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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 7, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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hello, everyone. welcome to a brand-new hour of inside america's headquarters. >> top of the news this hour. you saw them square off last night, now you're going to hear the latest reaction from the candidates themselves about their performance. >> and plus, this lady right here on the campaign trail, there today, we had that shot. that is carly fiorina. there she is. she is out in new hampshire right now live. but she is none too happy that she was left out of last night's debate. we're going to hear from her supporter about the abc snub. >> and we've been showing this
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surveillance footage. take a look at that. it apparently shows the moment a laptop, investigators think, was handed off at the airport in somalia before the passenger plane was bombed. does it show a plot to try and take that airplane down? >> we're going to begin in new hampshire with the clock is ticking ahead of the first in the nation primary. gop candidates pounding the pavement all over the granite state, doing all they can to persuade voters to put a check mark next to their name when they head to the polls on tuesday. all the while, cooling off from a heated debate in new hampshire. last night, seven candidates taking the stage in that event for their last match-up before the primary. chief political correspondent karl cameron is live in manchester, new hampshire. what are the candidates doing just before kickoff? >> reporter: well, that's just it. they're all getting ready to go to a super bowl watch party. a handful will do it in private
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homes with friends and family. as we speak, there's a couple of events ongoing. both john kasich and ted cruz are holding events, getting ready for their super bowl watch parties and to prep really for the final 24 hours tomorrow before we vote on tuesday here in new hampshire. and it's been interesting, because it's super bowl sunday. they debated last night, all the candidates are exhausted. some are fighting head colds. so it's a little bit of a lighter workload. there was a moment today at marco rubio's event that captures the spirit of the new hampshire primary. kids are often used in these things to ask questions. the candidates certainly bring their own children out. today we met a little guy named hank. 9 years old in bedford. he had a question for marco rubio. and it reminds you that here in the first of the nation primary state, presidential politics is a family business for all ages. watch this. >> i don't even have a tv in my room, so how can i owe so much money? >> what's your name? >> hank. >> hank? how old are you, hank? >> 9.
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>> 9. that's a good question, hank. >> reporter: hank actually said to senator rubio, we all know that the debt is a real problem, and we're all going to be in debt $50,000. i don't even have a tv in my room. how come i have to have such debt? if that doesn't give you an idea of the level of interest that really goes on in this state, a vote that will be over half a million dollars. literally, one out of every two people who walk down the street is trying to figure out who they're going to vote for the next day and a half. >> yeah, the kids are listening because they keep hearing how they're going to be inheriting this debt. so let's talk now about a man who doesn't have money troubles, mr. trump. what is he going to be doing on this super bowl sunday? >> he's doing the same thing and he's been campaigning hard. no real attacks from donald trump today. much more up beat. he went to a couple of diners in the last couple days doing the
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reta retail politicking he's supposed to be doing. it has to do with his financing. here in new hampshire, where they pride themselves on no sales or income tax, here's how they put it. >> keep your money. i don't want any of your money. most guys are saying we'll take anything you have. no, no. i don't want anything. i want one thing. on tuesday, you have to get out and vote. >> reporter: he wants us to vote. well, interestingly, donald trump will be making a contribution to a charity here in new hampshire tomorrow afternoon. giving several tens of thousands of dollars for an organization called liberty house, which is essentially a place where they help vets, particularly those with drug addiction and alcohol problems. drug problems, etc., get back on their feet. the organization was asked by the trump campaign to actually appear in person to accept the check, but because they're a charity, they said no, they couldn't do that. so instead, the money will be given from mr. trump to a state senator here in new hampshire
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who supports trump. and several days after the primary, when everything will look proper and kosher, they'll get their money. the behind-the-scenes stuff that happens here, and an illustration that donald trump is not only taking their money, but in some cases giving it back to him. >> very good. okay. thank you, carl. meanwhile on the democratic side, hillary clinton has been behind in the polls in new hampshire, but apparently, according to some, closing the gap somewhat. today she said she knows she has been trailing, and is not sure if she will beat senator bernie sanders in the primary. for more, we go to ed henry, who is now at a sanders rally in portsmouth, new hampshire, with more on the sanders-clinton contest. hi, ed. >> reporter: hillary clinton has been down here. she knows bernie sanders has an advantage since she hails from neighboring vermont. but she, of course, wants to project that she's fighting for every vote. she had a poke at sanders earlier when she stopped in at
