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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  February 7, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PST

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a granite state showdown. seven republican candidates sharing the stage for the last time before the voter goes to the polls. >> ben carson. >> texas senator ted cruz. >> businessman donald trump. ladies and gentlemen, the republican candidates. >> dr. ben carson, please come out on the stage. dr. carson. >> that's what washington, d.c. does. the drive by shot at the beginning was incorrect and
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incomplete information and then the memorized 25 second speech that is exactly what -- >> here's the bottom line. this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing is not true. >> memorized 25 second speech. >> to think i would walk away ten minutes before the caucus and say, forget about you guys, i mean, who would do something like that? >> ben is a good and honorable man. when this transpired i apologized to him then and i do so now. ben, i'm sorry. >> a lot of times -- >> taking the property away from an elderly woman. >> i'm talking, be quiet. >> welcome in to "fox & friends" on a sunday morning. tucker carlson is live in manchester, new hampshire, and i'm here in new york city. picking up the pieces from last night's debate. tucker was there. >> good morning. >> can you remember a more
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explosive debate? holy smokes. >> that was unbelievable. i watched with my jaw opening. my head is reeling. i'm not sure what it meant, but hopefully we'll figure it now. >> we'll dive init all this morning -- into it all the morning. >> the losers, the winners. >> and the bizarre opening montage sequence where the candidates couldn't walk out on stage properly. we'll get into that. >> we'll dive into every single nugget. the final face-off, seven candidates going head to head at last night's heated gop debate. but it didn't get off to the smooth start. watch. >> dr. ben carson. >> texas senator ted cruz. >> businessman donald trump. ladies and gentlemen, your republican candidates. >> and dr. ben carson, please come out on the stage. >> come on. your republican candidates. there were three podiums that were still empty at that moment.
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and we have of the moments. >> it was an awkward beginning and a nasty debate. this is really a debate where many of the governors, bush, kasich and chris christie who are trying to take down the establishment lane, one occupied by many of the pollsters, by marco rubio. there was an intense focuses by christie on marco rubio and he attacked him for supporting a bipartisan bill that he helped to push and then he claimed he reversed course. >> you weren't there to vote for it. that us a not leadership, that's truancy. >> when i'm elected president, this will be the single greatest nation in the world. >> the drive by shot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information.
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>> chris, your state got hit by a massive snowstorm. you didn't want to go back. >> is that one of the skills you get as a senator? esp also? >> one of the original headliners the folks who were starting with the contentious language, that of donald trump and jeb bush. they discussed the mostly local issue, that of eminent domain where the government can seize private property. pay the person for that property, but it goes to a public use. they sparred over that. take a listen. >> eminent domain is an absolute necessity for a country. >> but, what trump did was used eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman. >> to tear down -- >> taking property from an elderly woman. >> let me talk, quiet. >> he's talking about the land in atlantic city. and he said it's used all the
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time in the keystone pipeline. and they all support that. >> let's dive into it. one of the biggest battles of the night, we were waiting to see that circular firing squad going after marco rubio and they really didn't let us down. let's show you some sound and dive into this. watch. >> left's dispel once and for all this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. it's not true. let's dispel with the fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's trying. he's trying to change this country. he wants america to be more like the rest of the world. anyone who believes that barack obama isn't doing what he's doing on purpose doesn't understand what's going on here. >> he repeated that same line over and over line. >> governor christie said these canned campaign responses the memorized 25 second speeches and he continued to do it over and over. who do you think won this?
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christie won the actual, change but is it going to help him as much as hurt marco rubio? >> well, on the debate stage, there was no question about who won that stage. christie is a brawler. what needed to do this for tactical reasons. he needs to clear rubio out of the way to get to that position, you know, as the choice of the establishment. i don't anybody expected how effective it would be. he went after rubio on the weak points. there's a suspicion that rubio is new to the game, is there a lot there once you press him? i think rubio is a substantial person but on the debate stage, boy, christie made him lose his balance in effect. really tough. >> tucker, there was a twitter account that started after this unfolding last night, called rubio glitch. it kept repeating the same things over and over again.
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this rubio glitch twitter account repeats things over and over again. >> right, it's a line of attack not entirely fair. there is something there. i mean, he's a smart guy, there's depth. he understand what is he's talking about i think. but that exchange reenforced the perception that his lines are all rehearsed. that's a really, really i would say potentially effective attack. we'll see if it has any effect. the debate took place on a saturday night. will this rattle the establishment people, the money getting behind rubio. wow. >> what do you think about he mentioned that governor christie didn't want to leave the campaign trail and deal with the snowstorm? >> it's factually hard to correct. it will be hard to know how these things will be recorded by history i. thought good point on
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that side. this side. what really matters is how those who didn't watch the debate in realtime will hear about it. my suspicion at this early hour, you know, less than 12 hours after the debate ended is that it's going to be recorded as a loss for rubio. whether that will have an effect i don't know. they have to be concerned about it. >> it will be interesting to see if donald trump came out on top. he melted in the background and allowed them to go at it. except for this about eminent doe main. and then donald trump was getting booed. he went on the attack about the donors who were sitting in the audience. and he said we couldn't get tickets for our people. watch this. >> we needed tickets. you can't get them. do you know who has the tickets, i'm talking about to the television audience. donors, special interest, the people that are putting up the money. [ audience boos ] and then the rnc told us, we
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have all donors in the audience. the reason they're not loving me -- excuse me, the reason they're not loving me is i don't want their money. i'm going to do the right thing for the american public. i don't want their money. i don't need their money. i'm the only one up here to say that. >> after the exchange with bush and trump over eminent domain and bush accusing trump of trying to steal a woman's home to build a parking lot. and as the audience boos, trump said the people who are booing, that's special interest and donors in the audience. whether they were or weren't, it was brilliant. >> it was remarkable. this is political jujitsu at its absolute best. trump is for eminent domain, most conservatives aren't. he said if you aren't for eminent doe main, you're not for the keystone pipeline. he went after the audience. he went after the voters in
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iowa. by the way, that's some truth in what he said. they were full of lobbyists and money people. they're good people, but boy, talk about taking a disadvantage and kind of turning it to your advantage. it was amazing. >> people watching at home, if you weren't in the room, were probably on his side. who are trump supporters. donald trump will join us at 8:30 and we'll ask him about the moment. you went inside the spin room, something that few people get to do. take us inside. >> well, it was the most lavish spin room created. google spent all the money on it. here's what it looked like. >> we're in the spin room right in the middle of the google filing center outside the debate taking place in manchester. this is the largest and most high-tech filing center ever created. google built it to the cost of 4 million bucks. it is just lavish. big screen tvs. live graphics in realtime and we're in the spin room after the debate. the fox news is right by the
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door through which all the candidates will exit. governor kasich is doing an interview behind me. we'll try the grab him. from our perspective, a lot of hostility on the stage up there. what was your gut reaction? >> i thought how much i enjoyed the town hall. i think it passed after a while. you know, i don't twant to get in the mid -- don't want to get into the middle of that. >> what'd you think? >> it was good. it was extremely good. >> governor jeb bush. >> what happened at the beginning? did abc mess it up? >> yeah, they have a sound system issue. so we're only hearing intermittently backstage. so waiting to hear my name, i never heard it. the same thing with kasich. he never heard it. that's what donald trump and i were standing there and a talking about. >> what are you saying to say to each other? >> when are they going to say the name, what's happening? have they gotten confused. >> hey, mr. trump.
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nice to see you. >> that was -- that was -- come on. >> so what'd you think? >> well, i think we did really well. according to a lot of people, a lot of your friends we won that debate. i had to do -- i had to do okay. you know? i had to do okay. i think it worked out very well. >> you have not been involved in a consequential decision where you had to be held or the -- to be held accountable. >> chris over rubio. >> he was all over him. well, they were all over each other. that was a pretty tough back and forth. >> but no one kind of wend after you. why? >> they're afraid of me. that's what we need in a president, right? >> because they're afraid of me. that was my favorite answer of the night. nobody enjoyed the rubio/christie exchange more than donald trump did. >> oh, that's true. >> he was good the knives were out for rubio and not for him last night. >> we got insight into the backstage. what happened there? could they not hear? walking out, we'll have more on that moment. that was one of the most bizarre
3:13 am
moments. ben carson is standing there. he complains about not having tv time and having questions he was on camera for three minutes there. >> didn't rattle him. >> you know what, it didn't just happen to him. then trump got involved in the pileup and kasich too. it seemed like a sound system issue on the fault of abc, not the contenders. >> but nothing bothers carson. he has the most zen calm about him. >> just like our tucker carlson. donald trump is promising victory for america if he gets elected to the white house. >> we're going to win with trump. our country doesn't win anymore. we'll win with trump. >> did he win the night and how will his performance affect the polls? chris stirewalt is up next. >> and "saturday night live" feels the bern. the cameo everyone is talking about. we have been waiting on this. >> sounds like socialism to me.
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we're going to win with trump. we don't win anymore. our country doesn't win anymore. that's what i like. that's what the country going to like. >> winning. that's what donald trump promised america last night. did he win the evening on stage? joining us for a definitive answer, fox news, our friend, chris stirewalt. >> i can't deliver definitive at 6:15. >> the conservatives hate eminent domain, trump is for it. he's confronted on the question and rather than running away from -- by the way if you're for keystone, you're for it too. >> i don't think he knew what he was getting into because in new hampshire it's fraught.
3:18 am
because there's two that relates to eminent domain, the kinder morgan pipeline has moved up here. eminent domain, they hate it here in new hampshire. >> it's a galvanizing issue for years. there's a lot of libertarians up here. is this the best he could have done? >> i think that's the best that he could have done short of being a normal candidate. right? >> right. >> if you're donald trump you're a fast ball pitcher. every game you play, you have to -- it's got to be guts play. now, if he had been a disciplined candidate, he had read his brief they'd have a different answer. he was prompted in the question from the local reporter who was like and by the way -- he would have had a cheesy answer that would have been like we believe that you should have the right -- he would have had some cheesy canned answer. at least he was straightforward. the reason he did well last night, he screwed that answer
3:19 am
up. they were dragging themselves down the flights of the stairs and trump got to stand there and look like the maximum leader. >> it was broken bottles and pool cues last night. remind me never to fight with chris christie. that guy is ferocious. was that as clear of a victory for him over rubio as it looks? >> well, christie tripped him up on talking points so it was definitely bad for rubio in that sense. i don't know that this was good for christie because he did not come off as a likable person. he's not in a position up here. chris christie does not have a well spring of positive sentiment that is -- that's not like ben carson or rubio that voters like, but they don't particularly like chris christie. i don't think the line of attack -- it got snarly. i don't know that makes them say, oh, yeah, i like this guy. >> so the rubio people were trying to say last night, we did well. >> enough. >> enough.
3:20 am
do you think that's an adequate description? >> well, it's sort of like marco rubio debate, sort of like pizza and coffee. some of it's better than others, but none of it is really that bad when you get right down to it. hey, you'll take that gas station cup of burnt coffee. this was not his finest hour. he did fine fortunately for him that difficult moment was buried by abc, late at night on saturday. i think he survived. >> like pizza and coffee. only chris stirewalt can come up with that. it's 6:20 in the morning and you came out with it. one of the most talked about moments of the debate last night. here it is. >> a lot of times -- >> the property from the elderly woman. >> let my talk, quiet. a lot of time -- a lot of time -- >> quiet. quiet. how did social media react to that moment? kurt the cyberguy in the man cave with the voters response, next.
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hi, good morning. 24 minutes after the hour. on to the fox news alert. fears now sparking of a long range missile program in north korea as new reports emerge of a fifth nuclear test. this after the country says it successfully launched a long range launch into space. the security council will meet later today. and an alarming nuclear power plant in new york now sparking a state investigation. radioactive material was detected in groundwater.
3:25 am
that water is contaminated but officials say it was contained to that site. there's no current threat to the public. and the death toll in taiwan still rising from the 6.4 magnitude earthquake. at least 26 people are now dead. more than 130 are still trapped under the rubble. rescuers are now cutting through walls into pillars to try to reach people in the bottom part of that wreckage. seven republican candidates on the stage to make their final pitch to the new hampshire voters before the tuesday primary. how did social media react? >> chris the cyberguy. it started from the very beginning. >> it did. if issues were very important to it, it didn't make it on to twitter in this one. happy birthday to you. twitter is aflutter about your birthday today. do you remember that moment, of course you do, where the candidates were coming out the the stage and there was that just awkward, awkward moment where ben carson is standing there and it seemed to go on forever.
3:26 am
well, so are the sentiments online about the most popular looping vine videos coming from the moment. you have donald trump standing next to him. offering what seemed to be at the time a little bit of support. then you saw governor jeb bush walk right by them and pat him on the back. look at this. >> let me just -- he wants to be a tough guy. a lot of times you'll have -- you'll have -- it doesn't work very well. >> how tough is it to take property from an elderly woman? >> let my talk, quiet. >> that was one of the most tweeted about moments of the shush. >> right. >> was that backlash for the walkout? i don't know. but clearly we've got a shush going on. everybody online talking about the shush. the numbers are in, how did people really stand on the share of conversations on twitter, well trump at the top here at
3:27 am
33%, 20% to rubio. cruz at 15%. 9 to christie. it wasn't like that at the beginning. it started off with cruz leading the twitter conversations and those are the final numbers we got. >> around 9:00 p.m., rubio was up. but it's clear like during that it's not necessarily positive. it's people like commenting about hey -- >> i said cruz, i meant rubio, rubio at the top stole it online. >> then christie going after him. you can look at the sentiment of what -- who had the most positive response, right? >> we do. here are the topics that people are talking about online. in terms of the real issues aside from the stage snafus, foreign affairs number one, national security in that bunch as well. health care is number two and the economy rang in at number three most talked about topic related to the delegate. >> what about the most googled searches? what were the most googled
3:28 am
topics? >> interesting, it sort of came down to the exact same thing. trendings -- >> rubio talking about his brother's service. >> yeah. >> his teeth. that's when the local reporter talked about rubio having served in the military and he lost his teeth. >> and overall, donald trump had the most positive mentions. we'll talk to him at 8:30 and ask him about that. >> i look forward to that. >> happy birthday. marco rubio was surging ahoefd last night's debate until chris christie came along. >> that's what washington, d.c. does. the drive by shot at the beginning was incorrect and incomplete information. then the 25 second memorized speech. >> will that change the debate? we'll debate it next.
