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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  February 5, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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united states. and if the bus is going to the right, it's because the door is -- >> come on. >> kids wouldn't figure that out at this age without the context. >> they knew. because they're on buses every day. where's the door? >> i guess. >> really? bill: brand-new polling numbers on a friday morning showing a tightening race for republicans. nationwide donald trump is still the man to beat. but is he getting a run for his money from ted cruz and marco rubio. it's snowing outside. it's friday here, we'll be in new hampshire sunday. martha: good morning, i'm. martha: . we have new signs of what some are calling marco-mentum in
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new hampshire. rubio has surged into second place. ted cruz in third, and the jabs between these candidates getting a bit more intense. >> marco rubio is a guy who never had a make a difficult choice in his life. we elected awcht s. senator last time and it didn't work out for the nation. >> the media are telling us bronze is the new gold. >> i'm not too worried. >> the three leading contenders on the republican side. think about their experience. donald trump. i'll leave it at that.
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bill: new numbers for the democrats showing sanders, the surge on. chris stirewalt from real "digital politics." size it up. >> no collapse for trump but big movement for rubio nationally and new hampshire his rivals poo-poo. but when we look at the national quinnipiac poll. ben carson has fallen down to a low percentage of the vote. you can see the coalescing of the republican field is happening. rubio picked up tremendous momentum coming out of iowa. now we have what is a three-man race. bill: i wonder how much these
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national polls matter. new hampshire can change things. iowa can change things. >> voters in new hampshire are thinking about electability. and we don't have as much polling on some of the lower-ranking guys. but rubio in a head-to-head matchup with hillary clinton fares better than any other republican. so republicans are thinking more in a calculated way, who do i think can win the election. rubio gains from that. so the national polling is not as important as the state polling in new hampshire. but it explained why rubio in part has improved there. not who is my dream date, but
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who can beat hillary clinton. bill: now who is less established. now the back and forth. >> secretary clinton does represent the establishment. >> bernie sanders i think is the on the person who would characterize me as the woman running for path to exemplify the establishment. enough is enough. >> we should talk the talk and walk the walk. i'm proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac who is not raising tons of money. >> you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donations i ever received. i think it's time to end the artful smear you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks and let's talk about the issues. let's talk about the issues.
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bill: did anyone get the better of the other in that debate last night? >> the next debate they will give them mallets and let them go at each other. hillary clinton had a poor showing. she struggled in that debate because she was making ludicrous assertions that included i'm not the establishment. she is the head waters of the democratic establishment. give me a break. instead of making her good argument, the republicans are going to be tough, i'm best suited to take them on. she is going to this impossible place. not on does that hurt her in the general election but it makes democrats resent her because it's untrue. bill: the race is getting tighter. >> she is still the presumptive
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nominee because of how the democratic electorate stacks up. but because of her own stumbles in which she all unite -- in whe alienates most of her base. martha: jeb bush pulling out all the stops featuring an ad with his brother and barbara bush, the former first lady. >> it's wonderful to be here with the world's nicest man. jeb is the nicest, wisest, most caring, loyal, disciplined. >> i'm part of the establishment because i'm barbara bush's son. i embrace that. i'm proud of my dad, i'm proud
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of my brother, i'm proud of being a bush. martha: ellen olson is staff writer for the "concord monitor." how are they receiving it up in new hampshire embracing of the bush family. we'll show a bit of that new ad. how is it going over? >> it's interesting. i think what you are see swg jeb bush and a lot of other candidates in new hampshire is a last-ditch push to connect with new hampshire voters. for this particular candidate i don't know if it will go over very well for him. i have been talking to voters for months now in new hampshire going to a lot of campaign events. what i have been hearing from people is they are look for something new, something different. obviously donald trump is constantly referred to as a breath of fresh air.
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jeb bush says he's not about to shy away from the fact he is part of the establishment. but i don't necessarily think that's going to help him in this election cycle in new hampshire. martha: they have had a tough time and the numbers are low. the thinking is why not. why not swing for the fences. maybe this will pull on heart strings and get them to remember the legacy and the commitment they made to american service. this is george w. bush, the first we have seen officially from him in this campaign. >> tino jeb and his good heart and strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. >> i think it is the first that
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we have seen from george w. bush kind of publicly talking for his brother. and i think that is going to ben'ting to see how the voters of new hampshire re:pond to that. george w. bush hasn't been in the state that much. obviously barbara bush is just here this week. for jeb it's good to have his family members showing this other side to him. but again i think that what you are seeing in new hampshire is a complete rewriting of the new hampshire playbook this year with trump on the democratic side and bernie sanders -- trump on the republican side, bernie sanders on the republican side. this retail politics that's prized in new hampshire, bush has been going nonstop for months. and it's going to be interesting to see. but at this point i think that
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even an emotional pull for voters isn't necessarily what they are looking for this election cycle. martha: ellen thanks. bill: here are the seven who will be on the stage for the republican debate. carly fiorina did not make the cut. she sent an open letter to abc detailing why she believes she should be on that stage and she is getting report. mitt romney tweets this. she got more iowa votes than john and chris. don't exclude only women. newt gingrich also weighed in. abc news should put carly fiorinif i are inthe debate. she came in ahead of kasich and
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christie. martha: she is the only one left from the undercard debate except jim gilmore who wouldn't qualify by the numbers. should she be excluded? it's a valid point. governor john kasich is running a campaign that's breaking the mold. is it working for him? the number ofs don't appear to be there. bill: he's take up residency in that stage. a crane collapse. people trapped apparently in their cars. it's happening in new york city. so stay tuned for that. we'll have the picture up in a moment. and back to politics as we go towards new hampshire. martha: donald trump not holding back. but is that backfiring. >> you said some disparaging comments about women and people from other countries and other
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religions, and everybody who disagreed to you. explain how i can have my daughters look up to a president trump as a role model.
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martha: in lower manhattan we are watching a breaking situation. a crane collapsed. you can see it across the street on the right-hand side of your
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screen, the turnout of 33 units that responded as they get down there and try to figure out what's going on. two patients are being evaluated on the scene. this is happening if you are familiar with this area between word street and west broadway and church. we'll keep an eye on it and let you know if there is new information there. >> throughout the course of this campaign you said some disparaging comments about women, people from other countries and other religions and everyone who disagreed with you. explain to me how i can look at my daughters and have them look up to a trump as a role model. >> no one has more respect for women than i do. i bring up things people don't want to bring up.