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dunkin' donuts. all over this state, as you know. anybody who's been through this state, they know a lot of campaign stops are in dunkin' donuts. she's getting coffee. and she basically said look, bernie sanders went out of state last night to go to new york city to be on "saturday night live." she said i'm going to flint, michigan, so i can help some kids. and that's where she has spent much of the afternoon, trying to deal with the water crisis there. and she just made some comments on that. listen. >> clean water is not optional, my friends. it is not a luxury. i said weeks ago, if what had been happening in flint had happened in gross point or bloomfield hills, i think we all know we would have had a solution yesterday. >> clinton pushing congress to come up with $200 million in aid for flint, michigan, because of that water crisis. obviously a chance today for her to look presidential. but also let's not forget, politically, a chance maybe to look past new hampshire where she knows it's very likely she's going to lose. >> yeah, she has been closing
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the gap, but still ten points behind sanders there. he's been leading. not just there, but also some new recent polling showing his national numbers are surging, too, ed? >> reporter: yeah, look at the quinnipiac poll that came out friday suggesting this is a dead heat. the clinton camp doesn't like that poll. they believe it's not really an accurate sample right now of where the electorate is, but it suggested this race is a dead heat. significant because in december they suggested clinton was leading by 31 points. forget about the polls for a second. look at what's been happening on the ground. he had this rally. just wrapped up a short time ago. had over 1,200 people here. you can see that crowd. interesting because hillary clinton, we were with her here last night in the very same gymnasium. she had several hundred people. it was a decent crowd. sanders is outdrawing her, getting more energy and enthusiasm on the ground. >> frankly, i have been lectured on foreign policy. the most important foreign policy issue in the modern
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history of this country was the war in iraq. i was right on that issue. hillary clinton was wrong. [ cheers and applause ] >> so where are we in the democratic race? obviously sanders also had energy and enthusiasm on the ground in iowa but came up short. it was extremely close, but he did not win. he's hopeful he's going to win here on tuesday, but the real test for sanders will be what can he do beyond that? the clinton camp is very confident that when this race goes to some of the southern battlegrounds, she's going to have a real advantage with the african-american vote and is going to be able to outlast sanders in the long run. we'll see. >> all right, good to see you as always. thank you. officials in afghanistan will hold peace talks with the taliban in an effort to end a war entering its 15th year. the announcement comes a day after kabul met with representatives from pakistan, china, and the u.s. diplomats from those countries calling for direct negotiations between afghanistan's government
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and the terror group. those talks could happen sometime this month. turkey saying it is running out of room for some of those syrian refugees. but they don't plan to turn any of them away. intense fighting in aleppo province continues, and that's forced more people to flee there and head to the border with turkey. turkey has been facing mounting pressure from the european union to take in about 35,000 syrians, who remain gathered at its border. back here on the home front, the texas teen known for his affluenza defense has been quietly moved from juvenile detection to an adult jail facility. a judge making the decision friday to move 18-year-old ethan couch. he went missing in december after allegedly violating probation in a deadly drunk driving incident. will carr is live from los angeles with more. will? >> heading into the week, the judge did make that decision to switch couch from a juvenile facility to a maximum security
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jail there in texas. and then later this month, there will be a hearing with the same judge to decide if couch's case will move into adult court as well. you may remember that couch was sentenced to ten years probation for killing four people in a drunk driving crash. he used that affluenza defense, saying he was too well-off to know what he did was wrong. he made national headlines again in december when both couch and his mom tonya fled to mexico after video surfaced that allegedly showed him violating his probation. he returned to texas last week, and if his case does end up being switched to adult court, he would still only face a maximum 120 days in jail for violating his probation. >> understand that he is still under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court. he is still continuing under that very same case in order. the only change that was made in his status was his housing
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change. so he is still under all the juvenile law. >> the real penalty could be felt by tonya couch. she's facing a charge for running away with ethan to mexico. and if she's convicted, she could face up to ten years behind bars. >> okay, will carr there in l.a. thank you very much for that update, will. meanwhile, the new york city crews have cleared the last remnants of that collapsed crane that killed a man in downtown near the financial district. the last of the crumpled steel was hauled away on flat bed trucks today. that crane was 565 feet long and had to be sliced into dozens of pieces to be removed. crews were lowering that crane on friday because of strong winds. you can see this shocking video showing it falling slowly on the street. it came down crashing there, and one person sitting in a car sadly was killed. three other people were hurt. city officials say it still may take several weeks to determine exactly what caused that crane to collapse.