3:29 am
>> and then everybody is talking about this cameo this morning. >> sounds like socialism to me. if you need advice for your business, legalzoom has your back. our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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sick of the 1% getting this preferential treatment. >> sounds like socialism to me. >> democratic socialism. >> yeah, what's the difference? >> huge difference. >> huge? >> huge. [ laughter ] >> huge with a "y"? >> can you tell the difference? >> barely. >> we have been waiting for larry david playing his perfect bernie sanders, sharing the stage last night. >> and david hosted last night's show and gave us a look inside the campaign on a spoof of "curb your enthusiasm" and it was entitled bern your enthusiasm. i think that was better than hillary clinton. >> i think the larry david impression of bernie sanders and tina fey's impression of sarah
3:34 am
palin, spot on. >> i think he locked down the demographic last night. >> all right. you have a great panel coming up. >> we certainly do. right now, in fact. senator marco rubio was on the rise going into the debate last night and then governor christie came along and did this. >> if politics becomes and the presidency becomes about electing the people who have been in congress or in the senate the longest, we should rally around joe biden. >> you shouldn't compare yourself to joe biden. you have not been involved in a consequential decision that you have been held accountable. you talked about the hezbollah vote and you were not there for it. that's truancy. i like marco rubio but he doesn't have the experience to be the president of the united states. >> did this face-off change the state of the race? will it actually matter?
3:35 am
we have a great political panel. we have the clinton supporter, and we have a former republican congressional candidate from this state. starting closest to me, ashley, does this make a difference? it was great theater, it was dramatic. will it change votes? >> well, i think that's what's interesting, tucker. here in new hampshire there's so many undecided voters. people get that confused with independents but they're undecided. 33% of republican voter here's in new hampshire can make up their minds this weekend. they can change them. >> yes. >> so i think going into last night's debate, that's who the candidates really had to play to and i think rubio underperformed. i thought, you know, he really needed to show last night because he was the one being attacked that he could rise up and have his big moment, you know? he really did not do that. he very much underwhelmed i think the ones who have the strong night, though, you know, bush, kasich and christie. they are very much neck and neck here in the granite state. they have the strongest ground game operations and the
3:36 am
governor -- but between i would say kasich and christie because they have visited the granite state over 180 times. so they're really competing for those voters. >> do you know who benefited from the exchange like this? hillary clinton. the democratic debates are nothing like this. everyone is so polite. oh, your e-mail not a problem. don't you think it's good for candidates to go have to go through the gauntlet like this before getting into the general? >> no question about it. but what we saw last night was very simple. chris christie, great prosecutor. he was toto from the wizard of oz. we saw the wizard isn't who we thought the wizard to be. the folks in florida know that marco rubio -- we call him marco polo. we never know where he is actually. we realize now and the people see it, you don't have to have all the right answers. you have to bring the right stuff. and unfortunately, the people in i think new hampshire learned that senator rubio doesn't have the right stuff. but more importantly than that, i would love to see how would senator rubio have done with 11 hours of interrogation in the
3:37 am
benghazi hearings? i don't think he'd do very well. clearly it was a knockout. i thought it was watching ronda rousey there. >> we're talking to him. later on in the day for tomorrow's show. it's notal a question of whether you -- not a question of whether you win on the stage, but how you pull yourself together after. i don't know the answer. we'll find out. what did you think? >> i think it's ironic the comments here about hillary clinton only because what her record of accomplishment has been has been the thing that frankly surrogates and focus groups nationwide have had trouble answering. she has been on the scene much longer than senator rubio. overall, no question he had a rough start at the beginning but later on his answers on isis and particularly what is conservatism, i think that brought him right back to what people have always appreciated about it which is his clear articulation of his principles, you know, his vision of american's role in the world and in particular his foreign policy. >> you mentioned hillary.
3:38 am
madeleine albright said women who don't vote for her are going to hell. are you going to hell? >> well, she's here stumpling for hillary clinton but she makes comments that are slightful to female voters. if hillary clinton wants to be the champion for women she needs to look at her own record. she has a history of covering up her husband's accusers and she panders to women here in new hampshire actually. she say, you know, things like great victims should be believed. oh, that's funny, she has a long history of silencing her husband's accusers. and for albright to say that i think there's a special place in hell for people like that who come out there and then make fun of women that they're trying to pander to. >> so women don't have minds of their own? that's kind of the pitch. >> well, i think what we're seeing here, executive experience counts. actually having a resume -- you
3:39 am
know what we're -- >> it's a gender count. >> tucker, we're interviewing for the ceo of the united states of america. what we saw last night in the house divided the republican party of course was the fact that you don't have many ceos there. senate -- secretary clinton has the experience. >> oh, i'm sorry. i want to -- >> if you're going to hire a ceo, you brought up carly fiorina. why don't you hire one -- >> in two seconds are you going to hell because you're not supporting hillary? >> absolutely not. i think it might take me to the right place. >> all right. we have to go back to new york. are you there? >> thank you very much. we have news headlines and'll get to this -- and we'll get right to this one. the deadly train crash in manhattan could have been much worse. investigators say if the crane -- as the crane began falling that man used the steering controls to aim the falling crane into the empty street and away from nearby buildings. gusty winds knocked down crane
3:40 am
before it could be tied down. one person was killed. in a bombshell new development, colombia's president is saying 3,100 pregnant women are infected with the virus. the zika outbreak is spilling into the united states. this map shows the areas where the mosquito can be found. the question of how to deal with the crisis came up in last night's debate. >> that's why we make she has decisions. you make it based on the symptoms and the law. >> we need a rapid response for ebola and for zika. these are the kind of things that the nih, cdc can be very effective at. we need to give them the appropriate support. five counties in florida under a state of emergency because of the outbreak. even more concerning we know that the virus can be transmitted sexually from person to person. hey, everybody, it's super bowl sunday. but before the big game the nfl has some awards to hand out.
3:41 am
>> and the 2015 a.p. most valuable player is cam newton. >> cam newton took home the top award. clayton, you're a big fan of the nfl. >> yeah, brett favre coming out fully bearded. some new entries into the hall of fame. quarterback brett favre looking good in his wranglers. levis, right? what does he wear? it's the 2016 class. others are the late ken stake her, marvis harrison, and of course coach tony dungy to name a few. >> see how much weight that carries this afternoon out there in arizona. hey, rick -- not arizona. where is it this year? >> california. >> santa clara, that's right. >> although san francisco trying to lay claim to it, even though it's an hour away. >> i did that for them. help them.
3:42 am
i'll show you the weather in a second, because it's looking out there. i want to show you the next couple of days around new hampshire. well above average, melting some of the snow that we saw. tomorrow is where it gets cold and we have some snow tomorrow. tuesday, temps still cold, but watch what happens. we have been watching a couple of storms here. future radar, monday, there's some scattered snow flurry, but most of tuesday is looking pretty clear. i don't think we'll be dealing with the big storm. a few scattered flurries at times, but nothing that should be causing any problems out. there all right. a big story that's going to happen this week, that is the eastern seaboard going to really cool down. watch these temperatures. not just eastern seaboard, in across the far northern plains as well. temperatures will get very cold and cold down to florida. it will stick around a while. clayton, take a look at this. how about that? 71 degrees. 71 degrees. >> at game time? >> no wind.
3:43 am
it's beautiful. >> if it were in san francisco, it would be like 50 degrees, cold. >> exactly. >> thanks, rick. fox news alert, north korea defies the world and launches a long range missile. and how does scott brown think donald trump did last night? well, we'll ask him about his debate performance coming up after the break. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity.
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boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. . .er . protect what matters. get flood insurance. call the number on your screen to learn more. welcome back. some quick headlines for you. first it was chipotle. now buffalo wild wings being impact by the norovirus. one positive case has been linked to a restaurant in kansas city. despite the one positive test, there is no confirmation that
3:47 am
its restaurant -- that its restaurant is the source. and a medical mix-up leading to a big mess. tennessee doctor performed surgery on a perfectly healthy baby on accident. he immediately realized the mistake and he apologized. it's no excuse the parents say. they have a lawyer and are figuring out the next steps. 13 minutes before the hour. fox news alert. north korea put an earth observation missile last night. >> it was a debate topic last night. >> north korea launched that long range rocket less than 12 hours ago and now u.s. officials say it could take a few days to assess whether or not it was successful. north korean state media released these images said to be of the launch which it claims was to put a satellite into orbit. u.s. officials closely monitored the launch and say that it did
3:48 am
not pose an immediate threat to the u.s. or the allies. well, many in north korea were celebrating the launch. the condemnation from world leaders quickly poured in including u.s. national security council adviser susan rice who issued a statement reading in part, north korea's missile and nuclear weapons program represent serious threats to our interests including the security of some of our closest allies. undermine peace and security in the broader region. this comes a a few weeks after north korea carried out the fourth nuclear bomb test and that launching of a satellite and the nuclear missile uses essentially the same components and technology and the fear is that with each nuclear test and missile launch, north korea's moving closer to the goal of creating a nuclear missile capable of reaching the united states. the u.n. security council has announced it will hold an emergency session this morning at 11:00 a.m. to respond to north korea's launch.
3:49 am
>> all right, garrett tenney, thank you. he endorsed donald trump for president. how does scott brown think he did during the debate? he joins tucker live from new hampshire. there they are. tucker, get him some coffee. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car?
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3:52 am
we need a ticket. you can't get them. you know who has the tickets for the -- i'm talking about the television audience -- donors, special interests, the people that are putting up the money -- [ boos ] >> who it is. where people compete, free enterprise, they compete. so much better. >> he attacks the audience. all the latest polls have donald
3:53 am
trump holding a double-digit lead over his rivals. pop later may be due to moments like that. massachusetts senator scott brown has endorsed trump saying he is a genuine washington outsider. how did he think his candidate did last night? senator brown joins us now. i thought that was a remarkable moment. the crowd boos him. that's the nightmare for everybody on stage. the crowd's going boo you. he goes right back at them and accuses them of being lobbyists and donors did. it work? >> he's absolutely right. i was actually in the green room with a student from st. ansels. they said they didn't get any tickets. they held a phony lottery. the student enjoyed irate. it's true. whether it translates into actual votes -- that's what, frankly, people like him is that he goes after the sacred cows in a host of areas. that's why i like him. he is that independent guy that can shake the establishment up. i think this no one better with the opportunity to do that. >> the donor class hates him, as you know. sincerely hates him. and so they really have swung or were swinging behind marco rubio
3:54 am
who was conservative. they felt a safer choice. after last night, do you think his support among republican donors and the intellectual class in washington will be weakened? >> i think they're taking a check. break, break, we have to wait a little bit longer. i thought chris' cross-examination was brilliant. and it really -- you know, one time, okay, two times -- repeating it three times and more throughout the evening, i really -- it showed a weak link in marco's armor. i think he's soft and has trouble on the immigration and repetitiveness and accomplishment issue. he's a wonderful guy. any of these candidates would make a better candidate than hillary clinton or bernie sanders. >> i agree. and rubio is talented. >> he's a great guy. >> the moment where senator rubio was talking about sanctions against hezbollah, something he's talked about a lot, and suddenly christie says you weren't even there for the vote. that's not leadership. it's truancy. who do you think -- that was clearly a hard moment for rubio. did it make chris christie look
3:55 am
mean? >> that's chris christie, you know him. he's from new jersey, a prosecutor. he's very direct. you either really like him or you don't. he's very direct, and i wasn't bothered at all. i'm direct, say what i feel. sometimes it gets you in trouble. he needs to shine. i thought the governors were very solid. to that, probably kasich, christie, bush, in that order. but i think they did well and better probably than the other candidates. i thought trump did -- didn't hurt himself at all. he was very reserved and kind of more dignified and presidential throughout most of the debate. and i thought ben carson with cruz, if in fact it was any one of the other candidates, it would have ripped cruz's throat out for what he did in iowa. the reason trump brought that up is he wants to remind people in new hampshire and south carolina that in fact he's just a politician. he's just like those washington people he's criticizing, lose the drirty tricks.
3:56 am
>> and i think most people assume, maybe incorrectly, that cruz is not making a serious play for second place in this state. >> yeah. i don't think he's going to finish second place. i thought marco would finish second. if in fact this permeates the whole three times repeating and some of the questions of experience, i think probably kasich has a stronger case. and then governor christie, as well. they spent so much time here. i mean, 70 days, over 100 town halls. very focused. >> yes, they're lucky. it's a beautiful state. great to see you. we'll hold you accountable for your predictions. >> thank you. top surrogate to the clinton campaign says vote for hillary or you're going to hell literally. watch this. >> just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. [ applause ] >> oh, yes. a theological message. kennedy here to react next hour. and you really know things are bad when charlie sheen said you need help. his message for the troubled
3:57 am
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and visit to learn how you can get it for free. [ cheers ] ladies and gentlemen, the republican candidates. [ applause ] >> and dr. ben carson, please come out on the stage. he's standing there, as well. dr. carson. >> that's what washington, d.c., does. the drive-by shot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information, and then the memorized 25-second speech that is exactly what -- [ cheers ] >> the bottom line, this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true -- >> there it is. there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. >> to think that i would just walk away ten minutes before the caucus and say, forget about you guys, i mean, who would do something like that? >> ben is a good and honorable man.
