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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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day when writing for the factor. louche. miss megyn is next. remember, the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out. breaking tonight, the race tightens up five days away from the critical new hampshire primary. good evening. welcome to the special "kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. the polls show a new top three in the first in the nation primary state. the real clear politics average of all the polls in new hampshire has donald trump in first maintaining his double digit lead and then it's a dogfight. for the first time since early january, senator marco rubio overtaking senator ted cruz for second place but just barely. on their heels governors john kasich, jeb bush and chris christie all fighting to stay at the top tier. and we are seeing a major shift in political strategy. there are new reports out today that the bush and christie
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campaigns are actually sharing information through back channels to try to bring down senator rubio. governor christie denied that report on our air earlier tonight but "the new york times" reports that one of his aides confirmed it. but their words do show that the florida senator is certainly in their cross hairs. that of chris christie and bush. watch. >> i'm being attacked by marco rubio's super pac. and i don't feel -- it's so unfair and it's not -- >> marco rubio has not established one thing in his entire career. he's given the same speech for six years. his handlers surround him and coddle him. >> marco rubio is a gifted politician but his whole life has been around his own ambitions an he's gifted. he can turn a phrase really well but what has he done? >> he's not ready to be president of the united states and not ready only because of his lack of accomplishment in his senate career but in his
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life as a candidate. >> i know this about politics when everyone is attacking me left and right. that's how i responded. but when people are having a tough time in a campaign, especially near the end, you see desperation set in and they start saying thing. i'm not too worried about that. >> we have a powerful show for you tonight. governor jeb bush is here to talk about the fight for new hampshire and his former men tee, senator rubio. then the governor will take questions directly from the focus group of republican primary voters. plus, dr. phil is here with his diagnosis of the 2016 race and the american electorate. there's a twist for you. but first we begin with the focus group. good to see you all. free advice for senator rubio when trying to look tough, do not wear the sweater. the sweater underminds toughness, am i wrong? right, okay, it could have been worse. it could have been the vest like santorum but okay. let's start with a coordinated increase on senator rubio by the
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other guys in the establishment lane. you are all republican voters, do you understand it? do you like it? >> no. >> why? >> christie has a lot of nerve. a lot of nerve. >> why? >> in a state where we have been downgraded nine times and people are exiting quickly out of that state because of taxes and no business opportunities for us, he has the nerve to talk about establishments? i find that hypocrite call on his part. >> chris christie -- i agree. and christie has a lot of issues on his own. christie was the head of the republican governors association. meanwhile, he did not back republican rob astorino who won upstate new york by a big majority. and could have become governor if it wasn't for christie. christie also didn't back several governors in the south. so you know what, he doesn't deserve anything. he needs to drop out and get lost. >> yeah, go ahead. >> what do you expect? i mean, they are running for president of the united states, this is not a checker game. people are going to get out
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there to say whatever they have to say and fight to win the office. i'm not surprised by anything and i think when you put yourself in a position where you're going to run for president of the united states, sort of anything is fair game. >> here is what some of the critics say. some of those sort of mainstream republicans if you will say, oh, wait, i don't want donald trump and i don't want ted cruz because they're too outside of the mainstream for me. so i want marco rubio. so i don't want to see the other guys who they think have a worse chance than marco rubio take rubio down. anybody feel that way? go ahead in the back. >> i feel like marco rubio is the only candidate out there right now with widespread appeal among voters in the general campaign and he's the only standing chance republicans have to win. >> you feel like he's getting too dinged up in the interparty fight? >> this season to the narrative everyone is afraid of marco rubio because he is a powerful figure. he has charisma and widespread appeal among many sectors of voters including hispanics and young people. >> he may have all that but does not have the experience that jeb bush or chris christie or john
