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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 3, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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this evening. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> are you still an under dog? >> of course we're an under dog, we're taking on the most powerful political organization in the country and that is the clinton organization. >> what are your plans in protecting our states from
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terrorism? >> we have to crush isis, first off. as someone who voted against the war with iraq, what i believe has been a learned lesson of that war. >> you have worked for many years to say it is my way, or the highway. >> it is not accurate to say it's my way or the highway. >> do you see limitations in the ability to serve two terms in enact these sweeping changes? >> i don't, mark. we'll take one term at a time. got to get to the first term first. >> you would be 83 at the end of your second term. >> thank goodness. that is not the aging here. >> do you feel you would do better when fighting from behind? >> you know, i don't know. i -- >> does it bring out something in you? >> well, the intensity of the experience. >> as a voter who opposes the
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united states being the world's policeman, can you assure me you will not increase our military abroad? >> i cannot. i have learned and i have been in the crucible of making hard decisions in the last years. military force has to be a last resort. >> how are you going to protect against right wing attacks? >> well, i had a lot of practice. >> do you believe there is a vast right wing conservist? >> it's gotten more funded. they brought in more multi billionaires. >> it lasted two hours and ed henry watched it and joins us from outside of the site, the opera house in derby, new hampshire.
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they weren't head to head. did you think any one of them came out the winner? >> i think they both had strong moments and i saw exactly in this, as a microchasm of what i'm seeing and why this is a close race, unexpectedly for democrats. you saw it in a nut shell. hillary clinton had a lot of strong moments tonight. walking her way around the world, showing her foreign policy chops saying i can't promise i won't commit more troops, it's a dangerous world. i was thinking this had to be people in brooklyn headquarters thinking why didn't we put her out there more? why did we let the dnc limit these forums? then, you flip it around and that last part there about a right wing conspiracy? her saying don't you believe that? they're out to get me? the pity in that answer shows
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why she's struggling and she was asked why she took $600,000 from goldman sachs in three speeches. and that is what they're offering, i don't know. and won't that look bad in a presidential campaign? >> did you have to be paid $600,000? >> i don't know. that is what they offered. you know, every secretary of state that i know has done that. >> once they're not running for office? >> i wasn't committed to running. i didn't know whether i would or not. >> you didn't think you were going to run for president or not? >> when i was secretary of state, i said i think i'm done. >> there you go. all of the things she had good moments and right there, slips up on the wall street thing and saying to be honest, i just didn't know this would look bad
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in a campaign. i wasn't sure i was going to run for president. everybody in the world knows hillary clinton has been plotting and planning this for years now. that answer shows why poll after poll says voters don't find her honest and trust worthy. >> she tried to run a different narrative, saying at one point when i was a little girl i didn't think i'd be here asking for your vote as president, i just wanted to be in service behind the scenes so trying to paint it differently. i want to ask you about both she and senator sanders trying to outprogressive each other. >> yes. bernie sanders, you saw pieces of why he's connecting with voters. he's tapping into the anger about wall street, the economy, the middle class, in his words, being shafted but is direct, blunt, funny. he was asked about larry sanders impersonation of him and he said
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i am larry sanders. it's real, but then, on the progressive issue he was hammered by hillary clinton saying it was a low blow that he said sometimes he's a progressive, and times she's a moderate. she says that is a low blow. >> all i said you can't go and say you're a moderate one day and be a progressive another day. some of my best friends are moderate. i love moderates but you can't be a moderate and a progressive. >> i said i'm a progressive who likes to get things done. and i was somewhat amused today that senator sanders set himself up to be the gate keeper on who is a progressive. >> you see the fight between liberal and central wing of the party. then, pressed by anderson cooper, she says i want to build on the progress of president obama.
