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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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great bay new hampshire people lined up hours early to see trump's event. be included should carly fiorina be8h included in cbs debate? 8>px say yes. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> actually, i think i came in first. oh that voter fraud, you know these politicians are brutal. >> i wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing donald trump has tweet because is he is losing it. >> new hampshire is getting intense as the vote is just five days away. we have the latest polling and tell you who has momentum in the granite state. >> did you have to be paid $675,000? >> well, i don't know. that's what they offered. >> was hillary clinton wrong to accept hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from financial agencies? that may be coming back to haunt her. we'll have the latest. >> why do you like bernie sanders? >> he seems to have a lot of integrity. more so than senator clinton.
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>> that's not saying much. >> also ahead many younger americans like bernie sanders. do they know anything about the man. >> is he a socialist. i think we actually need more of that. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ of hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the brawl in new hampshire. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. because of the factor's reporting on the ben carson, ted cruz iowa situation. a major controversy has now broken out in new hampshire. briefly, dr. carson says that cruz campaign aided byváoyc@&c@ a false report on cnn?u dishonestly swayed some iowa voters. donald trump has taken up that cause bashing cruz who has apologized but says he did not know anything about the false report as it was unfolding.
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so you can see it's a mess. the issue is being widely discussed in the granite state. a new daily tracking poll from whdh and the university of massachusetts about new hampshire says the following donald trump in the lead with 336%. marco rubio 15, ted cruz 14, jeb bush 8 con john kasich 7, chris christie 5 ben carson 4 carly fiorina 3%. seems that trump has it if the undecides are not thatu@&c @&c@ low. trump zeros in on cruz. >> i think what he did is disgusting. he said that ben carson, who is a fantastic guy had h. dropped out of the race during the caucus. he had dropped out of the race and vote for ted cruz. all of those people come and vote for ted cruz and many of them did. i think it was a disgrace that he did it. >> i wake up every day and laugh at the latest thing donald has tweeted. because he is losing it.
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look we need a commander and chief. not a twit error in chief. we're libel to wake up one more and donald, if he were president would have nuked denmark. >> the beneficiary of the trump/cruz brouhaha may be marco rubio who at this point is trying to float above the carson controversy. no matter the next five days will be very intense because the one who wins new hampshire will have momentum going into south carolina, nevada and going into super tuesday. the trump situation will disappear unless an investigation is mounted. not interested in the story. so it willp vanish unless new headlines occur. tomorrow on the factor we will talk with donald trump also chris christie as the new hampshire tensions mount. that's the memo now for the top story reaction joining us from the granite state dan tuohy new hampshire union leader and anna linskey for the "boston globe."
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u mass poll has a margin of error of 5%. i'm not sure how seriously we should take it what say you. >> i have got to agree with you on that one. ha% margin of error with that clustering among the candidates doesn't del you very much. what it does tell you is that the stakes are incredibly high for rubio. i mean he really needs to finish here with a strong second. and now all of a sudden isen he is neck and neck with cruz. and this is a guy who hasn't been here. and he hasn't been here the way jeb has and the way some of those candidates that are just on the edge of that bubble have been. i think what you are really going to find is over the next five days and that's a long time in new hampshire five days, that's when voters are going to decide is that relationship that they have forminged with people like jeb bush, is it going to pay dividends? i wonder is rubio going. >> rubio has come up in new hampshire. in past cruz. the reason, mr. do youy, that you didn't see rubio in new hampshire very much was that he had to get some momentum in iowa.
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so he put his resources there. where ms. linskey mentioned jeb bush, chris criminals city john kasich, they are making their stand in new hampshire. so mr. tuohy i want to know about trump. why is trump in the 30's in new hampshire? what is it about new england that trump is is tapping into? >> well, bill, we have been asking ourselves that for six months now right? he has been high in the polls nationally as well and they have been reflected here in new hampshire. we don't know. is he a celebrity. similarly dr. carson is a celebrity. so donald trump is helping him out. the ted cruz battle. we don't know. some suspect polls out there as well. some are very, very good. >> you don't think he has 30%, 345% ofqu the vote locked down in new hampshire? >> no way. >> you don't? >> it's far too soon. people are just starting to pay attention here with the idea of actually shopping andkv7r checking out with the candidate come tuesday. >> okay. christie and bush and
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kasich ms. len ski. they have to get double digits in order to continue although bush can because his money is there but the other two have to get double digits. in your opinion will that happen to any of those three? >> i mean, i would honestly disagree with the premise. they need to do better than double digits. they need to to win. >> none of them is going to win. there is no way they are going to win. >> they are not going to win. but they need to win in that sort -- they have to hit that second place. if bush comes out of that lane and he is second to rubio, i think he is done. i think. >> he will stay though. he won't fold it. >> he is going to run out of money and the same is true with christie. i mean, christie has said he is toast if he doesn't do well here. kasich kasich is in the same boat. kasich is in the same boat. >> from your vantage point you have seen any of those degree gain momentum and acceptability?
