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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  February 5, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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here, we'll see you tomorrow night. hard knocks in the granite state, hillary clinton and bernie sanders taking their best shots at the democratic debate in new hampshire. i'm shannon breem in washington, welcome to tonight's faceoff. tonight's debate was a closing act before new hampshire voters go the to polls. the candidates gave as good as they got. >> i'm not making promises that i cannot keep. >> i haven't quite run for president before. >> this is no disagreement on universal coverage for health care. the disagreement is where do we
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start from and end up? senator sanders want us to start over again. >> the idea i would dismantle med wri care in america is not accurate. secretary clinton represents the establishment. >> i've got to jump in here, because honestly, senator sanders is the only person i think would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment. >> being part of the establishment is having a super pac that raised $15000000 from wall street. >> i think it's time to end the artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks and let's talk about the issues. >> if hillary clinton is going to take a bite out of sanders lead, tonight was the best chance to try to do that. ed henry joins us now. ed, it got pretty heated.
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your reaction? >> it got hot, shannon, you're right. there were sharp personal attacks, accusations of running each other down, slamming each other, you know, particularly hillary clinton upset she's being accused of taking wall street money and being in wall street's pocket. beyond personal attacks there were sharp exchanges on health care, guns, wall street reform. what we saw is hillary clinton a bit feistier, a bit tougher because her back is against the wall now. it's a mixed bag for her, she's no longer sitting on a big lead because that has evaporating. a poll showing hillary clinton is trailing by 20 points in new hampshire and that bernie sanders is now inching ahead of her, raising more money than her in the month of january. $5 million more. so she was feistier, and there was a battle for sort of the soul of the democratic party,
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between liberal and moderate wings. listen to this. >> i am a progressive that gets things done. the root of that word is progress. >> if we're going to get into labels i don't think it was progressive to vote against the brady bill five times. i don't think it was progressive to vote against ted kennedy's immigration reform. >> one of the things we should do is not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. >> and so talked about some of the strengths for clinton. the strengths for sanders. the issues were his issue. wall street reform, middle class, the one he's spotlighted so they were playing and fighting on his turf. so i think the bottom line is that bernie sanders continue to sort of set the agenda here, but the question for him moving forward is he's got a big lead
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here in new hampshire but beyond new hampshire, can he win primaries? he came close in iowa. will he actually win, shannon? >> mrs. clinton got asked about the e-mails, the investigation, about the fbi. how did she handle that? >> well, i think that she handled it in a way that is questionable. think about last night with a forum on cnn about goldman sachs in taking $600,000 in speaking income and paid the price today with negative headlines. today, it was a bold statement on pressed whether or not she'd be indicted. could she say nothing will come of the fbi investigation of the e-mail? listen to how she answered it. you have to wonder how the fbi will react to all of this. watch. >> are you 100% confident that nothing is going to come of this fbi investigation? >> i am 100% confident.
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this is a security review that was requested. it's being carried out and will be resolved but i have to add if there is going to be a security review about me, there are going to have to be security reviews on a lot of other people including republican office holders we've got an absurd classification of retroactive classification. it's beggars imagination. >> 100% certain, she said, nothing will come of the investigation. you have to wonder what the dozens of fbi agents, what they think about the idea believes nothing will come of it. and following the cnn form, on defense about goldman sachs. she was okay, will you release the transcripts with goldman sachs? she said she'll think about it.
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>> ed henry, thanks for joining us. >> good to see you. >> we've got a battle tested panel ready to talk about tonight's highs and lows. johna goldberg, senior editor of the national review and democratic strategist joe trippi, good to see you tonight. >> thank you. >> so i want to start where ed left off with e-mails. what mrs. clinton also went on to say is that it's time we get to the bottom of this. >> it's a good idea. the problem is that it was wrong on three points. she probably knows she was wrong, which is a lie. first it's not just merely a security review. the fbi is investigating to see whether or not there was criminal activity in the handling of the e-mails not just review of security. to see if there was any criminal wrong doing. second secondly, she said no confidential, no top secret
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information was transmitted. she didn't use the spin line about labeling which is irrelevant. we know it's factually wrong. she said other secretaries of state have done the same thing, colin powell and condoleezza rice. we know that that is wrong. we know they do not have home e-mails on private server. you know, we're talking apples and oranges here. she's got to know all three of those things are wrong. she's trying to push this down the road and hoping the fbi doesn't take this to the legal arena. she might be right. but what they're doing is undermining her credibility and her trust numbers more. that is hurting her not only in primaries but in the general election. >> that was the question, how does this affect you in the general?
