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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 5, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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have to be well vetted to see if they are capable of the responsibility. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day, everybody. ♪ good morning, everyone, it is friday, february 5th, 2016. did you watch the first head-to-head debate and the last before tuesday's new hampshire primary? hillary has had it, she says. >> enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it. >> yeah. well, he sure did. and there are new poll numbers to show that people liked it. marco rubio is rising in the polls. now word that chris christie and jeb bush are teaming up to attack marco rubio. this morning, chris christie responds. we're live in new hampshire. and working hard or hardly working? what happens when an intern falls asleep at his desk on his first day on the job making him an internet star for all the
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wrong sfloens. >> wake up, tuck -- reasons? >> wake up, tucker. >> mornings are better with friends. ♪ if you will notice, it is a lousy day in new york city. >> sure is. >> school's been cancelled in many of the suburbs. it is raining. it is snowing. but today we're wearing red because it's wear red day. >> yes. in honor of women's heart health. a major issue, one of the most significant killers of women across the country. the point is to get the word out about that. so you'll see a lot of folks wearing red today. >> men have no heart problems. you're on your own, guys. for women, that's the focus. >> that's right. as you decide what to wear today, wear a little red to supported women's heart health. we've got a busy show. donald trump is going to join us in exactly one hour from now. we'll talk about tonight's big debate and so much more. now, with headline duty today, abby huntsman. good morning. >> proudly wearing red.
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good morning to you, guys, and happy friday. let's get to the headlines -- a fox news alert. two nypd officers recovering in the hospital after being shot in the line of duty. the officers were patrolling a public housing complex in the bronx whether they encountered two -- when they encountered two men in a stairwell. one of the men opened fire. one officer was shot in the help. a bullet grazed the officer's face. the gunman ran back to his apartment and shot himself. a black duffel bag with a sawed-off shotgun was found inside the apartment. both officers luckily expected to be okay. another fox news alert. a good night between police and the so-called bonnie and clyde couple. blake fitzgerald is dead and brittany harper wounded after the shoot-out with u.s. marshals in florida. the explosion of gunfire coming after a car and foot chase near the pensacola international airport just after 1:00 a.m. the couple was wanted for a crime spree spanning four states where they were caught on camera abducting people and robbing
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several stores. and florida now expanding its state of emergency over the zika virus to a fifth county. governor rick scott making the announcement after the cases soared from 9 to 12 just n just a day. broward county in southern florida on the emergency list. the governor is working with the cdc on testing thousands of people to determine who else is infected. this as two new cases are discovered in nebraska. new york will be the first state to offer free zika testing to pregnant travelers. and this morning, the country is mourning the founder of earth, wind, and fire, maurice white. ♪ i remember our love ♪ >> musician and producer passed away at his los angeles home after a long battle with parkinson's disease. his band, earth, wind, and fire, won six grammys and was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2000. his death comes days before the
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band received a lifetime achievement award at the grammys. maurice white was 74 years old. and those are your headlines. sad news about earth, wind, and fire. love them. >> yeah. got their albums. they sold 90 million albums -- >> they'll live on forever. >> that song "september" is great. i bet you flplay that as a deej. >> "boogie wonderland." >> great music. you're always good at natural phenomenons because you have a weather background. >> earth, wind, and fire. >> exactly. in the debate, you more than likely missed it. just those two, no martin o'malley. what a huge chasm to fill. when you saw bernie sanders and hillary clinton, you saw a much more fiery hillary clinton. and bernie sanders had trouble listing any accomplishments also paying for anything he wants done. >> sure. and you know, she's -- latest poll out of new hampshire, she's in the hole.
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he's going to beat her by 20 if the polls are right. she to do something to grab the momentum. she did. there was fire, there was some earth, wind, and fire last night. and take a look. it starts with bernie sanders saying something that a lot of people feel is accurate. that hillary clinton is the establishment. she didn't like it. >> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. >> senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me, a woman running to be the first woman president, as several fewing the establishment -- as exemplifying the establishment. enough is enough. >> one of the things we should do is not only talk the talk but walk the walk. i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac, who's not using lots of money -- >> you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation that i ever received.
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so i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out -- >> oh -- >> in recent weeks. and let's talk about the issues. [ boos ] >> let's talk about the issues. >> the crowd did not like that. >> neither did bernie. did you see his face? oh. >> the irony, there's been no artful smear on the part of bernie sanders. he's had so many opportunities to go after her, and he has not. whether it's -- >> let's not bring up the emails. >> when it be the server issue. he doesn't want to pretty size it or other things -- politicize it or other things. >> this guy was the chairman of the v.a. during the biggest scandal in the history of the va. he says he's overseeing the greatest reform because he watched it collapse. as he pushes single-payer health care and says the v.a. is a great example, look at what's happened to veterans under his watch. sinful, as we know. and hillary clinton was challenged, yeah, why did you take the fees for goldman sachs? said, well, i really -- i went
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up there and reprimanded them. and chuck todd said, yeah, can i see the transcript? this i sense has an opportunity to be i landed under sniper fire type thing. i would love to see someone at goldman sachs reiterate or provide a tape or transcript. it must exist, of what she did. what message she gave to them. >> according to the federal election -- >> she'll look into it. >> according to the federal election commission, wall street banks has given her more money -- they've been the primary person, entities, that have given phone hillary clinton. that's been the big issue. what did she say to those companies? she implied, brian, as you said, that she came out after them. she said, i spoke to them perfect the collapse. >> that's right. warned them. >> the implication was she was saying, guys, this bubble is going to burst. i doubt she said that. >> if she releases the transcripts or something, then we'll know what she did say. so it all started with, you know, she's part of the establishment. there is a blowup. but keep in mind, there was a lot of love on that stage.
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i mean -- asfried that stuff -- aside from that stuff, it was a love fest on msnbc between hillary and bernie. >> let me start by saying that senator sanders and i share some very big, progressive goals. >> i happen to respect the secretary very much. i hope it's mutual. >> first person i will call to talk to about where we go and how we get it done will be senator sanders. >> on our worst days, i think it is fair to say we are 100 times better than any republican candidate -- [ applause ] >> true! that's true! [ applause ] >> consukumbaya. >> this is a presidential debate, right? there's the moderator, one of them, rachel maddow. she hugged both candidates which prompted some of us to wonder what would people say if megyn kelly started hugging republican debat candidates after a debate -- >> can you imagine?
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>> what about chris wallace and bret baier. >> you want a hug from them. >> i have not gotten those hugs. -- >> you're missing out. >> hopefully we'll get a warm embrace. does anyone use google? >> all the time. what are you talking about? >> when people were watching the debate, they had their smartphones as you were watching. you can tell a lot about what they saw on the screen and what they were thinking. for instance, the top google searches for hillary clinton are -- how sold she? can anybody beat her? and how much is she worth? they're talking about wall street money. people thinking, how much does she have, and how sold she, and can she win? like the voice in your head while somebody's talking. you think about what you're doing later in the day. for sanders, where will bernie sandersing -- bernie sanders be speaking, who would his vp be, and how to donate. one thing he's done is set incredible marks in terms of money raised. hillary clinton trailing by 20.
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she knows new hampshire is a lost cause. she's going to flint, michigan. i sense she's going to go down south. she's sending her message to the people of new hampshire. they're not listening. to the rest of the country -- i'm on my way. >> i wonder how her remark about i'm not an establishment candidate, i'm the first woman running for president. i wonder how that will play this year. maybe that is something that people liked four years ago or previously. >> yeah. >> but doesn't seem like that's going over too well. especially since bernie sanders according to some polls is ahead of hillary clinton with female voters. >> one other interesting faux pas from yesterday, did you hear that chelsea clinton referred to bernie sanders as president sanders? >> oh. ouch. yeah. you don't want -- s>> stop it. >> the whole country -- >> she's pregnant. you can get that mommy brain. you get forgetful. right, ladies? >> the hot flash led you to say that. ten minutes after the hour. >> i have no idea what any of
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that means. >> you know what i'm talking about. tomorrow night we'll hear the republican candidates battle it out in the eighth republican debate. >> so much at stake. it's looking like the target might be marco rubio. we have more on the latest from manchester, new hampshire. molly? >> reporter: good morning, steve, heather, and brian. if you look at the polls, they show that the wind may be at the back of one candidate, senator marsh. look at the university of massachusetts lowell tracking pole. donald trump remains at the top of the pack with 36% support. rubio had 15%. that is up from 8% in the same poll from monday. now in the cnn/wmur poll, trump gets 29%. rubio is gaining 7% since the caucuses. to hit 18, senator ted cruz, in third place with 13%, did not show above despite finishing in the top spot in iowa. now, rubio's surge not going
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unnoticed on the campaign trail. he is taking a beating from rivals. fellow floridian governor jeb bush is hammering rubio's record, painting the younger competitor as inexperienced. and new jersey governor chris christie is hammering rubio, too, denying there is any collusion between the campaigns, calling that baloney. >> he's not ready because of the way he not only -- his lack of accomplishment in his senate career, but also because he lived a very protected life as a candidate. he doesn't answer questions and gag else. he doesn't do extensive town hall meetings, he does drooib meetings with 40 or 45 minutes with pre-canned answers. >> tough out there. but humor on the trail. rubio said the chance to join him on stage, there was this exchange. >> come on, sit on the stool. that way they won't ask -- nobody will ask a mean question because my son is here. [ laughter ] if we get the selection wrong, it might be too late for america. we can't let that happen.
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are you hot? huh? would you like some water? i want some water. [ laughter ] >> nice to have a few moments like that along the way on the road to tuesday. the voting, of course, tuesday. saturday night again the republicans face off. we're keeping an eye on this. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> that was adorable to see his son up there. how they personalized him like that. >> great. coming up, he's a member of black lives matter. he protested against police and watched baltimore burn. now he's running for mayor of that city. we'll get reaction and new details next. and we were telling you about there yesterday. did anybody claim that $63 million lottery jackpot? yesterday was the deadline. this morning, a very interesting update you'll want to hear about. first, more from earth, wind, and fire. ♪ ♪ remember
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all across the state the economy is growing,arts today. with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at he helped lead the protest that left the city of baltimore burning. we remember that. now the black lives matter activist, ray mckesen, running for mayor.
