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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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here live at 11:00 eastern time to analyze the new hampshire vote. so lots of interesting stuff coming up. thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. four days out from the first in the nation primary, and suddenly the political pros say they are seeing some big changes in new hampshire. welcome to "the kelly file," i'm megyn kelly. "the boston globe" dropped the series in the latest of polls, showing a changing race. donald trump is holding steady in the lead in new hampshire, senator marco rubio and his rivals are closing the gap. rubio surging nine points in the survey. this poll from nbc tells the same story with trump at 30%, and rubio again making a move. a poll from new hampshire tv station wmur sees the same trend
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as sentiments seem to be getting pushed by the political winds of iowa. tonight, we have chris stirewalt and rich lowery here to break down the data. but we begin with carl cameron live in new hampshire. carl? >> reporter: hi, megyn. a big storm hit this morning, so a lot of the candidates were stranded, particularly donald trump who wasn't able to fly his plane to new hampshire. though he did make it to south carolina today. and though there's a tremendous amount of buzz about marco rubio and the tight race in the double digits, we saw jeb bush getting a lot of the news coverage. he was campaigning with his mother, barbara bush was with him. and today, jeb bush really went after donald trump harsher than he has the entirety of the campaign and he went after donald trump's bankruptcies and finances. it was a busy day for bush and throwing down this gauntlet is sure to get a reaction.
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>> didn't go bank result once, thrice, three times or four times like some guy that's running for president. if i did go bankrupt, i wouldn't be bragging about it, saying i just manipulated the system. what about the people that lost their jobs, how do they feel about that? what about the vendors that got screwed? >> reporter: equally aggressive, but aimed in a different direction was chris christie. he was going after marco rubio, promising himself to focus on experience as the key thing to be commander in chief, suggesting that rubio doesn't have enough. rubio for his part was focused more on ted cruz, and making reference to allegations that cruz campaigned in iowa, said carson had dropped out of the race and was going home. this is how he sort of took a shot at cruz. watch. >> if you get a call on tuesday night saying i dropped out, it isn't true, it's a lie.
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keep voting. >> that's what carson has to say and the allegation that cruz was behind it. ted cruz had one event tonight. it was basic, standard stuff. not a lot of attacks. he knows that new hampshire is going to be tough to duplicate his iowa win, particularly with trump as far ahead as he is and all guys looking at rubio. >> you've been covering new hampshire forever. what say you about the volatility of these voters and the likelihood of six months of polling putting donald trump way ahead being wrong? >> reporter: i don't think he's ahead as much as the polls say. new hampshire polls always tighten and we won't see polls on monday and tuesday and things get even tighter then. usually it's very close at the end. no question that marco and cruz are in a tight race. new hampshire voters are very important to watch for the independents and most die-hard republicans are going to have a very hard time accepting a candidate who has campaigned in new hampshire as little as
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donald trump has compared to everybody else. this is the 100 year anniversary of the new hampshire primary. the republican is talking about making changes and the word around here is that a vote for trump could hurt the primary. >> fascinating. carl, thank you. joining me now with more, chris stirewalt and rich lowery. great to see you both. this is stirewalt's first line, we knew iowa would change the race, but whoa nellie. plain "whoa nellie." >> that was just between us. >> why are you saying that, because of rubio? he's not at the top. >> no, he's not. this is now a three-man race.
