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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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yea. >> on live butang. >> that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta has a big interview "on the record" right now. "special report" onlibrary begins in three seconds. ♪ >> not one but two breaking news announcements. presidential candidate rick santorum is standing by. he will be breaking news right here and only "on the record." don't miss this. but first strord taking on the trail. trump and senator cruz were already swinging hard at each other but now the gloves are off between these two candidates and blood could end up on the floor. donald trump is here to go "on the record" in just seconds is. but, first, check this out. >> donald is throwing yet another temper tran o ---tantrum. he. >> he insulted ben carson. what he said is unthinkable. he said the man left of the
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race. he said it during a caucus. >> we need a commander in chief not a twit error in chief. >> it's he voter fraud when you think of it it. >> i wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing donald has tweeted. >> what kind of thing are we dealing with these politicians? >> because is he losing. >> it it's honestly, really, really dishonest and i think i know why. do you know why? because he was born in canada. >> and just a short time ago, donald trump went "on the record" from trump tower. >> donald, nice to see you. >> hi, greta. >> donald, i want to ask you about the election, of course. first i want your thoughts on president obama went to a mosque today in baltimore to talk about religious tolerance and contributions muslims have made in the united states. your thoughts about that? >> i don't have muchght. i think that we can go to loss of places. -- lots of places right now there. we have a lot of problems in
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this country, greta there are a lot of places he can go and he chose a mosque. i saw that a little while ago. that's his decision. that's fine. >> let me turn to the election, new hampshire, good news there. you are up 24 points. does that mean it's yours to lose? >> well, i guess so. if that's what the polls are saying. the polls are very high and have been very good. i don't want to take it for granted, frankly, because you never know what happens. and we have a lot of people running. so we will see what happens. i have a great relationship with the people from new hampshire. i have been up there many, many times. last night we had a tremendous crowd. we had 5 people. it was incredible in two ballrooms actually because they didn't fit in one. there was tremendous spirit and love in that room i will a great relationship. >> all right. let me turn to a little controversy in the campaign. you have tweeted that senator ted cruz stole the iowa election. and i should add that governor sarah palin, one of your supporters is hitting pretty hard on senator ted cruz on her facebook page.
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to senator ted cruz. what do you mean he stole the iowa contest? >> i think what he did is disgusting. he said that ben carson, who is a fantastic guy had dropped out of the race during the caucus. he had dropped out of the race and vote for ted cruz. all of those people come and vote for ted cruz, and many of them did. i think it was a disgrace that he did it. and i don't think it should be even allowed. i think those votes should be taken away and there were plenty of them. number two, very important. he did a voter violation form. it looks like it comes from a federal government or at least the state government. the paper it was on everything about it it was disgraceful. it was a fraud as far as i was concerned. i looked at it. i just saw it a little while ago. when i looked at it i said wow, it looks like government is saying and then they grade you and they have got f's like failure, failure, f, f. they said you are going to straighten it out. essentially go vote and go
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vote for ted cruz. of course, he misrepresents on me all the time. sells i like obamacare. i have been fighting obamacare ever since you have been interviewing me. i will get rid of it. believe me i will repeal it and replace it it he tells everybody that walks, in donald trump, if you like drumple, you like obamacare. give me a break. he knows4 it's a lie. he really lies. i mean, i don't like to use that term but he real willlym lies. i now know why there is not one u.s. senator that is supporting him. he works with these people and why everybody considers him to be not a very nice person. what he did to ben carson was a disgrace that he had quit the race. everyone knew he didn't quit the race. and cruz knew he didn't quit the race. then, after the election was over, he apologized. a lot of good that does. >> are you saying that -- i mean, okay. is it dirty or is it a mistake? did he mistakingly? because there was some report that it was a mistake that the campaign had tweeted that out. >> he didn't make a mistake. come on, greta.