4:01 am
when this transpired, i apologized to him then, and i do so now. ben, i'm sorry. >> how tough is it to take -- >> a lot of times -- let me talk. quiet. a lot of times -- [ booing ] >> shush. >> shush. no, quiet, no talking. here is the moment that started it off last night. abc probably has some big problems. it was hard for them to hear, so dr. ben carson couldn't come out on stage. he didn't hear his name being called. senator ted cruz walks by, and then everyone walks on by. >> so awkward to watch and painful. and initially you feel bad for dr. carson. come on, just go to the stage -- stage manager telling you to go. then you realize he must not be able to hear. donald trump got blocked here, too. and he hung out. he didn't realize what was going. on then the hosts say, all right, here are your gop contenders. and three of the podiums were empty. and governor kasich hadn't walked out there either. >> i mean, i'm sure turk joining us from march -- tucker joining
4:02 am
us from manchester. it must have loud, and dr. ben carson, interviewed him. he couldn't hear anything. >> reporter: but nothing bothers dr. carson. he must have a resting heartbeat of nine beats per minute. he's the calmest person i've ever met. it's really -- it's very unusual. i've never met a candidate like that. he seemed unbothered by it. >> chris christie may not have a resting heartbeat of nine minutes per minute. especially after yesterday's debate. >> reporter: probably not someone you want to get into an altercation with, chris christie. whether you support him or not, not someone to tangle with. >> this round of firing is what everybody's going to be talking b. the sparring between governor chris christie and marco rubio. >> simply doesn't have the experience to be president of the united states and make decisions. >> i think the experience is not just what you did but how it worked out. under chris christie's governorship of new jersey, they've been downgraded nine times in their credit rating. >> that's what washington, d.c., does -- the drive-by shot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information, and then
4:03 am
the memorized 25-second speech. >> your state got hit by a massive snowstorm two weeks ago. you didn't even want to go back. they had to shame you into going back. >> no. >> this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is not true. >> there it is. there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. >> that's the thing everyone is talking about, the memorized 25-second speech as governor christie said. let's play marco rubio repeating the same line over and over and over again last night. watch. >> let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. this notion is not true. >> there it is. >> let's dispel with the naikz barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. he is trying to change this country. he wants america to become more like the rest of the world. anyone who believes that barack obama isn't doing what he's doing on purpose doesn't understand what we're dealing with here. >> tucker, even inspired a twitter account calle called @rubioglitch. >> yes. >> repeated what he said every
4:04 am
time that he said it. >> you know, we'll see if this actually hurts senator rubio. here's the context, so the donor class of new york, intellectual class in washington of the republican party despises donald trump, they really don't like ted cruz. they're looking for someone to get behind. it looked like coming out of iowa that was going to be marco rubio. here's why this attack could resonate. republicans have spent eight years going after president obama for being glib but shallow. he's got no experience, never did anything. he was a community organizer, great with the teleprompter. that's basically the same attack you saw christie level at rubio last night. sure you're articulate, sure you're handsome, sure you're a nice guy. but you haven't actually done anything. now, i don't know again if that's going to stick, but if there was a potentially weak spot, you would go after senator rubio on, it was that. nobody has done it until last night. chris christie when he goes on attack does not hold back of he's good at it. really tough. i'm not sure tell help him, but it might hurt rubio. >> when it was the message or delivery, to be fair, i would say we see a lot of these
4:05 am
candidates while they're out on the campaign trail, the town hall meetings, they have similar responses to questions from the audience or questions from the interviews when they come on the program. then you hear almost the same thing on the debate stage. i think the problem was that governor christie called senator rubio on it, and then it rattled him, and he continued even more than he normally would have possibly. >> yeah. and there were rattling moments for senator cruz, questions he's probably not getting in the town hall meetings on how he would handle, how a senator -- how a president ted cruz would handle enhanced interrogation or torture. he stumbled. he kind of stumbled at the beginning, and then donald trump seemed like he had a pretty solid answer on it. watch the two of them. >> if elected president, would you bring it back? >> i would not bring it back in any widespread use. and indeed -- [ laughter ]
4:06 am
>> i would join with senator mccain with legislation that would prohibit line officers from employing it. >> the medieval times. we study medieval times, not since medieval times have people seen what's going. on i would bring back water boarding and a hell of a lot worse than water boarding. >> a hell of a lot worse than water boarding. >> it was a fascinating moment. the press treats cruz like he's this far-out right wing reactionary wacko. yet, he's a constitutionalist and a lawyer and a scholar. and he gave a thoughtful answer. he wants to restrain the government's ability to use enhanced interrogation techniques. i'm not sure it worked that well on stage. it's not really what people would and from a guy who's endorsed carpet bombing. was much more nuanced. trump -- use thought water boarding was tough, i'm going medieval. he made the nih he does on every question, i'm on america's side. i'm for america. doesn't matter what it takes, we'll prevail. i think more effective in the debate. it did say something unexpected about ted cruz.
4:07 am
i'm sure it will be missed in the barking about the debate. i thought it was revealing. >> the iron maiden. i don't know if that's one of the things -- >> right. >> it tough talking billionaire businessman will be on at 8:30 eastern. stay tuned for that. >> all right. tucker is up in manchester, new hampshire. great seeing you. >> it's free. >> enjoy the snow. publicesque and lovely. >> get your decaf. see you in a few minutes. first, donald trump once again got into it with jeb bush. >> you got. we have even more from new hampshire on the biggest highlights. good morning, rich. >> reporter: good morning. and you know, they really got into it over what is usually a local issue. that is one of eminent domain. that allows the government to take over private property by compensating the owner, but it's for public use, as it's stated. so bush hit trump on the issue, especially his use of it, running a casino in atlantic city. >> eminent domain is an absolute
4:08 am
necessity for a country. >> but what donald trump did was use eminent domain to take the property of an elderly woman -- >> he want to be -- >> how tough is it -- >> a lot of times -- let me talk. let me talk. quiet. >> little nasty there. but trump then argued that essentially eminent domain is used by the government to build things, but especially republican support like the keystone pipeline. this started with some lingering bad feeling from iowa and the caucuses and that coming certainly when you discuss what happened between senator ted cruz and ben carson. and cruz's supporters telling caucus-gotters that perhaps ben carson was going to drop out of the race. carson called him out on it. >> to think that i would just walk away ten minutes before the caucus and say, forget about you guys -- i mean, who would do something like that? >> ben is a good and honorable man. when this transpired, i apologized to him then. and i do so now. ben, i'm sorry.
4:09 am
>> as you saw earlier, especially with the issue with chris christie going after marco rubio, this is a space for the governors to try to make a name for themselves. they're going after marco rubio. what they see as their path to victory here, that was certainly on full display last evening. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. when we saw the exchange with senator cruz and dr. carson after senator cruz's apology, it almost seemed like dr. carson was in a roundabout way saying, you know, sorry isn't really good enough. i mean, when -- >> the damage is done. >> w done, and he -- my reason for saying that is he mentioned the third tweet that came out about a minute after the one mentioning that he was taking a break from the campaign trail and never did he mention suspending the campaign. >> donald trump came out firing. yeah, the reason you won is because you took the votes, senator cruz, from ben carson. tucker, i want to get your take. we've been doing interviews on the show over the past two years around the heroin addiction, crisis in this country, and the drug problem.
4:10 am
this was front and center last night. senator ted cruz was asked about the question, and governor chris christie then came out and seemed to hit a home run on his response. watch. >> this is an absolute epidemic. we need leadership to solve it. solving it has to occur at the state and local level with programs like a.a. and counseling and churches and charities. but it also has to occur securing the borders because you've got mexican cartels that are smuggling vast amounts of heroin into this country. >> this is a disease. it's not a moral failing. it's a disease on pro-life. and pro-life not just for nine months in the womb. i'm pro-life for when they get out and it's more complicated. 16-year-old heroin-addicted drunk girl on the floor of the county lockup, i'm pro-life for her life. the 42-year-old lawyer who's taking oxycontin and can't get out of bed and support his family, i'm pro-life for his life. every one of those sleeves an individual gift from god. >> we saw a huge google spike around those issues. how did it resonate up there?
4:11 am
>> reporter: it resonates here especially. i mean, manchester, you know -- if you go to a 7-eleven in midnight in manchester as i did the other night, it's obvious that opiate abuse is a real problem. glaringly and depressingly obvious. a problem not just here but through northern new england and america. that is one of the key points to remember. if it this were happening on -- if this were happening on the upper east side or the bronx, it would be on the front page of the paper. it's happening where fashionable people don't live or go. it's been beneath the radar. unfortunately, it's a complex problem and not clear why it's blossomed into this epidemic. but clearly, the majority of this heroin is moving from mexico, not from afghanistan, mexico, overwhelmingly. so it's an issue of border security. a couple of the candidates pointed that out. i think that's a legitimate thing to say. it's factually true. i'm glad to see this is -- to say this is coming to center stage. >> addiction in america, something that particularly matters to new hampshire voters. you know, like it matters about national security and the economy which are bread and butter issues for people across the country.
4:12 am
it's also why we're doing our special here on "fox & friends," "addiction in america." we're trying to destigmatize it and solve it. >> we'll check in with tucker in a few minutes. what does it mean to be conservative, and what does it mean to the candidates? >> we want to conserve our money. we want to conserve our wealth. >> conservatism should mean not only that some rise with conservative principles, but everybody has a chance to rise. >> who has the right idea? kennedy is next. she is -- wait. she's walking away. come on down. >> this personality. she's hilarious. i love her. and "saturday night live" feels the burn. the cameo everybody's talking about this morning. >> sounds like socialism to me. there's a million excuses why you couldn't be healthy but one really good reason, that's our family. that's the beauty of working at gnc, we've got something for everybody. we're here for you. just ask. we make it simple. gnc.
4:13 am
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4:16 am
to me, i view the word conservative as a drertive of -- derivative of the word conserve. we want to conserve our money. we want to conserve our wealth. >> i believe we have to reach out to people who live in the shadows. i believe we have it help the mentally ill, drug addicted, working poor in america, conservatism should mean not only that some rise with conservative principles, but everybody has a chance to rise regardless of who they are. >> it's about believing, unlike barack obama, that the world is a skpaerch better place when america is the strongest military and strongest nation on this planet. that's conservative. >> it was ronald reagan's 105th birthday last night. to commemorate it, the republican candidates weighed in on what it means to be conservative. did they make a solid argument, and what will it mean to be conservative in the future? for the next generation? joining us to answer that, among other questions, is our friend
4:17 am
kennedy, host of the aptly named "kennedy program" on the fox business network. great to see you. >> tucker, it's great to be with you in new hampshire. >> clearly, things are changing. we're at a pivot point. the definition of conservative is likely to change, i would say, from this generation to the next. what will the next generation call conservative? what will it mean? >> it's interesting because we're realizing that these thaerms we have taken -- terms that we have taken as stat rick quite dynamic. they're very fluid these terms. >> for sure. >> and it's -- that's obviously because you had six different candidates saying six different things, particularly donald trump and marco rubio. they couldn't have been more dprif different from one another. i think that donald trump's definition of conservative will somehow meld with conservationism. so you're going to have people protecting the earth and their money at the same time. and they're going to make a literal block of conservatives in conservation. >> that's not a crazy idea actually. it's as good as any other theory. a lot of republicans are really
4:18 am
uncomfortable about the debate about what the republican catechism out to look like. >> yeah. >> on the democratic side, there's flow debate at all. it is the albanian parliament. everyone's in lockstep. hillary clinton's new position as -- >> the democratic side is so much more corrupt than the albanian parliament. >> only about the acquisition of power. baha madeleine albright told young female voters there's a special place in hell -- watch this. >> you have to help. hillary clinton will always be there for you. just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. [ applause ] >> it's like cotton mather. what do you make of her theological argument? >> i don't think it is a theological argument. i think it's a flimsy, gender-based argument. i think that madeleine albright comes off as threatening and menacing, making her a perfect accessory for hillary clinton. hillary clinton can use her as a
4:19 am
gaudy broach to flash around, a symbol of lady power. then she can use her as an accessory when they have to bury the body of political opponents. >> is this patronizing or snow i'm not sure i'm allowed to weigh in on this as a man. let me do so anyway. if i'm a woman and listening is on to someone telling me i have to vote for a candidate because she's a woman -- if someone said i have to vote for marco rubio because he's a man, i would say "buzz off." >> are you taking 50% of possible candidates, in this case 95%, of possible candidates and throwing them out the window. that's bad mouth. think of the opportunity cost of only choosing one gender. don't you want the best president? and if by her logic you're only voting for a woman, you could vote for carly fiorina. that axiom doesn't just apply to hillary clinton, although they're pretending she's the only woman running. >> according to democrats, carly fiorina's not a real woman like cruz and rubio aren't latinos because they don't share the same grievances --
4:20 am
>> fluid terms. great to see you. >> how do you get so articulate before noon? >> a lot of coffee and some of the other stuff they sell in new hampshire. >> details in a minute. thank you. coming up, joe to the rescue. one democratic donor telling party members it's time to bring biden back to save the white house for democrats. are these rumors real, and could it happen? joe trippy on deck to tell us. and you heard kennedy weigh in on the debate last night. we're live from a diner with fresh reaction and pancakes coming up. if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business.