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>> no. >> you haven't. how about you from do tuohy duaneing anything in your opinion? >> they are gaining in new hampshire sometimes the polls don't show it jeb bush, john kasich, chris criminals city do speak to big crowds here in new hampshire, bill, they really do. whether they can crack that. >> it's hard and there is speculation. okay. let's go over to the democratic side. it doesn't matter as i said here on the factor, bernie[ ñ sanders will win ms. linskey, everybody i think knows that what they don't know is why people in new hampshire the live free or die state want the government to run the economy as a socialistic administration would impose. why? why do they want that? live free or die? that's not living free. >> look, this is speaking to the bernie sanders. speaking to the strength of bernie sanders' candidacy. he has that authenticity that these new hampshire voters are just swooning over. i mean, to have such a large lead in the polls, i will say clinton, i was out in the trail with her yesterday and she was doing better
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than she did in iowa. but, you know, people -- you know, there are trump supporters said if trump collapses that they will go over and vote for sanders because he talks to them. he is talking to them at their level and they trust him. >> there is style and substance. mr. do youy, you]óe work for the new hampshire newspaper. live free or die the self-reliant state get out of here, massachusetts we don't want your big tax base. and bernie sandersúz socialist. where are these votes coming from? how does that happen? >> it's a base of the party but it's not just the base of the party. it's the primary bill, as we all know. this is the base of the party. a lot of people in the democratic party are are the hardened head here. they don't know which way to go now there is a two person race between hillary clinton and bernie. >> do they want socialism in new hampshire? do they really want that? >> i can't speak for the new hampshire voters. the new hampshire voters are an independent bunch. >> but it's the state that doesn't like taxes.
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that wants a little government. i'm just stunned that sanders is so pap larr. ms. linskey, i will give you the last word. >> yeah, sure. sanders doesn't come across like a politician. that's what they like. what they don't like is the slickness. they will even take higher taxes to just not have that kind of slickness. >> all right. >> i think that's how bad it's gotten. >> well, obviously if trump and sanders win then the granite state voters want authenticity because they are both pretty authentic. it strikes me. i have been to new hampshire many times. i didn't think they wanted a government to tell them what to do every time they turn around and that's what sanders wants. we apprekwc&/ you guys helping us out. next on they rundown was hillary clinton wrong taking big money and speaking fees from wall street? and congressman says he is going after sanctuary cities in a major way. our truth serum correspondents on the case up ahead.
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golsz buy former member of president obama's cabinet. is that a good answer? >> it's kind of an awkward answer. you would have thought she would have a better answer. i think the facts that she state that, you know, she has given hundreds of speeches since she got out
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of office, of which he picked three. and all the previous secretaries of state condi rice and collin powell and bob gates and cabinet officials. this is a very common thing. so i don't see -- if those were the only three speeches she had given then i would have thought it would have beenre are two issues at play here and i wanted to get to the first one. the reason this is even an issue, all right is because of things like this that mrs. clinton says. go. >> >> we got to keep aba2ñ veryw9n:ñ close watch on the big banks. if they pose a systemic risk to our economy they can be and should be broken up and i have said no bank is too big to fail and no executive too powerful to jail. >> but don't put them in jail until they give me the 675,000 wuk bucks. >> come on, you can't bite the hand that is paying you and that's what she does.