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a lot of people have not made up their minds just yet in new hampshire. we're talking about even -- we're not even talking about which candidate they like. they can wait until the last minute to try to decide which party they're voting for. how can that shake up the results? i'm not quite sure what i just said. >> we're going to talk about the undeclared voters coming up. that's a fascinating part of new hampshire, which you're going to want to know about. candidates there have a lot riding on the first in the nation primary. coming up, we're going to take a look at why it seemingly is so important. >> and i'll use your glasses next time. ♪ [screaming] ♪
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so, with last night's gop debate in the rear-view mirror and most of the candidates crisscrossing new hampshire today, pulling out all the stops, your four voters have their say on tuesday just how important is the first in the nation presidential primary? brian with more. what does history say about the importance of the new hampshire primary? >> history has proven that while the iowa caucuses narrows down the field, the new hampshire
1:17 pm
primary is a bit of a better predictor of who will actually win the presidency. from 1952 to 1988, no candidate who lost the new hampshire primary has gone on to win the white house. in fact, since '52, only three candidates have lost new hampshire and have gone to be elected as president. in 1992, then governor bill clinton lost new hampshire, and clinton is actually the only person in 40 years to have lost both iowa and new hampshire, but then became president. in 2000, president george w. bush lost new hampshire to john mccain, and in 2008, president barack obama lost new hampshire to hillary clinton. the second teretary of state is currently losing. she's hoping to stage a comeback like her husband did. since 1976, new hampshire has been better at picking nominees for republicans than democrats, just slightly. five eventual republican nominees won new hampshire, and two becoming president.
1:18 pm
ronald reagan and george h. w. bush. >> that's an interesting breakdown. looking ahead. what's next after new hampshire. >> bottom line is new hampshire and iowa are about building enough momentum to win votes which win delegates, and a candidate needs about 2,500 delegates to win their party's nomination. for the democrats, it's on to nevada. nevada will showcase the true power of the latino vote. a quarter of the state is hispanic. it will be interesting to see how sanders and clinton will frame the top of igs inauguration in that state. for the republicans, the next primary will be south carolina and the african-american vote will play its largest role here. both clinton and trump have big double digit leads according to poll averages. then it's on to super tuesday on march 1st. it's super because 15 primary votes will take place from colorado to massachusetts. 865 delegates are up for grabs
1:19 pm
in one day for the democrats, and for republicans, 595 delegates are up for grabs. super tuesday is seen as a turning point. it will either reaffirm the outcomes in the first four primaries and caucuses, or turn everything on its head. particularly this year, which has been anything but predictive or conventional. >> ain't that the truth. that is a great road map there. thank you very much. >> the results of the new hampshire primary could come down to voters who do not belong to either party. they're undeclared voters. they can decide on election day which party they want to participate in. they just enroll as a democrat or republican going into the voting booth and unenroll actually when they come out. that could mean candidates with large leads in the polls now may not necessarily go on to win. what does all this mean? the guy who knows everything about politics in manchester is fox news digital politics editor. open primaries in some states, but here you can actually
1:20 pm
register for a second and unregister as one of these undeclareds. >> what makes new hampshire different, a lot of states have semiopen primaries. what makes new hampshire different is the raw number of the people who are unaffiliated. number one. and number two, how often they participate in this process. new hampshire loves to do this. this is the official sport of new hampshire. every four years, picking presidents. so you have people -- and it ranges across the socioeconomic, ethnic, racial. more than 40% of electorate is not affiliated with either party. so that's the single largest group. we can tell its consequence. when you see these polls when donald trump is way up on the republican side, it seems to cut into bernie sanders' lead over hillary clinton and vice versa. you see a poll where he's big up over hillary clinton, donald trump seems to be close on the other side. it makes sense. because we're talking about the same pool of voters that will propel one or the other of them
1:21 pm
