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tv   Stossel  FOX News  February 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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with tattoo. they are offering free ink. and thenny will serenade you with regrets, i have had a few. i am julie banderas thanks for watching watching. water's world is next. you're in watters' world and i'm your host jesse watters. everybody knows donald trump wants to make america great again, win the war on terror build a war and make mexico pay for it. what is donald trump like as a person? we caught up with him a few weeks ago in iowa to find out. we've been doing some digging. it turns out half of your supporters only want you in the white house because they want to see ma lannia as first lady. >> they have very good taste. >> is ma lannia a fan of "watters' world". >> a huge fan. and my 9-year-old son, baron
5:01 pm
loves watters world. they have very good taste. >> how did you meet milania? was it love at first sight? >> i was at a party and i saw this very beautiful woman and i said boy would i like to get that phone number. it wasn't easy took me about five weeks. >> did you get on one knee when awe prosed? >> no but it was a hard phone number to get. >> if you're fortunate you have you will be moving into the white house. that's downsizing for you. have you given that any thought moving into the white house? >> well you know it's a special place. i mean look what it represents. it is quite a bit smaller but these are minor details. special place that represents so much and let's hope i'm lucky enough. what i want to do is make our country great again, make america great again and safe
5:02 pm
again. i'm adding safe again, because i don't think people feel safe anymore. >> no. >> we're going to be able to do that and the white house is a symbol and it's a symbol that we have to really respect. >> speaking of symbolism, president obama returned the churchill bust when he came into office. are you going to get that back from great britain? >> i would love to have churchill's bust back in the white house. he was a great, great man. >> also symbolic if you're fortunate enough to be in the white house the first state dinner. who are you going to invite? >> you and bill and the gang right? we have to have the gang have to get front row, center probably not the chinese to the first dinner. >> mexico maybe? >> probably not. we won't invite too many of the countries that are ripping us off of which there are many but you'll certainly be there. >> family very loyal. are you going to put some of your family members, ivanka in the cabinet? >> in terms of competence they would be great. you look at don, ivanka eric
5:03 pm
different folks in the family they've worked with me in the business building the old post office on pennsylvania avenue in washington. >> right. >> in terms of competence, we can't do any better but i don't think so. somehow i may take heat and i shouldn't take heat. can you imagine ivanka as secretary of something? believe me they'd do well. but probably not. >> has a nice ring to it. you have to work with nancy pelosi and harry reid. what is your assessment of those two individuals? >> i've been able to work with them over the years when i was a businessman, hard to believe i don't consider myself a businessman. politician i hate to say that hate the ring but i worked with them and others over the years. i'm able to get along. i'm able to work with pretty much anybody. have to be able to do dha.that. >> important. when i told bill o'reilly i was interviewing you, he said don't ask about politics. ask him what he eats for
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breakfast. >> if i can a void breakfast. in terms of that i will have a lunch, but my big thing is dinner. breakfast, jesse, if i can avoid them i'm very happy to do that. >> you don't like bacon? >> i like bacon and eggs. i do if i have it i like bakion eggs cereals, different cereals. >> what kind of cereals? >> made in the usa. has to be made in the usa, the corn flake type stuff. >> okay. >> raisin bran right out of the fields of iowa has to come but -- >> you getting exercise on the campaign? >> it's a lot when you go from here to there and it's walking and it's fast walking and making speeches in front of -- you know tens of thousands of people. >> how is your golf game? >> it's suffering badly. my games have been good over the years but sufrl badly. i got a chance to play about two weeks ago and it wasn't a pretty picture. you have to play that game. now the president plays more than most pga professionals, so
