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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 6, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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i'm greg gutfeld. even shorter, here's what's coming up. democratic nominee, one who thinks corporate america is evil and one who thinks corporate america is really evil. what's it going to be new hampshire? your state. and donald in iowa. marco is shadowing new hampshire and r and kasich looking strong, if you believe the polls. the polls are stupid and i hate them. not the polish. and a premiere of a sneak peak of a new show you'll only see on this show -- "political shark tank." do this, america. quickly. i just ate at chipotle.
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let's welcome tonight's guests. brainier than a zombie's breakfast, jillian turner, former national security council member in the bush administration and a contributor, using him to revive cardiac patients. gavin mcginnis, host of a gavin mcginnis show. very ugly face and so funny all of his gas is laughing gas. actor/writer and comedian kyle grooms, and a broofcaiefcase, a national review reporter katherine tims. sad girl, but first -- thursday's clinton/sanders debate a progressive orgy heavy on condemnation on the rich and lighter ideas for national security. >> wall street is perhaps the most powerful economic and political force in this country. >> i propose changes in ceo compensation. >> a wall street executive
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destroys the economy, $5 billion settlement, the government, no criminal record. >> i want to go after the pharmaceutical companies. >> six largest financial institutions in america today have assets of roughly $10 trillion. >> now, if all we're going to talk about it one part of our economy, and indeed one street in our economy, we're missing the big oil companies. >> it's boring, but important. politics is a road with only two lanes. you're for national security or you're for crushing wall street. for some reason there's no in between. bernie sanders thinks american inequality calls for revolution, odd, given we've operated under the world's greatest progressive leader ever for seven years and bernie says it's gotten worse. his solution, step on the gas. but the left and the right both crave the same thing. it's security. the right against outside threats. the left against domestic injustice. they could complement each
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other, for we live in a new world where national security muff be addressed first if you want to help each other out later. the new threat is suicidal and apocalyptic, even al qaeda finds isis a little pushy. to isis, everything must go. offers half off. sanders attracts the earnest youth who ignored the threats of the modern age but see the appeal in free college and health care. but free is never free. someone always pays and sooner or later you become that someone. so before you vote, acquaint yourself with a socialist paradise that a venezuela. they've had to ration food. bloomberg charged the worst economies. venezuela, top slot two years running. look it up. what happens when government expands driving down dreams and opportunities of its burdened people. venezuela somehow maggnaged to implode and explode at the same time. it's a mess on both ends and it
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wasn't like they planned it, because no one ever does. >> period. >> all right. to you, kyle, first. your first time on the show. you saw parts of the debate. who did you like more and why? >> i'm a big fan of bernie's, because he reminds me of my science teacher but hillary, interesting when she was like, spit it out. say what you got to say. >> yeah. >> hey -- no sub politiclimonal >> kind of punk'd him. >> yeah. this is a problem. completely ignore national security any favor of domestic and do you buy my theory? >> totally. now to their peril. maybe in thes first few debates candidates can skirt some of the more substantive issues.
