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tv   Stossel  FOX News  February 7, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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tank." >> another great acting job by lou dobbs, of course. >> yes, he was. >> good job, fellows, girls. and thank you all for being right now, on justice. i am for an indictment and i he endorsed donald trump. and the last time scott brown was on justice. >> does fairly mean you are asked tough questions or references of things that you said and you change your mind and get put on the spot. >> what changed his mind about trump? i will ask him why tonight. >> and who has a better chance
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of beating peyton manning. and you never know what happens in the streets of the new york. >> he's not the peyton manning that he was. >> none of us are. >> justice starts now. >> breaking tonight, a long range missile launched from north korea. hello and welcome to justice. i am judge ja nine pirro. thanks for being with us. tonight fox news confirmed a missile launched from north korea. based on the conjectory it does not pose p a threat to the united states or our alloys. tonight, there is an request for an emergency meeting on on
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sunday. again, word tonight that north korea has launched a long- range missile. u.s. officials say there is no threat to this country. if we have more to report on this breaking story, we'll bring it to you at this hour. check fox news.comfor updates. >> the countdown is on and only three days left until the new hampshire primary. we have fox coverage. and we'll go to the latest developments on the gop race to carl cameron. >> reporter: it is a countdown to the first primary votes. and am new hampshire is promising to keep people on pins and needles and voters trying to keep the ballots cast can. marco rubio appeared to have
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momentum. he came out of iowa in third place and in the granite state campaigning hard. he has increasive intensity and begun to persuade people. donald trump has the lead in the polls and mr. trump is aggressive in trying to keep the momentum going after his second place showing in iowa. he said anything short of a win would be a waste of his time. since he came in second. he's arguing that marco rubio got too much attention. when does bronze equal gold when trump got a better score. don would trump has been missing from the campaign trail and that is noticed by the new hampshire voters and there is ted cruz who came in new hampshire going after donald trump aggressively
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and attacking marco rubio. cruz doesn't need to be be first or second or third. but he's looking for a conservative electorate to support him. and because of a lot of independents make the republican vote moderate. he looks forward to a strong in south carolina. and then come cans the governors, all three of them put all of their eggs in the new hampshire basket. they didn't spend time in iowa for jeb bush it is crunch time. he's had his mother out on the campaign trial and super pac including former president bush. chris christie is lower than five percent and needs momentum
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going. the chances of him doing well, immediately plummet. >> and then john kasich is hoping to surprise. he is tied in some cases for third. and kasich spent a lot of time in new hampshire. they think he is the most likely democrat to vote for. and independents, they are unkedeclared can vote in either party. that is the big story and there is a storm cast can. and it is expected to be half a million. and that is half of the population. not half of the registered voters but half of the population.
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>> and carl cameron, thank you so much. >> reporter: you bet. >> and now to ed henrow following the battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, ed? >> reporter: good evening, judge. hillary clinton was once the ineffable nominee is anything but. she is trailing to bernie sanders. and she is in a dead heat nationally. and a new poll showing that sanders pulled two within two points of clinton, significant back in december she had a national lead of 31 points. bernie sanders might have been feeling the burn and madeline albright going to extremes to get-out-the-vote. >> i feel like i rock and roll
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star. nothing more is coming off, that's it. >> there is a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> reporter: that is rather dramatic for madeline albright to get female voters to turn out. key clinton allies realize their dream of electing the first female president is not the slam dunk it was. >> with me david avila. >> good to see. >> hillary barely wins iowa and bernie sanders projected to win new hampshire by a large margin. who will be the democrat nominee for president. >> the fact that bernie sanders
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has her on the run shows how weak of a candidate she is. and gives those hope to elizabeth warren or judge, we can talk about michael bloomberg as the democratic nom no. >> i doubt he would be the democrat nominee. given the fact that joe biden might jump in. and i have a theory. you want to hear my theory. >> yes. >> hillary gets herself in legal trouble and she has to give her delegates to someone in the convention and and she doesn't give them to mr. bernie sanders. she gives them to joe biden. what do you think of that one? >> probably republicanses biggest concern is that hillary clinton is not the nom no for
