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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> peyton manning sighting at my house last night. >> really. >> we'll show viewers next hour "happening now." see you in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: start off this hour with fox news alert. we are expecting to hear from the president now on what is making news on economy right now. we just received some numbers. we're getting information all morning long on what the economy looks like. it is kind of an interesting mix. we have we have fbn's melissa francis along for this hour. we'll get into it if we need to before the president speaks. here is the bottom line. unemployment is 4.9%. that does not reflect how many people may have given up. why does that matter? because the number of jobs created is lower than what they had anticipated. 151,000 in america. for the last reading of the last month. we'll be looking at that. the president is going to be addressing the nation about the economy and what it all means from his perspective.
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that is due up in the next half hour. we'll take it live when it happens but for now. ♪ harris: this is "outnumbered" on a fine friday. i'm harris faulkner. here today, host of "kennedy" on our sister network, fox business's kennedy. also from fbn, as i mentioned coanchor of "after the bell," melissa francis. fox news contributor julie row begins ski. today's #oneluckyguy, making us all lucky, "o'reilly factor," host of "watters world," the man,s. >> see waters. good to see you. -- jesse watters. >> keep going, harris. harris: did anybody watch the debate last night? >> it. harris: it was interesting and contentious. >> two people going a mano y mano, split screen going
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on. moderators didn't have to ask questions. >> i like survivor where people voted out or dropped out shaking hands on the sidelines. harris: we'll get to the news now. that will be part of later on as well. first-in-the-nation primary is four days away. new polling shows donald trump remains in the lead in new hampshire among the republicans with the support of 29% of likely republican primary voters. florida senator marco rubio got a boost from his strong finish in iowa. he is in second place with 18%. followed by texmelucan sass senator ted cruz at 13%. his iowa victory not moving the needle very much. also developing, news ahead of one more debate before tuesday's primary. seven republican candidates take the stage tomorrow night in the granite state but carly fiorina will not be one of them. former hewlett-packard ceo will miss the cut despite getting more votes than governors kasich
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and christie. she got a delegate. some of them didn't even do that. your thoughts. >> that is not fair, poor carly. i mean at this point i really don't care. i don't want to see a lot of people on the stage. i want to see as few people debating as possible. she's a fringe candidate. i like her a lot. i think everybody likes her. but you know, rules a rules. you have to follow the rules, carly. you're to the going to make it. i don't really feel sorry for her. she has a lot of money and doing great. for me i only hear about carly when the debate comes. when they're campaigning you don't hear about her for three weeks. >> that is more reason to have her in the debate. i would swap her out for someone like kasich. >> i would love to swap her out, no offense to kasich. >> kasich look at his numb in new hampshire. >> i think carly brings more to the debate stage. >> she does for debate purposes but i'm not sure she brings more to the stage for electoral rules. you're right.
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she is fringe candidate but i totally love her. >> she will be dropping out. >> you only hear about her when complaining about debate criteria. otherwise you hardly ever hear of her. harris: what is curious, everybody can jump up and jump down. you look at marco rubio. why falling down and victory in iowa didn't help ted cruz. what are your thoughts on that? >> i think it did help ted cruz. let's not discount victory in iowa. that is great victory for first latino republican in history i don't know why the media is not talking about. he put a lot of dough there, huge ground game. really not his scene in new hampshire. i think he needs fourth place or third place finish. looks likes rubio has the mojo. he will bounce back and hopefully finish second because he needs to capitalize on that momentum. all i'm hearing about is marco rubio these days.
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>> like a elephant, the "national geographic" specials when the elephant in middle of the night is attacked by 10 lions. that is what is happening to marco rubio. he is a magnet. melissa: i don't know about that. when you listen to donald trump he is still having fun with cruz. he is really sending his shots that way. >> chris christie calling him bubbleboy. jeb bush directly attacking him. melissa: i'm talking about trump the guy who likes to fire the most. he still has his cannons trained on cruz. marco rubio is definitely the guy everybody should be after right now. he seems to be the one who is really able to step above the fray. you're talking about eliminating people from the debate. i would like the debate get even smaller so we can focus on candidates. >> it will have new hampshire. harris: i am seeing headlines that make me scratch my head. >> you never scratch your head. harris: i do it in private. he is still ahead. some people say he is slipping, doing this we always expect it is happening now between bernie sanders and hillary clinton on
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other side. we always expect things to kind of slim down as you get closer to main event. >> it is interesting. two primaries going on republican side. trump cruz primary for the right-wing of the party and there is sort of moderate space i guess between jeb bush and chris criminality ganging up on marco rubio. marco rubio is, you're right, like the lion in the middle with all the hyenas feasting on him. whoever emerges from that, will ever be who it comes down to. trump needs to do well in new hampshire. he is poised to do that. he needs to go down to south carolina do equally well to neutralize cruz. then he and rubio, victory of moderate right caucus will maybe come out and down to the two of them. i think rubio is in final two. will be like survivor. >> you say two primaries happening in the republican party. there are two primaries in the democratic party. there is primary between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. then there is one between hillary clinton and fbi.