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>> maybe republicans can't. but if you looked at obama they passed dodd frank the most stringent welfare reregulation since 1934. a lot of people at banks had given money to him in 2008. and now those are the same people upset that we put new rules on wall street. >> i think hillary clinton's answer was actually good. because she said that's what they offered me. so i took it. i don't think there is anything wrong with that she got paid for three speeches $675,000. and it wasn't because she is is a great speechmaker like i am and you are. it was because they were trying to buy influence with her. >> i appreciate that. me being included in the same sentence with you. >> they were buying influence from hillary clinton who then turns around after she cashes the checks and says i'm going to get you. come on. >> she spoke to universities. she spoke to community groups. she spokeñjos to trade association. are they getting something?
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she has given hundreds of speeches, as have the previous secretaries of state. >> yeah. >> if you look at the republicans. they have received more than 10 times asty much money from wall street in campaign donations as hillary@ó k>ujz has received. >> no, no, no, no. that's not exactly true. >> trying to get hillary clinton to unilaterally disarm. i understand why republicans would want her to do that. >> hypocrisy here. hillary clinton, let me get the exact number since 2000 in all of her campaign has received $44 million from financial sectors. 44 million. that's far and away more than anybody else has received i think on either party. because then she turns around and says i'm going to kick your butt if i get elected. there is something a little shady about that. >> as i said, just look at the numbers for this presidential election. you are combiningssome 15,
5:17 pm
20 years of numbers. >> you want just this? 17. >> the republicans have received more than 10 times as much money from wall street as she has. >> they like the banks they are pals with the banks. >> this is my point. i understand why republicans unilaterally want her to agree not to take money so they can bury her with money. that's what they want? you are doing the the bugaloo. is a woman who takes enormous amount of money from the banking industry on wall street and then turns around and says i'm kicking your butt if i get elected. you don't think that's a little shady? >> she has a plan to be tight on them. i'm not disputing that she gets money across the board represent the whole economy. >> way out of proportion. >> money out of wall street and finances 7% of the economy. >> do you know what it tells me? >> it's pretty much representative. >> do you know what tells
5:18 pm
me? >> what does it say. >> if she is elected she is not going to do anything to those people. >> i don't agree with you. >> i think bernie sanders has got her on this one. always good to debate you. >> good to see you again. >> congressman says u.s. will begin cracking down on sanctuary cities is that true or pipe dream. brutal world of pro-football and big screw up in iowa. those reports after these messages. joints. but now that she's taking osteo bi-flex, she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort. with continued use it supports increased flexibility over time. karen: "she's single." it also supports wonderfully high levels of humiliation in her daughter. karen: "she's a little bit shy." in just 7 days your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex.
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truth serum segment tonight, congressman john colbertson republican from texas has wrote a letter to attorney general loretta lynch urging her to deny money to sanctuary cities. the congressman says
5:22 pm
ms. lynch does not do that she may herself be in violation of law not i couldn't know holding her oath to enforce it. joining us from washington shannon bremen and eric shawn truth serum correspondents. tell us about the sanctuary city deal. >> he sent this letter to loretta lynch the attorney general. >> he is the head of what committee. >> the head of the appropriations committee that oversees the subcommittee that oversees the funding for the department of justice. basically he could turn off the lights. >> not unilaterally. could he unilaterally turn off the lights. >> under the law it's simple if you are a sanctuary city and you get federal money you have to follow federal law because in 19965 law says localities have to cooperate with the federal government on immigration status. >> okay. all of that is well known and then sanctuary city has been operating for 20 years. >> it's never been tested this way. >> right. how is it being tested? he is just a congressman. even though is he a chair he is just a congressman. he can't cut off anything
5:23 pm
unilaterally. >> he says he can. >> how? >> he has the power of the purse under the law. under the app:ci%q%=9m and dealing with the way the money is spent. how it's spent how miss lynch moves money around and he has the oversight for that and could potentially cut some of this off. >> i would be shocked it to know how that man can stop the checks from rolling into the justice department. because you have the president of the united states now, can he do it through an executive order. but obviously president obama is not enforcing the law. not telling his attorney general to enforce the law. it seems the president and attorney general more powerful than this congressman, no? >> well, he says. >> yes? >> in the constitution he has the power of at&t appropriations to do this. it's in the law and very clear. tested this that may be right the attorney general basically they say this letter is under review. do you know what that means? it's like uh-oh. >> i want you to talk to him for me. you can do that and come back next week? we have a lot of politics to deal with talk to colbertson and say listen, you are not
5:24 pm
