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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  February 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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wail welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. >> coming up on the big show, hillary clinton said she took a $675,000 speaking fee from goldman sachs because that's what they offered. and she will probably do the same when offered a plea bargain. and a shocking study says yes and a common sense says no. and a real life moonshiner stops by to let tom sample his hooch. >> ever? >> ever. thanks, andy. let's welcome our guests. what's she wearing?
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a fabulous smile. it is joanne nosuchunsky. most people have a 10-gallon hat and his goes to 11. his british parents are disappointed they didn't grow up to be a chimney sweep. and wow, fast work, andy. he is third in line to replace captain america. welcome the lieutenant commander america, tv's andy levy. let's start the show. >> there are many reasons to support donald trump. his straight talk and no nonsense attitude and world famous stake. fellow norwood mass native says it best. on cnn on thursday, chris cuomo says if mr. trump is qualified to make the decisions faced by a president , take it away ernie.
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>> i think i can make the decisions. who is more qualified? it is 2:00 in the morning and there are a few girls at the bar. you have to go home with one of them. you have to pick who you're with. i think mr. trump is the best qualified. >> we are beer goggles and trump is the girl. i'm sure chris cuomo agrees with the perfect analogy. >> your analogy for what makes you the right guy when you get the bad call at 2:00 in the morning is what you need to do in the bar when you have women there and you have to decide which one? that's how your head works? >> you are miss underking. misunderstanding. i said if you are single you understand this. it is the end of the of night and you want to go home with somebody and the bar is about to close. you have to pick somebody. you have to pick somebody. you have to stand behind somebody.
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>> you have to, right? i think chris cuomo was mixing up his metaphors. it had nothing to do with a 2:00 a.m. phone call, did it? >> i don't know. for the first time in his life i think chris cuomo didn't misunderstand. i quickly have to say for some reason you think captain america's ranked his naval. it really, really annoyed me. >> at first i thought this is one of those with friends like these situations for trump. you have a guy saying if you are drunk and horny, vote for trump. >> it is a pretty good campaign slogan. i take it back and i think this guy is great. he is a wealthy guy. he is from my hometown. he has a bunch of auto dealerships.
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>> what do you think of the analogy? >> it doesn't mean you have to choose the girl who is vomiting everywhere. they are annoying the other patrons. >> wait a minute. >> he said i have to choose one of them so i may as well choose the skank. >> no he did not. >> that was the implication. >> that was the firecracker. i want the girl who at 2:00 a.m. i know will come home to me and she will commit to everything she has promised me even if it is out there. >> at the very least he was saying among equals. he wasn't saying to choose the skankiest one. >> i thought it was weird al giving political advice. >> you don't want the girl crying who lost her shoe.
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she worked in a man's place and maybe she i maybe she is progressive. >> she likes to role play. >> if you are that drunk you could go home with a girl with stubby hair. >> has it been proven his hands are not -- >> they are freakish baby. >> i think it is because he is always gesturing. for instance my hands are pale. moving on to another rich person. at cnn's democratic hall the silver haired asked if it was a mistake to accept free speeches from goldman sacs. clinton seemed well prepared for the question.
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>> i made speeches to lots of groups. >> did you have to be paid $675,000? >> i don't know. that's what they were offered. >> that's hilarious. as first lady she loved going out for walks and wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses and sweats. wasn't that oj's outfit when riding in the bronco? saying there is nothing she would like more than being anonymous. charles, it seems like she wasn't prepared for that question. shouldn't she have been? >> well, she is never prepared for the questions. the implication is what did they want? what did they want from you? >> they offered -- of course they did. they think she will do something for them. the best part was when she said, yeah, i took all of this money, but i didn't know i would be running for president.
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that's hilarious on two fronts. first, that's not the answer. sure i murdered him, but i didn't know i would be running for president one day. she has been running for president her whole life. the idea she didn't think she would be running in 2016 is farcical. >> i love the way he says it. >> that's a polite way of saying a lie. >> i think she should own it. say i am worth it. >> who books that? >> who would turn that down? to be fair it was three speeches. first show not so good and saturday whatever. >> aren't women -- i'm worth it.
