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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 5, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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matter. >> throws the polls matter. very nice. well done. >> set your dvrs. you know it. "special report" next. >> disappearing act. hillary clinton's once massive lead, gone. in the latest national poll. and republicans fighting to survive a do or die new hampshire primary. live from manchester, this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. we are coming to you live from are st. anselm college. the tiny state that every year transforms into a political version of the roman coliseum. almost all the presidential contenters are hard at work here. some fighting for their political survival. the exception, donald trump who kansas he told the town hall in
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london derry day because of the weather and will campaign in south carolina tonight. but for everyone else, it is a pitched battle. largely played out in the southern part of the state with presidential homes and dreams at stake. i'll talk one-on-one with two candidates who have a lot to gain and possibly more to lose yesterday. general busch and carly fiorina. we have fox team coverage. john roberts visits one bellwether county. carl cameron, we begin with chief white house correspondent ed henry and hillary clinton's once enormous lead in the national land scape essentially gone. >> reporter: pan sic spreading among some democrats about hillary clinton getting into trouble with bernie sanders right now. that the name of vice president joe biden is popping up yet again. a prominent, bill bart mann
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fired off an e-mail to fellow democrats saying, i would urge all of you to join me in keeping our powder dry until we see if the for the good of the party we should res direct draft biden movement. he specifically cited a new poll showing a steep dive for clinton. as bernie sanders pulled into a virtual tie with hillary clinton in a national poll, he packed the fame town hall so tight the fire marshal shut it down. and the spillover crowd waited in the snow to hear sanders stand up loud and proud. >> yes, we are going to move this country in a very new direction. thank you all very much. >> reporter: sanders leads hillary clinton in new hampshire by double digits. in the new national poll found she is only up by 2 points. after beating him by 31 points in december. sanders is fueled in particular
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by the enthusiasm of young people that has befuddled clinton. >> i want to say a word to the extraordinary people, particularly young people who are supporting senator sanders. i know you may not be for me but i am for you. >> in last night's debate, their first chance to go led to head waurg dominated by sanders' agenda. especially the influence of wall street. the campaign fees that clinton has taken by goldman sachs. >> i think it is time to end the very artful smear you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks. >> today at a breakfast hosted at this b at this "wall street journal," joel bennett goaded her for not saying to it her fate. to look into the private talks with financial firms. >> i don't think voters are interested in the transcrypts of her speeches. >> both sides are using the get
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out the vote. from the founder of ben and jerry ice cream to clinton appearing with her colleagues. though sanders helped to mention a prominent liberal woman has not endorsed anyone. >> i use the term, a rigged economy. people like elizabeth warren and i use that term. >> now the businessman bill barton did not return a call for an e-mail seeking comment. we obtained exclusively where he talked about the possibility of trying to draft joe biden. to be clear, there are no signs the vice president is rethinking this race. though he recently gave an interview. he said he regrets every day that he did not get into this race. >> ed henry live tonight. now to the republicans, and the big news, who is not here tonight. as we told you, donald trump is in south carolina. but before he left new hampshire, he made sure people
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would be talking about him when he was gone. the chief political correspondent is in salem tonight. good evening. >> hi. the combination of a snowstorm and the fact a lot of the candidates are preparing for the debate, the final one. made it really difficult. for a lot of them it did nothing to stop them. >> occasional whiteout conditions all afternoon with trump at 30%. marco rubio gaining ground at 17% in a statistical tie for cruz. john kasich who spent almost all his time and money in new hampshire is at 10% in a dead heat with bush. because of the storm, trump missed a second campaign. yesterday some of his remarks needed to be bleeped. and he dropped an f bomb. >> we're going to have