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there is a drip that there is something new, you say it's going to be fine, but how do you convince people t support you that there is concern she won't survive the general? >> the conventional wisdom that a primary challenge is too tough can force you to move to the extreme, on the other hand, if too weak, it doesn't battle test you enough. on the issue of e-mails, bernie sanders sort of gave her a pass. he doesn't want to press her on this issue. he kind of let her off the hook. so i don't believe she's ready to answer the question that be posed by the republican nominee and potentially, the questions still to be posed by the fbi. >> nine months before her administration she began to violate the policy. >> those secretaries of state never received e-mails from the
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intelligence committee. the things that were classified were from the state department. >> neither one of them had personal e-mail servers. condy rice, the e-mails didn't go to her, they went to assistants. she doesn't use e-mail. >> there is a reason bernie sanders isn't pressing her on this. it's not hurting her with democrats. she has strong, favorable ratings with them, as does he. 1, 2, the problem is that she did, she didn't get a pass. she did 11 hours in the benghazi hearings and a lot of it on the e-mails and those things. he is not going to hit her, because the women that support her, the african americans that support her, the groups that support her, he needs to get
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them to have any chance at the nomination and he's in this pickle, the more he hits her, the harder he hits her, the more those women are not coming to him. they'll dig in. she has the problem with him, she wants those young people with him. the harder she hits him, the less likely they're going to ever come to her. so you -- unlike on the republican side, where you can score points with the tea party or score points by the establishment, for instance, if you whack donald trump, you don't get that, that kind of dynamic is not happening at all. >> this raises, you know, a love ed henry, great reporter. i disagree when he said in the beginning the gloves came off. the gloves stayed on. >> maybe one glove was off, like michael jackson. >> saying that i -- >> i thought it was a red leather jacket that works well
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on bernie. >> yes. >> i've been to a lot of democratic debates. you know? and did prep for them. this was not a gloves coming off debate. >> it was more than routine. >> my point is that on -- it's not just on the e-mails bernie gave her a pass. there are so many things you could have said. the first hour, the entire first hour was all about wall street and campaign finance. the clintons have a incredibly sordid record on campaign finance from people pleading the fifth, money coming from china, and if bernie sanders were a true, gut punching politician running seriously, he would have gone after the clintons on a slew of things. he let it all go by. >> mr. speaker clinton talked about endorsements and talking about vermont, senator sanders home state, and listed people supporting her. he used that to turn around to who most of his campaign is
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based on to say you're right, you're the establishment candidate. to which she responded well, i'm the first woman who will ever be the president. as if that counter acts the establishment issue. >> i have seen time and again younger women don't necessarily give her credit because she's a female candidate. they assume they'll see a female president in their lifetime. this doesn't seem like a special reason to vote for her. the way she framed her statement was fascinating. saying senator sanders you're the only person that would say i'm part of the establishment. i thought let's get the fact checkers on that. i'm pretty sure he's not the only person that believes hillary clinton is part of the entrenched political establishment. >> so many topics and we're going to look at the drama and the digs from the republican side as they prep for their big debate saturday night. we'll be live with party
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officials and the g.o.p. 's sean spector, stick around.
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military intelligence experts issued a very concerning
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statement about senator sanders views on foreign policy and national security. when new hampshire voter goes to cast a vote, you're voting both for a president and commander in chief. there is no way to predict what comes in the door of that white house from day-to-day that can pose a threat to the united states. >> secretary clinton, secretary of state for four years has more experience. that is not arguable. but experience is not the only point. judgment is. and once again, back in 2002 when we both looked at the same evidence about the wisdom about the war with iraq, one of us voted the right way and one of us didn't. >> we're back with our panel, joe, want to start with you. basically talking foreign policy it boils down to the same thing.