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>> you don't think it's a mistake. >> no. it's not a mistake. he did it on purpose. come on, you are not a baby, greta. he did it on purpose. and then he apologized after all the votes were counted. that's thousands of votes that were taken away which, by the way, would have given me, in my opinion, would have given me the election. because, you know, when the people went, in i won by 4 or 5 points. now, i was very happy with second is place because a lot of people thought i shouldn't even go to iowa and partake and i came in second place. but, i will tell you what, i think what he did was a fraud and what he was a voter violation statement, looking like it it came from a government was a fraud i think it's a disgrace that he did it what he did to dr. ben carson, a very good dr. ben carson, a very good person, he left 4 i think that's something that is really very serious. now, i know the one situation is now being investigated by authorities in iowa, the voter violation
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form. that's being under serious investigation. i think they should probably throw him out of iowa because i don't think what -- what he did is a disgrace. it's a disgrace to the electoral process to be honest with you, greta. >> is your strategy in new hampshire any different from your strategy in iowa? >> well, it's similar in the sense that we have tremendous meetings. i like to have small meetings but we have thousands of people show up. we have tremendous turnout. you saw that last night. it was amazing. every time i go -- tomorrow as an example i have four or five different events. they're all pretty large events because a lot of people want to come. we had something a week ago where we had thousands of people and other candidates were there a day or two before. and they had like 44 people and 59 people. we are getting tremendous turnout. i long had a great relationship with new hampshire. i have so many great friends up there. it's amazing place. >> i can't get this figured
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out. why are you going to arkansas today? >> well, you know, we have the sec coming up. and we're going to have over 10,000 people. somebody said it could be as much as 12,000 people. the sec is coming up in a few weeks. and we want to have at least one good shot and we think it's important to do it. i just left new hampshire. and we're going to go right back. but we have a lot of people in arkansas hopefully voting for trump. i want to win the sec in a couple weeks. how about governor huckabee or senator rand paul? have you spoken to them? >> i haven't actually. i'm close with -- i don't know rand very well. i'm close with mike. i wish them both well. i heard rand just left. but i wish him well. >> all right. donald, thank you for joining us. we will be watching tuesday night. right now you're up 24 points in the latest poll. so, i don't know, we will be watching this one.
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>> well, thank you very much. it's going to be very exciting. >> well, donald trump and senator ted cruz are steaming mad at each other. also on the attack many of the other candidates andfñ their target florida senator marco rubio. a.b. stoddard from the hill and fortune nina easton. let's start with this dead cruz/donald trump fight. there are going to be tears when we get in a fight. >> yeah. i mean ted cruz is not going to take his first place victory and let donald trump threaten to full phi nullify it it they are going after the same voters. they were in iowa and they are going to be in new hampshire. donald trump, if he wants to win new hampshire shouldn't go to arkansas a and he shouldn't threaten to sue or nullify someone's electoral outcome. he needs to be in new hampshire where he can see that he did not have great ground game that iowa working the ground and making sure he keeps that
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lead and turns out his voters to win on tuesday night. >> you know, nina, i'm just looking at the press release. this came out the ted cruz cruz press release during the caucus. it says breaking news the press is reporting that dr. ben carson is taking time off from the campaign trail after iowa making a big announcement next week. please inform any carson caucus goers of this news and urge them to caucus for cruz. that is painful. that's just wrong to dr. ben carson. >> it's pushing the envelope. but it's stating the fact that there was a wrong press report that said this out of cnn. but it's not voter fraud as donald trump is suggesting. and very interesting to watch him last night with that gracious speech and?uqitjj, of course we had before that a month ago the bromance between ted cruz and donald trump where when ted cruz talked about temporarily banning muslims from the u.s., cruz wouldn't even
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attack him. i mean, they were very, very careful not to attack each other for the longest time. and now, you know, trump is grabbing the news cycle once again. he was quiet, keep in mind everybody was waiting for those tweets to come out. he is grabbing the news cycle once again and not just, you know, attacking cruz in a regular way but attacking him as having committed fraud, being disgusting, being deceitful. all those really strong, strong language that will make the press cover him. >> well, this certainly -- if i were dr. ben carson i would certainly be enraged. >> is enraged and now donald trump is rushing to his defense when it's the few minutes he was behind ben carson in polls in november he says he has psychological disease like a child molester, can't get rid of it donald trump should run with this and say ted cruz is a liar. he plays dirty. he shouldn't win and he was worn -- born in canada.