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when i bring up the muslim problem. i brought that problem up, and all of a sudden the world started going wild and now the world is agreeing with me. bill: how is this going over? now, barbara bush on the stump for her son jeb in new hampshire she was asked about donald trump on cbs. and this is what she said. >> i don't know how women can vote for someone who said what he said about megyn kelly. it's terrible. we knew what he meant, too. don't you get in his firing line. and mo everything. it's accomplishments and what you are doing and giving.
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it's incomprehensible to me. bill: don't you get into his firing line. n.k., how is trump handling this? >> the same way he handles everything. not being afraid to be trump. he's pitching himself as a very unconventional candidate who says the this other people won't say. many people will look at him and say can i picture this guy as president and they will ask that question. as to barbara bush's comments, this will be a persistent attack line on trump. that's what megyn kelly was getting to the first time around. bernie sanders faces some of the same problems. people look at him saying do i see this guy with the hair and everything as president? bill: juan, what do you think? how is trump handling this?
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>> i don't it was a terrific question. a lot of the questions on the campaign trail are so political liangled. this was about the man's daughter and the image trump conveys? i don't think there is any question for then trump comes across as a dominant male. but when you start to think about the democratic charge that there is a republican war on women, it seems like trump fits right in and trump doesn't answer the question. he says i'm not a b.c. guy. people in the world agree with me about a ban on muslims. and i have always been good to women. women who worked for him say he has helped them break through glass ceilings. but this behavior and language. i don't see how most women would say trump is great. bill: i want to talk about the
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sanders-clinton thing from last night. when asked about the email issue, this is what she said. >> can you reassure the democrats somehow the email issue isn't going to blow up your candidacy if you are the nominee. >> absolutely i can. before the email it was benghazi. the republicans were stirring up so much controversy about that. >> are you 100% confident? >> i'm 100% confident. this is a security review that's being carried out. it will be resolved. bill: how will it be revolved? we don't know. >> she is confident because she is a clinton and they think the rues don't apply to them. but last week the i.g. sends a memo and says i need more than
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top secret clearance to even look at what's on her server. bill: juan? >> we had news about colin powell and condoleezza rice having similar issues. it's about the arrogance she displayed in having a private server and that's an ethical matter. it's not about her getting indicted. bill: m.k., thank you. martha: new developments on that apparent terror attack on board a commercial plane. we are learning the man sucked through the hole of that plane was the bomber himself. details on that next. >> he gave us some of the more iconic songs of the 1970s. the co-founder of earth, wind and fire passing away in hist
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♪ bill: the news has gotten worse in lower manhattan. at least one dead. two others injured. this crane collapsing a short type ago. the wind have picked up here but we don't know if that contribute to this crane collapse. it's beneath canal street. we are watching this along with fox 5 in new york city. we'll bring you update when we get it. martha: more on that to come. a u.n. panel is pushing for the
6:26 am
release of wikileaks founder julian assange. he has been claiming asylum in the ecuadorian embassy in london. what's the latest here? reporter: a decision by the u.n. says julian assange has been illegally detained despite the fact that he decided to seek sanctuary in the ecuadorian embassy. he has refused to cop out to face charges of rape and sexual assault. but he refuses to leave claiming the charges against him are politically motivated. he claims if he returns to sweden the u.s. will bring him
6:27 am
to face charges. martha: is this ruling legally binding? reporter: there is a debate about that. julian assange says he should be able to leave the he bassy. the british government says if he steps foot outside he will be arrested. the u.n. panel is called the working group on arbitrary detention. it insists mr. asawngs' detention should be brought to an end. the bring continue response called the ruling ridiculous. >> their conculsion is flawed in law. julian assange is a fugitive from justice. he's hiding from justice in the ecuadorian embassy. reporter: the british government spent close to $15 million to
6:28 am
police the embassy in case he leaves. they say if he does so he will be arrested. and he's free to make that decision for himself. but for now assange will remain in the embassy which means he won't face prosecution for any of the charges he faces around the world. bill: some consider them to be a modern-day bonnie and clyde. the latest on the violent shootout. martha: new reports that chris christie and jeb bush may be working together to stop marco rubio's surge in the 2016 race. first we action on this from governor christie. >> complete baloney, more "new york times" baloney. i guess they are getting bored with the race with five days to go to new hampshire. there are no back-channel conversations between me and jeb bush.
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bill: the markets are opening right now. the unemployment rate down to 4.9%. more than 2/3 of jobs added was either retail, or bartenders, waiters and waitresses. the real unemployment rate is 9.9%. labor participation is up slightly from december. martha: there was a new report in the "new york times" that claimed jeb bush and chris christie's campaign were sort of unofficially teaming up to try to put a dent into surging marco rubio's numbers. both launched scathing attacks on the senator that sounded somewhat similar.
6:33 am
>> i have a proven record as the governor of the state of florida applying conservative principles and that's the story i'm telling here where it's garnering support. they don't let you get away with scripted responses. >> you know who the boy in the double is. he never answers your questions. he's constantly scripted and controlled. i hope you guys ask the questions because it's time for him to start answering questions. martha: the new york times story chris christie called baloney claiming their aides have been coordinating.
6:34 am
senator gregg is a jeb bush supporter. what do you make of this whole thing? in a sense why wouldn't they be going after marco rubio? it looks like he will be in second place. >> i don't make much, much it. i think the "new york times" story was created because they wanted a story. i was with jeb bush and the clip you played wasn't of that ilk. last night he spent the evening with a large crowd talking about issues and why he would be a strong president which i think he would be. obviously rubio got a bump out of iowa. but you are seeing other folks coming up very fast. martha: we saw the rubio surprise. are we going to see a jeb bush surprise or kasich, you know the state very well.
6:35 am
what is the dynamic on the ground? do the bush people have a ground game there to pill off a surprise for real? >> yes, but more importantly the dynamics in new hampshire are totally different. iowa marginalized itself. small groups of motivated people can make a huge difference such as evangelicals. we allow independents to vote on either side. in the republican primary, i wouldn't be surprised in 35% to 40% of the vote was independent. they are largely educated women who left the party because of the harshness of the party. but when they come back into the primary, i don't think they will vote for trump. i think he has a ceiling of 25%. 75% of the folks in the state aren't going to vote for him.
