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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 5, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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up. well, it's possible. you know how she feels about me. you don't? she hasn't gotten back? well, don't let that fool you. we're there. in fact, i'm leaving now. adele, on my way. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." the new hampshire primaries are only four days away and here's where the gop raise their stand as of now. the real clear politics average shows trump on top with 31%. rubio still in second place. and iowa's winner, cruz in third. cruz thinks rubio has gotten a big boost. not from his showing in iowa but from all the media attention that he's getting. >> if momentum were measured by the media, marco rubio would
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already be the republican nominee. i understand that in the media news rooms, and in the washington establishment circles, marco is the chosen one. >> is that right? rubio is taking it in stride. >> the other candidates seem to think you have momentum in this race? do you agree? and if so do you need to do more to defend yourself or just keep talking about what you're talking about. >> i hope we have momentum. we feel good about the progress we made in iowa and here now. when everybody is talking about you, you must be doing something right. >> donald trump is taking an interesting approach to get the hanks of new hampshire's are voters. >> the great slogan of new hampshire, live free or die means so much to so many people. all over the world they use that expression. it means liberty, it means freedom, it means free enterprise, it means safety and
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security, it means borders, it means strong, strong military where nobody will mess with us. it means taking care of our vets. what a great slogan. congratulations, new hampshire. wonderful job. >> nationally he is still at number one with cruz and rubio behind him. if they all finish in the top three on tuesday srgs it the end of the road for everyone else? a fair question. newt gingrich? >> marco has had the best run the past four or five days. so everybody who has to get past him. kasich, christie, bush, they have to shoot at him to try to get past him. if he come in third. if he and cruz and trump are the top three, they will have crowded out everybody else as a practical matter. >> all right. elbows out. what does that mean, bolling? >> i think it means everyone is in fact shooting at rubio. i just heard another, there is a big piece of the newspaper in
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nevada. they are now endorsing marco rubio. so the endorsements are starting to come in. of course it will make jeb bush and the other people not trump or cruz nervous. they want that lane. they want that nonoutsider lane. it feels like it's rubio and either trump or cruz. trump has to sit down and start shaking hands. i think he's done that. he'll fill a stadium. that's great. what he's doing now is changing the strategy. shaking hands in the smaller venl use. he will end up spending a lot of money. live free or die. live free or die. basically, it says that they're not like anyone else. they're certainly not like the people of iowa. which means i think they'll have a vastly different result in new hampshire than iowa. >> what are you thinking? get your pen, bolling. >> air ball. >> air ball? okay. when it is up there, it is up
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for anybody to grab, greg. the ball is in the air. >> we have to stop with the polls. i am polled out. every two minutes there is a new poll. it is worse than pictures of jasper or selfies of geraldo. they keep coming. and new hampshire is like 1.3 million people. so i think 60% of them only have land lines. that means that there are now officially more polls than people being polled. i've had it. and if write being polled in new hampshire, i would just lie. i would just tell them exactly the opposite. go, gilmore. gilmore girls. i would say gilmore girls. it will be a rubio sandwich. they're coming from both sides. like the slow kid at dodge ball. he will get hit a lot. he has to maintain his focus and he can't get defensive. as he young guy.
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when you look defensive when you're young, it doesn't look good. if i were somebody on that stage, i would call him senator rube-io. >> a clever one. don't quit your day job. >> you say don't quit your day job if it's bad. >> i was saying it is actually good. monty christy. or a cuban sandwich. >> you have kasich doing very well. a large number of endorsements. you mentioned christie and you have jeb spending a lot of money. resources there, brought out the family. his fabulous mom barbara out campaigning for him and the big guns, 43 double barreling it. >> jeb bush is hauling out his mother everywhere. which i think that barbara bush is an american icon and truly a treasure in a lot of ways i'm going to tell you a secret.
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a lot of people don't like my father but they love my grandmother who turns 105 on sunday. i think it is brilliant that he is bringing her out. he should have brought her out, brought out george w. a long time ago. >> i went trump, rubio and then air ball. >> excuse me. i say trump, rubio, cruz. right now it's fascinating. we'll see if this has legs. there should have been momentum for him for a long time coming. he pulled the best geblgs hillary, he has the young family, he's cuban. all the makings of a great candidate. it hasn't happened yet. if he doesn't come in second in new hampshire, he won't be the nominee. >> it is interesting to look at the die animal pick emerged with the potential alliances now, getting into place. the new york times replaced against rubio. right? he is seen as the guy who has
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been coming on in the last few days. i came back to something that greg is talking about. the polling. all 13 polls wrong in iowa. right now the question, and i think this is why he says, you see donald trump pouring more money in. he has to be worried that his voters won't show up in new hampshire. the polls indicate, no, he has an insurmountable lead. i'm starting to wonder about this. >> you know this because you've done this. it is harder to poll primaries. harder to poll caucuses than primaries. >> primaries are hard because of the last few days. you don't know who is jumping where. and there are still 40% undecided in the state of new hampshire. >> the electorate. >> i have a question for eric bolling. what happened with trump?