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businesses, we're going to have businesses that used to be in new hampshire, that are now in mexico, come back to new hampshire, and you can tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> he got some applause but some criticism. >> i don't think a president has ever shouted profanities at the crowd with kids in the crowd. >> who did that? >> your buddy. that would have never been acceptable in the age of reagan or my dad. >> yes. i mean, unbelievable. >> candidate talked on trump. tweeting a picture of mrs. bush shaking hands with a little girl, writingate real donald trump. my 90-year-old mother made it out to campaign. she met destiny, age 5. >> you don't want to just lose your temper. you're the president of the united states. you're the father of america. act like it. so for me, you know, it's about
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staying cool. >> kasich and some reporters got ambushed by a staff with snow balls after the event. >> because they came in second and third in iowa, you're going to let them come in second or third in new hampshire? >> if you reward people who don't spend time here, no one will spend any time here. and the first in the nation primary will be at risk. >> earlier this week he watched an attack ad. the santorum was unable to name a single one of rubio's accomplishments. that ad has been duplicated by the bush campaign. the remarks that were unable to note the accomplishments of rubio. it illustrates rubio has momentum and that he is
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potentially the man to beat. >> all right. stay tuned for my sit down interview with former governor jeb bush. >> new hampshire secretary of state is predicting almost 50% of the state's population. how they will be distributed is anyone's guess. >> tonight, john robert visits one location that usually serves as a pretty good indicator. >> in 12 and 108. they mirrored the results within one point. this year the republican again reflects the electorate. indecision. >> when i thought it was just myself, it was undecided. >> they own and run. >> the first thing i want is a stable economy.
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chris christie still has my eye. if jeb bush were hire in the polls, he would have my eye. >> i know i'm down to trump or kasich. >> home to the lakes region of new hampshire. the economy is reasonably healthy. the region is also plagued by the drug he said demmic and the significant income disparity. >> i don't think anybody has a clear cut check plan. nor do most of the candidates have a good foreign policy. >> judy, paramedic and independent voter, sun decided though she is definitely not voting for trump. >> it is hike looking in our line of business, when you see a car wreck. everybody stops and looks. he's a car wreck. >> but listen to her colleague. >> i would say trump because of the special interest lack that he has. he doesn't owe anybody. it gives me a hope that maybe he will do what he says he will do.
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>> there is plenty of interest in ted cruz. >> upholding the constitution of the united states. i think that's the most important. >> the issues for me is leaving my grand daughter with a huge debt. >> but if buddy green is any indication, trump could do very well here. >> i like donald trump. i like what he stands for. i think. i hike what he'll do. >> john roblgts reporting. the new hampshire primary may not make any public presidency. carly fiorina fail to qualify for tomorrow night's debate and fiorina and her supporters are not happy about it. >> it's a rigged game. a rigged game. the people of new hampshire and the people of iowa should be furious. you see the people of iowa voted. and i beat john kasich and chris christie and i tied general busch and delegate count and there are only eight candidates
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left. yet somehow, abc and the rnc are saying, that vote doesn't count. and the people in new hampshire should be furious. this is a new hampshire primary. and somehow new hampshire is being told, the voters of new hampshire are being told, you don't get on hear from all eight candidates. we, media executives in new york, and the rnc in washington, d.c., we'll decide who you get on hear from. that's an afront to iowans and new hampshirites. >> the rnc says mike huckabee and rand paul weren't getting in the debate and they dropped out. >> really? they dropped out because they got nowhere to go. rand paul dropped out because he has a senate seat to defend. i have ground games in 12 states. leadership teams in 25 states. i'm on the ballot in 33 states. we're going to be on the ballot in all 50 states. and there are a couple guys on that stage who cannot say any of that. i've earned my way on to this stage. and the voters ought to be furious. >> last night, hillary clinton
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said she is 100% sure that this e-mail scandal will not result in anything negative for her. that's what she said. in the debate. >> well, look. i've they told highest clearances available to a civilian. i've sat in at the cia. i've looked at this information that she had on her server. there is no doubt she's violated the law. but there is a doubt that she'll be prosecuted, sadly. this is a woman who has escaped prosecution more time than el chapo. sean penn ought to interview her. this is the clinton way. as long as you can get with a it, say whatever you have to say to get elected. they know the person best to debate her is fiorina. >> tell me where do you need to go? where do you need to finish for this campaign to get a lot of steam? >> well, let me be clear.