to high heights. >> it is pretty astounding. 229,000 democrats. a few more republicans. 260,000. but as you said, 44%. 383,000 undeclareds. any indication now from the polling on who they're going for? we've heard from 1/3 to 65% of the voters there are still undecided this close to the primary. >> well, look. among the republicans, they seem -- they're all knotted up. the self-identified republicans are knotted up and there's a whole group of candidates between about 8% and 15%. and then, when you lay those independents in, trump and kasich rise up on the republican side. the independents really like trump and they really like kasich. interestingly, we've seen a lot of polling that would indicate that there are voters undecided between bernie sanders and donald trump. that may be because both of them have a message that's about tearing down the establishment, sort of blowing things up in washington. but these voters are going to go
1:22 pm
one way or the other. and if you're donald trump, which you want in order to deliver the kind of resounding win that you need to show the republican party that you're here to stay and mean business, you need bernie sanders to have probably a worse night. if you're bernie sanders, you're looking for donald trump to not be doing as well because you want those voters on your side. >> it really is a fascinating mix. in terms of the debate last night, your take on it. rubio, kasich? governor kasich was very aggressive. >> rubio got a punch in the mouth. he's been exceptionally good in these debates to this point. the question for the republican party basically comes down to was it bad enough for marco rubio that they're having second thoughts about whether he's the right guy to face hillary clinton in november? increasingly they've thought that. i don't, however, think this chris christie can make the credible case that he's the guy to replace him. probably john kasich is hoping he can take advantage of the wet work that chris christie did on marco rubio.
1:23 pm
he's probably hoping that he can scrape together a fourth ticket out of new hampshire. >> we're going to take a look live at john kasich, an event he's having right now. look at those people. he's been packing them in. what's your gut? i mean, they've talked about it being kasich country, or christie, kind of more moderate republican. do you think he will be able to come in two or three or pull out a surprise? >> i was all over the place talking to voters, at church, at diners, on the street, going every place. kasich was very popular. very popular. and i think you'd have to say that he's a legitimate threat for second place. but this is donald trump country. they want to send the message. they want to get on the trump train. and they want the republican party to know that they're sick of it. and donald trump's their man. >> yeah, and that's why he's been leading, at least for the past several months. so far. we'll see what happens tuesday. always great to see you. really appreciate your terrific insight. >> thank you, my friend.
1:24 pm
we have brand-new surveillance video possibly showing just how a bomb was planted aboard this passenger jet. what the pilot is now saying about the security situation leading up to this terrifying attack. plus this -- >> saturday on abc, the anybody but carly network. the republican presidential debate. tune in as we exclude carly fiorina, but include people she beat, on "anybody but carly." >> man oh man are they going after abc. carly fiorina rolling out that new ad, trying to take advantage of her being bumped from last night's debate. could the strategy move the needle for her? ahead of tuesday's critical vote. a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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we are learning some disturbing new details about an attempt to take down a somalian passenger plane. fox obtaining this surveillance
1:29 pm
footage here from the moments before it took off. it apparently shows an airport worker handing a laptop to a passenger. a source close to the investigation telling fox news officials believe that laptop contained a bomb, and the pilot recalling the explosion. listen. >> translator: an explosion, and some smoke came rushing into the cockpit. dirt and dust because of an explosion. they even tried to convince me that it was not a bomb. however, i said it could only be a bomb and there was nothing else that i could sign. >> paul tilsley is live in johannesburg with more. >> reporter: was the bomb an inside job? investigators say the explosion in flight was caused by a bomb hidden in a laptop. fox news has obtained close circuit security video from the airport of a laptop being handed over to a passenger by airport officials shortly before the
1:30 pm
flight took off. investigators, including several from the fbi, are examining this video. in the security video, an airport worker in a branded vest and a man in white shirt and trousers is first seen walking along a walkway to the side of one of the airport's open departure lounges. the man in the white shirt can be seen carrying a small laptop. within a few moments, the man in the white shirt and the man in the airport vest come back into the picture, stop another man, and hand him the laptop. all three men move off within seconds. investigators believe the man who was handed the laptop then took it onboard the flight. and either detonated a bomb inside the laptop himself or held the computer until a timer set the explosives off with a blast occurring five minutes into the takeoff climb. burning, he then fell out of the plane to his death. the investigation is now concentrating on how the suspect's laptop got into the airside departure lounge.