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here to react, former secret service agent, former nypd officer who also ran for congress in maryland. that abutts the district where mckeson is running. >> it's a distraction. we know if all that was true, we wouldn't be on the street. we know that the police have killed 26 people in 2016. we have so much work to do. that's just a way to avoid talking about the issue of police brutality, by getting people to talk about this notion of all lives matter. it's not true. >> the notion of all lives matter is just not true. dan bongino, your reaction? >> this guy is a complete, total fraud. he's openly advocated and supported a cop killer on his twitter account. a man who shot police officer daniel faulkner in cold blood and killed him. he's advocated for this guy. he's been very soft on black lives matter rhetoric, calling for pigs in a blanket, fry them
3:19 am
like bacon. this is a man who -- he's perfectly entitled to run for office. he would be a disaster for the city of baltimore who deserve better than this coward. >> you know, he's had a lot of meetings with folks like hillary clinton, folks at the white house. there are a lot of people who think he has quite a future ahead of him. as a community activist, professor who taught in public schools, we've been down this road before for elected officials, haven't we? >> we have. we have a community activity in the white house. -- activist in the white house. this is what the far left has learned. they learn to get you to never vote for them but to vote against the conservative by leveraging politics and convincing people in racial or gender categories or religious categories that the other side hates them. this guy would be a disaster for the city of baltimore. the cops would be understandably upset if there was any support for him.
3:20 am
i don't think he has a chance. >> the race is in three months. there are about 13 in the democratic primary alone. a lot of folks don't know who he is. he's a twitter scar. his to look -- twitter star. i had to look him up. are the folks who turn out for elections going to know who he is and vote for him? >> good question. i ran for the u.s. senate in maryland. very familiar with baltimore politics. you have sheila dixon, former mayor, running. state senator katherine pugh. i may disagree with their politics, but they've been out. and people from baltimore want to look you in the eye, meet you, shake your hand, and see you in sand town and lexington market. you can't just walk in there and hijack the election at the last minute because you're a twitter superstar. >> i wonder if baltimore does want to be united. we'll have to talk about that at another point. thank you very much. see you soon. coming up, how much does space matter in a presidential candidate? we'll analyze that next. and talk to a man who wrote a book on religion and talk about being asleep on the job --
3:21 am
look at this guy here. that poor kid. sleeping in the picture. he is at work. he's an intern. it's his first day on the job. can you imagine? [ snoring ] >> we'll be right back. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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in headlines, new overnight, a drone crashes into the empire state building. i didn't hear anything. the owner tweeted about the crash saying his drone is stuck. he was trying to take pictures when he lost control. now he's in jail. good luck. the obama administration telling border agents not to even bothered arresting and deporting illegals because two to be few are showing up to deportation hearings. isn't that a great approach? steve, change the subject. >> i will do that. let's talk politics, brian. the presidential race
3:25 am
involving religion in a way that is rare in american history. take a listen to the candidates. >> when i'm president, i can tell you this -- my faith will not just influence the way i'll govern as president. it will influence the way i live my life. >> you know, my mother gave me this very bible. >> when i study scripture, i know people who live in the area need a chance. >> i grew up in the methodist school. >> i will take on isis because it will let us conduct our religious affair the way we find in our heart. >> who do you know will defend life, marriage, and religious liberty, examine our records, pray on it? >> how much does faith matter in the race for president? author of a new book that came out this week called "ask the question: why we must demand religious clarity from our presidential candidates." he joins us live from washington, d.c. good morning. >> good morning. >> i know here in the united states of america, 92% of
3:26 am
americans believe in god. why do we need to ask our presidential candidates what they believe in? >> we need to ask what they believe because they are putting, many of them, their religion into play. they are saying, hey, i'm a man or woman of faith. i will do what my faith dictates when i'm in office. you know, we live in a country where you can't even have an association or be a member of a club without disclosing it if you're going to run for president. we need for people not just to make broad statements about being people of faith, but to tell us what they actually believe and how it's actually going to affect their policies. >> interesting. since the book is called "ask the question," which of the candidates would you like to ask about their faith? >> i would enjoy the conversation with all of them. the one i would ask most specifically would be hillary clinton. she has been a social gospel methodist from childhood. she's been very consistent with that. i get into trouble with people when i say she's one of the most faith-based politicians of our era, but she is. but it's unclear sometimes what
3:27 am
that's going to produce in her life. it's a bit broad. so, for example, her husband signed the defense of marriage act into law. and at that time, hillary clinton defended it with scripture references. then she reversed herself and said she did so on the basis of her religion. okay. fair enough maybe. but what was that connection? what were those truths from her religion that led to the change? the changes like that, i think we need to understand before people go into office. >> sure. in many cases, you know, a person's religion doesn't necessarily dictate -- i'm thinking about a number of catholics who are in congress who vote for abortion which flies in the face of what the catholic church stands for. i want to ask you about marco rubio. you told one of our producers he's the most outspoken about his faith when he's on the stump. what do you mean by that? >> well, he in a sense makes sure that the faith content gets into the discussion. if you watch the iowa debate, for example, the gop debate. marco rubio would be asked about
3:28 am
a poll that had him ranked high, and he would say, listen, i'm not jesus christ. there's only one savior of the world who died for the sins of the world. he would bring the faith content in. he's the one who said he would do the will of jesus christ in office. so he is perhaps the most natural in his expressions of faith. and he's also the one who's making sure that the faith will run in his campaign. >> before you go, ted cruz, you say, is the most natural talking about his faith. then again, he comes from a religious family. his dad was a preacher, right? >> when he gave his celebration speech in iowa, he actually said, thank you all for letting my father preach in your churches. which we haven't heard very often. it shows that he comes from a very deep southern baptist background. he's a member of first baptist houston. yes, this is organically a rising in his life. we'll see a lot more in the candidates. >> a great thought-provoking book. thanks for joining us early this
3:29 am
friday. >> thank you. coming up, that drug ceo who spiked prices 5,000% mocks lawmakers to their faces. >> on the advice of counsel, i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination. >> the jaw-dropping testimony next. and cam newton and peyton manning better make room. this guy is stealing the super bowl spotlight. yes, the star of one of the most adorable super bowl commercials ever is live here in our studio. and he is a hot dog. aren't you? hello my love! the flame is out... the flame is out, tomorrow my attitude... your mother... antonio. antonio. que? the stove. it's not working.
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♪ ♪ i can't give any more i can't live live weather living is without you ♪ ♪ i can't live >> it's hard to resist great taste. ♪ >> meet the ketchup. >> ah. unleashing a stampede of cuteness. >> look at this. >> the super bowl commercial that's already going viral, proving nothing beats a cute puppy in a costume. somewhere in the studio, the celebrity dachshund. >> come here. hi, baby. >> aw. >> so he's an actor, too. >> that's right. >> hey, he's not one in the commercial -- >> he's normally a grate daeat . >> there's a "new york times" best seller about him -- >> your dogs are going to be
3:34 am
jealous, brian. >> my dog of born this big. >> fantastic. you'll see that ad this sunday. so what other super bowl ads are grabbing people's attention? >> let's talk to pollster lee carter. she put them to the test. how did you select these? >> it's great. a lot of companies are releasing them early so we get a preview. everyone loves that -- more buzz, getting more mile for their money. so we went through and picked some of the most popular ads that we've tested so far and want to share them. >> all right. first up. let's look at the brand-new mountain dew ad. >> puppy monkey baby. puppy monkey baby. puppy monkey baby. puppy monkey baby. puppy. monkey. baby. puppy monkey baby. puppy monkey baby. puppy monkey baby. puppy monkey baby. puppy monkey baby.
3:35 am
puppy monkey baby. >> that is so weird. a puppy monkey baby? >> puppy monkey baby. the results were flat. i think people were confused about what they were seeing. >> what are they advertising for mountain dew? >> there's a mix of a lot of things in a new drink coming out. in fact, this ad was really memorable. when we talked to people after they saw all the different ads, it's like the e-trade baby. remember that? you're going -- it's a little bit weird. but funny. >> you remember it. >> it made sense. >> does this make sense, and does it matter that people -- >> i want to drink that stuff. >> it's a mixture for mountain dew of caffeine and juice and something else that they're trying to say it's three fun things in one. >> let's move on and talk -- focus on this commercial. the monkey with the diaper. let's talk about axe. watch the ad. >> brian's scent. >> a six pack:who needs a six
3:36 am
pack when you've got the nose -- or a nose when you got the suit. now you don't need a suit when you got the moves. or moves when you've got the fire. >> i like that ad. the dial people -- >> i don't know what it is. >> when you watch it, it's about the axe smell. >> it's known for its somewhat over the top ads that are -- >> you gave it a d? >> didn't give it a d. the people did. they said, i'm not sure what they're trying to communicate. it's not over the top. i'm not -- >> 30 seconds. i want to know that product right away. why am i waiting 20 seconds to find out? >> that's it. it wasn't memorable. people didn't know what it was for. that's a big myth. >> yesterday we had the guy on from best buy talking about great-big tvs you could put in your house before the game. here's lg's man from the future ad featuring somebody famous. >> it was a revolution.
3:37 am
>> excuse me? what do you mean? >> a future is staring back at us like a perfect glass. and this future must be protected. >> what's it got to do with me? >> it will change everything. that's why nay wa-- why they wa to stop it. they will come after you without cease because the future belongs to us. >> these people paying $5 million to run this ad. it's a brand-new tv. flat screen? is that what it is? >> i think so. >> tv from the future. >> is that a problem that we have to ask? isn't the point supposed to be clarity and memorialy ability? >> people felt it was a movie like you were in it.