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that will be a barn-burner. harris: jeb bush turning to his famous family to help out. his mom, former first lady barbara bush was at a town hall in new hampshire. she told the crowd, her son was carrying and loyal with qualities to be president. president george w. bush appearing in his first tv commercial to begin, set to begin in key primary state of south carolina. here is a peek. >> i know job. i know his good heart and strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. harris: the former president is also expected to hit the campaign trail for jeb before the south carolina primary in two weeks. you say the former first lady worked for you. melissa: i'm embarrassed to admit it. it worked on me. harris: why are you embarrassed to admit it. melissa: on surface there is something hokey about it. >> you're so easy.
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melissa: i am not. don't call me easy. >> that is not what i meant. how dare you take it to the gutter. melissa: right. she comes on and says that it reminds me how i tell my boys, don't stoop to their level. don't go down there with that. if that is bully an playground, you hold your head high, do right thing no matter what. she reinforces that theme. he is a good boy i know it. not doing what these other people are doing. she hold as lot of cachet. you remember her as a fantastic woman, a dignified, smart, saucy, sassy sarcastic but really with a lost dignity. i don't know, i thought she brought it back to a good place. >> betty white of politics. good solid, positive perception. melissa: oh. oh. harris: will it work in state like new hampshire where people look for softer tone. but the nation right now is really politically attracted on both sides of the aisle to loud, fighters.
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so for her to come in and sell his softer side i guess for new hampshire that "new york times" article is talking about how people just want to cozy up to the topics and take level of rhetoric down. melissa: she is dignified. >> two points, one is we're not living by the marquis of queensbury rules the bush family thinks engaged in. time moved on from politeness in politics whichever existed but ever did. this will not work. my boy will not stoop in the gutter. we've been stooping in the gutter since john adams, early 1800's, late 1100's. that is not who we are. secondly, what i find bush is doing, polling showed no one want ad bush in the white house. this is almost a hail mary to me. melissa: it is that to me is little tragic. this guy had very accomplished record on republican side as governor. what he is doing, i'm continuation of my brother and my father's administration?
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i don't know any republican looking for that. >> not enough time passed at end of his brother's administration he is hoping beginning of his. remind me of rand paul taking ron paul on the road. that was too little too late for senator. >> it is too little too late but i liked hearing george w. bush's voice in that ad. i liked how it resonated. it was reminding me of after 9/11, the guy really instilled a lot of confidence to the nation. harris: yeah. >> showed strong leadership. i'm a fan of his personally. you know he had a rough run. a lot of bad things happened on his watch but to listen to w come back in the in political arena. i liked hearing his voice. harris: before we move on, jeb bush has a ton of cash. if anybody who hang in there until things change -- chris christie looking good in new hampshire. we really don't know what will happen. that is one of the reasons
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people are fighting to get every voice on the stage because you really don't know what would happen right now. what do you think jeb needs to do right now irrespective what his family members dot? >> i think jeb right now needs extremely strong debate performance on saturday night. he needs to take gloves off against marco, cruz and donald trump. i think he needs to, he needs finish like third place or fourth place. going down to south carolina and finishing fifth or this in new hampshire. that is where he was supposed to finish high. if he doesn't finish high it will be rough. >> what you're asking him to do is run counter i'm the nice guy, gentle giant, raise level of discourse. everyone wanted him to get in the mud. he is admonishing them i'm so much nicer than you. >> i think you have to show a little more fight. harris: okay. we'll fight on to the commercial. on democratic side bernie sanders, oh look, julie roginsky
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sharpening her knives with a, nail file, sorry. holding 20-point lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire bernie sanders is. even beating her among women. but hillary clinton is fighting back by playing, yeah, she did, the gender card. with the primary only days away, could this backfire? and she could be looking for cover in her email scandal. amid revelations that condoleeza rice and colin powell also received classified information through private email accounts. does that comparison really hold water? stay with us. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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♪ melissa: new poll shows bernie sanders in the driver's seat in new hampshire, holding a 20-point lead over hillary clinton with the primary only four days away, and clinton camp with more cause for concern. when you break down numbers, look at this. sanders is even beating clinton among women with whom she has typically done well. but clinton is fighting back and playing gender card in last night's debate. when sanders accused her being part of the establishment watch this. >> honestly, senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me a woman
9:17 am
running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment. melissa: the only person? julie roginsky. i mean, seriously. >> i cringed. i did. i saw that and i cringed. i mean she and her husband came from arkansas. they were not establishment. they fought their way up. but they are now establishment. congratulations by the way. a lot of people spend a lot of time trying to get to the establishment. they succeeded. why doesn't you just own it? just because you're a woman doesn't mean you're not part of the establishment. plenty of women in this world are part of the establishment much i get the point she is first woman president if she wins. doesn't exclude her being part of the establishment. they're like american royalty, the clintons. melissa: deit tis. >> they created new, in 1992, the new democratic establishment. that is of their creation. her husband was a two-term president. she was a united states senator. she was the secretary of state.