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she voted for the iraq war, i would never support it. >> i think he looked very shaky during this part of the debate. this was his weakest part of the debate. he always looks uncomfortable. chuck todd asked him a specific question about afghanistan. he had a very nice answer but it was almost all about iraq and syria and just dodged afghanistan completely. i think there are lots of places he got to hillary clinton but i think she bested him there. in the end i don't think anything that happened in the debate changed what is going to happen in new hampshire. he is likely to win it. probably a sizeable win. i don't think she change that had dynamic. i don't think he built on anything there. i think both of them missed a big opportunity to speak to the states of south carolina and other states. but almost no mention of race or any of the things that matter a
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lot once you get out of new hampshire. when you're going after a democratic primary nomination. it's fascinating how focused they were in new hampshire, but in the end i don't think either one of them scored a knock out blow that is going to change the dynamic on tuesday. >> continuing this fight they're having about who is more progressive, and comparing records, going after each other. and there was an interesting point they were talking about the relationship with wall street, and financial houses and speeches. and with -- i have not seen mrs. clinton do this before. seemed like a new line of defense, she said i'm getting sick of the innuendos and what you're implying i took money for speeches. there was some booing in the audience. >> back in 1992, bob kerry turning the jury around saying are you saying i'm brought and
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paid for? say if you're going to say it. sanders does go up to the line of the inwindnuendinnuendo. he wants to make it about the system and not about her. >> the thing is that it worked. he pretty much backed down. >> he said say what you want to say. >> he does have a problem there because i think he -- >> here is the point of the debate it was him, political revolution versus progressive who gets results. the problem he's got is on all of these things, taking wall street money, those kinds of things, obama did it. you know, super pac, and so he kind of got this are you saying obama is not a progressive? you know she said under bernie
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sanders definition wouldn't be, i mean probably one of the most liberal senators ever, he wasn't a progressive so i mean she had this effective way to back bernie sanders off, and it's not his style anyway, so it kind of works. they kind of -- >> the public knows the system is construct. -- corrupt. he really has to step into it about her. >> and on this issue of some of the progressive stuff, i noticed in opening statement she said i'm in the going to make you promises you can't keep, launching into sure, you're going to talk about free stuff for everybody. and they, you know, sparred on health care, she's talking about the college issue and free tuition, she needs to get young people, they're turning out in droves. these are people dealing with how to pay for college ordeal with a loan. she saying sort of a fairy tale.
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>> it was refreshing that you heard someone acknowledge one of these big ideas is not realistic. i don't hi the promise of free college is the top reason why young people find bernie sanders appealing. i think his aura of authenticity draws them in. i do think it's problematic that in many ways hillary clinton supports the idea whenever you have something this broken, whether it's our k-12 education system, the way we treat our veterans, the prescription seems to be let's just fund them more, make them bigger, let's just grow the problem. >> the republicans position is let's get rid of them. get rid of anything not working. >> and last night -- >> the agency but not the requirements. >> right. right. >> hillary replied.
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let's get rid of the education department and epa. a veteran asked about the problems at the va and said listen, senator sanders you were heading up the va committee in the senate. he admitted i didn't do a great job with it. tonight, hillary clinton did say there is no way i would ever let it be privatized. these guys deserve the very, very best. they both agreed they're never going to privatize it but it's not working. >> i think neither of them came up with a solution other than throwing more money at it. the american public knows what is going on. they have seen it's not fixed. they know the system is corrupt and know politicians are corrupt. that is why, they're looking for disruption in the worst possible way. and they're giving it in the worst possible way. >> that wasn't the message
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primarily. that was the message to public sector unions. that matters to the democratic race. >> the wall street stuff, hillary clinton was really exposed and he said let us see the transcripts. that was a place bernie sanders should have jumped in and said if you gave them hell, let us see the transcripts. >> i think you're right about the todd moment there. but the thing that people, i think people she's been the focus everything has been her e-mails. her wall street, whatever. you know, i was with howard dean, we ducked, no one was watching us. we were a cute cuddly thing
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until we went to the front. well, guess what? bernie sanders is tied her or slightly in iowa. so the va thing that happened yesterday, you know he was on that committee. nothing happened during that time. so these are going to be part of the focus, not just her. it didn't happen in the debate tonight. but it's going to happen. >> when chuck todd asked him how about you stay within the presidential system? and hillary should have jumped right in there. >> but he's not the cute, cuddly thing that gets away with it anymore. >> i have to ask from personal pet projects, the supreme court. we're looking at several justices getting into their 80s, whoever is the next president is going to have 2, 3, maybe four
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appointments. we heard bernie sanders talking about you have to get rid of citizens united. >> well, when, yeah. i mean there is no judge out there who is going toproclaim they'd overturn that ruling. there is a certain -- that is part of the thing that is going on here the certain nonreality. i think clinton tries to point out that i don't -- but just the same pulling the punch doesn't go in on that one. that is a place she could have gone. we've got a republican house, we've got a republican senate, and the supreme court is going to be hanging in the balance. this was the kind of, you know kind of way you'd take a judge. that is, for them, what is at stake, from the left, womens'
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rights, a lot of the votes. >> yes. yes. >> if she didn't go, just like ron said, he didn't go in. >> yes. one justice came with everything. 3 or 4? that reshapes history. >> they don't have the michael jackson going on. >> just one. >> all right. thank you very much, panel, still ahead we're going to go back to the spin room and talk to debbie wasserman-shultz and george bush gets tlc on the trail from former first lady and first mom. >> silver fox owe returns to the primary state. we're five days from the election and candidates are elbowing and positioning as we get ready to count them down. we'll be back with more in just a moment.