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why is he cursing at people? >> first, he says he didn't drop the f-bomb. he may have dropped the s-bomb. he said bomb the s out of them. >> here we are, seven and a half, eight minutes into "the five" and we're talking about trump's cursing. >> were you offended? >> i am not, i don't know politics, major politicians who show up and begin screaming pro fanlt at the crowd. up mrs. bush is out there. it love mrs. bush. i'm a great admirer of the first president bush to no end. to bring your 90-year-old mom? >> i'm telling you. >> what? you puft your best foot forward and she's his best foot. we haven't mentioned the rising star. the rising star is bernie sanders. and i say that if new hampshire
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goes in high, goes in strong on bernie sanders, they have to change their motto to live for free or die. >> isn't it amazing that new hampshire, live free or die. no tax state. is basically wanting to elect bernie sanders the socialist who believes in up to a 90% tax. >> he's from the neighboring state. >> i understand that. >> i live next to a methadone clinic. >> live free or die or don't. >> and it's true. bernie must be surging. at this table, before it was all we hate hillary so much. let's pump up bernie. now the idea that bernie might be the guy, hey, don't forget. he's a socialist. >> republicans can beat him like a drum if this is a nominee. this would be a cake walk. no american is going for this. i'm sorry i'm millennial myself. as much as i adore my generation for a lot of reasons, i don't think it is enough to get this man elected. >> but i have a red car.
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>> republicans are all about pumping up bernie because they thought hillary was it. now they're worried about bernie. >> i love it. >> i have a memo for you. you're not privy to our secret memos. that don't exist. >> i write your secret memos. >> i think he does. >> the former first lady, the bush dynasty. >> she's wonderful. the only part he has to play right now. >> there we go. the only card he has to play. >> that's what we're talking about in the b block. >> i think we're taking the b block now. >> it was b for bush. >> b squared. >> faceless friday. >> it broke today that jeb bush baupt. bought some ad time. south carolina will be his make or break it.
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>> he did the ads with his brother. >> i'm not sure. >> we'll get back to you on that when "the five" returns. we're still on the air, are not we? can the three governors in the race pull off a comeback in new hampshire? they need to. jeb bush tapping some of his favorite family friends. to help him stay in the race. barbara and george w.
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new hampshire is the live free or die state. it will be do or die for candidates like bush, kasich, christie and fiorina? jeb has just brought in his mom and big brother. >> our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong back bone. jeb will unite our country. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader who will keep our country safe. >> jeb is the nicest, wisest, most caring, loyal, disciplined, decent and honest, he is everything we need in a
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president. >> we'll start with you and go counter clockwise. >> i love it. i love it. i love it. i love the bush family. i like jeb. i think he is a great guy. i love w. i love 41. i love the mccains. what can i say? i love family. she is very believable. >> do you love hillary? >> no. i think this is effective. it works for someone like myself. she is not a phony. this is an authentic genuine human being. i think if she didn't think he had what it takes to be president, she wouldn't go out there. good idea or bad idea? that he need someday help? >> he definitely needed some help. he needs help. and you can argue that the bush name carries baggage and you can argue it per situationively but his family, if he knocks rubio,
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he has a problem. there he was pushing rubio as vp for mitt romney. so that will be a bit weird. >> he thinks rubio should be a vp perhaps but not president. >> he thought he was very capable. >> the second half of this exact block. >> so hold that thought. >> i was chomping at the bit. i think the debate, it depends which one you're working on. meat and potatoes, republican, great. this is too late. he should have brought them out a long time ago coming out saying i'm a dynasty. i'm a legacy. roll the dice and see if that works. he hid behind it too long. >> i don't have to play the devil's advocate any long, he we have the devil.