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sanders may use that against her saying you just want the status quo. you want a third obama term. i want something a lot different. so in a nut shell we saw the battle lines drawn. >> she did talk about how she needs to be in the white house because she will continue the obama legacy and said i'll fight to keep his policies in place and go further but i'm going to do something different. so ed, we appreciate you breaking that down for us tonight. thank you. >> big night, good to be with you. >> joining me now to break down the democratic candidate forum is chris stirewalt, amy stoddard, and julian turner, former national security council member. good to see you. stirewalt, a lot of chuckling for you. you weren't buying what she was selling. >> i was smelling what she was smoking. i don't think it was wholly
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honest. hillary clinton has a problem, which is when she tries to put the authenticity chip in, or tries to upload the program that says be relatable in this phase, voters know. at times you saw the real hillary clinton come through. can you promise me you won't expand military commitment? she said no. no. no. it was honest and state forward. it felt so hokey, talking about wearing sweat pants, bernie sanders, he was great and had a fantastic night. if you were open to the idea of bernie sanders he told you something that was pleasant, a good story, she told you a grim, bad story. he told you a way to work with republicans she said she'd grind their bones into flour and bake
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bread. so it was two starkly different world views. >> how much do you think it matters the conversation about goldman sachs? she says that is what they were offering. >> she should have come up with an answer a long time ago and not that is what they offered. that is more money that many will see in decades and they're living paycheck to paycheck and they're democrats. they want to know what these two are going to do and it fell flat. that said i think she had the best night of her campaign. i think she's not good in debates she gets combative and loud. this town hall setting, she seemed tired but her answers on cancer, and right to die, and and action on the supreme court were more relatable and
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comfortable than i've ever seen her in this campaign. i do think that it's not that she is going to take votes away from bernie f you're with bernie, you're with bernie and he had a great night. it's interesting he's pivoting to i have been in the senate and worked hard but there is a lot of tension between these two bernie sanders campaign was told they would not continue to look at counting tuesday night in the middel of the night. the debates is under the control of the dnc with the cooperation of the hillary clinton campaign. he admitted he was never consulted about the debate. this is a very tense situation which will be a debate whether locking horns and in weeks to come. >> i want to go back to the supreme court, because former secretary clinton talks about she wants someone rooted in the real world. she talked about fighting for rights for lgbt and making sure
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roe v. wade doesn't get overturned. and kept going back to i just want someone rooted in the real world. but i don't know about that answer. people say. >> her first inclination, i believe is i'm not going to give it to the banker. she struggled on how to describe the person and that is where she ended up. i think she's in an uphill fight in the frame of the debate which is who is more progressive? she loses that debate to bernie sanders every time and twice on sundays. i think her weakest answer was the wall street answer. the answer you played in the sound byte. it will be replayed throughout the week. and her best answer is speaking about going through personal strive and how she's resilient
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and a fighter and she keeps clawing back. i think that is the best theme to run on. the other thing i say is that i think bernie sanders did have a good night because he's becoming to look like her equal. he looked very plausible tonight. >> he did get questions on i'm not sure i can go for you. but i like you, i'm not sure i can vote for you. when you look at the numbers it's surprising how well he does against many contenders. he kept saying he went after donald trump multiple times and kept saying i hope it's time and it shows he would beat donald trump and other g.o.p. contenders. >> leading up to iowa, the gloves came off. when it came to sanders and clinton and tonight they were back on a little bit. the question are are they running against each other or
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against the g.o.p. , specifically, donald trump. i think sanders was his best self tonight and clinton, i think she was likable, probably more than in the last debate but still, and i think that is going to come back to hurt her. the theme running through the democratic side of this, the whole election cycle is sort of insiders versus outsiders. that came up to hurt her this evening with the goldman sachs question. she fumbled that one. i think she has a lot to overcome in terms of likability factor there. >> she talked about the question from the rabbi she said i just want to serve behind the scenes and called to do what i have to
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do to save the country from the evil, wicked kokh brothers. it almost sounds like we're forcing her to run for president. >> right. she doesn't want to do it but feels she owes it to us. hillary clinton has been running for president in some way since 1968. >> before she tried to join the marines. >> exactly. this has been her life's work. and we remember her husband, and two for one and all that stuff. she ought to cut out the baloney. she's at her best when she says get what? the republicans are mean, nasty, they're cruel, they have money and they're going to come grind you up. that is what they're going to do. the reason bernie sanders isn't going to win the nomination is because they think -- it's cool.
