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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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have a great super bowl weekend, i'm pulling for peyton manning. this may be his last game. thanks for being with us, w fro hampshire. since phil started taking osteo bi-flex,
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this election in november. we cannot afford four more years of this president's disastrous policies. sea a principled conservative and right guy to lead us forward. >> let me play devil's advocate with you. governors kasich and bush and christie. they have actually had to deal with these problems in terms of size of state government. you talk about unifying the parties. i know a lot of republicans weren't happy with the immigration deal but senator rubio is unable to unify everyone behind his position. >> couple things. look. marco has been a principled conservative. i know some of:n his opponents saying is he part of the establishment, that's nonsense. he was a conservative when he took on charlie crist. speaker when the house in florida and conservative in the united states senate. he has a great record of accomplishment. too many people in d.c. get caught up on how many bills do you have your names on. he has done several things. zc=9 sanctions against fight hezbollah. obamacare bailout for insurance companies. lidded the fight against v.a. executives not doing their jobs. >> did he accomplish those fights. >> those are three thingsed
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that he passed. the reality is the voters at home don't care. people in d.c. your name is on this bill or that bill. what they care about is it is harder to get a job in this he economy. what they care about is we have got record numbers of americans under this president on food stamps. the american dream is not about the government taking care of you. marco has fought for the american dream. we're both children of immigrants. i don't think he takes the american dream for granted. he wakes up every day saying the american dream is about opportunity. you should be able to work hard, get a great education. every child should be able to realize their potential. i don't think will ever take that for granted. it's not about the government taking care of you. >> thank you for coming here and a making your endorsement public here. i appreciate it, sir. >> thank you for having me. >> just a short time ago we did ask senator rubio his thoughts on governor jindal's endorsement. >> bobby jindal is one of the smartest people in american politics a a truex pert on healthcare. he has great leadership ideas on all sorts of public policy. self-going to be a huge asset to our campaign. i think he has a very
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promising future in american politics. one of the best governors in america. we're excite to do have him had on board. this is going to be a big boost to our campaign. >> earlier this week senator rick santorum also endorsed senator rubio right here "on the record." and secretary hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders locked in a at the bus stop war of words. what are they fighting about? find out next. >> you are looking live. >> this is chilling. >> go inside the story and "on the record." >> i love taking you behind the scenes. >> when news breaks, greta is son the case. >> investigating on the ground. p &c @&c@ get from the media. >> the facts you won't find anywhere else. don't miss the smart choice, "on the
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it is fair to say, senator, that in your definition as you being the self-proclaimed gate keeper for progressivism, i don't know anyone else who fits that definition. >> instead of arguing about definitions. let's talk about. >> did you that yesterday with your comments. >> let's talk about what we should do. one of the things we should do is not only talk the talk but walk the walk. i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac, who is not raising huge sums of money. [cheers and applause] >> from wall street or special interests. >> that was secretary hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders going at it during last night's
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democratic debate. the two candidates debating who is more progressive. the "on the record" political is back. >> i actually thought this was mrs. clinton's best debate so far except for this major difficulty she is going to have with those wall street speeches. and senator sanders raised this and her campaign has sort of stumbled over. this the "the washington post" says they have been asking for these speeches for several weeks now and she hasn't given an answer. her answer last night was i will see what i can do. that do l. come back to it's going to be devastating until she releases them. at that point we will get a look what's in there and that can be even worse. it's a real problem for her. >> it's a problem and particularly a problem because bernie sanders right now is legitimizing all the arguments republicans are going to make over the summer if hillary is the nominee. hillary won't be able to say these are sciolous partisan attacks because bernie as the progressive has made them from the left. any time republicans want to go after her for goldman, not releasing transcripts.
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exorbitant fees for giving speeches. remember when bernie made the same argument. >> talking about him being authentic progressive you have got to admit. it's a little weird. he says she is for affordable college. is he for free college. so, every kid who is 18 years old wants bernie sanders because he says it's free. where is he going to get the money for this? i mean, it's so pandering to the young people. and they are out there thinking she is going to charge us something for college. is he going to give it7# to us free. he says i'm more progressive because i'm going to do it free. >> i was in iowa for the caucuses and on caucus night i was at a college and talked to a ton of these college students what i heard over and over was free college. though bought it hook, line and sinker. >> she is more realistic and practical. that happened in 2008. president obama offered a lot more. >> look, this is the difficulty in her running in this primary right now is she has it to chase as far as as she possibly can to the the left she no s. not willing to say free college
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she knows better and he doesn't. >> you can't do this for free. where are you going to get the money? i don't believe it's free. >> he says i'm going to it tax the billionaires. how many billionaires are out there that he is going to tax? i mean, if any of these -- if anyone sort of like ran the numbers on this. >> the college students i talked to are not saying how many billionaires are there he is going to tax. regardless of whether or not we can pick these arguments apart and say this policy is unrealistic. all bernie has to do is say you are going to pass free college and healthcare for everyone. kids 18 to 25 in iowa by 85%. >> i don't know what the in the grand scheme of things between that and donald trump promising to build a wall across the u.s./mexico border. >> he says the mexicans are going to pay for it. >> the question of feasibility make the same question. republican voters responding to that. >> what what happen if he becoms president and can't pay for college now what.