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i'm not dropping out. i'm going all the way to cleveland. because everywhere i go, i get support. and i have come further from further behind. so i exceeded expectations in iowa. the polls said mike huckabee was polling twice as high. i beat him and he dropped out. i beat kasich and christie. i tied jeb bush who spent tens of millions there. i'm going on exceed expectations in new hampshire as well and i'll keep going. i've been told plenty of times in my life to sit down and be quiet. and i never have. and i'm running because of the people in this great nation are being told to sit down and be quiet and settle for a system that isn't working for them nil. the government doesn't work for them interesting media doesn't work for them. the people in the media will take care of me. >> for the republicans who say if you stay there, you're handing the nomination for donald trump or ted cruz. what do you say?
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>> you know, the last time i looked, voters, i didn't think it was up to the media to decide. i thought it was up to the voters decide. let's let the voters decide. >> lastly. the thing you're hearing most in town halls. you take lot of q and as. what do you hear most? >> i hear all kinds of things. i hear that people are tired of the new normal economy. that people aren't working enough. we don't have enough jobs. we have record numbers of men out of work and we will in poverty. people are sick of the promises from politicians that never turn into results. people are concerned that this country isn't what it could be. what it should be. that's why i say, citizens, join me. it is time to take our country
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the gorgeous campus. they weren't expecting this much snow but it makes a pretty back drop. on the economy, the stocks ended on a down note today. the dow lost 212. the s&p down 35. a huge tech sell-off left the nasdaq down. the s&p was off more than 3. the nasdaq plunged almost 5.5. president obama took a victory lap today over the january jobs report. the correspondent kevin corke asked him about it. >> reporter: first time since december 2008 that the unemployment rate is below 5%. ironically that happened, you may remember, ahead of the collapse of baer stearns. that set into motion the financial crisis. here are the numbers and they're pretty impressive. 4.9%. that's down from a high of 10%
3:20 pm
in october 2009. new jobs, up 71 straight months. in hailing all those numbers, the president just couldn't resist taking a dig at republicans who are joining you out there on the campaign trail. >> the united states of manager right now has the strongest, most durable economy in the world. i know that's still invent for republican stump speeches as their doom and despair plays in new hampshire. >> not just republican who's are taking aim at the president's economic strategy. some democrats are as well including his former secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> there are lots of reason ideas americans today are feeling left out and left behind. yes, of course, the economy has not been working for most americans. >> not working for most
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americans. strong words there for hillary clinton. citibank says this could be part of a death spiral. you keep getting lower and lower. oil prices could lead to another recession. he intends to ask for a $10 a barrel. it will push our country away from so-called dirty fuels. bret? >> kevin corke live on the north lawn. the president talking there about the economy. publicly hillary clinton says she is sure nothing will come of the fbi investigation into her e-mail practices while secretary of state. is that confidence justified or just wishful thinking? >> i am 100% confident. this is a security review that was requested. it is being carried out. it will be resolved. >> but the form he senior fbi agents tell fox, clinton can't
3:22 pm
know the fbi investigation's outcome. >> there is no mechanism for her to be briefed and to have any information about the conduct, the substance, the direction or the result of any fbi investigation. >> and downplaying the fbi probe as a security review was misleading. >> as a federal law enforcement investigative agency, they do not do security reviews. what they primarily do and what they're clearly doing is a criminal investigation. >> during debate, clinton embraced the findings of an independent review. the personal accounts of colin powell as well as staffer condoleezza rice. and like clinton, powell wants his e-mails made public. >> i never sent or received any classified material. they are retroactively classifying it. i agree completely with secretary powell who said today, this is an absurdity. >> but republicans recognize, powell and rice staffers had only a handful of classified
3:23 pm
e-mails compared to clinton's 1,600. neither powell nor rice set up personal servers. >> they're trying to use the same excuse my son used. dad, everybody did it. the truth is these are not comparable. they're totally unrelated. pressed by fox news, the state department confirmed that clinton and her closest aides, undercutting the main explanation that nothing was marked classified. >> did mrs. clinton or the others take the required classification training? >> the state department employees here are all trained in how to handle sensitive information. >> they would not be an exception. >> everybody at the state department gets trained in how to handle sensitive information. and it was confirm that ben rhodes, and national security adviser susan rice went before the committee this week. it wrongly blamed the video for the 2012 attacks. >> thank you. jeb bush concedes, he needs to make a move here in new
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the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more
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on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did it, yay! jeb bush the bringing out the big guns as he tries to take a chunk out. his brother cut an ad and his mother, first lady barbara bush is back on the campaign trail. but senator marco rubio is really the one in governor bush's sights. he is trying to outperform his younger florida colleague and bush insists, he is up for the final push. >> kind of a bad weather. >> disappointed we would go door to door today but still have one town hall. i think that will go off. >> i saw the tweet. donald trump said he can't get in. you said my 90-year-old mother made it out to campaign. she met 5-year-old destiny.
