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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 5, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> we've already made up our mind. that's my little son trace and his peyton manning jersey. had it on all day yesterday. >> i knew you had a smart boy. go broncos. thanks for joining us. >> the real story with grechen starts now. >> happy friday everybody. presidential candidates on new hampshire days before voters hit the polls. this is the real story. some of the white house hopefuls are trying to continue the momentum they picked up in the state of iowa. others are tweaking their strategy in terms of turning things around. we're going to begin with chief political correspondent carl cameron live in collin. hi, carl. >> this is where john kasich is about to finish up a meeting.
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today the new hampshire primary voters have received something of a threat from another candidate. chris christie, the governor of new jersey is basically betting his entire candidacy on him. very strong showing if not a win here in new hampshire has suggesting its first elimination prima primary voters were to let donald trump win as their primary which is celebrating their 100th year anniversary this year and he's suggesting it would be a very, very bad move for them to go with donald trump because it could put their primary in jeopardy. watch. >> if you reward people who don't spend time here, no one's going to spend time here. the first in the nation primary will be at risk. i'm telling you right now. you reward right now the top three guys in the polls, the ones who spent the least amount of time here. donald trump, ted cruz and marco
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rubio spent the least amount of time here in new hampshire. >> it's kind of a version of the tony soprano threat. nice primary you got here. something bad happened to it. also today donald trump has had to cancel his event here in new hampshire because of the snowstorm. we got about 4 inches on the two and there's occasionally whiteout conditions. he will have one in south carolina just a short while ago jeb bush tweeted out his 90-year-old mother was able to make it to an event and shake hands with a 5-year-old. these candidates will take anything they can and go after one another. >> no doubt. thanks much. hillary clinton hoping to get a bounce after last night's fiery debate. ed henry live in new hampshire. hillary clinton under fire on her e-mails and wall street speeches. abunch of stuff. is she getting fiestier? >> she is because bernie sanders
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has been serging a new national poll out. today, bernie sanders talking behind me. i'm going to keep my voice down. look at this exchange last night where she pushed back against sanders. >> i think it's time to end an artful smear you and your campaign have been carrying out in resent weeks and let's talk about the issues.
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>> the rnc was happeneding out these coins in case there was a coin flip one side, the hillary marker, the other side the hillary marker as well. >> love your sense of humor. all right, ed. thanks. have a good weekend. hillary clinton defending herself against actizations that she's too cozy with wall street and ed mentioned she was asked last night about releasing transcripts of her speeches paid for my goldman and sachs. >> we know there were transcription disclosuredisclos. would you release them? >> i will look into it. i don't know the status. >> her campaign has received
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more money from the financial services industry than any other candidate democrat or republican. only the super pacts supporting jeb bush has raised more cash from wall street. allen, radio host and fox news contributors. it's astounding, allen. i don't know if anyone else has done that research until now. her campaign, not the super pact, but her campaign has gotten more donations from wall street than any other republican. >> the real issue, we're not having the debate about which is the wall street verses anti wall street candidate. >>. >> what's going to happen is until we chamg campaign finan financing and overturn citizens
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united, this is the way it's going to go. that's what we have to do. she's vowed to overturn citizens united and that's important. >> she's got a big problem. bernie sanders entire campaign is build on a foundation of attacking wall street. everybody knows it. this is what young people love about them. i love the editorial cartoon i tweeted. it reached over a million and a half people. it shows a my lineal in bed and the book says bernie's fairy tales. tell me again and the evil rich guys and how i'm going to get a free eye. this is what bernie sanders is all about. for her to have this kind of relationship with wall street, bernie sanders is going to of course, benefit. >> a republican like you being upset about wall street, almost all of your candidates are going to target wall street. >> this is nothing to do with republicans. hillary clinton ultimately may be taken out by the argument.
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>> who would convert fighting? >> there's a fight among the sanders people and the clinton people. look, until we change, the bigger issue, bernie is right. >> that's back and forth. this is what she's already done as far as the money she has raised. >> bernie is correct. until we change the system, we're not going to have a descent electoral system in the country. >> demonizing wall street and the financial accompany. >> i don't know if she would be in agreement with that but she's had to go so far left to keep up. >> define so far left like it's a deshl thing. >> she's had to become much of a progressive than before. new polls shows bernie sanders being better against the republicans than hillary clinton. in a head to head match up clinton types cruz at 45 and trails rubio 48-41. sanders does much better. it's astounding.