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>> president obama said he would close gitmo. people forget. >> there is really something awful to being sort of practical and reasonable and saying what's possible. >> primaries there sure is. >> politician and primary. you get penalized and punished if you dare to -- >> that's chris christie's argue: hñ i'm getting penalized for talking about entitlements and big stuff. thank you both. a 500-foot crane comes crashing down on busy street. deadly accident straight ahead. plus, rancic was hired by donald trump. rancic helping business owners. that's coming up. we always were told we were german. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through
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it collapsed.6, and watch as bullets begin to fly at boxing weigh-n ireland. one person dead and two more injured when a gunman dressed as opened fire. the suspect and the victims are believed to be affiliated with gangs and organized crime. concussions are now being eyed in the apparent suicide in extreme sports legend david-mile-an-hour ravment ravment -- mira a bmx bike rider. dazzled the crowd earning himself 24 x game medals. some are wondering if he may have suffered from brain damaged caused by cte. he leaves behind a wife and two children. puerto rico declaring a state of emergency as it 2 people become effected with the dangerous zika virus. this coming at the world health organization asking for $25 million for a six month program aimed at fighting zika and learning moag about how can a is
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spread. link to do serious birth defects and that's tonight's speed read. you will probably recognize our next guest. he was the first winner of the apprentice. after learning business from the ground up from donald trump. phil ran sick is now a successful businessman in his own right. is he helping small businesses through a unique super bowl contest. here is bill ran sick "on the record." >> good to see you, greta, how are you? >> did i my homework about this commercial that's going to air at the super bowl and death wish blends. and it was so inviting that i actually ordered some already. so i'm way ahead of you. i'm going to order it. so tell me what is this ad and what you have been done? >> i have been working with the folks at intuit quickbooks. we are trying to help small business success. we launched the campaign small business, big game. one business owner a fully paid fully produced commercial that's going to run during football game february 7th.
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tens of thousands of small businesswpá applied. we narrowed it down. and america voted and they fell in love with death wish blends just like you did. they voted for them to be the big winner in the big game. and it's pretty exciting to see what's going to happen to this young man and his business because is he a true american entrepreneur. he put his life savings on the line. moved home with his mother at the age of 30 to start this company. here he is going to be on the big stage with all the automotive manufacturers and the beer companies. so we're thrilled. >> you know, we have over 100 million people third quarter of the super bowl. and imagine, i mean, i assume that a lot of people are going to do like i did and just ownership-i just went and put in the name and up it popped. so i bought it. >> i think he is going to sell millions of pounds of blends this year. his life is going to change dramatically. he is a smart guy. he is prepared. and the folks at quickbooks are arming him with the right tools to really capitalize on the success that he is going to see after are that football
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game. >> who paid about what do these ads cost about $5 million to get 30 seconds? somebody had to pay to get the time. >> intuit quick books sponsored this competition. they paid for the ad and produce the ad with a major ad agency. mike, the owner of death wish blends was very involved in the creative process. and shooting the commercial. so, it's his baby and come february 7th, the world is going to know who this young man is and his company. i'm excite to do see how his sales just rocket off the planet earth. >> is it possible though that, you know, that a lot of people, 100 million start going online and then he has got a problem in terms of production? >> he is ready he is ready and he has been, you know, producing 20 bags a minute. he has got two of those assembly lines that we see right now. he has been gearing up for this for the last month and a half. he is ready to go. he has hundreds of thousands of pounds ready to ship. so he is going to seize this opportunity like any smart businessman. we. >> all right.
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the pitch that it's the world's strongest blends which is one of the things that grabbed me. i mean, have you tasted it, number one, two, is it really that strong? >> well, i tasted it and it's a great tasting blends but it's about double the caffeine of an ordinary cup of?r he created the business much like many small businesses out of necessity. he had a small little blends shop that was kind of struggling. so commerce said we want a stronger cup of blends. he went out and brought themfr extremely strong cup of blends. they loved it he decide to do sell it online. one thing led to another and people are just reordering and reordering. this young man is really going to have a heck of a career ahead of him. >> 2004 you won the first adiswith donald trump. what do you think donald trump would think about this project? >> well, donald trump is definitely pro-small business. that's for sure. is he an entrepreneur himself. he is a second generation entrepreneur. so, there is no doubt about it that he would think this is amazing. i'm looking at that video. i was so young there in 2004. >> we all were.