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especially bernie sanders in this debate. a missed opportunity and a big one. he said that when it comes to fighting isis we've got to be tough are and we've got to be smart and a lot of applause, but really a meaningless thing to say. it's time for him to bring substance here. it's time for him to bring some know-how. hillary clinton, i hate to say it, hawkish as she is, is really beating the crap out of him on foreign policy. if he wants a real chance going to the primary that's what he has to do. >> gavin, you understand the you youth. >> i do. >> you once ran a magazine for young people. >> i did. >> "highlights." >> i can talk child. >> yes. so the youth are strongly behind bernie. a big lead. >> the youth, they don't speak math. don't understand mathematics. he says the top six corporations have trillions of dollars. tiny brains, take that and pay off the deficit. now only $8 million. redistributing income can solve the deficit in an afternoon, is
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what they think. >> you say tiny brains. that doesn't encourage them to live to you? >> i hate them. not trying to gain their support. please, young people, stay at home. stop voting. you're not smart enough. >> wouldn't it be better if you actually engaged them and tried to say, okay, how do you pay for this stuff? rather than den grad denigratin. >> cut the cord. if you don't support bernie when you're young you have no heart and if you support him as an adult, you have no brain. >> all right. >> i was born an old soul. so -- >> no. >> you can't say that about yourself. somebody has to say that -- you can't say, i'm an old -- give yourself a nickname. >> i do a lot of things for me, and i'm heart lds. tons of my friends love bernie sanders unfortunately and don't realize, bernie said this, with all of this free stuff that the country's going to benefit from,
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the benefits come late around currently the burden is going to fall on the middle class. so you have to have the foresight to see in the future things will get better. people don't live that way. they don't. they want the immediate free stuff. the gratification now. that's not grog to happen with bernie sanders as president. >> hmm. what about you, kat? technically a millennial. miserable one at that. can you blame people for not wanting free stuff especially when it's married to punishment or -- some kind of punitive action against people you don't like? i.e., the rich. >> right. >> like the best of both worlds? >> exactly. people with more things than you you hate them and you want stuff. they're definitely talking a lot about this and that actually proved bernie's doing a great job. this has always been his thing. anti-wall street always ace thing. instead of talking whatever her thing is, hillary saying, me, too. even though evidence proves she's not. he's running this a lot more than someone that was supposed to be a long-shot candidate ever would be able to. >> my favorite moment, not in
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the debate. it was in the town hall. it's what i liked most about bernie, was this sound on tape. >> what kind of car do you actually have? >> i have a small chevrolet. it is one of the smallest chevys that they make. >> do you know what year it's from? >> yeah. it's about five years old. >> okay. not bad. >> the right car. >> is it free you chop your own wood? >> that is exactly what bernie sanders -- it's a red car. it's a red car. you wanted specifics. i love that, but he's dangerous. must be stopped. >> yeah. i don't want him driving on my roads. >> so i have -- here's my theory for solving the world problems. you can have three options. you can have national security, and social programs. or you can have national security without social programs, but you can't have social programs without national security.
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i don't think that's a straw man argument. i think that's actually a plan. now when you see the fact we have this problem with employment, i think it's time for, again, national security surveillance complex. hear about the military industrial complex. why doesn't national surveillance accomplish with jobs in security, in surveillance and technologies help create a whole new industry? when paul krugman said the way to create an economy is an alien invasion. why don't we act like that? does that make any sense to anybody? >> yes. it could displace wall street. >> yes. >> be the new wall street. fabulous. >> yeah. i think everybody should agree with me. >> sure. >> i just worry, though, all of the jobs will go to the robots. >> yes. >> safe from terrorism. >> close the borders. once we close the board, we don't have to worry about social programs and national security. once we have an america that can be self-sufficient, we don't have to worry about anything
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else. >> i think kyle agreed with you. >> i like foreigners. they're okay. >> we're good for foreigners. 60 million. all right. >> what about the ones here? get to stay or have to leave? >> get rid of them using attrition. just make it slowly, a little harder to hire illegals and -- >> you are a foreigner. i got to remind viewers, you are not from the united states. >> i got 12 jobs the day i arrived. if we were all immigrants like me we'd be great. >> it's not up to you to decide who is a good or bad immigrant? >> it's the economy's job to decide. doing it up until 1974. are you an asset to america? yes, come in. now, does your cousin live here, come on in is what it says now. >> anybody want to disagree with him? >> i think -- i think -- i think americans are destroying america more than's the foreigners are. you know? americans -- they come here, they work, they pick fruit. americans can't pick fruit for two hours. >> they join gangs.
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they become terrorists. >> i will ferment fruit. >> yes, you do. >> it's the young people. no one should be allowed to be under 25 anymore. >> not the immigrants. export the young people. up next, the race for the white house just got racier. in new hampshire marco rubio is now number two. hmm. but will he be able to trump what's his name?