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beating trump by 10 points 39-49. he wins against cruz 36-42. so many said all along bernie sanders will never be the nominee on the democratic side. he'll never be president of the united states. really? >> they also say that about donald trump. a lot of people had to rethink this. we're so far down the rabbit hole no one can believe it. at this point anything's possible. i would have to say the polls show they're not reliable when they predicted iowa. i'm not sure about any of this head to head stuff yet. more has to be flushed out to see what happens. there's a huge enthusiastic amount of support for this democrat socialist out of vermont. it blows my mind but everything has. >> and the democratic socialist by the way. in any event. >> we know that the polls are not right. look what happened in kentucky. look what happened in iowa where everybody thought the polls
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where it all becomes a close third. these polls at this point with so many movable parts don't mean a whole lot. >> there's a time where they want to support any nomination, bring on bernie sanders. that's the best thing that could happen to republicans. >> you're scared of progressives. >> you're right. it's a progressive country. >> we can agree on that. i'm scared. i'm very scared. >> have a great weekend guys. good to seeboth. time now for mine. not sure if you watched the democratic debate. while must of the post debate has been about how clinton and sanders went after each other, i was intrigued by something that happened right after. one of the moderators did something i've never seen before after a debate. she hugged both the candidates. >> we want to thank the candidates for taking part in this event. >> the people of new hampshire,
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you guys get to vote in just five days. can't wait. >> all right. so watch closely here. it looks like bernie sanders starts the hug fest by offering everything first. it may have put her in a weird fix. of course, she's hugged by him. she has to be fair and balanced so she hugs hillary clinton. let me turn it this way for a minute. can you imagine the uproar if one of the fox news moderators went up on stage and hugged any of the g.o.p. candidates after the debate. obviously, she's a democratic opinion journalist so it's no surprise she's voting for a democrat but it did seem odd. saturday night when the g.o.p. candidates debate, let me know if you see any hugs. the pharmaceutical industry, hillary clinton called out two companies specifically. i want to go after the pharmaceutical companies increasing prices without any
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regard to the impact on people's health. >> timing was interesting since the accompany oes ceo was on capitol hill earlier in the day pleading the fifth. interesting to note the political donation. he gave the max amount for a personal donation 2,700 to bernie sanders. in july of last year he gave over $33,000 to democratic senatorial campaign committee. new details emerging on the gruesome plan to kill a 13-year-old girl carrying her yell yellow minions blanket. plus jeb bush unveiling his secret weapon putting his mom on the campaign trail. whether he should have had them on the trail sooner. a deadly scene in manhattan after a crane collapses. what may have been the cause.
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and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. . welcome back to the real story. jeb bush getting help on the campaign trail, his momma bear. former first lady barbara bush joining him on stage for the first time since he announced his bid for the white house. telling voters in new hampshire jeb has the character to lead this country. >> i don't know how women can vote for someone who said what he said about megan kelly. it's terrible. money doesn't buy everything. it's accomplishments and what
11:16 am
you're doing and giving. it's incomprehensible to me. he's descent and honest. he's everything we need in a president. >> joining me now, somebody who knows her well. former white house press secretary to george w. bush, her other son. great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> the question is why wasn't momma bear out there earlier? >> i think jeb's challenge was to make sure people understood what he did and not be under the bush family. there's an appropriate time you roll under and bring in your big hitters. >> the thing is he seemed to shy away from the bush name. his campaign slogan is jeb exclamation point. in the resent debates and interviews he's been saying look, i'm proud of the bush name. why didn't he roll them out when he was saying that? >> i think he's always said
11:17 am
that. jeb has all times been proud of who he is as a mush. i'm not for jeb. i am neutral in this race. he knew, every candidate knows you have to prove who you are yourself whether you're hillary clinton, jeb bush or rand paul. >> okay. let's listen to something else. this is the second weapon in the arsenal. he has his brother george w. bush. now, the super pact has put out an add with him. >> the first job of the president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know he has a good heart and a strong backbone. >> so again, they said that the intention was to do this nearing the end of the campaign. again, i'm going to ask, is it too close to the end for jeb bush? >> we'll find out. i think new hampshire is going to be crucial to jeb's future. i think no matter what happens he's in after new hampshire. you'll see this race start to win over by march 1st.
