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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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that over the weekend because everyone else will be eating the real thing you make the crust with eggs? sounds pretty good. thank you for being here for a great week on "the real story." i'm gretchen carlson. here's shep. >> the republican candidate jeb bush breaking out the big gun. here comes mom. >> he's everything we needmgç ia president. [applause] >> of course, donald trump has mocked jeb bush for getting, quote, help from his mommy, as he put it, and today barbara bush return fire. you'll hear it. on the democratic side. polls schober any sanders keeping his lead in new hampshire but we have seen surprises there before, and we'll explain why that state is so hard too predict. the national poll that could have the clinton camp concerned. i'll speck with chris wallace about all of it. so let's get to it.
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>> first from the fox news deck this friday afternoon, donald trump dropped an f-bomb and a four-let s-word for ex-excrement as a am pain rally last night. now that he is so over his loss in iowa, he is over the winners so-called dirty tricks. the word from trump today and an about-face after he demanded a redo of the iowa caucus and accused ted cruz of voter fraud. trump focusing on new hampshire. instead of staying in new hampshire last night he flew home to new york and says he couldn't get back this morning because of the snow. missed his only campaign stop today in the state. last night it wasn't just trump seeing an overflow crowd but also jeb bush, a huge audience showed up to see the bush campaign's new weapon, his mom. the former first lady, barbara bush, now temping for her son in new hampshire. that a shift from when bush played down his famous last name.
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remember, jeb! trump tweeted a couple of weeks ago, just watch general's ad where he desperately needed mommy do help him. jeb, mom can't help you we isis, the chinese, or putin. today barbara bush got the chance to respond and said, compared to donald trump, her son might be too nice. >> he's so polite. we brought him up that way. and he does not brag like some people we know. who h. >> who are you talking about? >> i can't remember. >> you think someone else that is running for president is bragging too much. >> uh-huh. i'm not getting in a spitting match with him. he can spit further than i can. >> when donald trump rescheduled his rally set for today in new hampshire, bush was quick to respond. he tweeted,@trump, with a picture, my 90-year-old mom made it out to campaign, she met destiny, age five. the response from trump so far, twitteräyççó silence.
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the countdown to new hampshire is fox's top story. ed henry is following the democrats. first, let's get to campaign carl cameron live in hole has, new hampshire, on a beautiful day this afternoon. wow. the snow changed things there a little, huh? >> well, it's stopped now, and it is beautiful, but it was almost whiteout can bees earlier today, and for that reason trump wasn't able to get his plane out of new hampshire and come over to campaign. this second day he has missed campaigning in new hampshire. he has an event this evening and south carolina and we're standing on what may some day, me a, be referred to as the 2016 site of the battle of the barn john kashich has an event here and i asked him after the event what he had to say about donald trump. he has resisted and been reduck tenant to talk about trump because he wants to run a positive campaign, but as you reported the language used by trump at his event last nightr4ç and yesterday earlier in the day
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dialogue here, and whether or not that's appropriate, and kashich dismissed it, denigrated it and said it's not appropriate. watch. >> if you want to be president of the united states, you're going to be commander in chief you have to be firm, strong, cool, and uplifting. something, fine issue saw reagan do it, i've seen other people get upset. i saw clinton do it. but you want to spare it. and you don't want to just lose your temper. you're the president of the united states. you're the father of america. >> kashich just held his 99th 99th town hall and will let 100, landmark mccain set and he broke, and when kashich walked out of the billing he was ambushed by his staff 0 who peppered him with snowballs. not uncommon in the new hampshire primary but you have to be here to participate in and it they were saying the snow can
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be fun and doesn't have to keep you trapped in new york. >> updated polls. >> reporter: marco rubio does have momentum in the polls that shows he has now moved up into second place in one particular poll he is in a statistical tie with ted cruz, cruz is a couple points behind. another poll from public radio out of boston suggests that cruz has lost a lot of ground. while trump has come down a little bit, he does still have a very comfortable lead, but the story seems to be eamericanning marco has momentum and could do very well here and cruz may slip from his iowa win. having said that, the likes of john kashich, chris christie, and jeb bush, this is do or die for them. having not really competedps-tv in iowa. if they don't have a strong showing and show they're rising in the polls and game are more popularity, the 2016 battle of the barn in hollis for kashich might be his last. althoughly he has a couple snow