2:18 pm
>> you're so mean. >> i think mrs. bush is a wonderful person. >> too late. >> i can tell you this, too, gregory. you know what? it looks bad that you have to bring your mom into a school yard fight. >> like bringing your mom to a job interview? i did that once. >> so she comes out. what does it tell but the state of jeb bush's campaign? it tells you that he is in dire straits. the other thing it tells you. here he is, a guy who understands that the bush nail is baggage at this moment. in an ant-establishment -- >> wait a minute. >> he brings out someone who reminds everybody, his brother is george w. he has an ad with george w. >> oh, really? does chelsea work for hillary then? if the mom doesn't work, does the daughter work for hillary? i think chelsea, i don't think she is moving the needle at all. >> if you're talking about, bring them out for a specific reason.
2:19 pm
the specific reason for chelsea would be young women, right? not moving the needle. so what's the purpose? you tell me. >> i'm trying to educate you so i can do it in five seconds. did you listen to the debate? the biggest applause lines for jeb is when he brought up his brother and the accomplishments. the die hard republicans, they like it. >> that was a huge tragedy. >> hang on, hang if there one second, mr. juanito. with a lot on the line interesting candidates are pulling out all the stops. what about there? the bush and christie campaigns are teaming up over the next week to try to discredit marco rubio. is it true? >> more new york times baloney. i guess they're getting bored with the race with five days to go to new hampshire. there are no back channel conversations between me and jeb bush. >> is there any coordination? we asked governor christie this earlier between your team and his to go after rubio? >> no, no, not at all of but the three remaining governors in the
2:20 pm
race do have one thing in common. we've will to make tough decisions. we've will to balance budgets. we've had to challenge the orthodoxy and the status quo. that's the story i tell. it is harder when you struggle to even answer the question, what have been your accomplishments? >> did they out this little conspiracy and now both camps are saying no? >> like the three tenors these guys. they're all going to sing. the primary criticism for rubio is that he is young. he resembles the cool r.a. at your college dorm. if he gets defensive, it is going to make him look small. instead, he has to maintain focus and remove himself from whatever this, what would you call it a dog pile? >> the big thing for rubio, if you're a republican thinking, maybe this is the future of poifrlt does well against both the democrats remaining. but the criticism to me is so
2:21 pm
stinging. the barbs are so sharp. >> about obama? >> i sit here and listen to the barbs every day. it is partly inexperience. what are your accomplishments? santorum was asked what are yours? this whole notion, the boy in the bubble, the boy that's scripted. the mention of the cuban boy thing. >> it offended me actually. i think chris christie is looking very desperate and running scared. listen, chris christie, jeb and kasich, if they don't do something in happen hal, it is not only over but they've lost their reputation. >> jeb is hanging his hat in south carolina. >> i'm talking about if he come in sixth or seventh or something. >> i would agree with chris christie. >> he has the money to hang in the race. >> but i think referring to rubio as boy is wildly
2:22 pm
disrespectful. and i thought it was quite offensive. as he sitting senator. >> doesn't it bother you? jeb bush was so pro rubio for so long. and now asked on tv today, what he has no accomplishments and jeb says none. it just feels so political. >> but cruz was really nice to trump and then turned on him. >> there is a lot of that. he has been very supportive to rubio in the past. so there is that record that stands on its own. >> so which one is it? >> it was a great -- i think the difference is running for commander in chief. being president of the united states. everybody is trying to make their best argument. christie is saying the same thing. so is kasich. >> i like robidas rubio. >> you're the only guy to put a dent in obamacare. >> what about school choice?
2:23 pm
what about school choice? what about terror? hezbollah? >> i don't know. i don't see rubio -- >> he's been involved. >> also. >> bush put up an ad from all the state leaders. >> he has a lot more than that. >> have you heard them speak with national security and our military? >> do you know what i do remember from rubio? since we're saying it? people are piling on rubio? rubio went after christie on the bridgegate story and i think christie hasn't forgotten it. >> that's the c block. >> the democratic race next. the foreign policy failed at last night's debate and other low lights if the evening. before we go, the five is hitting the road again. we'll be live in new hampshire this monday and tuesday on pr m
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or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card i made it through an hour of last night's democratic debate like a tape worm with turret's, it was long and loud. here's what we learned. being an old socialist is easy because giving away what you don't own is easy, too. let's home young people realize their parent will pay for the crud that falls like fairy dust from the heavens. you and me knew what we saw it was. combination between pickpockets. as usual, national security was way down the shopping list. almost zillion which on terror. beheadings could be happening on broadway and they would still be talking about wall street. that's hillary's target.