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i don't think he should threaten iowa to nullify the results of the iowa caucuses. makes you look like a cry baby. run with the criticism of cruz. go with it. >> he is up a billion points in new hampshire right now. we will see what new hampshire thinks right now. not a billion but 24, i think. >> a lot. panel, thank you. now, viewers, now it is your chance to vote at home on twitter. you have heard the candidates talk about it it does social media play a role in this 2016 race. tweet yes or no using #greta. we will show you your live twitter votes throughout the show. a.b., nina, thank you both. >> the 2016 candidates spending the day trying to convince people of new hampshire to make them president. >> our country is going to hell. going to hell. >> monday night in iowa was incredible. >> new hampshire has a strange way of resetting races. that's kind of what they do. >> it's a simple election. one party believes that the government should make the decision. the other party believes you should make the decision. >> we cannot afford to wake up in november to the news
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that we have a president namedhx benny sanderson -- bernie sanders or hillary clinton. >> obviously the feud between donald trump and ted cruz is taking all the political oxygen today. i don't know if you have seen it but donald trump has accused ted cruz of stealing the iowa election. committing fraud by his campaign, tweeting out that dr. ben carson was suspending his campaign. i know you're going after donald trump. you have a new ad out that says turn off trump. so tell me where are you on this feud? are you team trump or team cruz? >> i'm on team jeb. i'm working hard doing town hall meetings all across the state. people don't care about that feud. they care about how we are going to fix social security and how we are going to destroy isis. donald trump lost and it it's hard for a guy who always says he wins to lose but he better get used to it. >> all right. let me turn now to new hampshire. you have been in a lot of presidential campaigns.
4:13 pm
pretty intimately involved, 1988, 1992, 2,000, 2004. how does 2016, the overall step back and be sort of a student of election? how does s. this one different? >> well, it's different because our country is adrift. and people are scared and they're angry. it's unprecedented the degree to which people think that our country is in decline. that's dramatically different than 1980 even then. it's different because all the new forms of media as well. people can basically customize how they get information. but what's the same is that people in new hampshire are discerns voters. they challenge candidates. they want them to walk on the hot coals. there is nothing different there. a poll came out today that showed me in second place and i think it's because there are other candidates doing this as well. i do a lot of town hall meetings. i take the time to listen. i sho the depth of knowledge that i have. the ideas that i have to lift people up. and show good humor. ask people questions.
4:14 pm
all the things that in new hampshire is expected. and i think you're going to be rewarded when you do that. >> well, the polling cite don't use at fox news because of its methodology. there is another poll that you are the first in the governors. you are ahead of governor kasich and ahead of governor christie. you and the other two governors present as different candidate than as the senators or businessman or even doctor. >> yep. >> i have no idea. i know that you have called the ones who won in iowa, what have they done? u compared them to president obama. >> gifted speakers for sure. very talented politicians. what in their record suggest they can make an appropriate decision. i have 8 years as conservative governor that really transformed the state. these are gift senators but they haven't passed bills of consequence that became law and nothing in their background would suggest
4:15 pm
that they could make a tough decision, run to the problem, solve the problem. in fact wharksz we see is that politicians now pursuing their ambitions basically cut and run when the going gets tough. right now we need a strong leader to keep a steady hand to deal with the threats of isis in the nation states like china and russia that are running roughshod over us and economy that is anemic beyond belief. >> do you think that you and ben carson and maybe even governor kasich have disadvantage because you guys are low key and you razzle dazzle us with tweets? >> i'm not going to insult my way to the white house nor is anybody else. ultimately the party nominee better have a hopeful message that lifts people's spirits up. it's not my nature to disparage people. it's just not who i am. leadership skills to be effective president. ultimately that's what people are deciding here in new hampshire. they are deciding who is going to be the president of
4:16 pm
the united states or at least be the party nominee. and when that conversation is focused on, i think i pretty well. >> i understanding your mother is joining you on the trail. >> yeah. tomorrow night. she's coming out and i'm looking forward to it i love my mother, and so does america. so, i'm excited that she's going to be with me and my brother is hopefully going to campaign!vd/; later on as well. >> which can brother? you have more than one. >> well, yeah, neil and marvin have already been helpful and so has george. george hasn't had a public campaign visit yet and i hope he does. >> we look forward to seeing that and we will cover that as well. thank you very much, governor. good luck, sir. >> thanks, greta. thank you. >> well, it's not just donald trump calling senator ted cruz a cheater. senator bernie sanders says iowa can't add. he thinks there is some fuzzy math and he has not con sueded iowa to secretary hillary clinton. the vermont senator is now raising questions over