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welcome back. republicans are in new hampshire an blistering each other like a strain of rampant herpes. i can't do it all justice. behold, this sound bite buffet u. know why? because he was born in canada! >> donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum, if you like, another trumpertantrum. >> let's see what the campaign will do about those individuals. >> i know this about politics. everyone is attacking each other, must be doing something right i. hope you guys have a
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few questions. >> can we rule out ted cruz as your vice president's pick? >> well, i don't know. look, i have nothing against him. sort of a sad thing that happened, but -- i've always liked him, always gotten along we will him. >> take that, putin. >> please clap. >> i actually know less now than i did before i ran that. gavin, talking in the green room. you love cruz. >> love him. >> love him. why? >> borderline gay for him. >> you're borderline gay for him. >> i would like to hug him, but no more. i said on this very show, trump is a snow plow, pave the way for cruz, cruz said, thank you, crazy guy. i'll take it from here. i want them both. can we have a superman-batman
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ticket? >> sure, they'll use? >> really. >> yes. you have an emotional feeling that may or may not be based on the fact it can win a general election. >> that will get dads off the couch. the reason we're losing, dads won't get off the couch. you need dads. >> on the voter fraud allegation. >> yeah. >> it amazed me that this was just donald trump being a sore loser. distracting from the real issues at hand, like he always does, when confronted with a reality that he doesn't like. he tries to divert everybody's attention. he just lost the first caucus. a tremendous blow to his campaign. what does he do? tries to create another shiny story over here toty tra tdistr people which was, ted cruz is, whatever he was saying, the horrible things. perpetrator of fraud and all of that been on to something. after he put out that e-mail and
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you know, carson flew down to florida to pick up clothes which is a long way to go, kyle, to get clothes. >> i thought that was weird. like, they don't have a gap in iowa? >> hmm. >> new york city is the staple of fashion. why didn't he go to new york to get some clothes? i know a dude in newark that could fix him up with some nice -- >> that would be great. then he cut 50 staff members. maybe there was some -- there's something going on there, and maybe it wasn't a complete lie, joanne. i want to ask you, does anybody actually know what's going to happen? we have a poll every ten seconds and i'm -- i'm sick of polls. >> yes. >> and if -- if poll searchers called me in new hampshire i would lie to them just to get back at them for annoying me. >> yeah. >> we don't have any idea. >> new polls every time. one news max poll i believe yesterday said that jeb bush was in second place, which i don't think that's going to be the results in new hampshire at all,
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but i think what happened especially with trump, he realized in iowa he didn't do all of the, the groundwork, the campaigning, that, like, rubio was doing. he was just flying under the radar, hosting several events a day. and he's realizing with these early states voters recognize how significant they are. they want to seal that significance and want that one-on-one interaction with candidates, and i think that really matters. hopefully he's doing a little more of that. i want trump to do well. i like it. i like a tight race. i don't like cruz's celebratory speeches. i want someone else to make one. >> you're just open for that trump phone call. >> you know, i love talking on the phone. >> yeah. yes. kat, rand paul dropped out. i say, ha, ha to you? >> it's very sad. he was just too reasonable too often. >> yes. >> yeah. okay. rand paul would never take a car to philadelphia because he's scared of terrorists on the
11:20 pm
train. he understands that the car's more dangerous like somebody i know that rhymes with greg b butfeld. reasonable and it isn't popular. why i'm not popular. not so reasonable. >> and snowden a hero? >> true. he's not a cool guy. i wouldn't want to hang out with him but i'm very happy he considers my freedoms as important as i do. >> you're so full of it. >> no, i'm not. the government is, though. >> you and your phony glasses. >> look, my glasses are a star. >> jillian, rubio's climbing in the polls. it's going to make him a target. my only issue is, rubio, reminds me of an earnest 12-year-old at a sleep away camp. needs a little gravitas. i'm saying it as somebody who -- i like what i hear, but -- he just seems like -- was obama like that? in the beginning? he was young, and maybe all of a
11:21 pm
sudden he kind of grew into something? i don't know. >> look he is young and looks very young which kind of counts against him in a way especially in this election cycle coming off a very young president. at the end of the day, something he does every time i see, pulls through with substance. on the republican side, this cycle, cannot be underestimated. tends not to have moments saying something outrageously stupid or controversial or so out of the box nobody can connect with it. he stands his ground. he's pretty consistent. he's a great performer. when he speaks. he brings it, most every time. that's good, and before we move on i just want to say to you and kat i am very reasonable and also popular. so not true. >> which is funny, because gavin is unreasonable and unpopular. what's your problem with rubio? >> you know, home-schooled kids, and they come up to you and have a wand they made out of wood and
11:22 pm
say things like, so, what's your deal? where do you work? you go, get away from me child. stop talking to me like we're friends. he has that kind of a vibe. like a home-schooled vibe. >> i've met them. they're always smarter than you, no. they want to hang out with adults. sit next to you and stuff. go play with toys! and the only reason he's doing well is because people go, i got to get centrist if we're going to win. betting on -- >> wait. he's more conservative with trump. >> borders. open borders. loser dad. loser! >> just be honest. be honest. nothing to do with ideology. for you borders. trump is not a conservative at all. he's a secentrist. >> i don't mind. >> i used to be pro-choice. people get smart. he's gotten smarter. >> all right. in addition to rand paul, a few other candidates left the presidential race, you remember them fondly. or barely at all. a look back. shall we? >> kind of a -- whew!