going to get cooperation from the president. that probably means you are not going to get cooperation from the attorney general. that's the way it works. what are you going to do outside them? how are you going to stop the checks from flowing. >> he says he can do it himself alone because he is the head of the subcommittee thatciú has that power over the appropriations. >> this is good. you know this is good. if this guy can do it by himself, we want to know. so we will continue our. >> all right. bream, you don't smoke pot do you? you don't smoke pot do you? >> not that you know of. no, i did not egive indicate. no. >> you should work for the clinton campaign. so in colorado, as you know legalk t marijuana and now there is a report out that because it's legalized in colorado the cartel is suffering in mexico. apparently they are suffering economically. the dope dealers in mexico. tell me about that. there are numerous reports. it starts with the trail back to a spanish website or
5:25 pm
news agency which sites back to something called the laura herald. we tried to check them out. latest in legal news for lawyers. they cite something that a couple of studies that when you probe into those they say well, these aren't hard data. we may have a couple of antidotes and story it goes back to the weed blog. >> 100 percent pro-marijuana run by three friends. >> if you trace this whole thing back it, goes back to the "l.a. times." they went and talked to a farmer. >> a farmer, one? jose let's call him jose jose the farmer. and what did jose the farmer tell the "l.a. times"? >> he talks about how beautiful his crop was his marijuana crop is. >> of course. >> how upset he is this is probably going to be the last year he does it because he says there is antidotal evidence there that the process are done for the people in that region growing marijuana. there is no study that says it's because there5v are four states now in the u.s. that have legal marijuana. >> one farm his or her says his profits are down but his plants are still beautiful
5:26 pm
and then they whip it up into because they legalized pot in colorado that's helping the cartel its. is that how it pretty much went down? >> it basically that's the story line. now the d.e.a. and custom and border protection does say, listen, tons of marijuana that we're getting at the border the last year or so, that's down. but they don't say why and they don't attribute it to anything and there is no hard data. >> maybe that's true. maybe legalized marijuana will help the cartel. all right? but the way this has been put out there there is a lot of subterfuge and that's why we have the truth serum. i'm really interested in this cull enterson story. i want to see in this guy can shut down money going. in all right. good segment. plenty more aheads at factor moves along this evening. factor exclusive. football legend joe namath says he himself as a brain injury from playing in the nfl and the university of alabama. bernie goldberg will analyze the misreporting by cnn that ignited the big ben carson, ted cruz controversy.
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5:31 pm
attended the university of alabama with mr. stabler. i spoke with mr. namath yesterday. >> now i'm a big jet fan and i lived in left town right near where you trained in hofstra on rhode island. back then it seemed to me it was much more dangerous to be a quarterback than it is today. >> bill, it was. anybody that was in the hole or in the pocket was going to get hurt because we didn't have the kind of protection they have today. the game has improved in that category. i think we're trying to protect all the players more so than yesteryear. >> there is big money with these quarterbacks. back then guys bike ben davidson, oakland raiders they want to do rip your head off and kill you, am i wrong. >> mr. davis had that theory with that oakland raiders and didn't mind talking about it to the team. >> they would smash you as hard as they could smash you and say something you. >> what they said to us we said right back. some of them talked about their own too. >> the result of that andao you are 72 years old now.
5:32 pm
injuries to you throughout your whole life, ken stabler who followed you at alabama his family just announced that he had brain disease. that he got hit in the head so many times. but you seem, your mental faculties seem to be intact. >> i did go get checked because i knew i had at least five concussions. this is 2012 i started. >> so you have a little bit of damage but not enough to impair you? >> i had a lot of cells that weren't working in the temporal area in the left side of my brain now functioning because of the treatment i took with hyperbaric oxygen. >> had you to get out of your economic circumstance through sports. i mean, had you to play. >> right. >> if you want to do leave beaver falls pennsylvania. >> that's right. that's the way i looked at it absolutely. >> so you paid a price but the price was worth it? was it? >> to me it was worth it. to this stage absolutely it was worth it there are those fellows that i played with that i question is it worth
5:33 pm
it to them. >> now you were loved and hated. okay. especially because you were a little flamboyant, i would say, right? a little bit? >> you don't like to be told you can't do something and we all like to stand out a little bit. >> the beauty mist can make my legs look good. imagine what they will do for yours. >> you were broadway joe and you were cocky. i have to confess when i played up in marist i wore white shoes like namath. question is today cam newton, all right is now being charged as a hot shot because he does the little dance in the end zone which i enjoy. but you went through this. >> when it comes to sport winning is the answer. now, if you are going out there and carrying on, show boating and dancing around and you are not winning your teammates will knock you down. they are not going to put up with it, you see. >> was there racism in football when you were there? you played with a lot of great black players emerson, boozer, snell. was there racism. >> yeah. there has always been racism.