4:17 pm
tight win in iowa. >> they started off as the anointed candidacy and they ended up winning by .02 of one percent. >> it was wonderful to win the caucus it? >> may be the case that some delegates were selected based on the flip of a coin. democracy. >> i believe the democratic party of iowa ran a good caucus. >> we will be talking to the iowa state democratic officials,?xñ$but we are now focus canning on new hampshire. >> former democratic presidential candidate dennis kucinich goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. good to be with you. upset because in six precincts there were coin tosses. >> i read a news report tonight that said that there were seven coin tosses in iowa. and that bernie sanders won six of them. now, you can't complain about winning six out of seven. that there is a concern
4:18 pm
well, could the election have gone another way? i think that bernie sanders came out of iowa very well and he should -- his campaign it is and should continue to celebrated its showing. >> i had no idea you were such a visionary. you were here a week ago. i asked your prediction. i'm going to it take to you vegas because this is what happened a week ago. >> so, what is your prediction? >> it's take a coin, flip it. this could go either way. >> you knew it was going to be a coin toss. >> ha. let me tell you new hampshire won't be. >> anyways, i will give you credit for that one. what was he even gained by this? i don't understand how sanders or clinton could claim this a win. this was a tie. it was so close to a tie. no matter if won by a hair or not. >> in politics, marco rubio declared he won and he was third. you have to understand the psychology in a campaign, if you did better than you thought you would do you claim victory.
4:19 pm
that's what both camps have done. the truth of the matter is iowa set the stage forzk a longer campaign and i think we're going to see once we get out of new hampshire and turn the corner into south carolina and nevada, we may see the race looking a little bit differently. >> i think it's actually -- i think it's stupid thing for senators to chant go into iowa. he is about 300 points ahead in new hampshire. and so he is distracting us with this thing. i mean, he should be talking about the pounding he is going to do if that does indeed happen to secretary clinton. she won in 2008. but, you know, why is he doing this. >> the campaign has said they want to focus on new hampshire. >> they are the unones bringing up. >> the optics raise questions about where is your focus you? have to look forward in politics. you can't look back. >> it looks petty. it's a tie. >> well, again, there should be celebration in his campaign and i'm sure there is. but, i agree that you can't, when you win in iowa, you
4:20 pm
don't go back to iowa and win? >> all right. so i might as well ask you since you were so smart about the coin toss for this one. what's the results going to be for the democrat in new hampshire? >> i think bernie sanders will probably win by about 18 to 20 points. >> 18 to 20, pick one because i'm going to hold you to it. >> 18. >> congressman, thank you, nice to see you. 2016 presidential candidate senator rick santorum is standing by. he is going to make not just one major announcement but two. that's next. also, speaker of the house paul ryan meeting with the president for the first time since becoming speaker. you get to be the fly on the wall to find out what do two leaders talk about behind closed doors because sneaker paul ryan is here next. breaking news, a judge decides whether a criminal case against bill cosby can proceed. we're going to the courthouse straight ahead. cçeri.
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avekaren anjiáuáu decided on family and our friends, we have decided that the best way take do what i set out to do when we announced the run for president to help working men and women in this country to get a better opportunity to defeat isis and stop iran from getting nuclear weapon, take on the national security threats of our country and really try to help foster and support stronger families in america can be done by not furthering our campaign, by
4:25 pm
not continuing our campaign. >> does that mean you are suspending your campaign. >> we are suspending our campaign as of this moment. >> this is the official announcement? >> there are all sorts of reports out there, unconfirmed by the way reports, because nobody in our place confirmed it. but, yeah. we decided that i think we could be better advocates for that in supporting someone who shared those values better position. >> it's sort of interesting because four years ago you got robbed. recounted them? >> 18 but who is counting. >> well, anyway, you are still a young man. let me go to the second announcement. you[0 announcement. what is that? >> as i said we decided that we want to do find a candidate that really espoused the values that he we believed in. someone who someone who focused the campaign i always thought about the 74% of americans who don't have a college degree.