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♪ oh, oh, oh oh-oh-oh ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ sing at the top of your choice ♪ love without fear in your heart ♪ and feel, feel like you still have a choice ♪ if we all line up we can scare away the dark ♪ and we wish we were younger and thinner and thinner ♪ we wish we weren't losers and liars and quitters ♪ we want something more not just nasty and bitter ♪ ♪ we want something real, not just hash tag and twitter ♪ >> the third question, most popular question from google, is rand paul still running for president, and i don't know.
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i wouldn't be doing this dumb-ass live streaming if i weren't. yes, i still am running for president. get over it. ♪ and feel, feel like you still have a choice ♪ if we all ligne up we can scare air way the dark, if we all light up we can scare away the dark ♪ >> very moving. >> yeah. >> all right. coming up, now that women can sieve in any combat job, should they be made to register for the draft? we shall ponder that question and watch gavin's head explode, i didn't really know anything about my family history. went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first. i got a leaf right away. a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person in your family tree. i learned that my ten times great grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow,
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a female draft. brilliant or daft? this week the top officers in the army and marine corps testified that they believe all women including even the adorable reese witherspoon should have to register for future military drafts. generals mark milly, miley? milly. and robert kneller seen here looking awesome agreed the current draft law requiring only males to register should be changed now that women are allowed in combat roles. the pair also told the senate armed services committee tuesday it will take up to three years before the combat posts are fully integrated. i don't know about you, but if you're going to start drafting women, what's next? letting them vote?
11:29 pm
[ laughter ] >> that's a joke, people. all right. strong feelings about this, kyle? >> ah, yeah. i think they should. register for the draft. i think they should get paid equally and i think they should pick up the bill. >> that makes sense. >> equality all around. >> open my door. what else? you know. things i do. >> exactly. i'm tired of it, gavin. something tells me you're not for this? >> i'm all for it. >> really? >> they should have -- they want equality for everything fun. they want to be equal in movies and desserts and parties. how about equal in sanitation? you have to go down into the sewers and remove rat kings from blocked pipes? how about you go to war. >> they only draft women over, like, 5'10" and 180 pounds or something? >> but you guys are missing a really important point here, too, which is that.
11:30 pm
>> uh-oh. >> one question over here, should women have to sign up for the draft, but the other question is, who do you want to make that decision? and that's what this legislation that these two republicans just proposed recently is really about. it's, do you want congress to make that call or do you want the pentagon, the department of defense, to make that call? those are your two options. congress is very concerned they're not going to have a say. the department of defense is going to declare a policy, one way or the other and then now this is the national standard. but they feel they should really as representatives of the people get the people's opinion. >> because it was congress, wasn't it? that said all combat roles should be open to women? >> no. all lultimately a pentagon decision. a stroke of the pen from the secretary of sta secretary of defense. >> into special report territory. not used to going this deem. usually read the first two paragraphs, get drunk, write our
11:31 pm
stuff down on cocktail napkins. kat you'd make an awful soldier. what do i know? >> no way i'm going. not just for myself but for our country. look, this is not a war body. i really don't -- it's not a war body here. i also don't have the emotional fortitude for war. i'm not going. doesn't matter. i'll goeg go to canada. however, doesn't matter. don't you have to pass the same physical qualifications, anyways? i wouldn't pass that. >> that's the question. altering the standards, it's wrong. keep the standards, as kyle would say, you need a different kind of woman with the same muscle mass as a man. >> a different creature. >> i believe, joanne, staring at you. >> thankfully just like pageants i've aged out of what the draft would be of me signs up. i do wish there was a greater sense of nationalism. the idea of serving your country in whatever capacity. do i think a lot of women will be able to serve the same as men in war zones? no. can they help in other ways?