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kasich have. nowhere near, right? is that a problem for anybody? >> but he's -- >> people are really overlooking john kasich is a darkhorse candidate here. he has an unbelievable portfolio of experience on a state level, on a federal level, he turned ohio around and created a half million jobs there. he went from an $8 billion deficit to a $2 billion surplus. so he's really across the board his experience just speaks for itself. and he was able to cross the aisle to get republicans and democrats. >> governor bush may not be the most charismatic candidate ever. same for john kasich, sweet guy but not exactly bombastic, right? so christie i think is different but he's got other issues as you point out. so how much is a charisma thing like rubio against the two governors? go ahead. >> it's so important. at the end of the day if you can't get the votes then it doesn't really matter. millenials want to see the energy, they want to see
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something fresh and he comes to the table with new ideas. what rubio is able to bring us is new ideas and a plan. unlike just talk he's talking about education, he's talking about how he's going to establish the young people and that's going to resonate to the voting population. >> go ahead. yeah. >> i think marco rubio also showed his character. it would have been easy for him to go attack governor bush or christie and didn't. he handled it like a gentleman and professional and is a young guy and comes from a very humble beginning. i think he's the american dream. i think those people like that about him. >> is there any line that can't be crossed? because politics, they have sharp elbows here. we saw that with the cruz vote in iowa. this is an election, we're not going to leave anything on the floor and go for it. yet are there any lines they can't cross. go ahead. >> i don't know if there are or not but they have not crossed any lines and we need to challenge all the candidates because if the primary candidates don't, the democrats most certainly will. so these are legitimate lines to cross. >> you are look for pardon the
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analogy but the cockroach, the one to survive anything. if the nuclear bomb comes, it will emerge standing next to bernie and hillary. >> that's exactly right. >> as republicans we tend to beat each other up and we are giving ammunition to hillary the liar or bernie the socialist. whichever one gets in. and that's bad for our party in the long run. so, yes, politics is politics and you beat each other up, but you have to draw the line somewhere. because you can't make it easier for the democrats to come in and use that against the candidate in the general election. >> right behind -- in the back. >> i somewhat disagree. these people are looking to take george washington's job. you need to bring everything to the table whether it's the primary, whether it's the general election. you need to be prepared. we need to air out all of the baggage in the earlier part so you are able to step in like a gladiator and win in the general election. if you falter at this stage, you're going to have problems as you move along. >> you're opening up the baggage, let's see it. go ahead in the back.
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>> i would just like to -- >> go ahead. >> i think that bush and mr. christie should spend more time concentrating on what their platform is and talking about what they want to do. >> they have been doing that and it is not resonating well. >> i think that's because mr. rubio did a phenomenal job in iowa and is able to bring the party together and bring in young people to discuss student aid and student loans and the debt students are facing. i think he would be a great candidate. >> what do you make -- did you hear chris christie, he has a new term for marco rubio, have you heard it? bubble boy. boy in the bubble. boy in the bubble. in response to which -- well, in response to which i think it was seth myers who said chris christie is the bubble, which was kind of mean. but he was trying to basically say he hasn't gotten anywhere, lived a sheltered life. what do you think? >> i don't think that's true. i think that christie's really desperate now because if he doesn't win this state, it's over for him and i think rubio is rising and i think that's why christie is just going out for the attack. back.