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it's getting nasty in new hampshire. we're not talking about the weather. the primary election is on tuesday but there is a republican debate coming up saturday night. so it is no wonder the candidates are trying to build momentum. carl cameron is in manchester tonight. hey, carl. >> hi, shannon. now, the democrats' debate is over, we can look forward to the one with republicans coming saturday night. there will be no under card. abc decided that that would not happen and in so far as mike huckabee and rick santorum have dropped out of the race, and the only left would be fiorina, and she tried to get on the stage but it does not appear that that is going to happen. trump has returned to the campaign trail here in new hampshire. and once again, gone after ted
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cruz has a canadian, ineligible for president, etc. and tonight, cruz was having a town hall meeting and one voter in the audience stood up and asked him about his canadian heritage. watch this. >> can you explain why, and how, until recently you're unaware you're a canadian citizen? >> the facts are simple. my mom is a u.s. citizen by birth. i'll answer but not going to debate you. under u.s. law, the child of a u.s. citizen board abroad is a natural born citizen. >> those are the types of questions and moment that's candidates have been tested by for decades in new hampshire and the thing that both cruz and
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christie has said are in the debate. he went back to bashing jeb bush. watch. >> he spent $100 million and he's nowhere. the only reason they bring him up is he does so many commercials. they are so negative. every time they go on my poll numbers go up. it's crazy. >> jeb bush was on the campaign trail today with his mother, barbara bush along. as referring to earlier, sometimes called the silver fox, and called the enforcer. and at her side, her son, jeb bush trying to get traction and willing to take the star power she can bring, talking about how proud he is of his family. >> just all out. i'm part of the establishment because i'm barbara bush's son. i embrace that every day. that doesn't bother me a bit. >> and the pro bush super pac has put together an ad that includes george w. bush.
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it hasn't aired yet but it's out in the media. signalling that the former president is coming out on the campaign trail for jeb as well, if not in person, on the air waves. >> what is the buzz about marco rubio? >> well, lots of buzz. there are polls that suggested he moved into second place with the rest of the pack and far behind donald trump but rub yes has become the center of attention and center of attacks. cruz has been going after him, christie calls him a bubble boy. and jeb bush and ted cruz seem to be almost synchronized in terms of a chorus of attacks on rubio. for his part, he fights back and i asked what his question was that he doesn't take questions and he said well, i take your, carl. and so what he is trying to do
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is talking up his positives. here is marco promoting his candidacy. >> i may not have lived as long of some of the people running but in the time i have been in these issues i have shown better judgment that any of them have. >> tough stuff and it's only a couple days before the last debate before the new hampshire primary. this weekend, crowds become overflow, spilling into the streets. it's hard to get parking spaces and candidates are throwing everything they can at one another, shannon. >> as we talked about with the panel when you surge to the front you have more of a target on your back. so we'll see. carl, great to see you, thank you. >> thank you, shannon. >> let's head back to new hampshire where florida congresswoman, debbie wasserman-shultz joins us live from the debate room. good to see you. >> you too, shannon, thank you.
