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tv   Bob Massi Is the Property Man  FOX News  February 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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read when the first results start coming in. that's it for today. have a great week. and we'll see you next "fox news sunday." presidential candidates crisscrossing new hampshire making their final pitches to voters. the granite state now the center of the political universe. candidates looking to drum up support with the first in the nation primary just two days away. hello, everyone. welcome to "america's news headquarte headquarters." thanks for joining us. >> i'm arthel neville. >> and i'm eric shawn. the polls are tightening with just 48 hours to go. and, man oh, man, is the smoke still clearing after the republicans engaged in their fiery clash there last night. it was the last debate before the voters go to the ballot box
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on tuesday. some towns in new hampshire are using their original wooden ballot boxes from 1892. ed henry is standing by. first to chief political correspondent carl cameron who is live with the very latest. hi, carl. >> reporter: hi, eric. great piece of new hampshire history there. that's a good one. it was 1916 when new hampshire became the first primary, and it was because a couple of other states that had actually been voting first decided they didn't want to be and ever since new hampshire's had the first in the nation primary. so here we are. that debate last night was a saturday night. it was the saturday night before the super bowl. and some of the candidates who didn't do well, for instance perhaps the marco rubio campaign, are frankly glad of that because he got bust ed for repeating himself so many times. jeb bush this morning is out there drawing bigger crowds
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saying that his performance last night will have an impact for him and it will be a positive one. and he's still making -- trying to score points based upon the debate last night. here's a little bit of jeb bush on the trail two days before the primary itself. >> and it's a sign of weakness when you make fun of the disabled. what kind of man would do that? you do not want that man as president of the united states, i can promise you that. calling them losers, donald trump, you're the loser. [ applause [ applause ] >> reporter: tough stuff from jeb bush who got standing ovations twice for taking on donald trump. it ted cruz doing much the same. he's been battling with trump for the last several weeks. but last night in the debate when asked if he wanted to sort of assess the temperament of the front-runner, he said he would leave that assessment up to the voters having said things just a couple days ago as, we're going to wake up some morning if trump
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is president and find out he's nuked denmark. clearly a question about his temperament there. last night he took a pass. as for mr. trump, he's been doing retail politics here today. something he has been criticized for not doing enough of in iowa or new hampshire. always going for the big crowds, tens of thousands in somebut no cast the first vote, he went over to the west side where there is a very high population of french-canadian americans with ancestors who moved for the logging industry and the poutine. it's french fries and a gravy sauce and cheese kurds and when trump saw it on somebody's table he did not recognize it and the expression is, what is that? that is how they conduct retail politics. he will never forget poutine. >> you are the dean, as you know, of new hampshire political reporters of wmur certainly
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shows the knowledge of history as you covered the campaign. so glad, of course, to have you there and explaining poutine. >> very good. carl is the man and pou tine is good. hillary clinton is behind in the polls, jetting off to flint, michigan, to meet with leaders there about the city's water crisis. bernie sanders pushes hard to keep his lead for tuesday's primary. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live at a sanders' rally in portsmouth, new hampshire, right now. hi, ed. >> reporter: good to see you, arthel. over 1,200 people in portsmouth at the very same gymnasium hillary clinton had hundreds of people. bernie sanders with more enthusiasm. he has a double digit lead here in new hampshire. he was telling this crowd, firing them up by talking about how he doesn't just want small change. listen.
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>> every day somebody asks me in the media, your ideas are so ambitious. how are you going to get them done? and we will get them done because people will demand that they get them. >> reporter: and hillary clinton is in flint, michigan, dealing with the water crisis there. when reporters were asking her about going there a couple days before the primary, she decided to take a little poke earlier at dunkin' donuts, stopping for coffee before going to flint. she was on the ground here in new hampshire. took a little poke at bernie sanders. listen to this. >> the mayor has been wanting me to come, and this is a time that worked out for her. i am thrilled to be back in new hampshire working as hard as i can. i will keep working literally until the last minute. but occasionally you go off the campaign trail. i know senator sanders went to new york to be on "snl" and i'm going to flint to see if we can help with the kids.