3:38 am
and the celebrity is -- celebrities are exciting to folks. people gave it a b. it was mostly because -- we texted with men and women separately. men loved this ad. women were not as into it as men. >> men love tvs. >> yeah. makes sense. >> exactly. >> all right. lee's coming back in an hour with more ads. >> i will. >> interesting. e-mail us what you think about what you saw. do you agree? in the meantime, news time. on this friday, abby huntsman. only on "fox & friends" you have a dachshund running around wearing a hot dog. in the headlines, the pharma ceo who jacked up the price of a lifesaving drug makes a mockery of congress. ma martin skhrelli laughing in the face of lawmakers and refusing to answer questions. >> on the advice of counsel, i invoke my fifth amendment of privilege. on the advice of counsel, i
3:39 am
invoke my fifth amendment privilege. >> do you understand you can waive your right? >> on the advice of counsel, i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination. >> he tweeted, hard to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government. all right. time is up for someone who claim a $63 million lottery jackpot. someone says they already tried to cash in. that's right. a man just filed a lawsuit against the california lottery commission saying he presented the winning ticket back in january but was told it was too damaged to be reconstructed. the man is suing for the $63 million in legal fees. i'll have to try that out. donald trump shuts down a heckler. a woman screamed from a new hampshire crowd yesterday, defending illegal immigration listen to trump's response. >> get out of our country -- >> i don't think so, darling. do you know what the backbone of our country? people who came here legally. people that came to this country legally. and they worked their ass off
3:40 am
and made the country great. that's the backbone. [ applause ] >> that's the backbone. >> trump announced that bernie sanders sent the woman to interrupt the soldout event saying it sounds like something that bernie sanders would do. trump will join us here on "fox & friends" in about 20 minutes. make sure to tune in. and you think you're having a bad day at work? one intern at a tech company fell asleep on his first day. his co-workers had some fun with, it though, posing behind him for this photo. you see now he's an internet sensation and has launched a photoshop war. you can see him sleeping at homer simpson's desk at the nuclear power plant. another person turned him into a rock star playing the piano. and coming up, "on the job," with the tag line, "someone is getting fired." he's never going to live this down. first day on the job. >> got a nickname for life. sleeping intern.
3:41 am
>> and no job. also unemployed intern -- >> stay awake your first day on the job. look at this, outside our world headquarters, rain, snow, ice. a big storm impacting the east. the mid-atlantic to new england, light snowfall accumulations to the region. generally speaking, two to four inches of snow forecast from delaware into new england. there are a few winter storm warnings in effect across down east maine, long island, and also southeastern new england. those are the areas that could see potentially more than six inches of snow. this is a relatively localized event. be careful as you head out on the roads and head to work early this morning. it is going to be messy out. there the storm will quickly depart. by tomorrow, area is going to look a lot quieter. let's head back inside. yesterday, it was 100 degrees out. now we're getting snow back on. now it's back. thank you very much. >> that's the problem with
3:42 am
earth. the weather keeps changing. speaking of earth, where is that little guy -- he's got help. >> he listens well. >> this is a well-trained dog. this dog is a best-selling author and movie star. that's what happens. >> this dog probably makes more than most people. >> there you go. >> caruso will stick around -- >> what does caruso's day look like? >> day look like? good around the city. >> yeah. >> he's the spokesdog for heinz ketchup on this friday before super bowl. he will hang out all day long. >> i'd like that. coming up on this friday, serious allegations against nfl quarterback johnny manziel. his ex-girlfriend says he threatened to kill her. the latest developments are next. and the new mcdonald's menu looks pretty healthy, right? it's -- it has kale in it. kale at mcdonald's.
3:43 am
looks can be deceiving here. we'll tell you the new truth behind the salad when we come back. ♪ ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,
3:46 am's handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. serious allegations against johnny football. johnny manziel this morning. days after we learned he may be cut from the browns. >> wjw-tv stacey frey from cleveland. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, according to a police report out of texas, johnny manziel's now ex-girlfriend says he became aggressive with her. he hit her, threatened to kill her and himself. manziel says that it's not true. that it didn't happen. police say no charges are going to be filed against him.
3:47 am
of course, this is the latest incident in a long string of them. the browns very tired of all the machinations going on. all the publicity surrounding johnny manziel. none of it for benefits on the field. 911 call was made by colleen crowley's neighbor on saturday after she heard an argument between manziel and colleen crowley. colleen said that manziel hit her repeatedly both at a hotel in dallas and then on the way home as he was driving her to her apartment in ft. worth. she said once in the apartment, he was threatening to kill her and himself. he's saying none of that is true. he was found later to be just fine after he wandered off, walked off from her apartment. again, no charges filed. browns growing increasingly impatient with johnny manziel. >> i would say so. the legal step and law enforcement if this holds up. thank you very much. >> thanks. coming up -- >> do you have the potential to be dangerous? do you? do you?
3:48 am
police are using brand-new technology to calculate what they consider to be your threat score even before you do anything. this is fascinating. kurt the cyberguy is here with an incredible firsthand look at what the police departments are using. >> where did the wiener dog go? ♪ hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. ♪ eye of the tiger ime. tv anncr: good afternoon everyone. tv anncr: it's the perfect day for a game of football.
3:49 am
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3:52 am
it's no wonder that departments are looking for ways to cope their offsafe. >> joining us on the very topic is kurt the cyberguy. welcome back. this happens this morning and sadly it plays right into the theme. >> it really does. what we're talk about is technology you're about to see happen around america. it is one of america's most advanced police departments in action. it is the fresno p.d. they roll up to police calls with some of the most powerful technologies. well chances are, they know what your home address threat level is before officers are even dispatched. >> state your emergency. where exactly are you? >> we just got a call, where are we going? >> we are going to the area of marks and webber, black children in the parking lot -- location. >> what are the scenarios that you're thinking about as you are about -- >> the male's frame of mind.
3:53 am
mental issues. >> they're investigating at the scene. the data went into the compute about that fast -- computer about that fast and it showed the prior events at the address. >> after the investigation, there was nothing to indicate that that happened. so we conclulded that -- concluded that it was -- that it had to be a miss interpretation by the person that called it in. >> thanks to a new technology called beware, the officers are fully protected. >> welcome to the police department. realtime crime. >> the reason we created this center was that our officers when they're sent to calls, they have very limited facts. very limited information.
3:54 am
yet, they're expected to make these split second decisions. we want them to have the information they need. >> that's where beware comes into play, by using a algorithm to give them who has a greater threat. >> there's an asterisk by it that tells us there's some sort of a criminal history that he has. >> how does this information now conveyed out in the field to the officers change the way they arrive? >> maybe they slow the call down a little bit. maybe they request an additional officer. or even a mental health worker to come to that location, so that they can handle it more safely. >> that isn't the only technology police chief jerry dyer utilizes. this is shot spotter, right? this can hear gun fire around the city and triangulate the position. >> it gives you latitude and
3:55 am
longitude so you pinpoint it. it allows for the immediate notification, so the officers know exactly where they're going and us getting there quickly is the difference between life and death. >> they're also using cameras. >> all of our high schools, we have cameras. in the event we had an incident on campus where the suspect is armed with with a firearm, an active shooter god forbid we can see the classrooms and we can see where the student was and guide the officers into the particular student. >> should this be in all police departments around the country? >> i have to believe with all the challenges and the threats that we face in law enforcement, the more technology that we can have in our possession, the safer our communities are going to be. >> that guy right there is chief jerry dyer. that is a great american hero. that man took this by the horn.
3:56 am
he saw how this technology could be saving officers and protecting his community. and he said, okay, i'm going to step out of the bureaucracy and i'll get this privately funded and turned on and it has been in its first year major success. officers now arrive at a location and many times they know the threat level that's there. >> because they have all the records. they have got the police records. consumers -- >> they're tapping into everything that the police normally tap into. and then they're layering it with databases that you and i have access to. consumer databases that all comes together to -- it's fascinating information. >> privacy push back? >> there is some push back because there was some social media used inside of it, but it was access to the social media. what the chief is smart about doing this is why this guy is so innovative, he is -- he's smart about taking that information, listening to his community. and then reacting so they turn that off. it's all a work in progress.
3:57 am
>> brilliant stuff. >> thanks. >> it's interesting. great technology. >> thank you. well donald trump, yeah -- >> how is he handling the rise of rubio? will he attack him or praise him?
3:58 am
3:59 am
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good morning. it is friday, february the 5th, 2016. i'm heather nauert. hillary clinton talking tough about wall street. listen to this. >> we have to keep very close watch on the big banks. if they pose a systemic risk to our economy, -- >> within the past, that was last night. didn't she accept more than half a million dollars by the way from goldman sachs? does that make her a hypocrite. we'll report, you decide. and donald trump is packing them across new hampshire. but marco rubio is hot on his heels. also getting big crowds. donald trump reacts in just minutes. and jackpot.
4:01 am
two exes battle over $1 million lottery ticket. he says they agreed to share. she says the cash is hers. guess who the judge just sided with? we'll tell you. live from a snowy, wet new york city, this is "fox & friends" for friday. >> well, good morning, guys. >> good morning to you. >> great to be back with you today. you like the dance moves so you asked me to come back. >> that's right. after the show show, she did some flash backing to the '80s. >> super bowl shuffle from the chicago bears when they made it. >> by the way we're wearing red for women's heart health and at the super bowl you'll see it all across america, we think. in a matter of three minutes we'll be talking to donald trump. >> that's right. abby huntsman has the headlines. >> hello. let's get right to the headlines. a fox news alert.
4:02 am
two nypd officers recovering in the hospital right now after being shot in the line of duty. they were patrolling a public housing complex in the bronx when they came across two men in the stairwell. one pulled a gun and opened fire. one officer was shot in the hip. a bullet grazed the other officer's face. the gunman ran back to his apartment and shot himself. a black duffel bag with a sawed off shotgun was found inside that apartment. luckily both officers are expected to be okay. and to another alert this morning. brand-new video of a gun fire between police and the so-called bonnie and clyde couple overnight. blake fitzgerald is dead and brittany harner -- harper is wounded after a shoot-out. it came after a car and a foot chase just after 1:00 a.m. the couple was wanted for a crime spree spanning four states where they were caught on camera abducting people and robbing several stores. and some disturbing news this morning. the zika virus can be spread
4:03 am
through blood donations. the world health organization is advising companies not to accept blood from those who have travelled to areas affected by the virus. this after two people got zika through blood transfusions in brazil. back in the u.s., the number of zika cases soars from nine to 12 in just a day. two new cases were also discovered in nebraska yesterday. and you may not his name, but you have definitely heard joe alaskey's voice. >> what's up, doc? i'll tell you what's up. when i'm president i'm going to pass a law that will outlaw rabbits. >> many classic looney tunes characters after mel blanc's death, and he was grandpa pickles in rug rats. he was the voice of richard
4:04 am
nixon and forrest gump as well. >> where are you staying? >> it's called the hotel -- >> no, no, i know a much nicer hotel. very brand-new, modern. >> alaskey died from cancer on wednesday. he was 63 years old. he'll be missed. his voice will be missed. >> a man of a thousand voices. >> that's right. >> thank you. meanwhile, hillary clinton and bernie sanders going head to head in last night's democratic debate. and in brand-new polls as well. >> garrett tunney has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the gloves came off last night in the first one-on-one debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. less than a week before the new hampshire primary, they clashed over who was the more progressive candidate. and clinton was fired up and on the attack, going after sanders' expensive proposals and for claiming she's part of the washington establishment. >> enough is enough. if you have something to say, say it.
