in order to silence her and that she can't effectively finger point this is the person who did it, you dispose of her in that way. terrible. >> mercedes, thanks. we'll follow this one, of course. >> absolutely. well, another bit of news today, and certainly on a different end of the outrage spectrum. the pharma bro as they call him, martin shkreli, the guy who jacked up the price of life-s e life-saving drugs and bragged about how much money he was going to make, newly released memos. shkreli also in court today on securities charges and told fox business network's maria bartiromo he didn't do it. >> obviously i think i'm innocent, not guilty and so forth. >> innocent, not guilty and so
12:28 pm
forth. but now his lawyer's telling him, please stop talking. new developments in the pharma bro case of mr. shkreli. coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news, always on alert for trumper tantrums, so stay tuned. hey! this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills.
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fox report time. more headlines from the fox news desk. former president jimmy carter says there is no sign of cancer in his latest body scans, nothing. last summer doctors discovered melanoma in president carter's liver and brain. he's 91 now. he said his results look, quote, promising but he's going to continue treatment. dramatic video shows a firefighter searching a burning house for victims. fire officials say everybody had already gotten out of the house in sacramento. they're crediting a 14-year-old boy who lives nearby for helping get the family out alive. and have you seen this selfie coming up? featuring a photo bomb of a
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are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. want more proof? ask your rheumatologist about humira. humira. this is my body of proof! the former ceo who jacked up the price of a life-saving drug mocked his critics and is referred to as the most hated man in america finally shut his mouth today. martin shkreli has a new high-powered lawyer who today said he ordered his client to, quote, stop talking to the need ra. happened at a court hearing in brooklyn where martin shkreli is facing central charges of securities fraud. securities fraud is also known as stock and investment fraud. prosecutors say shkreli lied to investors to get them to give him money. shkreli says he will be, quote, victorious. that lawyer has now represented celebrities including p. diddy, jay-z, and michael jackson. the former executive is also set to appear before congress tomorrow to face accusations of
12:34 pm
price gouging. martin shkreli yesterday told the fox business network's maria bartiromo that he plans to plead the fifth. >> as you know, i'm not a shy person. i would love to talk to congress. i would berate them. i would insult them. i would try to have a cordial discussion but it would evolve quickly into a fight. >> this comes after the 32-year-old raised the price of medication for aids patients and babies from $13 a pill to $750 and did it overnight. shkreli claims he did it to fund his medical research, but his e-mails now released by lawmakers show he bragged to his company's board of directors writing, quote, $1 billion, here we come. meantime, shkreli also has a beef with ghostface killah, a member of the wu-tang clan. the fellow ceo threatened to erase the rapper's lyrics from the only existing album that shkreli bought for $2 million. nick newman is a columnist for
12:35 pm
yahoo! finance. he's shutting up. >> he's making a lot before he shuts up. he says she's shutting up after he gave a bunch of media interviews because he has a new lawyer who presumably is going to rein in his client. he hasn't been doing himself any favors by taking pot shots at congress, committees, members of congress, rappers, the media, anybody, prosecutors. he's been sort of tweaking everybody. and that's not helpful to his case i don't think. >> but is what he did, however immoral, however if somebody might disagree with his tactics, is it illegal? >> there are two things going on here. the first is the price gouging. nobody has said there's anything illegal about raising the price of that drug even in it was 5,500%. there's no law against that. i don't think this hearing is necessarily going to allege that he broke the law. the prosecution is over things that happened at companies he was running before he went to turing pharmaceuticals where he raised the price of that drug. so what the indictment says is he got money from investors, he promptly lost that money or
12:36 pm