11:32 pm
yeah. i don't know it should be mandatory but i wish people had more of that desire. >> look, if you want to serve, then you're better -- that's awesome. i agree with you completely and look at israel which has a draft, correct? male and female. you can ketell. it's a different mind-set after they go through it. i have a thought experiment here. imagine -- thank you, gavin for getting ready for this. if you don't think biology matters what if this was a reverse. the last couple thousand years only women fought the wars and then suddenly in the 21st century we go, you know what? we should let men get involved the in the wars, a jend gender more muscle mass, women are like, whoa. weird. exactly what's happening in the mma. if a male fight hear a sex change, and fights -- female fighters are like, i don't want to do this. because it's unfair. now they're talking about maybe we have to adjust the hormone
11:33 pm
levels. so women and men can fight equally? so that's an interesting way to look at it. perhaps makes no sense whatsoever. >> in your experiment, if we're going to do that we'll have to talk to president hitler, because if women were soldiers the past 100 years we would have lost world war ii. >> and probably not embroiled in half as many wars. women are not naturally warmakers as are many men. >> what about the pagan days? all you were doing, sacrificing babies and -- >> you were horrible. >> tactics. >> just because women are drafted doesn't necessarily mean they're going to the front lines in combat, as joe pointed out. there's millions of different roles they can serve in the military. don't have to be combat officers. >> soldiers, soldiers, there's looking after soldiers' kids. keeping the home nice. >> but then men could be cheerleaders, too. right? >> i suppose. >> you need someone at the
11:34 pm
bottom the pyramid. >> exactly. he's in those guys at the bottom. i think it's great. what it is, it's like you said. if feminists want total equality, this is total equality. >> it sucks. >> by every metric men have it more worse off. more likely to get raped if you include prison. more likely to commit suicide and you want to come over to our side of it? get ready for rough times. >> i'll dispute the rape part, but industrial accidents, building bridges, generally men and often fall off them. i get that. that happens. in war it happens, total equality, more industrial sdren accidents. >> not as smart or good looking. >> we are smarter and dumber than women. a wide variety. you guys are s'more sort of like a little bit dumb, a little bit smart. we're total morons and geniuses. a huge spectrum. >> yeah. >> i like us.
11:35 pm
we're very underrated as men. >> well, some men are. i don't know what you'd be rated as, at this point. okay. up next, an examination of the inpending financial crisis due to declining fuel prices. record low interest rates and unraveling chinese economy. just kidding. you're going to look at super bowl ads. everybody loves super bowl ads.
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test. test.
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let's start with a commercial that ketchup featuring a stamp peepd wiener dogs. let's take a look. ♪ can't live if living it without you ♪ i can't live ♪ >> it's hard to resist great taste. ♪ i can't give anymore >> meet the ketchups. >> kat, what's offensive about that? >> ever hear of the wage gap, greg? it's not a myth. it's a map. this is proop. ketchup, a $278 million, mustard, just over $88. . look here. ketchups all men and the mustard a woman. why does the woman condiment have to make less than the male condiments? are you mad, not offended by this? you're sexist. get on board the same train with the rest of us and realize this is true!