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>> i think that rubio has done something. he co-authored the gang of eight amnesty plan and this gavelized the republican base to oppose it. so he did something in a negative -- >> you are not a rubio fan, so are you not a jeb bush fan either? >> correct. >> who do you like? >> trump. >> here's my question for you as a trump supporter because i have heard christie supporters say this. if you like trump, why don't you like christie? >> i do like christie. >> there you go, he's your second choice. >> i don't like christie -- i like trump, you have to realize, trump is a businessman. he's a go-getter. he's a self-starter. he built an empire. he can do the same thing with this country. christie, he's been a decent governor but for the reasons i mentioned before, he doesn't deserve it. he's only out for himself. >> like christie said before, he said, i'm a fighter. when i got knocked down to the lower debate, i showed up. i didn't complain, i showed up and debated in the undercard. trump doesn't show. what kind of leader do you want,
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that was his point. what are your thoughts? >> i thought trump was wrong in doing that. i disagreed with him doing that. i thought either he's completely stupid or sly as a fox. but i think he's completely stupid. he may have other ideas in play. >> now it may have caused him iowa. >> it was such a cool decision not to go to the debate. i became a trump support. he's a winner and what america sorely needs. >> even though now he says he believes it cost him the iowa race. >> well, you make the best decision at the time and you have to go with it, right? >> i was there, i got a different example here on this whole strategy of whether to participate in debates or not. you know, you have rand paul who just boycotted the debate. where is he now? you have trump, boycotted a debate, it kind of hurt him. and christie on the other hand, he stuck it out, he did the undercard debate, he -- you know, he took it as a man and
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he's -- he's excelling? >> much more to come, hold those thoughts. in the dogfight in new hampshire, no one is fighting harder than jeb bush. he joins us next to answer touch questions from our audience and from your's truly. and dr. phil has been watching the 2016 field and we asked him to diagnose what is going on with these candidates when "the kelly file" comes back. i know, who doesn't love dr. phil? >> one thing i have never been accused of is not being tough enough. folks have had a lot of interesting things to say about me. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. i tabut with my back paines, i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve.
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i trust dog chow enough to feed it to my dog every single day.
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first job as president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror and he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader who will keep our country safe. >> that was a new ad set to begin running for jeb bush tomorrow in south carolina. it was put out by his political action committee. it is part of a big push, the bush team is now making ahead of new hampshire and the south carolina primaries. joining me now from new hampshire, republican presidential candidate and
6:15 pm
former florida governor, jeb bush. thank you so much for being with us. we appreciate it and know you'll take questions from our panel, too. let me start with the ad. i know you don't coordinate with the super pac but been able to say okay to your brother, like if you want to get out there. why now? >> well, i didn't know that he was doing that, to be honest with you. we are righteous in making sure there's no coordination. but i knew he was going to campaign for me in south carolina, for which i'm grateful. i am -- i love my brother and a lot of republicans do as well. tonight my mom campaigned with me in new hampshire. i love her. i love my dad. i also have a proven record as governor of the state of florida that disrupted the old order and brought about change, applying conservative principles. and that's the story i tell here and is garnering quite a bit of support here in new hampshire where people really force the candidates to have full views. they're not scripted. they don't let you get away with scripted kind of responses. >> is that a reference to senator rubio? because that's the hit chris christie has been laying on him.
6:16 pm
>> no, it isn't. ale though i would say my record of accomplishment of cutting taxes $19 billion, reducing the government workforce by 19,000, leading the nation in job growth seven out of eight years, all of that is a record of accomplishment. dealing with eight hurricanes and four tropical storms in 16 months, that record compares favorably to anybody on the stage. but particularly the senators who are ambitious and are talented and can give a great speech. but there's nothing in their record that would suggest they can make a tough decision. and now we are in the eighth year of a president that is quite similar. charismatic beyond belief, great speaker but nothing in his past would suggest that he could have made a big decision and he's not. >> is there any coordination, we asked governor christie this earlier on fox news between your team and his to go after rubio? >> no, no, not at all. but look, the three governors and remaining governors in the race do have one thing in common. we have had to make tough decisions, we have had to balance budgets. we have had to challenge the
6:17 pm