spent it on himself. he got more money from other investors to pay back the first investors. then he got involved with a pub hickly o publicly owned company, drug company, skimmed money there to pay back the second set of investors. it looks like a mini madoff -- >> ponzi scheme. >> continuing to take money from one source to pay back the other guys. he says he's going to be exonerated. we'll find out. >> there are also questions about, rules about what you can and cannot say in the know of anything publicly traded. publicly held. there's an accusation that he did some talking or receiving of information. >> so if you go back to turing where there is no allegation of criminal activity yet, what these internal e-mails do show that the house committee has released, e-mails and other documents, they do say he was having discussions with people outside the company about things happening inside the company before it was publicly known. now, in theory, you're not allowed to do that. that violates s.e.c.'s securities laws. it's not entirely clear if that was a violation of the law. we may hear something about that
12:37 pm
at the hearing tomorrow. so far he's not been charged with anything there. who knows, that could change. >> yahoo! finance, there's an elephant in the room at the moment, what's happening with yahoo! finance? >> our ceo has said we're going to have 15% staff reductions, streamline the company, make it more efficient. i hope she's right. at yahoo! finance we're going strong, doing the great work we've always been doing. >> it's one of those we'll wait and see what they say? >> we have to wait. i don't have any choice. >> good to see you. thank you for that. republican lawmakers in congress introducing a controversial bill on the hill today that would privatize the national air traffic control system, remove it from the control of the feds. under this bill the federal aviation administration would stay government run. the faa would. it would lose air traffic control to an independent not for profit corporation outside of the federal government. the bill's author is the house transportation and infrastructure committee chairman bill shuster and he says the faa is, quote, not set
12:38 pm
up to manage risks, pursue cost-efficient investments or manage people to produce results. committee aides say most of the major airlines are in support of this bill. even the union representing controllers has come out in support of it. but it has been met with strong opposition from pilots. let's get more detail on this from rich edson, live. there's bipartisan opposition from this, right? >> from congressional appropriators. this bill would remove their authority to fund air traffic control. in a letter, top republicans and democrats on the appropriations write, "we have concerns about any proposal that would transfer all decisions on financial investments and fees on airlines to the public to an independent entity that is not accountable to the people we serve." opposing lawmakers say these funding decisions belong under control of the federal government. >> it has lots of problems. as appropriators, we're particularly aware of how this would remove this operation from
12:39 pm
oversight or from the kind of close scrutiny that the line-by-line examination of federal budgets carries. >> opponents say they also worry about possible national security and safety concerns if a private cooperative administered air traffic control, shep. >> how are advocates justifying these proposed changes? these changes would be historic and widespread. >> yeah, they'd be massive and they point to a recent report from the department of transportation's inspector general on the federal aviation administration. it says while faa has implemented the requirements of past reform legislation, faa's total budget operations account and total personnel compensation and benefits costs doubled while air traffic facility productivity declined, that over the past 20 years. the bill's sponsor says that shows the current system needs an overhaul. >> we believe that this system will be better managed, more efficient, will reduce costs
12:40 pm
over time so that's what we can tell them. we have to make sure the number one priority is safety. safety, safety, safety. >> the air traffic controllers union says it supports the proposal because it would fund the system with fees, reducing air traffic control's exposure to congressional budget cuts and government shutdowns. >> look at this. small plane landed on a lagoon in hawaii. see this? officials say the highlight was the only person on board and walked away without a scratch. maybe a little wetness but no scratch. they say he took off from honolulu airport yesterday, noticed something was wrong there, something, and alerted the control tower. turns out it was a problem with the landing gear so he burned some fuel and landed on the water. got out of there just fine. weather alert now. the storm system that brought tornadoes to the deep south yesterday is moving east and bringing lots of rain with it. tornadoes last night touched down in both mississippi and alabama. this one pickens county, alabama, west of tuscaloosa. not far from the mississippi
12:41 pm