2:29 pm
yet she took tons of money from them. why? because they gave it to her. you're only a progressive when it is other people's paychecks. it would be nice to have a dam who gives a dam about our country rather than punishing our successful citizens. and watching these leftists talk about gloes diplomacy as if our threats doesn't matter. instead, if they blame the koch brothers you realized it is less a debate than a midnight call-in show. it is a telethon without a tote bag. the dues are paid for by force. >> all right. let's go around. what did you think of the debate? >> i thought his answer on north korea was borderline ridiculous. like a very strange situation. okay. what are you talking about? that's crazy. i don't understand why bernie sanders is sohat he will not go after hillary clinton. i'm sorry. we said we don't give a dam about your e-mails.
2:30 pm
and he said nothing about her e-mail scandal. this is a blood sport. i'm not twhafg because i want you two to be polite. i want to see you go after each other. he doesn't have it in him. i don't think an old man socialist folk singer can go against any of our republican nominees which is why he should be their nominee. he is crazy. and rachel maddow hugging them at the end made my brain want to pop off. >> look at this. is that not unprofessional? i don't understand this at all. >> i kind of get it. >> do you? look. just look at the picture. what does it tell you? what are you getting at? she loves them. >> okay, good, good. >> wanted to clarify, america. >> yes. >> give it all. >> so the first part was hilarious when they're trying to figure out who is more
2:31 pm
progressive. who is -- if i'm -- is president obama progressive in they're fighting back and forth. it is like the arguments we have at this table sometimes on who is conservative, who is a rino. the left does it as well as us. but they spent an amazing amount of time trying to figure out who hated wall street more. think about that. it is bernie sanders, by the way. no question. for hillary to say she hates wall street is a -- laughable, hypocritical. a blat ant liar. in this campaign alone, she's taken $21 million there wall street. $44 million if you ad in the senate campaign. and then it happened. and chuck todd did the smartest thing i've seen yet in any of these debates. he said to hillary, will you release the goldman sachs transcripts. she can't release it. that will tell all. where she is. she didn't hate wall street. she adores wall street.
2:32 pm
she's got their back. >> she is totally -- >> she's trying to -- >> bankruptcy laws and she's. >> juan, it is so phony. she's not even in bed with them. she is like in a bathtub naked with benjamins rubbing all the walls. >> remember, don't forget. republicans are still here. talk about protecting wall street, wanting to -- tend regulation of wall street. >> juan i have a question for you. here we have bernie sanders saying we're living in a time of horrible inequality and poverty. seven and a half years after having the greatest progressive leader in history running the country. so who is to blame? he's had his policies enacted and there is what you get. more inequality. >> this is such a revealing question to me. you know what? in 12, bernie sanders almost ran against obama and said, obama had failed to be sufficiently
2:33 pm
progressive. it used to be liberal. >> you can't say liberal anymore. >> now you have to say progressive. it is like black, remember? negro. i won't get into it. >> thank you. >> so call him progressive. the progressive idea right now is the heart of the debate you're talking about. it is like, who can really advance liberal, left wing, i'm not supposed to say the, right? that's not pc. progressive ideals. hillary's argument is bernie is too extreme. that would be obama's argument by the way, too. progressive came out before liberal. and i think they should go to the beginning and call each other pinkos. >> pinkos. comies. >> they can call themselves spotted pigs. i don't care. you know what they are. that's what it is. like bernie is a socialist. hillary is not far behind. she's so far to the left, good luck getting back over to the other side. >> i have one last question.
2:34 pm
>> i know what you're saying. >> so hillary's response is the highlight, you didn't say it but you said it earlier. the best debate yet. >> i think it was their best debate. >> so the highlight of the best debate was this. when she goes at him and says, you know what? this is an artful -- >> do we have that? do we have time? part of a montage. >> i am 100% confident, this is a security review that was requested. it is being carried out. it will be resolved. but i have to add, if there is going to be a security review about me, there will have to be security reviews about a lot of other people including republican office holders. >> are you willing to release the office transkrimts of all your paid speeches? >> i will look into it. enough is enough. if you have something to say, say it. directly. i think it is time to tend very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks.