4:05 am
directly. i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks and let's talk -- let's talk about the issues. let's talk about the issues that divide us. >> okay. let's talk about the issues. >> sanders went right back at the former secretary of state arguing she's the one who previously called herself a moderate. >> one of the things we should do is not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac. who's not raising huge sums of money from wall street. >> despite narrowly winning the iowa caucuses hillary clinton is 20 points behind bernie sanders in new hampshire and the latest poll by maris, nbc news and "wall street journal." "the des moines register" has
4:06 am
issued an editorial calling for a complete audit of the caucus results. something the sanders campaign is also calling for. after at least seven county delegates were decided by a coin toss. and for the first time this election she's now taking a back seat to the vermont senator in fund-raising as well. sanders raised $20 million in january. clinton raised just $15 million. steve, heather and brian? >> oh, all right. garrett, thank you. he beat her again. >> he sure did. >> meanwhile, let's go out on the phone right now. donald trump who is running for president of the united states, joins us from somewhere. good morning to you, mr. trump. >> good morning. >> we wanted to ask you -- because garrett was showing the highlights from last night. i know you have gone after hillary clinton regarding the e-mail situation and the benghazi situation and listen to what she said about the big banks she's taking a lot of money from. suddenly they're bad. >> we have to keep a very close watch on the big banks.
4:07 am
if they pose a systemic risk to our economy, they can be and should be broken up. and i have said no bank is too big to fail and no executive too powerful to jail. >> what do you think about that given the fact she's taken of, we know of, $600,000 from goldman sachs. is she a hypocrite she says big banks are bad? >> i think it's very funny because when you watch and you see the game of politics, i have always been in politics but now i'm running from a different angle and a different side. and the hypocrisy on so many counts, whether it's her or others, they're all taking money from big banks but i'm not sure. i self-fund, so i'll do the right thing. but these people all take money from big banks in one form or another. i mean, in her form, she is -- you see her in new york having dinner with the bankers all the time. i mean it's ridiculous. but she's got to one way or the other i guess she's got to show she's like bernie. she has go a little bit left and she keeps going further and
4:08 am
further left. i don't know if it's going to work or not. she's got other problem, her e-mail problems, she can't figure out. you ask her what was the purpose on the e-mails, the -- >> the control. >> i guess. >> everything was about wall street, wall street, wall street. do you blame wall street for tanking the economy? >> i deal with wall street and i can tell you that wall street and the banks are controlled by the regulators 100%. you know, the big bankers that make 30 and $40 million a year which is mostly to make settlements and give billions of dollars to the government. but the big bankers many of whom i know are -- i mean, they don't have the power. the regulators have the power. they don't have the power to loan money. everything they do -- i mean, it must be a lousy job to be honest with you. but everything they do, they have to go back to government and have it checked off. >> that's true more and more so. there are new polls out that show rubio is climbing in the
4:09 am
polls after the iowa caucuses. there are a couple of polls that show him in second place. what is your strategy to take on marco rubio in new hampshire? >> well, we have had good poll results but you know, it doesn't matter. the only poll that counts is going to be very soon. right? couple -- on the 9th. we are leading by quite a bit. we have a poll that came out yesterday where i'm actually much higher than even that. i mean, it's a nice poll you're showing up on the screen. but i have a couple that are really good. i don't believe any of them, to be honest with you. >> so you don't believe them, what are you doing? what about the folks on the ground saying they don't see a discernible sized staff on the ground in new hampshire? if that's the case, how about do you do it? how do you get your folks out the the polls? >> i think we have a good poll. we'll find out soon enough. we have a lot of people, we have tremendous numbers of volunteers up there. a lot of people want to see us win. we'll make america great again. that's the theme. we'll find out. i mean, i have a very, very
4:10 am
capable group of people. you know cory he's a professional -- he lives up there. >> your manager. >> yeah. we have a lot of people who travelled from all over the country to go up and help out. in the end it's really to a large extent it's the candidate, but get out the vote is very important, no question about it. >> so donald trump true, the report out there that you were urged in iowa to get people on the ground but you didn't want to pay for it and that you're doing same thing again in new hampshire? >> no, that's not the truth. no, no, that's not the truth. most of these people are free. they're volunteers. no, we paid top dollar, frankly, in iowa. and i had a lot of people, but you saw what went on. a lot of things went on. i came in second. by the way i got more votes in iowa than anybody in the history of the republican caucus, except for the one. >> yeah. >> you know, had things been normal, a lot of things would have changed there. i got a lot of votes in iowa and i came in second. i came in second. by a lot.
4:11 am
rubio very close to first -- rubio came in third and everybody said what a great performance he put up. me -- >> you were under the poll number, he was over. >> whatever. >> yesterday, you were in exeter, new hampshire. a number of reporters took some pictures. according to them, you had cars lined up on the street and on the roads out of town. also, at one point -- this is one of the images from the reporters on the scene there. also at one point, there was a heckler and you shot back this. listen. >> -- our country -- >> the illegal immigrants are the backbone of our country? i don't think so, i don't think so. no. they're not the backbone. let me just tell you something. you know what the backbone of our country is? people that came here and they came here legally. people that came to this country legally and they worked their ass off and they have made the country great.
4:12 am
that's the backbone. >> that was something else, wasn't it? >> it was amazing because i was talking about illegal immigrants. she said they're the backbone of the country. i said that's not the case. look, you have a lot of people thinking a lot of things. i'm sure she was well meaning. it was an amazing rally. okay. >> illegal -- >> the crowds we are getting are incredible. >> but will the crowds translate into voters next week? >> i don't know. i get the people and the polls through the roof and i think i'll do very well. if they don't get out to vote, we have to see. >> according to the polls, half the electorate in new hampshire may still make up their mind at the -- >> 48% have not made up their mind yet. >> of course there's a debate tonight. both mitt romney and -- >> is that right? >> the debate is saturday. >> thank you. mitt romney and ted cruz have
4:13 am
both suggested that carly fiorina who is not supposed to be on the debate stage should be included. what do you think including -- >> that would be okay with me. >> it would? >> right now i guess we have seven. it is okay with me. i know the networks don't want it because there was a qualification requirement and obviously she didn't -- she didn't get there. but it would certainly be okay with me. >> there's a report today in "the new york times" that christie and jeb bush are combining forces to take down rubio. do you think that's true? would you join in that? and do you think he is vulnerable as somebody who's in his early 40s, a one term senator? >> i wouldn't join in it. we'll see what happens. i mean, we have a long way to go. this is a long, long deal going on here. you know, i love new hampshire. i know new hampshire well, because i have been there many times. having nothing to do with politics. i have many friends that live up there. i think that they probably are conspiring. i mean, i've watched chris go after -- he goes after him very strongly.
4:14 am
we'll see what happens. it will be interesting. me, i work myself. i don't worry about other people. >> we'll be watching tomorrow night. donald trump, thank you very much. >> thank you. shocking new developments in the midair explosion that left a huge hole in the side of the plane, what we just learned about the guy who brought the bomb on board. you won't believe it. rush liquid fast relief to your tough cold symptoms. fast, powerful liquid gels from alka seltzer plus
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america's heroes have a if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
4:18 am
hi. we are back with a fox news alert. we told you before there's breaking news about the blast that blew a hole in a plane over somalia. with the aftermath caught on video. watch. >> u.s. federal authorities now saying that a terrorist acting as a homicide bomber was probably behind it. patricia stark joining us right now with the details. >> u.s. investigators now saying they believe the passenger who was sucked from that hole blown in that plane's fuselage was a homicide bomber in a wheelchair. they believe the wheelchair allowed him to bypass airport security. the passenger now identified as abdullah brulee has not been named as suspect by somalia officials. his body was recovered in a nearby town and u.s. officials believe he may have been working with the terror organization al shabaab which has been
4:19 am
responsible for several deadly terror attacks on tourists in recent months. tests show traces of tmt residue which would support that theory. the explosion rocked the 74 passengers and crew on board at roughly 11,000 feet. just moments after takeoff from the mogadishu airport. now, two other passengers were also injured. the pilot of the plane says that had that blast happened just moments later at a higher altitude, well, more lives likely would have been lost. more tests are still being done on that jet, but if this was the work of terrorists, no one has taken responsibility for it as of yet. >> all right, patricia, thank you. so if he had control over the bomb, if he had waited until it was higher he could have taken the whole thing out of the sky. >> wow. coming up, a man holding a mom hostage and the police officer has no room for error. watch this. >> oh! shot him.
4:20 am
>> unbelievable. the incredible split second decision that officer had to make all caught on camera.
4:21 am
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got some quick friday morning headlines right now. just two energy drinks a day, just two, increases your risk of heart problems. even if you're completely healthy. in a brand-new study, more than one-third of patients with heart palpitations had at least one energy drink that day. it's still unclear what ingredients may actually cause the problems. and you might be able to forego those energy drinks with new caffeine bracelets. a replaceable patch on the back has the same amount of caffeine as a medium cup of coffee.
4:24 am
you can buy the bracelets for 29 bucks. interesting. and mcdonald's is now offering kale in its salads but get this, some versions of the kale salad have more calories than a double big mac once you add up all of the extra toppings and stuff you put on the kale. that's your news. heather? >> that's another reason not to eat the kale. well, this is a one of a kind venturing program by roger ailes to promote diversity in the news. we have teamed one the program to share the most remarkable stories inside the african-american community. today our harris faulkner, co-host of "outnumbered" and anchor of "fox weekends" has an inspiring story. >> this is a good one, but they
4:25 am
all one. 91-year-old montgomery has seen it all, war and peace, prosperity and struggle and civil unrest and civil movements as a tuskegee airmen and body guard for martin luther king jr. he's been a force for good. we begin in the segregated south with his story. how would you describe what was going on in this country around you? >> well, when we got here on any bus, go to the back and be seated. if the back was filled and there was empty seats up front, we had to stand in the back. my mother and father always say that in spite of these signs, you are just as much as any other person walking. be proud of yourself. and that stood out.