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>> reporter: a little shot that he went to new york to be on "saturday night live." hillary clinton was on "saturday night live" a few months ago as well. >> ed henry, thank you very much, there at the sanders campaign hilly. eric? >> new poll numbers to tell you about. bernie sanders holding a ten-point lead at the moment over hillary clinton, as you can see 52% to 42%. slightly tighter than the 14-point lead that mr. sanders held in last month's monmouth university poll. as carl mentioned, the race for second, it couldn't get much tighter. take a look at that in the republican race. donald trump remains in first place as he has been. he has 30%. and not much daylight between the next four candidates, john kasich leading the pack with 14% and marco rubio, jeb bush hot on his heels, ted bush at 13%, ted cruz has 12%. 1% separating those guys. senior editor joins us. jamie, the headline on
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wednesday, and it could be just 1% or half a percent or a quarter of a percent, it will be who comes in second or third especially among those governors and ted cruz. >> no question. and that poll, we should note. doesn't take into account what happened last night in the republican debate. so everything might be changed or nothing might be changed. we just don't know yet. and certainly this is an expectations game. people expect that donald trump will win new hampshire so he does worse than that, that will be a loser for donald trump. he looks to be in pretty good position. they expect marco rubio will be number two. if he does less than that, that will seem like a loser. and right now that's really up in the air. all those other guys who are seemingly tied with rubio right now if they get third or second place, that will be seen like a win there and they'll see that as a reason to manufacture on to south carolina and continue their campaign. >> talk about the rubio situation. obviously, you know, chris christie kind of brought up the baseball bat last night. we just showed the poll which had senator rubio at third. if he's at third or less, is that an indication, especially
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because more than a third of the voters are still undecided, the impact of the debate really was negative? >> i think so. there was some reflection in the other polls that rubio was rising into a strong second place. and if he comes down in third place, i don't think that will end his campaign but it will be seen as a defeat in the way that it wasn't in iowa when he got third place and no one was really expecting him to do much better than that and that was seen as a win. a third place here, expectations are higher, will seem as his campaign is flagging. >> a lot of voters, as you know, are independents. they have their own minds in keeping with the state slogan, live free or die. but how about the guy, chris christie, was supposed to be a christie/kasich, more moderate landscape for them. how will this help or did the debate, do you think, help the new jersey governor? >> it's unclear. some people think, and i think
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maybe him attacking rubio might have been good more for kasich and bush than for christie himself. he kind of was the linebacker that got hurt himself. but those other two candidates may benefit. it's just too unclear right now. what i think it does help is all those three governors if they're perceived as doing well kind of don't allow that consolidation or that anti-trump vote to materialize and that donald t m trump is the beneficiary of that, just continuing his strong first place position. >> talking about the linebacker, let's take the super bowl sunday so why not? does he have a wing man, a wingback? who can go down the field? could this potentially be an opportunity for jeb bush? we haven't seen it so far. he has lots of help. he's saying he's sticking with the race. he brought his mother there over the weekend. do you think there will be an impact and people will be surprised by how well jeb does? >> i think that's the real question. both john kasich and jeb bush in some polls, not all of them, have shown that they have a
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decent standing in the polls and there's some rise. if this debate -- and we don't have polling on it yet -- allows them to go for voters who are between rubio and some of the governors, then they might rise into third or even second place, and that would be gigantic for their campaign, reinvigorate them in a way a lot of people, including myself, thought they were dead just a few weeks ago. >> finally, what's your feeling? do you have one? >> i think donald trump will win first place. i think that second place is up in the air. i think rubio is going to edge it out. i think jeb bush might be number three if ted cruz doesn't supplant him. i think it's fluid but i'm confident donald trump will be number one. >> he's been up there so far. we'll see how it goes. watching number two, three and four especially. jamie weinstein is usually down south with a palm tree behind him. he has his thing from ll bean in new hampshire. jamie, good to see you. thank you.