orthodoxy and status quo. in my case, i'm proud of that record in florida and that's the story i tell. it's a little bit harder when you struggle to even answer the question, what have been your accomplishments? for example, senator rubio suggested he led the charge to increase sanctions for hezbollah and they passed without him being there and he was not a sponsor of it. it's hard to be able to say you have accomplished things when there's nothing going on in washington, d.c. >> now, there is an ad that your team put out, not your super pac but the jeb bush for president team put out. that goes hard after donald trump and it opens up with a little clip of yours truly. i'm going to show that part of your ad and then show what actually happened on "the kelly file." watch this. >> i insist when seeing carly fiorina on tv. look at that face, would anybody vote for that? can you imagine that being the next face of our texas president? >> donald trump has a woman
6:18 pm
problem. >> okay, watch. here's what actually happened on "the kelly file." >> i think the real story is coming from the lower tiers here, we'll see what emerges. >> what do you make about what he discussed with carlie fee ro tree na /* /- /* -- carly fiorina. >> if you don't think donald trump has disparaged women, hispanics and insulted the disabled, has insulted john mccain for being captured and a loser because he was a p.o.w., then you have missed the last year, megyn. of course he's done this. and you can't insult your way to the presidency. it may garner people's attention, he's a great entertainer, but the simple fact is that we need a country, we need a president that will you night our country around common purposes and insulting people is not the way to do it. and i'm sick of it. so frankly, i don't know what the political implications of
6:19 pm
this are, but i believe we need unite around a set of common purposes to fix the problems in washington and that kind of attitude isn't going to help. >> let me get some of the audience questions in. david marcus, where are you? okay. david marcus has a question for you, sir. do you want to read it or do you remember it? >> you can read it. >> david's question is do you have an optimistic approach to tackling the country's problems that can succeed with voters in what has been an election so far defined by anger? >> yeah, in fact, for me to win, people are going to have to believe that our future's brighter than what we have today. if it's all about anger, then i'm not going to be the candidate that wins because i believe we're on the verge of greatness but we've got to fix how we tax and fix the regulatory system. and you can go to to get the most comprehensive plans as it relates to the student loan program, how to balance the budget. i believe in policy. i believe ideas have consequences and conservative principles should be hopeful and optimistic. we should draw people toward our
6:20 pm
cause rather than be reactive and con up substantiastantly tr. >> rocco, you have a question. >> governor, you are obviously very qualified to be the president of the united states. >> thank you, rocco. >> what is going on in the country, the country is divided and people don't feel good about america anymore, we are divided by race, we are divided by people that work hard and make a living. the rest of the country hates them, doesn't want to work hard, they are trying to pull him down, if you're the president, how do you plan to bring back that good feeling of america, help solve this racial division that's tearing the country apart and help stop the war between the haves and have-nots? >> i think the rhetoric that the president uses is really important. i think it's important to be respectful of the office. and it's also important to have language that draws people towards a common cause. we have a president who's gifted
6:21 pm
but pushes people down to disagree with him. i assume that people that disagree with me don't have bad intentions, that they just might be wrong and it's my duty to persuade them to join my cause. that's what governors get to do, they get to lead, create a strategy, forge consensus and move their states forward. the successful ones do that and i had a chance to do that. that skill of leadership is important and right now we don't have it. >> i have to get john heart lee in because he might be your number one fan in our focus groups, even more than barbara bush today. he really wants to ask you a question. this is john heartley, go ahead, john. >> next month marks the 240th anniversary of the wealth of nations publication. do you believe that free market capitalism is under attack from politicians like bernie sanders and what would he do to defend it? >> 60 seconds to answer, go. >> absolutely it's under attack. it's under attack by institutions of higher learning, it's under attack by our
6:22 pm
education system, it's certainly under attack by socialists and progressive liberals. i believe that free market economics has created more prosperity, more benefits than any government program ever created. and the duty of the next president is to create less friction rather than more complication. simplify the tax code so we don't pick winners and losers. and simplify the regulatory system and push power away from washington, d.c. starting with obamacare. these are the things we need to do to let freedom ring again. our system is based on individual liberty and right now that is under attack across the board culturely, politically and economically. and the next president better respect the constitution and promote free market cap laltism, not crony capitalism but free market capitalism so more people can rise up again. >> governor bush, well done. he knows how to nail it in 60 seconds or done. >> 55.4 seconds. >> nicely done. we appreciate you being here. all the best to you.
6:23 pm
>> thank you. >> and thank you as well for your questions. but we're back to the focus group in a minute because over the past 72 hours we have witnessed an all-out brawl between trump and cruz. that's next in our focus group. turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... ...removes 5 times more stains... ...than the red box. for a smile like that, crest 3d white... is the way to whiten.