6:36 am
if they coalesce around one candidate or two candidates, and i think they will, i think trump will be in a real race. we'll see the emergence of the bush family. i spoke with a reporter from the monitor seems to feel there is a push for a new fresh face whether it's donald trump or marco rubio. >> i think people are frustrated with washington. they are frustrated because they are concerned about their national security. they are concerned about their kids' future. i think the fern that best addresses those themes whether he or she is coming in with experience. you are not going to solve the problems by shouting from the corner.
6:37 am
you have to get in the ring and do something. martha: the people that seem to garner attention in political races has changed so dramatically. you look at eisenhower. and you can go back to george washington. people with a tremendous amount of experience before they ever got to the point in their lives where they thought they might be able to take on the top job. why do you think it is that there is so much focus on who can ignite good sort of media and attention in all that? >> i think we have a short time frame reference and a lot of it is driven by social media where you don't have testing of people. you just have people saying whatever they think, and even their views aren't tested. so you have a different dynamic as to how people evaluated. but in the end it's obvious, if you don't like people who are
6:38 am
willing to govern and put forth substantive issues. i think new hampshire recognizes that. my sense is people in new hampshire do recognize that. i think they are looking for three things, can they win, are they substantive on the issues, and do they have good ideas and national security and economic growth and can they govern. i think those are the tests for most people up here for who they choose. martha: what do you think bush has to do in new hampshire to keep going? >> he's done a number of town halls. he presents a very thoughtful and i think effective leadership style. and my view of is he's getting traction. i also have to admit there are some other those in this race doing well in town halls, and they may be getting traction.
6:39 am
i'm not sure hot finalist across the finish line. one thing that's predictable about new hampshire is unpredictable. >> we are looking forward to getting up there and we'll see you up there, thank you very much, senator. >> thank you, martha. >> i'm for the old guy that's the all-star, the all pro, the guy you can rely on, the guy with a proven record. the guy who can change the course of the country's history. i'm for peyton. >> it sounds like you. >> i don't know what to say. bill: mother and son. >> the young guy everybody is paying attention to other older guy. bill: jeb bush comparing himself to marco rubio and peyton manning. these are heavy moments on the trail.
6:40 am
these guise are out here town hall after town hall. marco rubio's son 7-year-old dominic joining him for a town hall in new hampshire. >> sit on the stool, then nobody will ask me a mean question because my son is here. if we get this election wrong it will be too late for america. we can't let that happen. are you hot? what you like to water? i want to water. martha: that's funny. >> reporter: all of rubio's kids joining him for the town hall in new hampshire. i need some water. pulling strings. martha: we remember that moment. very cute family. the families get dragged along to all this stuff. barbara bush looked great and sounded great it's a family
6:41 am
event. lindsey graham turning to him now, teeing off on ted cruz. he says the texas senator is as bad as president obama. bill: john kasich running i different kinds of campaign as he goes for broke in new hampshire tuesday. >> i had a lady earlier today tell me, you have run such a positive campaign. whatever happens you can hold your head high and you will hear here with great integrity. i thinking about positive and telling people what you are for is a lot more effective than trashing somebody else. re looki. and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe.
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he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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♪ or go to get this free calculator just for requesting a quote. martha: a suspected suicide bomber's plan wasn't strong
6:45 am
enough to take the plane down, but it created a gaping hole in the side of the aircraft. it sucked i am out of the plane. authorities say he use sad wheelchair to get around authorities in the airport. billairport.bill. >> are you 100% confident nothing is going to come of this f.b.i. investigation? >> i am 100% confident. this is a security review that was requested. it's being carried out. it will be resolved. >> byron, good day to you. she can't go anywhere without getting this question. how did she manage it? >> she didn't manage it very well. a lot of viewers would ask how is she 100% confident.
6:46 am
isn't the f.b.i. and the justice department at the controls? this is something a lot of democrats are concerned about. they are not concerned about its effect with her and bernie sanders. sanders is not making a big deal of this. they are not concerned about that. but they are concerned if hillary clinton does get to a general election you have that f.b.i. justice department investigation out. contrary to what mrs. clinton says, nobody knows where that's going to go. bill: why is sanders taking the strategy he is, keeping this at arm's length. >> it's mistyifying. he was given the opportunity last night and he said he's asked every day on the trial to criticize her for this and he refrains from doing it. it keeps the political pressure off of her. but there is one more player in
6:47 am
this. the f.b.i., the justice department. the political opposition to bernie sanders and republicans in congress. the republicans in congress have a genuine oversight interest in the handling of classified information. all these laws we talk about banning the release of classified information. congress wrote those laws. democrats in congress have an interest in looking into this and as the months go by they will do so. bill: back to the debate last night. this goes to the argument, everybody is doing it or everybody did it. watch. >> if there is a security review about me, there will have to be security reviews about a lot of people including republican office holders, because we have this absurd situation of retroactive classifications. honest to goodness. so i have absolutely no concerns about it. bill: that's her position
6:48 am
publicly. maybe she is right in the end. maybe the categories flip all the time. >> she said if i'm going down a lot of people are going down with me. i think that was the message. she was referring specifically to reports out of the state department that former secretary of state colin powell received two emails with classified information and the staff of former secretary of state condoleezza rice received such emails. powell said there were two emails that were confidential at the type but he didn't know they were classified. i don't think she'll dilute this by suggesting people have done it before when there are dozens of her eachs that are too secret to be released. bill: i don't think colin powell
6:49 am
and condoleezza rice had their own private servers. martha: bonnie and clyde copycat coup get busted trying to outrun police. bill: earth wind and fire saying googood-bye to their band leadec [♪] relook.
6:50 am
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"september" by earth wind and fire. maurice white died in his home after a long battle with parkinson's. there were so many hits atop the charts from that group. it was the soundtrack of an american era. maurice white led the way for the sound that was his own. he died at age 74. the best to him and his family. martha: this modern bonnie and clyde couple going down in a hail of bullets. their run from the law ended in
6:54 am
a violent shootout in the florida panhandle. reporter: it was not easy to catch up with them. this couple led police on at least two car chases and a foot chase in the pensacola area. then around 1:00 a.m. witnesses heard multiple gunshots. blake fitzgerald died in the shootout and brittany harper was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. this crime spree began with a couple car chases, each one involving a stolen car in missouri where this couple was originally from. investigators say the coup then drove to alabama where they
6:55 am
allegedly abducted a hotel clerk and stole a woman's suv all within a 2-hour span sunday. the couple then drove to perry, georgia where they were involved in a gas takes robbie at a convenience store. escambia authority suspect the couple were involved in the robbery of a grocery store. unfortunately none of the victims was hurt. >> jonathon, thanks. bill: there has been a deadly crane collapse in new york city. lower manhattan, fdny fire department confirming one person is dead, two others injured.
