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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  February 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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karl rove and i will be back to give you an early read when the first results start coming in. have a great week. we'll see you next on "fo looking for votes on the ground in a state where the independent voter has a lot of power. in new hampshire, they get ready to choose which party they'll vote for, and they get to do that on primary day. the moment of truth less than 48 hours away. the candidates making their closing arguments, crisscrossing new hampshire with event after event today. and what do they need to say to sway those voters ahead of tuesday? right now, here's a glimpse of the competition on the republican side. brand-new monmouth university polling we're look at now, showing donald trump leading the pack with 30% support. john kasich in a distant second at 14%.
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basically in a statistical tie clustered there. and the rest of the field is in the mid to the low single digits. the news, no clear second place holder at this point. we have fox team coverage from new hampshire. ed henry is following the democratic race. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron is following the republican race. a lot of drama at last night's last debate leading up to tuesday's primary. making things, i would imagine, even more contentious today. >> sure. it was a little bit slowed down because the audience is always questionable on the weekends. and it's super bowl sunday, obviously. and the game is under way. this is one of those situations where the campaigns are always careful about it. this is a rubio rally. a super bowl watch party. and the candidate has already come and gone. and it was pretty brief. he gave some remarks. he's offering up sandwiches and sodas. no beer at a political rally in
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manchester two days before the primary. and rubio has taken off. it was a huge crowd. it illustrates he does have some momentum going. having said that, the debate last night didn't do much to knock donald trump out of his top spot in the polls. several polls came out today taken before last night's debate showing that trump has a pretty good lead. and then after that, it's really a five-car crash for all the rest of the other candidates. marco rubio was clearly on fire last night. and then he got tripped up by chris christie, who kept on saying he was two parkers and kept repeated it over and over again. saying we must dispel this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. christie and rubio were really mixing it up. but it hasn't displaced donald trump from the top of the polls. and then we have this bunch, this potential for three governors in a do or die situation. we're talking about jeb bush, chris christie, and john kasich.
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they have to do well. if they don't, their ability to continue will be quite suspect. christie doesn't have a lot of money. south carolina could be hard for a new jersey governor. john kasich hasn't spent any time really in any other state but ohio. excuse me, from ohio, but new hampshire. and then there's jeb bush, who has lots of money. he has the money to continue. just a question of whether or not he can translate it here to votes on tuesday. >> you know what's interesting today, governor christie was saying the whole race is changed. i guess maybe that happens in the spin room where it looks like going forward everything is different. but you mentioned jeb bush. he's another person that really needs to begin to move the needle. a lot, in fact. what stood out about his push? what is he doing on a sunday? >> he got aggressive. he went on the attack. he brought his mom barbara bush on the campaign trail last week. and she tore into donald trump. trump tried to say that jeb bush
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brought out his mommy and he was not nice when she was around. but last night, jeb bush for the first time seemed like he was confident in taking on donald trump. in fact, now he's pointing out that he's been doing it for quite some time and arguing that a lot of the rest of the field hasn't been. that's the kind of argument for a lot of republicans who think that donald trump is not reliable, given his more liberal history. and his own acknowledgement that he's changed his positions in the last 15 months or so. that gives jeb bush the opportunity to say i was the guy who had the guts to take on donald trump and everybody else was awol. chris christie is far back in the polls. some of the latest had him down in low single digits. while he was clearly the aggressor against rubio last night and got lots of attention for it, whether or not that can get his vote to rise a little bit remains to be seen. you talked about this earlier harris. about 40% of the electorate does not make up its mind until this weekend. countless people really risicily more than 100 people have told