5:34 pm
there was racism then and there is racism today. and we both know that it's not the right way to live. hatred and anger is not healthy. but we have come a long way. >> but you and i don't know if people know, this but namath spoke up for the black players. >> both my parents taught us that as a family. and most of the people to this day that carry a chip on their shoulder whenever they are start toggle judge people bye by theirwx color their walk, whatever, ethnicity that is engrained from home to start with. >> if you had worked out like now they are just workout warriors these guys around -- to put it politely didn't really work out that much. other than elbow coming up to your mouth on certain occasions. >> well, there is some other workout kind of things, too. >> see that workout is also controversial: oh, but my question if you had worked out like they are now these guys are unbelievable at the machines. would that have helped physically, do you think? >> i know it would have
5:35 pm
helped sure. that's one of the major steps forward today with the sports nutrition aspect alone. today's methods are much better and they should be. >> did you ever think that if you had been like a workout warrior and not been broadway joe that you threw for almost more than 4,000 yards in a season and you were out until like 6:00 in the morning. you go from the party to the game. it's amazing what you did. >> we did all right. [ laughter ] knowing today what i know, i would change my way. >> are you sure? >> to some extent. [ laughter ] >> joe namath. thanks for coming in. >> thank you bill. >> for the record, joe namath is a really good guy. he is very nice to everybody here at fox news. we come right back, bernie goldberg on the cnn ted carson -- controversy. >> what do you support.
5:36 pm
>> i support -- >> take your time. [ laughter ] >> the factor is coming right back. test test
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5:40 pm
thanks for staying with us, bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. cnn's coverage of the iowa caucus ignited a nasty incident where ben carson's campaign may have been hurt. chris moody is breaking breaking this news that ben carson is going to go back to florida his home regardless of how he does here tonight in iowa. is he is going to go there for several days and then afterwards he is not going to go to south carolina. he is not going to go to new hampshire. >> that was not true. dr. carson had events planned in new hampshire. despite those facts a cnn anchor said this yesterday. >> we reported it accurately and here are the facts. dr. carson's staff told us that he would return home to florida to quote unquote take a breath from the campaign before resuming his activities on the campaign trail. that accurate report was disseminated on television and cnn digital and that was that. >> all right. joining us now from miami the purveyor of bernard and mr. goldberg. and you say? >> well, that was a smug, i thought on cnn's part.
5:41 pm
look, this started out with a mistake that cnn made. as you said yesterday we all make mistakes and live television is hard. so that's not the problem. the problem is that now cnn is doing what so many journalists so often do and what so many politicians actually also do too often circling the wagons and stonewalling so they don't have to say i made a mistake. the mistake was that cnn reported as you just played that dr. carson was not going to new hampshire and south carolina. that gave the impression to any reasonable person out there that he was maybe dropping out of the race. cnn, for the record, never said he was dropping out. but they certainly gave that impression. now, dana bash, the reporter is doing live television. live television is hard. we have ear pieces. she has an ear piece there. this is mine right here. okay. weave have ear pieces.