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>> good to see you. the u.n. supreme court security council strongly condemning north korea's latest rocket launch. pyongyang claiming it's part of a peaceful space program. the u.s. and other world powers say it's all part of a place particular missile program aimed at putting a nuclear weapon on a warhead. one that could potentially hit u.s. soil. here live from washington with the details. >> reporter: arthel, at this emergency meeting, the u.n. security council condemned this long-range missile launch but didn't agree on new sanctions. the white house wants serious consequences and today the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. called for a swift and aggressive response. >> we're looking forward to expeditiously consulting with our colleagues in the coming days and we will be looking to all councilmembers to unite around a swift and aggressive
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response to the repeated violations that constitute this very direct threat to global peace and security. >> reporter: now north korea fired off this long-range rocket about 20 hours ago. it passed over japan and then landed near the philippines. its path closely tracked. u.s. officials says it posed no immediate threat but the potential long-term implications are clear. this is north korea's second major provocation in just over a month. remember in january pyongyang conducted its fourth nuclear test. the u.n. security council is discussing how best to respond to that. now they have yesterday's missile launch to factor in as well. at the same time discussions are under way between the u.s. and south korea over the possibility of the u.s. deploying a missile defense system in south korea. it's a development china calls deeply concerning. china's north korea's main ally, reluctant to approve against pyongyang. that's been one of the big
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holdups for the u.n. security council. today the council's president said an agreement on new sanctions could come as early as next week. arthel? >> we'll take a look at that later in the show. thank you, kristin. >> meanwhile, brand-new clues about the bombing of that jetliner in somalia. we'll show you the very disturbing video that's been uncovered by investigators and what they think it shows. plus, new hampshire election officials taking steps to prevent voter fraud. what voters will have to do on tuesday for the first time in the presidential primary there. >> some observers say it was a pretty good night for the governors in last night's republican debate. was it? our political panel. we'll debate that. first one former governor, jeb bush. >> only three people were fired after waiting lists were dropped where people died. it is outrageous. and hillary clinton says that's acceptable because she is captive of the public service union.
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just about 48 hours before the new hampshire primary. one big change, for the first time in a presidential primary, voters will need to show voter i.d. a record number of voters are
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expected to show up on tuesday and some fear the voter i.d. requirement will mean longer lines and lots of delays. so we went to new hampshire to find out. >> i am paying for this microphone. >> new hampshire tonight has made bill clinton the comeback kid. >> it was the iconic first in the nation presidential primary and this year hnew hampshire wil make history again. this will be the state's first presidential primary to require voter i.d. >> i think there's definitely going to be lines with any indication of our absentee balloting already, it's huge. >> tens of thousands of new voters are expected to flood the polls and they will need to show a valid voter i. dchl. supporters say it's intended to stop voter fraud like the case of lauren snyder, the massachusetts man pled guilty to voting illegally in new hampshire three times, once in the 2008 presidential election and then again four years later in 2012. in both the presidential primary and the november election.
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then there is the case of another who pled guilty to illegal voting two years ago. voters without an i.d. will have to sign an affidavit attesting they are who they say they are. their vote will be counted, but poll workers will also take their picture with an instant camera. the state has bought 320 of them. >> this will take even additional time and resources for the polling officials and we're concerned that might also result in increasing lines. >> opponents of voter i.d. like chaffe of new hampshire say it suppresses votes and warns that election officials photographing voters can also unfairly intimidate them. >> some people can be very sensitive about having their photo taken especially by an official for an official purpose. >> has anyone been denied the right to vote because of voter i.d.? >> no. >> bill gardner is new hampshire's longtime serving secretary of state. he's overseen the implementation of the law since 2012 and
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expects few problems for the first time it's being used in the primary. he says the number of voters without photo i.d. has so far been less than one hatch of a percent. he wants to make sure no one without an i.d. would be turned away and could still cast their ballot. >> i don't have any reason to believe that there's rampant voter fraud. we have the records that it happened. it's pretty difficult. it's not impossible but we've made it very, very difficult to successfully be able to commit fraud. >> and local clerks like harry parker say they're ready for any cheaters. >> if somebody really wants to do that and they think that's important, i think somebody will eventually figure out a way but in the state of new hampshire i'm pretty confident that we're pretty good at what we do. >> the secretary of state mr. gardner predicts a record 550,000 people will vote on