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me. they weren't going to make up their mind until they watched last night's debate. even here in this rubio super bowl party, i've talked to at least half a dozen people who have said they still have not made up their minds. there's another day of campaigning. and it's worth remembering that after barack obama beat hillary clinton in iowa eight years ago, she came to new hampshire and she cried just before the primary and turned it around completely. anything can happen in new hampshire and it can happen on the final day. so here we are on super bowl sunday with another 36 hours before the polls even open. so trump may have a bit of an advantage at the top of the polls. but who comes in second, third, and fourth is very much a mystery. and probably will be late into tuesday night. >> that mystery, not just independent, with independent-minded people leaving us all to see what they will do. let's flip it to the democrats now. the latest new hampshire polling showing bernie sanders
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maintaining a strong lead over hillary clinton. she took a break from campaigning, we're told, and headed to flint, michigan. we saw that. as you know, that city is dealing with a water crisis. instead, her husband bill clinton on the campaign trail in new hampshire for her. and this headline for today, election officials in iowa have changed the official caucus results. awarding more caucus delegates to bernie sanders. and narrowing clinton's margin of victory to just a quarter of a percent. ed henry continues our fox team coverage now in manchester, new hampshire. and hillary clinton in michigan, as i mentioned. political observers are saying it may be an attempt for her to appear presidential. it could be something else going on here. your report? >> sure. it could be looking past new hampshire. as you say, she's trailing by double digits. she wants to look presidential by going to flint, michigan, and saying that the water crisis needs to be dealt with. hillary clinton calling specifically for congress to cough up $200 million in aid,
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direct money to deal with the situation, but before she left here in new hampshire, she also took a poke at bernie sanders. she stopped in a dunkin' donuts here and fired away. watch this. >> the mayor has been wanting me to come. and this is a time that worked out for her. and i am thrilled to be back in new hampshire. working as hard as i can. i will keep working literally to the last minute. occasionally, you go off the campaign trail. i know senator sanders went to new york to be on "snl" and i'm going to flint to see if we can help with the kids. >> reporter: did you catch that? senator sanders went to new york to be on "saturday night live." and hillary clinton said i'm going to help kids. you saw bernie sanders with larry david. got a lot of love on social media for that. hillary clinton took a little poke there. it's gotten a little tough on the democratic side. you hear carl talk about this multi-car pile-up. only two candidates, but it's getting rough. >> she was throwing more shade than a florist. i saw it.
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sanders is not just doing well, but today, what we're seeing is that the gap may be closing nationally as well. >> yeah. there's this quinnipiac poll that suggests that hillary clinton is only winning by two points. the clinton camp says look. this is exaggerated. but nonetheless, it shows the gap is narrowing. back in december, the very same poll had clinton up 31 points. so bernie sanders today was in portsmouth on the seacoast of new hampshire. what's interesting is apples to apples, he was in the same gymnasium hillary clinton was in last night with a few hundred people. he had over 1,200 people. it gives you an idea of the energy and enthusiasm he's tapping into. listen. >> every day, somebody asks me in the media or someplace else, your ideas are so ambitious. how are you going to get them done? and we will get them done because people will demand that they get them. [ cheers and applause ] . >> reporter: so he has a double-digit lead here. he's from vermont. he's expected to win new hampshire.
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the real key to this race is going to be what happens after that. it's on to nevada and then south carolina. the clinton camp is counting on a heavy turnout from african-american voters to help clinton in south carolina and beyond. but if sanders could win big here, do better than expected in nevada, he may pick up some momentum. >> ed henry. fox news is america's election headquarters. keep it right here on tuesday night beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern for up to date results and power analysis from the best team on tv. you know it. our coverage of the 2016 race for the white house continues tonight as well. the political insiders are here with their predictions for the new hampshire primary. they'll join me here at home base the bottom of the hour. officials are investigating the bombing in that plane over the somalia. we'll show you the video that they're looking at. stay close.