11:41 pm
choo, choo! it's sex im. >> from lg starring the man most say it my long lost twin, liam neeson. >> the future, it must be protected. >> what do they have to do? >> what is it? >> it will change everything. that's why they want to stop it. they will come after you. because the future -- belongs to us. >> all right. tell us why you hate this one. i can guess. >> pretty obvious. >> yes, yes. there's a white guy in a suit telling another white guy in a suit that the futuret belongs t them. guess what, bucco, nothing belongs to you just because you're a man. you don't own me. keep your phone off my body, i'm an instrument, nos an ornament it's 2016, women are the future and we will drink your tears! >> fantastic. >> boom! >> yeah.
11:42 pm
next up a commercial advertising the fruit that is on course to take over the world, avocados. it's a fruit. >> and over here we have their alphabet. it was called emoji. a few symbols could express the vast extent of emotion. and this is the dress that caused the civil war. this is scott baio. most amazing of all are the avocados from mexico. they're always in season so you can enjoy them all year long. >> what was wrong with that one? >> a great commercial? they're mexican avocados in space. all right? what that's really saying? that all mexicans are illegal aliens. that's okay to call them aleapens and send them to space with other alien boss they're taking our jobbed and where they belong. really inappropriate, greg. >> but it had scott baio? >> but it's racist. >> all right. finally a t-mobile commercial. this should be great. ♪ you used to call me on my cell phone ♪ >> pull over!
11:43 pm
>> perfect. here are the changes. >> i love changes. >> when you say call me on my cell phone just add eligible for upgrade after 24 months. >> genius. >> why should we be offended about that one? >> the sweater, greg. the turret's ntleneck sweater i offensive pu you're a connoisseur. that's a very offensive sweater. >> maybe he has something on this neck? >> he sure does. yeah. >> yeah, he does. that he does. >> i learned nothing. >> lots of thinks are offensive. >> i learned since it's black history month and a half black person in one of the commercials, but, yeah. i didn't see much representation. >> yeah i know. there you go. go ahead. while the rest of the country was focused on who won in iowa, president obama visited a mosque. was he teaching usa a lesson in tolerance or intolerance?
11:44 pm
when i'm supposed to say you decide. so here goes -- you decide. i think i handled that rather well.
11:45 pm
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(baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping.
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president obama, if that's
11:48 pm
his real name, jillian, visited a mosque on wednesday outside baltimore to pray. i mean, to preach tolerance towards muslim-americans. kind of a big deal. his first visit to a u.s. mosque, or at least one we've been told about. the president whose middle name is hussein said this -- ishs. >> since 9/11, but more recently since the attacks in paris and san bernardino, you've seen too often people conflating the horrific acts of terrorism with the beliefs of an entire faith. and, of course, recently we've heard inexcusable political rhetoric against muslim-americans. it has no place in our country. >> inexcusable political rhetoric. wonder who he is talking about? >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states, until our country's representatives can
11:49 pm
figure out what the hell is going on. >> well, here's what i want to know. if the president who is not a muslim, refuses to use the words radical muslim extremist, then he's not differentiating between them and moderate muslims. isn't that just as bad as our future president donald trump saying bad of all the muslims? probably not, but i say it does. i know for a fact somebody at this panel does a mean president obama impression. so joanne -- >> yeah. >> no. [ laughter ] >> let's hear it. >> well, i want to say, thank you very much, and that -- i can't believe i'm on fox news. >> there you go. >> all right. i want to go to you, gavin. how do you feel about that visit? >> i'm infuriated. >> of course you would be. >> wouldn't it be awesome if he got up there and said, look, there is a war going on against christians all over the middle east, christians are literally being crucified, and how about
11:50 pm
we take some culpability, muslims, and own up to this genocides that's going on. wouldn't that just blow your mind? >> what about you, you have a look on your face. >> gavin wants cheese with that "wine." >> whining? the children? sorry. >> call me a big cry baby. >> synagogue for seven years sitting there every saturday morning waiting for the president to show up. not once. >> has. >> but that aside, it's great a is great that he went to the mosque, because in the war against terrorism, something important that is going to have to happen is that e eventually, have to defeat radical islamic ideology, and we can't do that without geting the buy-in of the leaders to muslims and the imams at these mosques, and with make them take accountability, and leadership position, and step up to encourage the 99.9% of the followers who are moderate -- >> 79.9 -- try 25%. >> and to fall in line. >> but he was not doing that at