3:29 pm
>> the big challenge was making sure that our bus made to it derry. that my mom could get off the bus and walk in the snow to the diner. she made it. with great grace. and then almost got tackled by a 5-year-old. it is perilous out here. it looks like other people are campaigning. i'm sorry donald couldn't make it. >> this is a high energy tweet. >> i've always had a lot of energy in my life. but it is not to make myself look better. >> how do you feel here? obviously you have to do well. >> yeah. i do. and i feel good. i feel really good about it. we've worked hard here. this is a place where they allow you to complete a sentence with adjectives and adverbs. the people i hang out with don't necessarily like people insulting each other. they want to hear your kernels. i love talking to people about the plans we have.
3:30 pm
student loans programs or social security, reforming it. a tax policy that lifts people up. >> you look at the polls. where do you have to finish? >> the cumulative bret baiers of the world will do that for me. >> ahead of marco rubio. >> we have a great organization in south carolina. we're the best organized in nevada. no delegate has been selected yet i'm sboon this coronation stuff for a third person in iowa. we're going to elect a nominee that will get the bark scraped off him by the hillary clinton hit machine. i think there ought to be a little time to test all this out. >> you say he doesn't have experience. no. you tell me what experience he has. >> well, experience enough that you recommended him for vice president when mitt romney was looking. >> except he doesn't have the experience to make a tough decisionful? why recommend him for vice president then if he didn't have the experience back then? >> he would have earned it.
3:31 pm
now he is running for the presidency. does he have the experience? name one thing that he's done. rick santorum had a tough time. he ended up coming back doubling the sanctions against hezbollah. that's great. except he didn't even show up for the vote. that was it. or the the corridor vote to amend obamacare. great idea. totally supportive have it. he took credit for something he didn't do. >> you said that senator rubio doesn't have experience. >> you tell me. what is his experience? >> you did say -- >> speaker of the house. >> and he has been a senator for four years i'm not here to defend his experience but you recommended him i'm running for president of the united states. my record of experience, cutting tafls. >> i know. why recommend him for -- >> i'm running for president of the united states right now. i'm comparing myself to marco rubio. i'm not comparing marco rubio to other candidates who are perhaps going to be vice presidential
3:32 pm
candidates. that's the point i'm making. i have a proven record. you can look at what did i and get some insurance that i have the ability to make a tough decision. that i won't cut and run. i can forge consensus. i have the toughness to be president of the united states. >> a couple more things. hillary clinton said she is 100% convinced this is not going to be the problem, the e-mails. that they won't indict her or go after her. >> if that's the american urlt of success, wow, i didn't get indicted. the simple fact is she has not told the truth. the only reason we know about this is a subpoena by the fbi. she is under investigation after denying that she had done anything wrong. and secure information, top secret information went over her private server. she can say whatever she wants. that was jeopardizing the national security interests of the country to pursue her own personal ambition. why would you have a private server unless you were communicate about private matters while you were doing
3:33 pm
your public work? >> when she says, colin powell and condoleezza rice. >> that condoleezza rice didn't have a private e-mail address. it was staffers shelf didn't violate national security as hillary clinton did blatant. this is how they roll. they go after somebody else. they'll try to diffuse the conversation. the subject at hand is, she violated the administrative rules shelf violated the obama rules. top secret information went over her private server. it was completely illegal. if she's bragging that she won't be indicted. that's a fairly low bar. she's running for the president of the united states in a time of deep disaffection. no one believes anything goes in washington. we need a president who is totally transparent. who people can trust. that's not hillary clinton. >> no. when you were on our set in washington, you said, come back.