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new surveillance video could help investigators figure out how a bomb got on to a commercial jet. we're told it shows two men, at least one of whom may be an airport worker handing off a laptop to a third man. this happening in somalia. of course, the source close to the investigation telling fox news this laptop may have contained an explosive. there's no way for us to confirm that at this point. reports the computer was handed over to the bomber after he went through security. that bomb blew a hole in the side of that plane. pilots somehow managed to make an emergency landing. the one person who died, the alleged bomber. paul tilsley is live in johannesburg, south africa on the story. paul? >> reporter: fox news has learned that investigators, including several fbi specialists now in somalia, are concentrating on the new issues that the airport security video we have obtained today bring into play. issues which include the
4:14 pm
question was this an inside job? in the surveillance video, an airport worker in a reflective vest walks with another man who is carrying a laptop through the supposedly secure departures lounge, located after security and x-ray. first question, how did the laptop, which authorities suspect contained explosives, get through security. moments later, the laptop is handsed off to a third person, who authorities claim took it on the plane, and then either detonated a bomb inside the laptop himself, or held the computer until a timer set the explosives off, with a blast occurring five minutes into the takeoff climb. burning, he then fell out of the plane, to his death. >> what have you learned more about these suspects? >> reporter: fox news has the names of all three men in the surveillance video. they all come from hargesa in the disaffected area of somalia land. for some days, we've been
4:15 pm
hearing reports that this attack was not a work of terror group al shabab, but rather a headline-grabbing act from somalia land separatists. now a new twist. authorities are trying to find out if the man who was originally seen in the video holding the laptop coerced the airport worker in the vest to get him through security. and was desperate that the worker didn't talk, because tonight, fox news has learned the laptop supplier, the guy in the white shirt in the surveillance video, has reportedly killed the airport worker. >> wow. paul tilsley with that breaking piece of information. you have been all over this story. we'll come back to you on it here on fox news channel. paul, thank you very much. great reporting. an alleged sympathizer of the islamic state savages is due in court monday, accused of plotting an attack at a church near his job in michigan. the fbi says the 21-year-old suspect pledged support to isis
4:16 pm
online, but told an undercover agent he couldn't go through with the attack because his dad found his gun, his bullets, and his mask. he's facing gun and weapons charges from a traffic stop last year. an emergency meeting after north korea defies the world and carries out a banned missile test. it's against the rules, the sanction set by the u.n. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations is calling it a serious threat to global peace and security, as the u.n. works on more punishments for that rogue nation. sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. bounty is two times more absorbent. more "sit" per roll. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper.
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word the u.n. security council is strongly condemning north korea's rocket launch today. the launch took place overnight just two hours after an
4:20 pm
eight-day launch window opened. pyongyang says it's part of a peaceful space program, but the move is a direct violation of several u.n. resolutions. and it renews concerns over that country's nuclear capabilities. >> the accelerated development of north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile program poses a serious threat to international peace and security. to the peace and security not just of north korea's neighbors, but the peace and security of the entire world. >> kristin fisher is live for us in d.c. on this. i understand that this is kind of a ramp-up thing. it's not just this one singular incident that has the u.n.'s attention. >> that's right. there have been two major provocations in just over a month. so the security council unanimously condemned this rocket launch, but they did not agree on any new sanctions against north korea. that could come as early as next week, according to the council's president. when and if it does, the u.s.
4:21 pm
ambassador to the u.n. says it should include unprecedented measures against north korea, ones that its leader, kim jong un, isn't expecting. >> we're looking forward to expeditiously consulting with our colleagues in the coming days, and we will be looking to all council members to unite around a swift and aggressive response to the dpr case repeated violations that constitute this very direct threat to global peace and security. >> yesterday's long-range missile launch was pyongyang's seco second major provocation in just over a month. the u.n. security council was already discussing how best to respond, and now they have this missile launch to factor in as well. >> i understand this is playing out a bit on the presidential campaign trail. >> reporter: it is, especially since this rocket launched just 30 minutes before last night's republican debate. so senator ted cruz was asked, you know, if president, would you have ordered a preemptive
4:22 pm