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ben carson, who is on a trajectory to get more clean clothes. we have everybody else, no one is over 3%. so now you have the grouping of three candidates who are really in this thing, and that is rubio, cruz, and trump. and then everybody else is heading towards the exits. yes, they'll do last stands in new hampshire. but you can see how iowa changed the race. you can see republicans consolidating and picking their lanes. and now it's new hampshire where trump has a structural advantage because independents can vote in the republican primary, including left leaning independents, choosing between him and bernie sanders. but the national landscape is hugely changing. >> so those three guys are whoa nellie, and carson is like, giddyap, nellie. >> look, it's amazing that marco rubio has been able to play a third place finish in iowa into
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a surge in new hampshire. and he has now an enormous target on his back. you see jeb bush and chris christie going after him. rubio may need secret service protection from chris christie, if christie stays this aggressive. we'll see. rubio, ten points back, several days back, not so bad. if he's further back, it's still a big gap to make up. but we have a debate that's going to set the narrative for the final days. >> abc news has got the debate, final debate before new hampshire tomorrow night. i want to ask you this, chris. donald trump played his second place finish in iowa pretty well in the first 24 hours and then you didn't like the fact that he complained. but then it's like he heard you. because then he got his messaging back in line and continued to say, i did very well in iowa and now to new hampshire. and then there was this today that he said in south carolina.
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listen. >> i got, other than the one, who was a double candidate, two candidates for one, i got the largest vote outside of the one candidate. so the person that came in third, they said, unbelievable result! unbelievable. this is a huge victory. but i came in second and they said trump didn't do so well. but you see, i don't think i did come in second. i think i came in first, okay? >> well, that's a way to look at it. i came in first other than another person is a way to go. okay. he also had a double "s" word situation, and i don't mean south carolina as he was campaigning today. >> that's bad in a state that has 54% evangelicals? >> they don't dig it. so that's for home, that's not for the rally. the deal is, there seems to be restraint.
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there's restraint for a period of time, and then the turkey, that little doneness thing on the side of the turkey pops and he lets go. he has to get up to new hampshire. he canceled a rally today. he's got to get to new hampshire pronto. he's got to get up here and make a plea to these voters and beg, beg, beg. >> jeb bush, speaking of whoa, nellie, that was a new looking and sounding jeb bush today. >> yeah, that's an avenue of attack we haven't heard very much against donald trump, hitting on his business record and i'm sure we'll hear more about tha debate saturday night. but jeb is in a potentially exotential situation here. if they fall behind marco rubio, it's going to be hard to come up with a rational to go forward. >> great to see you both. with the race shifting, what
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should we expect when the votes are cast? you heard carl cameron's take. dr. charles kraut hammer is next. after some powerful democrats watched the showdown last night between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, one made a dramatic show of concern and ed henry has the breaking news on that. plus, brian joins us with a sneak peek of the ads you must see on super bowl sunday. ♪ (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department.
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depending on you needs and your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. get out on monday caucus. i think the storm's going to be on tuesday, i hope. supposing it's on monday, so you go through some snow, okay. you're from iowa. are you afraid of snow? are you afraid of snow? >> back now to the top story and that donald trump came just a week ago when he was encouraging iowa residents to brave a coming snowstorm to vote. but trump is the one facing a blizzard of criticism, thank you. after earlier going on twitter to announce "big storm in new hampshire, move my event to monday. we'll be there next four days." a spokesman for ted cruz reacted saying --
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>> and included this photo of the former first lady and this little girl. joining us now dr. charles krauthammer, the best selling author of "things that matter." charles, good to see you. what do you make of it, trump staying put in new york because of the snowstorm? >> well, it's really the tempest in the snowstorm. there were a lot of criticisms that you can make of trump, and i make just about all of them. but inconsistency on the issue of snow is not one of them. look, if you wanted to be argumentative, you could say look, new hampshire wants retail