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>> bernie sanders taking a huge chunk out of hillaryzxclinton's lead nationwide in the latest poll from quinnipiac. secretary clinton up two points, statistical tie in december she had a 31-point lead over senator sanders. and with just four days left until the new hampshire primary top with an average of 57 points. that's according to the average from the real clear polls. remember, clinton and sanders faced off in their first one-on-one debate last night. secretary clinton came out hard at the beginning, her most aggressive outing yet according to analysts. policy issues, health care, and how to deal with wall street. team fox coverage continues now. ed henry live in new hampshire. she really seemed on the offensive, especially at the beginning there, ed. >> reporter: no doubt. in fact i spoke to her chief
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strategist, joel bennett this morning, and he doesn't put much stock in that quinnipiac poll and insists she has a birth national lead, but they do realize, as you pointed out the momentum nationally and on the ground in new hampshire has shifted in bernie sanders' favor. he was much further behind in december and january, and that is why i think you're absolutely right. she came out, she was feistier last night. she pushed bam, told bernie sanders to cut out the personal attacks about her ties to wall street, and she also told democrats, all around the country, who might be nervous about a potential indictment from the fbi investigation, that she thinks she'll be just fine. wat)e@ >> i am 100% confident, this is a security review that was requested. it is being carried out. it will be resolved. but i have to add, if there's going to be a security review about me, has to be security reviews bat lot of other people, including republican officedwççç
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holders becausefqgx we've got ts absurd situation of resident row -- retroactive classifications. >> reporter: she is behind double digits near new this race goes south to places like south carolina, she has much better chances. >> on sanders, you were at one of his events today. how was the crowd? >> reporter: it was huge. as i was walking in the fire marshal was literally counting me and others and about to reach 500 people, which is capacity why is that significant? i was in the same spot with former president bill clinton a couple of weeks ago and he hadqa much smaller crowd. a good crowd, but nowhere near 500. and that is why sanders believes he does have a lot more excitement, energy, and he told his folks, turn out next tuesday. watch. >> i hope very, very much, that on tuesday, they there will be large voter turnout in new hampshire. i hope you come out to vote and
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bring your friends, and your neighbors. and i hope that in the first primary of this campaign season that the people of new hampshire, stand up loudly and proudly, and say that, yes, we are going to take on powerful special interests. >> reporter: and interesting, as he was speaking there were another 100 people out here where i am in the snow, listening to him. they couldn't get in but still listening. >> ed henry, thank you. let's8÷k'k turn to chris wallac, host of "fox news sunday." % afternoon. this new poll has him in a statistical dead heat. are we to make much of that. >> oh, yeah. one of clinton's big arguments is that she is electable and bernie sanders isn't and he is just a regional candidate, hampshire, but not across the south where the campaign is
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going to turn after tuesday. not only does he basically tie her in the national poll but when they did the runoffs, head-to-head matchups-sanders versus the leading republicans, clinton versus the leading republican, he actually does >> let's look at those. we have them -- the clinton one. >> spend the money. >> the clinton poll first. this clinton poll. here are the numbers. secretary clinton in a potential matchup against donald trump, she wins 46-41. clinton versus cruz, it is absolutely even, 45-45. and then clinton versus marco rubio, marco rubio is the winner. no to you sanders, senator sanders against donald trump, it's a 49-39 beating there. sanders over cruz, 46-42. and sanders over rubio, all tied up. his numbers in this national poll are much better. that said, the republicans have not really been going after him in the way they've gone after
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secretary clinton. the widespread think can that republicans believe he is easier to boat. no -- to beat. no? >> that may be true but the point is in this primary right now, for instance, over the next few days between now and tuesday, one of the clinton arguments is, look, i understand your affection for san kess and it's kind of a fling with a guy ç and these very liberal causes but not electable you won't win with him. and he can show the polls showing i do better than you do. now, you can argue down the line and after the attacks and all of that but the fact is the numbers today, he does better than she do guess thence top republican. >> on the other side, few things have come together and i want to know what you make of them. last night, donald trump dropping the f bomb, and then the four-let s word, and then going home to new york, not getting to new hampshire, no events there today, but saying he is focused on new hampshire. all of a sudden the redo he was asking for and the fraud he was
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claiming from iowa is over, and what is going on with that campaign and is he still fully in this? >> i think he's fully in it, but i think that a lot of people who thought, well, look, trump is crazy like a fox, and that a lot the campaign were to just get attention and as he became a serious candidate he would become more disciplined and a lot of people thought that his very gracious statement after he lost in iowa was a sign of that, but he seems to have come off the rails in the last few days. saying i'm going to sue over the results in iowa, then backs off that. he is dropping profanities, obscenities on the campaign trail. can't be a good thing to do plenty of nice hotels in new hampshire. you could actually spend the night here and then he could have driven around like everybody else did. instead he has to go home and sleep in the trump tower. it's not the way a serious candidate campaigns.