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>> yes, however, is she juggling or singing or doing a two-step because usually there is some sort of talent that is implied with money like that. and also i am pretty sure goldman sachs would not have given any money and she would say no, no money. this is what they offer. they said this sounds appropriate. >> what will they get from her? what do you think they will get back from hillary? >> there are so many things, back rubs, parties. >> really, individual attention? >> i don't understand how hillary can claim -- she is running against sanders. she says i am the progressive -- she is trying to play the progressive and she is obviously owned by wall street. >> you can look at the goldman
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sachs money not as payment for future services, but payment for services rendered. there is that. it is 1972 all over again. bernie sanders is george mcgovern. the only shame is trump would be a perfect george wallace. everything would align perfectly. george wallace is a racist. -- >> you're saying he is farcical? >> she is walking around -- >> i thought you were going to get into a disguise. >> i have to get into my disguise now. she is walking around incognito? >> long walks on the beach and getting into nature. >> you know, she wants to get away. i get it. she doesn't want to be around
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people who know her. >> i think it gets oppressive in the white house. here is the thing. i will help hillary clinton become anonymous. i will help her not have to be under the precious -- -- the pressures the white house imposes. if she doesn't want to know his name or be in public office i am happy to volunteer to make that happen. all she has to do is stand up. >> not to defend her because i don't want to, but being a woman is hard. you need your face done and your hair did. you are scrutinized more than a man. i think it is an idea i don't want to wash my hair. i will put on a baseball cap. >> she literally had to stay inside. >> the good news is she will be anonymous.
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>> the good news is she will be anonymous even if she is a person wearing a jump suit in the yard. >> when bill clinton heard she would sneak out of the white house he said yeah, me too. >> maybe she learned from it. >> great news for creepy guys. research suggests romantic comedies suggest women to be more tolerant of stalkers. i did it because i never stopped loving you had women watch films with different portrayals of male aggression. when aggressive behaviors model fashion it is for stalking. take this iconic scene from "love actually." while he seems romantic, let's not forget this woman is married to his best friend. he shows up at the door uninvited and promises to love her until she is dead.
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and yet women around the world swoon in delight which is problematic. as the study's lead author says such movies can lead women to discount their instincts. instincts can serve as a powerful cue to help keep us safe. it is time for a little less "sleep less in seattle" and a little more" sleeping with the enemy." >> you know that movie. >> i i do. who was that guy? >> julia roberts? >> julia roberts and an unnamed man. >> i can't remember where you stand on "love actually." >> do you agree with this? >> she said exposure of films that are made in a negative way are less likely to tolerate stalkers. if shown in a positive way --
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maybe there is a difference between persistently pursuing and stalking. maybe persistently pursuing is not creepy and then when it crosses the line it is then stalking. they are not the same thing. >> he is border line. he has issues for a whole bunch of reasons. ultimately he was harmless. >> what do you think? you're british. >> i agree with andy for two reasons. it does president actually prevent women from retaining their instincts. to presume that kiera knightly's character kept her instincts and it seems she did why wouldn't any other woman watching the movie -- she doesn't need to think he is scary and fail to do so. yes it is a little inappropriate of him. also most romantic comedies, although yeah there are lines that might be crossed don't actually depict anything
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stalkerrish. it is what is reman particular because the -- it is romantic. they depicted lots of guys going after women not interested and then the woman dyes. and then they said it is good she died. the audience said maybe i should allow myself to die. that would be one thing. >> it is about women not trusting their instincts and letting their romance get the best of them. >> and with this guy -- >> he ruined that for you. >> thanks. now i have to climb back on the ladder. every day of his life he is being attacked and chased by zombies. i think it went full circle. his karma getting back at him. i think some of the movies are creepy. it is like wear her down until she eventually gives in.
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hold the boom box in the rain and chase her to the airport. >> that guy was no prize either. >> "revenge of the nerds" and there was a scene at the end she thinks she is with the football player and he takes off the mask and he is the nerd guy. that would be a horror film now. >> that is weird. i have to take another look at that movie. joanne? you wrap this up. you are the woman here. >> i like thrillers. now i know why. >> another huge problem is disney. all of these classic disney films. beauty and the beast and bell is being held captive by this beast until she learns to love him? and alladin, this poor kid pretends to be rich.