6:56 am
it's a heap of twisted metal stretching almost an entire city block which as you know in new york city, that's a big block. that's a lot of space. more on this coming up as we get more information on what's happening now.
6:57 am
6:58 am
. . . .
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martha: brand new poll numbers to look the to figure this all out. shifting landscape in the race for white house. numbers for the race for republican an democratic nomination tightening. not that big of a surprise. when you get closer to these days and everybody looks more seriously at these candidates polls tightening and that's exactly with we are seeing. welcome to hour two of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill himmer. sometimes they're right and sometimes they're not frankly. john kasich, governor of ohio. watch. >> they have spent millions and millions of dollars against me, all of them, including rubio.
7:00 am
and not just on tv, but mailing and look, i mean a tracking poll, we've been consistently running in second place and i feel very good about it. bill: that was the message from yesterday. now the message today. the ohio governor joins me live no atkinson, new hampshire. above, thank you for your time. crunch time. four or five days left. new hampshire appears to be a state tailored to your message. talking about economy, low taxes and talking about less government regulations. it would make sense if you're doing anywhere well in early states, it would be on tuesday, would you agree with that, above? >> well, bill i do, but i have to tell you, people are people. i've been all over the country, south carolina, nevada, talking to people. iowa. people are people and frankly there is two-ways which you connect with people. one is through their head and the way they think. the other one is through their heart. and if you can bring both of
7:01 am
them together people understand. i get that as a leader that gets things done, good competence but also a heart, people that might be able to understand my problems. i don't feel like, bill, to be honest with you, any place in the country i can't go. the challenge for me to be able to be with people, let them see me and understand the team i would bring to the dance to solve the problems in our country. bill: i know a lot times candidates don't like to talk about the numbers so put that to the side. when it comes to less government and the economy and your message in new hampshire, if you were president, what would that look like? >> well, bill, within the first 100 days we would get about changing federal regulation, limiting additional federal regulation. we would have corporate tax cuts and fiscal tax cuts in a plan with government restraint and plan on social security and a plan to fix the border and that would all be done within the first 100 days.
7:02 am
we know how to do this we have done it before, balancing the federal budget, fixing ohio, all these things are the formula to drive economic success. on top, relationship with congress and leaders in both party and ability to connect with leaders around the world who have been our allies who wonder where america has been. a lot you have to do in the first 100 days. i tell people if you don't have a seatbelt on your chair, go get one. a lot of things willed be happening and we'll do it together. bill: whomever that is, yeah, buckle up. now trump, cruz, christie, bush, they're taking shots at each other every day. you're trying to stay away from that. when you're asked about that at your town halls you kind of deflect that the question then is, do you think your strategy can win in this climate? >> yeah. i'm not pure ising a strategy to lose, bill. i've taken more attacks than anybody. they have spent millions of dollars hitting me but look here's what we have here. we have a great ground game.
7:03 am
i will hit my 100th town hall before the end of the day and our ads are positive and they're different. and, i, we have built over a long period of time the foundation, built on granite, not built on sand, not based on select. i believe it will pay off, bill. i'm very optimistic. in fact we're already planning what days we will head to south carolina, when we're going to nevada, what we're doing in michigan, what we're doing in the south. this is a campaign that will be moving on. it will be national in scope. bill: you have bet the farm on new hampshire. and arguably more than anyone else. governor christie has been there a lot as well. and, governor bush and on down the line. but you just said the other day, if you finish poorly you will drop out. i'm just wondering, how do you define a poor finish on tuesday? >> like seventh or something you know. but that is not going to happen, bill. look, everybody is betting the
7:04 am
farm somewhere in early stages. some bet it in iowa. too big, i got in too late, too many media markets. some people are betting on south carolina. i want to have a good showing out of new hampshire which we're going to get. i anticipate we'll do really well. and media picked up on it. our fund-raising is good. i mean everything is fine. and i just believe, i've been in this business a long time, that the things we're doing are going to put us in the position to be one of the big stories coming out of new hampshire. bill: we'll see then. see you this weekend in new hampshire. thank you governor your time. >> bill, always good to talk with you. bill: thank you. atkinson, new hampshire today. martha: new nationwide polls are interesting. shows bernie sanders in virtual tie with hillary clinton. shows sanders doing better than clinton in national race against donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio. show you numbers in just a second. they're feeling the bern,
7:05 am
democrats across america. as sanders close as 30-31 point gap. on gop side, donald trump leads pack. cruz and rubio gaining ground in tight race on republican side. chris wallace. good to see you this morning. >> let me tell you, i know you're headed up to here in new hampshire. bring your snow boots. it is snowing today in manchester. martha: it looks beautiful. i love snow. we'll be looking for war to see you, you chris. let's put up numbers. this is the "qunnipiac university poll." this shows head-to-head. in a presidential race hillary clinton versus trump, she wins 46-41. cruz she ties. rubio beats her though, 84- 48 to 41. look at sanders.