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campaigning. trump wants to campaign from 30,000 feet and airplanes have to land. you can't land in snow, whereas his competitors are down there on the ground, with buses, they're more, if you like, pedestrian form of transport. but look, in the end, trump is still ahead. he has a substantial lead, looks like double digits, as of now. and there is no denying that he's got the best chance. he's likely to win. and what the race is about is all the other candidates are scrambling to come in second and third. >> does it feel a little desperate by some of these other candidates? we got updates on which airports were open and how he could have made it happen and if he had just spent the night in new hampshire, rather than wanting -- i bet all those guys would like to stay at their home it is they had a private plane to fly them home. but he didn't get on that plane and fly -- it's come down to this. >> it's a little amusing. you might say having spent one
6:15 pm
night in a holiday inn express in iowa, trump needed a couple of weeks to recover. so he's back with the gold plated gold posts and i bet he sleeps better. but he did say his hotel room, the holiday inn was clean, which was appreciative of how the rest of us live. >> do you think trump now has it locked up in new hampshire? because the last -- i'm going to get the stat right. trump has led in 60 straight new hampshire polls since mid july. i mean, it would be shocking at this point if he did not win that state, or am i wrong? >> no, i think it would be, and i this there's no indication he is going to lose the state. he stays consistently high 20s and low 30s. what's interesting is how the rest of the field is scrambling. you have rubio and cruz, of course, leading the pack. and what you've got really
6:16 pm
essentially new hampshire is going to decide if and which of the three governors that's kasich and bush and christie is going to make it into the finals. it could be none of them. each has the objective to come out ahead of rubio in the so-called establishment lane. it doesn't look as if any of them is within striking distance. if that's how it ends up, we're going winnow the field tuesday. >> rubio is getting hit saying -- they're basically suggesting don't fall for this. he comes here, now he tries to tell us that he's the one that, the conservative that can unite the party. where was he? he hasn't even campaigned here or done much. don't be so quick to abandon these governors who have been boots on the ground in new hampshire for months trying to make their case to the people. your thoughts on that? >> but that assumes the reason
6:17 pm
you go out to vote on a winter day in a primary is to reward someone. i think the reason you go out to vote is to pick a president and strengthen the party. you want to see your party regain the white house. and i think rubio's argument is a good one. in fact, i don't think there's a lot of dispute. he has support among the so-called establishment, the main stream he has a lot of support among the tea party. he came up in the tea party. but you see it in the numbers. it's not just a claim. rubio has the highest numbers on who is your second choice. meaning you've got people all over the field, all over the political spectrum. and if they feel that rubio is somebody that they can accept -- he's also the highest on who could you accept, whereas for example, trump i think is the second highest with bush on who would you never accept? that's a definition of uniting the party. >> chris christie has been making the case, if you do this, if you vote for rubio or you vote for one of these other guys
6:18 pm
who hasn't been here the way i, chris christie has been here, you're going to render new hampshire irrelevant. you're going to be the first in the nation primary state, because you're going to send the message you don't have to spend the time here. you can just swoop in after you do well in iowa and win new hampshire and no one is going to spend any time paying attention to you. >> but that assumes that the parochialism of a new hampshire-ite -- this is about the president of the united states. it may appeal to some of the votes, but i don't think that's a substantial argument at all. >> john kasich got out there and had some fun, american-style in the snow today. the snowball fight with the presidential candidate, good idea? look at him, no gloves. that's how you do it ohio style, no gloves. he's going for it. does it have an impact in the race? i don't know.
6:19 pm
>> no, i think -- i hate to say this, but i think that snowstorms or snowball fights are not really at the center of a presidential election. now, that's a guess, so we'll see if my prediction turns out to be right. i've been wrong a lot this year. >> i'm going to tip my hat to him. charles, great to see you. >> my pleasure. also tonight, a moderator is in the news for a remarkable moment at the end of last night's democratic debate. howie curts is next on why the critics are piling on rachel maddow. plus, an atheist group forced a small town to take down a tribute to the victims of september 11. and tonight, brian has a report on the town's inspiring response. don't miss this. whatcha doin? just prepping for my boss' party in a couple weeks. what are those? crest whitestrips. they whiten way better than paste. crest 3d white whitestrips... whiten 25 times better than the leading whitening toothpaste. i'd say...