strike to destroy this missile? cruz said he wouldn't speculate, but he would discuss his fear of an emp, or an electromagnetic pulse attack. >> one of the real risks of this launch, north korea wants to launch a satellite, and one of the greatest risks to the satellite is they would place a nuclear device in the satellite, as it would orbit around the earth, and as it got over the united states, they would detonate that nuclear weapon and send off an electromagnetic pulse, which could take down the entire electrical grid on the seaboard, potentially killing millions. >> the u.s. and south korea have begun to talk about deploying an advanced defense missile shield in south korea, but it is a move that would almost surely escalate tensions with china. >> i know you'll watch it. thank you very much. and this is happening in texas. a newspaper there says it plans to publish the names and addresses of every san antonio police officer following a deadly officer-involved
4:23 pm
shooting. the publisher of the san antonio observer says the man "was unjustly murdered." she also accuses the police of doing "everything they can in order to protect their identities for fear of being brought to justice." the victim of the shooting, a 36-year-old who was wanted for felony warrants. police say they told him to show his hands while getting out of a car. they say he did not do that. and quickly turned around. the officer fired one shot, hitting him in the chest and killing him. we will stay on this story and tell you any breaking details. crews are working for hours after 15 cars fell through the ice at a lake in wisconsin. according to police, the drivers parked on the ice for a winter fest event. i've actually done this because i used to live in that part of the country in minnesota. we all think that's going to be okay. they certainly thought it would be. most of the cars had severe water damage and had to be towed out of the ice and water. wow. that's an expensive one. a new fox news special is airing tonight you want to watch for it. it's on political campaigns and
4:24 pm
how they've turned into a technology war. here's a preview. >> we are doing things that no one else is doing. like -- >> like the use of personality modelling. >> personality modelling tells chris and his team -- >> who's going to vote, how they're going to vote, and what issues they care about. >> chris shows us the database that tells him what voters care about. >> they respond to different colors. they respond to different pictures. >> so to reach personalities, the campaign determines to be more traditional. they use blue or neutral tones. red or orange if they think you're an extrovert. >> here's what you'll watch for. tech revolution. faster, better, cheaper with john stossel airing right after "the "fox report"." the gop candidates are making a final push for support. we're talking about it this hour ahead of the first primary, in new hampshire for the race to the white house. three republican hopefuls dropped out, as you know, after
4:25 pm
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4:29 pm
this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true. >> there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. there it is, everybody. >> what donald trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that is downright wrong. >> i look at what's going on, i look at all of the polls, i do very well against hillary clinton. i can tell you i'm the last person that she wants to run against. >> we can turn this country around, if we get back to the constitution, and i will always stand with the american people against the bipartisan corruption of washington. >> you have someone who is known as a deceitful individual. an individual who -- at benghazi, which i will never let go, quite frankly, because i think of those two men who went up there on the top of that compound with machine guns firing away, allowing their colleagues to escape. >> i've done now over 100 town
4:30 pm
hall meetings. and i've loved every second of it. it has been the greatest thing in the world. and i want you to know that you've changed me. because i've listened to your stories. and i've had your hugs. and i've seen your tears. and i've seen you walk away and say i now have hope. >> the republican presidential candidates are making the closing arguments, so to speak, with less than two days to go before the new hampshire primary. i'm harris faulkner. it's the bottom of the hour. let's get to the news, and bring in the fox news political insiders. former republican congressman for new york. pat caddell, pollster for jimmy carter. and fox news contributor. yes, he's a friend of the clintons. we'll get to that in a moment. let's start with you, john, and how you think things went. chris christie said he felt like that was the changer for the entire race last night. >> here's where i think we're at
4:31 pm
48 hours before new hampshire after last night's debate. since iowa, i feel that rubio has been the hot thing coming up until last night. i think this performance last night blunted his momentum. i think other people had a good night last night. and christie did well going after him. i think kasich did well. i wouldn't be surprised if five of them end up -- 20, 19, 18, 17, 16. wouldn't surprise me. >> you saw the monmouth university poll that we had the first few minutes of this brst, and they are clustered in the middle. you can look at a lot of things. but this is just a littleyou ca. but this is just a little taste of that. but this tells you they're clustered in the middle and at the bottom. pat? >> i think of what's going on there in new hampshire and partly there's a whole processing. i think trump is probably -- he has been on his message much more of the last few days and i think it has helped him, because
4:32 pm