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>> there has been an ongoing conversation between bernie sanders and hillary clinton about who is farthest left, most progressive, how do you think that is going to work in the general? >> well, i think the entire debate was really incredibly substantive. so in talking about the characterization of each of their progressivism, i think it helped highlight for voter that's our candidates are talking about continuing to move our country forward, build on progress we've made, we've pulled, thanks to barack obama our country out of a crisis where we're losing 800,000 jobs and compared to the republican field are hurling insults even when not on the debate stage, the contrast is clear. so i thought our debate gave voters another opportunity to see why a democrat should be elected the 45th president. >> well, as for the g.o.p. , that is the way primary campaigns work and some would
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say there hasn't been enough of a primary campaign on your side, that hillary clinton has been co co corenated. how do you feel about it's been said it's set up for her to be the winner? >> as the chair of the dnc, we just added four additional debates, we worked with our candidates very specifically over the last week to hammer out details of those and frankly, if you look at this campaign, it's pretty darn competitive. so i would beg to differ with anyone that would suggest we've attempted to do anything other than make sure we can prepare for whoever our nominee is to make sure we can help launch them to the presidency. >> senator sanders said something interesting tonight. he said if he's elected president he wants to bring about, quote, major changes in the democratic party.
1:39 am
he has run many times as an independent, described himself as a socialist. what do you make of his claim that he wants to make major changes to your party? >> well, i think the senator is talking and i talked with him about this. the continued importance of our making sure we can build our party from the grass roots up, we've focused specifically in the last year on strengthening our state parties. we have a 50 state strategy which i'd be happy to continue to educate him about and make sure that we can have all of our parties have the strength they need to elect democrats up and down the ballot. any time a candidate of ours indicates they want to help strengthen the party, we welcome it. >> the des moines register has said it's time for an audit the way the democrats did things p the caucuses, questions about coin tosses, and those kinds of
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things. they're asking for more transparency. would you support some more answers providing written materials that the sanders campaign would like to see and records and an audit of the way they did things? >> i have confidence in the iowa democratic party and the process they ran. chairman andy mcgwire and her team did an excellent job. there are over 1800 precincts in iowa. the party ran a caucus that is very complex. at the same time, in everyone of those precincts. that said, challenging job, the closest race that we have had in their caucus's history and i'm confident the process and outcome was effective and without question. >> well, we thank you, chair woman forgiving us time tonight following the debate and we'll see you soon out there on the trail. >> always a pleasure, thanks. >> coming up, polls say he is
1:41 am
the man to beat in new hampshire. but donald trump isn't taking chances. will his ground game this time around stop the competition? and we'll check in with the g.o.p. national director, sean switser. i didn't really know anything about my family history. went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first. i got a leaf right away. a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person in your family tree. i learned that my ten times great grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. this is my cousin george. discover your story. start searching for free now at
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it might be hard to remember the reason for the campaign season. the next guest is sean in the spin room. your reaction tonight? you heard me ask chairwoman wasserman-shultz with the poll between the candidates. how do you think that is going to work in the general when they stack up with whoever you end up with? .
1:46 am
>> i think tonight was a bad night for hillary clinton. i think bernie sanders was able owe contrast where he stands on the issue was her going into this crucial primary after not doing well in iowa. she's down double digits here, i think it's going to be a big problem. she continues to have have to go further and further to the left in the debate for the democratic party. >> how do you respond to the chairwoman's assertion is that anyone of these candidates will be better than whoever you pick because republicans are about turning back the clock when it comes to womens' rights, racism, wages, income inequality. you know the list. >> i know the list. it hasn't worked out well for them. you look at the difference between the two debate stages now, on our stage, you see a lot of energy, a lot of excitement and high level of qualifications and a vision for america. on the democratic side, old,
1:47 am
failed same old left wing policies. you have hillary clinton losing to a 74-year-old socialist from vermont, who has been in congress 24 years. when you look at the party, six precincts in iowa were decided by a coin toss the other night. we brought a double sided hillary clinton coin to make sure to solve who the winner was. >> i should have offered the chairwoman to have her props as well. she rev rened the infighting now. it's talking about the differences and at times, you do have to go after the records of the people you're running against. do you worry about this large field and the time of time they spend beating up on either other before getting to a g.o.p. nominee? >> when you look at the level of intensity going on, in each