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breaking tonight, with five days to go until the first in the nation primary, the rhetoric on the campaign trail is getting increasingly ugly. particularly from the men finishing in first and second place in iowa. republicans ted cruz and donald trump. watch. >> ted cruz goes out, you talk about liars, listen to this. he goes out and says, donald trump loves obamacare. if it weren't for ted cruz, he's the one that got justice roberts onto the united states supreme court. he pushed him, he approved him. and justice roberts approved obamacare twice. ted cruz did that. ted cruz gave us obamacare. >> donald trump is very rattled
6:27 pm
right now. he told the entire world he was going to win iowa. and then he didn't win. and his reaction is he got very angry. >> you try having an baby in canada. you try having an anchor baby -- well, there's one anchor baby in canada. you try -- no, no -- >> jimmy carter endorsed donald trump. i am not making that up. >> let's bring back our panel. you're all laughing. why are you laughing? go ahead in the back. >> i think it's a nightmare that both of these candidates are getting as much attention they're getting. and it really says a lot about the republican party right now. >> you like rubio so you like to see the top two guys fight. go ahead. >> i think it's absolutely hysterical because donald trump right now is the insult and we don't need that. he didn't win, told everybody he
6:28 pm
was going to win. when you disrespect people and don't show up for a debate and don't show up to caucus, that's what happened. and he treated iowa like a flyover state and treats the rest of the country like we are a bunch of trumpkins. >> right here, sorry, i don't know your name. >> yeah, kim. i think that cruz is feeling really confident right now. and the polls are showing it. but i think, you know, in the past it doesn't really matter who wins the iowa caucus for the gop. mike huckabee and rick santorum won it and did they within the presidency? no. >> go ahead. >> trump is like jackal and hyde. when he gave that speech, second place is suddenly the best place to be, right? and now all of a sudden he's unhinged at the reality that second place is losing. and he's not used to losing. so he's -- he's been fired. >> go ahead. >> you can see from their mannerisms that cruz is very calm and relaxed and you see trump is shouting, it looks like he's practically spitting at the
6:29 pm
microphone. and, really, we need someone who can be in a difficult position and remain calm at all times. i also think that -- >> i think that carson is also paranoid? >> i'm looking for someone who can represent the united states in the international arena. you look at the guy who is speaking out with insults, who is constantly with anger, and going back and talking to the watters and other people about someone else, how this person can represent us on the national level, international level dealing with big politicians of the world, that's my question. >> back row. then we got to go. >> i think it's necessary. i understand, trump has to be a beast at this stage, but the big problem that i have with trump
6:30 pm
is, he needs to put the iowa caucus behind him and focus on new hampshire. that's spilt milk, it's over with. what can you do moving forward? and he's yet to present something in connection with moving forward. >> today he was more subdued given the chance to attack ted cruz repeatedly, he declined it. what a difference a day makes. but there was a change in tone today. all right, wait, i have to have you stand by because we have plenty more to go. from a trumper tantrum to the boy in the bubble, the candidates are getting creative with their insults. so what does this tell us about the psyche of the top presidential contenders? you have got to hear dr. phil, next.