5:42 pm
and when something new happens, somebody in the control room whispers in ear and they tell us what's new. somebodyhs should have told dana bash that her own reporter in the field had just tweet ben carson's campaign tells me plans to stay in the race beyond iowa no matter what the results are tonight. she didn't update that because i'm assuming nobody told her that and somebody should have. so cnn should have said our bad, we should have updated that information in a timely fashion and we didn't. instead, they circle the wagons and they stonewall and that's the mistake. but what cnn did bill, in my view, in my view, what cnn did isn't nearly as bad as what the cruz campaign did. because dr. carson's campaign announced that he was not dropping out of the race. okay? he was not dropping out. that didn't stop senator
5:43 pm
cruz's national chairman. co-national chairman, congressman steve king from sending out his own tweet. and that said carson looks like he is out. iowa'ns need to know before they vote. most will go to cruz, i hope. look what cnn did i will be generous and say it was an honest mistake. they shouldn't stonewall but they made an honest mistake. that, what the cruz campaign did doesn't look like an honest mistake it. it looks like a dirty trick. >> cruz himself says he didn't know anything about it. >> i'm willing to accept that but somebody knew about it. ohio could you not know -- how could a campaigny. >> king knew about it because king an hour and 2 ominutes after the cnn fallacious report. an hour and 2 ominutes, that's a long time. all right tweeted out what you just said. so, all right. i will accept your explanation. but, you know, it comes a point where if major news organizations in this country are not going to correct their errors and the
5:44 pm
errors led to this terrible thing, and it is terrible, that we have a decline in journalism. that's what we have. you know that. >> no, i agree. by the way you called it a terrible thing. i think donald trump who your regular viewers know, i have been critical of many of the things he said and the way he said them. i think donald trump is right in this case. i think this terrible mistake might have cost him the election. >> sure. >> karl rove is great with numbers. and last night he correctly %d that all you needed was four votes in each of the 1500 precincts to go over to cruz from carson or -- yeah from carson to cruz. >> and that gave the percentage point win. >> donald trump might have won. >> absolutely. there is no doubt about it? >> he is he absolutely right in this case. >> that's why we broke this story big with dr. carson at the beginning of the week and we are continuing it. because we have to stop. this this has to stop, now. and i was distressed about
5:45 pm
how cnn handled it. last word real quick. >> well, the part about how they handled it, you said yesterday very correctly that people make mistakes. >> yeah. >> why can't journalists say we should have reported the latest information that he was not dropping out. we didn't. we're sorry. >> goldberg, sometimes i apologize to the audience for many putting you on the air in certain weeks. i'm not ashamed. >> you don't know how many people i apologize to for being on the program with you you. >> i know that's a perennial. bernie goldberg, everyone. watters on deck. bernie sanders edition. how much do his supporters really know about him? watters is next.
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back of the book segment tonight, senator bernie sanders running well ahead of hillary clinton in the new hampshire polling as we reported. and all over the country oldmm bernie has captured the imaginations of some younger americans. we'll sent watters out to the university of oregon to explore the sanders' phenomenon. ♪ ♪ >> so what year are you here? >> i'm a freshman at university of oregon. >> why aren't you at a toga party right now? so what's your major here. >> women and gender studies. >> i studied women in college, too. why do you like bernie? >> is he a great congressman. >> he is a senator. >> umm. [crickets chirping] >> he seems to have a lot of integrity, more so than senator clinton. >> that's not saying much. what policies do you support of bernie sanders? >> that's so hard to like pinpoint. >> here we go again. >> i think my favorite of of his would probably be his
5:50 pm
healthcare policy. >> if you think healthcare is expensive now. >> um. >>um wait until its free. >> i really like his redistribution of wealth policy. >> how is bernie going to accomplish all of these these redistributed schemes? >> making it more efficient and not losing any -- he would be able to put pressure on congress to pass it. >> obama put pressure on congress to pass his agenda and they said no. >> definitely like the free education thing. that's always a plus. >> how is bernie going to make college free? >> um i believe he's taking taxes from -- i can't remember. >> i mean like -- >> support his -- i like i don't know i'm -- >> isn't it weird when you have a kid and all your dreams and hopes go right out the window. >> i think bernie sanders provides the most opportunities for underestimated people,
5:51 pm
especially queer people. >> you can't say queer, that's offensive. >> well, i am queer. >> oh. what is bernie going to do about the climate? >> we need to get whatever we can get. i'm -- >> i'm sorry, i can't understand a word you're saying. >> i like how he's proposing more of a revolution. >> are you a revolutionary? >> oh i'm a revolutionary. >> don't ever frown me. >> i won't. >> if you raise my taxes, how am i going to afford to dress so nicely? >> i would encourage thrift stores. that's where i get most of my outfits. >> that's an interesting line of reasoning. >> it's not fair to have people just filthy rich you know? >> isn't filthy rich the american dream? >> i don't think that is anymore. >> what would you like to see the top tax rate at? >> 50. >> the government wastes all our money on corruption now. why should we give them more of
5:52 pm
our money? >> what did you say? >> snap out of it! >> let's maybe as a country decide that we have better intentions to spend our money than on war. >> if we don't fund the military how are we going to kill isis? >> i think the best way to defeat isis is to have a conversation. >> what if isis beheads you at the negotiating table? >> now bernie says he's a democratic socialist. what does that mean? >> i definitely think it's not as terrifying as people think it is. >> i think we need more of that. >> they tried socialism in venezuela, it didn't work that well there. >> they have socialism in sweden and it's working out pretty well. >> did sweden put a man on the moon? >> no. but did any other nation? >> yeah america. >> yes. >> none of that! >> do you know who i am? >> fox news reporter. >> i'm watters and this is my world right here. >> oh i'm sorry?