border. the tornadoes destroyed dozens of homes, knocked down trees, shut off power. officials say no reports of deaths or any serious injuries thank thankfully. in tennessee the severe weather dumped heavy rain causing flooding in some areas. outside nashville, crews rescued people from a truck almost completely under water there. the national weather service reports that the water there couldising until tomorrow. our chief meteorologist is live in the fox extreme weather center. you're watching a possible twister now, where, south carolina? >> yes, south carolina. one now also in georgia. think about all the snow we just had about ten days ago across tennessee and the central part, the mid-atlantic, toward the northeast. now it's warmed up a lot. the ground is really saturated because of that rapid snow melt. we're watching flooding and watching the severe threat today. we've been watching one tornado that just cut through columbia, south carolina, and caused some damage there. now it's just to the east and another one now just popping up here around just to the northwest of the waycross, georgia, area. this line of storm all night
12:42 pm
long will move off toward the east. it had been a fast-moving storm, the same storm that brought the blizzard across the plains a couple days ago. now it gets here toward the coastal areas and stalls out. we're going to continue to see severe weather tonight along the coast, we're going to continue to see the rain showers. that stretches all the way up to new england and across parts of the south. because of this kind of getting stuck here, we're going to see some spots maybe 2 3r, 3 inchesd with the snow melt and rain we've seen recently we're going to see a lot of flooding potentially overnight. flash flooding going on across parts of the on appalachians then flood concerns all the way up in toward parts of the mid-atlantic and the philadelphia area along with this rain. a lot going on. >> rick back as weather events warrant. millions of americans are reportedly keeping money secrets from their spouses or significant others. really? we're talking hidden credit cards, even bank accounts. so who does this more? men or women? that's next. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates.
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13 million americans are committing financial infidelity, keeping secrets from a spouse or significant other like a bank account or credit cards according to a recent poll from the survey also found 20% of americans say they spent more than 500 bucks without their partner, without telling their partners. about 40% spent more than $100 without saying a word. the fox business network's jgeri willis joins us now. >> who's surprised? >> that's the whole number. are those the ones not telling the truth about it. >> it was a phone survey. these are people who are fessing up to it, okay? that's probably not everybody, not by a long shot. you know this happens all the time. you know why, because you have that account online, you can do it all online, it comes into your e-mail account, not getting a letter, the monthly sa lly st to home. >> do most couples talk about their finances, their personal finances? aren't some things just things you leave it alone? >> why do men make this point to
12:47 pm
me over and over again today is. >> i'm serious. i don't know. in a lot of american families now, the man works, the woman works, whoever's involved with your thing works, just work and do your thing. >> maybe what you have is a central pot instead of having one account, you have three accounts. >> like to pay the bills that involve everybody, i don't know. >> i think that's the way it goes. >> women can also be guilty say the words on the screen. that's sexist. just me saying that is sexist. >> i said that. you know why? >> i shouldn't say that. i know the words are there. i shouldn't have said it. of course anybody can do this, what kind of morons are we? this is stupid. >> i'm trying not to be a moron. >> you're anything but. >> the study was how much men do it but i personally know women who have accounts locking away money, significant money so if things go bad, bye-bye, honey. >> yeah, i know -- >> thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> keep cab money in your wallet tucked away someday, you never know. >> may need it. >> keep that subway token as we used to say back in the day. keep it tucked -- i don't know. that was a -- i mean, any reason
12:48 pm
to get gerri willis on the set is a good reason. >> you're very sweet. you're very sweet. do you have a secret account? >> i don't know. i don't have secret stuff but not stuff we go around talking about all the time. talking about money, there's better things to talk about. >> financial advisers say you should talk about it, should have a common budget. you don't like that idea. >> i think don't talk about money, don't talk about politics, don't talk about your religion. >> we have an entire network about money. >> i'd rather talk about the kardashians than money. did you see the o.j. show last night? >> my husband said it was fantastic. >> it was good. everybody looked like the original players. >> that's so cool. i'm dying to see that. >> out there in a smog-filled downtown l.a. >> kim kardashian is in there as a little girl. >> a lot of things happened in her bedroom, like -- shut up. o.j. had a gun in there according to the show. >> well -- >> she wasn't in there at the time. >> okay, good. >> it's not just corporate self-aggrandizement. the show was great. i don't care what it was on. happened to be on fx.