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>> she learns because she doesn't want -- >> i am talking about bell. she learned -- she doesn't want to judge someone because of their looks. that's a good lesson. >> he took her away from her father and put her in a castle. >> he has anger issue. >> he should have said i learned not to judge you because you are a hideous beast. but i will judge you for imprisoning me. >> men won't have to watch ron-coms anymore. >> it is all offensive to women. >> coming up, why is everyone being so mean to jeb bush? i stick up for the slow turtle after the break. . dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it'
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this is a fox news alert. north korea launching a long-range missile sunday. u.s. defense officials confirming the news, saying the rocket isn't a threat to the u.s. or allies, but secretary of state john kerry condemning the launch, saying, it's a violation of u.n. security council resolutions. now that body will hold an emergency meeting later today. north korea defending its act n actions. pyongyang saying it was just sending a satellite into orbit. but many it was a covert test with the intent of building a missile to reach the u.s. more than 100 people are missing after a 6.4 earthquake in taiwan. authorities found signs of life underneath the rubble of a
10:21 pm
17-story building. so far 340 people have been rescued. 19 people have been killed and hundreds injured. authorities are calling off the search after two small planes collided in the air near los angeles. rescue crews found debris and a pilot's logbook from one of the planes, but no sign of the three missing people. the coast guard is now calling its mission a recovery operation. the cause of the crash remains unclear. and the super bowl lights getting a little brighter. tonight's championship game will feature two league mvps. last night, panthers' quarterback cam newton was named the most valuable player. he wasn't on hand to accept that award. as he's just a little busy right now preparing for the big game. peyton manning, he's won five nfl mvp awards of his own. not too shabby. i'm jackie ibanez.
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now back to "red eye." you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. >> why is everyone ganging up on jeb. the media loves an over dog story. the left and the right like to paint every move he makes. in the weekly article he blame jeb for the trull p pho -- phenomenon. the right to rise like an all pro right guard helped clear a path for trump by blocking several of his would be tacklers in particular marco rubio. i feel that bush is the one at the bottom of the pig pile. i also have jeb's latest so-called sadd campaign moment go viral as he seemingly begged for applause for his small audience. >> they need to be quieter and send a signal that we are
10:23 pm
prepared to act. get back in the business of a more peaceful world. please clap. >> this is the kind of small, fun moment that happens every day of the week on the campaign trail. begging. he was making a witty observation. people usually know where they are supposed to clap. but the speaker needs to goose it a little. jeb went ahead and told them and they laughed and applauded. it is called being charming. but the narrative says he can't be charming, only charmed. the man is down. doesn't he have a right to rise, usa? you like my button there? what's the reason? is it the bush legacy? >> it is a lot of things. i agree with you about the please clap things. i thought it was a funny, cute little moment. where you are wrong is right
10:24 pm
to rise which has been awful and anyone who hires your friend mike murphy ever again -- >> i like mike murphy. >> i know you do, but he's bad. if it is possible to feel sorry for someone who has had every advantage life has had to offer, i said that before. the narrative has been established. now anytime he does the please clap thing -- >> i want to go to you for the comic's view. >> when the crowd isn't going or way, sometimes we will put it on the line and say look it wasn't going as well as expected. >> that's equivalent to give it to the wait staff. >> he is like the steven baldwin. we are bushed out. he tries too hard. he is trying to get the energy. i almost respect him more if he didn't try to build it up. after trump he tried to take
10:25 pm
it to another level and that's not you. not everybody is a physical comic. >> i like when he is being a little more humble. when he is trying to do the attack game it it doesn't work as well. when he is hiding behind the super pack. i find him charming. >> for years they said if only george w. bush wasn't jeb. he should have won in 2002. and it is not true. now you look back at george w. bush comparatively and he looks like a politician. he was a relatively talented politician and jeb isn't. jeb is not a national figure. he was presumed to be because he is a bush and his dad wasn't and his brother wasn't and he was governor of florida. >> and did a great job. >> he is an excellent governor a longtime ago, but he hasn't been able to move beyond the
10:26 pm
90s and obviously not quite the talented politician everybody assumed he was because he was quieter and his name was bush. >> maybe he was smarter than his brother. >> george bush had a way of communicating to americans with that belt buckle and the swagger, right? >> have to have some swag. that's what i say. >> i think it is less about his personality and it is more about the fact that there is a resentment of the establishment and he is that. >> i think it is him for than anything else. he grew up speaking of his family. he grew up with a bunch of track stars. he likes the race analogy. it is like he is running this race and he lost his shoe and he keeps running and you are like you are going to keep
10:27 pm
going? i almost feel bad for you. his family is there half cheering him on. his mom is like okay let me run alongside my soon and help him out. >> you know what we do? count up sound bites and then we cut out a few seconds and then feel sorry for him. are we the ones that are creating this story for him? i feel he is not conveying what i need him to. it is a different world now and trump is acclimating to that. bush has no idea how to play this game. >> he is the kind of goi who will repeatedly pick up the bat on and not the shoe he dropped.
10:28 pm
>> coming up, everything you needed to know about moonshine. i get the scoop on the hooch, next.