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his game should be doing okay. my game is suffering and will suffer if i get elected because you have to focus, we have so many things to do between the debt obamacare and the borders and security the military and the vets. lot to do. you can't be playing too much golf. >> still to come super bowl picks with the talented ava, peyton manning versus cam newton and we're going to talk about who is going to win the super bowl, super bowl 50. but up next part two of the donald trump watters' world interview. how does the donald blow off steam? we'll be right back. have you ever smoked weed? tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the
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e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. welcome back to "watters' world." now for part two of our saturday night donald trump world
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exclusive. roll the tape. you played golf with president clinton. >> yes. >> what was that like? 's a ladies man. you guys share stories? >> i enjoyed it. i mean we had probably a couple of rounds over the years. >> does he have a good swing? >> it's fine. it's really fine. he gets criticized. he actually plays very nicely. >> yeah he does. does he talk about his wife when you guys are together? >> no. we don't really get into that too much. >> yeah? >> i wouldn't know him, because as a businessman, it was my obligation to get to know him, his wife harry reid everybody. it's something you have to do. >> hillary clinton does yoga. what do you make of that? >> i can't imagine it but i think it's good. if it makes her happy, let her do it. >> you've been saying hillary doesn't have the stamina to be commander in chief. she has health problems she's been fainting she's got some health issues. are you saying she's not healthy enough? >> i don't mean by stamina she's
5:10 pm
unhealthy. i just don't think she has the strength or stamina. we're dealing with isis with all sorts of problems. we're dealing with trade and china and all of the countries who want to take your heart out, dealing with the problems of the world and you need tremendous stamina, you need tremendous strength. you need a lot. as i said with jeb bush he had no energy true. she's a little weak on the energy too. she'll come here she'll do a thing and you won't see her for a week. >> what has she been doing? >> i don't know. >> maybe the yoga. >> i will say that in seriousness, we can't play games anymore. the country is going to hell. we need someone with stamina, strength and a lot here. >> i finished reading "the art of the deal" not as good as the bible but it's close. you took on the nfl and said it was a smug self-satisfyied monopoly. >> i proved that i won that
5:11 pm
situation. it was something i did, a small investment i did it to have a little fun and it actually was okay. i met a lot of great people and it was an interesting little venture, but we actually had a lawsuit which we won but only $1. i got millions of dollars in legal fees because the winner gets the legal fees back to millions in legal fees but only $1 troubles. >> the super bowl is coming up. do you bet on football? >> i don't bet on football. i would, but i'm a tom brady fan. i think coach belichick is terrific. he's' a terrific guy, terrific coach and i like them a lot and they're friends of mine. i play golf with tom. >> he has a nice swing. >> a good swing, he's a good athlete, believe me. he hits it a long way. >> you seem like a great guy to watch the game with but you don't drink. >> i'm not a drinker. >> why is that? >> i never really wanted to drink. i never acquired the taste, never liked the taste. i've seen instances, even within my own family where people drink too much and it's not a good thing, and i don't like it. so i've stayed away from it.
5:12 pm
i don't really judge and you know people like to do it but you have to do it in nodmoderation for me it's good not drinking i don't have to worry about moderation. >> have you ever smoked weed? >> i have not. i would tell you 100% because everyone else seems to admit it. almost like it's almost like hey it's a sign. no i have never smoked a cigarette either. >> you're very healthy. >> these are the good things. >> these are good. celebrity factor kim kardashian cozying up with hillary clinton. what is going on with that? i expected her to be in your corner. >> i don't think, she's very nice always been very nice but i don't think -- it's not what it's about. today it's about confidence getting it done. you look at what happened over the last four years with the world. the world has blown up four years, eight years and beyond that i mean to be totally honest you can go long beyond the eight years. so we're going to straighten it out. >> do you have time to watch tv anymore? are you binge watching? >> i watch "watters' world,"