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the democratic party her actions verify why many americans don't trust her and she is weak. and she is running as a third term of president the president which is a direction that americans have clearly said they don't want to go. for republicans, we want hillary clinton to be the democratic nominee and in our worst case scenario is the super delegates. that is the super delegates that have so much influence is that they turn away from her. one in south carolina went to bernie sanders. respiratory >> talk about the republicans. ted cruz ecing out a win over donald trump. and new hampshire primary is on tuesday. and then you have jeb bush. and i got to tell you, the guy
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spent so much mother and drags his mother and brother out. does he have to say it is over? i am looking at the money he raised. enormous amounts of money and spent it doesn't matter. if voters don't want to buy it, they will not buy it and much of his campaign advertising, unless the voters are buying? to the message the candidate is selling it doesn't matter. >> the voters are not buying him at all. part of it. he wears the sweater and on the way to bed. maybe he just needs a good night's sleep. he doesn't have energy. donald is right about that. let me ask you about marco rubio
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he's not in the lead too soon what do you think it will happen. >> last time we were together i thought marco would wen south carolina and coming in third in iowa and second in new hampshire and get his first victory in south carolina. his campaign feels good. and just this week, i know ted cruz' people might be able to ek out a second place victory to propel them in south carolina and get a win there and they will have won two of the first it throw. you know how i feel about that. history said who ever wins two of the first throw three will be nom no. snshg the polls are saying one thing this is going to be a toss
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up. i don't know how much more clear they are. >> and very good point. i think that you know, that dirty trick that cruz did to carson is going to work against him. i think it saturates. and you do not do that kind of stuff. and hillary in a dead heat with bernie sanders and trailing in new hampshire. it is a serious threat of an indictment getting to the clinton camp with us it kendall coffee. >> and hello. >> former united states attorney general michael mu casy who was the chief united states attorney believes that there is evidence to support a conviction, forget
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the e-mails but using her own server are for e-mails isn't that a automatic violation of section 19 usc and negligent handling of classified information and keeping that information in an unauthorized location? >> no, it is not a violation and 1924 is not a negligence standard. it refers to knowing and removing classified information which is classified and you know it is classified at the time and retaining it. knowing it inap unauthorized location. >> wait, wait, kendall. you can't tell me that she didn't knowingly intend with her own server to have, and not have information on that server? it is not intending to give it away.
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but intend is knowing and putting it in an unauthor otherwised location. >> break it down and compare against the case of david petras. he said on tape that information was highly classified and 24 days later he delivers it to a personal resident. >> what is that got to do with hillary. >> secretary clinton denied that she anyhow she was putting it. >> she can denotice all she went wants. the bottom line, she did all of the government's business for four years on a private server in an unautharorized location. if that is not knowledge and
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intent i don't know what it is; you move on o. if hillary clinton e-mailed barak obama and barak obama received an e-mail from private e-mail. is he not conflicted in this situation? doesn't this man date a special prosecutor? >> i don't think it requires a special prosecutor. first of all, everybody acknowledged that the the fbi is headed by a independent person. we are not at the point of determining whether this will turn into an active criminal or a general investigation. everyone has confidence in fbi director commie. and i think it is premature to speculate on the charges. and the whole question of what is authorized and unauthorized.
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in the end of the day, the head of the agency has the authority to determine the practices for maintaining federal records and this case is not best practices for cyber security. and if the head of the agency would acknowledge that over a period of four years. she has to follow the law. and she had system atec transition of top secret and specialized information. and she didn't have that on her black berry and you are right. jim come will tell us what is happening. >> thank you for having me. >> next a republican to raise millions of dollars.
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who is she for? i am about to ask her that question. >> refugees can't come in with a criminal record. >> ask if they are a pedophile or terrorist? tonight we are talking hillary and the democrats, who will win the new hampshire primaries and why? facebook or tweet me.