11:18 am
i don't know which side jeb is going to be on. >> all right. we're already down to just nine now. new polling shows trump well in the lead in new hampshire. 30%. rubio sernling to second place 17. c cruz not far behind. rubio looking stronger when it comes to the second choice. rubio is just three points behind trump. it's fascinating to look at the different imaginations. you can look at who did you vote for, did this person drop out? when you put first and second choice together is that extra special in your mind? >> it is. and you look out for can rubio be the surprise in iowa? ted cruz with the solid block to conquer the rest of the field with trump and rubio and bush and kasich carve each other up and leave ted with the greatest reality even not in new hampshire. this race is so multidimensional and it's because you have so many candidates who are running
11:19 am
descent enough races. previously, we're down to two candidates right now, maybe three. in new hampshire you got a lot who can hurt each other. >> we had a discussion about the polls and thought in iowa it didn't turn out the way it should have based on the polls. inside campaigns now, are they looking at different research or what are they doing? >> every good campaign has its own poll, own trackers and own consistent data they look at. what worries every campaign is late breakers. what's happening? historically they vote late because they get to enjoy the political season so much. they have all the candidates up there so often they take their time thinking about it and change their mind. it's the late breakers that drive campaigners crazy. >> we'll see what happens in new hampshire. great to see you. >> terrifying scene when a gunman dressed as a cop opens
11:20 am
fire leaving one dead. what led to that deadly assault? plus carolina panthers and denver broncos set to face off in super bowl 50 roimds. which team are you rooting for in the big team? tweet me and use hasht hashtag #realstory. coming up at the end of the show, who are you going with? >> denver. >> i'm taking carolina then. ♪ are y'all ready for me yet ♪ ♪ here i go, here i go, here i go, yo ♪ . [woodworker] i live in the fine details.
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:welcome back. new details of a murder of a sweet 13-year-old girl.
11:24 am
two virginia tech students planned out the murder. one of the suspects allegedly lured lovell out of her home on a date before killing her. the victim's former teacher talked about the incredible loss. >> her smile, everybody's going to tell you they're going to miss her smile. she had some kind of imagine rancic under her eyes and around her mouth. i will miss her potential. i looked forward to nicole years from now. >> an investigator in the case going on the record with gretta providing a firsthand look at the place where lovell's body was found. >> right in this area is where nicole's body was found. >> we are 20 yards off the highway. >> 20 yards off this paved strip, maybe 40 yards off the main highway. >> joining me now, ted williams,
11:25 am
criminal defense attorney. ted, i know you were in the courtroom all day yesterday. what are we to make of these two vi virginia tech engineering students, by the way, who didn't have criminal past, and they come up with a plot to kill a 13-year-old girl? >> you know, it's such a tragedy when you look at this. from all we've been able to claim is david eisenhower met young nicole on a social media site and they had gotten together and there was possibilities of them having some kind of a sexual relationship and as a result of that, young nicole was telling other students and everybody about her boy friend david eisenhower. david eisenhower decided that he wanted to kill her because he needed the shut up. if he was found criminally
11:26 am
reliable of this he would face sa sach tory rape. he got natalie involved and what she told authorities is this was exciting and secretive and she wanted to get involved. and the plot was they would lure this young child, nicole, from her home to a specific location where david eisenhower would cut her throat and then they would bury her. it's hard to believe that you've got human beings thinking this way, especially two virginia tech college students. >> i know. so for every parent and grand parent watching right now, this is how i felt when i heard about this case was we could be the parent to any of these children. it's such a tragedy and horrible story. one thing i wanted to bring out
11:27 am
to make parents aware is this kick app, this kik app that apparently kids can talk to each other and parents can't trace it at all. i know this accompany is working with the fbi and detectives. what else did you learn about whether or not they were using this? >> they are working with their and did work with them but it was after the fact, after this child was killed. what we also learned was that david eisenhower allegedly killed the child. nicole then is dumped in the back of david eisenhower's lexus and that natal eisenhower go to a walmart, they buy various apparatuses to clean the car. they then take this child to the north carolina virginia boarder and they dump her like she's just a piece of garbage. >> it's awful. the whole story is awful. apparently, they were on to them right away because some people
11:28 am
had talked about this relationship and also natalie had texted eisenhower the words police and that led them directly to her as well. ted, thanks much. >> my pleasure. >> playboy model who rose to become the queen of snap chat suddenly dies after a photo shoot. what was behind the tragic end of her life? and the scene behind ted cruz's win says they predicted it in iowa. we're going to share you some of their numbers and secrets. they got it much better than the regular polls. what do they know?