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so, i have to say, it has raised questions in my mind whether he is -- i think he is in, i'm just not sure he has the discipline to be a serious candidate. >> and does he want to spend the money you have to spend on ground games. it's not -- these sec primaries-getting people out so many states at one time after south carolina, there's a lot of heads. >> absolutely. and he has been apparently asked by his staff, let's put moreground game in. i can tell you from the cruz campaign it is data driven. they have profiles on every single voter in iowa, for instance. you can't do that just with turning out a thousand people at a rally. it's not the way primaries work. >> not at all. chris wallace, great to see you. we'll speak with three republican presidential candidates on fox news sunday, the former florida governor, jeb ç today and making a show and striking distance in the polls in new hampshire. who knows. then there's ohio governor, john kashich, who is very much in this is a well, and the new jersey governor, chris christie,
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some questions probably for him as well and they'll all be the guest of our man, chris wallace, this sunday, on "fox news sunday", check your local fox stations around the country. what to know more before the what to expect in new hampshire? we'll take you to a county that has been a very reliable predictor of the republican primary and we'll hear directly from voters there. that's coming up from the texasx news deck on this friday afternoon.
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hear about the crane collapse this morning during rush hour in new york city? wow. new video shows the moment the thing crash down on to a street, cave neglect roofs of cars and crushing one man to death. >> moving fast now. dropping quick. [bleep], [bleep], holy [bleep]. >> oh! >> it broke! holy [bleep] >> really incredible scene. the collapse also hurt several other people at least one of them seriously. really so lucky because that street at this time of day -- this is the tribeca neighborhood.i% it's so often teeming with people. the snow might have happened. people are still a little, don't want to be out in snow. we're not so used it to. ten blocks north of the world trade center this is in tribeca. new york city mayor bill de blasio said workers were moving the crane as a precaution
12:18 pm
because there were some fairly strong winds. i guess this crane company brings the crane down when winds are gusting at 25 miles-per-hour. it was approaching that and they were trying to move it into a position of saved, and as they did it went down. relative says the man who died was harvard educated immigrant who worked at a financial firm. hit sister-in-law described him as the most brilliant person ever. forths took time to help a bride who got caught in the chaos. you can see them leading her through the area, trying too get her down to city hall for a ceremony that was to go down this morning. so on a snowy windy morning, crane comes crashing down in the middle of america's biggest city, and david lee miller has the news. he is live in lower manhattan for us this afternoon where the snow has melted but the trouble remains. david lee? >> reporter: you just made a very good point. as bad as this was it could have
12:19 pm
been a great deal worse. the collapse took place during rush hour. lower manhattan streets very congested at this hour. that is a street behind me that is largely commercial in nature. many people at that time of day going to work. first responders, however, after the collapse, were ona the scee within minutes. take a look at this video recorded by tmz. >> drop the sign down. >> just fell, right? >> reporter: authority says at the time of the crane's collapse it was being secured because of those high winds. but especially significant here, pedestrians were being steered away from the street as a precaution. after the collapse, the mayor said other steps were taken throughout she buyer city to pre -- she entire city to prevent the collapse of similar cranes. >> we're instructing right now all 376 crawler cranes to be
12:20 pm
secured. whatever is the most secure position for them in a wind condition they've all been ordered to be secured immediately. >> reporter: after the crane's collapse, gas lines nearby were shut down. subways were also shut down, and the mayor says it's going to take several days until this portion of lower manhattan, tribeca, is going to return to normal. >> david lee milner the mid -- miller in the middle. thank you. a nuh-uh flubbed in the proxy wore between the united states and russia in syria. how russia is apparently helping syria's murderous dictator bashar al-assad take over sierra's -- syria's largest city, ahelp pa -- aleppo. we have an analyst how it affects the united states in a big way. that's after this. this is joanne.