5:13 pm
"o'reilly" fox and a few others but i certainly watch you. >> "celebrity apprentice" schwartz neglecter is taking over. any advice? >> steve burke of comcast and the people top people at nbc came to see me. they didn't want me to do this run. if you do the run you can't do it and wanted me to renew with "celebrity apprentice." i said if i run for president i won't be they thought i was never going to run and i did. we chose arnold. i hope he does well. i don't know i can't tell you yet. it's not easy to do. you have to be quick. you'd be good for that you're a qwikster. >> yes. >> you have to be very quick. >> maybe you can hire for me it. >> if arnold doesn't make it i'm sure you'd be next. >> you said oprah winfrey is a running for the vp slot. i think you said someone like oprah with star power. >> i never said that but she's a friend of mine and a terrific person actually. i like her a lot but no i've
5:14 pm
never said that. >> lastly a "watters' world" quiz here. are you nerve us? >> no not at all. >> you should be. >> okay. >> what is president obama's greatest accomplishment in your opinion? >> there are none. >> i also would have accepted playing a lot of golf. last question what is your favorite show on fox news channel? >> without question i would have to say only "o'reilly" when "watters' world" is on right? >> correct. >> only when it's on not talking about on all the time. you've done a good job, congratulations. >> thank you, and remember i'm watters, and this is my world. >> it is your world you better believe it young, handsome it's your world. >> thank you very much, good luck. >> have a good time. >> coming up our panel analyzes the interview and donald handles a heckler and rush him but on the race for president. >> over on the democrat side two
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let me just tell you something. let me just tell you something. you know what the backbone of our country, people that came here and they came here legally, people that came to this country legally and they worked their ass off, and they've made the country great. that's the backbone. you know what? no politician's going to solve it. no politician. these people i'd like to use really foul language. i won't do it. i was going to say they're full of [ bleep ] but i won't say that. no it's true. it's true. i won't say it. i won't say it. but they are.
5:19 pm
>> i won't say it but i'll say it. after being humbled in iowa trump on the war path tangling with a heckler the other night and getting bleeped. i'm joined by the co-host of fox business network's "after the bell" melissa francis, ebony williams and political strategist jess taica tarlov. quick reaction to the trump/watters interview. >> it was just a shmooze fest. you're ridiculous. >> i'm ridiculous. >> o'reilly tricked you into doing a soft interview so you'd never replace him. can we talk about melania? she's so stunning. let me be shallow p i've seen her in person in new york i feel we're not the same species. >> i think a lot of people would like to see melania in the white house. i have to defend myself. i did an interview a long time ago i couldn't do a news interview. we had to get personal or it would have been dated.
5:20 pm
what do you think? >> i thought it was fantastic especially because there is no news to donald trump. i would much rather know about that he likes fast walks for exercise and how scared he is of seeing hillary do yoga than him saying we'll make mexico pay for a wall. >> i loved how, do you do any exercise donald? he goes i walk quickly to the speeches and give a lot of speeches. he's supposed to be the healthiest guy out there, right? >> yes, number one healthiest man in america, donald trump. >> for trump to be perceived by many as so outrageous, i thought it was cool he doesn't drink and hasn't ever smoked a cigarette and also when you look at his kids especially the adult ones they're pretty spectacular. i think when you look at him from the fact that you raised these three amazing individuals, particularly ivanka i think she's amazing, i think you have to look at that and give a little bit of props. >> you're saying my interview humanized donald trump, is that what i'm hearing? >> i think so. that's how it felt to me.
