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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  February 8, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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>> it's here. we are in the final 48-hours before the pivotal new hampshire primary. candidates looking for the states where the independent voter has a whole lot of power. what do they need to say to persuade voters ahead of tuesday. the republican side according to the university polling we want to show you. donald trump leading the pack with 28 percent support john kasich second at 14 percent and tied with marco rubio, jeb bush, ted cruz. the rest of the field in the low to low single digits there. the news there is no clear second place holder at this point. tough competition. >> carl cameron is live for us in new hampshire and says the
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race so far is far from decided. >> about 40 percent of the electorate makes up it mind this weekend. realistically more than 100 people in the last day or so said they weren't going to make up their mind until they watched last night's debate. even hearing this rubio super bowl party i have talked to at least a duds enpeople who said they have still not made up their minds. there's another day of campaigning, and it is not -- it is worth remembering that after barack obama beat hillary clinton in iowa eight years ago she came to new shafrp sh hampshire and turned it around. anything can happen in new hampshire. here we are on super bowl sunday with another 36 hours before the polls even open. trump may have a bit of an advantage at the top of the polls but who comes in second, third and fourth is very much a mystery and will be late into tuesday night. >> that was campaign carl
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cameron. bernie sanders on the democrat side maintaining a strong lead over hillary clinton. she took a break from campaigning there today, headed to flint, michigan. as you know that city has been dealing with a water crisis. instead of goibeing on the campn trail her husband bill clinton was campaigning for her in new hampshire. this headline today election officials changed the official caucus results awarding more caucus developments in iowa and narrowing hillary clinton's margin of victory to a quarter of a percent. it is a tie, tie. mike, is it risky at this point political sobers to leave new hampshire and go to michigan? >> perhaps 148 hours but she has the luxury of bill clinton being here in new hampshire hammering away at bernie sanders suggesting his ideas are too
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radical to be implemented. as for secretary clinton she toured flint, michigan selling her skills as someone who can solve a problem. she called the response to the water crisis immoral and talked about the racial and economic inequality. here's how clinton sold the trip to flint. >> the mayor has been wanting me to come. this is a time that worked out for her. i am thrilled to be back in new hampshire and working as hard as i can. i will keep working literally for the last minute. we go off with the campaign trail. i will go to flint see if we can help with the kids. >> that's a reference to sander's appearing on "saturday night live" in the meantime larry david two guys from brooklyn to look and sound a lot alike. he appeared on snl before sanders did he took his turn at comedy. >> i know she was throwing some
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shade. >> the campaign wants them solving problems but not yet solving the problems in new hampshire. senator and sanders trying to seal up the win. >> a senior campaign strategist for bernie sanders told us they knocked on 50,000 doors in new hampshire trying to seal the deal in the granite state. as for sanders himself he continues doing rallies selling the skills to the people of new hampshire hoping it will make a difference on primary day saying he can win the dgeneral electio in november. they are pushing for a big win because they are hoping it will bring momentum as the campaign moves south and west from here. here is how he is selling it to the granite state. >> every day somebody says your ideas are so ambitious. how are you going to get them done? we will get them done, because people will demand that they get
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them done. >> >> you get a chance that people are believing it. they are hoping they will give them a closer look. >> we may have some answers. i am curious about the intensity. you saw such huge voter turnout in iowa. what are you seeing in new hampshire? >> people are all fired up whether republicans, democrats, independents they are giving all of these folks a closer look in the drama in new hampshire. they are able to cross over if they are independent. if they find the republican race more enhancing they vote for john kasich if they like the democratic they go for hillary or bernie sanders. people over here take it very, very seriously. they will be giving them a final look before they go to the
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polls. >> it is not that they are independent minded they get to walk out their independence right up to the primary day. always good to see you. thank you. let's get more of what's going on from ellen kneels -- e nielson. you had several events today and yesterday. i was talking to mike has definitely intensified as well. a lot of people, phone banking,
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knocking on doors and canvassing. >> what about the debate last night? it was very dramatic. there are some governor chris christie of new jersey is saying that it was basically he a change for the entire race. he feels he did very well. i guess if you are a candidate you will always say you are doing well. jeb bush, a lot of a talk about marco rubio. what was the talk and did it move the certainly christie and rubio duked it out a little more last night. i think with the new man mut
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bole put kasich in second place i think he has put a ton of work in new hampshire over the past few months. i think it will be interesting to see if that pays off. i was not at his event today but one of my colleagues was and there are hundreds that showed up for an event of his. that was a minute are giving him and chris christie a harder look. >> donald trump feels he did very well. from what we are seeing from others he had such a lead there he just needed to go and not make any mistakes last night. you were inside the debate hall, quickly before i let you go what do you think was the loudest moment maybe with people? >> i was very interested just from a new hampshire perspective
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with the whole thing about eminent doe nan i think trump's response was interesting. i talked to voters who said they were looking for something else. >> i don't want to run out of time here. thank you for your perspective on that. >> sure. >> i want to remind everybody the new polling with donald truch out front everybody clustered in the middle to low end. our race for the white house continues. political insiders are here with their predictions at the bottom of the hour.