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23 minutes past the hour. there's word syrian troops are gearing up for what could be one of the bloodiest battles yet the proxy war, one that pitted the united states, saudi arabia and turkey, against russia and iran. activists in syrian state-run media report that government forces and iranian-backed militants are advancing toward aleppo with the help of russian airstrikes. pentagon officials say the syrian regime overestimated its gains. aleppo is syria's large e city and divided between rebel held areas and areas under control of the murderous dictator there, bashar al-assad. officials in turkey say 10,000 syrian men, women and children hear of have gather evidence near its border to escape the fighting and some 70,000 more on the way. the refugee cries is stunning
12:25 pm
and images -- crisis is stubbing and images fromcxsa aleppo. take a close look at this. this is a beautiful city. this is what it looked like before this civil war began. what is now a proxy war between the united states and russia. that is a gorgeous spot, isn't it? now look at this. oh, man. i can mess up anything. here we go. there it is. government air strikes. mortarses, barrel bombs, reduced entire sections of the huge city to ruin. hundreds of thousands of people reportedly trapped in the war-torn city. you can see right here, these are buses stacked one on top of another, and then this is a white sheet they've put up above. it's draped there to help protect from sniper fire. another image here, you can see a worker on top stringing those sheets across, again, to stop the snipers, and here you can see a piece of construction equipment that the rebels turn into some sort of home made
12:26 pm
weapons system. some video here. the united states has been supporting those rebels while russia has been propping up the assad regime. u.s. officials have repeatedly accused mass do you of targeting the rebels, even though putin claims he is fighting isis, and again, this is what that city in ruins now used to look like before this proxy war between states and russia ended it all and the civil war there destroyed much of that country. it is mighty sad to see. tara smaller is a former military analyst for the cia how do you unwinds this? civil wars normally end with the other or peace talks and it doesn't look like we're anywhere near either. >> absolutely. how too you unwinds this is right? heartbreaking and this is not a good week the peace talks that were starting this week have stalled. so, there's not being progress on that front. and what you see now is you really do see the russians ramping up their efforts to help
12:27 pm
assad and you're seeing this take place now with what is going on in aleppo and going to present both a security problem for syria, a humanitarian problem for syria and for the united states as well. >> it is not as if russia is new in syria. russia has had outposts and large influence in syria for a long time. the thing with russia now is -- tara you know this -- if russia loses this side, if they can't allow the dictator there to murder his own people and win this war, russia is in big trouble. >> absolutely. and it is a little bit mere problematic now, even though they've been there a while. we are trying to have peace talks and if the rushings are supposed to be participating they can't pay lip service and say they're participating and trying too be helpful if they're continuing to bombard opposition groups trying to bring to the table as part of the discussions, because that's going to make peace tuck talks unravel. usually in peace talks it's not
12:28 pm
atypical to start and stop put you want to get some sort of temporary cease fire in place, get parties to halt, even if temporarily to get the dialogue overly's mess stick, they're set to resume and we have seen peace talks in other countries start and stop but this weekas not good you don't want to see peace talks start two days, nothing they're angry. >> very soon there are people who would fill the giants stadium on the border of/k turk, where no homes and nowhere for these refugees to be. what can the world do? >> i know. it's really easy to sit here, talking about it and not really understand the magnitude, and to put it in perspective there was drone footage of the third largest city in syria and it's complete devastation, buildings night ground -- >> and homes.
12:29 pm
we showed those yesterday. >> we're that talking about thousands thousands of people trapped in a si. we're talking about hundreds of thousands thousands of people being killed and millions of people displaced. the drone footage which was in the imagine takes up fairly large swaths of the side of mid-town manhattan, densely populated areas. i think the city of aleppo had almost 2 million people in 2004 and a lot thereof those have been displayed. this is not a village. these are major cities and it's a huge problem in terms of been speak about over the past couple of months, going into europe and other places, and there's known to be more displaced because of the past week in aleppo. >> more than a million people live there. there's no glass. there nor homes standing. in a place -- it's very densely built, and almost like it would
12:30 pm
be in manhattan except much shorter, and every single building down, everyá+íx single- it looks like you would have to just rip it all down and start over somehow, and they have no money, they have no stability, they have no government that works and millions of people with nowhere to go. it seems like a crisis we'll be dealing with for decades. >> we are. it's a crisis we'll"t> tara, nice to talk to you. thank you.