5:21 pm
>> you did bring up some stuff we didn't know. as far as the smoking and drinking it's interesting because it shows you the controlling personality. he doesn't like to be out of control. >> if you think donald is crazy now wait until after a few cocktails. >> he's not going to let you see that so not going to drink or smoke. >> at rallies he's 100% or he's zero percent. he can't have a cocktail just have a toast. >> maybe it's not that he can't, maybe it's he won't we. he's super measured. i think so too. >> controlling. >> right now, we have the new hampshire situation, trump has a big lead in new hampshire but we have rubio now nipping at his heels and trump's kind of back on the war path. you saw him mixing it up with the hecklers and now going after ted cruz basically calling him a fraudster. let's listen to this. >> i think what he did was a fraud and what he did with the voter violation statement looking like it came from a government was a fraud, and i think it's a disgrace that he
5:22 pm
did it. but what he did to dr. ben carson a very good person where he said "he left the race vote for us," i think that's something that is really very serious. i think they should probably throw him out of iowa because i don't think what he did-- what he did is a disgrace and a disgrace to the electoral process. >> melissa this looks like it's a character attack. you have the dirty tricks the goldman loan the canada thing. he's zeroing in on ted cruz saying this guy does not have good character. >> he is but i think it's a bit of a waste of time. marco rubio is the much more serious challenger and if you want to talk about voter fraud, we should be looking to are that two-headed coin that cropped up in iowa. i need that thing to go to vegas. you come with me, that thing is ridiculous. >> i have it in my hillary shrine at home. >> we'll go right to veighs go. >> vegas. >> if cruz and trump go head to head doesn't that let rubio slide on through? >> you see chris christie can
5:23 pm
say whatever he wants and it's a two-man race between him and rubio but he's at 5% and rubio went ahead by one of cruz. the establishment is coalescing around rubio, a smart pick. like i said last week this is the republicans hope and change picture perfect, family is fantastic and great messaging. for donald trump to spend his time yelling about ted cruz it's a waste. go after the establishment. he's there because he's an outsider outsider. go after the establishment guy. >> i think that's the smarter thing to do of course. they're like parting the seas for marco to walk on through. but i think cruz is more fun for donald. seriously, i think he gets something out of that back and forth and he's having a food time. >> cruz will play with him. rubio won't play. >> he'll mix it up. might be a smart move. ladies thank you very much. up next rush limbaugh's provocative theory on the presidential primary, and later, hillary and bernie sanders got nasty at the debate the other
5:24 pm
night. speaking of sanders, do his supporters even know what the heck they're talking about? >> how is bernie going to make college free? >> uhm, i believe he's taking taxes from -- i can't remember. thanks. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control.
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>> this is a fox news alert. a u.s. defense official confirmed that the u.s. detected a long range missile launch. it is tracked and does not pose a threat to the u.s. or alloys. this is a step for pyongyang to achieve itses goal for a nuclear arsenal. it is coming one month after north korea claimed it tested a hydrogen bomb. >> a hundred people are still missing tonight after a earthquake struck taiwan. the powerful quake took town
5:28 pm
a 17 floor high rise building in thi wan. so far 340 people were rescued from the rubble including baby. 18 people were kill canned and hundreds more injured. i am julie banderas. back to waters world. you are watchingment fox >> a lot of storylines streaming out of iowa evangelicals the dirty tricks the dropouts and the coin flips but leave it to rush limbaugh to paint a bigger picture. >> you look at cruz you look at rubio, you look at carson you have two hispanics and an african-american getting 60% of the caucus votes. over on the democrat side two bedraggled worn out old white people. are the choice. and we sit here and we continue to have to listen to all this garbage that the republican party is where you find a lack of diversity and closed-minded
5:29 pm
bigotry. >> melissa and jessica are back with me and abby huntsman executive director of the accountability project, and red eye host tom shalill. tom, republicans, party of diversity. what do you think about that? >> but they're not real minorities jesse. real minorities have to have a "d" next to their name. >> i forgot about that. >> no no no. >> you mean cruz isn't down for the struggle? he's not latino? i know he's canadian right, is that what you're saying? >> the media portrays. >> the media is ignoreing cruz, the first hispanic to win a caucus. why isn't that a storyline? >> i don't often agree with rush limbaugh. i don't know i'd word it the way he did but he is making a pretty decent point. you look at someone like marco rubio, doing quite well at the moment and the things the democrats always hit republicans for were old, white men, and
5:30 pm