7:06 am
which is quite interesting. sanders beats trump by 10 percentage points. beats cruz by four and ties with rubio. your thoughts on this, and sort of the shape this race is taking on democratic side right now, chris. >> put that together with the debate last night, watched first half of it, it was a great debate. it is terrific when you get down to two candidates. nobody else is out on the stage. they were really able to go at it and did go at it. bottom line, big picture, this will be a race for a while. those polls speak to diffuse one of hillary clinton's biggest argument, which is, she is elookable next november and bernie sanders isn't. well, you look at the polls that's not true as you say, against the three leading republican contenders he does better than she does. when you saw them debating last night, these kind of mild, veiled disagreements have really gotten pretty strong and pretty sharp about who is the real progressive. who has ties to the
7:07 am
establishment and who doesn't. he has enough money now and enough support and continuing to hold on to a 20-point plus lead here in new hampshire, i don't think this thing ends quickly. i think this goes into march, maybe april or may. bill: yeah. >> and, most importantly, it's forcing, because of all the argument at this point about who is more progressive, who hates wall street more, it is forcing her to the left, even if she ends up as a nominee, it will make her harder to pivot to the general election come the fall. martha: so fascinating when you have got sanders in very strong position nationally, and as a contender as well. you have got trump in very strong position, nationally. and he is doing very well in new hampshire still. he is at 36. this is potential race if you put in, this gentleman on the right-hand side of the screen, chris, michael bloomberg is basically saying if trump and sanders turns out to be guys he feels compelled to get in, if he
7:08 am
did he would get 15% of the vote and pretty much ties and sanders. do you think that is a real possibility? >> there are a lot of ifs in that. you have to have trump and sanders in there which leaves a big space and vacuum in the middle. say another possibility, rubio and clinton, two people much more more to the center there isn't a lot of room for bloomberg and i think he doesn't get in. for those of us who are on the political beat like you and me, the more the merrier. independent candidacy by another billionaire, would be pretty great to cover. i doubt it is going to happen. i have a feeling at least one of the parties will move to the center and there won't be such a clear, open space for bloomberg. i hope he gets in, it would be fun. martha: different subject here because you're a gentleman i want to ask you this. >> uh-oh. martha: i want to play the sound
7:09 am
bite from donald trump. jeb bush is talking about issue of profanity and whether or not it is appropriate in the presidential race. >> no politician, these people, i would like to use really foul language. i won't do it. i was going to say they're full of [bleep]. but i won't say that no, it's true. it's true. i woken say it. i won't say it. but they are, i won't say that because it is too controversial. martha: he does that all the time. i wouldn't say this. that would be politically incorrect. >> that is the second time he dropped a s-bomb in the campaign. he said he would bomb the s-bomb out of isis. i don't know. i'm out of the predicting trump business as to what impact that's going to have on voters. all i will say i tried to get into that town hall in exeter, it was so packed the fire marshall closed it down made of time. hundreds of people, a lot of reporters including me, couldn't get in. i don't know whether they're -- martha: saw you coming a mile
7:10 am
away, chris. quick, close the doors. wallace is on the way. >> i like to say they were singling me out but there were a lot of reporters as well. i don't know if they're coming for the show or because they love him but they're coming and, you know he continues with that kind of behavior and that kind of language to attract an awful lot of people. we'll see it. it didn't quite translate into votes on caucus day. we'll see how it does on primary day next tuesday. martha: we sure will. just cross ad little while ago he canceled an event in londonderry because of weather there. we'll see how that goes over. >> you bet. martha: chris will sit down in manchester, new hampshire, once presumed frontrunner face as difficult situation up there and chris will talk with him about that and rubio, kasich, christie. christie will discuss what new hampshire means for the
7:11 am
campaign with chris as well. we'll look forward to seeing all of that. bill: back to breaking news. here is what is happening in new york city. lower manhattan, hundreds of first-responders on the scene of a deadly crane collapse. fox news confirmed one dead, three injured, two of them serious. one said to be minor. all three being treated at area hospitals. that crane fell about 8:30 local time about an hour and 41 minutes ago and it is a tangled and twisted mess of red metal that's, and steel, that stretches almost the entire city block. police telling drivers avoid the area. that is pretty clear. nobody is moving until this is off the street. we'll update you when we get more. that the is scene in lower manhattan on very snowy friday morning. martha: all right, so the stage is set, saturday night there is a republican debate but you are not going to see it at least as of right now carly fiorina on that stage. she missed the cut.
7:12 am
why she is now arguing that she should have a podium with the rest of the candidates on that stage on saturday. bill: rick santorum he is out of the race and here today endorsing marco rubio. so why does rubio now have to defend santorum? we'll talk to the senator about that coming up live. also this. watch. >> this campaign's about the future, not the past. we're focusing on what we'll do moving forward. i can tell you this, the most important job of a president is to be commander-in-chief. there is no one running for president that has shown better judgment and better understanding of our national security issues than i have.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
>> be fair to rick. rick spent better part of last year-and-a-half running for president on his campaign. he just endorsed us last night. i wouldn't expect him to be entirely familiar with my record an my time. bottom line i'm proud of service of my public record. we real achievements. not just time as speaker of the house but as state legislator. martha: florida senator marco rubio defending rick santorum for having tough time naming his political accomplishments, rubio political accomplishments in recent interview. santorum endorsed rubio after dropping out of the race earlier this week. there was a bit of struggle to come up with accomplishments of marco rubio. we welcome the former presidential candidate rick santorum. good morning. good to see you, senator.
7:17 am
>> good to see you, martha. martha: let me start by saying i haven't seen you since you dropped out of the race you always brought a lot of substance and a lot of thought and experience to the conversation in this political race. we thank you for that. >> you know. i was, i was always very prepared for that. i wasn't necessarily prepared to have done my case study of rubio's accomplishments and, i was aware of some things i mentioned some things during the interview which seems to have gotten glossed over i did mention as accomplishment. nevertheless the reason i endorse i had him because he is the man with right vision for the country. it's a vision i talked about, someone who is prepared to be commander-in-chief. those are the things that got me to gravitate towards marco rubio. he has got experience. really, i said, had the most experience. i believe we did. marco rubio i would say the second most experience. this guy served on armed
7:18 am
services committee, not armed services, foreign affairs committee and also on intelligence and has had it right. he talks about the problem of fundamentalist islam. he is very clear about that. he is very clear about the threat that radical islam -- he actually talked about accomplishment, passed something to try to curb hezbollah and put sanctions on hezbollah. those are, those are the things that i'm really looking for. he has a positive vision for america which i think he does, particularly focused on the american worker which is something i care about and i think a lot of republicans are beginning to understand, if we are not the party of american worker we'll not be successful as a country, much less the party. secondly, someone who is strong leader on the whole national security issue and has experience in that area because i said all the time that commander-in-chief is not entry level position. he is only one left in this field that has that kind of experience. martha: i understand, you know, that the things that went into some of your decision. you know that on saturday night marco rubio is going to be pressed on what you are calling and what his campaign is you
7:19 am
will calling his accomplishments. they're going to say that he didn't play a big role in, sort of ending the money going to insurance companies and obamacare. that "the washington post" gave that pinocchios. they will poke holes in each one of these accomplishments. again, do you see a real record of accomplishment? if you don't think that is important, why don't you think that is important? >> well, i would say a couple things. if you look at his record in, as a speaker, one of the things i was most impressed of, number one he cut taxes and led charge on cutting taxes when he was speaker when he had ability to get something done in a leadership role and showed he could bring people together and pass a tax cut. secondly, his work on private property rights. one of the things we tried to do when i was in the united states senate was respond to the supreme court kelo decision. they actually did something in florida. he provided that leadership. as i said yesterday in the
7:20 am
interview, one of the big problems in washington it's a dysfunctional place. nothing gets done right now. you can't say, well nothing happened, nothing happened for the first four years he was there because harry reid wouldn't allow anything to be voted. he just shut down the united states senate. what we need is someone who actually has a track record and you look at his leadership in the florida legislature of actually bringing people together. one of the things i read when i was doing a little background on him before i endorsed was that he was criticized by democrats in florida as being this crazy, right-wing conservative at same time they said, well, but he is someone you can work with. that is what we need. we need a principled conservative to work with. martha: i understand. i'm curious, when you look at somebody like chris christie or jeb bush or john kasich, the governors are arguing that they have been tested in a way that the candidate that you're supporting has not and that they have had to make the tough decisions in the executive position as a governor in their states and they are arguing that is better experience.