11:29 am
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[siri:] message. pick up milk. oh, right. milk. introducing the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. ♪ beth, what can i do... ♪ welcome back to the real story, bottom of the hour. analytical data, hard to say the teen behind ted cruz's victory say the numbers they crunched was closer to any data out there. how does that intro into the ground campaigning? first team identified a set of people considering both trump and cruz and then they were microtargeted with personal outreach and some was a personal phone call from ted cruz. they were ben broken down to categories. captains were ze sidesigned andn
11:33 am
a caucus book. those engaged had a conversion rate of 70%. joining me now, alexander. it's fascinating to look at all the work that goes into the ground game. it's more than just showing up in the state and giving a couple of speeches. >> that's right. actually, we started working on these analytics for the cruz campaign back in november 2014. it's been a monumental time to gather all the data and to start building the models and start identifying supporters and turn out targets. >> how do you do that? >> well, you start with an awful lot of data. you start by collecting data on every american voter and that will include demographic and geographic and consumer and life style information and then we put that with a study of
11:34 am
personality. that allows us to understand people's under lying drivers. >> i want to show people how you predicted the race would end up. cruz 26.8. that is almost dead on, alexander and you compare that to what ted said on the right there. you were so much closer than the poll. >> well, we're obviously working with a lot more data. people going to caucus and people's partisanship. rather than taking a small and extrapolating that across the state, we're getting into the weeds. >> you were doing work with dr.
11:35 am
ben carson. you're no longer doing anything with his campaign. you're moving with cruz to new hampshire and south carolina. have any of the other candidates called you? >> no, they haven't. >> why not? >> well, because we're working with cruz and he and his campaign had to fore site to understand modern campaign technologies could really impact the way they intend to run their campaign and they contacted under the circumstances early and have embraced these technologies have has been very. >> successful for them. let me ask you how you detect voters and such in new hampshire than in iowa? how is that different? everyone says the voter in new hampshire is different than the voter in iowa. >> that's right. at the end of the day people are people. by blending and understanding a personality with all the other data points we talked about age, gender, race, so forth. we're able to build a profile of the new hampshire voter and to
11:36 am
segment that in the ways we did in iowa. >> okay. have you made any predictions about new hampshire yet? >> i believe the campaign has a pretty good understanding of what's going on there. >> okay. we'll have to see what your numbers are at the very end compared to the polls, et cetera. it's fascinating to learn about this. everybody said ted cruz had an amazing ground game. >> thank you, gretchen. watch the terrifying moment the crane fell in downtown new york city later today. >> dropping it really quick. >> woe [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> oh my god. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> oh, it broke. >> this is new video showing the moment that that crane fell apart in manhattan crushing cars below. investigators say it was being moved into a secure position because of high winds today. one person walking near the scene was killed when the crane
11:37 am
fell. three others were hurt. crews have turned off gas and water in the area while they assess the situation. in the midst of this chaos, new york firefighters go rescue a bride. escorting the 25-year-old and her family through the crash scene so she could make it to her wedding. playboy model dies at the young age of 34. she had a stroke on monday. she never recovered. we're now learning an incident days before may have caused her untimely death. trace has been looking into that and is life with more. hi. >> hi. yeah, katy mays not a household name but millions of people will definitely recognize her place from appearances in playboy, sports illustrated and dozens of other magazines. she's mostly known for her social media presence. she was known as the queen of snap chat and routinely appeared on several well known websites.