9:18 am
she is now running for president. i don't know how else you define establishment. but to say somehow that women exist outside the establishment, that in of itself is sexist implication. >> that is sexist. melissa: jesse watters, don't get yourself in trouble here. let me ask you a different question. >> hillary is so establishment and stole the white house china and got away with it. you know, what don't worry about it, bring some of it back. melissa: bring it back later. how is it possible sanders leads clinton among women. >> he is ladies man. women love sanders. i'm not surprised. women fall over themselves for sanders. he is sex symbol. melissa: are we talking about the same guy? >> speaks to how pathetic hillary's campaign is. she can't get women to vote for her. melissa: she leads 60 plus voters. harris: full display last night. i really do. yes, i'm c-span watcher. i'm watching all of it and
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enjoying every second of it. but i got to tell you it dropped so loudly when she dropped the gender card. only thing that would separate her from everybody else, the way that she is the outsider, is based on her identity as a woman. and you and i stalked about this before the show. we've got to stop this division line, because if she is going to drop the gender card, when she gets to the south she will be dropping the race card. melissa: how is she going to do that. >> did that in south carolina. democratic debate there. melissa: harris wants to punch you right now. >> wint be the first time. melissa: that is no fun, no-punch friday. harris: if you can't argue with bernie sanders on substance. when he arced he didn't even look at her. she would bring up i'm a woman, she is like, let's just, was accusing him of things. oh, boy, here we go. it was fun. like to have two-sided box and you got to see them both.
9:20 am
that is really offensive, you don't have more of a argument based on your anatomy.t. we're not outside the bubble. >> as bad as her answer on the goldman sachs money she received foreher speeches when she said to anderson cooper, well that's what they offered. melissa: that was kind of funny actually. >> wall street line of attack for bernie sanders, that is her achilles ankle. harris: ankle. >> this is answer i would have given. would i have spent 30 years fighting on behalf of people in the senate as first lady. harris: she did say some of that. >> keep going. talk about bonefides being in the establishment. that is why i'm effective to get things done. i will not get things down outside on fringe. that is how you explain the establishment. establishment are people able to accomplish thinks and not fringe like bernie sanders. that is opposed to playing the gender card that didn't make steps. >> women are outside of anything. we can't get anything done
9:21 am
unless she does it for us. >> right. melissa: klein -- hillary clinton may be hoping she new cover for her email scandal. colin powell and condoleeza rice received classified information through private email accounts while serving as secretaries of state. 10 messages sent to rice's immediate staff, and two went to powell directly but critics say there is no comparison, pointing out clinton had personal server and received 1600 emails now deemed classified. fbi probe came up during the debate last night. watch this. >> fbi investigation into this matter about how you may have hand i would classified material, are you 100% confident that nothing is going to come of this fbi investigation? >> i am 100% confident. this is a security review that was requested. it is being carried out. it will be resolved. melissa: yeah, it will be
9:22 am
resolved harris. harris: she might have bought herself some favor by simply saying, you know what? who is 100% sure of anything but i can tell you didn't do anything wrong. why even double down with that? now even, if anything short of complete exoneration happens, that looks like untruth. >> if you're an fbi agent and you're investigating this, even you don't have the clearance to read the emails, the sap emails that she was passing around on her unsecured server and someone on tv saying i'm 100% certain that these people who have investigating me are going to find no fault or crime, there will be no indictment, that is what she is saying, flies in their face. that is patently offensive to them -- melissa: i wouldn't antagonize that hornet's nest. melissa: jesse watters let me ask you, what about the idea they're looking into condoleeza rice, they're looking into colin powell, they are in fact-finding emails and other devices? you even have colin powell say,
9:23 am
wait, this wasn't classified, because it wasn't marked. he is saying some of the same things she did. does it give her cover? >> gives her cover just for the debate last night. i thought whole timing of nbc news exclusive was fishy on eve of nbc-msnbc debate. come out with a lifeline for hillary on email story to buy her another 24 to 48 hours. i'm not a conspiracy guy, sound fishy. i don't want to see hillary behind bars. she is grandmother. i feel sorry for her. melissa: what? >> you want to see poor hillary behind bars? melissa: yes, if she broke the law. >> no, she is old. she is a grandmother. that is not nice. listen i don't think the doj, obama's doj will bring charges against hillary clinton during an look shun year when his legacy on the line? i'm not stupid. this guy has done a lot already to make things look like everything is not on the up and up. >> here is bottom line, she actually couldn't have said anything else. talking to primary voter base that has concerns about this.