rubio is in fact the complete opposite of that he's young, refreshing he's got a cute family. he's not a woman. >> besides that. >> makes a fair point there. >> that's a cheap shot. >> sorry. >> that is a cheap shot. >> you guys are missing the point about the diversity. >> we don't want to get into looks. >> it's not about the candidates. it's about the support. so you can put up a black candidate, but african-americans don't support the republican party. you can have latino candidates but the hispanic vote over 80% are going to the democrats. >> i'm glad you bring up the support because if you look out in the audience at one of hillary clinton's functions you see it's women over 70 so that's the crowd she appeals to and if you look at the crowd that supports bernie sanders, that is astonishing to me the oldest dude out there, the 74-year-old guy and that's what the millenials are flocking to. the whole race is turned upside down. >> it's what they believe in. listen the events in iowa and new hampshire are white because iowa and new hampshire are
5:31 pm
white. look at events of hillary's in other places where she has -- >> 74-year-old white man. >> she has women support but the african-american and latino support. i'm a bernie sanders supporter and he is a millenial trapped in a 74-year-old's body. he embodies everything they believe in. >> are the democrats having a hard time saying we're great for minorities when blacks have suffered under this president. >> come on. >> and women under this president have suffered the most job losses. millenials live in their parents' basement. you can't turn around and say we're the party of diversity, when you see a lot of diversity at the unemployment line. >> there's the mouth to support that if you want to laugh at the facts. the st. louis federal reseven the worst recovery in recorded history. median income has fallen the middle class shrunk the rich gotten richer. everything the kms say they're for changing they promoted and advanced in the past eight years >> look at the candidates. >> why is unemployment under 5%
5:32 pm
and millions insured. they went up 12 cents from this time last year. >> it does buy you a lot. you're right about that. >> the point that you're making is the same one that democrats make that this is it. we're at full appointment. yeah i hope you're happy with your job and household income. this is the best we can do. >> the message that i'm hearing and we're going to get to this in the next segment the democratic debate last night you would think they're running against george w. bush the sky is falling, wall street's killing the middle class. if everything is so great as you guys say, why are hillary and bernie sanders running like it's armageddon out there? >> we've had a democratic president the past eight years. i think it's anybody's game at this point. we talk about minorities and what people are wanting right knew. you could say democrats own that. i this i this next election cycle people want something different, whether on the right or the left and with marco rubio, going back to him i think he's someone democrats really
5:33 pm
are afraid of to go against. >> absolutely. >> the democrats can agree with that he is someone that represents something different. >> does marco rubio scare you guys? >> on so many levels. >> his policies scare me. there's this illusion he's a moderate. he was propped up by the tea party, fueled in florida by the sugar industry. this is a man who -- >> ooh, the sugar industry! >> they're billionaires and the biggest -- >> sugar in this drink! >> and florida is a very important state. >> big sugar. >> big sugar, you got it. >> ahh! >> big sugar. big sugar? i thought it was big something else. all right, anyway you think the republican race is getting crazy, wait until you see what happened last night at the democratic debate. and speaking of presidential candidates a classic "watters' world" quiz later in the show. >> a couple good things also a racist. >> he was a raceist? >> yeah. >> staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live...
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this week the democratic candidates went head to head in new hampshire. hillary big in the granite state by 20 plus points but she came out swinging. take a look. >> senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment. [ cheers and applause ] and i've got to tell you that it
5:38 pm
is it is really quite, it's really quite amusing to me. >> being part of the establishment is is in the last quarter, having a super pack that raised $15 million from wall street. >> enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly but you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donations that i ever received. >> what -- >> and i have stood up and i have represented my constituents to the best of my ability, and i'm very proud of that. >> you know -- >> so i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out. >> oh. >> in recent weeks, and let's talk -- [ booing ] let's talk about the issuing, let's talk about the issues that divide us. >> wow. we are back with our panel. what did you think, hillary is on a tear. i'm scared of her. >> i wanted to get the
5:39 pm
inflatable mallets my kids have and let them beat each other to death. it was incredible. she said she's not part of the establishment, are you kidding me? she's above that like political royalty. she's a deity. the clintons have been ruling politics since the '90s. who is she kidding? >> she's a former first lady secretary of state, she's a senator. not the establishment. >> she runs the democratic party. >> she played the den der card. what do you think about that? >> listen i'm not a hillary supporter. i don't like it when she plays the gender card when she's diluting feminism. when she uses it to make a feminist case go for it but using to put bernie sanders down and to say she's not part of the establishment, this say woman who she and her husband ran the dlc, they changed the structure of democratic politics and created blue dogs they ran more conservative democratic candidates not progressive candidates so they could win elections. this is a woman who is an institution, so i am deeply offended as a democrat to see her say that. >> you sound very offended.