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>> this is fine. >> and they think about it and go i'd like to have it but can't do it. on the republican side, what do the republicans say? oh, i'll beat hillary clinton. nothing. the hillary clinton you saw tonight would be a tough competitor. those moments when she's tough and straight forward, poll after poll says the same thing. they don't trust her, they don't like her, but think think she's a strong leader and would be tough to beat. >> we'll get more about her foreign policy issues right after the break. they acknowledged she'd got a wealth of experience. and more with the panel still ahead, and we're going to check in with the g.o.p. and dr. ben carson is going to join us live on set with his take on the race, and scars coming out of battles in iowa. and marco rubio on the move as more republicans look for an exit ramp. is there a yield sign in the
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she was asked a different question but bernie sanders asked a direct question that you don't seem to discuss these matters and how are you going to connect with voters? i thought it was a good question. important to the person asking, wanted to support him, he is supporting him. and he sort of avoided anderson
8:21 pm
cooper asked him to come back to it. he had a good answer. i think people want to know what is going on inside. and we're all mortal and most people who, in either party who take this very seriously do expect an answer from you whether or not you're a spiritually minded or religious as you are, they want you to address this because they are. >> and there are some foreign policy discussion, not a lot. but you know, we talked about how for senator sanders this is some of his toughest questioning. >> he hasn't answered down. it's not a great answer. it's not a specific answer. but when asked he said he'd crush isis. what does that mean? he doesn't get into it. then, he brings it up. >> right. >> he brings it up every time. that is where his go to spot is. you had two people, two questioners tonight who asked
8:22 pm
hillary about it. this is more than a decade ago, this vote that is still haunting her. i think that does matter to progressives and i don't know if answers have assured progressives on that. i don't think she tried to paint that as a diplomacy vote tonight and blame it on bush which is probably her best answer. i don't think it's a convincing answer. she can say i made the mistake, sorry, i'm moving on. she has no -- tonight's answer was well, this is for diplomacy. >> right. she started to say the words i regret and i thought is she going to say i regret this vote? she said i regret that bush took his authorization and did what he did for it. it is a sanders point that he hammers her on repeatedly. >> it's true. the iraq vote is important to progressives but i think it's
8:23 pm
time for the democratic party to stop pretending that having an anti-iraq war position and vote constitutes a foreign policy platform. it's too thin and too outdated. we have too many immediate threats today. i think bernie sanders missed the mark when talking about isis. he was asked about his strategy. he said we need to be tough and need to be smart. that kind of sounds okay but it's pretty meaningless when you dig down and look for specifics. i thought he needs to deliver substance on foreign policy, and soon if you wants voters to take him seriously, period in the wake of isis recruiting in an unprecedented rate, attacks in western europe, hitting close to home, it's time to step up the game in the foreign policy arena. >> one of his pressing attacks is this issue with iraq's vote.
8:24 pm
and she threw it in there in the end is about the gun lobby. being in vermont, there are hunters and outdoorsman but it's something she pulled out against him regularly. >> well, look, the democratic party has purged itself mostly of rural voters. it purged itself substantially of white voters and keeps going if you want to know why donald trump successful with lower income white democrats is because their own party disregarded them. bernie sanders represents a state that has what is that? >> clinging, the clingers and clinging. >> maybe not to god part. >> well, there are christians in vermont. come on. >> i didn't say that. i said with god. god. >> but vermont represents the kind of state, part of the ben & jerry's chunky monkey phase but
8:25 pm
part of it is the country where firearms are an important part of their life. you're seeing a shorting out of the obama party into the new coalition, which is urban, poor, plus up scale, affluent white voters in the inner suburbs and the city. and that means -- if bernie sanders is not liberal enough for you, you have not been paying attention. but the gun is a good pry bar to pull him out. >> chunky monkey. >> yes. >> we're going to have ice cream later and we're going to have more election coverage including g.o.p. contender dr. ben carson, joining me live in studio, next. and once-crowded field of republicans is beginning to thin out. carl cameron is on the new hampshire campaign trail. >> donald trump isn't in new hampshire but allegations that ted cruz cheated in iowa are dominating the campaign here. i have asthma...