7:21 am
you chose not to pick one of them. and i wonder why? >> yeah. national security to me is trumps everything, not to use the word trump in the wrong way but it does trump everything when it comes to the issue of the presidency. marco is someone who has experience and has a very clear is vision and clear not mixing words on fact we're dealing with radical islam. someone who has been clear and actually passed things, to put sanctions on some of these radical islamic groups. that to me is important, having that kind of national security experience particularly with respect to islam, as you know that is number one issue we're facing, issue of iran, issue of isis and having that experience is very important. martha: we're about to get cut off. senator santorum. thank you very much. good to see you, sir. >> my pleasure. bill: the final two democrats one-on-one. hillary clinton defending her big money speaking fees just last night. >> my view on this is, look at
7:22 am
my record. look at what i am proposeing and we have a vigorous agreement here. we both want to rein in the excesses of wall street.
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
bill: fireworks in last night's democratic debate in new hampshire. hillary clinton and bernie sanders one-on-one in the first time. with martin o'malley out it was the two of them side by side. sanders leading clinton by double digits only four days before the primary. ed henry is in manchester new hampshire. you're at an event i assume is clinton event because you've been on her trail. >> bernie sanders. bill: okay. you have two candidates left. the dynamic changed and personal attacks have gone to a new level, ed.
7:26 am
reporter: they really have. i mean they have sharp policy differences as well on guns, on health care, on trade, who is the real progressive in this race. but the other thing that really came up, you're right, the fact bernie sanders has been hammering hillary clinton about her ties to wall street, accepting speaking fees, campaign contributions. what we saw feistier tougher hillary clinton last night pushing back hard. watch this. >> and i just absolutely reject that, senator. and i really don't think these kind of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you. oh, i think it is time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks. reporter: interesting it was at event a few moments ago with hillary clinton's chief strategist. he is saying he was surprised when hillary clinton talked about the smear, say it to my face, bernie sanders did not push back, they want to hear
7:27 am
what he has to say to defend attacks on her. bernie sanders is coming up to the podium in a minute to talk at politics and eggs breakfast is big tradition in new hampshire going back to 1995. bill: in a democratic primary how vulnerable is she on paid speeches to goldman sachs, hits from wall street? >> well, big time because remember the night before this debate there was forum on cnn anderson cooper pressed her about the speaking fees. she gave an answer sounded tone deaf i took 600,000 that's what they offered. sanders was pressing ahead on wall street. watch this. >> being part of the establishment is, is in the last quarter having a super-pac that raised $15 million from wall street. that throughout one's life raised a whole lot of money from the drug companies and other special interests. reporter: now you see bernie sanders talking live behind me. i keep my voice down but point is really his attacks and his
7:28 am
talking about hillary clinton's close ties to wall street helped him. he is up here 20 points in the latest nbc poll. big primary tuesday. we'll see you here, bill. bernie sanders has a big lead. a lot for hillary clinton to come back on here over the weekend, bill. bill: when they make news we will have you back. ed henry in new hampshire. that is his golf voice. we're approaching par 3, 16. martha: thank you, ed henry. new controversy over who will not be at the republican debate. carly fiorina did not make the cut. her opponents think she should. >> i think that's a mistake. i want to call on abc news and on the rnc to include can carly on the debate stage. she has worked hard. she has run a diligent campaign. she has inspired a lot of people and she deserves to be up there on that stage. martha: will rnc intervene? we'll talk to the communications director about that next. bill: panthers, broncos, who you got, huh?
7:29 am
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martha: take you back to breaking news unfolding here in new york city. hundreds of first-responders are on the scene of a deadly crane collapse. look at this, it came down basically right down the middle of a city block, about a block 1/2. one person is dead in this tragic accident and at least three others are hurt seriously. david lee miller joins us live. he now on the scene there. david lee, what can you tell us? reporter: martha, incredibly this crane collapse a little more than two hours ago, lower manhattan still very much in chaos as emergency crews remain on the scene trying to prevent further injuries and determine what happened.