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>> developing tonight, new questions for one of the
6:23 pm
moderators after the first head-to-head debate of the democratic presidential race. last night, hillary clinton faced off against bernie sanders, but it was rachel maddow getting a lot of the attention tonight in part for this moment right here. >> we want to thank our host, new hampshire, and the people of new hampshire. you guys get to vote in five days. we can't wait to see how it turns out. don't screw up. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> howie curts is host of "media buzz" here on fnc. so she advised the voters of new hampshire not to screw up, then she hugged the candidates,
6:24 pm
which, you know, maybe if i had hugged trump at the end of that first debate we would have wound up in a very different spot. maybe people are being too hard on it. >> would have been a great photo-op. look, i'm pro hug, i'll even hug stirewalt if he's nice to him. but i don't hug politicians. but the optics made it look like they are on the same team. >> i think if i was going to hug anybody it would be chris christie. but he was too busy hugging president obama. he's a hugger, like rachel. she says, i'm a hugger. she sent out this tweet saying -- there it is -- >> i have trouble believing that. is it just me? >> it's a little hard to imagine her in an embrace with ted cruz. but putting that aside, i'm less troubled by the hug than a larger question. but first, rachel maddow is
6:25 pm
smart, passionate, she knows the issues. he's a rhodes scholar. she ended on a polite note, but she should not have been on that stage. nbc put her in a terrible position -- >> why? >> because she is an unabashed liberal commentator, sitting next to chuck todd. i think journalist should question the candidates in these high stakes debates. >> okay. but hew hewitt was there at cnn. the rnc pushed these organizations to put a conservative out there on the stage. fox news said you don't get to tell us who is going to moderate our debate. a position fox news has maintained. but some of the news organizations, said fine, we have somebody that is not a
6:26 pm
straight news person out here asking questions, who cares? >> i don't think the rnc should be imposing any conditions on anyone sponsoring a debate. but msnbc is in the middle of this rebranding, trying to get rid of the left wing label. >> they had chuck todd out there. i find myself in the unusual position of defending msnbc. nobody is under the impression that rachel maddow is a straight news journalist. she knows the question that the left wants to hear from these two democratic candidates. and you've got the straight news guy next to her. as long as it's all clear, right? what is the harm? same thing as hew hewitt sitting next to jake tapper. >> imagine the uproar on the left if fox p bare and sean hannity. people would have said, are you really a news organization? >> anybody get upset about hew and jake? hew and anderson? >> he did a good job, but i
6:27 pm
don't think the rnc should be dictating to cnn -- >> i've got to go. >> see you. breaking tonight. new fallout from hillary clinton's one on one debate with bernie sanders and how it caused some big concerns for one powerful democrat. ed henry dug up the story and he's next. plus, a new ad that changes what it means to store on super bowl sunday. ♪ dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ tires screech ] bye dad! it brakes when you don't.
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breaking tonight in a fox news exclusive. we are learning that panic among some democrats is spreading so
6:31 pm
much about hillary clinton running into trouble with bernie sanders that the idea of drafting vice president joe biden is popping up yet again. it comes immediately after a bruising debate, and new national polls that show sanders and clinton virtually tied at the national level. ed henry reports on all the dem drama from new hampshire. ed? >> reporter: what's funny about this is hillary clinton had a pretty good debate last night. she was fiery. she was pushing back on bernie sanders over his attacks about her accepting money from wall street, between speaking fees and campaign contributions. but when you put that poll together, with the fact that bernie sanders came so close in iowa. he's now leading by double digits here in new hampshire and the third piece that quinnipiac poll says look, she's only winning by two points, which is a statistical dead heat, when she was leading in that same poll in december by 31 points. i got an e-mail from a former person who was very much involved in the draft biden 2016 effort.