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>> new surveillance video could
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slech gators figure out how a bomb got on to a commercial jet. two men at least one of whom could be an airport worker handing off a lap dtop to a thid man this happening in somalia. the source close to the investigation telling fox news this lap top may have contained an explosive. there's no way to confirm that at this point of course. reports the computer was handed over to the bomber after he went through security. that bosch as you know blew a hole in the side of the plane. the one person who died the alleged bomber. paul tillsly is in south africa and has more on the story. >> fox news learned investigators including several fbi specialists in somalia are concentrating on the issue that is the security video we have obtained today ring into play. was this an inside job?
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an import worker walks with another man who was carrying a lap top through the supposedly secure departure's lounge later after security and x-ray. how did the lap top which authorities suspect contained explosives get through security. moments later the hap lap top is handed over to a third person who authorities claim took it on the plane and either detonated the bomb inside itself or held the computer with a timer with a blast occurring five minutes into the take off climb. burning he fell out of the plane to his death. what did we learn more about these suspects? >> harris, fox news has the names of all three men in the surveillance video. they all come from somali land trying to get out from the mogadishu's control. this impact was not the work of terror group al-shabaab a
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headline grabbing act of separatists. authorities are trying to find out if the man originally seen in the video holding the lap top coerced the worker in the vest to get it through security. the worker didn't talk because tonight from mogadishu fox news has learned the lap top supplier, the guy in the white shirt in the surveillance video has reportedly killed the airport worker. harris? >> wow. paul tillsly with that breaking piece of information. you have been all over the story. we will come back to you on fox news channel as you learn more. thank you very much. great reporting. >> an alleged sympathizer of the islamic savages is due in court monday accused of plotting an attack at a church in michigan. 21-year-old suspect pledged support to isis on-line but told an under cover agent he couldn't go through with the attack because his dad towned hfound h
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bullets and his mask. he's facing drug and weapons charges from last year. an emergency meeting defies the world and carries out a banned ballistic movie. the u.s. ambassador to the un nighted nations are calling it global threat to peace and
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>> were the u.n. security council is strongly condemning the rocket launch saying they will be working to adopt new sanctions against the country. the launch took place overnight two hours after an 8 day launch window opened.
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penning yang says it is part of a peaceful program but it is in direct violation of several u.n. resolutions and reduced concerns over the concerns of the nuclear capabilities. >> the accelerated development of the nuclear and ballistic missile program poses a serious threat to international peace and security. to the peace and security not just of north korea's neighbors but the peace and security of the entire world. >> kristin fisher is live for us in dc on this. >> i understand this is kind of a ramp up thing it is not one singular incidents that has the u.n.'s attention. there have been a few major provocations in the last month. they condemned the rocket launch did y but didn't agree with sanctions in north korea. that could almost as early as council's president. the u.s. ambassador should include unprecedented measures
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once it is leaders>> we look forward to consulting with our colleagues in the coming days and will be looking to all council members within a swift response repeated violations that constitutes this very direct threat to global peace and second. >> it was his second major provocation. remember in january i think it's all right -- now the a missile launch to factor as well. >> it is out a bit on the presidential campaign trail? >> it is especially since the rocket launched three minutes before last night's republican debate. senator ted cruz was asked if president, would you have ordered a preemptive strike to destroy this missile? cruise said he wouldn't
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speculate but he would discuss his fear of an emp or electro magnetic pulse attached. >> one of the real risks of this launch, north korea wants to launch a satellite. one of the greatest risk to the satellite is they would place a nuclear device in the satellite as it would over and around the earth as it got over the united states they would detonate what is called an electro magnetic pulse. it could take oun the entire grid potentially killing million wills. >> the u.s. and south korea agreed to begin talks about deploying an advanced missile defense shield in south korea. it is a move that would almost surely escalate tension>> a news pape pear there said to the publisher of the san antonio observer said the man quote was
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unjustly murdered. the police are doing whatever they can to protect their identitie identities. he was wanted for felony warrants. they say he did not to that and tlikly right around we will give you praeking details. several people fell through the ice. i have done this because i used to live in that part of the country in minnesota. we all think that's going to be okay. they thought it would be. most of the cars had severe wlaut water damage. it had to be towed out. >> if it wasn't -- here's a
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preview. >> licked use of personality modeling. >> tells chris and his team, how are you going to vote and how. >> it tells him what voters care about. >> they respond to different colors. they respond to different pictures. some reach personality on the campaign if it determines to be more knew val. >> mail voters are alarmed, rule ner shabl. check resolution, faster, bette better,>> the gop candidate are looking for choert. support support three republican hopefuls dropped out after the hawk cause it.