6:31 pm
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we'll take one turn term at a time. >> you would be 83 at the end of your second term. >> thank goodness. let's not be aged here. >> i'm not. >> he's a great candidate for president of sweden. i had two guys from sweden show up at my rallies in iowa. and i thought they were going to chew me out, why would you do that to our country, they said? so apparently i take it back. >> he would obviously be historic if you were elected president. >> you think so? >> the one thing i have never been accused of is not being tough enough. folks have had a lot of different, interesting things to say about me. that's every one of them. >> i love sarah palin. she is a friend of mine, she came and campaigned for me in texas. i wouldn't be in the senate if it weren't for sarah palin, so i like and respect her. you know, it's interesting, it seems if you spend too much time
6:35 pm
with donald trump -- strange things happen to people. >> i'm going to spend so much time in the white house. who would want to leave the white house, right? you're in there -- no, seriously. no would want to leave the white house? although i'm building a hotel right next door, which is also located on pennsylvania avenue. it's going to be a great hotel. it's going to be a great hotel. you know, i have my alternative if this doesn't work out, i'll still be on pennsylvania avenue one way or the other. >> so from jokes to jabs and everything in between, that was just a little sampling of the 2016 presidential candidates. so how are they connecting with voters? we knew exactly who to ask. dr. phil mcgraw is a psychologist and nationally syndicated host of "dr. phil." great to see you, doc, thank you for being here. >> good to see you. >> fun to see them lighten up on
6:36 pm
the campaign trail. >> really. it's fun to see them get off script is what's fun for me. because if you watch them enough, you start hearing the -- like chatty kathy, she pulled the chain, you get the same thing over and over again. it's like sound byte, sound byte, sound byte, go off cryscr and tell me something real. >> you're the psychologist, one of the things people love about trump and sanders, they go off script. bernie sanders talking about how fat he is and can't button his coat and trump says all sorts of things. >> yes, he does. >> so you tell me. >> i do think people like it when they get real. but, i mean, you've also got to have an edit button in there somewhere. but if you're talking without any kind of censoring of your thinking, then you're going to reveal things about yourself and you have to be prepared to own that. and maybe sometimes it's kind of like i wish i hadn't said that.
6:37 pm
>> now, ted cruz hit trump for this very issue the other day, because trump went to twitter, he goes to twitter and writes things a little discy. here's what ted cruz said yesterday. >> i don't know anyone who would be comfortable with someone who behaves this way having his finger on the button. i mean, we're liable to wake up one more and donald, if he were president, would have nuked denmark. >> and we like denmark. >> yeah. but, i mean, listen, these -- you know what worries me right now? is these guys are all in the same party. and they're saying these things about one another. and this is basically kid glove stuff. and you're seeing them react the way they are -- it's like we got a bunch of cry babies over here. they're playing with nerf balls right now. as soon as this gets out of the party and there is a nominee, you're going to start seeing
6:38 pm
hardball. and it's really, really going to go -- we're going to ratchet this up a lot. they're going to have to be tough, they're going to have to handle some serious criticism. these guys are criticizing each other right now, but they are not really going for the juggler or playing hardball yet. and you're seeing a lot of really bad reactions from one another. a lot of hurt feelings, a lot of lashing out, and it hasn't really gotten to hardball yet. what is going to happen when the gloves come off and the democrats and republicans start hitting each other really hard? bernie sanders talks about hillary like he's running for vice president sometimes. and then you see the republicans kind of taking shots but not really going where they could go. it's going to get a lot tougher out there and they got to show some sand and i haven't seen it yet. >> how do you feel like the average american reacts to this? because you have a big audience, the biggest aud y ens ience in country. what do you think whim yomen se?
6:39 pm
>> you see people yell and scream, pretty soon your adrenal glands get atrophy. you can't scream and yell all the way to november. you can't do it. you're going to fatigue out. and people are going to fatigue out listening to that. at some point you're going to have to drop all of the hyperbole, all of the yelling and start putting very bes in your sentence instead of adjectives. here's what we're going to do that affects you. and that hasn't really happened yet. there's been a lot of generalties and a lot of superlatives and people are entertained by the rhetoric, but that wears out pretty soon and is starting to wear out already. people are going to say, that was fun, that was entertaining. i actually got some catharsis
6:40 pm
from this. >> the polls showed 92% of the iowa voters are angry and dissatisfied with our government right now and looking for somebody to address it. >> that's true, but when you're angry, that's when you're at your absolute weakest and most nu vulnerable. americans don't do well as victims. americans do much better as victors instead of victims and i think they're looking for somebody to lead them to that victor position instead of to cry their position as a victim. if somebody is yelling at them, we have been victimized, okay, how are you going to fix that? how are you going to change that? we like to be victors and not victims. and somebody has to say, here's what we're going to do to reclaim our role as a preeminent country in the world and that's
6:41 pm
what people are listening to from either side of the aisle. >> and that's true in your personal life as well. >> politics are very personal. and you're going to vote your heart. i don't think you're going to vote on a state level or a local level. i think it is very personal. and if you're feeling that connection with somebody, and you feel like they're going to run my agenda and go do the things that need to fix my family, fix my needs of my family, that's who you're going to feel comfortable with. >> well, we have more with dr. phil in just a bit. especially our society's feelings of entitlement. know somebody like that? up next, our panel reacts to the doctor's diagnosis and more, next.