12:31 pm
>> you, too thank you. >> coming up, we head back to new hampshire for more on the republican race. and johnny football, always the center of controversy. now johnny manziel being accused of beating up his girlfriend. he is not being charged. his father has spoken out. his father says his son needs help. says he needs help before he ends up dead. a very, very serious situation. we'll get details straight away. this just got interesting.
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america's heroes have a if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> more headlines from the fox news deck. a man accused of beginningses down his wife and posting a picture of her body on facebook, sentenced today to life in prison. a jury in miami convicted derrick medina of murder in november for shoot legislation wife up to eight times in the couple's kitchen. the man claimed he was forced to kill his wife after he says she physically abused him for years. at cape canaveral, 190 few
12:34 pm
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politics in full swing and more on the republican battle for new hampshire. analysts say one part of the state in particular, one part, has been the best bellwether for new hampshire's g.o.p. primary. john roberts is there, live in new hampshire. >> reporter: i.
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telling that she is still moving forward with a protective order against johnny manziel. that tells us there's concern and fear on her part. >> the police say they've closed the books on this. does that mean if she begins to cooperate now, that they couldn't re-open them? >> absolutely not. certainly they concluded at this point what they have, they cannot move forward but if we said she was willing to testify they can open it back up. here's another point. the legal component seems to be over for now about(>wççxdç thatt have anything to do with the nfl's investigation of what is going on here. >> there are lot of different ways that victims or alleged victims can conduct themselves. sometimes you might not do something because of fear. sometimes you might not do something because you are really fond of this person and don't want to hurt them. but there's another way to think about this. his father says johnny manziel needs help. >> we have steen a pattern. not the first time this couple
12:42 pm
has had this type of violent accusation of an incident in october they had a roadside discrepancy, police called out. reports taken, failure to prosecute, and the nfl did nothing there that is weird to me because after the ray rice incident, roger goodell spoken occupant they have a reformed domestic violence policy. if they conclude that dike violence occurred, stick game suspension minimum. so i am looking for the nfl in light of an investigation still underway here, to possibly do something, and in terms of johnny and his substance abuse and this family, they want him to go back to rehab but the violence needs to be addressed. >> i know your a football fan and a panthers fan. >> go panthers. >> back in college, the memorys of johnny manziel negotiating into tuscaloosa and the bryant denny stadium and rolling all eve alabama in a way that no one had seen. you wonder if there were warning signs then if people knew then when he was at texas a&m, if
12:43 pm
because he is such a big star, things didn't happen that maybe shouldn't have. >> they say winning masks a lot of ailments, especially in the big spotlight. a heisman trophy winner, big expectations for him. even after his first couple of years not sor10fr impressive, te browns went 3-13, people were saying thatwms9u the dallas cows were still looking at him potentially. i don't know if that type of thing can continue now but a the cowboys picked up hardy last year in light of his domestic violence issues, didn't work ouç well. so johnny has both on field and off-field issues here. >> hopefully they, work this out. >> and very scary. >> thank you nor coming by. the nation's unemployment rate, did you hear about this? it hit an eight, year low today. we haven't been below 5% in unemployment in eight year, now we're at 4.9. but investors didn't seem to like the latest jobs report and what it had to say. the number of new jobs is
12:44 pm
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>> wall street, another triple digit loss for the dow. there's a weak jobs report, which is weird because the unemployment rate is down to 4.9%. back up three years and that would have seemed like the greatest thing on earth possible. and, yes, nothings good. the labor department reports the economy added 151,000 jobs but that is down significantly from december and well below what the analysts were expecting. they were expecting 190,000. the unemployment rate is down, which is really great news. the problem dismiss people are underemployed and the wages are not where we would like them to be. peter barnes is live in washington. what industries are hiring.
12:48 pm
>> reporter: hiring last mock including retailer, which added 58,000 jobs. a rebound from no gains during the weak holiday shopping season. health care grew by 44,000 positions, as hospitals and home healthcare companies continue to hire. leisure and hospitality was up 44,000 jobs last month. mainly restaurants and bars. people like to go to them during cold weather. manufacturing added 29,000 jobs, especially in computer and vehicle parts, always in demand, and construction grew by 18,000 positions last month, mainly in residential houston -- housing which continues to recover. >> wages are up. right? >> yes, wages last month rose at a good pace. finally. by a half a percentage point. the biggest monthly increase in a year, to $25.39 an hour. strong wages are something you expect when the unemployment rate cracks five percent, falls below that, and something the president welcomed, of course.