6:32 pm
he's a businessman in oklahoma named bill bartman and wrote this -- >> i want to be very clear. he sent this to dozens of democrats today. vice president biden has shown no evidence he's looking at this again. he decided last fall he will not get in for family reasons, other reasons. but remember, he said in january that he regrets every day that he did not get in. but it doesn't mean he's running. it means there are democrats who are going to freak out about this until hillary clinton locks things up. the clinton campaign is dismissing this poll. they said it doesn't have a lot of credibility. number two, they want to get past iowa and new hampshire. once they get down to south carolina and other states down south, they'll have the african-american vote, where she has a huge advantage over bernie sanders and says everybody will just chill out. >> ed, good to see you. joining me with more, ebony
6:33 pm
williams, and alan colmes. so it's very exciting to look at new hampshire and see this tight race. you tell me whether the polls that follow after, because i'm looking at south carolina, minnesota, north carolina, and clinton's cleaning up in all those. so is this just drama for the sake of tv? >> look, don't forget bill clinton lost iowa and new hampshire. she's going to do very well. she will do very well post new hampshire and this is people love to divide and conquer. there's not a lot of trouble going on. her national polling is doing quite well. >> except for this latest poll. but polls don't tell us very much. it's the state by state polls that tell us where the race is. >> i have to disagree a little be alan. i don't think this is as open as
6:34 pm
shut as people say in the south. when we talk about the black vote, a police that hillary and her camp expect to clean up. we're seeing more and more interesting things there. ben jealous, the former naacp president has endorsed bernie sanders. the daughter of eric garner endorsing bernie sanders. so i'm just think there's some question within the black community how good is hillary clinton for us, because she's been in a position to help many in the black community for a while and some are not satisfied. >> do you believe this draft biden thing, i know he says he's not running, but every time he talks about it, he's like -- i want to run so bad. >> he's got some remorse about the time is past. you talk about one guy that would love to see biden run. but this is not his year. it is too late for him. >> short of hillary getting the nod or getting indicted -- >> unless she has a health problem or is indicted, there's
6:35 pm
no way in for joe biden. >> how about the confidence she expressed that this e-mail thing is done. i'm 100% confident there is no issue there she said. but how can she know? >> my experience with the feds, you can't be 100% sure. as long as there's an open fbi investigation, you've got to say, i don't blame her for saying that, but they're not wasting 150 people investigating this just for kicks. >> if hillary gets indicted, we're not going to be saying, you said you were confident! >> and she won't win if indicted. >> she can't run from jail? >> we just found out condoleezza rice's aides used a private server and colin powell used a private server. >> the inspector general is not a political guy. he's a barack obama appointee.
6:36 pm
and she had highly classified documents. >> classified after the fact. >> no, that has not been proven. that's not true! that has not been proven. >> the state department saying they were not classified when sent. >> that's not consistent with catherine herridge's report. >> i don't think it matters legally. under espionage, it's gross negligence. so whether it was classified before or after, there's still the content of the e-mail. >> and the sources who have seen these said there was spy methods and identification. >> we know our intelligence agencies argue after the fact whether it should not be classified. >> the most recent facts that they even -- these are top secret and cannot be shown to the public, even the state
6:37 pm
department agrees. >> the fbi is going to take this seriously. >> good to see you both. for democrats and republicans alike, turnout is going to be a big story in new hampshire. in moments, we'll check in with the state republican's chair. and brian is here with a story how one small town responded when a lawsuit forced them to remove god and america from the public square. plus, this powerful message, next. >> my dad is giving me a dad-do. >> dad-do comes from the heart. probably not a whole lot of style.
6:38 pm
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and click to activate your within. well, it's super bowl weekend. that means that years of practice, sweat, strain, stress, and shouting come down to one thing -- some of the best damn tv commercials of the whole year. here is one of the top fan favorites so far. ♪ no, i can't forget to see you, your face as you were leaving ♪ ♪ but i guess that's just the way the story goes ♪ ♪ >> hard to resist great taste. meet the ketchups. >> brian is the co-host of "fox and friends" and author of
6:42 pm
"thomas jefferson and the tripoli pirates." that's adorable. >> small stride, very small dogs, but they're weiners. >> weiners dressed as weiners. >> what i liked about this, and hello to you. but you knew what it was about. so many times i have no idea what the product was. do you want to see more of those ads? >> i want to see more of the weiner dogs and we were able to do that this morning. >> one of our hard-hitting segments, we were able to do that >> who made the call? >> the dog just walked around the studio and we lost track of him after a while. >> look how natural you are. not. >> i just want to keep a weiner in my lap too long. people start talking. >> this is one of the sweetest ads about little girls getting their hair done by their dads. watch.