6:42 pm
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that's why we're adding 20% more chicken to our chicken pot pies with golden, flaky crusts. that's my mom. now serving... a better banquet. we like being victors, not victims. and somebody's going to need to say, here's what we do to rolet country in the world, the preeminent economy in the world, a preeminent leadership in the world. and that's what people are going to be listening for from either side of the aisle. >> what about that? we'll take it to our focus groups. go ahead. >> i couldn't agree more with dr. phil especially as it relates to the young voters. young voters will decide the election in 2016. what we know is our republicans are looking for a problem solver, someone who isn't afraid to take on the big challenges today. so all the anger and psyche we're seeing, i agree it's important to our candidates.
6:46 pm
but we need to make sure come general election we're making sure issues and tran sending the anger and noise. >> i couldn't disagree with dr. phil any stronger. when he said that we're not asking or the insults are not serious, you've got him calling ted cruz a liar, calling him an anchor baby, those are very specific -- >> you're talking about trump calling ted cruz those things. >> right. and dr. phil just said, well, we're not really getting into this too deep. they're not getting too tough. you call somebody a liar and anchor baby and question their citizenship in an illinois court today approved cruz's right to be on the ballot, i think that's a pretty heavy duty -- >> i couldn't agree more with dr. phil's points. what people really want to know in this country is not who had the best comeback but how you're going to make sure i'm employed when i gradual wait college. or how am i going to retire properly. they are not going home to talk
6:47 pm
about who had the funniest comeback. they want to know what you're going to do with this country. >> maybe we'll have that conversation over a cocktail later. go ahead. >> all that is well and good and this is the softest in the land and we know governors are best prepared because they have been contested. however, some people vote on one issue and one issue only. when they did polling across the country and started talking to people and said, what do you think about this candidate? some people said only the second amendment, i believe in it. they say, this person is a liar or donald trump said this. i don't care what you say, i'm voting for him anyway. and their vote counts the same as anyone else's vote. so you can read 10,000 books or one book, your vote counts the same. >> go ahead, john. >> i couldn't agree with dr. phil more. especially when he spoke to restoring america as the preeminent economy in the world. i think we really need to be focused on tax reform, regulatorierierey reform, educa reform, especially over the past few months when the economy
6:48 pm
isn't doing as well as we hoped. so i would hope and agree with dr. phil that it becomes more of a focus. >> i could not agree more. i go to cornell and all my friends feel the bern because he feels he's going to fight for them. young people want someone who can do that. and the republicans really have to show that they will fight for young people. >> let me ask you this because we have 30 seconds left. raise your hand right now if you're leaning to ted cruz. raise your hand if you're leaning to donald trump. raise your hand if you're leaning to rubio. raise your hand if you're a christie person. there you go. okay. governor, you got that won. jeb bush. there you go. oh, i think the governor converted some. and more on that when we come back. don't go away. sting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex
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so before we let dr. phil go, we wanted to ask him about
6:52 pm
entitlement culture in this nation and what it means for us, boy did he have a prime example for us. watch this. tomorrow you have a show, and it taps right into some of the things we've been discussing on the "kelly file" which is this culture of fame, of narcissism, of obsessed with the camera, and what are you going to do for me? how is it all about me? you introduce us to a lovely man by the name of chris. tell us little bit about him before we show the clip. >> this is a perfect example. this is the reason i'm doing this because we do have a generation that i think we have raised with a great degree of entitlement. where it's like, the world owes me a living, and we pick this perfect example story of a kid who says, i want to be a rock star. i say, kid, he's now 40 years old. i want to be a rock star. basically tried to buy fame, as bled his family, his mother and father, for $1.7 million.