4:26 am
i made that a part of my thinking. >> forward thinking young montgomery joined the u.s. military during world war ii. it was 1943. he was in the army air corps. facing what looked like insurmountable odds. >> in this sea of black men they came to the conclusion that the brains of the black men's mind was smaller than the arteries in the white man's mind. his mind could not adjust to climbing, turning, diving that you had to do as a fighter pilot. >> as a tuskegee airmen he pushed against racial stereotypes. >> those boys were intelligent. and they had all been to college. so i wanted to be associated
4:27 am
with this situation of bright minds. i know where i'm going. i have confidence in myself. and here i go. >> after the war ended, montgomery was shocked to find his hometown was unchanged. armed with new confidence, his inner voice was chanting, things could not remain that way. >> when the law of the state conflicts with the conscience of man, the law of the state should be peacefully broken. 1949. >> and an unbreakable bond formed in the 1950s when he met civil rights legend martin luther king jr. a little known fact they shared the same god mother and they teamed up with montgomery working as a bodyguard for dr. king, protecting him in the pivotal selma march. >> we were instructed if we saw
4:28 am
anyone pointing a gun at dr. king, push him to the ground. and fall on top of him. and take the bullet. or if we were close to the guy or person who had the gun and he was away from dr. king -- to go after the one who held the gun and yell assassination, assassination. >> america was on a bumpy road to change. >> i salute you for the service to the united states of america. >> this is beautiful. >> that's the medal of honor. >> it was until 2007 that you were officially recognize and given the congressional medal of honor, along with 300 of your fellow airmen. six decades after the war you fought in, recognition.
4:29 am
>> there is that hope. if it doesn't happen, you do what is right. and this is what i tell kids in high school and in college. do what is right. the payback might not come today but keep doing it and keep doing it and tomorrow it's going to bounce back. and when it bounces back, that's your pay. >> what do you want your legacy to be? >> stand up for truth and right. and i don't care who you are, what color they are, love people. standing up for truth and right. >> i told you. it's great place to start with. >> wow. >> and this is making history
4:30 am
this morning too. dabney's legacy will live on another way. the shoe heels he wore during the selma march will be inducted into the smithsonian museum in washington, d.c. the face you just say is the man we'll meet next week. an athlete who faced unspeakable acts of racism. and we'll tell you about him in a moment. but just to kind of wrap up with dabney montgomery. >> he's such a national treasure. he really is. >> yeah. >> it breaks our hearts to know that so many of these men will not be with us in the coming years. >> that's why we have to tell the stories and watching you. >> watching you as the stair -- story was airing, you're so emotional. >> yeah. as we shot the stories, they come back. they're aspirational. >> they are. eleanor roosevelt flying with the tuskegee airmen and imagine
4:31 am
what the statement was she made. so great to see you. >> i want to tell you about the story we're going to do next week. >> okay. >> on the athlete, the first african-american to skate in the nhl in hockey and what he faced was just amazing. so we'll take you -- we went up to ontario to shoot this story. got out on the ice and it was really, really inspirational. we look forward to that. >> wonderful to have you here. i know you have a busy day ahead of you. >> a little bit. just like that. well, a man holding a mom hostage, the police officer no room for error. take a look. >> oh! oh! shot him. >> oh, wow. the incredible split second decision the officer had to make and it was all caught on camera. his father had been in afghanistan for months and months so he didn't expect this -- the awesome surprise that is guaranteed to make you smile this morning. oh, look. ♪
4:32 am
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all right. it is your shot of the morning, and this is appropriate. outside right now, we have snow and rain and ice and today is national weatherpersons day. so maria, you must be delighted that you've got so much weather phenomenon. we've got a special surprise for you. look at this. >> yeah. that's right. we have snow, very appropriate for national weatherpersons day. and we have mario here. come on over, mario. when i was a kid i played nintendo all the time. so this is a special surprise you prepared for me. >> you're welcome. >> oh, hello. he's got a balloons and a new video game out. >> where did she go? i can't see her. >> mario. >> we have mario and luigi paper jam -- >> maria, we can't see you. >> we have a -- what is this?
4:36 am
a nintendo 3-d sxl. for me? that's so sweet. thank you. i think i turned out okay. i spent a lot of hours playing nintendo growing up. but thank you so much again for coming to visit this morning and wishing me a national weatherpersons day. >> hug him? >> i think we collided heads here. his outfit is pretty -- he brought some cupcakes so i'll bring them over for you guys. thank you so much. very thoughtful, mario. let's talk about the weather conditions across the country. here are the cupcakes, take a look. >> there you go. >> we'll bring them on in and have you celebrate as well. so let's go ahead and look at the maps because we have a lot of weather happening today. we have a winter storm that we're tracking and it's impacting parts of the mid-atlantic all the way to new england. we have winter weather advisories in effect out there. this is a light snowfall accumulation with two to four
4:37 am
inches forecast for most. however, we do have winter storm warnings in effect across parts of long island. also in new england and in down east maine. those are the regions that could be looking at well over six inches of snow in some spots. here's a quick look at the current temperatures. at the surface, some of them are above freezing some that's going to make it tougher for the snow to stick. that's what we want. we don't want dangerous road conditions. so let's stay safe as you head out to work. the storm will be out of here by this weekend. again, mario, thank you. i'll head back inside and share the cupcakes with you. >> happy national weatherpersons day. >> thanks. >> so much going on there between the cupcakes and the balloons and -- >> and we're putting her to work. with the weather. >> abby huntsman has the headlines. >> let's get right to the headlines. a dramatic end to the hostage standoff is caught on camera. a police officer makes a split second decision to save a woman's life. the mom was being held at gun point by a man who tried to rob
4:38 am
a check cashing store outside of dallas. christopher michael duke tried to force to her into the car but when he turned his back for a split second, the officer furthest away took the kill shot. >> oh! oh! shot him. >> as you can imagine the woman was very shaken up. but was luckily not hurt. a california doctor could be sentenced to life in prison today for using her prescription pad as a murder weapon. lisa zing convicted for prescribing quote crazy outrageous amounts of pain killers resulting in the death of three patients. they died from oxycodone and vicodin. a former couple is being
4:39 am
forced to split a $1 million jackpot. a jury decided that howard browning was entitled to half of his ex-girlfriend's winnings because of a verbal agreement they made when together, saying if they ever won the lottery they would split it. the judge decided it was binding so the woman has to fork over $291,000. what a lucky guy. guys, those are your headlines. >> live together, they just shacked up anded they to split the money. doesn't seem right. >> don't know if they shacked up. >> well, they lived together. >> anyway, the judge has spoken. he gets the money. >> we'll drill down on that later. meanwhile, one of the most anticipated parts of the super bowl sunday. i'm not talking about the game. we know all about the game. but the commercials. >> yeah. sometimes they're more interesting. which ones are grabbing a lot of attention? back with us is the pollster. there are a lot of beer ads. al here's -- here's the first one to show folks, budweiser. >> hello, i'm helen mirren.
4:40 am
the collective we are dumb founded that people still drive drunk. so i'll offer it unlike this. if you drive drunk, you simply put, are shortsighted, utterly useless oxygen wasting human form of pollution, selfish mountain of fresh manure. in your brain was donated to science, science would return it. so stop it. >> okay. >> well, okay. >> like a public service announcement. >> it was. budweiser does it again. gave it an "a." people loved it. they loved the message. she ended up being humorous and it really associated with the brand when we went back and asked people which one stood out this is one of them. this is the year of the celebrity. you see a lot of celebrities -- this was a good use of her. >> i think bring back the clydesdale. >> we all have teeth. good move. so here is colgate trying to brush them for you.
4:41 am
>> they want us to save water and that ad got -- >> a "b." here's the thing, i'm not sure it seems like a super bowl ads, but a lot of them are trying to get credit for the good stuff they're doing. this tied into the water conservation for toothpaste. they liked it, but a lot of people said like, really this this is a super bowl ad? >> spent $5 million on that? >> exactly. >> they're guilting you about things. i want the happy ads. >> where was colgate? >> standing at the sink. >> wasting water. >> i know, i didn't see the
4:42 am
toothpaste. what about pokemon? it's back. >> they did a great job. >> we can do this! >> pokemon. ♪ >> you can do this. >> okay. the grade was -- >> this grade was an "a." people liked the music, liked the inspiration, loved the kid. this one didn't use a celebrity so also pretty interesting that it was so resonant with folks. this is one of the most shared ads, but the number one most shared ad was the heinz ad that we saw -- >> the hot dogs? >> the hot dogs.
4:43 am
and live tweeting, i just heard that the heinz ketchup -- the dog is taking over the twitter handle. >> thank you very much for doing this. you'll be back on monday. give a final grade on this. >> from politics to super bowls. >> in between the commercials though, going to be playing football. all right coming up straight ahead -- go panthers. >> coming up, rubio is rising in the polls and word that chris christie and jeb bush are planning to team up and attack him. this morning, christie responds. we're live in new hampshire next. i've been on my feel all day. i'm bushed! yea me too.
4:44 am
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hey, good morning. 47 after the hour. some quick headlines to bring you. the sea lion edition. an 8-month-old pup feasts herself in the fancy restaurant in san diego. workers finding the sea lion fast asleep in one of the booths. it had to climb about 200 stairs to get up there. oh, yeah, this is real. look at this one, this happy sea lion hitches a ride on the back of a boat. how cute is that? you could see the animal just towing along. the person who posted it thinks the sea lion smells tuna on board. unbelievable. that'll make you smile. right? >> one of the most exciting things happen on the water. we are one day away from the eighth gop debate and it looks like the target is set for marco rubio on his back, so to speak. molly line has the latest from
4:48 am
manchester, new hampshire. is that the sense, that rubio is the chosen one? >> yeah. when it comes to the polls, the wind may be at his back. donald trump is still at the top of the pack, with 36%, but marco rubio has 15%, up 8% from the same poll in monday. and in the new hampshire poll, rubio gets another gain and senator cruz has 13 not showing a big bump despite finishing on the top in iowa. rubio's surge not going unnoticed. he is taking a beating from rivals on the trail, particularly from two governors. >> complete baloney, greta. more "new york times" baloney. i guess they're getting bored with the race with five days to go until new hampshire but there are no back channel conversations between me and jeb bush. the fact is that we're both out there working hard, trying to bring our message to folks and we're competing for votes.
4:49 am
that's what we're doing. anything that i have to say in this campaign is in my voice, not in anybody else's. >> and a little why more on the trail when rubio welcomed his son on to the stage. >> come on, sit on the stool. that way they won't ask -- nobody will ask me a mean question because my son is here. if we get this election wrong it might be too late for america. we can't let that happen. are you hot? huh? would you like some water? i want some water. >> it is the center of the political universe. you never know what will happen. there's a debate the republicans debate on saturday night. back to you, guys. >> look for the governors to unleash. this might be their last stand. thank you, molly. 11 before the top of the hour. you have two big choices at the movies. you have "hail, caesar" or the nicholas sparks romance "the choice." i love a good romance movie.