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appalachian mountains who carry on the 200-year-old tradition for making moonshine. take a look. >> since i have come back to virginia it is awesome. business is booming. right now we can run 30,000 cases a year. i can hardly keep up with the domain. >> after his past as an outlaw he was bared from making liquor in his native state. >> we cannot grant. >> tim traveled for and wide on his quest to put the authentic moonshine on the map. he sold cases nationwide forcing the state of virginia to open the door to sell on his own tour. >> one of the stars of moonshiners is here with me now. it looks like you came from the set of moonshiners. the overalls, i have to get me some of those.
10:33 pm
>> i love this show it tracks your progress from illegal moonshiner to legal distributor. how did you make that journey? >> it wasn't easy. >> coming from my neighborhood where no one knew where i was and then coming from the national audience it has been tough. >> what's the deal? you sold all of this liquor illegally and they said forcing the state of -- what is it? >> the state of virginia. >> how does selling a bunch of illegal booze force the state to make you legal? >> it is not the state that makes you legal. it is actually the federal government that makes you legal. just going through the procedures and getting the right permits. i wasn't convicted in a court of law. >> your dad was a moonshiner? >> he was convicted of moonshine. >> no one knew who i was until
10:34 pm
i went on tv. you didn't even know who i was until i went on tv. >> did you think of your dad as a criminal? >> no, i thought of my dad as my dad. i grew up in the business. it is part of the culture of where we live. it wasn't nothing like that. >> i love drinking. >> so you love drinking moonshine? >> i am new to moonshine. today you gave me -- you know you gave me lessons in how to taste moonshine. let's look at that. >> i am no expert, but i can get through a wine tasting. show me how you do a moonshine tasting. >> you want to open it up so you can smell. this is the advantage to have a big bottle. if you put it in a glass it opens it up.
10:35 pm
>> tell me about this brand, climax. what does it mean -- well i know what it means. >> it has a vanilla sweetness of corn. >> let me tell you what i smell. a vanilla sweetness of corn. >> it causes a lot of pregnancies. >> i had moonshine or what was called moonshine from one of your competitors. >> let me see. >> rubbing alcohol. >> when i smell this i think of nail polish remover. >> acetone and methanol. >> smell this one. this is the same with a hipt of big red chewing gum. a hint of big red chewing gum. >> it smells like the red -- the old red balls i used to get. >> i feel i am getting tipsy
10:36 pm
from smelling it. >> fantastic. we had a good time. i barely remember it. he put the jacket back on. >> where does moonshine come from? i'm assuming you were out -- >> the term moonshine came back from the moonshining in the wood and looking at the full moon. the full moon gives you light. it is about making illegal alcohol in the night. moonshineing. >> since moonshining ran in your family was prohibition good? >> pro business was the best thing to happen to moonshine. no one else was making it. it was the number one trade. especially 1920 and 1933.
10:37 pm
>> why did it take so long to go legal? >> i had to grow up too. i had to grow up and realize what to do here. it is not like we from born and know what to do. it took a few years to get it together. >> when i look at movies there is a college dorm and sometimes home stills. is that realistic? can you set up a still in your college dorm? >> it is possible. the smaller the worse. the bigger the better. >> in this show you have equipment in the woods and you have to hide in caves because you are in hiding. >> you have to hide somewhere. >> it is very dangerous. is there a kerosene -- >> well i grew up using propane! before my time they used regular wood fire. that's not the issue. the issue is you are
10:38 pm
distilling something. if that releases, 180 degrees will hurt you. then you distill the alcohol and it is flammable. if you are in the wood you are snaking, do law enforcement looking for you. >> have you ever started fires or got yourself hurt. >> when we say next to the great guy. >> i'm assuming you think prohibition is -- >> i am not into anything but moonshine. i am like that guy who is real famous and he said i like to drink this and when i do i dribbing moonshine. i drink moonshine. >> watch "moonshiners." see the latest raceist commercial when we come back.
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posed no threat to the u.s., but secretary of state john kerry issuing a statement condemning it. many believe it was a test to help build a missile to reach the u.s. north korea said it put a satellite into orbit and or launches are planned. thousands of syrian refugees are waiting at the turkish border. the eu urging them to take them in. turkey said they will provide aid but will only open the border in a serious crisis. meantime, thousands rallied saturday demonstrating against the enflux of migrants into europe. this was spearheaded by a far right, anti-islam german group. about 20 people firebombed a refugee center there in prague prior to the rally. new york city officials say it may take weeks to determine what caused the collapse of a huge construction crane friday.