5:53 pm
>> is there any reason that woman was dressed up like a bear? >> protesting global warming. she was a polar bear yeah. >> ah protesting global warming. okay so we don't have a lot of time with you today, by design i built that you wouldn't be here much. but you have a show on saturday. and trump will be there, right? >> i asked trump if he ever smoked weed. >> i asked that earlier. >> i asked if he got down on one knee when he proposed. very very personal. >> heavy hard-hitting interview. >> very personal questions. >> okay. there's watters, everybody. too bad we couldn't have more of him tonight. back for the tip of the day. why you should walk away from internet news. the tip moments away. here's to knowing she loves blueberry pancakes. and where she keeps... the fire extinguisher. our valentines diamond heart pendant can be worn four ways.
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back with the tip of the day. i will scorch news on the net in
5:56 pm
a moment but really great news according to "killing reagan." no fan of mine k.r. by far the best book of 200515. and if you buy "killing reagan" you also get "the newsmakers." a terrific deal that won't last so move it please. now to robby booe /* hrks helton from maynardville tennessee. bill i notice you and your rino buddy rove didn't mention that the rubio campaign tweeted out the same thing about ben carson. as for rino buddies, i'm a registered independent and you robbie are an incredible pinhead. and this from ryan prigge
5:57 pm
o'reilly you are showing your obvious preference for trump by blasting cruz's campaign. where was this outrage when trump was calling cruz a canadian? i called this bogus. and simon says i have noticed that some are saying being canadian is a bad thing. how can that be? by the way, i have become a premium member in order to get killing reagan. we are the best friends in the world. jamie says bill i have been following the carson-cruz story and i appreciate your talking points. cruz showed what he stands for. people inside the campaign should have checked the cnn report. but it happened so quickly cruz might not have known anything. carol from ft. worth, texas. o'reilly are you sure you're not a democrat in disguise? you're pitting republicans against each other.
5:58 pm
i'm accurately assessing the news. carol, that's what i'm doing here. jeanie of richland washington. if hillary is indicted is it possible president obama would pardon her? it is probable not just possible but if the indictment comes, mrs. clinton will be finished as a candidate for president. zachary from point house, florida. bill i might have missed your report on the wounded warriors situation. and ima jean dickinson, 100 years old in pensacola, florida. best of birthdays to you. and danger if you're consuming news on the net. i recently changed from yahoo! to google because yahoo! uses the hate website solan in the news pages. that's unacceptable to me. google may do the same thing and if it does, i'll fire them.
5:59 pm
let me give you an example, this week a vicious article came out on glenn beck called "the daily beast." written by glenn grove, a despicable person. colleagues and underlings of beck interviewed by the daily beast, on condition of anonymity. i stopped right there. just garbage. can't identify anyone on the record and you use cowards to trash another human being. and the editor of "the daily beast" is john avalon and has written a book that trashes beck. and nowhere is that mentioned in the article. not acceptable. blatantly dishonest. factor tip of the day, walk away. please check out the fox news factor website,'reilly. word of the day, do not be louche. that pertains to the tip of the
6:00 pm
day when writing for the factor. louche. miss megyn is next. remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out. breaking tonight, the race tightens up five days away from the critical new hampshire primary. good evening. welcome to the special "kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. the polls show a new top three in the first in the nation primary state. the real clear politics average of all the polls in new hampshire has donald trump in first maintaining his double digit lead and then it's a dogfight. for the first time since early january, senator marco rubio overtaking senator ted cruz for second place but just barely. on their heels governors john kasich jeb bush and chris christie all fighting to stay at the top tier. and we are seeing a major shift in political strategy. there are new reports out today that the bush and c


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