4:50 am
which one should you choose? kevin mccarthy has the report. >> "hail, caesar" has one of the biggest stars in the world. bear whitlock. a truth we could see if we can. but if we have -- have faith.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
an actor playing an actor. >> george clooney back on the big screen this weekend in a new film about old hollywood. does the movie "hail, caesar" live up to its box office buzz? >> well, let's ask kevin mccarthy. he's the founder of kevin, what do you think? start with the funny movie. >> hey, good morning.
4:54 am
"hail, caesar" is coming out today, starring george clooney, written by the cohn brothers, i'm a big fan. this falls into the category of "oh brother thou art are" i liked it, but didn't love it. channing tatum did a great job with his song and tap dance numbers. i has scenes that make you scratch your head and go what? it doesn't fit into the overall plot. 3 1/2 out of 5. nowhere near as good as fargo or the big lebowski. i sat down with george clooney and channing tatum and before you went to break, you saw this scene of george clooney forgotiforgo forgot -- forgetting a line in the movie. i wanted to know what happens when you forget a line? >> i can never remember my lines. [ laughter ] >> no, you know, i will say that there have been certain times in my career where there are lines
4:55 am
that i just won't remember. it will be a dumb one. someone else will be doing a long monologue, you have one word. do the whole thing, you're kind of watching them. then it's like cut. huh, what? >> that seems good to me. >> you have it down. >> i start to like stutter. >> so the movie -- exactly. the movie is out today. 3 1/2 out of 5. if you haven't seen one of the earlier movies "blood simple" it's a phenomenal film. >> "the choice" is out there. you gave it 2 1/2 stars. what is it about? >> listen, i'm a big fan of "notebook". other than that, the films are very predictable and cheesy. the idea is two neighbors who fall in love. a tragedy happens and a choice has to be made. stay away from all of the trailers. they gave away -- aaway too much of the plot line.
4:56 am
the overall product is very melodramatic, a little cheesy and predictable. wait for the rental. i gave it 2 1/2 out of 5. >> that's what we want out of a nicholas sparks movie. i cry every time i see "noteb k "notebook." >> i love "notebook." i have cried watching "the notebook." a very, very good film. >> thank you very much. we love him. he's like a mush. >> by the way i heard your mario sound effects during maria's spot earlier. i was geeking out. keep playing it all morning long. yes, yes, that's awesome! >> anything else? >> that's it. i love you guys. >> he's so happy. >> a big final hour, geraldo is here and looks like he found a room in our greenroom. that is one of the dogs in the
4:57 am
hot dog suit. just like you'll see at the super bowl this sunday. geraldo. announcement: this storm promises to be the biggest of the decade. with total accumulation of up to three feet. roads will be shut down indefinitely. and schools are closed. campbell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red. made for real, real life. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen and i may even lose a little weight.
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then you might be gearcentric. right now, get 25% off all tul® brand pens and pencils! office depot officemax. gear up for great®. good morning. it's friday, february the 5th. 2016. i'm heather nauert. it was the first head to head debate and the last before today's primary. and hillary has had it. listen to this. >> and enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it. >> well, there you go. he sure did. and new poll numbers seem to show he likes it. geraldo rivera is here to react. >> hi, heather. >> hi, geraldo. >> thank you. meanwhile, shocking new developments in the midair explosion that left a huge hole in the side of that jetliner. was the bomb up brought on by somebody in a wheelchair? it looks like it. >> hi, geraldo.
5:01 am
and working hard -- >> my pleasure. >> nice to see you. or hardly working? what happens when an intern falls asleep at the desk on his first day on the job making him an internet star for all the wrong reasons. mornings remain better with "friends." >> neither snow more sleet nor rain nor dark of night would keep geraldo rivera from these regular morning appearance. >> i came in the jeans, boots and uggs. >> did you take the bike today? >> are you kidding? i drive myself in. i have an old bentley and it's great when it's dry. but in this weather like a big hockey puck. >> listen to you. geraldo -- >> only geraldo. >> i have an old bentley. it's a bentley! >> no sense having a convertible. >> that's right. >> we'll have geraldo talk about the news of the day, how hillary did last night. he thinks she did great. >> i didn't say that. >> yes, you did right there.
5:02 am
hear it in two minutes after the news with abby. >> hey, geraldo. >> hi, abby. >> all right, right to the headlines. a fox news alert. two nypd officers recovering in the hospital right now after being shot in the line of duty. the officers were on a routine patrol inside a public housing complex in the bronx. they came across two men in a stairwell. one of the men pulled a gun and opened fire and one officer was shot in the hip. a bullet grazed the other officer's face. the gunman ran back to his apartment and shot himself. a black duffel bag with a sawed off shotgun was found inside that apartment. both officers luckily are expected to be okay. and breaking new details about that blast on board that plane over somalia. u.s. investigators believe a terrorist in a wheelchair detonated a bomb. then got sucked from the plane. they believe the wheelchair loaded with explosives allowed the bomber to bypass airport security. traces of tnt residue found on
5:03 am
the damage and u.s. officials believe the terrorist group al shabaab is involved. some disturbing news this morning, the zika virus can be spread through blood donations. the world health organization is advising countries not to accept blood from those who have travelled to the areas affect by the virus. this after two people contracted zika through blood transfusions in brazil. back here in the u.s., florida has extended the state of emergency to a fifth county as the cases soared from nine to 12 in a day. two new cases were discovered in nebraska. the country is mourning the founder of earth, wind and fire, maurice white. ♪ the music and producer passed away at his los angeles home after a long battle with parkinson's disease. his band earth, wind and fire
5:04 am
won six grammys and was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2000. his death comes days before the band received lifetime achievement honors at the grammys. he was 74 years old. and the music will live on. >> the sound track for geraldo. >> we were talking about how many times we danced to that song. >> all right. let's talk politics a little bit. in new hampshire which is going to be -- people are going to be voting on tuesday. donald trump is up by about two dozen. on the democrat side, hillary clinton is 20 points behind bernie sanders. they had a debate last night. we'll show you some highlights and discuss with geraldo rivera. watch. >> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. >> senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the accomplishment. enough is enough. >> one of the things we shouldk
5:05 am
but walk the walk. i'm very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac. who's not raising huge sums of money from wall street. >> you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donations that i ever received. so i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks. and let's talk -- let's talk about the issues. let's talk about the issues. >> so it all started where he said she was the establishment and she would have nothing to do with that. geraldo, she is the establishment. >> well, before i defer my answer so i can give you this one setting of the scene. i loved the intimacy of it. i loved the -- >> true candidates. >> i loved the mano a mano. can you imagine ted cruz and donald trump in that kind of setting?
5:06 am
i mean, that's precisely the way you get to the soul of the person speaking. lincoln douglas. it was a great debate. i enjoyed seeing them nose to nose. >> i think the moderators did a good job too. they pressed them on their questions. >> when they weren't hugging them. >> well, that was at the end. >> oh, please. >> i thought that the moderators did an excellent job in terms of not intervening. in terms of letting the candidates take the center stage. i thought that this is the kind of forum that the voter can really see into the soul of the person. >> neither one of them really wants to win. hillary knows she can win, he doesn't think he can win. there was so much red meat in the background. with that type of background would have went for the victory. instead you have a guy sitting there who ran the v.a. in the worst scandal ever, never brought it up. devoid of any accomplishments at
5:07 am
all. never followed up on the fact he can't pay for anything he's proposing and she left it out there. >> i think it's broader than that. now, let me answer the hillary clinton establishment question and then -- hillary clinton is the epitome of the establishment. >> of course. >> but it's true, she is an historic person in the sense she probably will be the first major party female candidate in history of the -- so she is an outlier. >> but her husband was president of the united states. >> she's definitely an insider and bernie sanders is right to point out the corruption of the system. the fact that some -- if you go to washington, every single bill has lobbyists attached to it. they have groups that are paid lots of money to sway legislation. they give donations because they want a specific result, a specific vote. from a legislator, i think there's corruption at the heart of it. which i think going back to donald trump is his principal appeal.
5:08 am
that's why after iowa, i was wrong, he made a terrible mistake missing the fox debate, i apologize for that, i said he was a winner along with fox for standing up with their principles, but i think he made a mistake in missing the fox debate. what he should have said in the concession speech, rather than i love you, iowa, i'm going to buy a farm and all the rest of it. he should have reminded people of his strongest suit which is his independence. what brian said about the candidates refusing to take each other on. i saw bernie sanders was letting it fly. he was going after her -- >> he went -- >> what is his response to afghanistan? what would you do in afghanistan? i don't know. foreign policy. >> but bernie sanders isn't it true, if you're not a liberal when you're not a young person you have no heart. if you're not a conservative when you're an older, mature person, then you have no brain. bernie sanders never made that evolution. he is me back in 1968. he's just -- he got stuck.