5:40 pm
oh my goodness. these two over here. >> she obviously thinks women can't be a part of the establishment. i think she's sexist. >> great point. why can't a woman be part of the establishment, right? women don't count for anything? >> i think you put your finger on it. when i watch the debate they were running against each other and also running against capitalism. all i heard was wall street's bad. bernie was talking tougher against wall street than isis. >> no and that's been his statement the whole time. i did love bernie's expression the whole time. the split screen is the best part of the debates. i will say, though with bernie sanders and donald trump as well they are both speaking out about super packs and there's a frustration in this country about money and politics and how corrupt it's gotten. agree with bernie sanders or not he makes a good point how he raised money of his campaign basically off of small donations. hillary clinton can't say that. >> she doesn't have no small donations. she's raised from super packs but there are grassroots people
5:41 pm
who support hillary. part of that is she's been around fighting for democrat cause forz 30 years. >> it seemed to me watching last night, seemed like both of them just liked ed disliked capitalism. bernie really doesn't like it and hillary pretends not to like it. it's awkward watching democrats feel guilty making money. >> it is and she takes so much money from goldman sachs, from wall street, from everyone else. >> $600,000 that's a lot? you should see what chaloub makes over the weekend. >> the problem is she takes the money and have to ask what do the banks think when they're getting that money? what kind of consideration in return? goldman sachs only bets on sure things. they're a very smart bank so they wouldn't continue to give her money if they hadn't been proven to get something out of it. >> do you think bernie and the talk about wall street and the
5:42 pm
super packs and big money, do you think this is dragging hillary way too far to the left where she is going to be vulnerable when she goes head to head against the republicans? >> against the republican no. i still think she is the more electable candidate and i don't want to get into can she run from jail or whatever but you know. >> maybe goldman sachs can put up her bail money. >> but the point is is that she is definitely having to reroute her agenda to deal with what he's doing, and the thing is bernie sanders, i have nothing bad to say about the man. i'm staunch hillary supporter. that guy is authentic and passionate but he has three issues. he has income inequality and he has health care and he has college tuition. >> listen to his message. >> the message resonated, people vote on emotion. >> that's campaign 101. you don't talk about 15 issues at once. it confuses people. find three key issues motivating the constituency you want to engaming and expand. >> like donald trump's build a
5:43 pm
wall and make mexico pay forever it. >> the problem with his plan he stands for socialism and i think the young people voting for him think he's talking about social media. they don't even understand what socialism is. right, abby? >> they have a positive view of it. >> no one knows where lincoln is. speaking of bernie sanders, what does it mean to feel the be? i went to the university of oregon to find out. why do you like bernie? >> he's a great congressman. >> he's a senator. >> hmm. >> he seems to have a lot of integrity, more so than senator clinton. >> that's not saying much. what policies do you support of bernie sanders? >> [ sighs ] that's so hard to like pippoint. uhm -- >> here we go again. >> i think my favorite of his would probably be his health care pollicypolicy. >> if you think health care is expensive now, wait 'til it's free. >> i like his redistribution of
5:44 pm
wealth policy >> how is bernie going to accomplish all of these redistributive schemes? >> making it more efficient and not losing any, uhm -- he would be able to put pressure on congress to pass it. >> obama put pressure on congress to pass his agenda and they said no. >> definitely like the free education thing, that's always a plus. >> how is bernie going to make college free? >> i believe he's taking taxes from -- i can't remember. >> i like her. i really like her. >> i support -- his -- uhm, i like -- i don't know. >> isn't it weird you have a kid and all your dreams and hopes just go right out the window? >> i think bernie sanders provides like the most opportunities for underrepresented people especially queer people. >> you're not allowed to say queer. that's offensive. >> well i am queer, so. >> oh. >> remarkable! >> you know what? forget about the democrats.