4:26 pm
those struggling on the margins, the middle of america hollowing out and understanding the central role of the family and supporting that opportunity. family breakdown is one of the key reasons that middle is hollowing out. it's not just the opportunities and manufacturing. >> killing all the political people out%n there. they are waiting for the name. >> and then the final thing, someone that has a real understanding of the threat of identifies sis. real understanding of the threat of fundamentalists islam and has experience. i bet someone who has experience in this area that's why we decide to do support marco rubio. >> have you spoken to him? >> not recently -- i mean, i spoke to him yesterday. >> how long did you talk to him? >> a while. >> what's a while? >> let's say more than an hour. and we have talked -- look, one of the -- i don't endorse lightly. this is as many people know
4:27 pm
i have been at this 25 years. that's not an asset in this election cycle to have invested your life in trying to shape the future of our country. i see a lot just tremendous -- tremendously gifted young man and he is a leader. is he is a born leader and someone i just feel a lot of confidence in that he is -- he is the new generation and someone that can bring this country together, not just moderates and conservatives but young and old. the ability to track younger people to have that optimistic message and just it took, if you say in a sense taking the wine that i have been trying to sell and put it in new wine skins. >> that's marco rubio. >> what's the first case you goal to campaign for him, what state? >> we haven't had any discussions because i said i talked with him yesterdayfk said i really want to pray about this and i will make my decision and announce it today. >> here we go. >> he respected that.
4:28 pm
and then we said we would call him and let him know we tried to keep this on a close hold as possible. >> you sure did. you drove everybody nuts all day. i got so many emails. >> if i antagonized the media today, that's a great way to government. senator thank you so much. good luck to you. >> thank you. >> first meeting with president obama. that's straight ahead. none of this works. come on in.
4:29 pm
thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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speaker of the house paul ryan urging conservatives today to join togetherring and unite. now, this coming just one day after speaker ryan went 16 blocks from the united states capitol to the white house to meet with president obama since being chosen as speaker. good evening, sir. >> good evening. how are you doing, greta. >> i'm;u very well. >> who so how was that lunch?c0fr9 >> it tasted good. it was good food. fish. rice. no, just kidding. it was a fine lunch. we had a very lengthy discussion about a lot of our differences and views. we tried to figure out where things can get done on the common ground basis. we just basically explained our differing views and why we believe what we believe and how we see things. >> what were the areas you think common ground on? >> mental health reform is one of the issues we are working here in the house. these laws are old laws that need to be updated. criminal justice reform. conservatives are taken a great involvement in. that's an issue i think we have a chance of getting things done.
4:33 pm
and what we are trying to do here in the house is get this appropriations process back online. reclaiming the power of the purse and making sure that we get our appropriations bill done. i know that sounds dry but around here that's pretty important. that's some of the things we discussed about getting things done. >> we have talked before about the war on poverty for 50 years plus we have been losing. i know it's near and dear to your heart. was there any discussion with the president about whatever we are doing was wrong. was there any discussion with the president about trying to win that war and changing our strategy? >> we talked about a half hour that exact topic. some areas we could agree we don't measure success well here. our government doesn't do that the government measures success in the war on poverty based on inputs. how much money we are spending. how many people are on the programs. we don't measure success based on results. are people getting out of poverty? do these programs work at all? and we don't even measure that. and so that's been one of my
4:34 pm
long standing arguments. i think the president agrees with that so we are trying to figure out a way in which we can change the way we measure success in the war on poverty based on outcomes and results, not effort. and that is something that we think we can maybe find some common ground on. i passed a bill in the house before becoming speaker. it's over in the senate. i think we have a decent chance of getting it passed over there and i think the president will probably be well received to it. >> all right. well, there is a lot of blood on the6floor in republican politics right now. 2016 politics. i take it you don't have any regret not getting into the race as you look at the fight. i'm not one of these people who looks back be with regrets anyway. i don't have regrets. there is a lot we can do here. the message i had at the heritage foundation today yes we have this presidential primary occurring but all of the rest of us who aren't running for president who are constellations of the conservative movement whether we are in congress or state houses or think tanks or activists let's unite and unify and take our principles that we all
4:35 pm