2:35 pm
>> now that was -- >> i like that. the artful smear. what bernie sanders was citing were the facts she had taken wall street money. >> the suggestion is -- >> that's like me saying, you worked on wall street so you're one of the bad guys? >> no, no. that she flip flopped on glass ceiling. she flip flopped on bankruptcy laws. look at elizabeth warren 15 years ago. she flip-flopped. i didn't say the best debate ever. i said it is the best democrat debate so far. >> she's like come at me. if you're going to say thought at the stump speech, say to it my face. >> and he did it. he's neutered and he's a terrible debater. >> all right. hillary clinton used her chromosomes to explain why she is not part of the political establishment. an excuse you don't want to miss next. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
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hillary clinton is in denial about a lot of things but she can't possibly believe americans brought there argument last night that she's not part of the political establishment. watchful. >> she has the entire establishment, or almost the entire establishment behind them. that's a fact. secretary clinton does represent the establishment. >> senator sanders is the only person who would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment. and i've got to tell you that it is -- [ cheers and applause ] it is clearly quite, really quite amusing to me. >> so because she's a woman running for president, that makes her a nonconnected outsider. she is a form he senator, a form he secretary of state, and the wife of a former president.
2:41 pm
everyone would characterize her as an establishment candidate. greg, my brain is going to explode. that's crazy. >> not again. no. >> again. >> i am woman. hear me bore. she is amazing. if gender is all that matters, the to be ant-establishment. would she feel way about a woman who is republican or pro-life? what about all those women flocking to sandersful are they establishment? are they sexist to boot? or is it only you? she is establishment. she got there, she's been there. she's done nothing else. >> she's establishment, she spent the night running away from establishment, from wall street, all the things that have made hillary clinton hillary clinton. at least jeb bush says i'm part of the name and i'll own that. for some reason, it is so
2:42 pm
characterless. >> eric? >> they do look alike. >> it's not sexism. it's the boys. >> all men are the same to me. >> so it's not up to me or you. i think it is up to the voters and i think it is pretty clear the voters see the establishment candidate in this race. i will say. this i remember in 2008 when she is running against obama. i thought she will beat obama. the establishment will rescue the establishment candidate. and the kennedys and the rest of the establishment, they went right over the obama and became obama supporters. and the other point i would make in support of hillary at this point. we've never had a woman president. i do think that if you look on the republican side, and i read a great piece. i can't remember saying, hey, look. you had a hispanic win in iowa. and rubio also coming up very well. nobody talks about it.
2:43 pm
and that's fair. clearly the kind of organized voice of the latino community is not in tune with cruz or rubio. especially on the number one topic of immigration. on the contrary, you talk to planned parenthood, emily's list, and the like. they're all behind hillary clinton. b you she is bleeding millennial women left and right. i think the problem is, she is such a victim. she is like as a woman. this is why millennial women don't like. this you can't say you're a femmist and be treated equally except that that. >> it is a complete hypocrisy. what else is new? everything that has made her and defined her. she is now that against or denies or will not affirm any connection with wall street or the inside power circles in d.c. just own it. yes, i have a tremendous amount of experience.
2:44 pm
yes, a former first lady. yes, the secretary of state, deal, choose me because i'm the most qualified capable person running on this side. who cares, man or woman. vote for me because of my experience. >> she's never going to do that. >> like she is still attaching herself to the whole idea of gender. i don't see male or female. >> get out. >> you mean on your own body. your own body. >> something else. >> like an old hippie looking like doc brown. don't do it. >> the super bowl is just 48 hours away. our predictions and plans for the big game next. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow.
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milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity.
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there's a fever spreading around the country. have you caught it? super bowl fever. i know we have it. just two days away from the big game between panthers and the broncos. it will be fun but also a very long night. so it will be so much fun that more than 60 million americans already say they might not show up for work on monday. they want time to recum rate. we'd better show up because we'll be in new hampshire the
2:49 pm
day after the super bowl covering tuesday's new hampshire primary. so i wanted to ask you. as a man who knows what it is like to have that foggy feeling in your head the next morning. what about you? >> and you try to wake me up and i just roll over. if you're going on call in sick on monday after watching the super bowl, you should be fired. you did not play the game. okay? you didn't play the game. but this is interesting. it just occurred to me. could this affect the primary? >> do you realize the super bowl is on late and then people go out and party afterwards. >> not where i'm from. >> what about cold play at halftime? >> i only care about beyonce. whoever thought cold play as a super bowl band is out of their mine. i can't think of anybody who would revv up a crowd less. i hate cold play. but beyonce i love all day long. but i have to admit, super bowl is a great day if you're not into sports. go shopping, go to a museum of