he is the real outsider. i notice cruz finally used the word corruption last night. this will become more important. but the governors -- they're all running to be the establishment candidate. rubio i thought got hurt. it's not a mortal blow. he will slow his momentum up some there. and he will have a chance to come back. not with a performance like that, though. christie may have hurt rubio. i'm not sure he helped himself. >> i think donald trump was the big winner. i agree with pat. i think that he was calm and measured. and he made his points. he's got a ten-point lead in the monmouth poll. somewhat bigger in other polls. my sense is if he wins a big victory, he's back as the frontrunner. >> one thing that we talked about earlier on the newscast too was jeb bush, and just really when you look realist ukly wuk -- realistically to hang in there, but he doesn't have the
4:33 pm
polling at this point. arguably had a good night last night. what do you think? >> i think it's not going to happen for jeb. but he's now airing a commercial in south carolina with his brother, the former president, which would probably mean they are staying in through south carolina, which is two weeks from yesterday. so jeb's probably not leaving after tuesday. kasich has said by 10:00 tuesday night, i will know whether i'm flying to south carolina or back to ohio. that's what it means for him. and probably for christie. >> you guys were with me a couple of weeks ago. we had dr. ben carson on. he said if i get down into the low single digit range, which after iowa, he has been in some polls. he's not going to stick around. >> right. >> should he? how do you handicap where he is right now? >> i think we're about to reduce the field some more. let me say one thing. i have to say this. i was appalled at the always boosting clinton network, abc. keeping fiorina off the stage, so the george stephanopoulos
4:34 pm
narrative of republicans hate women. i wish the other candidates had come to her defense. we had two debates. because we had too many candidates when fox started. she would have been the eighth. she outpolled christie and kasich in iowa. and she got an equal delegate count against bush. >> she got a delegate count. some of them didn't even get that. >> that's right. and she was kept out of this, which can only be, as i said, i believe a pejorative move by abc, which is the most in the tank for hillary clinton. >> and by the way, along with this goes on this notion for years, that the republican party is anti-minority. >> this has been a very diverse field. people are asleep if they're not paying attention to that. >> in iowa, 62% of republican caucus-goers voted for a woman or a minority candidate. 62%. >> and the same number voted for
4:35 pm
an outsider. think of that. those are the two factors. that's a whole new world for republicans. >> real quickly, before we move on, i want to get your take on how it works in new hampshire. as i was telling viewers, and some may already know that you can wait until primary day if you want to figure out which party you're going to vote for. >> and i think people will. independents can vote either the democratic or republican primary. and both bernie sanders on the democratic side is doing better than hillary clinton with independents. so if that race as it is slightly tightening up, bernie will benefit by more independents. trump is doing better with independents. kasich is doing better with independents. so that if more independents vote, would tend to help those candidacies. john mccain won new hampshire in large measure because of independents in 2000. so it's a volatile situation. >> just on the clintons for a second. the only person that i know of who has ever gone on to be president and lost both in iowa
4:36 pm
and new hampshire is bill clinton. is that not correct? but it can happen. >> well, wait a minute. to be honest, i was uncontested in '92 because tom harkin was the favorite son, so it wasn't all the same. i don't think you can say that. >> but statistically, that's what's been reported. >> statistically, that is a fact. >> but it's not over yet. in other words -- there is some argument to stick around. >> iowa is not over, by the way. >> oh, i know. we will talk about that. they're recounting the delegates. >> there's more to come. >> how can you be more - >> i think that it will be interesting to see. we expect that to tighten up somewhat. depending on where the independents decide to go. i think the press once again is crying to be able to bail hillary out and say oh, look how well she did. if she loses by eight or nine or ten points.
4:37 pm
in a state she won eight years ago. are you kidding? anyway, i think that -- the dynamic here is this. the outsiders, the outsiders. bernie sanders on this stuff on the wall street money. and hillary's answer about who believes. that someone gives you $600,000 and doesn't want anything in return. >> that's what they offered her. >> do people ever see the content? >> we have as much chance as we do of seeing the 30,000 e-mails that were -- >> it's a huge moral victory for her. it will make bernie sanders road to the nomination even more problematic. >> it's really interesting. because if it tightens in iowa, she may not get credit for that. we'll talk more. hillary clinton has traveled to flint, michigan, to speak about the water crisis, while her
4:38 pm
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ask your doctor... ...if switching... eliquis is right for you. new twists in the race for the democratic presidential nomination. take a picture. about to break some news here with pat. a review of the caucuses in iowa is revealing that hillary clinton only beat bernie sanders by a quarter of 1%. it could be tighter than that. in fact, it could flip. why is that? >> they're counting some precincts. five of the 14 precincts have been relooked at. that's 14 of almost 1,600 precincts. over 1,600. showed him gaining and her losing. it's now even tighter. but the whole thing -- and i was
4:42 pm