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tuesday. that could mean nearly 3,000 would show up without an i.d. they will have to go through that affidavit and photo taking process. officials, though, are confident everything will work out well and they insist this time voters will vote only once. arthel? >> other polls have those insta cameras? >> an interesting idea. >> for places where people don't have an i.d., a photo i.d. >> all the states have different voter i.d. laws and that's why there archallenges. there's a challenge in federal court. in north carolina they don't have the photo type requirement so it's unique for new hampshire. we'll see if it spreads across the country. >> thanks, eric. it was a breakout night for governors, scoring points and landing some punches in last night's republican debate in new hampshire. meanwhile, the front-runners were feeling some heat. ellen ratner is here for talk media news services and a fox news contributor, servinged as white house political director
12:22 pm
under president george w. bush, the chairman of the american conservative union. good to see both of you. >> thank you. >> absolutely. >> good to be here. >> what i'd like to do is take a look at moments from last night's debate and then we'll get your analysis on how the candidates played it and what corrections are needed going forward. first up, are you good with that? >> sure. >> first up, let's look at the exchange between donald trump and governor bush on eminent domain. >> so many people have hit me with commercials and other things about eminent doumain. eminent domain is an absolute necessaity for a country. >> the difference between eminent domain for public purpose, as donald said, roads and infrastructure, pipelines and all of that, that's for public purpose. what donald trump did was use them in a domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. >> okay, ellen, what do you think of that exchange? >> i think donald trump kind of lost that one. he's right about some aspects of
12:23 pm
eminent domain in terms of public property and parks and other things. but i think that he got really taken to task on that. he didn't look so good. >> matt? >> yeah, eminent domain is a concept that's in our constitution. donald trump needs to remind audiences of that. and the fact is jeb bush, i think, got the better of donald trump. conservatives who are the overwhelming hate the idea of government coming in and taking people's land unless it it's a really good reason. >> all right. next up, we're going to take a look at governor christie pouncing on senator rubio and questioning rubio's skill set. listen. >> he does not have the experience to be president and make these decisions. >> experience is not just what you did but how it worked out. under chris christie's governorship of new jersey they've been downgraded nine times in credit rating. >> that's what washington does. the drive-by shot at the beginning with incorrect and incomplete information and then the memorized 25-second speech.
12:24 pm
>> chris, your state got hit by a massive snowstorm two weeks ago. you didn't even want to go back. they had to shame you into going back. this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true. >> there it is. there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. >> that's the reason why this campaign -- >> there it is, everybody. >> ellen? >> the knifes were out for rubio in a very big way. i thought chris christie did come after him and talked about the lack of actual running things and the krcriticism of barack obama is that he didn't run things. i think he was trying to play into that. i don't know how successful. we'll have to see on tuesday. >> how do you see it, matt? >> when he grabbed the water, last night i wondered if he would have to grab a first aid kit and get iodine and gauze. chris christie pummeled him and
12:25 pm
opened this question about not whether marco rubio was a great conservative. christie, i thought, stole the show. >> we'll move on to governor kasich on his first 100 days in the white house. >> for anybody here tonight, if i get elected president, head out tomorrow and buy a seat belt because there will be so much happening in the first 100 days, it will make your head spin and we'll move america forward, i promise you it will move it forward. >> is this a realistic rundown for president of the united states or more of an obtainable goal for a governor? >> well, first of all, i'm prejudiced, from the great state of ohio where governor kasich has almost 70% approval rating. people like the way he came in and took over the state. these were including some democrats. if you're looking at experience,
12:26 pm
governor kasich does have it and came out a winner. >> kasich might have done okay and it was the revenge of the governors, but chris christie, it was his night and jeb bush had a strong night. i think it's all about christie and bush and kasich will start to ebb. >> so will bush and christie get a bump come tuesday? >> yes. absolutely. there's no question. marco rubio was on quite an upward trajectory. i think that has been stopped. chris christie and jeb bush will be really doing better the next couple of polls. >> and i think you'll see a bump for governor kasich. >> okay. and we'll leave it there. good to see both of you. thank you so much. >> thank you, arthel. investigators in somalia digging up new details about that explosion that blew that hole in the side of this jetliner. new reporting on what a source about the moments lead iing up that engs mroegs. plus ted cruz is looking for a way to stay hot after his first place finish in iowa. coming up, we'll talk to one of
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