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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 7, 2016 9:00am-9:31am PST

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journalism on the road. we're back in washington next sunday. don't miss it, 11:00 and 5:00 eastern woochlally be there with the latest buzz. we start with a fox news alert. it is the day after the major fireworks of last night's debate in new hampshire. did you see that? the seven leading republican candidates squaring off in the final didn't ahead of tuesday's new hampshire primary. hello everyone. welcome to "america's news headquarters" i'm eric shawn. >> i'm arthel neville, with everything on the line before the critical vote here's jeb bush taking aim at front-runner donald trump accusing him of using eminent domain to build up his emspire. >> what donald trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that's down right wrong.
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>> let me interject here toughg. a lot of times. >> how tough is it to taka property from an elderly woman. >> let me talk. quiet. a lot of times -- a lot of times -- >> rich edison is live in manchester, new hampshire, with more. rich are, hello. >> good afternoon. it appears in this race here in new hampshire that the republican governors appear to be uniting. they are prooiz praising one another and they are attacking marco rubio. they had a tough time in the polls. the governors were here at a jeb bush event. he along with kasich and krissie have been stuck trying to rise through the poles. but it was last night a moment between chris christie and marco rub rubio. krissie called rubio overly rehearsed. >> here's the bottom line, this
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notion barack obama doesn't know what he is doing is not know. >> there it is. the rehearsed speech. >> your record is not a talking point. >> christie continued that line of attack earlier today saying the lights were bright last night. i was ready. he was not. rubio's response to all this, he says, look, i feel passionately about this, that's why i repeated that line. he says he believes in that line. also, he is not the first politician to have a talking point and repeat it. that continues. also, jeb bush, who was once rub quo's mentor, he has been jumping on this one, he basically said that marco rubio is a gifted speaker, a great speaker, but he is also scripted and robotic. and he also says, that he has never, like the other governors had to run a state. the governors appear to be united this this state. jeb bush, we'll hear what he has to say, that event kicks off in
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less than half an hour. >> the debate got off on a rocky start last night. apparently because the crowd was so loud it was hard for the candidates waiting in the wing to hear the moderators call their games. dr. ben carson missed his entrance cue. dr. carson was then joined by guess who, donald trump. so he kind of stood there, true, flubbing his stage instructions. marco rubio detoured around them. jeb bush is with it waiting and waiting and then he gave that pat and a slug to donald trump would has called him so many naes enames. ben carson talked about all this this morning on the sunday morning futures program. >> abc news admitted they had technical problems and a no. of us didn't hear. john kasich couldn't hear also.
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you make light of it. move on. >>ed the mo raters did finally call the names of doctor carson, mr. trump and governor kasich to the stage and they started the debate after the unusual pause. >> it was awkward. i watched it from the beginning. let's move on now. the voters in new hampshire have been receiving a barrage of attention leading up to the primary on tuesday. how do they feel about the candidates and the issues they are talking about? >> molly line is live from the red arrow diner in london better, match. did i say it right. >> that's right. this is the red arrow. great food here and a great mix of opinions. people who are undecide who had they are going to vote for. those who have made up their minds. it runs the gamut. they have less than 48 hours to decide before the voters start heading to the polls. we have a couple here that is willing to chat with us about their thoughts at this point in
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the race. this is peter and joe yawn del nastro. peter, what are you thinking as you head to the polls? >> i'll be glad when it's over. no. i realize it's very important. the country needs a lot of fixing. and i'm still not really even sure what i'm going with. i just know who i'm not going with. >> have you narrowed it down? who are you not going with? and what are your choices? >> i'm definitely going republican. i think maybe donald trump. i'm just not sure. definitely not either one of the democratic party people. >> and joanne, what about you? >> i'm still undecided. i haven't figured anything out yet. unlike him, i don't know about donald. definitely not hillary. so i'm leaning one way but i'm not 100% sure. >> we were chatting and you mentioned dr. ben carson.
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>> yes. i like him. i like the way he presents him but he is not really -- like peter said, he's not really up on politics. >> well, not. that it's just he's too quiet, too reserved. and i think when you are dealing with a bunch of very a-type personality people, you have to become a-type personality. and he hasn't. he might do a great job if he was elected. but i don't think he is electable because he is so reserved. >> but i like it. >> thank you for letting us interrupt your meal and chatting with us. just a few days left to go. they are among the voters who have just a few days to decide. the polls open on tuesday. back to you. >> thanks so much molly. north korea has done it again, launching another missile the diplomats say defies international sanctions and united nations resolutions.