1:48 am
party now, it's the republican party that has the excitement and enthusiasm. we're bringing in the viewership because of the uniqueness our state has. on their side, it's a question of who is going left. i know rating votes, but there is a reason no one is tuning in on the democratic side. part of it is because there is not a level of excitement they have seen seven years of a democratic administration. they're going to get four more of the same if we elect the democrats. we have $19 trillion in debt. and a foreign policy in shambles. americans want ideas where we can take this country economically, domestically and foreign policy wise. there are threats in the country now and what you have heard on the democratic side is not reassuring if you're a voter looking for solutions on this
1:49 am
country. >> you talk about diversity. in the next debate, carly fiorina is not going to be on stage unless something changes. i know petitions have been filed and do you think that changes? >> well, criteria set by the networks and issued several weeks ago. it's the most inclusive criteria so far to ensure any candidate viable can make it on the debate stage. you've seen this party do everything we can to make sure everyone had a voice in the last year, when setting up two stages in 17 candidates. it's our party that allowed more voices than before on debate stages. it's my hope that you know, if she continues to do well, she'll be on the next one. but that is the process. government christie went out, worked hard, get back on. senator paul did the same thing. hopefully, mrs. fiorina can do
1:50 am
that. >> sean spicer, with the rnc, good to see you tonight. >> thank you, shannon. >> it's a small state that can pack a knock out punch for those who want to be president. still ahead, the power of sper situation winning ground game. kafrn yan winners may be the difference between success and
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new hampshire is one of the smallest states in the nation but it takes a small army to make those calls and knock on doors to guarantee a victory. >> i think if you're going to win new hampshire. >> it is a faceless voice on the telephone but it's volunteer that's helped push ted cruz over the top in iowa, now, aiming that aggressive ground game in new hampshire. >> i hope we have changed hearts and minds in my week here which is my point. >> aconsiders -- across town at the headquarters of john kasich, they're trying to win hearts and minds, too. >> they're receptive. >> the key for cruz is to
1:55 am
identify supporters bringing in more people. data mining techniques showed where to look. >> a lot of people contacted would often say i've been waiting for you to call or what took you so long to get here? >> cruz's ground game helped lift him five points. donald trump's lack of one saw him sink by a similar number. most campaigns are looking to cruz as an example of what to do in new hampshire. >> reaching out to people and made sure the people expressed support for him made it to vote. that is going to be a important thing during the coming weeks. >> important for marco rubio, too. a good showing here could cement his status as the candidate for the part yes to rally around. so his volunteers work the phones and walk the neighborhoods but not everything works out as you hope it would. >> who do you think you're
1:56 am
voting for? >> trump. >> why is that? >> well, i'll tell you. because he's a square shooter. you know? he tells it the way it is. that is what the country needs now. >> a new university of massachusetts poll found 41% of voters say they can change their mind before tuesday's primary. so whether on the telephone or door step, those folks are going to have a lot of company in the next four days. shannon? >> they ñiare, whether they wan it or not, thanks, don. that is it for us here in washington. i'm shannon bream. let's us know if you watched the debate, what you thought about that. you can twitter me, thanks always for watching fox news. see you soon.
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>> it is friday, february 5th. this is a fox news lart. two of new york's finest surviving a barrage of bullets
1:59 am
while the mayor was giving his state of the address. >> the democratic candidates taking the gloves off amid a demand for a recount in iowa. >> this is no a winner take all things. >> whatever they decide to do that's fine. >> gop candidates set their sites on the one rival who is rising. >> a new push to arm schools a grood idea or putting kids at risk? we report, you decide. "fox and friend first starts right now. >> you are watching "fox & friends" first on this friday morning. i am patricia stark in for ainsley earhardt. >> i am abby hunts man in for heather childers. let's start with the nypd officers shot in the line of duty. they were patrolling an apartment building in the bronx
2:00 am
this they encountered two men in a stairwell. one officer was shot in the hip. a bullet grazed the other officer's face. the gunman ran back into the apartment and shot himself. a duffle back with a sawed off shot gun was found in the apartment. all of this happened five miles from where mayor de blasio was delivering his state of the city address. a oo it is an example of how our police keep us safe. >> both officers who's names are not being released are in stable condition. the other man in the stairwell turned himself in. >> a gun fight between police and the bonnie and clyde coupleover night. blake fitzgerald is dead


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