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>> welcome back to justice. record turn out for the new hampshire primary and the stakes could not be higher. joining me now is the chairman of the antitrump super pac. katy packer. good evening. you are collecting money not on behalf of a republican candidate but to defeat a republican candidate. your pac spent 2 million against donald trump in iowa and why do you hate the guy so much? >> i don't hate him personally. i object to the notion he is
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a republican and not a conservative. and i am concerned about people being fooled by him. he is a master salesman selling himself to something he is not. i thought it was important. trump they can hear him in his own words. >> but p if he was a bernie sanders or hillary clinton or socialist like sanders. >> one, we will not beat the democrats by putting up another democrat. i think donald trump will cause you. >> we don't have a lot of time. you took out an ad, and that is anti- donald trump, you talk about the things that he's done specifically. you say that he proposed the
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biggest tax hike and you say it is something that no other candidate has done. now, what is that tax hike that he has proposed. >> if you go to trump >> no, no. >> it is not just the largest tax hike. >> no. no. no. >> he claims to be pro-life. >> no hold on on, hold on on. >> i request you about the biggest tax hike. you say that he is responsible for that. he's never been in office. >> i didn't say he was. he advocated for it. >> number two, did he not suggest that a tax hike to eliminate the national debt on everyone that made more than 10 million dhz so that the middle class didn't suffer. >> it would represent the largest.
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>> let's move on. >> that is not a republican position. >> he is pro-life. >> how do you know that. i know you are personal friends. >> no, no, no. in 2011, stick to the facts, kitty. he said he was pro-life. and now you want to have everyone he is not. he is on record last five years. you say is he supports amnesty. ntwo weeks after his announcement. last july, he announced that he said we have to get rid of the imdprants that are racist and murderers and then he said we have to provide a path to citizenship. it is on the video. it is his words, ja nine. >> here is the bottom line. you are a republican going after someone who is a republican. he never and i researched every
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word. >> it is on a clip. >> he never said. >> look at trump there is a video. >> i looked at it. >> deputy to his own words. >> all right. >> it is in the video in his own words. >> all right,icate canny. thanks for with us. >> and pulling no punches when it comes to hillary clinton. >> and she wants to be the president of the united states and she is a felon and should be indicted for it. >> something tells me that this woman disagrees. i will debate coco next. spoking of fun. you like bernie? >> no comment. >> why did you agree to do the interview? >> i am talking super bowl predictions in the street's
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justice. don't miss it. stay with us.
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>> should hillary clinton be behind bars? >> i sat down with judge napolitano to get his insight in the real dangers bye beend a president hillary clinton. take a look. >> let's talk to the the public. can you explain why the e-mails are important? >> they are important because they show the manner and methods by which the united states government acquires foreign intelience and name the names of people who sploi the intelligence. if their names came out would be dead. they name the names of american agents. and if it came out they would be
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dead. she has shown an caveler attitude. and a few minutes ago, why should the american public be concerned about this woman? she wants to be the president of the united states. and she's a felon and she should be indicted for it. >> with me now, liberal radio show host coco. >> good to be with you, judge. >> you heard the other judge. hillary clinton is spending more money than all republican candidates behind and still losing her national lead to bernie sanders, how do you explain this? >> she's not losing her lead. and the gap has closed because bernie sanders is a spectacular candidate and people are excited about bofth them running for
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president. >> right now, nationally hillary clinton at 44. and bernie sanders at 42. that is one. >> that is one poll and there are other polls at 54. they will go in the heat of the battle. >> that was a poll. but she is not projected to win new hampshire. why do you think that is? >> first of all bernie sanders is the next dorneighbor and it is a good area for him and the kinds of people he is attracting are the voters in new hampshire. after new hampshire, they will go on to south carolina and nevada and super tuesday. she will go on. >> and let's talk about goldman sacks. she takes 635000 for speeches. that's what they offered and i
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guess they read her mind and the concern by a lot of people that all of her talk as bernie put it. she can talk the talk and needs to walk the walk. how will she go after the contributors of her campaign and banks and wall street? >> she will go after them because she is a public servant and when she's president, she will enact the policies that she knows needs to be done. >> she hasn't done anything so is far but take her money. >> you know what. >> what? >> she's been a senator and secretary of state and before that first lady. >> i am happy for her. a lot of people like that. but what did she deliver? when she gets there she will take on wall street and meanwhile lining had her pockets 635000 for a speech that she will not allow to be released.