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fox news col pal intied
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>> that's what washington, d.c. does the drive by shoot at the beginning and the memorized 25 second speech that is exactly what has been. >> this bottom line the notion that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing is very true. he knows what he is doing.
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>> there it is. the memorized speech. >> what donald truch did was use him in a domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on a strip in atlantic city. that is down write wrong. >> i look at what's going on. i look at all of the polls i do very, very well against hilly clinton. i am the last person she wants to run against. >> we could turn this country around if we get back to the constitution and i will always stand with the american people against the bipartisan corruption of washington. >> you have someone who is known as a deceitful individual, an individual who at benghazi which i will never let go quite frankly. i think of those two men who went on top of there with machine guns firing away, allowing their colleagues who escap escaped. >> i have done now over 100 town hall meetings.
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i loved every second television. it has been the greatest thing in the world. i wand you to know that's disposal. you walk away now and say, i have hope. >> i am harris falkner. it's the bottom of the hour. bring in the top move i have different pollsters ton crib butting. former call tour for president clil clinton and bush as well. let's start with you, join'. how do you think things went? >> chris christie said he felt like that or for the entire race? >> here's where i think we are at 48-hours before new hampshire after last night's debate since
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iowa i feel rubio has been the hot thing coming up. until last night. i think the performance blunted his loam men tum. other people had good nights, christie did well. i wouldn't be surprised if they have 20, 18, 17, 60. they are blues terred in the middle. you can took at aboug lot of th. they popped it up on the screen. that's helpful. thanks to the team. this tells you they are clustered in the middle and the bottom. >> i think what's going on in new hampshire, partly there's a whole process here. i think trump is probably -- he has been on his message as a much more the last few days. because he's the real outsider. i notice cruz finally used the
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word corruption, bipartisan means this is candidate. the establishment candidate got rehurt it's not a moral blow it lo rurt up hand comb also f performance like this. >> i think donald trump was the big pinker. if he was kael can and measured. i have a my sense is if he wins a strike trick story. >> one thing we talked about is jeb bush. when you look realistically who has the money to hang in there, i mean really hang in there. but he doesn't have the polling. arguably had a good night last night. what do you think? >> i think it's not going to happen for jeb but he is now
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airing a commercial in south carolina -- with his brother, would probably mean they are staying in through south carolina which is two weeks from yesterday. jeb is probably not leaving after tuesday. kasich said by 10:00 tuesday night i will know whether i am flying to south carolina or back to ohio. that's what it means to him and probably to christie. we had dr. ben core son on low after eye how he's not going to stick around. >> we are about to reves fuse have bore always pooting clinton network off the spaj so kroerg st other candidates that come to her defense.
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we had two debates. because we had too many candidates when fox started that. the if people running out, she would have been the one. she out polled christie and kasich in iowa. she got equal delegate count than jeb bush. >> some didn't even get that. >> if she was kept out of this which would be a prau joer tive move by abc which is the most in the tank. we heard for years the when he publican party. in iowa 62 percent of republican pawningers peaces. bick a thousand>> thissest a
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thank you. i want to get your take on how it works in in hampshire. i was telling viewers you can wait until primary day if you want to figure out what party you are voting for. >> i think people will. they can vote either democratic or republican primary. both certain knee handers on the stem kratic outside. that race as it is tlietening whack off. more and more de pen tense with him to help those candidacies. john kerry won new hampshire because of independents. this is a volatile situation. i know to has ever gone on to be president and thogs little
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clinton to be honest. it was tom harken with the favorite site. it doesnwasn't at all the same. >> i think you can say that. >> statistically. >> statistically. this is in the same fabbing doe. >> it is not over yet. >> i was annoying when i was mauning. we are counting 245. between pill ry clinton and having the way the independents decide to go, but i think the press, once again, is crying to be able to bail hillary out and say, oh, look how well she did. she loses by 8 or 9 or 10 points in a state shy won eight years ago? are you kayeding?