on election night on our sister network -- >> fox business. >> fox business with neil cavuto. we were having a great time. i started earlier in the evening about what was clearly things that were going on that shouldn't. the democrats will not release what the total count was of people who came into the caucuses, right? they said it's against their policy. i want the camera to come in on this. this is on the cnn site. the cnn polling site, data site from 2008. those are the raw votes. for obama and everyone else that were announced by the democratic party. and i mean, i'm not a journalist. i don't know what these people do out there. but this is a fraud. the fraud that went on. the precincts that were out that night. being driven around that showed up to give her her victory. the democratic party was
4:43 pm
imbedded with the clinton campaign. >> the actual raw vote has been released. >> we don't have this for 2016. >> we have it for 2008. >> they have it because they have to. >> and why do we need to see that? >> because then we will know who the people, the democrats in iowa, chose for president. and i will bet you the reason it's not being released is because bernie sanders won that. >> you're silent. hillary is your friend. >> she is my friend. i think recently, there's been a shrillness in her tone. i think that she has being somewhat more both animated and agitated. >> why? >> because she sees her own political position potentially eroding. there's always still the specter of a legal problem with the e-mail scandal. and the word i'm getting harris inside the campaign is that there is widespread
4:44 pm
dissatisfaction, panic, and indeed, fear. >> you know what that leads to is leaks. as a journalist, i can tell you, when they're not happy, they talk. >> the way they're going after him -- >> let's talk about this for just a second. about this idea of civility, if you will. i mean, it has worked on both sides of the political aisle. it has worked for dr. ben carson. >> how's that worked? he's under 9%. >> well, he ran into isis. that was the problem. >> okay. i don't mean to interrupt you, but yes. civility is nice when you're ahead, you can afford to be civil. but when you're behind, you're thrashing around trying to catch up. by the way, trump is ahead. he hasn't been the slightest bit civil. it's worked for him. he's savage to every opponent. >> i thought he was pretty good last night. >> he tends to be more even handed. even he says that. >> going after the donors. look, every republican except him has taken substantial
4:45 pm
amounts of money from wall street. now -- >> and bernie. >> and those guys as outsiders, that's the message that propelled them. that's the message that will drive the selection. i do want to say something about ted cruz. ted cruz deserves credit because he did stand up on ethanol and survived. >> oh, yeah. >> well, and you said you liked his opening statement. his closing statement last night. >> we've got to go to iowa again for one second on cruz. he's the only candidate who ran who the governor, who's a very well-respected guy, specifically came after and said, i urge iowa republicans not to vote for ted cruz because he opposes the ethanol subsidy. cruz won. he won big, actually. 28%. he is the first guy that i know of who stood up to that thing and won, and he stood up to the most longest running governor in american history. and he beat him. and i said all along, don't
4:46 pm
underestimate cruz. >> all right. i'm being asked to give you pushback on doctor. ben carson. there are a lot of people who would love to have his 9% or 10% going in and coming out of iowa. things have changed for him. with civility, you see that with bernie sanders. does he stay there or does he attack hillary? >> i think he is going to up the ante considerably. we've seen him start to speak in harsher tones both wall street. somewhat about the e-mail scandal. he's acknowledged it's a very serious issue. if i was advising him, i'm curious your advice as a democratic presidential adviser. i would say go at her hard because unless you turn these numbers around, particularly in the s.e.c. primaries, you're going to have a tough time getting out of it. >> she's trying to say he can't win. actually, he's doing better than she is. >> can i ask you a quick question? i know they're going to start to play the music. is it just in my brain, or is she now telling us that as a
4:47 pm
woman candidate, strong, fierce, blah, blah, blah, she's going play the victim? >> excuse me. this is -- to paraphrase a great englishman. >> go ahead. >> this is the last -- i lost it. >> it seemed -- >> the last age of a scoundrel -- >> at the debate. she was playing the victim. oh, you're surreptitiously beating up on me. and i'm paraphrasing me. you can't be a victor and a victim. >> one of the problems she has, the polling shows, she's really losing badly among young women voters. women especially. >> why do you think it is? >> they don't buy her. they think she's insincere and full of bull and they like him. and by the way, he did great on "saturday night live" last night. couldn't have come better three days before new hampshire. >> i want to ask the burning question. can he win? and what would you guys do? we'll come back to that. the presidential election now in full swing, as you know.
4:48 pm
everybody has their own opinion about who will win. but what matters most to americans when it comes to choosing our nation's leader? the answer to that question may really surprise you. political insiders doing their own polling. stay with us. the i.t. guy. i'm the desktop support tech supervisor. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. learn more at
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movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. new insight on what's on americans' minds, as we count down to first in the nation primary in new hampshire. polling from armada publishing showing 66% of respondents saying the u.s. is in a state of decline. 28% disagree with that. 72% say the u.s. has a two-track economy, where most americans struggle every day in huge corporations get all the rewards. 20% disagree with that.