2:50 pm
always great day to go to disneyland. i don't care about sports. >> should monday be a holiday? >> no, watch this game. watch cam newton. besides the fact that he is a fantastic quarterback. watch his attitude. he is enjoying football. he enjoys that day from the second to the final buzzer. >> he likes that. all that swagger. >> he is so cool and collected and laughing and having a good time. everyone else is all nervous. watch how relaxed he is. >> by the way, let me say. i'm a big fan of sports. but because i love stories so much, and i just think, gosh. if peyton manning wins, he goes out, i think this is his final game. he goes out on an upnote. i won as many super bowls as you. >> for him to win i think he has to have his best game ever. cam newton rolled his ford truck
2:51 pm
four times the next week. >> i want to go to the star of this segment. kimberly guilfoyle. why is she the star? because kimberly loves food. >> and food loves me. >> and it says the number one item everybody wants on super bowl sunday is -- >> chicken wings? >> yes. >> and i feast on it on youtube. two at a time. know how to get it double. and over there with my brethren. >> and i got nachos here. >> number one, americans want to eat chicken wings. number two, baked buffalo wings. >> if you go around america, you see all these chickens without wings. >> are they football players? do they have concussions? >> what about alcohol? bud light, right? >> i don't know. >> i'm sure bud light beer. >> beer is good. >> hey. >> remember when we had that contest? and someone put in a queso that
2:52 pm
had a lot of meat in it. i think we know the guy who runs the show. it says here that right here, i can't believe this. >> those are spicy. >> the number four item is, guess what? a dim with meat in it. >> that's what porter makes. >> fascinating. >> fascinating? >> you just said what that is. the queso with the meat in it. >> what is football cake? what is football cake? i don't have any idea. >> a cake in the shape of a football. >> is that it? >> that's it. >> sounds awesome. >> all do i is win, win, win. ♪ ee. ee.but your totaled new car isn't totally replaced. with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation.
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liberty mutual insurance.
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osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (children giggle) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. it's time for one more thing. eric? >> i'll be on o'reilly tonight with geraldo where he will do some clinton explaining. check out these five guys who have hit all 50 super bowls. watch. >> blessed to have the opportunity to say this is 50 years. i've been thinking about 60. super bowl 60. and where we're going to go. if we'll still play golf. that's what i've been thinking about. >> it is unreal.
2:57 pm
>> we're devoted to each other and to the super bowl. >> awesome. >> for you, fellows. well done. greg? >> the show tomorrow, what time is it? 10:00 p.m.? oh, yeah. the also, i'll be tweeting the debate and #, drunk, debate, tweet. and since megyn is not here. a corny joke for her. what do you call a bunch of women in lingerie on a boat? a teddy cruise. >> somehow i think dana wouldn't have done that. i've been on one of those. all right. >> holy moly! [ laughter ] >> how about megyn kelly on her big appearance on the tonight
2:58 pm
show with jimmy fallon? also, on "good morning america." here she is last night explaining why fox decided to use video with the candidates in the last debate. >> it's so much different to hear them in their own words, you know, sort of walk us through their history. and it is much more difficult to weasel out of the earlier positions when the audience has seen them say the thing. even in the face of that, they tried to tell me they didn't say the things they said. >> right there. >> the magic of video. >> you can catch megyn on the late show with stephen colbert on sunday right after the super bowl. i'm sure greg will be up. and fox news channel has announced megyn, brent and chris wallace will host the debate five days after -- five days before the state's primary. >> a great job. fantastic. let's talk about women and how important they are. because today is the 13th annual
2:59 pm
national wear red day. my sister here is wearing red as well. >> what about your brother? >> and bolling has red on his flag. and greg? >> i'm wearing -- >> greg lost. >> we're all wearing this today. heart disease and stroke can cause one in three deaths among women every year. so make sure that do you your wellness check every year and make sure that you eat well. unlike what i just did. and take care of yourselves because your life matters. >> my one more thing is the lovely and amazing janice dean on fox news hfler husband celebrated 20 years as a member of the new york fire department. his name is captain shawn newman and he was part of a grad waiting class where eight of his fellow firemen perished on 9/11 and obviously, respect to them who couldn't celebrate 20 years. but so wonderful. i love her so much. so cool. 20 years as a firefighter in this great city of ours. >> those are the polls that
3:00 pm
matter. >> throws the polls matter. very nice. well done. >> set your dvrs. you know it. "special report" next. >> disappearing act. hillary clinton's once massive lead, gone. in the latest national poll. and republicans fighting to survive a do or die new hampshire primary. live from manchester, this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. we are coming to you live from are st. anselm college. the tiny state that every year transforms into a political version of the roman coliseum. almost all the presidential contenters are hard at work here. some fighting for their political survival. the exception, donald trump who kansas he told


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