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legalzoom. legal help is here. ♪ ♪
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news by the numbers now super bowl edition. first up, 13. that's how many teams in the nfl
4:24 am
have never won the super bowl. really? nine teams have gone and come away losers. one of those is the carolina panthers. the chance to change all of that today. next, $5 million. that's what it will cost this year to run a 30-second television commercial. last year it cost $4.4 million. and finally, $3,000, the cheapest ticket you'll find on stubhub for tonight's big game. the average price ranges between $4,500 and $4,700 for one ticket. all right. during last night's debate, the gop candidates hit their democratic opponents less often as in previous debates. when they did, they hit hard. >> here's what i find outrageous -- there have been five democratic debates. the media has not asked a single question on abortion. on abortion, the democrats are extremists. why doesn't the media ask hillary clinton why she believes that all abortions should be legal. even on the due date of that unborn child. why don't they ask hillary clinton why she believes that
4:25 am
partial-birth abortion, a gruesome procedure outlawed in this country, she thinks that's a fundamental right. they are the extremist. >> many say that was a strong rubio moment. did the candidates do enough to take on the democrats? >> they're busy fighting each other. for more, let's bring in fox contributor joe tripper who watched it all. nice to see you. marco rubio is getting hammered for repeating lines over and over again going after barack obama. but did the republicans do enough to go after democrats last night? >> i don't really think democrats did much of the target. i mean, mostly they were used as a foil to score points. you know, against the rest of the field. i thought marco rubio had a -- he had a few good questions there toward the end, good answers. but man, did he take a liking last night. we'll see if he's the time ex-watch of republican candidates in this one. >> who do you think did the best at hammering hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders? it seems like they talked a lot more about president obama. he's not running again. >> yeah.
4:26 am
that was what -- rubio of guilty of that more than anybody. he kept going back and back to, you know, president obama knows exactly what he's doing, which is actually a defense. rubio does not want to get thrown in that patch of being a one-term senator who can speak glibly but hasn't gotten anything done and doesn't know what he's doing. that's where chris christie was going after him all night long. that's why you kept seeing him go back to literally, you know, a verbatim line that had been written that he wrote for himself over and over again all night long, going after defining obama in a way that helped him. i don't know if you can do that when the entire party's been doing the opposite for eight years. >> joe, rubio was riding high, of course, after iowa, coming in third, having a strong performance riding into new hampshire. it seemed like the governors were the ones who came out on top last night in a strong performance. they had to. kasich has staked his -- i think his run right now on new hampshire. chris christie, as well.
4:27 am
jeb bush -- did they do enough to kind of get up into that maybe second or third-place spot do you think? >> look, you know what i found fascinating, i thought all three of the governors did a good job. the problem was now since they all did well, they all rise a little bit, none of them pops out into the -- pops into second place or, you know, in other words, bush even grabbing two or three points hold kasich or christie down a little bit. i actually thought trump and cruz got the debate they wanted because you want everybody taking rubio down, and you want the three governors, not one of them shining above the other two. so you keep everything in -- in es he sneaks in there, into second, which is tough for him in new hampshire because there aren't enough evangelicals in new hampshire to sustain him like he was in iowa. >> and as a democratic strategist, we've got to get your take on the other sides of the aisle. we have a new quinnipiac university national democratic
4:28 am
poll showing that clinton and sanders are in a statistical tie. clinton at 44%. sanders at 42%. yesterday we reported via ed henry that a memo went out by the draft biden campaign, a group trying to get him to throw his hat into the ring, saying let's not count ourselves out. what's the likelihood of biden or another candidate jumping into the race? >> none. i don't see it happening. look, most people who have really looked at this on the democratic side know that hillary clinton's strength lies beyond new hampshire. once you leave new hampshire, she is just very, very strong in places like nevada and south carolina. it would take her faltering in the next -- iowa and new hampshire do not matter in that decision. she'd have to falter in south carolina which i don't see happening. she's got a big lead. before that, there's no real qualms on the democratic side about somebody else getting in. >> you're 100% sure she won't get indicted, i guess?
4:29 am
>> i am. i don't see how -- personally, i don't see that as a likelihood now. >> joe trippy, fox news contributor who watched it all unfold last night. always great to see you, thanks. >> thank you. 28 after the hour. here's what's coming up -- voters are chewing over last night's debate with bacon and eggs at the same time. we're live from a new hampshire diner with fresh reaction -- >> and fresh eggs. and americans will eat more than a billion chicken wings for the super bowl. we've got two ways to spice your chicken up. john mclemore is here. our studio smells delicious. >> deep-fried goodness. mm. ♪
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
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to protect you from identity theft. we not only alert you to identity threats, if you have a problem, we'll spend up to a million dollars on lawyers and experts to fix it. lifelock. join starting at $9.99 a month. if it's all the same to you, i'm going to pop down into that lifeboat. >> hold on, hold on! wait a second! [ cheers ] >> i am so sick of the 1% getting this preferential treatment. >> sound like socialism to me. >> democratic socialism. >> what's the difference? >> huge difference. >> huge? >> huge! >> huge with a "y", hey? who are you?
4:34 am
>> i am bernie sanders witski. but we've got to change when we get to america so it doesn't sound so jewish. >> yeah, that will trick 'em. [ laughter ] >> wait, which is which? larry david and bernie sanders sharing the same stage on "saturday night live." >> david hosted last night's show and gave an inside look at the sanders campaign in a spoof of david's own show, "curb your enthusiasm." "snl" titled it "bern your enthusiasm." >> i was reading that bernie sanders changed his twitter avatar to larry david last night after the performance. >> so spot on. hard to tell the difference. >> that is spitting image almost like sarah palin and tina fey. but the kate mckinnon and hillary clinton when she played the bartender, not as good. 34 minutes after the hour. the there are two days for new hampshire voters to make up their minds about the candidates. >> and we have more from molly.
4:35 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are worse places to be than surrounded by pancakes with chocolate chips in them. voters have been kind to share their stories and what they thought of the debate. darin mitch is among those who had made up his mind. he's a trump supporter. how did you think mr. trump did in the debate? >> i think he did well. i think he is holding his own. you can see him evolve from debate to debate. he's becoming much more polished and much more confident in the arena that he's in. it's relatively new for him. i think he does well. >> reporter: when you were watching last night, how but think his performance went? was it what you expected? do you think he got hammered as much as he may have in the past? >> i think that his performance was -- exactly what i expected it to be. as far as him getting hammered, i think that's kind of a status quo with him. he's such an outsider that i don't think either party really knows what to do with him or how to deal with him. so to try to show that he's not
4:36 am
what he projects himself to be, let's hammer him and see if we can pin him down on issues. the problem with trying to pin him down on issues or anyone down on issues is there's so many dynamics at play, that trying -- i'm going to do this and that is not practical. saying i'm going to research it, get best minds involved and solve a problem, that's -- that's what we need is problem solvers. >> reporter: would anything that had happened in the debate last night, would anything have changed your mind? >> not really. i think that he has brought an excitement to this race that you haven't seen in an election in the united states in a long, long time. and i think, you know, an outsider like that can shake things up and -- he deserves a shot. >> reporter: thank you very much. we appreciate it. you've been so kind. he even stuck around for us after he finished his breakfast. we appreciate that. we've spoken to voters, a lot had made up their mind. they still wanted to see the debate. for some it solidified their choice, we'll see what happens on the polls. the voter head there on tuesday. back to you. >> thanks.
4:37 am
we know so many new hampshire voter wait until the last minute to make up their minds. 40% -- >> late breaking. and they can vote either side. >> right. 36 minutes after the hour. in other stories making headlines -- this is a fox news alert. north korea launched a long-range rocket sparking fears of a ballistic missile test. some think the missiles could reach as far as the united states. the launch in defiance of united nations sanctions. the u.n. security council will meet today in an emergency session. and a prison chief resigning after thousands of dangerous inmates released by accident. the washington state prison system head done with the department weeks after announcing up to 3,200 inmates released since 2002 due to a computer glitch. two of them, jeremiah smith and robert jackson, accused of killing people after their wrongful release. and chaos on the streets of baltimore after a minivan mows down people on the sidewalk.
4:38 am
[ horn ] >> have no idea. [ horn ] [ screams ] >> who would do that? a video shows a man hanging on to the van as the driver reverses out of control, slamming into a light pole and driving away. police say the driver was trying to escape a bar fight that spilled into the street. a woman was run over and is hospitalized with serious injuries. the driver faces traffic-related charges. his attacker's still unknown. even party legend charlie sheen thinks johnny manziel needs to tone it down. the actor tweeted words of encouragement to the browns quarterback saying, "it's time to refocus all your energy on your health and football. it's never too late to get a fresh start." manziel is under investigation again for allegedly striking and threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend, colleen crowley. manziel refusing to enter rehab. clayton, over to you. we are cooking up some super
4:39 am
bowl treats. >> reporter: that's right. come on over. i know you're hungry. >> she doesn't eat this stuff. >> reporter: give me a break. come on! she's from carolina. she eats this stuff. >> it's your day. >> reporter: it is super bowl sunday. the second largest eating day in the united states. here to show how to enjoy your wings two ways this morning is the author of "dadgum that's good," john mclemore. great to see you. happy super bowl. >> happy to be here. >> anna will eat these wings. >> mm. >> she will always eat. >> didn't stop her. >> that's a cajun one. >> we'll make two wings. >> yes, we'll show you folks how to use the master built smoker to smoke, you ready for this, super smoker sweet and spicy chicken wings. >> say that five times -- >> i want you to say that five times. we'll smoke wings and fry some wings. there's no better time to spend with your family and friends than to homegate. >> homegate? >> that's what most of us -- >> i don't know if any of have us $20,000 in the bank for a super bowl ticket. >> we'll show you folks an easy recipe. we want you to get involved.
4:40 am
we're going to take the first super-smoked wings and take black pepper. we're going to take onion powder and some chili powder and a little season all. we'll put just a little touch of cayenne into that. and we'll make that into a rub. and then you'll help me out. i want you to take all of that. we've taken our wings and put them into a baggy. pour the entire thing in there. >> that's an easy way to do it. >> easy way to do it. seal that up, and then you're going to put that into the refrigerator. if you do it for 30 minutes, you can put it out room temperature. more than 30 minutes, toss those into the refrigerator. we'll transfer those to a smoker rack. and if you'll notice here, master built manufactures all kind of smokers. today we're using the bluetooth. and we've got those smoked -- >> speaking your language, clayton. >> this is a smoker that we've got inside the studio just for prop. you guys know we always do this -- >> got to do it outside.
4:41 am
>> outside. we're going to take those wings and pour them into a tray. and then we're going to make up real quick some barbecue sauce. >> is it warm, hot? >> in care line ayou'll make a lot of barbecue sauce. >> some are sweet, some more savory, some have vinegar. we'll take honey, one cup of honey, half a cup of hot barbecue sauce and apple juice and blend it together. on a medium heat, pour that right over the top of what we've already smoked. i love to when somebody goes, ahh. now we're going to put that back on to the smoker. >> okay. >> and let it smoke and baste that barbecue sauce on to the wings, and it's going to start looking like that. >> and that is the finished product, my friends. >> it's shake and bake, and i helped. >> so -- >> here's the finished product one more time. >> oh, man. >> here you go.
4:42 am
>> "dad gum good." and you'll be back showing how to do what? >> we've got fried wings. do i have any time? >> we are out of time. you know why -- >> you keep cooking. we'll go to the commercial. >> we'll do the fried wings and gumbo coming up. >> we've got to pay the bills, keep the lights on. we'll be right back with this. two days until the new hampshire primary. which candidate gained the most ground after the debate? our political panel here next to debate. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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bass pro shops is the place for great deals on great gear. and check out dozens of 2016 boats at or below last year's prices. like the tracker proteam 190 tx for $1100 below the 2014 price. last night's debate was the last chance for the candidates here in new hampshire to speak directly before a primetime audience to voters before the voting starts on tuesday. did anybody gain, and who lost?
4:46 am
here for our fair and balanced debate, executive director of the accountability project, and byron york of the "washington examiner." welcome to you both. byron, pretty obvious rubio got hit hard. >> he did. >> does it matter? the washington donor class, intellectual class doesn't have anywhere else to go. they're not going to be for trump or cruz. does it matter? >> i think you have to ask yourself if you're a republican in the inner party in washington -- >> exactly. >> if you were happy during the george w. bush years, if you would like to see that come back -- >> nicely put. >> -- which candidate do you want? cruz and trump are off the list. >> yes. >> you wanted jeb, but that didn't work out. you look at who is most electable. there's nobody else other than marco rubio. >> that's a great point. so this is not relevant to the group. >> no, obviously chris christie, give him a lot of credit. he really took rubio down last night. there is some speculation about
4:47 am
dhouch it help. it hurt rubio, but how much does it help christie? give him credit. he may do better than we think. the idea that this is a rick perry "oops" moment, you're dead, that's not -- that's not happening. >> why not christie? if you think about it, here's a guy with an actual record of achievement. elected in an overwhelmingly democratic state twice. why is he being disdiscounted bo many? >> he's tough. rubio doesn't have the instincts that christie does. chris christie got a late start. he didn't build momentum early on. and what rubio did from my perspective as a democrat was capitalize off of jeb bush's failures. he went in and targeted the same donors, knowing a lot because they were in florida together. >> of course. >> once he had the money, marco was able to go into the early states and invest in infrastructure. we're walking around in new hampshire now.