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the security council set to hold an emergency meeting on all this morning after pyongyang launched what it says was a sat claiming it's part of a peaceful space program. but the other nations say they are preparing to put a nuclear weapon on a war head. in last night's debates the candidates insist the u.s. has to do more? >> going to have to get the united states back in the game. if a preemptive strike is necessary to get us back in the game, we should do it. >> what do we do? john bolton is a former ambassador to the united nations and a senior fellow at the american enterprise institute. what is jim jong ill up to by launching his missiles? >> this is very serious. it comes just one month after north korea's fourth nuclear
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test. it is a demonstration, i think, of the concern that the commander of american sources in south korea expressed a few months ago when he said he believed, and the south korean military agreed that north korea was making real progress in miniaturizing their nuclear devices to get them to the size where they could be put under the nose cone of an icbm and they were increasing the capability of their ballistic missiles such that in a very short time they could hit targets on the west coast of the united states, alaska and hawaii more vulnerable. and before then, our allies japan and south korea vulnerable now. this is a major step forward as north korea makes this progress. and let's not forget their close cooperation with iran, both on ballistic missiles and almost certainly on nuclear weapons as well. >> can they be stopped? >> well, i think they can be. but certainly not after seven years of the obama administration's so-called
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strategic patience. which is shows that strategic patience for them is essentially a synonym for doing nothing. i think we need to do two things. number one, there could not be a better example of where the next administration needs to revive our national missile defense capabilities. it's all but been debilitated by obama. but protecting our innocent civilian populations if everything else goes wrong is critical. and second, we have got to spend time focusing on the north korean threat. this idea that strategic patience essentially allows you to ignore it is now reaping what it sewed. >> do you think china and beijing finally will have had enough. they have been fighting us putting the sanctions on. >> yeah. the security council, which as you say is meeting even as wei speak, has been debating for close to a month now a new resolution imposing sanctions on north korea for last month's
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nuclear tests. we are in a traffic jam in the security council. two resolutions on north korea creating gridlock in that body. the fact is, i think china is worried about north korea's program but we've never asked them to to do what wassist in necessary and what they have the capability of doing which basically is shutting it down throw fly economic pressure and ultimately moving toward reunification of the two koreas. frankly souper than later would be better. >> look what susan rice says this morning. a strong statement concerning this missile launch. she says, quote, north korea's missile and nuclear weapons programs represent serious threats to our interests, including the security of some of our closest ool allies and undermine peace and security in the broader region. we will take all necessary steps to defend ourselves and our allies and respond to north korea's provocation. can you dissect that diplomatic
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speak on what she means and what we should do. >> it is a great statement. i feel comfortable making it myself. the difference is the obama administration is not going to do a single thing about it. you've just seen their response to what north korea has done. and the security council can debate until the cow as come home this. administration's policy has been set since the time of secretary of state hillary clinton. has not diverged from that for seven years. and rhetoric aside it's not going to change for the next year either. >> meanwhile they are still working on their blissic missile system, detonated that device a month ago. thank you for your opinion. a news alert, dramatic new video surfacing in the bombing of a passenger airliner. fox news obtained this video from somali officials reportedly showing airport workers handing a laptop to a suspect. and sources close to the
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investigation telling fox news they believe that laptop had a bomb hidden inside. paul tilsly is live from johannesburg with the aisle details. paul? >> arthel, was the bombing of the airlines airbus plane in somalia earlier this week an inside job? authorities say the explosion in flight was caused by a bomb hidden in a laptop. closed-circuit video from the airport shows a laptop being handed over to a passenger shortly before the plane took off. in the video, two men are walking from the bottom to the top of the picture to a lounge. the man in the white shirt can be seen as carrying a laptop. this is known as air side.
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passengers and staff are supposed to go through comprehensive security checks before being permitted in this area. within minutes a lone person can be seen walking slowly. authorities believe this is the man who carried the laptop on board and later fell out of the plane when the blast occurred after takeoff. the men come back into the picture from the bottom of the frame, stop the passenger, and hand him the laptop. all three men move off within seconds. the man in the vest talking on cell phone. several officials have been arrested in connection with the blast. >> paul, thank you for the details. eric? >> arthel, the gloves came off in last night's debate ahead of the all important new hampshire primary on tuesday. who do you think came out on top? coming up, we'll die sec it all and look what the it means for to us's vote. we are just hours away from
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the gop candidates duking it out in another debate just days ahead of the critical new hampshire primary. the parks were flying. several of the candidates waging fierce exchanging getting in their last licks before tuesday's vote. joining us now is daniel helper the online editor for the" weekly standard". good to see you. >> likewise, thank for having me. >> let's start here. do you think rubio's debate performance and his presentationl fuel or fizzle his momentum? >> it certainly slows his momentum, probably stops it. voters in new hampshire won't break to marco rubio the way they did in iowa. on the flip side -- he definitely had a bad night. the flip side, now the expectations are lower for marco rubio. so if he does okay people might give him credit for bouncing
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back after this. i don't think he ruined his campaign certainly, but he will have to overcome this narrative that he is robotic, constantly scripted, and that he is not at all, you know, reflective and responsive to criticism in the immediate present. >> let's go to jeb bush. i mean, he didn't seem to from trump's aggression. with jeb becoming more assertive, does this make him appear more presidential? and daniel, on his policy, do you think his policy is on point to run the country? >> jeb had a great moment with donald trump. i think it was the only time in this whole election that he has gotten the better of donald trump in the debate. i don't think policy -- policiwise -- and that was on emment doe pain in. i think that is in line with conservatives where they of course believe it is necessary but not for casinos or not for rich people to get richer. i thought he did help himself in that regard, certainly. >> yeah.