1:31 pm
passenger and airport staff are supposed to go through comprehensive checks. and fox news has learned just over an hour ago that reportedly the man in the white shirt who originally had the laptop, sources say in a desperate attempt to cover his tracks has killed the airport worker in the vest. for a long time now, people have been wondering when will our arab allies, when it comes to fighting isis, put some boots on the ground? the united arab emirates saying it is prepared to send ground troops to face that terrorist group. a top government official from the persian gulf nation saying they are ready to deploy ground troops to syria to face isis. all part of the u.s.-led coalition that is fighting them. this comes just days after its neighbor saudi arabia made a similar claim that the uae says its troops would mainly serve to provide training and support to the syrian fighters. okay, carly fiorina sitting
1:32 pm
out last night's final debate before the new hampshire primary, but not for lack of trying. the former hewlett-packard ceo assembling an all-star team of advocates to lobby on her behalf after failing to rate high enough in state and national polls. ultimately, both network and the rnc refused to budge, and now fiorina's campaign is taking advantage of the snub, airing an ad in the granite state during this evening's super bowl. joining me now to talk about all of this is former republican congresswoman nan hayworth, also a carly fiorina supporter. thanks for being here. >> thanks. great to be with you. >> absolutely. so did you see the debate last night? let's start there. >> i saw parts of it. i was on the road for carly. so i saw some pretty key moments. but on this super bowl sunday, it was really like watching a team that didn't have its wide receiver or didn't have its quarterback or its kicker. it wasn't complete without carly. >> yeah. and so now that you know sort of the sunday morning
1:33 pm
quarterbacking, if you will, in terms of what happened at the debate last night, where might have carly been able to insert herself and assert her position last night? >> well, you know, here's the one thing about carly fiorina. we were just talking about that very worrisome story out of somalia. only one candidate in this entire presidential field has actually taken a major corporation into 170 country around the world and dealt directly with world leaders across the globe, and that's carly fiorina. only one of them has handled a company that had an economy that had a budget greater than the budget of california or texas, and that's carly fiorina. so there's a lot of talent that wasn't on that stage, but that is unique in the field, and that's carly fiorina. >> so what you're saying is that carly has the diplomacy chops, if you will and she also understands how to work with money and the economy is your point. >> exactly, yes. >> let's talk about that
1:34 pm
commercial that's running. first, let me show a bit of a commercial, and then we'll talk about it. >> we need a fearless fighter in the white house. not just to win this election, but to restore the character of our nation. join with me. fight with me. vote for me. >> so we just showed that commercial there, a bit of it that is going to be airing in new hampshire, only during the super bowl. >> yes. >> and what does that particular commercial speak to? especially the undecided voters there in new hampshire. >> well, in carly fiorina, as you know, we have a candidate who has really unique qualifications, including the fact that she negates the argument that the democratic frontrunner has made, that it's her turn. but behind that experience, behind those remarkable qualifications is a mind and a heart that understand what's at stake here for our country and
1:35 pm
for every american. she has lived that american story. she went from secretary to ceo. she is a mother. she lost a daughter with her husband to addiction. she's a cancer survivor. when she talks with the people of new hampshire and the people of america, she understands what they're going through. and she wants to help them unlock the potential within them. >> and has carly been able to meet with those voters there in new hampshire and make her case in person? unfortunately, she wasn't on the debate stage last night due to national polls. so do you feel that carly fiorina is still going to be able to make some impacts, some inroads come tuesday there in new hampshire? >> looking at the debate stage last night, carly has garnered more votes than two of the governors that were on the stage last night. she has reached out with enthusiasm and nonstop energy to the voters of new hampshire, and
1:36 pm
i have watched the standing room only crowds, and those who are seated come to their feet applauding and cheering this remarkable leader. and she has a lot of support here and across the country. and that's going to show on tuesday night when the actual voters get their voice. >> okay, ms. hayworth, thank you for your time and good luck to you and your candidate. thank you so much. >> thank you. marco rubio came off that strong showing in the iowa caucuses only to meet the baseball bats last night at the debate. man oh man, those attacks, what do they mean for his chances on tuesday? after he took some big hits like this one. >> he gets off his talking points. >> it's not a talking point. it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you...