4:48 am
and i see rubio signs, i don't see any christie signs now. i think that he's been pulling back a little bit. but it's mainly because he doesn't have the money. there's a point when donors stop investing. >> it's astonishing he's standing up after bridgegate. the fact that christie is alive is amazing. he did have to retreat and be a one-state candidate. what happens is even if you do well as a one-state candidate, if you catch the car after new hampshire, you're not prepared for south carolina. you're not prepared for nevada or the sec and all of that. >> and that's rubio, too, rubio is not going to win either. >> rubio has more money and organization in the states. he can actually do just like cruz does --not as well as cruz does. but he -- he can go on. but we have seen kasich and christie and also jeb bush has become a one-state candidate. >> one sentence, can we all admit now the democratic talking point about citizens united has destroyed our system and money is the all-important factor in these races, that's a total lie.
4:49 am
>> no, it isn't. >> the best candidate on the right is jeb bush. he's at the bottom of the polls. >> right. i'd stay worked. >> donald trump spent less than you spend on summer vacation last year, and he's in first. come on. >> i don't know about that. i didn't say it worked. look at bernie sanders. he has small dollar donations and is able to compete. i think the era of big money is about to collapse. >> he's undermined his own argument. unfortunately, we're totally out of time. will you come back every day? >> absolutely. even when you're not here. >> don't do that. one of the most talked about moments from last night's debate. here it is. >> how tough is it to take property from an elderly woman -- >> a lot of times -- let me talk. let me talk. quiet. [ dos ] >> a lot of times -- >> donald trump is booed, but what he did next was amazing. he joins us next in the next hour to tell us how it worked. then, nfl commissioner roger goodell under fire for comments about concussions. he says sitting on your couch could be as dangerous as being a linebacker. nfl super agent eugene lee here on supersunday with his
4:50 am
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4:53 am
risk in life is risk sitting on the couch. >> there's risk to sitting on the couch. we're here in the man cave. we're hours away from super bowl 50 and people talking about roger goodell's controversial comments talking about concussions. >> here to react, president of nbk sports management group and author of "my brothers keeper" eugene t. lee. good morning.
4:54 am
thanks for being with us. what do you think about those comments? what do you think he meant? >> i think he was trying to use the extreme analogy to show the sport is safe. they were totally inaccurate. i think they were a disservice made by these players every sunday afternoon. >> we've seen a huge increase in concussions this year, 58% increase in concussions, when the nfl has been saying they have been doing everything they can to mitigate them. >> out of the 94 brains of former nfl players that were studied, 90 out of 94 exhibited cte. >> you have a number of clients in the nfl, none of them in the big game today. we saw the news this week about johnny manziel about the problems he's had off the field. how difficult is it as an agent? you get on the phone and you are talking to your player. you are throwing your korea way.
4:55 am
what -- you are throwing your career away. what do you say to someone like that? >> at the end of the day, at this point in the career, the onus is on johnny manziel. the desire to get better has to come from within. >> the people versus o.j. simpson aired earlier this week. we learned that the defense team potentially wanted to use cte as a defense. do you think that will be something that comes into play down the road? >> it may. >> the coaches out in santa clara ahead of the super bowl said they have a whole week to themselves, we're not going to baby-sit them. the pressure is on. the press is on. what do you say as an agent?
4:56 am
>> i think there's a lot of excitement. nervousness as well. this is the biggest stage. the super bowl is not only a game anymore. it's a worldwide phenomenon. you are breaking television ratings every year and they realize a great performance in this game can open doors both on and off the field. >> who is going to win today? >> i like carolina. >> you know she's a carolina girl. you said the right thing. the big game this afternoon. i couldn't jean lee, the name of the big is -- "my brothers keeper, above the line with the nfl's most ethical agent." coming up, donald trump got in a heated debate with jeb bush last night. what does donald trump think of that exchange? he's going to join us. she asked questions tough questions on the stage. >> how do you intend to implement this aggressive agenda
4:57 am
within your constitutional authority, especially when it would work to washington players? >> did they give mary kathryn hamm the answer she wanted. if you need advice for your business, legalzoom has your back.
4:58 am
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5:00 am
a granite state showdown. top 7 republican candidates sharing the stage before -- the vote the last time. >> i would bring back water boarding. >> you weren't there to vote for it. that's not leadership. that's truancy. >> let me talk. quiet. out of time. out of time. >> we got to say after being here, every one of my 100 town
5:01 am
hall meetings in new hampshire were a lot more fun than what i saw here today. we're so much more positive. a live look in manchester new hampshire. this morning, the site of it all last night. the snow might still be there but it was heated inside that hall where the gloves came off. tucker carlson is also with us. you've got a special guest with you this morning. >> i answered the question who won last night's debate. unanimously, it was mary catherine hamm. congratulations. you did fantastic last night. you got about 20 minutes sleep but you are up here joining us anyway. >> i am. . i want to play some of your questions from last night. anyone who didn't see this should not miss these. watch this. >> senator cruz on the campaign trail you've promised voters a
5:02 am
lot and fast. if you are elected president you would say you would end common core immediately, abolish the irs and do away with sanctuary cities. how do you implement this agenda within your constitutional authority? >> i can end common core at the federal level is because obama is abusing executive power. you know the second avenue of change is foreign policy. the two legislative initiatives i'm campaigning on are repeeling obamacare and adopt a simple flat tax to abolish the irs. >> were you satisfied with the answer? >> i knew he would have a good answer here but i wanted him to draw this line and i wanted to talk about what is the line. >> what can the president do? >> the allure of the imperial presidency is bipartisan. as soon as you get in there, you want to do the stuff you do. i thought he had a good answer. he left legislation for the third thing for a reason. it's the hardest one and his brand is that he doesn't work
5:03 am
with the normal washington players but you have to do some of that to actually get a bill that would awol issue -- abolish the irs. i wanted him to figure that out and talk about it. i think he did. >> how did it go over with the audience and who many of them will in turn be voting because if he -- you are talking about this imperial presidency? isn't it a pot kettle situation? didn't we hear every action president obama made once we have a gop president, if we do, could do the very same thing? >> that's the reason i went there. here are the things i can do by executive authority. the things president obama enacted that way, i can get rid of it. and go to the rest of guys how that they would walk that line.
5:04 am
it's a question for conservatives. >> young people across the political spectrum increasingly favor same-sex marriage, young voters have not moved to the left onabortion. how do you speak to millennials? >> i believe deeply that marriage should be between one man and one woman. on the issue of life, to me the issue of life is not a political issue. it's a human rights issue and it's a difficult issue. >> mary catherine, were you satisfied with their response? >> he didn't get into the millennials specifically a bunch but what he did do is give a sensitive answer on social issues and one of the things that i really wanted to highlight here is that same-sex marriage and the pro life issue are not the same. they poll differently with young people. there's ground where the gop can talk on the life issue. one of the interesting things about senator rubio, a secondary
5:05 am
story is that he got this little fundraising boom from this pro life answer. people appreciated hearing that from the stage. i think that helped him out. >> you were sitting in the room when an epic fight broke out. christie came and he went after him. every time you get a question, you get a scripted answer. >> let's dispel once and for all with the fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he doesn't. this notion that he doesn't know what he's doing. let's dispel that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he is doing. he's trying to change this country. he wants america to become more like the rest of the world. >> anyone that believes barack obama isn't doing what he isn't doing on purpose doesn't understand what we're dealing with here. >> everyone else watched that answer four time. i didn't understand the point he was trying to make.
5:06 am
barack obama does know what he's doing, that's better than not knowing what he's doing. did it work? >> i think he had an answer. he was going back to thatle with. that's exactly the criticism that christie was making. so it did not work out well. there were other ways to get out of that situation. the funny thing is he suffers a bit of being a good debater in general. expectations are high for them. the rest of his debate was quite good. >> it was. >> some good answers on isis and other issues that were complex but people will remember that moment. >> that is the defining moment, would you say? >> i would say it was a good night for the governors and christie came out there swinging. he was leaning on that podium. having a great time. it's a little doubled edged sword there. if you get to mean, you get less out of the hit. >> the economy is the drug addiction problem is something
5:07 am
that new hampshire voters care about. the candidates missed personal ties that they have to this very problem, that was a large response. >> my older sister miriam who was my half sister struggled her whole life with drug and alcohol addiction. i still remember my father and me get her out of the crack house to convince her that she needed to a mom to my nephew joey. five or six years ago, she died of a drug overdose. joey found her life. >> i'm pro life when they get out. 16-year-old heroin addiction girl, i'm pro life for her life. the 42-year-old lawyer, i'm pro life for his life. every one of those lives is an individual gift from god. >> who won on this issue? >> well, i think -- it wasn't about who won on this.
5:08 am
i think frankly the gop is not generally great at bringing in these great stories. i think cruz's stories about his sister is really great. governor christie brought in his daughters and said when speaking about empowerment for women when was a nice moment and senator rubio talking about his brother when speaking about the va and the mess that he had to go through to have something fixed that he had injured in the army. hitting people with these stories, we're real people with people with real problems. >> donald trump got booed by the audience. he went after the audience and accused them of basically being in the funders of jeb bush and part of the problem. i've never seen anything like it. did it work? >> we've seen candidates go
5:09 am
after the media, moderators, their fellow candidates. now the audience. this is an all-inclusive election. >> was it effective? >> they booed again in the room. he realized i'm going to move back to the candidates who i'm fighting instead of the actual audience. new rules. >> we would be totally remiss we didn't ask you what everyone was talking about last night on social media and beyond that opening sequence where abc announced dr. ben carson's name, but he -- he didn't hear it. he's standing back there and all the other candidates keep walking past him. you are there as a debate moderator, what must be going through your mind? >> first of all, this is clearly my diabolical plan to make sure that this goes as viral as possible. you can't trust new media stuff like me. we do stuff like this.
5:10 am
no. no. it was very loud inside the room. he did not hear his name and then there's a pile-up, you know. there's a snowstorm here. much like a car wreck and there was a little bit of a pile up there and they couldn't figure out who was coming out next. another way back stage to see them interact in this strange situation. >> you know who was totally unbothered by this? ben carson. didn't bother him at all? >> he made that joke when he came out about maybe you thought i already dropped out of the race. which was a person carson moment. people loved him. he plays it off. even if you do brain surgery, nothing rattles you. >> that's probably it. >> mary catherine, thanks for joining us. >> donald trump will be joining us in 20 minutes. >> other stories making headlines on this sunday morning. fox news alert, a long range
5:11 am
rocket was fired. the launch was in defiance in u.n. sanctions. >> the crane collapse could have been much worse if it weren't quick thinking about the -- by the crane operator. one person walking on the sidewalk was unfortunately killed. and it is super bowl sunday but before the big game later today, the envelope l had some awards to hand out. >> and the 2015 most valuable player is cam newton. [ applause ] >> super bowl cam newton taking home the nfl's top award.
5:12 am
rams running back guy worely. >> maybe it will bring cam newton some luck today. we'll see. the governors go on the offensive during last night's debate. >> that's what washington, d.c. does. the driveby shot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information and then the memorized 25-second speech. >> was it chris christie or one of the other governors who performed the best? chris wallace is here next with his take. the stars of zoo lander 2 take a break from the runway to talk politics. >> as you know, they just held the iowa couscous, which i skipped because i don't eat carbs.
5:13 am
>> the big story was that hillary clinton won in iowa. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. marie callender's turkey pot pie staa rich, flavorful and a crust made from scratch. because she knows that when it's cold outside, it's good food and good company that keep you warm inside. marie callender's. it's time to savor. ♪ [screaming] ♪ ♪ the bold nissan rogue, with intuitive all wheel drive. because winter needs a hero. now get a $199 per month lease on the 2016 nissan rogue. nissan. innovation that excites.