5:09 am
>> do you have a brain? >> i'm saying i still have a heart. but bernie sanders is so clearly a fringe candidate it is charming to me that young people -- >> why did -- everyone -- >> why did he almost beat her? what about iowa? not smoking dope in iowa? >> iowa state, there's so many young folks there. bernie sanders i think is like ted cruz. they are extremist candidates who will not be in the final mix. >> all right. the elephant in the room and that is the hillary clinton e-mail server problem. and this private server she set up in her house. he failed to go after her on that. >> again. >> you said he went after her. i don't think so. >> i think we knocked heads over the weeks and months, i don't think the e-mail scandal amounts to a hill of beans. >> you think he agrees with that? the fact -- >> i think senator sanders is torn between the substantive
5:10 am
person who doesn't believe the scandal is really definitive and the politician who wants to win or do as well as he can. now, let me just say what i think about the race as it stands now with hillary trailing by 20 points. i think she's in a great position. why? because i think she will exceed expectations. when you look at marco rubio, came in third, he came on the stage first. he came boyantly bouncing around, hey, i'm a winner, just like bill clinton in new hampshire in 1992. he came in second, look at me, i'm still here. marco rubio declared victory. i think that hillary clinton can if it's a reasonable loss, if he loses by 10, 15 points or a substantial loss, she could say i exceeded expectations. on to south carolina. how ever -- a much -- >> "the des moines register" is demanding a recount for her victory because of the coin toss. >> and the secretary of state is
5:11 am
pondering whether or not to -- over ted cruz, falsely representing itself as a public document. he sent it around, voters thought it was from the government not from the campaign. i think that if they are going to reopen iowa which i absolutely council against, yeah. council bluff. >> good iowa reference. real quick before you go, there's rachel maddow, she was hugging it out with bernie and hillary. >> do you not believe this is the home team debate, come on, steve. >> what if megyn kelly was hugging -- >> she would be absolutely reamed. they would criticize her because it's a double standard. but rachel maddow was hugging her colleagues, her ideological brothers and sisters. you can -- >> not hug -- >> you ask -- i'm a hugger, i hug you. >> but hard to ask a hard question when secretly you want to hug them. >> but wasn't it revealing
5:12 am
though? that's the point. when rachel maddow hugs hillary clinton it's like saying, never mind. i didn't mean that -- >> i'm not going to hurt you. >> you ever see the rest of peyton manning at the end of the game? >> that reminds me. panthers -- has to be a panthers, why? who's the coach of the panthers? >> ron rivera. >> there you go! >> that's all you need. >> you would hug him. >> geraldo talked about the number one issue in new hampshire. it's not the economy, it's not national security, but the drugs up there. you have a special. >> i have a special, i'm running it on the channel, started it off with bret baier on "special report". >> and i saw you on shep's show yesterday. >> we have a situation where the number one issue in the granite state, the first in the nation primary state, as steve say, not
5:13 am
terrorism but drug abuse. there's an epidemic of heroin abuse and addiction. this is an issue where you can really direct your energy, tel chapo's team is pouring it in the city of manchester and 100,000 people, they've had six overdoses since monday. >> oh, my goodness. >> two of them fatal. 22 death since the 1st of the year in new hampshire. over 800 in the last two years and every single candidate has been touched by it. carly fiorina, jeb bush, every one of them have family members -- >> and chris christie. >> geraldo, we'll be watching later. >> thank you. new allegations against johnny manziel. his girlfriend says he
5:14 am
threatened to kill her in a fit of rage. we are live with the shocking 911 call, next. and their job is to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border. why is the white house telling border control agents to stand down? but first, more with earth, wind and fire. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech.
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5:18 am
hi, fox news alert now. big allegations against johnny football this morning. talking about johnny manziel. just days after we learn he may be cut from the browns. >> we have the latest from cleveland. stacy? >> reporter: good morning. police in texas say they have no reason to file criminal charges against johnny manziel after his latest argument with his now ex-girlfriend colleen crowley. police consider this case closed. the police report revealed interesting details about the evening. first, listen to the 911 call. >> i'm calling because one of my neighbors -- i heard her screaming. she said her boyfriend left and she's crying and saying i'm afraid to stay with him. >> reporter: now, according to the report, manziel and his ex, colleen crowley, met one a group of friends in hotel. after they left, manziel became aggressive to colleen. she described it as if he was on
5:19 am
drugs. colleen was struck several times by johnny including a strike to her left ear. when officers responded to the neighbor's 911 call, they say colleen became agitated with their questions. said that johnny had left on foot. they searched for him later, locating him at his father's home. his father said he was just fine. manziel disputes the police report, claims none of it happened. he was questioned by tmz saying he threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend and himself and he said it was not true. the browns are displeased with his behavior and expectations do not meet up with what they require of their players here in cleveland. >> yeah, got to wonder if their new coach is putting up with all the antics. or if he wants to start fresh. stacy, thank you very much for the live report. >> what a story. >> yeah. >> cowboys are interested in him anyway. all right, meanwhile, straight ahead, president obama calling for more money to help
5:20 am
fight the flow of drugs coming from the country of colombia into the united states. the president of the country of colombia is going to join us live next to react. and take a look at this guy right here. is he working? or hardly working? we'll tell you what happens when this -- he's an intern. he fell asleep at his desk the first day on the job. >> first day. >> oh, his co-workers gathering around him to take this picture and it becomes an internet sensation. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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is our partnership with habitat for humanity. pg&e is committed to clean energy and part of that commitment our mission is to build homes, community and hope. our homeowners are low-income families, so the ability for them to have lower energy cost is wonderful. we have been able to provide about 600 families with solar on their homes. that's over nine and a half million dollars of investment by pg&e, and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california. some headlines now. new overnight, a drone crashes into the empire state building. i thought i heard something. the owner tweeted about the crash saying his drone is stuck.
5:24 am
he was trying to take pictures when we lost control. we put him in jail. and president obama is telling the border agents, don't bother arresting people. too few are showing up for deportation hearings anyway. fantastic. steve? >> thank you, brian. president obama meeting yesterday with colombian president juan manuel santos to discuss expanding the american aid to the south american country of colombia. the united states has contributed around $10 billion through the years through a program called plan colombia. which was supposed to stem the production of cocaine and curb internal violence in that country. the president calls the program a great success. >> plan colombia has been a tribute to the people of colombia. after 15 years of sacrifice and determination, a tipping point has been reached.
5:25 am
a tide has turned from cart amen ya to carto and now a country on the brink of collapse is on the brink of success. >> and juan manuel santos is joining us, good morning. >> good morning. >> i should start with a thank you because i understand through my sources according to your staff that in the morning in the country of colombia, if you're going to watch a morning show, you watch this one. thank you, mr. president. >> well, you have a good show. very good show. >> well, thank you very much. now, tell us a little bit about why you decided after 15 years of plan colombia come to the united states to thank republicans and democrats for helping your nation out of trouble? >> because i think you deserve to say thank you when you've got a helping hand when we were in deep trouble. 15 years ago, colombia was about to be declared a fail state.
5:26 am
today, colombia is leading in economic growth, in reduction in poverty, in creation of employment. we are probably the most prosperous country in the whole of latin america and that's in good part due to the help that the u.s. gave us through plan colombia and this is a very successful foreign policy initiative which is bipartisan. republicans and democrats. and i think it's an example of good cooperation between two countries and i think this is something that we have to say thank you and continue because we're also -- this is very important. we have had a 50-year war, we have been at war for 50 years. we're about to end this war in a very brilliant and i think very positive outlook for colombia is now beginning. >> okay. here in this country, we have been having a war on drugs for a very long time. a lot of the drugs are coming from your country.
5:27 am
but you say you're making strides. i know that the united states helped you out with some planes to try to kill off the cocoa so the cocaine would not increase, but it has. what is colombia doing in concert together with the united states to try to do more to stop the flow of cocaine into this country? >> well, we have about 60% less land producing cocoa -- cocaine producing cocoa plants. we have two-thirds less families dedicated to this business. we are grabbing more cocaine, interdicting more cocaine than ever before. last year, we put together a record 250 tons. we continue to fight.
5:28 am
colombia has sacrificed the most in the world in this war on drugs. but we have to continue and persevere. i think we have beaten the big drug cartels that used to be so powerful in colombia. we don't have those anymore. >> sure. >> but as long as you have demand here in the u.s. or in europe, you will probably have a supply. >> yeah. one of the other problems your country faces is the rebels. also known as farc the revolutionary armed forces of colombia. they have killed close to a quarter million of people, and there's a worry that farc can team up with islamic extremists. how are you making sure that doesn't happen in your country? >> well, first of all, we have very good intelligence and we have no -- no evidence of this connection. but second and most important, we are about to reach peace deal with the farc. they're going to disarm. they're going to reintegrate into legal life and without any
5:29 am
armament. and this is a breakthrough for colombia. we have been at war for 50 years and we -- and we don't have to worry about links with other terrorist organizations because they will simply disappear. >> well, that has been a problem in your country for a long time. that is welcome news. juan manuel santos, the president of the country of colombia, sir, thank you for starting your day with "fox & friends." your favorite american chat show in the morning. thank you, sir. >> thank you very much for this opportunity. >> all right, travel safely. coming up on a friday, this is what it looks like outside a donald trump rally. there was a line of cars from there right out into the country, through the town. wait until you hear what happened though inside when a heckler tried to take down the donald. and the drug ceo who spiked prices 5,000% mocks lawmakers
5:30 am
right to their faces. >> i intend to use the advice of my counsel, not yours. >> oh, really? so will anything happen to that guy? will he go to jail? judge alex is here, straight ahead on this friday. right now, you're not thinking about all the money you saved by booking your flight, rental car, and hotel together. all you're thinking about, is making sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters.
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don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. life as a non-smoker is a whole lot of fun. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. fox news business alert. the monthly jobs report released moments ago by the u.s. bureau of labor statistics. >> the unemployment rate is now 4.9%. that's down 0.1% from last month. >> while the u.s. economy added 151,000 jobs, that's down 292,000 jobs added in december. all right. so that is the headline right
5:34 am
now. from the financial world. now from the world of news, abby huntsman? >> let's get right to the headlines. we start of course with donald trump. seeing an unbelievable turnout at a campaign rally in new hampshire. check out the cars lining the streets just to catch a glimpse of him. but not everyone inside was supporting him. >> they're the backbone of our country! >> i don't think so, darling. >> donald trump joined the show earlier to respond. >> it was amazing because i was talking about illegal immigrants and she said they're the backbone of the country. i said that's not the case. so, you know, look, you have a lot of people thinking a lot of things. i'm sure she was well meaning. it was an amazing rally. >> the new hampshire primary is this coming tuesday. we'll follow all of that of course. a spectacular eruption from a volcano in japan. you can see the flashes of lightning around the spewing lava and ash. take a look at that. this eruption is just 30 miles
5:35 am
from a nuclear power plant. no warnings have been issued yet, about 4,000 people live around the volcano. and a sweet surprise, all caught on camera. dad travels back from working in afghanistan to see his son's first play. the middle schooler took a bow at the end of the "lion king" before spotting his dad in the last row. [ applause ] >> it gives you the chill. the dad made the special trip back to virginia just for the occasion. not even the boy's sister or mom knew that he was coming. i love that. and do you think you've had a bad day at work? well, one intern at a tech company fell asleep on his first day and his co-workers had some fun, posing behind him for this
5:36 am
photo. he's now become an internet sensation. here is the sleeping intern as paul mccartney. here he is sleeping as homer simpson's desk. and there he is going crowd surfing at a concert. i'm sure he was so embarrassed. the guy, he'll never live this down. >> first day, did he come back the next day? >> i don't know. that's the question. >> judge alex ferrer is joining us. how are you today? >> good, good to be here. >> we wanted to ask you something that didn't come up in the debate last night, something about hillary's e-mail investigation. there's nothing that's going to happen. >> what is she going to say, they caught my red handed? it's still a thorn in her side. the dyed in the wool fans are going to agree with her, there's nothing there. just like trump's dyed in wool fans are going to back him no matter what he say, but the rest of americans are saying is she going to be indicted or not indicted? if she's indicted, she's through. but how she wasn't answering the
5:37 am
question, she wouldn't answer the questions about the servers an then -- and then the answers kept changing about what was it on. >> here's what she said last night regarding this. >> can you reassure these democrats that somehow the e-mail issue isn't going to blow up your candidacy if you're the nominee? >> absolutely i can. before it was e-mails it was benghazi. it's all a political ploy. >> are you 100% confident that nothing is going to come of this fbi investigation? >> i'm 100% confident. we have got this absurd situation of retroactive classifications. honest to goodness, this is -- this belegers the imagination. >> if you were presiding over this case and the grand jury says do something about it, is it a good case against her or a bad case against her? >> we don't know because we don't know what the fbi has.