6:43 pm
>> i don't know where they make these so come my kated for guys. >> my dad is giving me a dad-do. >> a dad-do comes from the heart. probably not a lot of smile. >> -- not a lot of style. >> i love you, dad. >> look in the mirror, who do you see? that strong is beautiful. >> i have chills. pantene gave me chills. >> it's also seeing a guy with his daughter and you see these big, strong guys. we never see them with their helmets off. that's part of the nfl. 99% in the nfl are great guys. when you see an ad like that, it's a winner. and it cost $5 million. worth all of it. i'm buying that shampoo. i don't know if it works. >> my husband doesn't do our
6:44 pm
daughter's hair. however, he does work on her outfit. so she'll come out dressed and i'll say, honey, really? he'll say, what, she matches? she matches in that she's wearing a horizontal striped dress and leggings. too much matchy is not always good. >> does he dig in on this? >> are you kidding me? he doesn't even comb his own hair. i want to get to the third one. this is -- did you know that nine months after all the super bowls, a lot of babies are born. watch. ♪ ♪ >> ♪ so super is why we were born
6:45 pm
>> that is great. >> they go all the way back to the packers in 1964, when we see those kids. >> what are they selling? >> they're just selling the super bowl. they're just selling the game. >> you're already watching the super bowl. >> i agree. but it's your game. they probably don't charge as much. i have a message for you, the message to the panthers and the broncos. if you want kids and you want kids in your community in your town and more fans, win. you don't see a bunch of buffalo kids in there. listen, they're wonderful people, but they lost. you've got to win this game for the next generation. >> and on the other hand, if you have had enough children and your team wins, you know what to do. >> throw the game. >> the fans at home know to be aware. let's move on, because we have other stories, including a town
6:46 pm
in where, pittsburgh, kansas. oh, did they have the last word on some atheists. >> the post office says we're going to put up a sign that says god bless america. and one atheist teams up with this group called freedom from religious foundation and they say, i'm offended by god bless america, i'm suing. >> violates separation of church and state. >> so it's down. a man hears about it and says hey, if this outrages you, take action. tell me if you want a sign that says god mess america. 1200 people show up, and they just all on their lawns. let the atheist sue the individuals. you can't. it's your problem. so a town rallies, a small town america overcomes big-time lawyers. man tries to have his wife killed. apparently the would-be
6:47 pm
murdering hitman has a heart and decides not to do it. >> right. >> man tells friend wife died in a car accident and he throws a funeral for his wife. >> he has to act like he's sad. >> and it broke her heart, by the way. >> i'm sure. look how happy they looked at one time. what happened? the funeral takes place but she's not dead. >> she's sitting in the car. then she confronts him. and he can't figure it out. but what happened is, this killer knows the brother of this woman, and these killers say, we're taking the guy's money and will let you live. so they take the guy's money. he lets them hear they're not making up this story. they team up with the sheriff and a pastor and have him arrested. >> so he thinks he's buried her and stand by, we have her on tape. listen.
6:48 pm
>> this is crazy. >> surprise! >> the hit didn't work, you lost your money. then he says, will you forgive me? she said no. it's worth a shot. i had a bad day. but it turns out the man who married her, she should have googled him. he had a violent past. but i guess love is blind and google is burdensome. it was bad judgment. they do have some kids but she has nine years to find somebody else. if you're going to have a hit man knock you off, hopefully he has a heart and doesn't. >> thanks for the popcorn. >> no problem. >> it smells like microwave popcorn. thank you.