5:45 pm
it's super bowl weekend. fox sports radio talk show oes ava fiore is jealous i got to go to all the super bowl parties. and later, a presidents' day quiz you'll never forget. >> i want to say woodrow wilson? >> woodrow wilson? >> i don't know. >> nice color photo of woodrow wilson? there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips' fiber good gummies plus energy support. it's a new fiber supplement that helps support regularity and includes b vitamins to help convert food to energy. mmmmm, these are good! nice work, phillips! the tasty side of fiber, from phillips'. you show up. you stay up. you listen.
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tomorrow's the super bowl. super bowl 50. cam newton's carolina panthers are going up against peyton manning and the denver broncos in the beautiful city of san francisco. now the san francisco board of supervisors, they banned me from entering the city limits which i consider a badge of honor, but when the super bowl was in new york, i crashed a few parties. roll the tape. do you even care about the super bowl? you're not really a football
5:49 pm
guy. >> i don't care about the super bowl. they can take football off the air as far as i'm concerned. >> do you even know who is playing in the super bowl? >> that's like the most embarrassing question. i have no idea. >> you've heard some of the questions. they get pretty tough after the first two. >> denver? do you even know who is playing? >> it's the albuquerque balloons. >> who is playing? >> the football guys. i sound as gay as possible. >> are you guys british? >> i'm not british, but i love london. >> sex before the super bowl some people swear off it to get a little edge. what's your philosophy on that? >> probably ten out of ten. >> on a scale of 10-1 maybe. >> you are one pathetic loser. >> you don't strike me as a football type of guy. did you play football? >> what are you talking about? i was a cornerback in high school. >> i know all your teammates >> are you a waters world fan?
5:50 pm
>> i don't like watters world. bill o'reilly doesn't like waters world. >> hey, watters world. >> all right. fox sports radio talk show host ava joins our panel again today. before we get to the super bowl, let's talk about the one controversy. people don't like when cam newton does the dance. he was like if you don't like me dancing, that's racist. i like the dancing. can't people say i don't like the dancing because it's not good sportsmanship? >> i think as long as he doesn't actually taunt the players. >> yeah. >> it's part of football. it's part of the game. why not celebrate? i love he goes and gives the football to the kids. they're fining him for that. it's ridiculous. it's part of the game. >> let's talk xs and os, ava, you're the big expert. who do you think is going to when and why? i want to put some money on this. >> this is difficult for me. i'd like to see manning go out at the top of his game. i'm rooting for the broncos. >> take your heart out of it.
5:51 pm
>> i got to take my heart out of it and say the battle is going to be in the trenches it's going to be basically, you know denver's defense against carolina's offense, how that's going to pan out. i'm going to say it's carolina. that's the standard here. i would love to see denver come out and take this win. >> well, they say defense wins championships, so i would have to go with the broncos. we should have a little wager. if i win, what should happen? maybe we'll talk about this off camera. eboni, you're a carolina girl. >> i am. i'm from charlotte. i've seen this team go through a lot, jesse. i'm excited we're back in the super bowl. you're right, defense wins championships. denver's defense is the best. carolina is very good as well. now, offense, number one offense in the nfl right now, there's no way cam and those boys don't shut this down. >> okay. show me your touchdown celebration. >> my dab? >> did we get that? i don't know ha that means.