9:24 am
she needed to put it to rest. she could not have had. harris: did she put it to rest? >> last night what. harris: 100%. >> the baby keeps waking up though. melissa: that's a good one. >> issue for her she has to wait to see what the fbi does but on other side, everybody keeps saying about how james comey is well-respected fbi director, if he doesn't recommend charges be brought, then everybody just needs to calm down. that is her exoneration. that is what will happen. harris: grades sy like a fox. >> yes. harris: so new hampshire is something that, you know, other democrats have done well there. she hasn't. she probably won't. we don't know but, and it is tightening. what if she pins it this way. i didn't anticipate i would win this state. this is good place for me to practice some of my answers. that may be why we want more debates from the camp. more town halls. if she moves the needle a little bit that is like victory for her. even when the odds were stacked
9:25 am
against me and they were asking me about the fbi investigation, i still came out, we tightened to four or five points. >> people say that she wasn't speaking to new hampshire last night. this was a debate for her to get her message to a general election audience. she was tough on iran. gave wall street a pass. she was running a general election campaign last night, going up against sanders because she does not want to get dragged to the far left by bernie sanders. >> i don't know if people noticed, she has now concluded she will knot be the trustworthy candidate here, so she will drag sanders down to her level. you heard her say, have something to say to me with your innuendo and insinuation, all innuendo, you're not pure either, bernie sanders, i will drag you down to the same level. muddy water that way. very brilliant move. am i okay with her doing that? that is politics. that is what i do for a living. i'm proud of her people. that was good.
9:26 am
melissa: makes her laugh when she says say something and he does. she looked ridiculous. say it if you're going to say it. she has been. where have you been? >> what he credited himself on i will never get down not gutter. never launch personal attacks. melissa: i understand. >> she is basically saying you know you're implying horrible things and corrupt -- >> really not but had no basis for that opinion. melissa: all right. growing questions about a $1.7 billion payment to iran announced the same day the country released five american prisoners. the obama administration says the money settled a financial dispute going back decades but some lawmakers call it ran ransom. does it send a message to others who tile nations? we're waiting for the president to come out. he will talk about the the jobless numbers and state of the economy. we'll stay tuned for that as well. we'll be right back. ♪ i'm talking full time delivery
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melissa: we are waiting for the president to come out and take a victory lap after we got unemployment numbers this morning showed the economy added 151,000 jobs, taking the emunemployment rate to 4.9%. he will no doubt consider that victory and talk about it on television, harris faulkner. harris: one of the problems calling it a victory i would suppose or doing a drill down on numbers and january continuing trend of low paying jobs being added. part-time jobs, low-paying jobs. people need to have more of them. that is a quality of life issue for them, melissa. it really drags on. why when you do polling among americans they say they don't feel very good about economy no matter what the numbers show. melissa: he will say the unemployment rate is 4.9%, the best since 2008 which means this is as good as it is going to get. here's the president. >> tgif, everybody. i wanted to stop by as you're
9:32 am
aware america's businesses created another 158,000 jobs last month. after reaching 10% in 2009, the unemployment rate has now fallen to 4.9%. even as more americans join the job market last month. so this is the first time that the unemployment rate has dipped below 5% in almost eight years. americans are working. all told, over the past six years, our businesses have added 14 million new jobs. 71 straight months of private sector job growth extends the longest streak on record. over the past two years, 2014 and 2015 our businesses added more jobs than anytime since the 1990s. most importantly, this progress is finally starting to translate into bigger paychecks. over the past six months, wages have grown at their fastest rate since the crisis. and the policies that i will
9:33 am
push this year are designed to give workers even more leverage to earn raises and promotions. so, unemployment, deficits, gas prices, are all down. jobs, wages, and the rate of the insured are up. i should mention by the way that since i signed obamacare into law nearly 18 million americans have gained coverage and our businesses created jobs every month since. on net, all of them full-time jobs. so, as i said, in my state of the union address, the united states of america right now has the strongest, most durable economy in the world. i know that's still inconvenient for republican stump speeches as their doom and despair tour plays in new hampshire. i guess you can not please everybody. that does not mean that we don't