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test. after marco rubio's third place finish in iowa that really gave a big boost to his
1:41 pm
campaign, the senator took a bit of a beating in last night's republican debate. you saw his rivals hitting him early and often, especially new jersey governor chris christie leading that charge, who got off some stinging zingers. >> marco, the thing is this. when you're president of the united states, when you're governor of a state, the memorized 30-second speech where you talk about how great america is at the end of it doesn't solve one problem for one person. >> this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true. he knows exactly what he's doing. >> there it is. the 25-second speech. there it is, everybody. >> did that challenge the senator's chances on tuesday? republican senator steve danes joins us, he is a marco rubio supporter and joins us from the great state of montana. good to see you. they call it the full jersey. he's getting hit by two by fours. ridiculed like robotically memorizing the lines.
1:42 pm
does governor christie have a point that he land some blows on your man? >> i don't think so. look at today. "the new york times" is already reporting marco rubio had a record crowd of a thousand at the new hampshire high school cafeteria. last night, marco rubio raised three times more money than any other debate before online during that last debate. the most googled moment of that entire debate was marco rubio's heartfelt defense of his pro-life position. so the momentum is going to continue. i was with marco last week in iowa. you saw it with the crowds that showed up. and you see these heartfelt views of america. his family. and i'm very excited about where the campaign is headed. i think the momentum from iowa is going to continue in new hampshire. >> there was a moment right now, that says he was rocked.
1:43 pm
the "boston herald" says he choked. remember the water bottle incident during the republican response to the state of the union? take one moment. or a couple of moments. and that gets magnified and so much attention paid to it. versus your positions on the issues. >> look what marco rubio is doing. he's keeping focused on the real issue. and that is what are we going to do for the next four years. we cannot afford seven more years than what we've seen here with barack obama and his administration. that's why he's focused on what the main issue of this election is, and that is barack obama and his policies. we are electing a commander in chief. there is no candidate more qualified than marco rubio to step in from day one and be commander in chief. >> he's a first-term senator. a lot of the criticism has been that we've seen what's happened according to the republicans to a first-term freshman senator who's elected to the white house, versus facing secretary of state or others who have been on the national stage a lot longer than he has. how does he come to this
1:44 pm
campaign to defend himself on that? >> well, the american people have seen now eight debates. and consistently marco rubio shines as being the candidate most qualified to step in and be commander in chief. t the most important responsibility, he serves on the intelligence community of the u.s. senate. he serves on the foreign relations committee. the american people see his vision for america and how to protect this nation, and that is why you're seeing him rise in the polls. the more the american people see marco rubio, the more they like him. i was on a flight a couple months ago with a member of the other side of the aisle here in the united states senate. a very liberal democrat. he said the single candidate that scared them the most is marco rubio. >> yeah. we've heard that for a while. finally, senator, what happens if he comes in third or fourth or fifth? it will be seen as a setback. but do you think he will be able to rebound? >> i think he's going to finish
1:45 pm
well. he'll finish in the top tier in new hampshire. you can see the momentum. nobody saw what was coming in iowa with marco rubio's very strong finish. marco is going to finish in the top tier in new hampshire. he comes into south carolina with the backings of senator tim scott. i mean, he's got some great folks behind him. the people that nomar co the best are for him. he's got a lot of momentum.know best are for him. he's got a lot of momentum. and his message is resonating with the american people. >> it will be interesting when he does hit south carolina with that backing, as well as lindsey graham backing the other side. it will continue and we'll be analyzing it after tuesday. senator steve danes of montana, thank you. from politics to pig skin, we are getting close to kickoff for the super bowl. all the fans are getting really, really pumped up. and coming up next, the governors -- look at them.