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bernie sanders and hillary clinton went after their g.o.p. rivals, republican candidates debate again in just three days. the field looked a little bit different this time around. carl cameron joins us now from new hampshire. all right, carl, how are they reacting? >> just as democrats, sanders and clinton didn't talk about republicans but their differences, republicans are focused on the battle they're having. we'll get reaction tomorrow, but they were all very busy tonight. what is interesting to give you an example of the odd processes that can happen, if you go to a trump event, you can find sanders people there as a second choice. if you go to a sanders event,
8:31 pm
you can find people whose second choice is donald trump. that speaks to how people want serious change. >> so, what are the g.o.p. candidates up to tonight? it's been a busy day on that side of the ticket. >> fighting like crazy. and you know, speaking of trump, trump spilled it out of iowa and didn't come to new hampshire this day, he was in arkansas. while in arkansas he again teed off on ted cruz and allegation some of the campaign tactics cruz used were dirty tricks if not fraud, speaking about the campaign staffers for the cruz team that had told their precinct captains that ben carson dropped out of the race based upon what they had infered. when the cruz campaign found out that wasn't the case, it was too late. and precinct captains argued
8:32 pm
supporters should come to cruz. and second one is what cruz had done with a voting document mailed to people suggesting they had a bad voting record and so did their neighbors and it reflected badly on them. on greta's show, this evening, trump outlined it again in detail, listen. >> what he did to dr. ben carson, why he said he left the race, vote for us. i think that is serious. the one situation is now being investigated by authorities in iowa. the voter violation form is being under serious investigation. but i think they should probably throw him out of iowa. i don't think what he did is a disgrace. >> well, it's not going to happen. the secretary of state in iowa certified the results and cruz did win according to the
8:33 pm
secretary of state. cruz in new hampshire dropped all pretense of with donald trump and unloaded. here is an -- we caught up with him. here is an example of what happened. >> it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum, if you like, another trumper tantrum. his reaction to everything is to throw a fit. >> lots of fighting with marco rubio as well. rubio hoping to shoot the gap while cruz and trump battle, he wants to rise as the optimistic candidate, he's getting warm receptions from new hampshire audiences. size does not matter when it comes to the audience at this point. voters are coming from all over the country. rubio picked up a new team member today, rick santorum dropped out of the race and endorsed rubio. this is something santorum discussed with rubio today.
8:34 pm
rubio was gracious about accepting it. rick santorum did not fare well in iowa, having won it just four years ago was never very competitive in new hampshire, so he's saying he's the candidate of the future, in addition, rand paul, the kentucky senator described as the most-interesting politician in time magazine a year and a half ago also dropped out. he probably had the opportunity to tap at least some of the libertarian spirited voters here in new hampshire, particularly independents, making up a big chunk of the primary turn out and often sway it. now, he's out. and john kasich, too, very, very aggressive in quoting independents. so it's intense, lots and lots of name calling and candidates are doing 5 or 6 events a day, trading insults and attacks on the hour. >> and they're keeping you busy.
8:35 pm
thank you for checking in with us. >> also, dr. ben carson, we thanks for joining us tonight. >> a pleasure. >> so youck trip to florida, you have a fresh suit you picked up at home. what was that trip about? >> i'd been on the road almost three weeks and after being on the road two weeks it's very nice to get a fresh set of clothes. and maybe even spend a few quiet hours at home with my wife because we've been going in different directions, too. people don't seem to understand that. i heard someone on television say well, they have clothes, they have suits in new hampshire. he can just buy new suits there. that is not how i grew up. i don't grow up with these these away and buy new ones. i don't relate to that. >> you look very nice. >> thank you. >> you're suited and now, you're
8:36 pm
moving on. there are rumors going on, i understand it wasn't just connected to cruz, saying we're seeing a story he may be taking a break from the trails and making an announcement of some sort. i want to ply a little bit of what senator cruz said today and ask if is is a good apology. >> i apologize to ben for our team not passing on their subsequent clarification. this is not a campaign that scapegoats are staffers so no. i note the news story our news team passed on was true and accurate. >> so your reaction to that? and the front part of the answer he pointed at another network and said our staff was reporting what that network was reporting. >> here is the problem with that.