9:34 am
have more work to do. there is softness in the global economy. china is going through transition. europe's economy is still slow. a lot of the emerging markets are challenged. so that's all creating headwinds for a lot of u.s. companies who do business overseas. it makes it more difficult for us to sell exports. so we've got to pay attention to this and we've got to take some smart steps this-year to continue progress. and we also have to do more to make sure that the progress that we do make is broadly-based and impacting folks up and down the income scales. the budget that i send to congress on tuesday is going to make sure we can continue that progress. talking down the american economy by the way does not make that progress. my budget is going to offer more opportunities for americans to get the education and job training that they need for a good-paying job. it will offer new ideas for benefits and protections that
9:35 am
provide folks with basic sense of security. we'll create more good-paying jobs not by subsidizing the past but by investing in the future. and that's why we're going to be placing a big emphasis on clean energy, private sector solar jobs, for example, are growing 12 times faster than the rest of the economy. and they pay better than average. that's one reason why my budget is going to double our investment in clean energy research and development by the end of the decade. that will help businesses create more jobs faster, it willower the cost of clean energy faster. it is going to help renewable power compete with dirty fuels across america in a more effective way. those are some of the steps that are going to make sure our future is even stronger. future that is worthy of the hard work and determination of the american people. the progress we've made, going from 10% down to under five, that is a testament to american
9:36 am
workers, american businesses, the american people, resilient and sticking to it. and my hope is that rather than hinder their progress, we'll continue to help them make progress. with that, have a great weekend. enjoy the super bowl. i'm not telling you my pick. because the bears aren't in it. and but i'm hope forge a great game. with that josh, is he back there? josh, take it away. >> you don't get enough credit? >> you know what? let me take a couple of questions. why not. you know. just what the heck. i'm in a good mood. it's friday. go ahead. >> so, you were implying yesterday in a joking way that you don't get enough credit -- >> this is when i was talking with warriors. >> right. >> okay. >> were you again referring as you did just now republicans and their message which you could
9:37 am
say could be expected during an election, or were you also referring to the fact, polls, 57% of the americans in polls say they don't things are going well in this country? why do you think that is? >> well, at the time i was making a joke with a basketball team but there's no doubt that while, we have made significant progress, and i talked about this during the state of the union, there's still anxiety and concern about the general direction of the economy. if you look at some of the surveys people feel better about their circumstance, their finances but they're not sure about the future. and part of it is there is still a pretty big carryover from the devastation that took place in 2007 and 2008. if your home value drops in half, or you lose a job that you thought you were secure in, or
9:38 am
your pension suddenly looks vulnerable, you're going to remember that. so a lot of people still feel that. and, they're right to recognize there is some longer-term economic trends that we still have to tackle. that, that economy is more dynamic and it churns faster, and pressure on companies to maximize short-term returns, often times at expense of long-term investment. the lack of loyalty sometimes to workers who built those companies, and or are threatened to be laid off, the fact that wages and incomes up until the last six months haven't gone up as fast as corporate profits have or benefits at very top, all those things people feel and experience. even though they know things are better, they're worried, where are we going. around i think, so i think that
9:39 am
the argument i'm making here and will continue to make during the course of this year, we should be proud of the progress we've made. we have recovered from the worst economic crisis since the 1930s, the worst in my lifetime and lifetime of most of the people in this room and we've done it faster, stronger, better, more duringably than just about any other advanced economy. had we adopted some of the policies that were advocated by republicans over last four, five, six years, we know we probably would have done worse and which know that because a lot of european countries adopted those policies and they haven't yet gotten to the same place they were before the crisis. so, evidence, facts are on our side. and this jobs report gives you one more indication that the facts are on our side. i think that it is important for us then to understand how do we take the next step and make people feel more secure and feel