7:33 am
we are a block away from the crane itself. we are at the corner of worth and broadway. the crane just behind these emergency vehicles just out of sight. it stretches for about a block 1/2. it fell on a number of cars. not clear, martha, is who exactly died in this incident. one person dead, three injured. two of those injuries described as serious. it is not clear if the crane operator was among those who was hurt. i can tell you that i've seen workers here from a company identified by the jackets they're wearing as bay crane and short time ago it looks like another crane arrived here on the scene. the workers would not talk to me. very possible that this crane, about a block 1/2 from the crane that fell, may have been brought in here to bring out the damaged crane. we expt to learn significantly more in just the next few minutes. that is when new york city mayor
7:34 am
bill de blasio will hold a news conference. at this hour, firemen trying to assess inegg grit building. gas lines turned off, subways stopped and they try to determine what happened here and prevent any further injuries. martha. martha: thank you, david lee. bill: carly fiorina demanding a spot on the stage saturday night, tomorrow night. abc newsed she did not meet its criteria to qualify. here is the lineup as it stands in new hampshire. seven candidates, just one debate. fiorina completely shut out. her campaign saying this, carly has rightfully earned her spot in saturday's presidential debate. we demand the media stop inserting itself in our election process and allow voters a chance to hear from carly fiorina, end quote. will they? we have chief republican strategist for republican national committee. sawn, good to have you back on our program. >> thanks, bill. bill: does she have a fighting chance to change their mind? >> abc, as all networks
7:35 am
determine criteria for the debates. they issued the criteria a month ago, announced who made it yesterday as you saw. look, we've seen in the past, governor christie didn't make the main stage once. senator paul didn't. they worked hard, got back on it. i would hope she would continue to work hard. we've got several debate, one a week now going on. and if voters, if she gets numbers up she will be back on the stage as did governor christie and senator paul. bill: you know her argument. listen, i got more votes than john kasich and chris christie in iowa. the only state that is actually voted. she has more delegates than them. she is tied with delegates so far with jeb bush. that is what you need at convention. she is making a pretty good point? >> well, look you have got two candidates, three candidates that dropped out this week. both senator paul and governor huckabee both got a delegate too. i think if they knew the rules could be changed they would have stayed in. what do you say to them if you turn around and say well, if
7:36 am
you, if you changed the rules do they then get to get back in the race, say, knowing that i could have been on the stage in new hampshire, based on that, then i would get in but criteria was set. everyone knew what it was. you know, and, so i think it would be highly unfair to turn around and change it retroactively at this point. bill: i think rnc would like to have her voice on the stage. >> look, she is great candidate. bill, i think she is a great candidate and we have been blessed by tremendous amount -- we, the party have gone out of our way since the beginning of this process and you and martha were there back in cleveland last august when we took unprecedented step making sure all of the top 17 candidates had a place on one or two stages. we tried to maintain that as long as possible. when it comes to the party, we have gone out of our way in historic fashion to insure that as many voices of our candidates could be on stage as possible.
7:37 am
but at some point the criteria is what it is. we have to recognize that. bill: they fight this all the time. one more thing i want to ask you about the overall field. what she is saying that the game is rigged. she is saying that the networks have their own criteria and make it up as they go along. she is saying, hey, these are back-room deals cut between the party and, the parties i should say and networks. you heard that. what did you think? >> respectfully they have been out there publicly for a month now as far as what they are. they have been for every net would work. we released them. talked about what it will take to get in. so, you know, it is what it is. that is all i can tell you. i think they have been done fairly. these criteria that abc has are the most inclusive so far. they looked how people placed in iowa. looked at top six in new hampshire. top six nationally. three ways to get into that. that is probably most inclusive criteria we had so far going forward. bill: one more thing.
7:38 am
i'm almost out of time. republican presidential nomination. new numbers out today. quinnepiac at 31. cruz 22, rubio 19. all others nationally are in single digits. how much do the national polls matter, sean, when you're dealing in early states, iowa, new hampshire and south carolina? >> they matter in terms of perception and momentum. you go from here into south carolina. from here, from south carolina to nevada. 11 states going on march 1st. everything from massachusetts and delaware to southern states like oklahoma and arkansas and alabama. so i think what's going to happen in the next few weeks people will have the opportunity to really prove the strength of their campaign, the organization and depth of it. and decide whether or not they have got the resources to go on. this will be a very different cycle than we've seen in the past. instead of going state to state to state, after these four early states you've got to prove on march 1st that you've got the strength and organization to
7:39 am
run a bigger campaign than just one state. bill: i get it. >> we'll keep slowly going from there. it will be fun, exciting time. bill: new hampshire on tuesday. 15 days from now. february is south carolina. we'll see you this weekend. sean, thank you for your time. sean spicer from the rnc. martha: debates our own megyn kelly talking about the debates with jimmy fallon. addressing the fallout from the first one back in august that criticism she reserved tough questions just for donald trump. watch. >> you know all those guys got, they kind of got it right in the kisser. >> yeah. >> but -- >> that is your job as moderator. >> that is what you ever to do. they want george washington's job. i'm a member about press and we're supposed to press to see if they're worthy. [cheers and applause] martha: nice interview, absolutely. that is what it is all about. bill: we, our next debate is 3rd of march, detroit, michigan.
7:40 am
i imagine mr. trump will be there. martha: i imagine so. bill: that's a tease. hillary clinton getting hammered over ties to wall street. clinton calling on bernie sanders to end what she calls the artful smear. will these wall street connections hurt her in a democratic primary? closer look coming up. martha: plus a scene that almost looks like hell on earth. lightning striking an active volcano. details behind that stunning image and where it was coming up next. ♪
7:41 am
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7:43 am
bill: check this out. one japan's volcanoes erupting in spectacular fashion with ashmore than a mile in the air making it more dramatic. check out the lightning strikes
7:44 am
and locusts and flooding and we've got biblical events. they have a no-go zone around the volcano to keep everybody safe. ♪ martha: so bernie sanders again putting hillary clinton a bit on the defensive over her perceived ties to wall street during last night's democratic presidential debate. here is little bit of that. >> if all we talk about is one part of our economy, and indeed one street in our economy, we're missing big oil companies and big energy companies, we're missing a big picture. i have a record of trying to go at the problems that actually exist. >> i agree with much of what the secretary said but, madam secretary, it is not one street. wall street is an entity of unbelievable economic and political power. martha: catherine tim, reporter for "national review." julie roginsky democratic strategist.
7:45 am
both fox news contributors. welcome to you both. how did you feel about it, julie. >> people don't think i'm trustworthy but i am not going to let bernie sanders get a free pass. that is why you saw her going after him, have something to me say it, but shady about the way you're implying i'm not trustworthy. you have the same problems i do. what you saw her doing with wall street, she was trying to distill admittedly very complicated issue, not easy the economy and reforms we need to do in the economy. he is bringing very poppist message, saying burn the whole thing down. she is trying to be nuanced, he essentially says it all stinks, scrap it, start from scratch that is difficulty for her in addition she took a lot of money from wall street. martha: she took $600,000 from speeches. a lot of people's reaction, that's fine. it has to have to prove there is
7:46 am
link between taking that money, kathryn an any decisions she made. i thought she was dwindling herself on that, julie, okay, i'm dishonest and not trustworthy but you can't prove any decision i made was influenced by money i -- >> of course there is link. just the fact they're giving her that much money. people give money to people that they like. there is no way they were paying her that much money to come in here and tell them how horrible they are all wore. people went to the speeches said she said it was tool like to slam wall street. she has been fighting wall street, if she done in the beginning that would be one thing but she really brought these attacks on herself by the message she initially put out there. >> i actually agree with that. martha: but ben bernanke is trying to make this -- bernie sanders is trying to make this about, i understand the argument she is making about one part of our economy. i guess the question that pops up in my mind when i watch this discussion, about what the role the government played in the wall street debacle?