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that's what washington, d.c. does. the drive byshot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information and then the memorized 25-second speech that is exactly what his advisers gave him. >> what donald trump did was use eminent domain to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. >> if i get elected president, head out tomorrow and buy a seat belt, there's going to be so much happening in the first 100 days it's going to make your head spin. we'll move america forward. i prom you, we'll move it forward. >> some of the most pivotal
5:17 am
moments coming from the governors in the race. here to come chris wallace host of "fox news sunday." >> the debate makes us look like geniuses because we had booked the three governors. we were very interested in the fact that they were hanging on by their fingernails here and at least two of them, christie and bush, were front runners early in the race, but obviously in some trouble, but boy, last night, they were the center of the action and i can't wait to hear what they have to say. >> kasich and christie have put a lot of chips in new hampshire. is this make or break for them? >> well, they won't say it is, but i think it is, particularly christie and kasich, because they are almost broke and people don't stop running because they don't think they would be a good president. they stop running because they are out of money. if they don't show awfully well, frankly, if they are not the lead establishment candidate out of here, i'm not sure how any of them could continue. bush could stay on because he's still got money but, boy, chris
5:18 am
christie showed what an effective federal prosecutor he has been. he really took down marco rubio last night. >> coming out of iowa, the republican donor cash was coalescing marco rubio at that point. do you think that shook their faith? >> there's nothing, i think, that's worse in an unscripted situation where you seem to fulfill exactly what people's doubts are about you, or what your opponents are saying about you. the line about and christie has been pushing it hardest of all is that rubio is overly scripted, he's canned and he can't think and react on his feet. i kind of disagreed that. but last night it seemed exactly like. how many times did he say that barack obama knows exactly what he's doing, and even as christie taunted him and kept saying well, look at that, there he is,
5:19 am
again, the conditioned speech -- canned speech. rubio kept returning to it. i think it was a bad night to him. >> do you think they got to step back and watch the governors go after marco rubio? >> i think particularly trump had a good night, both in a positive sense and negative sense. first of all, i think he had a good night. he calmed down. he wasn't dropping expletives. that was an improvement. he showed up. that was another improvement. he also had some good moments where things that people like himed, he's a job raeter, he's a leader. he's in charge. the other thing that's good for him was that rubio seemed to be the guy who was charging and was cutting into his double digit lead here. i got to think after last night that's not as much of a threat to him anymore. >> what do you think about the moment? we'll ask trump about him in ten minutes ago, when the audience booed him when he had the
5:20 am
exchange with governor bush over eminent domain. he says that's the donor class that's booing me right now. >> it's the kind of moment that for any other candidate i would say that was really bad. you don't want to get booed as a debate, as mb as a questioner booed in a debate, it doesn't make you feel good. for trumple to take on the people in that audience and say hey, look, these are not regular voters. these are the fat cats. i'm not sure it helps him, i'm not sure it hurts him. that's another trump moment. we'll have to wait to see. >> you've got a huge show coming up. "fox news sunday," chris wallace, he appreciate you joining us. >> before the super bowl. coming up on the program, some candidates say they would quarantine people to stop a deadly new virus from spreading. >> if we have evidence that they are infected and that there is
5:21 am
evidence that that infection can spread by something that they are doing, yes. >> will it work? dr. mark seegle is here to separate the fact from fiction. we're counting down to super bowl 50 when we come back. that'. that's the beauty of working at gnc, we've got something for everybody. we're here for you. just ask. we make it simple. gnc. text mom. i'll be right back. be good. boys have been really good today. send. let's get mark his own cell phone. nice. send. brad could use a new bike. send. [siri:] message. you decide. they're your kids.
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24 minutes after the hour. welcome back. super bowl just hours away. the carolina panthers take on the denver broncos on the nfl's biggest stage. heather joins us. >> you are lucky, girl. >> good morning, anna. i know you are jealous. i'm so excited to be here. i'm pulling for the panthers as everyone well knows. the denver broncos are here too. lots of their fans are here in santa clara and san francisco.
5:25 am
behind me, levi stadium, 75,000 people take to those stands today and many of those people have been here since last saturday. well over 1 million people it's estimated will attend different super bowl events throughout the week many we're talking about the nfl experience, the super bowl city, the players, and the autographs. if you are lucky enough to go to the big game itself, today it is going to cost you. tickets normally face value cost between $850 to $1,800. they are going for an average of $4,000. in fact, to get here and to the game, some fans, they didn't want to tell us exactly how much they have spent. they are willing to pay what it takes to get inside. >> we're in row one, section one, 21 on the bronco side. so, yeah, a lot. because it's the super bowls and the broncos are playing. money doesn't matter.
5:26 am
>> money doesn't matter. you heard her say it right there. but what does matter is security for all those folks out here attending the game. 50 different agencies, they are working together to make sure people stay safe. 700 different security cameras set up inside and around the stadium. all week customs and border patrol, blackhawk helicopters have been surveying the area above. they can spot anyone in a 30-mile radius. license plates, it is a no drone zone. today, it is a no fly zone over the game. back to you guys. i want to know exactly who are you picking. anna, i know you are picking carolina. clayton what about you? >> i would like to see -- i don't have a dog in the hunt because i got the philadelphia eagles. i'm going to go denver. i would like to say peyton manning pull one out.
5:27 am
>> lots of folks waiting to see. see you. >> bye, heather. >> i was on be stub hub could not believe how much the party tickets were going on. here are the other stories we're talking about. the threat of zika virus taking center stage during last night's gop debate. candidates asked whether it would be time to implement a quarantine. here's how they responded. >> you bet i would. >> do we quarantine people? if we have evidence that they are infected and that there is evidence that that infection can spread by something that they are doing, yes. but you know just willy nilly going out and quarantining a bunch of people because they have been to brazil, i don't believe that's going to work. >> who is right? dr. marc siegle is here to weigh
5:28 am
in. did any offer a good response? >> dr. ben carson. quarantine is great to see. it is mosquitos that are spreading this. there is one case of sexual transmission. dr. carson mentioned urine and also saliva, but there's no evidence that it's spread through casual contact. mosquitos were the problem. when they were eradicated in brazil previously, the related disease went away. now they are back in brazil, this is the problem. dr. carson also said something i thought was fascinating. he talked about the cdc and the nih, he's right to do that. they are hard at work on a vaccine. they got this vaccine moving rapidly. in a year or two it will be out. that will be a huge game changer. they start to implement rapid testing where they can test travelers that come in they think are sick. the main reason you can't
5:29 am
quarantine is, is 80% have no symptoms whatsoever. while you are quarantining a sick person, 80% will slide on by. >> what about july and august when mosquitos are running rampant? >> that's a great point. we have two mosquitos here that could spread this. they haven't spread dengue fever which is related to the virus. in the north, we have the asian tiger mosquito. they live on bottle caps. they are aggressive. they will bite all day. we have to use insect i sides. we have to protect our pregnant women. this is a very mild virus. i'm convinced it is associated with the birth defects. we have to get rid of the mosquitos. >> it's one of the most talked about moments from last night's debate.
5:30 am
did you see this? >> how tough is it to take property from a elderly woman? >> let me talk. quiet. >> donald trump is here next on his showdown with jeb and all the big moments from last night's debate. keep it right here. donald is up next. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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video going viral morning showing an out of control teen viciously attacking a man. in a new knock him out game. knock him out, knock him out. police in patterson, new jersey, using the video to find and charge that teenager with aggravated assault. the teen behind the camera egging him him on, facing the same defense. they are playing some so-called knock-out game where teenagers knocked out unsuspecting people with one single punch. it led to multiple deaths at its height in 2013. trouble behind bars in new york city city jail. this woman shantal cox was charged with smuggling raisers to inmates. she would sneak the contraband
5:35 am
into the inmates medicine bottles. she's been fired. her lawyer says she's being used as a scapegoat for other inside issues. a store owner wrestles a gun away from the robber. the clerk suddenly grabbed it and wrestled the man to the floor. the clerk even talked to sense into the robber too. he chased the robber back outside where he took off. no one has been hurt. some really ridiculously good looking people. join the folks on "saturday night live." >> bernie is the champion of the 99%. apparently the 99% off at j.c. penny looks. >> classic male model looks. >> blue steel. >> but he has orange mocha
5:36 am
cappuccino. this one is called hot mess and after iowa he's got a new signature look. second place. >> he also called the iowa caucuses, the iowa couscous. >> over to you in the man cave. >> thank you, anna. if you can't be in the stadium to watch the game, you can be in your man cave, we have our very own man cave this morning. great to see you this morning. i'm sitting in. >> you are sitting in unwith of the most comfortable chairs on the market named row one. >> the most comfortable seats, fully electric and best way to watch. >> these have little motion headrests, what i'm sitting in right here. >> tell us about man caves. i call you up, i need some help.
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5:42 am
welcome back to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning. we want to bring in donald trump fresh off of his debate
5:43 am
performance last night in new hampshire. donald joins us on the phone this morning. >> and also our tucker carlson as well who is on the ground in new hampshire. >> people all over the place this morning. welcome to all of you. and we want to get to this, mr. trump, as we talk about one of the highlights of last night's debate, this back and forth between you and governor bush over the use of eminent domain. let's play the sound bite and we'll talk about it. >> eminent domain is an absolute necessity for a country, for our country. without it, you wouldn't have roads, you won have hospitals, you wouldn't have anything. the keystone pipeline without em nen domain it won't go ten feet. you need eminent domain. >> what donald trump did was use eminentco main -- domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that is not public -- >> i didn't take the property. >> you tried. >> a lot of times, you'll have -- and it doesn't work very
5:44 am
well. >> how tough is it to take property from an elderly woman? >> fireworks. >> mr. trump, are you there? >> i am. >> great, at the end of this exchange, the audience began to boo, and you know, rather than feeling like they were booing you and your message, you kind of flipped the switch on the audience and said that's the donor class out there. how do you think you handled that and how are you so sure that they disagreed with you only with you because they are the donor class? >> first of all, jeb doesn't understand eminent domain, what it means and what it represents, he has no clue and that was too bad, but more importantly, the problem with that, with -- when you heard the people out there, they were all the donors and the special interests and the l lobbyists that gave the other guys on stage, mostly jeb, they gave him $100 million they never got anything. every time he sneezed, they p
5:45 am
claped. i said those are the special interests. i'm self-funding my own campaign. i don't have any donors or lobbyists. i knew many people in the audience, they were thrfg laughing. i was referring to it. those people have koettle control over -- total control over jeb and the other candidates they give so much money to. the audience was packed with special interests and donors. >> you asked the rnc for seats. what did they tell you? >> i asked the rnc for seats and we get 20. 20 is not a lot. big deal out of like 1,500 or whatever they had in the room. and i said, wow, that's not very much. my people did this, and they said well mostly the donors and the various people have the seats. i said, wow, that's not very fair. they make contribution to the rnc or they make contributions
5:46 am
to the various candidates. because of the fact that i'm not accepting contributions, what does that mean? that's not fair. i made it -- look, that's part of the problem with the system and that's one of the advantages i have and i think that's why i'm doing well is that the people know i'm going to do the right thing. i'm going to do the right thing for the country. >> so it's so interesting to watch us. here you are the frontrunner here in new hampshire and last night, you did it again, you went after the oil companies, the insurance companies, you defended eminent domain, you called for higher taxes on the richest and you talk about the iraq war. it sounds like you think the republican party needs to change in a pretty dramatic way. >> they are going to have to if they are going to remain relevant. the iraq war was a disaster. a guy like jeb bush took six days to figure out if it was a good thing or a bad thing. eminent doe minute, you wouldn't
5:47 am
have highways or roads. if you don't have it, you don't have airports, roads, bridges, schools. now, people don't realize with em nen doe maybe, it's called a taken. when it gets taken, the people who own the land, they get a fair amount of money, market value or more. the keystone pipeline, the conservatives don't like the eminent domain, but what happens is the keystone pipeline could never be built and every conservative wants the keystone pipeline. it wouldn't go five feet without eminent domain, tucker. when it says that, it shuts a lot of them up. the republican party has to come up with the times. the republican party is way, way beyond the times, and they have got to get smart or they are not going to exist much longer. >> mr. trump, coming out of iowa of any the number one, cruz, number two trump. number three, rubio, has his
5:48 am
rise actually helped you? did it help you last night in that the jabs were going toward him and less toward you? >> everybody was saying i won the debate and they are all saying that now. i thought the debate was very important for me last night. you know, iowa is an interesting thing. i love -- we had a great relationship with iowa. it's a very complicated system that whole caucus system. we started off with 17 candidates and i came in second, but i might have come in first. if you hit the ben carson vote, all of a sudden i come in first. what took place to ben carson, it was a shame what ted did to ben carson. i had a great experience in iowa, but i think here in we seem to be doing very well. i do think the debate last night was very important. >> well, there was a big moment, of course, ted cruz apologizing to dr. ben carson on stage after he was sort of fact-checked about the way that cnn did not
5:49 am
in fact tweet out anything about dr. ben carson taking a break from the campaign and ending his bid in iowa. then, of course, he apologized. did you think that that apology was sufficient? you said that was probably one of the reasons he won iowa. >> i think that was the reason he won. because if he didn't have all of those thousands of votes from ben carson, i would have won. i think it's really the reason. i don't know if ben accepts the apology because the apology came too late. it didn't help then to get an apology. it was a terrible thing that happened to ben. >> we're going to a bernie sanders rally for a package tomorrow. if he were to get the democratic nomination, how would you run against him? >> well, i think i will love to run against a socialist, probably even a communist, okay, if you want to know the truth. i would love to run against bernie sanders although there's something very beautiful about running against hillary clinton
5:50 am
if she ever gets out of her email scam, which she shouldn't be able to, but i think she's going to be protected by the democrats. number one, his taxes will be so high -- when we really expose what his real plan is, i think he will be very easy to beat. >> mr. trump, how is your ground game in new hampshire? some of criticize you for iowa. >> we did well in iowa. we got the most votes in the history of the caucuses in iowa for republicans other than the one, you know, the one cruz vote, and so, we did pretty well in all fairness, but this is going to be -- we have a very good team. i have a great confidence in the team, but it's a little bit different and new hampshire in my opinion has a better system. you like somebody. you go in and you vote and you leave, and there's something that's very nice about it. you need less of a ground campaign. we have a good ground game just
5:51 am
in case. i've been friendly with new hampshire so long. i love the people. i have so many friends up here. and long before politics. >> donald, we're up against a hard break. we know you had a long night last night. we thank you for taking a few moments with us. howard kurtz season 0 the other side of the praek with his analysis of the moderators. thanks, donald.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back. we've within talking about the debate all morning. we haven't talk a lot about the moderators. how did they do? out of 23 million americans, there is no one better than howard kurtz. >> the candidates were prepared to debate.
5:55 am
the it wasn't very creative. it was, well, donald trump, says that you are an idiot and you accused him of going to new denmark. it's try to get the candidates to repeat what they are saying on the trail and in the ads. >> what do you think about martha? >> thes so good on military matters. there were time when she seemed to want to debate ted cruz, when she would challenge him. some people like that. some people don't. there were a couple of points i found a little off putting but she knows this stuff better than many politicians and it showed. >> she took me as credible. i thought she was pretty good. josh mcgelpen, how did do? >> i gave him b. i thought it was overshadow by the abc anchors.