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>> judge, i got to be honest, this is a politics of envo. >> really? >> hillary clinton is a magnificent spoker. >> well, no person -- fox news would complain about making too much money other than the democrat. >> that was a cute line, i like that. what do you think of madeline albright who say the woman who don't vote for president there is a special place in hell. >> that's not what she said. >> oh, she said. >> she said there was a special place for -- in hell. >> it is helping people in the
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work place. >> coco? if hillary clinton were helping people in the work place, she would take the 300000 and say i would help you pay the student loans. she can talk all she wants about wall street. >> she also is a person who is able to make money in the united states. like you and i am. that doesn't mean she can't be president. you know who else made money. jeb bush. >> i am happy for him. i am talking with a woman who talks out of both sides of her mouth. >> you have one rule for hillary clinton and another for everyone else. >> former senator scott brown endorsed donald trump for
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>> former massachusetts senator scott brown gave a big endorsement of donald trump. scott brown, joining me now. you epidorsed donald trump and campaigning for him in new hampshire, why? >> first of all, we had all of the candidates in my house and no bs. and they can grill the candidates and had them all out of my house. combf them would make a better candidate. donald, who can be a change
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agent and shake-up washington d.c. and who is self funded and doesn't owe anybody anything and knock heads and take numbers. he stood out in that regard. financially, he has many businesses and created thousands of jobs and not only that. he will surround himself with brilliant people and find a way to do it differently than they have done it for decades now. >> all right. >> and on isis and the border. i said that before them. and that sets him aside. >> you know, scott. last time you were on justice, you were not so enthusiastic. listen. >> i am waiting and listening and learning p donald and his policy. you have to put substance behind the things he is saying and that's the biggest problem i am hearing from people in new hampshire and around the country right now.
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>> and so, what's the difference? are you speaking to different. >> there is a big difference. and i said it six monthsing onning, i was learning and i listened for seven months and not only learned and listened but spoke to each candidate and i noticed, don't forget dopald has done it six months. and he's still learning and he will continue to learn and hopefully continue to succeed. >> what changed in terms of his specifics. it is six months. what is changed? >> i thought he put out a comprehensive tax plan and talked about our border security and isis. those are the throw areas that i am deeply concerned about. and the financial issues and dealing with debt and deficit. he has experience and he can rely on others to bring them in to it help in that regard.
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>> we'll talk about new hampshire now. >> it is an interesting state. they allow independents to vote in the primaries. has this helped or hurt the republicans. >> first of all bernie will crush hillary. hard-core ultrademocrats don't like standards. one for the clintons and one for anybody else. and she said that on on national tv and they don't trust or like her. she hasn't dmriven 20 years and yes, independents will play in this primary because we have gifted people running on this side. i think it is going to finish donald trump in first. and tighter than it is it now. and i think marco/christie battling and cruz with carson.
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and kasich in third and bush probably and carly in fourth and fifth. >> should bush if he is it not win new hampshire call it a day? >> i know he's trying to hang out until florida and longer an people don't come in the top three, they should think of adjusting the campaigns and putting on hyatt us. >> and dr. carson, what ted cruz did on on the iowa caucus night? >> you know, i thought what he did was wrong. and i thought the way he handled it tonight was priliant and that's the guy he is. jabs you and there is no excuse. ted knew or should have taken action. and he apologized but it was a back ended apology.
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>> don't you think, scott, the fact that one out of a hundred senators endorsed him. what is it that say about him? and then the dirty tricks? >> well, politics is a blood sport, judge, you know that as well as condition. you don't like it, get out. and he is a noise guy and not used to this and that was way below the belt. that being said. ted is an island. he's always representing the people of texas. i like him and respect his vows on the constitution and how determined. but you have to go solve the people's business or else that goes for marco or and senator or congressman that is running. >> what do you think will happen in southcloser race because
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of evangelicals down there and trump, cruz and rubio. probably the top three still. >> scott brown, thank you for being with us tonight. >> and street justice is still ahead and the results of tonight's poll. who will win the new hampshire primaries?
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now for the results of tonight's insta poll. who do you think will win new hampshire primaries and why? julie says i pray carson wins. america needs to wake up and listen to this man. may not be loud, but very wise. policy ready to put into action if elected. susan says, trump. he ses things people are only thinking about because we're all aparade of not beal politically correct. and marie, i hope marco rubio wins. christie and bush are so desperate i hope they get booed at the debate. gary says, why is nobody looking in trump's closet? he's bad news. i hope cruz wins. who has a better chance at winning this week? peyton manning at the super bowl
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days from new hampshire, three days. be honest. even politics will take a back seat to football tomorrow for super bowl 50, and while peyton manning may be the sentiment's favorite i wanted to know who has a better shot at winning this week. the world famous quarterback or the guy in front in new hampshire. take a look.