12:49 pm
wow, was it good. >> good for us. i'm trying to see it. paying you not to be criminals. i guess men and women can both do this, too. paying you to not be a criminal, one plan for an american city. how the similar plan worked out in another city. we'll talk about that with kennedy on "shepard smith reporting" coming up. trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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the pilot of a passenger jet says a bomb knocked a hole in the side of the plane, sent a passenger flying out into the sky. investigators say so far they found no evidence of any criminal act. there's cell phone video that shows the hole after the explosion. happened yesterday on a somali airbus after it took off. the pilot made an emergency landing. reps for the airline say one
12:53 pm
passenger is still missing, and police found a man's body on the ground, have yet to confirm it was the passenger. airline reps say they're not ruling out any possible cause for this. obey the law, we'll give you cash. city council in washington, d.c. just approved a plan to pay people money as reward for not committing crimes. the city in this theory takes up to 200 people a year at risk of committing violent crime or becoming victims and put them in therapy and other programs if they stay out of trouble, then they get the money. no word how much money and the mayor has not signed off on this yet. supporters say a similar program in richmond, california has been a huge success. they say crime dropped 77%. officials say they can't confirm how much of that is connected to the payment of as much as $9,000 a year.
12:54 pm
i don't like this at all, i don't like it one bit. it is the lowest common denominator rising to the top, putting this bill on the back of taxpayers, and it is super, super gross. it is a short term fix. there's incentive for people to become criminals and then stop criminal activity in order to get paid. so if you're already a criminal, you're already a bad person, doing horrible things, hurting people or taking their stuff and that is wrong and bad. therefore you will be compensated for that because it costs more money to put you in the system? this is shackling people in another way. when crime drops, then what do you do with people? >> we pay people in afghanistan not to war against us. >> we pay people not to grow certain crops in this country. it is ridiculous. what we are showing is things that are outside the purview of government and what government should do. not dissimilar to harp.
12:55 pm
government. >> home affordable finance program. >> richmond, california says we have a problem. the problem decreased by 77%. pay a little money, it paid off. >> violent crime dropped over the decades across the country. you cannot say logically there's a correlation between the stipend and dropping homicides in richmond, california. that's problematic. you can't say it is cause iatca you can't say correlation. it can get expensive fast. what about people doing good things? why not back up a few steps, people reading to children, providing for them, taking them to school, why not pay good people that do things like that, fostering generations of young people that won't commit future crimes. >> pay them to do what they're supposed to do. >> that's illogical, shep.
12:56 pm
you're supposed to get the kids to school. >> you're also not supposed to commit crimes. why be compensated like that. >> what if i feel like committing a crime and then have that way to get quick cash. >> you have to be a flawed person to begin with. i don't want to pay for your flaws. >> watch for you on the biz. >> big show. marco rubio. >> 8:00 eastern, fox business.
12:57 pm
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12:59 pm
on this day in 1690, americans got their hands on the first paper money. they were in essence ious. the colony of massachusetts was short on coins to pay soldiers, so officials gave them slips of paper which they could later exchange for traditional money. soon paper money took on a value of its own, and people started trying to make their own bills. our money is harder to counter fit today, but not impossible.
1:00 pm
officials strapped for cash changed the system forever. 326 years ago today. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. this just in, now trending. trumper tantrum. she says to the federal prosecutor i'll beat her rear end. after i beat her, she will be relieved that i was going to serve her a subpoena. >> donald who? chris christie lighting up the air waves, no doubt responses from the clinton campaign with remarks earlier at a town hall meeting. the candidate joining us from new jersey, governor chris christie or i should say new hampshire. i apologize. governor, do you regret the remarks? >> no, not at all. that's exactly what we're going to do on


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