4:52 pm
the fox news political insiders are back. pat, i want to start with you on this. let's start in the state of decline. i just asked people to take a vote, twitter poll and see what they think. do they agree or disagree. what specifically do people point to? >> the things they opponent to most of all when they point to washington, but let me back up and make a point. this is a project i started in 2013. we've done six pieces of this now. trying to understand -- started with the premise is there a different politics? and the answer resoundingly is yes. we are having a new paradigm and that paradigm we see even partially already being played out politically. the nations think 2/3 of the american people think the country is in decline. and i think the only people who have used that word are bernie sanders and donald trump. by the way. the second thing is it's corruption. when you have 81 -- get this. this is from left to right. 81% believe that the power of
4:53 pm
ordinary people to control our country is getting weaker every day. the politicians are fighting to protect their own power. 84%, they put their power and privilege before what's doing right for americans. and three quarters of them believe that wall street and special interests have rigged the system against the american people. and that is democrats, republicans alike. and the other thing is it's clear in here, they have had it with both parties. they've decided that the people running the parties are so far away from what they feel, and they've been looking -- the one thing i would say is we have an imaginary candidate smith. and it's too hard to get into now. but this smith, he or she blows away everybody running because they are looking for the whole package, and they're not getting it. >> they're never going to get anything perfect, but they're looking for what's different than what's out there. so does this help explain why some of the polling has been so wrong about who people say they'll vote for, particularly
4:54 pm
going into -- well, really, i mean, historically in the last few years, but now in this primary season? >> i don't know why pollsters -- they've been off a lot lately, the public polls. i don't know if the campaign polls are off. but i think the thing that pat hit on, yes, trump and sanders are tapping into a little bit of this stuff. but there's still room for someone who's even more of an outsider, more of a revolutionary -- >> who would that be? >> well, let's ask doug. seriously. could mike bloomberg be that? >> i wrote a piece in "the wall street journal" saying i believe mike bloomberg, who is a non-partisan centrist, never been in washington, successful businessman, successful mayor, can bring together the 50% to 60% of americans, i call it the new silent majority, who really respond to what pat was talking about. the fit is not perfect. . but candidly, there is so much of a ground swell in america for something different than the politics of division,
4:55 pm
polarization, negative ads that bloomberg represents. he is a potential very serious candidate, should he decide to run. >> i think also what they're looking for is true. we had a question. we're almost 70% of americans say that as opposed to politicians always lie, that somehow we now have reached a lower tier where politicians lie about everything all the time. the american people want their sovereignty back. they're not looking for -- >> wow. that's a statement. >> they're not looking for just a leader. they're looking to take a role in their own country. so movement will matter. i believe that the opening -- i heard yesterday the leading -- and i won't say his name. the most -- the veteran, the greatest veteran of the political reporters -- he said in an interview, when asked about -- he was being asked, my god, democrats are going far
4:56 pm
left and republicans far right. he said what about the center? he said there is no center. there it is. it's gigantic. >> is it too late to change course? we're coming right back with final thoughts. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. helps preparey themng right for a healthy future. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ... ...from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's ... ...complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and magnesium to help support healthy blood pressure. one a day. you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond.
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or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card final thoughts. doug schoen said maybe bloomberg would run, i guess as a third party. kim guy and patricia stewart saying no, people don't want bloomberg, and they both say nanny state. quick thoughts. >> bloomberg has yet to articulate a program. he is an environmentalist. he's a lot more. if he runs, you'll see. >> john, handicap new hampshire among the republicans. >> i would be amazed if trump doesn't win. the next thing is what i've predicted, that the other ones are going to be rubio, cruz, kasich, christie, bush, they're
5:00 pm
all going to be close to each other for second, third, and fourth place. >> thanks for coming in. as a professional pollster, bringing us some fresh stuff that we could look at about the issues, not about the people, which was really interesting. about the candidates, i should say. that's going to do it for us. "outnumbered," noon eastern tomorrow. look, mom. no hands. technology is changing our world. driverless cars will transform commutes. >> people are going to be reading the paper. >> already robots run some hotels. techies have changed election campaigns. >> a slick hollywood tv ad has its limits. >> and now some republicans say we've caught up. >> that's the power of technology. >> technology totally has changed entertainment. >> you saved my life. >> tada! >> this is amazing. this is real. >> imagine that. like feeling that. >> these young people plan to fix education. >> technog


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