8:37 pm
our campaigns can talk to each other any time, and they have. if they wanted to verify the story, they could have done that. someone was not interested in verifying the story but with enthusiasm, they got the story out to 1500 precincts. so? that doesn't make sense to me. >> so i was at one of these precincts. four candidates, rubio, trump, santorum and you. i told people when you came in there were a thousand people there. you got a standing ovation when they announced you were there. when you left, another standing ovation. you got the warmest reaction, though you didn't win that precinct. but people have a great deal of respect for you. and you finished well in iowa. what are you thinking looking forward? do you think that like ability and the people respect you, is enough for you to keep going? >> absolutely. i mean people everywhere i go say please, please, for our sake don't drop out.
8:38 pm
and in terms of convincing people, they just need to keep listening and go to our website ben read my policies. i have extensive policies on how to get rid of isis and provide national security. it's a false narrative, but i'm happy to have a discussion with anyone on foreign policy. >> i interviewed you a year ago in texas. at that time, you were speaking professionally to huge crowds and i asked you whether you were thinking of running for president, and you were of the mind set i don't want to, but i feel like i've been called to. sort of hes tabt saying you felt like you're being pulled toward it but it wasn't something you were after. where are you now in that place? >> well, clearly it has never been something i particularly wanted to do. i had other pleasant things i
8:39 pm
wanted to do. but it got to the point where there were so many boxes of petitions from people saying you've got to do this. i said to the good lord if you want me to do this, you have to open the doors because the pundits say it's impossible for someone like me, it can't be done. there has been a lot of push back, people saying no. no. you can't do it. they try to ignore you and say you don't exist. the fact of the matter is as long as the people are still there, they're still supporting me. you know, i get my money from the people. i will not accept money from special interests or billionaires who want to influence me. because those same people will want to do that when you get to washington, d.c. and that is part of the problem we have now. so honesty, integrity, bringing some of that back, i want to offer people that choice. >> you're in this 100% is what
8:40 pm
you're saying. >> absolutely. not going anywhere. all of the rumors of my demise are premature. >> keep us updated. we want to know what you're up to and we'll see you on the campaign trail. >> thank you. >> still head, on america's election headquarters we're going to check in with the tomorrow night, dnc debate straight ahead.
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whose long dayis sheldon setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. they didn't achieved what they hoped to, they can try, try again tomorrow, bernie sanders and hillary clinton trying to build momentum heading into next week's elections. and is it good for the end result? the democratic national communications director is with us tonight. great to have you with us
8:45 pm
tonight. >> thank you, good to be on. >> so much like the g.o.p. is criticized for interparty fighting and candidates taking aim at each other, how is it for the democrats to watch these two very accomplished individuals go after each other knowing they've got to get into a general election eventually? >> they do and it's exciting for us. we wanted a good race, something competitive to prepare whoever emerges as our nominee so they're stronger. look what happened on monday. two democrats essentially drove almost as much turn out as 11 republicans. you had 170,000 democrats turn out to 180,000 republicans on the strength of two democrats who have been able to energize and mobilize people, tonight we saw them on cnn listening to aspirations of participants, voters here in new hampshire. they showed they understand their struggles and what a
8:46 pm
contrast. when you compare that to the republican field, this time, over election fraud, tripping up carson, cruz and trump. it's a day that shows the contact 2003s to parties the very self absorbed campaign on the republican side and a campaign on the democratic side looking at economic struggles of the american people and how to build on seven years and make it better. >> many argue that is that same tone on the democratic side of things and numerous coin tosses to decide precincts is something that was this close. i mean is that a valid way to choose a winner? i know you're not a state party official but there are questions on how it was decided by a razor thin margin in favor of the former secretary of state. >> i think one of the things the courts remember when you go into
8:47 pm
a caucus system, you know what you're going into. this is in the state parties hand book in terms of how caucuses work where that is how they decide a tie. in specific precincts so it was a good process that ran very smoothly. you had 171,000 people turn out. and be able to participate, show a lot of enthusiasm. so we're happy about how things progressed. the fact it was close does reflect a lot of energy and these are people who are going to stay engaged. the last time we saw such strong numbers in 2008, that was a good signal for our country. we think it's good to have a spirited debate. we expect them to have a spirited debate tomorrow on msnbc. is a good thing. when they argue, they're not arguing in insulting ways and not offending large swaths of the american people, not insulting immigrants and entire religions. they're arguing about how to
8:48 pm
best deliver health care for people to make sure it's not costing you bankruptcy if you get sick and like the auto industry? and that is the difference between arguments on the democratic side and what we see on the republican side. >> for some potential voters when you look at these match ups whether it's mrs. clinton, or bernie sanders there are g.o.p. contenders beating them match ups, marco rubio, for example, beat both of them. how do you make the case the g.o.p. field isn't offering something americans want, if the election were held today, someone like marco rubio would beat both of your contenders? >> one of the things we have to look is more of the state by state primaries. in the general election simply doesn't hold water in terms of polling until we get there.