6:49 pm
>> it was really my popcorn. [ laughter ] up next, record turnout is expected for the new hampshire primary on tuesday night. what that means for the top tier candidates. plus, a key granite state prediction from a woman in a position to know. don't miss this. test. test. test. test. sir, could you step aside? "sir"? come on. you know who i am. progressive insurance? uh, i save people an average of over $500 when they switch? did you pack your own bags?
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just one campaign weekend left before the first in the nation primary gives us an even better look at how the race for the white house is shaping up. earlier fox news caught up with voters to ask them about the issues that are important to them. >> obviously, the first thing that i want is a stable economy. >> the economy is a huge thing. minimum wage is a huge thing.
6:53 pm
>> the issue for me is leaving my granddaughter with a huge debt. >> to me it's the economy and foreign policy. >> my opinion is foreign policy is a real big issue. >> the economy, our safety as far as isis goes. >> jennifer horn is the new hampshire gop chair. great to see you, jennifer. thank you for being here. all right. so let's talk about the voters in new hampshire. in iowa, we saw a fair amount of the population, about 40%, that said they're still undecided and persuadable up to election day. how's that compare in new hampshire? >> very much the same, megyn. thank you for having me. we have a large block of undecided voters up here. that's where the difference is going to be made. a recent poll showed as of today a full third of the voters undecided. >> wow. so now they're more moderate than the iowans. >> not necessarily more moderate but, you know, more independent i guess is what i would say.
6:54 pm
whether on both sides of the aisle. republican or democrat. very independent streak up here. and i was listening to what the voters told you about their issues and very much, you know, reflective of what people are worried about here, nationally security, economic security. but also, here in new hampshire, on both sides of the aisle, basic principles, things like integrity and character, really make a difference here and i would suggest that's why we see the huge discrepancy between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. you know, i think that, you know, the craven dishonesty of hillary clinton highlighted on stage next to somebody as sincere as bernie sanders. >> jennifer will not be voting for hillary. that's clear. ahead of the gop, not a surprise. speaking of sur pritzs, might we be surprised on tuesday? >> you know what? i won't be surprised if we are sur prided if that makes any sense at all. you know, we have such a large number of voters who still are going to decide who they're going to go for. the question becomes, are they going to spread out among five
6:55 pm
or six different candidates or coa les? >> do you feel momentum building for anybody? >> i do. >> who? >> you feel it on the ground. and but i have to tell you you feel the energy and the momentum and hard to get a sense of where it is going to go. there's no question that senator rubio is doing really well here. on days here of a snowstorm and every single one of our candidates except one is out there doing their events, you know, chris christie had volunteers literally shoveling people's sidewalks so they could get to the doors of undecided voters today. >> wow, wow. >> so there's a lot of energy, a lot of, you know, a lot of intensity building. >> we have seen it. >> i can't guess which way it goes. >> see you on tuesday. don't go away. special surprise. of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve.
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special visit for yours truly last night. we swung by "the tonight show request jimmy fallon." i said we didn't know if trump would show up at the debate. he could picture the moment. >> did you think he would show up last minute and go, surprise. forgot about somebody? yeah. guess what. i was hiding behind a wall. a giant wall. i've been here the whole time. biassed. >> he is hysterical. so behind the scenes shots for you here. my love, my amazing assistant abby and expecting a baby in april. jaim my is talking to the baby.
7:00 pm
there's duggar and yours truly in the green room, my husband. and my super talented hair and talented team. without them i look like o'reilly. whatever they're paid it too late l. after the super bowl, my first time with stefb colbert. see you then. tonight -- >> you know the theme. look at all those red caps. make america great again. >> the countdown to new hampshire is on and new poll numbers have been released. our panel will break it all done. are you 100% confident that nothing is going to come of this fbi investigation? >> i am 100% confident. >> and then a delusional hillary clinton claims the fbi will find that she did nothing wrong with her private e-mail server. plus, things got downright nasty at the democratic debate. >> let's talk about the issues. let's talk about the issues that divide us. >> okay. >> let's -- we both agree --


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