believe in freedom, liberty, self-determination, the constitution, government by consent. self-determination. take these principles, apply them to the problems of the day and offer solutions, unify around a bold agenda. a bold conservative agenda which we are going to be working on here in the house republicans and offer to the country and run on it that's what we're doing here in the congress. americarñ to unify so that we can have a mandate election in 2016. >> a quick comment on this. i know your kids are really proud of you. i know they are really going to be proud of you have now because alicia keys talking about you. you are her choice for valentine this year. she wants to discuss criminal justice reform with you. so, anyway, you get a shoutout from her and even a video. what do you think? >> i didn't even know she knew who i was. i haven't seen the video. i just heard about it literally they just told me about it as i was walking over here to talk to you. this bill was already out of the criminal judiciary committee. it's well on his way here in
4:36 pm
the house. >> good for that i'm sure the kids will show you the video when you get home this weekend. mr. speaker, thank you for joining us. >> you bet, greta. take care. >> and comedian bill cosby back in court today. he sure is not laughing. is cosby in even deeper trouble tonight? that's next. plus, "on the record" is on the ground investigating that horrific murder of a 13-year-old girl. that's coming up. everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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4:41 pm
and this case will proceed. he also refused to -- he denied a request to disqualify thengl@ current d.a. kevin much steel because of comments he made about cosby while running for office last year suggesting the d.a. had prejudiced the jury pool. the judge found no misconduct and finally hes set a date for the first preliminary hearing in this case which will take place on march 8th. of course, this all started back in 2005, when temple university basketball manager andrea comestand told police that cosby invited her to his mansion and gave her wine and pills which turned out to be quaaludes and sexually assaulted her. the former d.a. caster spent six hours on the stand yesterday expressed why he didn't criminal charges. she waited a year to come forward h incon sis -- inconsistencies in her story. he made a deal not to prosecute so cosby would be compelled to give a deposition in a civil suit that allowed comestand to
4:42 pm
get a large financial settlement. there was no document authenticating immunity agreement. just a press release that caster issued and signed. the new d.a. argued that caster overstepped his authority. that it was, in essence, a secret agreement allowing a defendant to buy his way out of a criminal case. it appears the judge agreed. this criminal prosecution against america's former favorite first dad will continue, greta. the next preliminary hearing in this case will be, again, in march. >> rick, where is the lawyer back then that apparentlydi negotiated this press release deal? who in the world did that and thought that that was in some way going to protect his client or her client? who did that? >> it's a remarkable event that took place between this criminal defense attorney and the d.a. allegedly. but that lawyer died a year ago, greta. so he is out of the picture. he was -- they had to, you know, read from the record regarding his participation in this case.
4:43 pm
the fact that he wasn't here may have hurt bill cosby's defense team. but, again, the judge didn't buy much of it i guess agreed with the new d.a. that a press release does not form immunity in a case like this. >> rick, thank you. and a brand new greta talk podcast just released. donald trump's first daughter talks to me about winning season one. is he is he a very successful businessman and tv star. weave also talked politics. bill rance sick gives you the insight on why many americans may want to hire trump in his opinion to be the next president. download the latest episode to itunes, tune in, or stitcher and it's free. "on the"on the record's" griff jenkins and ted williams are on the ground investigating this grizzly murder of 13-year-old girl. griff and ted live next. >> hear from presidential candidate marco rubio. he will respond to the endorsement from senator rick santorum. senator santorum endorsing
4:44 pm
marco rubio "on the record" just moments ago.
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developing right now, police in virginia desperately searching for a motive in that horrific murder of a 13-year-old girl who had overcome so many hardships in her young life. the suspects, two virginia tech college students. "on the record's" greff jenkins and ted williams are on the ground investigating the death. griff and ted join us live from blacksburg, virginia. what did you learn today, griff? >> greta, the tragic death of sp-year-old nicole lovell is absolutely rocking this blacksburg community. the authorities very tight-lipped. ted and i investigated all day beginning beginning with whr body was found. take a look. >> it's here off highway 89, just south of the virginia border in serrie county,
4:49 pm
north carolina, ted, that they found the body of nicole level. what do we know? >> griff, after four days of searching for nicole, law enforcement received a tip that nicole's body may very well be in this area. law enforcement came to this area and within about a mile of where we aare now standing in deep brush, deep, wooded brush, they found the remains of nicole. what we also know, griff, is that one day on saturday, prior to finding these remains, they arrested david eisenhower, a virginia tech student. and after his arrest, the day after his arrest, they wound up arresting another virginia tech student. natalie kiefer. >> so wednesday, january 27th, nicole lovell goes missing. four days later on saturday, the 30th, a mile, 1.2 miles
4:50 pm