11:38 am
last week she apparently fell during a photo shoot and injured her neck. she went to get checked out and was released the same day. she kept complaining about the pain, even went on twitter saying pinched a nerve in my neck on a photo shoot and got adjusted this morning. it really hurts. any home remedy suggestions, loves? xoxo. on monday katy may suffered a mass e stroke. doctors believe the stroke was caused by a blockage in her artery. she remained in critical condition until she was taken off life support late last night. we spoke to a doctor about what likely happened. listen. >> if she had a fall and she really experienced trauma to the artery which goes up the lateral or side of your neck into the brain and feeds the circulation of brain, any acollusion or bloj aj of that artery can result in a termination of blood flow to
11:39 am
one part of the brain, half the brain and that's a big problem. >> he went on to say a 34-year-old having a stroke is a very rare occurrence. she had a 7-year-old daughter. a gofund deme page has been set up to help the daughter. anyone lucky enough to know her was blessed by her incredible heart, mind and soul. >> what a freak accident. thank you so much. at least three gunman opening fire at a hotel in dubland, irela ireland. two suspects dressed as preliminary started shooting killing one and wounding others. hundreds were there for a boxing weigh in event. one of boxers were set to fight for the first time since the killings of his father and uncle
11:40 am
investigation underway by a possible cheating by cadets at a state police academy. what prompted that and how did they find out? plus on super bowl sunday viewers are watching the adds as well as the game. we'll
11:41 am
... ... ... ...
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♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? shepard smith on the fox news desk. an overcrowd on the campaign trail. not for donald trump but for jeb bush as his mom joined him on the stage. the former first lady has a message for her son's rival, donald trump. you'll hear from her and we'll get analysis from chris wallace when shepard smith reporting begins in 17 minutes.
11:44 am
>> welcome back to the real story. here's something you don't see every day. an ostrich rescue. zoo keeper at the pittsburgh zoo tried to bribe the big bird back to land. the ostrich took the pole. when all else fails, the zoo keeper took the icy plunge pushing the massive bird back to shore and safety. details at an alleged cheating ring. cadets under investigation after a cheat sheet was discovered. rick is looking into this and here live with more. >> i spoke to law enforcement who called this shocking. a military structure with lots of oversite and everyone is there to do the right thing. the pennsylvania state police confirmed an internal investigation is underway prompted by the discovery of a
11:45 am
cheat sheet used by one of the exams. the scope of the probe is unprecedented and dozens of cadets may be involved. the cops attend a six month course where they take courses in police procedure, weapons driving techniques and cpr. they get a $600 a week salary. the current class started with 116 cadets and some have washed out. there were 88 left when the cheat sheet was found in the investigation launch. pennsylvania state commissioner says integrity and honor are core values of his agency and in a statement he went on to say we will leave no stone unturned. those engaged in certain behavior face swift discipline. a police academy graduate told
11:46 am
me he wouldn't look left or right unless he was told to. the most surprising thing so many others would be willing to risk their careers. >> unbelievable story. rick, thanks much. in case you haven't heard, super bowl weekend and the big game means big deals for you. how you can save serious cash on everything from tvs to pizzas to even spa appointments. i'm not kidding. ♪
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oh remotes, you've had it tough. watching tvs get... ...sharper... ...bigger... ...smugger. and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back! the x1 voice remote is here. messy commute this morning for millions of americans from the mid-atlantic up to the northeast. a man under arrest after police say he lost control of a small drone that crashed into the empire state building. when he went to request his drone back they called the
11:50 am
police instead. and spectacular images from southern japan where a well known volcano erupted. accompanied injuries so far. it's a big one. this week marks super bowl sunday, number 50. it's the big game and good for football fans and tv rate examination a mega weekend for consumers with lots of deals to be had. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> we have liftoff. ♪ ♪ >> joining me now, personal finance expert, for those who can't go to the big game in person, there's something to be
11:51 am