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and you know, i want to move through the candidates. we may go back to a couple of the other ones. let me keep moving for the moment. after last night's debate, with which of the following candidates would you social the word "comeback"? case sick, christie, carson? >> definitely kasich. he established him as the only independent minded republican on that stage. that's not huge number of republican voters but in new hampshire that's a fair number. i think he will exceed expectations in new hampshire. i'm not sure beyond new hampshire whether he has a roll. certainly, i wouldn't ---ize kristy, he did okay. he got better of marco rubio in those exchanges but didn't make a positive case for his candidacy ben carson i thought he started off awkwardly and never recovered. >> that was not his fault that
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he didn't get the proper cue as to when to get on stage, where to stand, where to walk. that's unfortunate when somebody throws you off your game before you get to start it. let's move on to trump. of course we know that donald trump is not short on personality. he is not short on prm performance. was there anything in trump's palsy that he laid out last night that will continue to propel him in the polls? >> policy he is a little short on. he said he didn't want people dying in the streets. he defended emnept doe inma. policy he has always been short on. but i think he did assert himself as calm and rational at times. i think that helps him. showing up to the debate helped him. he didn't before iowa. that clearly if hindsight hurt him. i think by being there, being calm, he won the debate. he was the winner in new hampshire and he kept it steady. he did. and you have to give him credit.
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>> every was looking to see if donald trump was going to have yous bursts. you just stated he maintained a steady disposition. people are going to want to know more about his policy. >> that's what people have been saying for six or nine months. i don't think anybody is supporting donald trump on policy, broadly they are in terms of immigration and other issues. but not really. they like his personality, his persona, the gumption that he is prig to the race. he is not going to -- if he wins this race it's not going to be on popp policy specifics. it's going to be beating the other guys up and, you know, winning in new hampshire would be a great first start for him. we'll see when people actually go to the polls whether he can turn out the support. he is expected to win by double digits. if he doesn't, that's bad for him. >> but he will keep going because i think. >> certainly. >> because i think he is looking forward to south carolina as hillary clinton. >> he should, everybody should. >> with the republicans, i wrap
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up with donald trump. mentioned how his supporters like his gumption and do like the fact he is a bully and if he is president he is our bully president and will set the other guys straight. daniel, we appreciate your analysis. another contest shaping up later on today. football's findest getting ready to face off in super bowl 50. kick off is only a few hours away and the fans as you can see, are out in force ready to see the carolina panthers taking on the denver bronco dose. heather childers is live outside levi stadium in santa clara with the latest. >> are you ready for some football? i am. and i am not alone. things are starting to happen here at the stadium. fans starting to stream in. the parking lots opened just about 20, 30 minutes ago. very soon, 75,000 fans will be here. and they will be packed all the way up to the very top of the
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stadium there here in santa clara to watch the big game and cheer on their team, whether it's the denver broncos or the carolina panthers. even fans who couldn't get tickets, they have been having a great time all week long. there have been super bowl events, there have been parties all night, celebrity sightings. and over at the nfl experience one thing they could do, fans of all ages could meet some players and try to score an autograph or two. and nfc champion quarterback donovan mcnab says that is what this is all about, the fans. >> they are the reason we give all that energy out there on the football field. they are out there tailgating at 5:00 in the morning. they don't leave until 7:00, 8:00 at night. we can hear them and feel their energy from the side. that's what it's all about. to take pictures and sign autographs with these kids it is a blessing. >> reporter: there are still tickets lefts in case you are
9:25 am
wonder. we talked about prices yesterday. they were $4,000. they have not gone down too much. about $3,000 on stub hub right now for the cheapest once. for many of the fans, though, you cannot put a price on this lifetime experience -- once in a lifetime. team warmups begin at 2:00 p.m. today and before every super bowl nfl honors are handed out. that was last night. two award winners will be on that field, cam newton, mvp, and ron rivera, coach of the year. all eyes also will be on peyton manning with rumors of his possible retirement. that's what it boils down to. back out here at the stadium it is going to be superman versus the sheriff. hey, eric, we made a bet yesterday, arthel and i did. >> who wins it? >> heather. >> i say carolina. >> heather, he doesn't want any
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part of it. it's me and you. he is a wimp. no matter who wins, you and i are taking each other for margari margaritas. we are all winners. coming up, the doctors are in talking about the growing concerns of the zika virus. who is at risk and who should be worried. talking about that on "sunday housecall." >> we want to make sure the american public takes this seriously but does not panic that we are having the possibility or even the inevitability of a major outbreak.
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hello. i'm eric shawn. time now for "sunday housecall." >> i'm arthel neville. joining us is dr. david


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