12:49 pm
>> this progress is finally starting to translate into bigger paychecks. over the past six months wages have grown. at their fastest rae since the crisis. >> over the last year, hourly wages are up two and a half percent, but critics say that is still not good enough. especially with unemployment falling. even the left-leaning economic policy institute said today, quote, job creation and wage growth need to be far stronger and they need to remain strong for a longer period of time before the economy is close to full employment. wage growth up two and a half percent as far from any reasonable target. >> thank you very much, peter barnes. some stocks are getting crushed. a. son at the top of the list. look tell dow 30. you see most of the dow 30 in the red today. amazon, crushed. down 32 bucks today. off -- more than six percent
12:50 pm
dade. affection -- facebook down. netflix crushed, down 7-1/2%, and alphabet, parent company of google, way down, a 22 bucks on the session. big stocks, big names, the thinking was they'd all be doing very well and did last year. think about amazon, up more than hundred% last year, and netflix, and they're tanking today and this week. the so-called affluenza teen, ethan couch, dodged prison after killing anymore a dui crashed. then escaped to mcwhile on probation. when investigators caught him and hauled him back the united states the judge put him in juvenile detention. no more juvy for you. couch is getting a new place to call home and it probably won't like it much. that's next. hyeah?m. we've got allstate, right? uh-huh.
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just got this word before the commercial. affluenza teen is now in what one sheriff called big boy jail. fox news confirmedr)frb that etn couch has been transferred to an adult jail. the teen who killed four people while driving drunk but got a slap on the wrist because the defense claim he had a case of affluenza, too rich and spoiled to know better. he ran off to mexico with his mom after a video leak that apparently showed him at a beer pong game, violation of probation. trace gallagher has the news. this just happened, huh? >> reporter: it's a surprise because even though ethan couch turns 19 in april hi" case as all been in the juvenile system and during the detention hearing the judge ruled he would stay in the juvenile system until his next hearing on february 19th
12:55 pm
february 19th but he was transferred because it's easier to segregate him in the adult jail than the juvenile jail. we are talking bat he profile inmate in a small jail so has been pulled out of they situation. he is listed as an inmate in the tarrant county jail, the same place his mom was held before she was released on bond. the mom remains under house arrest and -- in her oldest son's home in tarrant county. couch's transfer guess news to the sheriff and mothers against drunk driving who were pushing hard for him to be treated like an adult. ethan couch's attorney had expected him to stay in juvenile custody but said he would not fight moving him to an adult facility, so the next hearing will decide whether or not his case remains in the adult legal system which now almost seems like a certainty. >> trace, thanks. top of the hour and head lynns minutes away. first a look back at one authorize military's biggest
12:56 pm
unsolved blunders. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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>> not loving it. mcdonald's accomplished what seemed the impossible. turned one of the healthiest foods into a diet disaster. the new kale caesar salad has more calories than a big mac. the sal laid is available only in canada, packs 730 calories. the big mac has 530. the greek kale is better but still more than a six pack of nuggets. >> on this day in 1958 the u.s. military lost a nuclear bomb and apparent live it still has not turned up. the pilot of a b-47 bomber dropped the h-bomb into the waters off georgia after slamming into another jet during a training mission. somehow everyone onboard survived the crash and for months officials searched e searched for the missing weapon which is 60 times more powerful than the one that dropped or heir -- hiroshima. officials wrote its the best interests to leave the bomb
1:00 pm
where it is but an0&9yç h-bombt awol, 58 years ago today. when news breaks out, we'll break in because break news changes everything on fox news channel. cavuto is coming up. have a great weekend. see you next week. >> what if i told you this was built on a pretty good employment report, big selloff that had some thinking the federal reserve is still poised to hike rates. we're going to get into thing in that recallle -- rattled the street that got them thinking,x[ uh-oh, they're still going to raise rates. another number that is actually more nationally shocking. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, they're even. they're essentially even. a lead that she had north of 30 points, is now jump ball. ed henry, four days to new hampshire. holy cow. where are we?


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