south of this sign here in these dense woods, they find her body based on tips but earlier in the day they had arrested eisenhower for that murder or at least for the abduction. >> yes. and the sad part about it is and from all that we have been able to glean is that david eisenhower had relatives in this area right around this north carolina, virginia border they owned homes. >> and finally, the actual exact location of where the body was found, we're told only it's deep woods but it's actually not made public by the authorities. is it your sense it could still be a crime scene? >> absolutely, griff. and that's one of the good things that investigators here federal, state, and local investigators have done. they have preserved the area. it is is a crime scene. they're going through that crime scene with a fine tooth comb. because, what they're trying to do is show not only a
4:51 pm
nexus between david eisenhower and natalie kiefer, but they want want to try to determine if others were involved in this child's untimely death. >> well,u5 you look around just unbelievable denseness of this location it's a wonder what a job by law enforcement to have found her. >> and, greta, we got a sense how hard this community was hit when we went over to the middle school where nicole attended and spoke with brenda drake, the spokesperson here for montgomery county schools. take a listen. >> the teachers have really been a source of strength for everybody in the building. and they are really doing the best that they can to model the types of behavior that we would want to receive. it's okay to grieve and cry. now we have to create a new normal. what is our new normal without nicole here? >> there's a viewing and a
4:52 pm
memorial home tonight as well as the funeral tomorrow as ted and i continue to investigate, greta. >> let me ask ted a question. ted, why do you think there are so few details being released by law enforcement? got two people in custody. they have found theg)/ remains. yet, we know so little. >> yes. that's the $64,000 question, greta. but this is all part of an investigation because as you have said earlier in the show, they are trying to establish a motive. and so as a result of that, they are trying to determine if there are others actually involved with the death of this child. >> do we know if he made -- if they have made a statement? do we know how he might have connected with the 13-year-old who, by the way, overcame and was incredible challenges when she was a child, including a liver transplant and bullied online. this poor child. but do we know how or why they think that the defendants are connected to her? do either one of you know?
4:53 pm
>> yes. through social media, greta. greta, it is believed that nicole met david eisenhower and that there was communication on social media. and, greta, i've got to tell you, please tell our viewers out there tonight that if their child is on social media, to monitor social media. social media can be good, but it can be a very, very seen here in the case of nicole. >> griff, do you know, what's the young college student? how is she connected to this? >> well, that's an important point, greta, because, originally we know that natalie kiefer and david eisenhower came from the same montgomery -- maryland, excuse me, town of columbia, maryland. they were friends at school here. however, originally natalie was charged as an accessory to murder after the fact.
4:54 pm
the charge is being upgraded now. she was supposed to be in court today. that's been pushed back for a few days. but she has now been charged with accessory to murder before and after the fact. >> griff and ted, thank you both. and coming up, you'll hear senator marco rubio respond to senator rick santorum's endorsement, the one you just heard here and only "on the record." l you. l you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity.
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the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. fox news alert. seconds ago senator marco rubio speaking in new hampshire. earlier senator rick santorum announced he is suspending his race and made a second major announcement. he is officially endorsing senator marco rubio for president. here is his statement moments ago. >> not just someone who -- blue collar americans. we need to grow our party among americans and work hard every day. move forward. rick, i think has a message. we look forward to teaming
4:59 pm
up. he will be hopefully very active in our campaign. we want to use him as much -- we're excited about it. >> what does his endorsement mean [inaudible] >> well, you know, rick is not really establishment guy. he has had to fight. [inaudible] everything he has ever done. first generation american. i have tremendous admiration for he and his family how they are raising their children. we want to use him as often as he is willing to work for us. >> live twitter voting results on your screen right now. does social media play a role in the 2016la9 race? 77% say yes, 23% say no. that's all for tonight. see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. up next, "the o'reilly factor." good night from washington, d.c. make sure you go to a lot going offer an after the show on like us on facebook page. a lot of activity.
5:00 pm
good night from washington, d.c. we will see you right here tomorrow night, 7:00 p.m. eastern. ♪ ♪ "the o'reilly factor" is on, tonight. >> we should say that our chris moody is breaking this news that ben carson is going to go back to florida. he is not going to go to new hampshire. >> that report on cnn has led to charges of dirty tricks against the cruz campaign. tonight, we have a factor investigation and tell you exactly what happened. >> if i win straighten allk: eyes on donald trump. can he hold his polling lead in new hampshire? take a hard look at that question. >> recently we have heard inexclusive political rhetoric against muslim americans that has no place in our country. >> also tonight, president obama visiting a mosque.


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