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actually, bill, we all were. >> yeah.oa >> but anyway, this is about the american dream. that was really the goal of this competition that intuit quick books put on. it's about celebrating small business and really saying hey, the american dream is still alive and well. and you can go out and do it yourself. >> what's the biggest problem? what gets in people's way? the thing i hear from business people are regulations biggest sort of impediment. get the capital to launch a business. are business regulations really a problem?s,ñ i suppose it depends on the product. >> i spent the last four years traveling around of the country and meeting with small businesses. i have got to tell you, the biggest obstacle they face is getting capital. they don't have access to money. and, you know, we are starting to see crowd fç+ 9 where they can access alternative capital. that's, in my opinion, been the biggest hurdle for small businesses. it's about survival. it's about meeting payroll and being able to buy inventory to keep up with the demand. if they get access to that then, you know, the sky is
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is the limit for many of these small businesses that i have worked with. >> and you can see more of my interview with bill rancic and the founder of death wish, blends on my greta talk podcast: are you yesterday for football. two former nfl stars are here next to preview sunday's big game. be good.
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the carolina panthers and denver bronchos are ready for sunday's big game. super bowl 50 is sunday in san francisco. our personal "on the record" football panel is here. super bowl champion hall of fame running back tony door set and six time pro-bowl runningz back six time champion mcdab.
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welcome gentlemen. >> good to be here. >> donovan, let me go first to you. how nervous are the quarterbacks, do you think, for super bowl? >> well, i'm very excited about these two and i think they present something different. cam, obviously, being the young generation showing that he can play from the pocket and use his legs. peyton coming out in 1994 out of high school both of outside great all americans. going at this point still excited. i'm excited about this competition between the two. because i think you are looking at maybe a quarterback that's leaving a league with a great legacy and another one trying to build one. >> tony, of course, i'm disappointed that green bay packers aren't in because i own one share and i bore the viewers telling them every time. what's your assessment of this game on sunday? >> well, i will tell you what, you know, on or aboutously got the -- obviously got the two best
11:49 pm
teams standing. cam newton, you know, helj is very outstanding quarterback. but it's hard to be the vet peyton manning. peyton manning, this guy is above and beyond what i have ever thought he was going to be as a professional football player. and he is still going strong. i want to say it's going to be a toss-up but i'm leaning a little bit towards carolina. [ laughter ] >> donovan, if you were an owner of the teams, which would you rather have, an older, experienced quarterback or a younger, healthier, and hungrier one? which would you rather have? >> [ laughter ] >> well, two quarterbacks that i can choose from, you have got to be very excited. but at this particular point i think i would start my
11:50 pm
franchise out with a young, energetic, hungry quarterback in cam newton there are a lot of things do you with cam. build around him. start with the offensive line. get him a good run game and solid safety blanket as a tight end and wide receiver position and be able to build more on both sides of the ball. when you have a young guy so talented like cam newton. not to take anything away from peyton manning, but how many years are you going to get out of peyton manning. you talk about an older guy in the league 17 oar 18 years. you know at some point you are going to have to go out back in that role. whether you have a guy sitting out there right nau with the talent of cam newton and progressing each and every year, i think i will start my franchise off with a guy like cam. >> tony, what do you think of the two run aring backs on the two teams? >> well, i think both of these teams have outstanding running attacks. there is no question about it. to be successful, and to get as far as they have, obviously they had to have a
11:51 pm
good play with their running game. in reality, i just think both teams are extremely well balanced. you know, they can run the ball as well as pass the ball. so the thing about it is, you know, it makes it a little bit more difficult for defenses, obviously. but, again, this game is not going to boil down to who is running the ball more and who is passing the ball more. i think because so well equally balanced it's going to boil down to what team makes the most mistakes. >> right. >> donovan, do you miss playing? >> absolutely not. >> no? [ laughter3c ] >> i miss the paycheck. i miss the camaraderie in the locker room and maybe play at super bowl time. but to be honest with you i don't miss it i don't look back at regret the decision of retiring in 2012, 13 years i spent in the nfl. obviously adding high school and college into that whole effect. now i get an opportunity to spend time with my kids, be
11:52 pm
the father that i have always wanted to be. coaching softball, flag ing
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came made it out to campaign. instead trump is hollandeing holding a rally in south carolina. >> governator arnold schwarzenegger will bebñ calling in to speak to the crowd for governor kasich tonight. governor chris christie holding three events today throughout new hampshire. live is bernie sanders. he will be making an appearance tomorrow night on "saturday night live." the host of larry david who has been spoofing him in snl
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sketches. live results on your screen. should governor bush have brought in his family sooner? 49% yes. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy lee vee to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. >> coming up on the big show,


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