9:40 am
more confident about the future. and that's why investments in education and job training, going after the high costs of higher education, making sure that issues like paid leave and family leave are put in place. raising the minimum wage so that if you're working full time you're not in poverty. making sure we're investing in transportation infrastructure and clean energy. going after the jobs of future. investing in technology, autos things are a recipe for continued growth and increased security. and, as far as i can tell, those who are running down the economy and adding to the anxiety don't seem to have any plausible, coherent recipe other than cut taxes for very folks who have been doing the best in this economy and somehow magically that is going make other folks
9:41 am
feel good. or alternatively they argue the reason you're feeling insecure is because immigrants or poor people are taking more and more of your paycheck and that is just not true. the facts don't bear that out. that is not where the weaknesses in the economy are. that is not what is depress wages for middle class families or making them have inable to disruptions in the economy. i want to keep making that argument during the course of this year. we should feel good about the progress we've made. understanding that we've still got more work to do. it is sort of like, like, you know, i'm 54 now. i have to work out harder to stay in shape and, you know, if, i'm feeling good in the gym i want to acknowledge that what i'm doing's working, otherwise i will go off and have a big
9:42 am
double bacon cheeseburger or something because i think this isn't working. no, if it is working we should be staying on that same path. that doesn't mean i'm where i necessarily want to be. it doesn't mean i stop, you know, doing some hard work to get where we need to go. all right? i was only going to make two. i'm just going to take two. go ahead. >> thank you, mr. president. how can you improve workforce participation levels because as much as people talk about the recovery, so few americans are now relatively speaking, in the job force especially compared to 2008. if you wouldn't mind sir, can you at least comment on $10 per barrel fee we her so much about. >> on the first question, part of what was good in this jobs report is the fact that the participation rate in fact didn't drop.
9:43 am
that wasn't the reason why unemployment dropped. more people are entering into the workforce. they feel more confident and they're finding work. but, what is true is that we're still at a point where the labor participation rate is lower than it has been historically. >> right. >> some of that is explained by demographics. the population is getting older. you would expect there is some decline but it is not fully explained by americans getting older. some of is still the hangover from what happened in 2007, 2008. and this is part of the reason why we have to keep our foot to the, to the accelerator in terms of doing the things that need to be done to keep the economy growing and keep it strong. we should not let up from the progress that's been made so that the labor market continues
9:44 am
to tighten, people feel more confident that if they go out to look for work, that they can find it. there are particular cases where some folks have just been out of labor market for a long time and may not be equipped for the jobs of today and that's where we've got to target some special efforts. i get a lot of letters from middle-aged workers who got laid off, aren't confident about their current skills and so have not yet reentered the workforce. they need to get retrained and so that's a special group of folks in their late 40s, early 50s, still far away from retirement but feel like they can't adapt. obviously there are young people, high school dropouts, folks in both rural communities and inner cities that just have,
9:45 am
came of age right in the middle of this terrible recession, and haven't gotten attached to the labor market yet. so we've got to make special efforts to figure out how do we get them into job training programs or community college and allows them to get some skills. so there's a wide set of strategies we can take on that but it is going to, it's going to require overall though strong labor market for them to feel like it's worth it to make these, you know, to make these efforts and we want to keep making sure that the labor market is as strong as possible. with respect to oil and energy, i will probably make a larger speech about that and the direction that we need to go on this. the basic proposition is is that right now gas is 1.80 and gas
9:46 am
prices are expected to be low for a while, for the foreseeable future. that overall can be a good thing for the economy. but what is also important is that we use this period where gas prices are low, to accelerate a transition to a cleaner energy economy because we know that is not going to last. you know, everyone of us have seen cycles where gas prices bo down and then they pop back up and the idea here is if we say to oil companies, which by the way got a significant benefit when we in the omnibus allowed them for the first time to export oil, up until that point, domestic oil producers couldn't export. so if we say to them now, all right, oil companies, we know that you're having to retool.