5:56 am
i had a couple of moments when he brought veterans issues. he brought much discussion to the debate. he did a solid job. you know, sometimes tougher local anchor to step into the spotlight. >> the rnc shouldn't be forcing news organizations to add a token conservative. news organizations should make their own decisions. mary kathryn had intelligent probing questions from the conservative point of view. she has a way of asking cutting questions with such a sweet smile that you don't feel she's being overbearing in the slightest and you have to engage her on that ground. she is really good and i think she was a late edition -- addition to the new team. juggling i a new baby.
5:57 am
>> howie kurtz, i'm going to be honored to be on your show later. >> looking forward to. what did voters think? we're live from the new hampshire diner. top of the hour. pan cakes and analysis. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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5:59 am
and clean and real and nowhere to be,o, and warmth and looking good, and sandwich and soup and inside jokes, and dan is back!
6:00 am
good, clean food pairs well with anything. the clean pairings menu. 500 calories or less. at panera. food as it should be. hello, everyone. a granite state showdown with the top seven republicans running for the white house sharing the stage for the last time before voters in new hampshire decide. >> i bring back a hell of a lot worse than water boarding. >> let's start with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he was doing. >> you weren't even there to vote for it. that's not leadership. that's truancy. >> let me talk. >> quiet. >> out of time. out of time. >> i got to say after being here every one of my 100 town hall
6:01 am
meetings in new hampshire were a lot more fun than what i saw here today. we're so much more positive. live, the statue of saint at the college. fireworks even on a saturday night when most people don't watch television at all. >> that's not leadership. it's truancy. oh, i think my eyebrows were singed by that. >> he was ferocious. >> it was very intense. that was not your average debate, i would say. >> one of those moments, of course, chris christie going after marco rubio and confronting him on what he was saying, look, you are up here and you are repeating yourself over and over again. you are packaging these 25-second sound bites that you take to these town hall meetings and you get up here on stage and you say them again. watch chris christie go after
6:02 am
senator rubio last night. >> he simply does not have the experience to be president of the united states and make these decisions. i think the experience is not just what you did but how it worked out. under chris christie's governorship of new jersey they have been down graded nine times in their credit rating. >> that's what washington, d.c. does. the drive by shot at the beginning and the memorized. >> your state got hit by a massive snowstorm. you didn't want to go back. this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. >> there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. >> he responded to marco rubio when he made the mention to coming back to the snowstorm. what does becoming a senator to give you the power of esp to know what i was thinking coming back to new jersey? >> it was intense. these guys don't like each
6:03 am
other. the contempt coming off chris christie was absolutely palpable and he hit rubio in his weakest softest spot on the question of experience. republicans have complained, i think rightly, for eight years that our current president had no relevant experience when he was elected. we didn't know what he believed. he was glib. he obviously was articulate. it added up to a nothing-burger. >> i don't know what effect if any. it may hurt christie as much as it hurt rubio but boy was it tough. >> and we expected that something like this may be happening. we heard earlier this week governor christie call senator rubio the boy in a bubble and mention that very same thing that he says the same thing on the campaign trail over and over and over again, and that rather than interacting with the voters, he just goes and gives a speech and leaves. that's a criticism from governor christie. after christie called him out last night for doing that, he seemed to do it again and again
6:04 am
and again and again. watch. >> let's dispel once and for all that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he does. this notion that he doesn't know what he's doing is just not true. let's dispel with the fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. he's trying to change this country. he wants america to become more like the rest of the world. >> anyone who believes that barack obama isn't doing what he is doing on purpose doesn't understand what we're dealing with here. >> do you agree with joe tripe's assessment was this. donald trump and senator cruz got to step back and watch the governors really bring down rubio. they may have gotten the debate they wanted because of all the attacking the rubio? >> sure, there's a battle for the establishment slot. does this knock rubio out of that position? i'm not convinced at all. look, hires the bottom line truth, is that donors and conservative and republicans in washington are completely
6:05 am
terrified of donald trump and they despise ted cruz, they areco lessing behind marco rubio. a lot of them have given up, unfortunately, on jeb bush. does it change the calculation for them? maybe it does. we're going to be talking for a package tomorrow to rubio pretty soon. it will be interesting to see his response to all of this. >> those 25-second campaign responses. we see that from a lot of candidates. it's not just senator rubio. when guests come on this program, the answers that they give, and you hear almost the same sentence verbatim on the debate stage or at a town hall or something, yeah. you know, they do rehearse for these debates. they do practice. there was another big sparring session last night that everybody is going to be talking about today and that's with governor jeb bush and donald trump on the issue of eminent domain. listen. >> eminent domain is an absolute necessity for a country, for our country.
6:06 am
without it, you wouldn't have roads, you won have hospitals, you won have anything. the keystone pipeline, without eminent domain it won go ten feet. you need eminent domain. >> what donald trump did is try to use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on a strip in atlantic city. that is not eminent domain. it's a tear down. >> i didn't take the property. >> you tried. >> a lot of times, you'll have -- and it doesn't work very well -- >> how tough is it to take the property from an elderly woman? >> conservatives say they don't like him in a domain federal land grab but donald trump is painting the picture last night, if you support certain programs like keystone, you wouldn't have keystone. it wouldn't go five feet. here's donald earlier on our show. >> jeb doesn't understand eminent domain. what it means and what it represents, he has no clue and
6:07 am
that was too bad, but more importantly the problem with that, with what -- when you heard the people out there, they were all the donors and the special interests and the lobbyists that gave the other guys on the stage, mostly jeb, jeb has gone through $100 million and he's nowhere. they gave jeb -- because i noticed every time he says if he sneezed, they clapped. they are trying to root him on. i thought it was very untear and i said those are the special interests. i'm self-funding my own campaign so you don't have any donors or lob byists. >> does he have a point with the booing or is the audience disagreeing with his position on eminent domain? >> of course, the audience has a lot of donors in it. people are underestimating what a big deal is, coming out eminent domain at a republican debate, it's like defending goldman sachs at a bernie sanders rally? it's just not done. for higher taxes on the wealthy.
6:08 am
coming out against the war. oil companies. he's trying to change the republican party in a very basic way. that's a great thing or a essential thing depending on your perspective. this is not about him running for audience. it's about remaking one of the two political parties. wow. big deal. >> he dodge the question from governor bush that said you tried to take the land from an elderly woman in atlantic city. he actually lost that case, trying to get that land. >> what bush was saying, there are different kinds of eminent domain. one on behalf of a hospital. one on behalf of limo parking outside your casino in atlantic city. again, this is a debate and the strong man who looks stronger often is recorded as the winner and probably that went to trump last night. >> when he told him to shush and jeb bush actually did shush. like a fourth grader. >> there was some shushing. >> and missing from the stage,
6:09 am
carly fiorina as well. >> molly ryan is at red arrow diner with more. good morning, molly. >> good morning. so great to be here. we're had he red arrow diner. we've been chatting with voters with how sick they are of the advertising and the robo calls and the debate last night. one of most interesting exchanges i had was with a guy named greg carson. he is backing someone who did not get to participate in the debate last night, carly fiorina and here's what he has to say about it. >> i was very disappointed. i've been doing a lot of new hampshire primaries for a long time, and you know, national celebrity contest they have with polls and the big debates is just disappointing. the rules are archaic and kind of arbitrary and she didn't get to be in in spite of the fact they beat two sitting governors. that's ridiculous. that should never happen with
6:10 am
the new hampshire primary. >> people really appreciate the retail pliting -- politicsing. do you think that will help her? >> i think people reward the candidates who do the handshaking and door knocking and meeting voters. it's a great way to boost up numbers. i also think by eliminating her from the debate, that a lot of that press coverage will help because people don't like being told who to vote for. they don't want somebody else vet the candidates. they want to vet the candidates themselves. that's what we do here in new hampshire. >> he was among those who watched the debate. a lot of conversations with voters today, a lot had already made up their minds before even going into that debate. there are a lot of folks that are ready and they have chosen their candidate and they have narrowed it down to one or two. still undecided who make the final call at the poll. it will be interesting to see what they actually do.
6:11 am
>> great stuff. carly fiorina saying hey look we beat kasich and christie in iowa. we should be in that stage. she tried to take out an ad. they wouldn't let her do it. she does something that will air curing the super bowl. we have a fox news alert. >> emergency crews are on the scene of a deadly plant explosion that happened overnight in rock mart, georgia. one person is dead and another airlifted to the hospital. the blast caused significant damage to the chicken feed facility. crews are working to turn off utilities at the plant. it's unclear what caused the explosion. another fox news alert, north korea just launched a long range rocket. some countries think the missiles could reach as far as the united states. the launch in defiance of sanctions, and the u.n. security
6:12 am
council will meet today in an emergency session. 7 suspected terrorists arrested. spanish police arrested several overnight. they were well organized and closely tied to isis. the ringleader shipped weapons and military leaders to syria and iraq. those are your news headlines. >> a whole lot coming for you on the program. nearly 70% of americans think the government should raise taxes on the rich. is that a message the gop candidates could or should embrace. maria bartromo up next. >> what would you do if i gave you one billion chicken wings? stick around. you might find out. we'll show what you we do with those. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief
6:13 am
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6:14 am
6:15 am
6:16 am
the solution to the problems we have today are not a tax increase. it is to lower our taxes on both people and on companies so that we can make america globally competitive again. >> i want everybody in the public who is at 68%, i want to tell you the truth. you are wrong. it is a failed idea and failed policy. class war fare. it happened in my state. i stopped it from happening again. >> everything we do should be focused on high sustained economic growth where the middle class get a raise for the first time and people are rewarded for work rather than non-work. >> jeb bush laying out his tax plan. here to weigh in maria bartormo. jeb bush making a point you work hard, you get ahead. kind of reiterating that fact. what did you think? >> i think it's very empowering to know that the plans include performance, and you can work really hard and get a little
6:17 am
luck and do really that was resonating with people. most of the candidates on the gop scpon the democratic side will be raising taxes at some point. whether it's taking loopholes away like the gop is going to do. they are not necessarily going to raise taxes but taking holes away. on the dem side it's different, hillary clinton wants to raise taxes, bernie sanders wants to raise taxes. >> although he wasn't called on at one point, governor christie said we tried to raise taxes in new jersey. it did not work. >> i agreed, by the way, because i think when you look back at history, when you raise taxes on the highest earners, you are also capturing small business. so if you raise taxes on small business, what is it going to do? they are not going to okay we'll make less money and just take this so that we don't have to raise taxes. no, you pass it on, and that's
6:18 am
what happens people, people pass it on and they stop hiring. when a small business knows that their expenses are going up, they are going to sit on cash. they are not going to create new jobs. it does hurt the economy. >> some of the conversations is having a flat tax. >> i think it's resonating real well with the public. almost all the gop candidates have a flat tax. whether it's dr. carson 14.9% tax or ted cruz 10% flat tax or 15% on small business and here you are getting everybody a stake in the ground, everybody pays something. the top earners don't have those deductions and those loopholes. that's the difference in terms of higher taxes. they are not seeing the taxes go up. they are seeing the removal of those detukses. >> ohio was a mess. i thought kasich hit a home run last night and what do you think about his performance? did he get the message across that he needed to? >> i think he keeps playing the
6:19 am
same message that's where his strength is. it is, managing the budget. managing the economics of his state, and ohio has done really well. i think he did get his message out. i think he continues to reiterate what his strength is and it is playing well with voters. >> how about on the other side of the aisle? how does it compare to what democrats are offering? >> it's amazing to me that bernie sanders is resonating with young people. i'm wondering if they aren't hearing 92% tax rates. he has said he's not against raising the highest rates to 92%. imagine what that does to small business, give 92% of your earnings to government and that final 8%, with that, you'll have to pay your employees? what do you think they are going to do? of course, they are not going to hire anyone. putting the fairness part of this aside, it also is a killer
6:20 am
for the economy. i'm very worried what's coming out of the democratic candidates. particularly now. we saw jobs numbers come out on friday. once again we're seeing a slow crawl. not much job creation because employers refuse to create jobs because of the cost of obamacare and the uncertainty over taxes. >> what we need is well paying jobs. >> i'm glad you said that. well paying jobs. we're going to talk about the ceo of coding academy. zach many sims created it to teach young people how to code. we'll get ocarson's take on the news out of korea and the debate last night. here on the show, a frightening sight caught on camera. a bus explodes on a bridge. why is no one panicking? which movie ads are going to
6:21 am
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6:23 am
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6:24 am
it's the day of the big game. come on, everybody, wake up, wake up, we're in the man cave. >> we have smell-owe-vision at home. >> this is the official wings edition. cue the music. 1.3 billion, that's how many wings americans are expected to eat for the super bowl. that's enough for every person to have four wings each. 53, that's how many times 1.3 billion wings will stretch back and forth if they were laid from bank of america stadium in charlotte to sports authority field at mile high.
6:25 am
163.5 million pounds, that's how much they would weigh. 6,325 times more than the combined weight of the panthers and broncos entire 52-man roster. thanks to tobasco for the wings. >> we appreciate it. >> it's the big game today and with that comes big super bowl ads. if you are not into the game, pay attention to the ones that are going to steal the show. >> here to break all that down for us. fox news contributor, kevin mccarthey. good morning. >> good morning. who am i going for in the game? i'm going for the panthers. i like cam newton a lot. i want to see him win. i want to see him go all the way this year. i loved their story this year. >> aside from the beer ads and stuff i don't care much about. the movie ads, i love the superhero bent this year it seems. you have one of the ones you were looking most forward to is captain america.