1:46 pm
they are ready in their jerseys and all. the governors of home states. both teams tell us about the bet they are made with each other over the outcome. they're ready, we're ready. we'll talk to the governors when we come back. stick around. and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! and i quit smoking with i'm chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic
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so it's about to go down. the denver broncos and the carolina panthers getting ready to take the field for super bowl 50, a friendly wager has been placed on the outcome of the big game by the governor of colorado and the governor of joining us to give us the details is colorado governor and north carolina governor. good to see both of you. >> can you hear me? >> thats for having us. >> so, governor, i will start with you, if the broncos win, what are you donating? we will send 60 butter ball to turkeys and sausage and anything we can do help the homeless in the den very area and well send dog food. my wife is really big and so his the coach's wife, and insisted we help the dog shelters with the dog food so well send dog
1:51 pm
food to denver and help the animals that need help. we want to help both people and animals and i think john and i are long-time friends, we were mayors together, he was mayor of denver and i was of car lot, and now we governors together, we are opposite parties but we are if friends and we work together. >> i love the governors working together and i love dogs and helping out there. governor, if the panthers win, what do you donate? >> which will happen, right? >> i don't think, there is a big defensive rush coming out and there will be a lot of pressure. beyond that, if, somehow, carolina wins we will send food to the carolina shelters and we. have 40 or 50 boxes of soft fish, and crackers and a bridge band in colorado and they will send 50 boxes of crackers, we have salsa, a special sal
1:52 pm
sachet. >> this will be from. >> and a last dog food and we have a wonderful company that has backpacks, 50 backpacks with books for parent and pencils for kids in the shelter. >> you have a barn -- bipartisan effort. we share information as governors as we did as mayors. i am learning about cybersecurity and he is doing great things in cybersecurity in come come and i am taking some of those ideas. >> north carolina is a top state for experimental learning and we want to move colorado in that diur workforce and well learn from them and we they will be learn from us. it is a win-win. >> win-win. >> we have a good dime as mayors and we will have a good time as super bowl. >> if they try to play tricks on the football game, there will be problems. >> there will be a lot of balls to children in california. california will get some footballs. >> love it.
1:53 pm
love it. before we go, i love the idea you have charity benefiting but can we make a fun bet right now right quickly. both of you, what is a fun bet on the table for both of you? >> i will spend a day wearing a carolina jersey and i. dye some part of my hair powder blue. >> fantastic. >> i will wear your jersey and i put an orange earring on, a clip on. >> a clip on. awe will see each other in washington, dc in a couple of weeks. >> i am on the board of directors for the national governors' association and well have a lot fun. >> you made this fun for us, governors, i want to say a big thank you and good luck to both of you. >> thanks a lot. >> we will have a good time. >> go, panthers. >> thank you is just great. >> an earring on the
1:54 pm
governor...we will see. see what happens at mooting at the national governors association, whoever wins ands theres. coming up in the fox news, ted cruz is blaming the media for the message from his campaign about ben carson supposedly taking some time off. where did it go wrong in the ted cruz camp under the microscope? that is ahead on "media buzz". it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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>> if it is all the same to you i will pop down in that light bulb -- lifeboat. >> hold on, hold on, wait a second. >> the 1 percent getting this prefer usual treatment. >> looks like socialism to me. >> democratic socialism. >> that is the difference? huuuge difference. >> that was bernie sanders and larry david last night. the senator shows off in the skit along with his mirror image, larry david. they both sound alike. >> they do. >> and senator sanders stayed there until then of the show. he is at the end. live. >> did you see the skit where senator sanders, larry david, lost the iowa caucus because he refused to shake the hands of a
1:59 pm
voter who sneezed and coughed. >> not doing it. not happening. >> we ending on a light note on super bowl sunday i wish my uncle, reginald green, happy birthday. he turned 75. tomorrow. this is how he looks at 75 and this was taken 2 1/2 months ago. my mom, uncle and cousins are having a mini family reunion, so, uncle reginald, i love you, happy birthday, and cousins, hey! >> they have the saints jerseys are. sorry but they are not in it. >> we wear the jersey, no matter what. >> who do you want? >> well, speaking of new orleans, i got with peyton manning and the broncos because he is from new orleans. >> you? >> new york mets. >> well, there you go. >> uncle, happy birthday and
2:00 pm
thank you for joining us. >> "media buzz" is next with a lot on ted cruz controversy. stay with the fox news channel through the week on the new hampshire primary. >> on the buzz beater just two days before the new hampshire primary the media are awash in attacks and insults, and some pulled the punches last night in the abc7 debate. >> mr. trump, senator ted cruz had said "i don't know anyone who would be comfortable having someone behave this way with his finger on the but the tom. he would nuclear denmark,". >> i think i have the best temperament. >> senator cruz, you talk tough of the middle east and do not have the intelligence briefings, why not tell us whether you would preempt. live strike a missile on a


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