9:47 am
we know prices are low right now. you're allowed to export, but what we're also saying is, we're going to provide, we're going to impose a tax on a barrel of oil imported, exported, so that some of that revenue can be used for transportation, some of that revenue can be used for the investments in basic research and, technology, that is going to be needed for the energy sources of the future. then 10 years from now, 15 years from now, 20 years from now, we'll be in a much stronger position when oil starts getting tight again, prices start going up again, we will have further waned our economy off of dirty fuels. we will not just have made environmental progress but we'll also have much stronger economy, a stronger infrastructure. we'll be creating the jobs of the future. i think we'll look back and we'll say, that was a smart
9:48 am
investment. that was a wise decision for us to make. but the point is, it's right to do it now when gas prices are really low. they will be low for quite some time to come. it will not be disruptive factor in terms of economy. all right? of course they always say something. i only said two questions but i hope you twice have a wonderful super bowl party. >> are you still in gooded good? harris: with that president obama taking two questions, and josh earnest didn't get up to the podium. you may have recognized our own kevin corke from fox news, wondering why with the lower unemployment number 4.9. president came out and melissa said he took a victory lap on.
9:49 am
why do you have fewer people looking for jobs? the president wouldn't pointed to aging onlation no longer looking for work or qualified to find jobs in changing technological world, so far and so forth. jesse what is your thoughts? >> my thoughts that is about president obama's ego not the world economy. he is whining he is not getting enough credit. the football coach last season lost every game and this season one won game and wants all the credit. he compared the u.s. economy to his workout regimen. always about president obama, never about anybody else trump is in obama's head he made very specific references to immigrants and visited the mosque with counter point. i think trump has some real estate in the president's head. if the economy is doing so well, why are bernie sanders and hillary clinton running on a
9:50 am
platform that says the middle class is disappearing? you can't have it both ways? melissa: about the point about people leaving economy, he missed real point in that. that is that jobs have disappeared. yes, there is aging population, that is a piece of it. but we have all the good middle class jobs people depended on for years in manufacturing, doing all kinds of things and they're gone and gone permanently and automated, replaced by robots. some gone to china. a lot has been automated. they're not coming back. we have a huge crisis out here. not trained for jobs there, computer programing, science, technology. it is a big problem. harris: everybody, we'll come eq stay close. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
9:51 am
sargento people are real cheese people, three generations spanning over 60 years. they don't believe in artificial this or superficial that. they know that in a world of over-processed there's no substitute for a piece of real. real cheese people believe every casserole deserves a shred of authenticity, every sandwich a slice of legit.
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natural cheese off-the-block, 100% real. sargento, we're real cheese people.
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>> with valentine's day on the weekend this year, some couples may decide to turn the holiday into romantic getaway. how soon is too soon to travel with a new flame? according to new survey by expedia, 30% of people think it is okay to take a trip with someone dating one to three months. 25% say they have to wait four to eight months. what do you say julie? >> meet them. get in a plane, fly to rome, see how it goes. whatever works for you. i really don't care. >> hear that, buys? >> travel is where you get to
9:55 am
know someone. >> get to know someone. listen, i would, go, if you're looking for fun in the sun, go off, a couple months. if you guys have been dating for few years and asks to go on vacation, she will want a ring. guys, if you're not ready to propose don't take her there to jamaica if you're not package little ring in your pocket. harris: interesting what you said. what you're saying there is closing window of opportunity. so you don't want to go too soon but don't want to wait too long? >> yes. very delicate -- >> start traveling early. melissa: okay. my husband invited me down to florida to meet his parents week two. we got married. we're married! there you go. we're still married. >> if you waited two years to take a girl on vacation you have bigger problems than a ring. >> couldn't afford to go anywhere. we went uptown and downtown. i couldn't afford anything. >> is that code for something? >> man. melissa: small couch.
9:56 am
>> lent to new zealand after dave and i dating for month. traveled around a camper fan and i got jardia. and we still married. >> i don't know what that is. >> thank you so much for being here. "outnumbered" continues in moments. of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! but i've managed.e crohn's disease is tough, except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira
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10:00 am
he talking about how he proposed? >> says whether he gets down on one knee with melania and ever smokes weed and ever tried anything like that. harris: you asked him, wow. melissa: i learn things i didn't know about trump. harris: we are back on tv monday at noon eastern. "happening now," now.


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