6:53 pm
>> oh, man. >> $1.7 million trying to be a rock star. i mean, he's got the poses, he's got the haircut, he's got everything, but so entitled that he won't take a job because it's not rock star job. and it's just such a poser, and it got to the point where he said, my god is kiss, my god is gene simmons. i said, you know what, he's a friend of mine. i'm going to bring him on here and let him talk to you about what it takes to get to fame because it's not what you think. it's not all bright lights and -- >> that's right. when you get there, it's not all bright lights either. i want to introduce the audience to chris who's apparently on his way. watch. >> how many women have you had carnal knowledge of? >> i don't know, 400, 500. >> is that part of the rock star lifestyle? >> yeah, that's part of the whole love them and leave them persona. fast cars and beautiful women. i'm like, i can play the drums
6:54 pm
and play the guitar. i want everybody to come and love it all. >> you know, you're such a jerk. >> yeah, well -- >> sorry. >> i might be a little narcissistic. >> you're living with your mother. >> well, yeah. i like to put a spin on everything. sometimes it's a little bit too much frosting and you need a little bit more cake. >> what the hell are you talking about? >> you don't understand the rock lingo? >> yeah, i just threw up in my mouth a little bit. >> you're living with your mother. >> this guy's a rock star, right, he's got all the poses, got all these guitars. he's living on a twin bed in his mother's house. >> ladies, take note when you get spun by a character like this in a bar, the reality is probably that. >> you're going home to mama's house. >> if he wants to go back to your place, there's a reason. take it from dr. phil. >> go to your house because mine
6:55 pm
doesn't exist. >> that's the bottom line? what do people need to remember? i meet these people all the time. i don't know how to suck them out of that place, get them out of that dark place. >> when you look at america, people sometimes ask me what's wrong with america? look, this is the greatest country in the world. the greatest people in the world. sometimes we forget common sense. just simple things we need to remember. like basically you just don't reward bad behavior. just think about that. how commonsensical is that? just do not reward bad behavior. >> his mom seems like a sense call lady. how did she wind up with him? >> she needed to find that out millions of dollars ago, now she says you're a jerk when she spent her retirement money, her future. these people have to sell their house and go to work at 70 years old because they let this ridiculous entitled kid bleed them of their retirement and security. we have to stop rewarding bad behavior in america.
6:56 pm
when people don't work and produce, they need to get kicked to the curb, get a damn job, carca carry your own weight. hold people acountcountablaccou. make them carry their own weight. it's that simple. >> amen, dr. phil. love that brand of common sense wisdom. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> he's the bomb. up next, who do our focus group, who do these folks here believe is going to win new hampshire? equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. all it takes...... turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... ...removes 5 times more stains... ...than the red box. for a smile like that, crest 3d white... is the way to whiten. america's heroes have a if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts.
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6:59 pm
all right. so all together, who do you think will win new hampshire?
7:00 pm
>> kasich. >> trump. >> trump. >> who's going to come in second? >> cruz. >> rubio. >> this was not helpful at all. but you were. thank you, all, so much. thank you for watching. this is "the kelly file." tonight -- >> donald trump is very rattled right now. >> the fierce feud between donald trump and ted cruz continues on the campaign trail. >> this guy, ted cruz, you talk about liars. >> laura ingraham and juan williams are here with reaction. then we've got new poll numbers out of new hampshire and nationally. so where do donald trump, ted cruz, and marco rubio stand now? we'll have the latest. at this point, it's probably not correct to say it's a conspiracy because it's out in the open. >> and hillary clinton does it again and blames the so-called vast right-wing conspiracy for all of her problems. >> there is no doubt about what they're doing and who the players are and what they're trying to achieve.


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