7:47 am
what about fannie mae, what about freddie mac? what about people who never got fired in those organizations? why is it they never talk about that, julie, as if just all wall street and government had nothing to do with this debacle? >> you're not audience they're appealing to, right? martha: i'm just interested in the truth. >> they're appealing to primary democratic voters not all of whom, majority of whom are vastly disgusted way things happen on wall street. martha: all their fault. >> rich are get be richer, poor are get poorer. income inequality is top issue among democratic primary voters. bernie sanders capturing imagination of democratic electorate. katherine is right, with she took the money from wall street she should have known it would eventually bite her. you can't take money and criticize them down the road as candidate. of course it is trying to affect her. she was trying to be so announced about this. she is right. this is not just wall street issue. this is issue across the board
7:48 am
over many, many different industries. but bernie sanders has -- >> say that at beginning. me too with wall street, boo wall street, when it is not that hard what you were -- martha: real quick. >> kid gets caught with marijuana, that kid has a police record. a wall street executive destroys the economy, five billion dollars settlement with the government, no criminal record. that is what power is about. that is what corruption is about. and that is what has to change in the united states of america. [cheers and applause] martha: interesting to me here, kat, you're hearing a similar thing from donald trump. i mean they, bernie sanders and donald trump are both weighing in on that point that he just made. >> well, he's right. that is totally right. not just wall street people. government people also. i'm for legalization and i think that it destroys people's lives with criminal record.
7:49 am
people with lower incomes have problem with it. that is clear. that is what someone establishment who has been up there will have to struggle with. especially because she hasn't spoken out about the issue. kind of saying she has. her criminal justice record is atrocious if you're looking for reform to help these people. martha: pot smokers and people who hate wall street all in one answer. >> spent entire '90s being super prison happy. there are too many peoples in the prison. yeah, lady, you and your husband played a big role in that. >> look what he is trying to do. that is very smart point on his part. next states after new hampshire are south carolina and nevada. majority, minority, democratic electorate. a lot of those same states have same demographics. she is winning among minority voters. criminal justice reform affects all of us, certainly minority voters and others. that is what he is trying to do -- >> he had record of supporting that unlike her. martha: thank you, katherine, thank you julie.
7:50 am
good to see you both. bill: i thought we were getting super bowl predictions. martha: do you have a super bowl prediction? bill: i don't but i know this guy jon scott does, coming up next on "happening now." good luck. that is your team. >> see the sparks fly at the last democratic debate before the vote in new hampshire? hillary clinton and bernie sanders took off the gloves. we'll have the high and the lowlights. plus battle between republicans heating up as new polling is shaking up the race. rubio under attack as he picks up endorsements and campaign cash. kasich is making what he calls a last stand. jeb bush bringing in big guns, former president george w. bush and former first lady barbara bush on "happening now." bill: jonned good luck on sunday. >> thanks, downtown, mayor bill de blasio arrived holding a news conference in light of the deadly crane collapse in lower manhattan.
7:51 am
the scene is just unbelievable. it is vehicle after vehicle just smashed by this enormous red steel frame. we'll watch it. bring you headlines in a moment here on "america's newsroom." >> away from worth street.
7:52 am
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7:54 am
martha: watching a story as it develops. there is the new york city mayor bill de blasio commenting on the crane collapse as he holds a news conference. this happened with a atrocious scene down there. it looks from an aerial about a block 1/2 in new york city and it has crushed cars below. one person dead, two seriously hurt the we'll keep a close eye on the story. bring you more as we get it. bill: meantime super bowl sunday, super bowl l is sunday. denver broncos, carol line
7:55 am
panthers. jim gray is hosting a pre-and post game show on westwood one on siriusxm. i'm talking fast because we don't have much time. cam newton arguably best player in the leagues. have a great defense. denver great defense. peyton manning, likely, pockily last game ever in nfl uniform. you give coaches two weeks to prepare, you don't know what happens. keep it close at halftime, second half could be anyone's game. how do you see this game shaping up when the league is celebrating 50 years of super bowl games? >> well it is going to be awesome. they will have 40 of 4 3m vps on the field before the coin toss and lady gaga. everyone is paying attention. peyton manning possibly his last game, honor to compete against brady and coach belichick. that gave pretty good indication.
7:56 am
can he turn back the clock and play one more great game. by all indications i it went very poorly. tremendous amount of turnovers and interceptions with the foot injury. came out of nowhere when brock osweiler struggled. gaat starting position back. he rallied the broncos. now they're here in the super bowl. and all eyes are on peyton manning, a sinned reltoday story perhaps his final game against cam newton, best player in the league. nobody figured out a way to stop cam newton. carolina panthers have been on fire. 23-1 over past couple seasons. one loss to atlanta, a great defense. everybody is speaking caroline to win this game. that is why they play. there is rocky balboa. there we'll see if peyton manning has a story book inding. bill: i love it. jim gray, enjoy the game on sunday. jim gray in san francisco. >> thanks, bill. bill: you bet. martha: marco rubio good day since iowa. bounce in the polls.
7:57 am
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martha: we will not be in this studio on monday morning, we will be in new hampshire in manchester, looking forward to that, covering the new hampshire primary and the big show on tuesday night. bill: that's right. and then wednesday. martha: and then wednesday from there as well. bill: see you next week. martha: have a great weekend, everybody. "happening now" starts right now. ♪ ♪ jenna: and it's what we're watching now. the gloves came off in the debate last night ahead of tuesday's primary as an overnight tracking poll shows clinton cutting into sanders' lead. welcome to "happening now," i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott. both candidates landing solid blows five days before the new hampshire vote. mrs. clinton hammered sanders on his credentials as a democratic candidate, senator sanders slammed clinton's big speaking fees and her ties to wall street. listen.


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