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♪ >> reporter: who has a better chance of winning? peyton manning or donald trump in new hampshire? >> i don't know. >> reporter: who has a better chance of winning? peyton manning in the super bowl or donald trump in new hampshire? >> peyton manning. >> reporter: who has a better chance of winning? peyton manning in the super bowl or donald trump in new hampshire? >> ah -- donald trump. >> reporter: peyton manning in the super bowl or donald trump in new hampshire. >> peyton manning. >> in new hampshire, a better chance. >> i think donald trump in new hampshire. >> um, sadly, donald trump in new hampshire. >> reporter: if they was the only republican ton vote for, would you vote for him? >> no comment. >> reporter: you're going to vote for hillary. >> no comment. >> reporter: you like bernie? >> no comment. >> reporter: why did you agree to do this interview? >> i don't know. i want to take your picture. >> ah! that's so sweet. we're taking a picture. what's my hair look like. all right.
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how about dond? is he going to win new hampshire? >> i have no clu. >> reporter: a better chance of winning, peyton manning or donald trump in new hampshire. >> i don't think donald trump has a chance, but i -- >> reporter: really? the numbers seem to indicate people like him. >> i don't know. it didn't work in iowa. i think when people go out to the polls it's a little different than when they get a phone call. >> reporter: who's going to win, peyton manning or donald trump in new hampshire? >> peyton manning. >> reporter: who do you think is going to win in new hampshire? >> hillary. >> reporter: bernie sanders says she's got issues. >> listen, hillary's all right. >> reporter: why do you like bernie? >> seems to be the only politician that seems to want to represent every person in the united states. >> reporter: how's he going to pay for all the things he's going to do for everybody? >> he's explained it. >> reporter: do you know what it is? >> i don't know all the details. >> reporter: do you know any of the details. >> i know some. >> reporter: what do you think about what they said as cruz,
12:58 am
that he sent out hmisses to say that ben carson -- >> they have all the -- they're all at each other. >> reporter: they're all crooks? is that what it is? >> a new poll says the corporations are hiding their money in the cayman islands and things like that. >> reporter: how about the clinton foundation? aren't they hiding money in different places? >> i'm not voting for clinton. >> reporter: ah! who has a better chance at winning. peyton manning or donald trump? >> broncos. broncos! >> reporter: you guys watching the super bowl sunday? yeah? what are you drinking sunday? [ laughter ] >> cam newton. no kidding? >> he's going to rule sunday. i love peyton manning, but he doesn't -- he's not the peyton manning he was ten years ago. >> reporter: none of us are, the people that we were, ten years ago. >> reporter: what about the other guy? what's his name? >> the dude with the gold.
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>> reporter: that's right. carolina's going to win? are they in the super bowl? >> yes. >> reporter: who do you think's going to win? >> who's playing? >> reporter: i don't know. [ laughter ] what about cam? the other guy in the super bowl, that guy, cam? >> yeah. >> reporter: what about him? >> what about him? >> reporter: you don't care? >> no. >> reporter: ah. so -- everybody's going to -- be sad when the game's over whether he wins or loses, because he's gone? >> i don't know. probably pretty late. head to bed. >> reporter: head to bed. remember to friend me on facebook and follow me on twitter @judgejeanine. for even more photos follow me on instagram @judgejeanine, underscore jenin. and guilty to gun charges, robert durst, that book, a quest for justice on sale everywhere.
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that's it for us tonight. thanks so much for watching. "the greg gutfeld show" is next. see you next week. next. we'll see you at noon eastern tomorrow. >> and three days away from the new hampshire primary. and the gloves are coming off before the first primary. good evening, everyone. i am julie banderas and you are watching the fox report. we are watchingment 2015 race evolve in before ouries. there are fewer candidates now. and seven republican presidential candidates will debate one final time before the tuesday primary. here is the line up it does


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