5:38 am
they're conducting it like they should. the investigations are behind the scenes, they build a case or not build a case. but they don't do it in the public eye. so eventually we will find out what they have. they have access to the server, if they can pull information off the server because remember she deleted 30,000 e-mails and we have to take her word for that. >> it was unrelated. >> and her daughter's wedding. >> and one of the things that came up is condoleezza rice and also colin powell while they both served as secretary of state allegedly received some e-mails that contained classified information -- >> according to the state department. >> it wasn't classified at the time but later classified. hillary clinton is trying to draw a comparison and the inspector general and the state department has said her information was not retroactively classified. it was classified at the time. >> is that an excuse? >> absolutely not. we have learned that some of the e-mails she has were super top secret, way above that. but i really hate politicians
5:39 am
pointing at prior politician's misdeeds saying that's a justification for my misdeeds. nothing will ever change if we grandfather anything that prior politics did for future ones. if they did something illegal, if they had classified information, they should be investigated like her. nobody is above the law. >> an e-mail account versus a server, she had a server, they had some e-mails. >> absolutely. >> let's talk about martin shkreli the guy who is the hedge fund guy. he owns some pharmaceuticals companies. he's in big trouble. he priced a vaccine up to 5,000%. >> the aids drug. yeah. >> he was at the hearing yesterday on capitol hill. they have a lot of questions for him and this is what he said to them. >> on the advice of counsel, i invoke my fifth amendment privilege. on the advice of counsel i invoke my fifth amendment privilege. >> you know not every disclosure is subject to the fifth
5:40 am
amendment? >> i intend to use the advice of my counsel, not yours. >> he said that in congress and then he's famous for tweets. he tweeted this about congress. he said hard to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government. judge, once again, your legal expertise on this case, what should happen to him? >> he's in a lot of trouble -- if you read the indict. if you read the shkreli indictment, it's a strong paper case, and wire fraud, and they have to prove intent to defraud and knowledge. it's common that his credibility becomes a major factor as to if he had the intent to fraud. he has less credibility than a weasel so things are looking bad for him. i think this going to be a death spiral for him as this case goes forward. and americans are going to sit down with popcorn and watch and enjoy it. >> i would like to see if
5:41 am
someone showed up in court with a smirk on their face like that. >> i had them. >> do you say something? >> yeah, it's idiotic to make yourself look worse when you're already under indictment because your jurors who are judging you. you have judges deciding what am i going to do with this guy and he's teeing himself up for a very long prison sentence. >> judge alex ferrer, thank you. >> safe travels back to florida. well, many predicted that donald trump ted cruz came out on top. and john stossel knows how he did it. he's here. tune tuning ted's message. cruz's win in iowa had help behind the scenes, lots of it. tell you how a data company used personality research to try to washington voters and what it means for the raise in -- for the race in new hampshire now.
5:42 am
i'm gretchen carlson. join me at 2:00. to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva.
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5:45 am
they didn't stop there -- >> ted cruz won the caucuses that many polls had predicted would go to donald trump. how? fox business host john stossel said the key is data analytics. so what are they, and if it helped cruz can trump use it in new hampshire? we'll find out about that tonight on his show. but stossel takes viewers behind the scenes on his show to find out how the cruz campaign went high-tech and you join us right now. that's pretty cool. >> well, it's cool and creepy. but obama won many say because his tech op was superior -- >> microtargeting. >> microtargeting. you pick people who might vote for you and just focus on getting them to the polls and they find out about that by buying lists of data from stores and all these lists are for
5:46 am
sale. they can tell from who your friends are, the kind of things you buy if you buy arugula you're more likely to be democratic. and target them and get them to the polls. >> through social media, you target them that way. >> and the producer talked me into putting this on the phone and they crawl thousand the phone and they find those who might vote for cruz and it was the conservatives on my phone. the best persuaders if you can get people to e-mail or facebook their friends. >> and here's a little bit i guess of what's on your show, this is how they looked into your background to see what kind of profile you'd have and who you might vote for. >> the cruz campaign focuses only on potentially sympathetic voters. they figure that out by buying consumer marketing data from businesses. once they know what magazines you buy, things you like on facebook, they can predict your politics.
5:47 am
they researched me. >> so actually from a candidate preference model he could be a key cruz target. my speculation is he leans more libertarian. >> yes, no kidding. >> then they'd look for the execution phase. somehow they have to get in touch with you. do they knock on your door? >> go door to door. but now they go with the ipad and it says here's what you say if a woman answers, if a man answers. if they say this, here's a follow-up. >> unbelievable. this is very much like money ball, brad pitt played billy beene, revolutionized sports. thank you very much, john stossel. we'll watch you tonight. what time? >> 8:00 tonight. i have a special on the super bowl about this wonderful tech revolution. the best part is outside politics. >> enough about football, john is on. good job. 8:00. we'll look forward to seeing that. coming up straight ahead, we watched her grow up on "saved by
5:48 am
the bell" and "90210." now tiffani thiessen is cooking with friends. before that, here's bill hemmer. >> former first lady barbara bush was asked about donald trump. we'll play her answer for you today. new polling numbers in new hampshire, new numbers on the national race in both parties telling an interesting story. john kasich the governor from ohio he's put it all on the line for tuesday. he'll join us live to make his case. carly fiorina is not on the debate stage tomorrow night. we'll talk to the rnc about this. rick santorum is out, but he's here today. so much to get after when martha and i see you. 12 minutes away from "america's newsroom." see you at the top of the hour. when you write with your favorite tul® brand pen,
5:49 am
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we all know from some of the biggest shows on tv. >> lisa is the quickest girl on two feet. with her honors that we can't be beat. go lisa! >> david, come on! nobody showers for three hours, your skin is going to fall off. david, david? >> yeah, it would be easier if it wasn't saturday already. but i can add 30 people to the list. >> no sugar. >> and now tiffani thiessen is making waves in the kitchen. she's joining us now for "cooking with friends." i love your show by the way. >> thank you so much. >> you're here to help out with some breakfast. >> yeah, i do breakfast as well. >> you're a morning person. >> i am a morning person. having kids you know how that is. >> absolutely. so this is breakfast at tiffani's. >> apparently it is. >> you folks out there in tv
5:53 am
land could wind up rich. >> you didn't win the lottery, but you can win $250,000 all by helping quaker come up with a new flavor. bring your best, you register and start thinking of some ideas. you had some ideas for your -- >> we did. we are trying to put the "o" back in oatmeal. >> i like it. >> we have blueberries, raspberries, white chocolate chips, almonds, graham crackers. this is to die for. >> this is your own creation? >> yeah. >> do you have this every morning? >> no, like to change it up. my daughter likes to put her own toppings on it. >> more gummi bears, mom. >> yeah. >> oatmeal is delicious. you asked us to come up with some of -- >> yeah. yeah. exactly. >> steve and i are doing a throwdown here. you're the judge. >> i got it. >> steve what do you have over here? >> it's breakfast right, so i'm going to start with this right
5:54 am
here. which is -- >> i love it. >> nature's candy. i'm going to put some bacon in there. imagine that -- thank you. all right. so put that in. okay. >> you're mixing it too. you're so cute. >> but then, i'm going to add another taste of breakfast which is a little maple syrup. >> you know what i like? the sweet and salty. >> thank you very much. >> i like that. >> then because it's oatmeal, i'm going to add a little almond milk. >> i like it. >> all right. >> creative, steve. i'm so impressed. >> sweet and salty. >> just off the top of my head, i did almond butter and white chocolate chips and then i did krasens. >> nice. >> tiffani, you get $250,000? if you come one the best recipe? >> come up with two to five toppings that they want on top of the oatmeal that will inspire quaker to come one the new flavor. >> which one first?
5:55 am
>> ladies first. >> a little white chocolate. >> can i tell you the biggest "90210" fan ever. loved you on the show. >> you did so much -- >> really good. >> all right. >> no, no. >> that's good. oh, my gosh. >> got a little bacon. >> bacon. >> yeah. >> you like that? you like that? >> savory. you know? >> i don't know. >> here's the thing. i want that bowl first and then i want to end with that. >> dessert? so now how do we enter our recipes? >> you go to bring your best to enter. super easy. >> check out "dinner at tiffani's" on the cooking channel. we love the show so much. >> thank you. >> they were delicious. take a look at this puzzle, which way is the bus moving? most kids got it right, but did you? i don't know. (man) hmm. what do you think?
5:56 am
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"before it's history." it's news. >> before we leave you take a look at this picture of a bus. which direction is the bus going? going to the left or to the right? >> hmm. >> 80% of kids under 10 saw this instantly. >> really? >> let me give you -- >> don'taway. >> all right. >> let's guess. >> which way? left or right? >> i'm going to guess left. >> i say right. >> you're both right because if the bus is in england it's going to the right. if the bus is in the united states it's going to the left. >> come on. >> the door is on the other side. so if the bus is going to the
6:00 am
left, it would be here in the united states. and if the bus is going to the right, it's because the door is -- >> come on. >> kids wouldn't figure that out at this age without the context. >> they knew. because they're on buses every day. where's the door? >> i guess. >> really? bill: brand-new polling numbers on a friday morning showing a tightening race for republicans. nationwide donald trump is still the man to beat. but is he getting a run for his money from ted cruz and marco rubio. it's snowing outside. it's friday here, we'll be in new hampshire sunday. martha: good morning, i'm. martha: . we have new signs of what some are calling


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