11:51 pm
the mosque. it was an apology. >> and not in this clip, but part of what he said and talked about is that it is time for the imams to step forward and really start preaching about why it is important to not go the way of joe had. >> but at the mosque that has past ties to terror? >> okay. the fact that this mosque has past ties to terror is something that is still up for grabs. >> i am grabbing. >> it is not a tried and true idea. >> okay. >> maybe it is irreparable, and maybe they are uns a simable. >> well, i don't e know. i think that the whole problem here is that people who are too devout -- >> what, the fundamentalist christians are not blowing anything up, and when they are, they are chastised by the rest of the christians, but the moderate muslims are just shrugging when something happens. >> and jeb bush thought it was a
11:52 pm
good idea. >> well, jeb bush says a lot of thing, and he is trying everything. the bushes are all adorabldorabd we say, hey hashgs is cute and move on. >> what about you? what do you think? >> well, i think that it does not matter, and it is something that we need to talk about openly and honestly, but the problem with somebody like trump, he thinks it is cool to be like kind of mean, and with obama, even if what he is doing and saying is stupid, and people say, well, he means it in a loving wa way, and for whatever reason people are super into love. >> and there is something that we don't know is going on, and there are muslims cooperating in the war on terror, pu they can't talk about it, because they are cooperating, right? >> yeah, well, we treat them really badly, too, because the guy that helped us to find osama is still in jail getting the the crap pounded out of him. and look, the 1 in 4 and the young muslims say that suicide bombings is justify and 25% is an insanely high numb be, and it is not 0.5%.
11:53 pm
>> i struggle, because i don't believe it is a legitimate poll. >> and not only your mind, but send your limbs flying. >> these new kids, they blow up so fast. >> and my god. all right. don't move. we have stuff for stuff, and more stuff. and as a matter of fact, we have to look at new show looking at the ridiculously fabulously looking lou dobbs
11:54 pm
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11:57 pm
finally tonight, a look at a brand-new show coming up this fall. you see s i love the show "shark tank" because it e epitomizes everything that is right with the free enterprise system. but i thought, how about we combine this off season to have something called the "political shark tank.
11:58 pm
" ""take a look. >> coming up this season on political shark tank, the presidential candidates are out to are receive the endorsements of three high profile sharks. >> i am all in on this guy. >> he is persuasive. >> who are the sharks? catherine tiff, the top ceo of a fortune 500 company in a past life before being born into white privilege. >> do you hate me? >> with a background in grape fermentation, joe san the most inebriated woman in cable muse. >> i am great at crossing my arms. >> and once the party boy and attention seeker turned millionaire lou dobbs. >> i have not always been this good looking. just kidding, i have. >> each candidate's future will be determined by this panel of voters. >> listenings i like you, and if you like me, vote for me. we well, it is not that simple, why are you running? >> i am running because i have to take our country back.
11:59 pm
>> oh, i didn't know it was stolen. >> and not every shark is willing the bite. >> convince me why i should go all-in. >> the volunteer army is incredible. >> cut the crap, ted. that is not funny. you know that you have been lucky so far, right? >> yep. >> and sometimes, it might even get a little weird. >> and you understand that you have an ambitious idea that would take a lot of resources. >> i disagree. >> putting a a dairy queen on the moon and just getting the supplies up there for the milkshakes would cost billions. >> that is true. a lot of milkshakes. >> for that reason, i'm out. >> and for that, you might see an all-out shark attack. >> this is insane. >> he is perfect. >> you are out of your mind. >> we have a deal. >> tune in to see which candidates will stay afloat, and which candidates are going to be eaten alive in "political shark tank."
12:00 am
>> another great acting job by lou dobbs, of course. >> yes, he was. >> good job, fellows, girls. and thank you all for being right now, on justice. i am for an indictment and i he endorsed donald trump. and the last time scott brown was on justice. >> does fairly mean you are asked tough questions or references of things that you said and you change your mind and get put on the spot. >> what changed his mind about trump? i will ask him why tonight. >> and who has a


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