5:52 pm
abby -- >> dab? >> that's good. >> i'm not going to do that. do you even know who's playing in the super bowl? >> no. now i do. i would have answered one of your questions perfectly like they did. i mean -- >> you know what, i love the super bowl for the commercials but most importantly it's the best excuse to have as much velveeta cheese as you want. i tried two years ago every store in new york city was out of velveeta cheese. i literally went to probably ten different stores. other people, too, were waubd wandering around. they ran out of velveeta. >> if you were a real american you'd have velveeta in your fridge at all times. >> do you know who's playing? do you think it's a soccer game? >> i'm a pats fan. i just finished crying four days ago. i got to go with peyton. if you want to make money, put it on peyton. carolina is favorite. put your money on peyton. >> they're not going to win. >> you got to take a chance, take a gamble in this world. >> denver has to use their run game. if denver uses their run game and play -- their defense plays
5:53 pm
lake they did against the patriots then they can do something here. >> there is a chance. there is a chance. i'm not -- >> do you even know what a run game is? she thinks that's someone running down the street. >> i was in the band. >> all right. all right. coming up next in honor of president's day, a little quiz on some of america's most famous leaders. >> a great communicator. >> yes. >> remember he said mr. gorbachev, tear down this -- >> help me out, guys. tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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5:56 pm
e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. president's day just around the corner. we figured we'd honor the men who held the office by asking a few people how much they knew about them. i quickly learn i should have kept my mouth shut. read my lips -- >> i'm gay. >> no new taxes. now, what do you think about him? the japanese prime minister
5:57 pm
remember that? >> i don't remember that. >> you learned something. >> i did. always learn something with watters. >> what do you think about ray? >> i like him. >> you do? >> i do. >> because he was an actor. >> he wasn't that respected as an actor, was he? >> what do you mean? he was in a movie with a monkey. the great communicator y. >> we yes. >> remember he said mr. gorbachev, tear down this -- >> help me out, guys. >> tear down this -- >> wall? >> wall. >> yeah. you got this. there you go. >> i don't know. i want to say woodrow wilson? >> woodrow wilson? >> i don't know. >> nice color photo of woodrow wilson. >> a couple good things, he was also a racist. >> he was a racist? >> yeah. >> he freed the slaves. >> that's theodore. >> that's your man right there. >> buddy. >> republican or democrat?
5:58 pm
>> democrat? >> republican. >> really? >> is that your man and you don't know his party? >> he's american president? >> over my head. >> i don't know who that is. >> ever seen him before? >> no. >> i wish i didn't know who that was, either. >> what did you think of all that? >> when i see your segments, people willingly go to you. they say they recognize you. they talk to you, anyway knowing they don't have the knowledge in their head. peoples need to be on tv -- >> exactly right. >> -- they need to not look like an idiot. >> they don't recognize ronald reagan but they recognize you. >> exactly. >> he's the man. >> thank you, abby keep talking. >> it's really quite frightening. i mean we laugh about it but when you think about some of the questions you asked -- >> yeah. >> tear down this wall. i mean basic, basic stuff. they don't know the answer to. >> and martin sheen, aka, woodrow wilson eboni.
5:59 pm
>> color photo. >> color photo. >> i mean -- it really makes me sad for, like america's schools. like seriously, what is going on? >> and abraham lincoln -- >> is a racist. >> racist. >> exactly. i couldn't even believe that. >> the whole emancipation proclamation proclamation forget about that. >> you wonder why people like president obama get elected. these people are voting. if they can figure out what day the election is. they're going to vote. >> so scary. >> no one knows what's going on. i should run for president, right? >> you should. >> you'd get more votes than probably people who are running. >> that's right. i have big name recognition. thank you, abby again, we're going to have abby back for the rest of the program. all right. any last thoughts guys? good show today. what did you guys think of the donald trump interview? >> loved it. >> you know i -- >> you know, i'm hearing a lot of that. you're never allowed -- >> i met my wife the same way donald trump did. i walked in the room she said i got to get that guy's number. >> all right.
6:00 pm
well god bless your wife tom. all right. be sure to follow me on twitter and instagram and on facebook. tell me what you think. thanks for watching. and remember i'm watters, and this is my world. right now, on justice. i am for an indictment and i he endorsed donald trump. and the last time scott brown was on justice. >> does fairly mean you are asked tough questions or references of things that you said and you change your mind and get put on the spot. >> what changed his mind about trump? i will ask him why tonight. >> and who


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