3:34 pm
talk to me ahead of new hampshire. and here we are. >> that's right. and two days ago a poll came out and said i was in second place. a week before there was a poll that said i had 18%. there will be polls that come out saying i range from being within striking digs of second or in second. >> thank you for your time. >> hillary clinton's lead disappears nationally while bernie sanders seems poised for a land slide win in new hampshire. we'll talk about the democratic race first that defies expectations when the panel joins me. live from manchester. [ cough ]
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e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. secretary clinton does represent the establishment. >> i have to jump in here.
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because honestly, senator sanders is the only person i think who would characterize me a woman running to be the first american president to represent the establishment. >> being part of the establishment is in the last quarter, having the super pac to raise $15 million from wall street. >> democratic debate last night. outside is very pretty. inside is so much warmer. really. good let's bring in our panel inside. the national political correspondent of national public radio. steve hayes, writer for the weekly standard and julie pace, white house correspondent for the associated press. you and i were at this breakfast this morning with the chief strategist for the clinton campaign. they say this q poll, the quinnipiac poll out today showing clinton's lead essentially evaporating. down from 44% to 42%. they insist this is an outlier.
3:40 pm
but it raised some eyebrows. >> it is a scary thing for democrats at a time when she's gone through iowa and now, here she's trailing bernie sanders by a big amount. and it is making democrats really nervous about her. we have to wait and see more national polls. that's a very precipitous drop. it looks like an outlier. what was interesting this morning, joel did not try to spin new hampshire as well. if we lose by this much, it is a comeback for us. no. they don't expect to win here. they are looking beyond happen hal. she scheduled a trip to flint, michigan, before new hampshire votes. that tells you she is looking at south carolina. more friendly turf. big african-american electorate. they want to i think get through this and go on where they can win. >> are you looking at the real clear average of polls in new hampshire and bernie sanders with a big lead. most expect that lead will hold. and there you see 55.3.
3:41 pm
although clinton has closed a bit in recent days. >> she has. but he is still clearly the prohibitive favorite. to pick up on the point about the national poll. it may be the case that poll is an outlier. what it is not is any change in trajectory. we've seen this tightening for a year. we've talked before to put in it context. she was up this time last year 60% to 4% for bernie sanders. people dismissed him at the time as this crazy socialist senator from vermont who nobody paid much attention to. here he is tied with not just the establishment. but the center of the establishment of the democratic party. a key piece of the democratic establishment for 25 years. i think she didn't have a great debate last night. i think she had several gaffes. she had answers people were following up on all day long. i think she got herself in hot water with her answer on the e-mails. if she is the nominee, we'll
3:42 pm
look back and say, this was a rocky part of her walk to the nomination. >> so rocky, perhaps, this businessman bill bartman with the draft biden campaign saying, i would urge all of you in keeping our powder dry until we see it. if this is a good story for the party and the country we should res direct draft biden movement. we cannot afford to lose the white house. >> i don't think any of the hearty joe biden supporters throughout should get too excited. there is a loyal following. some that think he should still get in the race. i don't think that's going to happen. fit you're a democrat, your choices are hillary clinton and bernie sanders. you should make your decision between those two. >> what about this whole answer on the wall street funding the speeches, the transkrimts from speeches. >> i think it is hugely problematic. she is fumbling around for a good answer on this and i don't think there is a good answer. it is very difficult in this economic climate and this
3:43 pm
political climate for democrats to explain why you did the speeches in the first place. let alone what that means for your policies toward wall street. and every time that bernie sanders seems to stumble on foreign policy, on another area where he is not quite as strong, he can always go back tom of and is always a winner for him. >> i think that's what happened last night. i think she was very feisty, fiery. she was fighting to shrink the game between her and sanders as much as she could. then the question came up. what about releasing the transcrypts? the easy answer is sure, why not? didn't want to release them at first. he. >> speaking of e-mails, i want to play this. >> there is an open fbi investigation into this mat better how you may have hand classified material. are you 100% confident that