8:49 pm
i feel good about our chances. when you have a candidate like marco rubio, running away from the type of town hall we saw with democrats some this is something his fellow republicans criticize him about, not willing to show up and answer questions about his many, many policy position changes. this is a guy that gets rattled easily. i think what people see that and dig down, whether it's through primary season or general election, i'm not worried about a marco rubio or donald trump or frankly a ted cruz. so i think when we get to a general, polls are going to change dramatically. >> we have to leave it there but will be watching for the debate tomorrow night. thank you for your time, good to see you. >> thank you, shannon. >> the votes have been cast and president candidates are dropping like flies. what does it mean for the man seen here? florida senator marco rubio,
8:50 pm
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three g.o.p. candidates have seen shall hi dropped out of the race, but some in the party say that is not enough. don roberts takes a look at politics within the republican party. >> god bless the great state of
8:54 pm
iowa. >> the strength of ted cruz's victory sent shock waves through the candidates to clear the deck for the party to ral yes around marco rubio. >> i do think it's time for the republican party to begin around someone who can win. >> the message from those candidates? for get about it. >> we're supposed to bow out? that is just absurd. >> until yesterday, bush was actually leading rubio in the new hampshire polls, then, there is ohio governor john kasich. >> what do you say to that idea? >> silly. we're not dropping out. >> kasich is neck and neck with rubio in new hampshire. in a number of surveys he's polled in second place. >> well, look if we get smoked
8:55 pm
here, it's over. i said that all along but we don't expect that. >> new jersey governor chris christie pinned his campaign on a good showing in new hampshire. rather than clear a lane for rubio, krirstie -- christie has been taking a blow torch to him. >> how do people out to see rubio today feel about it? >> taking votes away from him and from anyone else that is going to do better. and they should get out of the way. >> i think america is a great place to be. it's competitive. the more the merrier. let's see who can come out in the end. >> it may be just a matter of time before the establishment candidates do concede to rubio's dominance, but veteran strategist says rubio has to do it the old fashioned way.
8:56 pm
he has to earn it. >> marco doesn't have a record. he didn't have a record in florida or a u.s. senator. so people are going to drop out for someone without a record? that is not tested? you have to earn these things. >> chris christie predicted to me there would be a final four, trump, cruz, rubio and a governor. if that holds true, it may be a while before the establishment lane is locked up by a single candidate. >> that is it for us from washington. be sure to tune in tomorrow night at 11:00 we'll have another all star line up of gets, thanks for watching tonight. did you know your brain has a wake system... and a sleep system? science suggests when you have insomnia, the neurotransmitters in your wake system may be too strong, which may be preventing you from getting the sleep you need. talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia.
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an all-out war between the republican frontrunners. just 48 hours after iowa and days before the new hampshire primary, donald trump accuses ted cruz of stealing votes and the responds is epic. welcome to the kelly file, everyone. i'm megyn kelly it all started monday night. moments after ted cruz won the first in the nation iowa caucuses. donald trump graciously accepted his second place finish. but now, oh what a difference a day or two makes as he suggests that ted cruz cheated and even stole support from fourth place finisher ben carson. here is just a sampling of what's transpired over the last 24 hours. >> we finished second and i just want to tell you something


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