6:26 am
so am i. >> i want to preface this by saying that none of the trailers and footage you are going to see is anything new, one of things that bothered me about super bowl trailers this year they are releasing a lot of trailers on line prior to the actual super bowl. if you are not invested in the actual team you are watching, one of the big reasons you watch is for the commercials. if they ruin them on line prior to the super bowl, it really grinds my gears to quote peter griffin from "family guy." "captain america", this movie looks incredible. right now, it's not officially confirmed, but we've seen a lot of appalachian that we're hoping to get a new 60-second spot for "captain america" tonight during the super bowl. apparently they could be combining with coca-cola. there was an article and ad how coca-cola sent out a mini coke
6:27 am
can out with a lot of the characters. we'll see if that that's a trivia or prediction for the super bowl spot. the movie looks amazing. it opens up on may 6th. clayton, you know me, at the end of the trailer when captain america is fighting iron man and they have the shield going back and forth, that is insanely awesome. >> 60-second spot i was reading ad sales are 4.5 to 5 million dollars for a spot. dead man pool or apocalypse. >> we know that fox is purchasing a new ad for eddie the eagle. i'm hoping for a dead pool spot. i've seen it twice now. let me tell you this. i'm so excited to see if they actually pull off a super bowl spot. the marketing campaign for
6:28 am
"deadpool" is so brilliant, i would love to see what they do. if we don't see "deadpool", you could have for x-men apocalypse, i'm really hoping for a "deadpool" spot tonight at the super bowl. >> bourne identity, a fifth film. i didn't think they were making any more of those. >> yeah. first of all, it fourth foim made $1.5 billion. they are confirmed to buy a 60-second spot. the author let it slip that the title is revealed. please, warner brothers, get a batman versus super man spot on the super bowl tonight. >> make us excited to see the
6:29 am
game, would you? a frightening sight caught on camera. see this, a bus explodes on the middle of a bridge. no one is panicking. >> last night's debate giving new life for three governors in the republican race for president but did any of them separate themselves from the pack? who performed the best. our political panel live from new hampshire get into it with tucker next. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
6:30 am
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6:33 am
it really was a governor's debate last night in manchester. did any of them proves he has what it toiks to be president of the united states? back with us a terrific political panel. >> one of the candidates who i thought did much better than expectations, was kind of lost in the noise maybe, was jeb bush. tack a look at some of his moments from last night. >> what donald trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. to turn this into a limousine parking lot for his casinos is
6:34 am
not a public use. the human capability is far superior than what we have today is that's how you get to a safe place is make sure we're fully engaged. right now, we need to shift the health plan. there's so much that could be done. >> first you, marilyn, a lot of the factual people are writing off governor bush. he still has the most money so far as i know and he's pretty capable on stage. do a good job. should we be writing him off at this stage? >> i think this is his best debate by far. it's been clear amongst the governors they are in a pack. a battle for fourth place as it were. i thought it was a particularly good exchange. he's pointed out a number of
6:35 am
times that he's the only one kind of willing to scuffle with trump if you will, and it was interesting because in that exchange, after he so well kind of brought trump to task over the eminent domain question, which is a big issue in new hampshire, by the way. >> for sure. >> it then showed somew a reflection to the first question which was about trump's temperament. right there, you saw trump actually be quite disrespectful, staying quiet and shush him. try to become unhinged and attack the audience of all things. >> i think it's one of donald trump's hobbyes to diminish jeb bush. how would he run against hillary clinton? that's not going to work. >> executive experience and experience in general is very important. donald trump has that really crazy weird thing in his background that most of the republican candidates have never had. it's called a job. he's had one of those. >> you are a trump man, though?
6:36 am
>> it's all about experience. secretary clinton has experience. we watched marco rubio. >> i followed this from the beginning. what she done? >> she was a senator. she was secretary of state. she's been an attorney. she's actually done things. >> name three. >> can you imagine hiring someone who has never run anything to run the united states of america? who does that? it's like a little bit you are hiring someone to run starbucks who has never served a cup of coffee. >> if your bridge falls down, it doesn't make you a good architect. >> good experience. >> sales experience. >> bush has experience. it's a sincere question. why are so many people in washington dismissing him as unelectable? >> i think it's the name. he started out in the beginning with a huge war chest. he still has a lot of money going into new hampshire but he has not had enough energy. i think when donald trump hit him in that debate saying he was low energy, even, you know, jeb
6:37 am
zingered back, calling himself a energizer bunny, he couldn't carry it. now that he's brought his mom here, you are seeing a little morallying. i don't know that it's going to play well in new hampshire. he still has the money. it's a very old model when you have candidates like donald trump who are so fiery. even governor christie he threw a lot of punches. chris till will benefit. >> one thing about jeb bush, he's going to south carolina. >> he is. >> it's great to see you all twice this morning. anna kooiman in new york. >> go long, go long. from politics to pig skin, it is super bowl sunday. nine hours from nie, the carolina panthers and the broncos will take the field for super bowl 50. heather childers drew the long
6:38 am
straw today. she's in santa clara, california. >> i'm a lucky girl. the sun is just rising here at levi stadium, but i tell you something that's already been up. that is the excitement and soon 75,000 fans will fill those stadium seats behind me. all of those fans pulling for their favorite team, the panthers, the broncos for them to take home the big prize. but the san francisco area already a big winner, an estimated windfall between 3 and 500 million dollars a boost for just hosting the super bowl all saying to the fans spending their hard-earned money and for people who didn't get tickets to the big game, there have been all things going on. the nfl experience, super bowl city and celebrity filled parties to tell you about. it's not all fun and games. not for the people who are here to keep everyone safe.
6:39 am
we have to talk about that. 50 different agencies all working together to make sure nothing happens here. blackhawk helicopters, by the way, they have had the whole area under surveillance for the past week. that's already been going on, and then there are 700 security cameras, all stationed, inside and outside the stadium. i'm told the fbi will be setting up in six or so secret areas and staging to keep people safe around the stadium. we are all here for the big game. the panthers versus the broncos on the eve of every super bowl. last night cam newton took home the most valuable player. ron rivera, the coach of the panthers, he took home coach of the year and that is one of the reasons that some of the fans say the panthers will win. >> actually, i love both teams, carolina and denver, both teams have excellent coaches, big cam newton fan.
6:40 am
yeah, most definitely carolina. too bad, you know, no super bowl for your retirement party, but maybe don't retire this year. >> the broncos going to win for show because peyton manning is going to go out with a bang. will he or won't he retire and who will win the big game? a lot of questions as we head for super bowl 50. back to you, anna. have a great time out there. just checking stub hub for the upper corners, starting at $2,875 is what's showing up on my phone. thank a lot. >> go panthers. who do you think and who do you think the voters think won last night during the debate? we check the pulse of the people next. ♪ bass pro shops is the place for huge savings. save big on redhead tech fleece camo hoodies
6:41 am
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6:44 am
some quick headlines for you now. an investigation is under way this morning into a leak at a nuclear power plant in new york. radioactive material has been detected in the groundwater near the indian point power plant. we're told the contaminated water is currently contained. a massive fire ball obliterates a bus crossing a bridge in london, but this whole thing was done on purpose many the explosion filmed for jackie chan's new film the foreigner. that explains it. two days to go till the new hampshire primary. the second contest in this nominating process. last night's debate gave the candidates the last shot to speak to a national audience before the votes are cast. who won and who lost? here to weigh in is frank luntz.
6:45 am
you can be a little bit too close to it sometimes and it's hard to get perspective on how it looks to people watching. who won, if anyone, would you say? >> it's much more actually about who lost and we'll show you two separate exchanges to discuss that and it was the front runners who did badly in the exchanges with other candidates. the first one i want to start with is chris christie and marco rubio. arguably last night's marco rubio's worst debate performance and this is the reason why. >> if politics becomes and the presidency becomes about electing people the congress and senate the longest, we should rally around joe biden. >> you shouldn't compare yourself to joe biden. you shouldn't say that's what we're doing. here's what's exactly what we're doing. you have not been involved in a consent shall decision where you've had to be accountable.
6:46 am
you haven't had to be. you haven't been there to vote on it. that's not leadership. that's truancy. he does not have the experience to be president of the united states. >> do you think that hurt christie too? >> i don't know how it impacted christie because voters tend not to like candidates who attack each other in the same political party, but i do know that the full exchange hurt marco rubio. he said the same thing about barack obama three times almost word for word and christie held him accountable for it. all you have to do is take a look at the responses and at the blogs all through the web. the feeling was that marco rubio wasn't sufficiently prepared, wasn't genuine. he had his best debate in iowa and now his worst debate in new hampshire. >> if his defense, i don't know what christie would -- i would do if christie came to me like that. probably runaway. cruz describes what he explains as the mix-up of ben carson's exit from the race in iowa.
6:47 am
here's what he said. >> on monday night, 6:30 p.m., cnn reported that ben was not going from iowa to new hampshire or south carolina. rather, he was quote, taking a break from campaigning. cnn reported on that. they didn't correct that story until 9:15 that night. when this transpired. i apologized to him then and i do so now. >> it's cnn's problem. >> is that believable? >> he's blaming cnn but the issue is is that ben carson voters believed they were mistreated and any time you have to talk about a negative, you've got a problem. i want to raise a point because i got a phone call from one of jeb bush's top frund razor, who someone whob knowledgeable to one of your viewers and was very angry about the focus group so far and the way jeb bush has been treated. let me be clear. he probably is the most qualified candidate on the republican side to be president. he was an outstanding governor of florida and he deserves our respect. he's got the worst ads of anyone in this election cycle and
6:48 am
advertise debate performances versus donald trump have not been good. it is not the fault of the pollster, it is the fault of the candidate, if the candidate doesn't do well in these debates and only gets 3% in iowa. jeb bush deserves our respect but he's not generating the voters, and i'm sorry, bush fund-raisers, it's the campaign and not the poll sters and the focus groups that are making the difference. >> i always blame the pollster, but that may be. frank luntz, great to see you. >> thank you. still need a tasty recipe for your super bowl party? have no fear. john mclemore is here. dadgum gumbo is next. coming up. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that i won't stop. until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine
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6:52 am
here we are. >> it is super bowl time, kicks off at 6:30 this afternoon. you'll be eating all afternoon. still looking for something to make? >> a best selling author is here to show us his gumbo recipe. >> you had some earlier, how was it? >> great, i'm ready for more. >> i'll eat, you talk. >> gumbo is one of those comfort foods. for super bowl, you want to make this recipe the day before and heat it up for super bowl or make it the day of. we've got about six quarts of water boiling. we've got gumbo mix. >> what's in the gumbo mix and where do we get it? >> you can get it at any local grocery. it's a fish fry mix that has all the ingredients in it. we'll put in a cup of celery, a cup and a half of okra, and we'll put in some onions.
6:53 am
make sure they have enough room. a few scale ones there and some minced garlic. let that completely heat up. we've got one teaspoon of shrimp boil. that comes to a boil. you'll take dry rice and pour it right into the top, bring it to a boil. the secret to making the best gumbo ever.obviously master bui smoked turkeys. we've smoked two whole chickens at 225 degrees in the smoker for four hours to get that great smoke flavor. we've got kielbasa sausage, turkey sausage can be used. take that out of the smoker and pull it, just like you see here. >> pretty easy to do. remember, that smoker is in here as a prop, it always needs to be done outside. >> i am so glad you said that.
6:54 am
>> she's on our safety council here. risk management. >> we'll add in chicken, then add in some of the sausage. so keep stirring. throw that in there. there you go. you want to bring that to a boil, put the lid on and let it simmer for about -- >> this is your final product. >> that's your final product right there. you can see it thickens up. if you want it to be a little thicker, add less water in the beginning. some people think it's like a jambalaya. a great gumbo, great flavor. all of the recipes are available on our website. lowe's, home depot, sams, to get the smoker. >> we'll be right back.
6:55 am
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6:58 am
we're going to pick the winners in today's super bowl, but we want to wish you happy birthday. >> oh, thank you. 29 and holding. >> we have more. we have a special guest on the phone, a couple of special ge t guests on the phone. >> this is my favorite. this is the magnolia cake i just saw, the butter cream chocolate, i think. >> i can't wait to see the flowers. >> mom and dad. >> tucker sent you flowers from urban stem this morning. >> happy birthday. >> thank you, thank you. mom and dad sent me some nice
6:59 am
slippers and binoculars. >> to spy on neighbors? >> for the opera. >> happy birthday, you are my super bowl pick, always. >> tucker sent me a text message this morning saying happy birthday, i couldn't believe he remembered. >> wally and susan, anything you want to say to your daughter on the phone? >> we love you so much, baby, happy birthday. >> what do we both want as a present this year? >> black and blue, right? >> you got it. >> cam newton called this morning. he didn't have your phone number but he wanted us to wish you a happy birthday too. >> we'll make sure he gets it.
7:00 am
thank you anna for having a birthday. >> we love when you have a birthday, we get to eat cake. >> bye, everybody. >> bye, tucker. good morning, everyone, i'm maria bartiromo. who are the winners, who are the winners going into new hampshire? we'll talk with dr. ben carson. plus south carolina senator tim scott with us on the jabs last night. plus the battle for the younger votes. bernie sanders continues to grab voters from this group. does mrs. clinton have a shot with the millennials?


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