3:44 pm
nothing will come of this fbi investigation? i am 100% confident. but i have to add, if there is going to be a security review about me, there will have to be security reviews about a lot of other people including republican office holders. because we've got this absurd situation of retroactive classification. >> what about that, steve? >> can you believe the answer she gave there? think about it. she apologized for what she had done with respect to her e-mail shelf acknowledged that she made mistakes. now suddenly she is aville in this whole thing? she's the one who set up the private server. she's the one who sent and or received classified e-mails including 22 that were top secret. hillary clinton is not the victim here. this is typical from the clinton playbook, going back to the 1990s. she took a question which she suggested there is a vast right wing conspiracy, that it still
3:45 pm
exists, it is better funded today than back then. this is hillary clinton trying to play the victim. she doesn't have a good answer. >> there are 1,600 plus e-mails. it seems a bit more than a security review. >> i think we will probably find out as we get through this. if it is just a security review. she has to keep answering questions. as long as she is answering questions and bernie sanders is doing the, i could criticize you but i'm not going to line. i think it will continue to be a drag for her. especially on that trustworthy number. >> next up, we'll talk about the republicans.
3:46 pm
test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
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. you can tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> you should not use that kind of language. >> look, my wife told me one time, when i became governor, she said you're the father of ohio. act like it. and look. it is one thing to communicate that you want to bring about a lot of change and you don't want to just lose your temper. you're the president of the united states. you're the father of america. act like it. >> before leaving new hampshire,
3:50 pm
not being able to hold a town hall because of the weather, donald trump dropped another kind of bomb here in new hampshire. and it raised some quinnipiac is donald trump still leading. and you see ted cruz in second. rubio in third be. the national poll out 7day. here is the real clear politics average here in new hampshire. trump again with a lead. rubio climbing up to second in a "boston globe" poll out tonight, he is down 10 at 19%. we're back with the panel. marah, your thoughts on today? >> well, i think rubio has high expectations here. i think that he has been a master at managing expectations, at setting the bar very low so he could jump over it and then get a really big splash. he got a huge boost out of iowa coming in third. i think he has to come doo second here. i really do. i think donald trump has to win. i think we learned that his enthusiasm, people who line up for hours to see him don't necessarily go and vote for him. in iowa he needs aña ground game.
3:51 pm
evidence doesn't need a sophisticated one here as in a caucus state but he does have to get them to the polls. i think he has to place first here if he is going to continue. >> in fact, you mention that in iowa the monmouth poll out today said 24% of the people who supported trump initially decided to stay home on caucus night. and there you see the others. 16% for#+$úd carson, cruz 13%. these are people who stayed home. okay. steve, what about jeb bush and his -- he is out with a new ad against rubio, using santorum, unable to say one thing that rubio has done. and, you know, i asked him all those questions today. what did you think? >> i think the ad is basically a fair hit. i mean, if you want to say marco rubio doesn't have a list of accomplishments that he can point to in the senate, it's perfectly legitimate to make thattism dr. chris christie is doing the same thing. i think the rubio campaign would say we were in a gridlock senate. he is a junior senator. he spoke out against the
3:52 pm
obamacare bailouts. he pushed on a number of other things. that was his contribution in the senate. but it's a legitimate hit. i was stunned at jeb bush's inability to answer your very simple question. the question was why would you haveá6 pushed for marco rubio to be the vice presidential candidate mitt romney's running mate in 2012 but now claim that he is too inexperience to do have the job? and you asked him several different ways. he couldn't provide any answer a. in the interim time between when jeb originally pushed for rubio and now he served an additional four years on the senate foreign relations committee. on the senate intelligence committee. done a number of things that have given him more experience and more knowledge presumably. why he is not qualified now when he was qualified then is a good question. >> i'm sure this is going to come up in the debate tomorrow, the experience hit. christie makes it. bush makes it. north on that stage carly fiorina. she is fighting to try to get on that stage. what do we think that is going to -- the fallout of that is going to be? >> well, if you go to events in new hampshire, not carlie