said for just going out and buying yourself a new tv. >> and a car. 8.6 million new tvs sold for super bowl sunday. or will be sold. 189 million of us watching he big game and there are some deals. savings of $100, 200 tuesday, amazon9j2oahas 575-inch sony tvr a thousand dollars off. it's going for $2,000. that's a huge deal. all the major retailers, target, best buy, walmart, they've got knockal deals -- phenomenal deals on tvs. >> those are the deals coming up on the screen there. >> going quickly but i checked on amazon and it's still available. >> there are anymore tvs to show? the send -- sony 75-inch. >> theser name-brand tvs. >> it's the biggest day of the year for pizza#?álxk deliveries. any deals for that? >> big day. 13 million buys we're expected to buy. with domino's selling 12 million
11:52 am
slices. all of the major seize a guys -w pap -- papa john's, the types of deals out there. pizza hut is running its special, a new garlic pizza. 16 garlic knots stuffed with cheese around the base of the that. one of those, 12.99. >> i haven't had carbs since late october. when you talk pizza to me, want to pass out thinking about it. it sounds so good. not the liquid thing, no carbs. might have to cheat on sunday. >> the biggest -- second biggest eating day behind thanksgiving. >> fer those who have very little interest in watching the game, theren98%ú are some deale had as well. like spa appointments. >> a slow day for spas so you can get in there and get anything you want. a massage, a facial, it's really slow, and there's some
11:53 am
significant bargains going on there. it's also a good time to see a broadway show. some of those hard to get intosç ones. vacant on super bowl sunday. and really hot restaurants, haven't been able to get in super bowl sunday is your day. >> many super bellevuers -- super bowl viewers will be watching the ads. what the strategy for potential customers to lure in people to buy after the fact. >> the ads inspire nostalgia and hit on our emotions resonates well with consumers. this is an interesting ad you're playing now. the new audi commercial. this is a good one. an astronaut who is retired, comes home, not feeling all that great about what is ahead for the future and his son takes him in an audi, and it's like going to the moon. odd di's fastest vehicle to dade. an expensive car but the top of ad that will resonate well because it touches on the emotions and tells a story. >> also playing david bowie's
11:54 am
music. >> and showing the picture. >> and she just passed away. >> one of to ther more critical element as well, these are 5 million for 30 seconds. they must be thinking they're getting something out of this to get in the game. >> i know. the ads have become so much more important. last year they were a bust. >> but if you can tell a story and touch on emotions and you know your target
11:55 am
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we have had discussions -- >> welcome back to "the real story." you can see roger goodell speaking before the super bowl. let listen in just for a minute because he was talking about recreational use of marijuana for nfl players and the teams going to be leaving their home towns and going to california. >> the best interests of our players and the long-term health of our players. i don't foresee a change in that.ww clearly in the short term but we'll continue to be in touch with our medical personnel. if that changes we'll discuss it. >> as you can see he was talking about the medical use of marijuana there let's check out what america is clicking on. bernie sanders reporters get the boot from tinder. >> table for one, please, hungry baby sea lion finds it was into a fancy san diego restaurant. students in one colorado
11:59 am
school district are ban from wearing peyton manning jerseys to school because the number is considered game-related, and in violation of the dress code there. a lot of us are going up for the big game on sunday, who will you be rooting for. that was the question of the day. dan says in the words of james taylor, carolina in my mind. steve will be rooting for the broncos even though he thinks it will be tough. and donald will be happy no matter what happens help says it would be nice for peyton to go out on top but carolina had an awesome season. i have some other ones. some people sent in minnesota vikings, you know i love the vikings. they had that heartbreaker game with the missed field goal in playoffs. a good one for mine. met my husband in denver, married at red rocks chap sol holds a special place in my heart. also, thank you for sending me the carb-free pizza recipes. i'm going to be probably doing
12:00 pm
that over the weekend because everyone else will be eating the real thing you make the crust with eggs? sounds pretty good. thank you for being here for a great week on "the real story." i'm gretchen carlson. here's shep. >> the republican candidate jeb bush breaking out the big gun. here comes mom. >> he's everything we needmgç ia president. [applause] >> of course, donald trump has mocked jeb bush for getting, quote, help from his mommy, as he put it, and today barbara bush return fire. you'll hear it. on the democratic side. polls schober any sanders keeping his lead in new hampshire but we have seen surprises there before, and we'll explain why that state is so hard too predict. the national poll that could have the clinton camp concerned. i'll speck with chris wallace about all of it. so let's get to it.


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