10:44 pm
one person was killed, three others injured. investigators are watching surveillance video from nearby buildings and examining the twisted steel remnants of the 565 foot long crane. and officials say the public is not at risk at nuclear water leaked into ground water. the spill was contained there at the site. the facility is 40 miles north of new york city. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines, logon to love" red eye." a new super bowl commercial featuring lil wayne and an actor playing george washington is being criticized as racist. the add features jeff glued
10:45 pm
goldoon -- goldbloom. >> looks like we are. ♪ moving on up smote. ♪ ♪ to the eastside ♪ to a deluxe apartment in the sky ♪ ♪ we're moving on up ♪ to the -- wait. is that george and weezie? >> who else would it be? >> what are you cooking there? >> some burgers. >> and grilling some beans, my good man. >> beans don't burn on the grill. >> and don't forget my signature apple pie. >> when gold bliewm get to the top lil wayne who hopped to even even -- whose grandfather used slaves. the ad should have used any other rec recognizable george
10:46 pm
-- >> george who, andy? >> george went. they are both cooking and standing in front of the grill. they are both cooking. at the end of the commercial there is a woman standing in front of the grill which is problematic because we know women are -- >> there goes my talking point. >> there is always a danger when andy is a -- how do you work with a chip? with a whip. >> as far as we know little wayne owns george washington. >> and probably has more money. >> i didn't know jeff goldbloom did a good job. >> at first i that the it was a trailer for the new
10:47 pm
"independence day. i am just happy he wasn't cooking chicken. >> that's right. what was he cooking. >> beans don't burn on the grill 1234 i don't ons the lyric and you don't remember the sock -- you don't remember the song. >> a whole lot of climbing to get up that hill. was there a question? >> joanne, i know suspiciously stole your stalking pontes. staking points. i praise this commercial for being so diverse. you have people of every race. you pass by one and it is an
10:48 pm
asian family. the lovely gospel choir is black and white people and that's the issue now in hollywood that there is not enough diversity. >> and jeff goldbloom is jewish. >> andy, i don't think they considered this. i don't think there was even -- the director was not discussing how to make it more -- less offensive. >> no. the other thing is we have to deal with the fact that founding fathers owned slaves. we are not going to stop portraying the founding fathers of the country. they are slaves. we have to acknowledge that it is a problem they own slaves, et set raw, et cetera. it sounds like what people want is don't show the founding fathers anymore. they were bad people.
10:49 pm
>> not good. they took columbus from us. remember he sailed the ocean blue 1942. >> my family is part any tiff american so i am not with you on that one. >> i am on the columbus ban wagon. >> it goes with the song better ♪ jefferson wrote the found founding documents. it is horrible. the writing team needs to watch mad men. >> people have a foppedness for the old skim comes. >> is it was a surreal stream of consciousness -- not to disparage you or your church, but we are wooer read -- as a
10:50 pm
wul tour, we are all worried and it is doming. >> i have to say you are not the walrus and you don't know what it is like to be the walrus. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story. ♪ ♪
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next "red eye" liz mcdonald, goof vin mckin nighs and an angry mob. >> if this show has taught me anything, it is this. don't snap chat if you want to keep your job. a woman was fired from a daycare center after posting photos of herself flipping off the children. the caption reads, i swear i love kid. the owner couldn't believe it. >> i just couldn't believe it. >> i'm sure the worker had a good excuse. >> she said she had actually got her names done and she was sending it to her friend. >> or not. let's see what saul from "homeland" thinks you.
10:55 pm
>> are you okay? >> yeah. it always gets me. >> andy, when will these kids learn? >> if by kids you mean the the brats at the daycare that made this poor woman lose her job? i don't know, tom. i wish she would. at first i thought she was flipping the children. i thought she got fired. i guess i understand that. charles should she have lost her job in -- she joking around. >> i can think of better thinks to do. >> kids see it and it is a 23eu7bger -- finger to them.
10:56 pm
>> it is likely taken out of it. >> what is wrong is interviewing . >> that's the p so int behind the back. >> wasn't the whole idea that snap chat is -- it disappears. you are supposed to not get in trouble. >> why are you on your phone at work? these kids are running around. i don't know. of the other awful thicks, this is -- awful things. i wouldn't mind having this person lock after my kid. get off your phone. >> this is why i walk away when you do your periscope. come back in. we can't drink on the air. but throw caution into the wind. special thanks to joanne nosuchunsky and charles cook
10:57 pm
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i'm greg gutfeld. even shorter, here's what's coming up. democratic nominee, one who thinks corporate america is evil and one who thinks corporate america is really evil. what's it going to be new hampshire? your state. and donald in iowa. marco is shadowing new hampshire and r and kasich looking strong, if you believe the polls. the polls are stupid and i hate them. not the polish. and a premiere of a sneak peak of a new show you'll only see on this show -- "political shark tank." do this, america. quickly. i just ate at chipotle.


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