3:53 pm
events other candidate events and you ask voters who they like, her name comes up so frequently. she has made an impression on people in the state. she overperformed in iowa from where if looked like she would be in the polls. she is the only woman in the field. she is someone who has really, i think, set herself up to be a player in the republican party. even if she is not the nominee for several years to come. i think that -- it's an odd decision to leave her off the stage. you know, it's something she is going to be campaigning on over the next couple of days and saying you have got to give me another chance, new hampshire. she could turn it to her advantage if she is1a not let on in the end. >> one thing they hate top town telling them what to coonchts inexplicable. i don't know how they could stand up and explain why the only woman in the race who placed above some of the people who are on the stage and has a delegate is not there. ieven imagine what the explanation would be. >> meantime, chris christie, he has to make a standp here and, yet, in the recent polls, it seems like he is
3:54 pm
going the opposite way. >> yeah. he is taking some tough shots at marco rubio. really spending most of his time focused on marco rubio. calling him the boy in the bubble. suggesting that he is too experienced. buff he had had this other hit on rubio that i think is odd and it's just inaccurate. and that is that rubio never takes questions. he runs away. when he takes questions it's all scripted. i was with rubio in iowa on january 6th. he took 20 questions in one day from, you know, iowan voters on a range -- wide range of issues, china hacking, what have you. he answers the questions pretty well. chris christie is very good in a town hall setting, but so is marco rubio. >> ted cruz took the day or part of the day off the trail to get ready for this debate. and we expect he will be primed and ready as he has been before. >> cruz is one of those candidates for whom the debates have been very important. some people like donald trump who doesn't really seem to get affected one way or the other, but cruz is an excellent debater. he is in an interesting position in new hampshire because he does have, in theory, some momentum behind
3:55 pm
him after his win in iowa. this isn't a state that is quite as natural a fit for him. yet marah and i were talking about this earlier, he is really going after these rand paul supporters that have a lot of influence here. he could pull off if not a win a second place finish and then you are really looking at a good field for him. >> right. ron paul was polling at 4%. next up, winners and losers with the panel. type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are. man woman or where you're from. city country we're just everyday people fighting high blood sugar.
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i said ron paul it's rand paul polling at 4%. finally tonight winners and losers, rubio for turning third place into something that look at bigger victory than ted cruz's win. >> loser? >> loser donald trump. he was a sore loser, actually. he lost. he was gracious. and surprisingly humble for a brief moment. and then he started saying him. >> winner and loser? >> my winner is jon scott h.l. journeyman who was traded and sent to the minor leagues and allow to do play in the all star game. mvp and wife gave birth to twip girls this week. great story. the loser is the iowa democratic party for a disastrous caucus. >> quickly? >> my winner hillary clinton. i think a win is a win. my loser is debbie wasserman schultz of the dnc. she had tried to hold off more debates. they had a new debate and
4:00 pm
ended up being a strong debate. >> than, thank you. that is it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. we will be back tomorrow night 11:00 p.m. eastern. post debate coverage here in new hampshire. here comes greta "on the record." tonight, "on the record," a major 2016 breaking news announcement, former louisiana governor bobby jindal is standing by. he will be endorsing aen candidate for president right here and only "on the record." do not miss this. but, first, a brand new poll is outm and just days before the big and all-important new hampshire primary. the nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist poll of likely new hampshire g.o.p. voters donald trump still on top with 30%. but senator rubio is gaining ground. rubio has risen and now he is in second place at 17%. and iowa caucus winner senator ted cruz in third place at 15%. governor john kasich in fourth place with 10%. governor jeb bush in fifth place with 9% '. govern


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