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the dynamic here is this, the outsiders, the outsiders, the outsiders. bernie sanders on this stuff on the wall street money. hillary's answer about who believes that someone gives you 600,000 dollars and doesn't want anything in return. >> these people oversee the content of these speeches? >> we have as much chance of seeing the 30,000 e-mails>> if hillary gets a victory it will help get her to south carolina. i think bernie sanders i think he will find it in iowa. she may not get credit for that. hillary clinton traveled to flint, rish to speak about the right house where they are
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caulking in the kitchen. we will fox news col lal insiders are right here.
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>> new twists in the race for the democratic nomination. a review of the caucuses in iowa is revealing hillary clinton only beat hillary bernie sanders by 1 percent. it could be tighter than that. >> they are counting some precincts. five of the 14 precincts have been recounted or relooked at. that's 14 of almost 1600 precinctses. over 1600. it has shown him gaining or her losing. it is now even tighter. but the whole thing i was on election night with one of our sister networks on the -- >> fox business. >> fox business with neil cav o
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cavuto. we were having a great time. i started earlier in the evening about what was clearly the things that were going on. the democrats will not release what the total count was of people who came into the caucuses. they said it is against their policies. this is from -- this is on the cnn sight, the cnn polling sight from 2008. those are the raw votes for obama and everyone else that were announced by the democratic party. there has been -- i mean, i am not a journalist. i don't know what the people knew out there, but this is the fraud, the fraud that went on, the precincts that were out that night that were being driven around that showed up to give her her victory after they needed it. the democratic party was in bed with the clinton campaign.
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>> no actual raw vote has been released. >> we had it for 2008 but we don't have it. >> they have it because they have to. >> why do we need to see that? >> because then we will know who the people the democrats in iowa choose for president. i will bet you the reason it is not bein released is because bernie sanders won that. >> doug, you are silent. hillary is your friend. >> she is my friend. i think recently there has been a thrillness in her tone. i think that she has been some what more both animated an agitated. >> why? >> because she sees her own political position potentially eroding. there is always the spector of a legal problem with the e-mail scandal. the word i am getting harris inside the campaign is there is widespread dissatisfaction, panic and indeed fear. >> you know what that leads to is leaks.
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as a journalist i can tell you when they are not happy, they talk. >> bernie sanders went after her as hard as he should the way they are going after him. >> let's tuck about the idea of civility. it has worked on both sides of the political isle. it has worked for dr. ben carson. >> how does that work. he's under 9 percent. >> i don't mean to interrupt you, but civility is nice when you are ahead you can afford to be civil, but when you are behind and you are flaching around trying to catch up. trump is ahead. he hasn't been the slightest bit civil. he's savage. >> he was pretty good last night. >> in the debate he gets to be more evenhanded. >> going after the donors. look every republican except him has taken sub shan shall amounts
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of money. >> those guys as outsiders that's the message that propelled them. that's the message that will drive this election as we will see. >> dead cruz, something you need to say. ted cruz deserves credit because he did stand up on the phone and survive. >> we haven't talked about that. >> you said you liked his opening statement. his closing statement last night -- >> we have to go to iowa again for one second. he's the only candidate that won who the governor specifically came after and said, i urged iowa republicans not to vote for ted cruz because he opposes the ethanol subsidy. cruz won. he won big actually. 28 percent. he's the first guy that i know who stood up to that thing and won. and he stood up to the longest running governor in american history. and he beat him. i would say all along don't underestimate cruz. >> we will give you a little
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push back on dr. ben carson. there are people who would love to have his 9 or 10 percent going in and out of iowa. things have changed for him. when you talk about civility they don't talk about dern knee sanders. >> i think he's going to up the anti and up it considerably. already we have seen him start to speak in harsher tones in wall street some what about the e-mail scandal. he acknowledged it is a very serious issue. i am sure your advice as a presidential advisor. i would say go at her hard because unless you turn the numbers around in the fcc primaries you are going to have a tough time. >> she is trying to say he can't win. actually he's doing better. >> i know they are going to start bugging me. is she telling us as a woman candidate, strong, fearful she is going to win the.
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>> to para frayphrase a great eh man, this is the last -- i am not lost. >> it seems bernie sanders at the town hall last week at the debate that she was playing the victim. oh, you are beating up on me. impair phrasing. you can't be both. you can't be a victor and a vic tem. >> one of the problems he has the polling shows she is losing badly among young women voters. women especially. >> why do you think it is? >> they don't buy her. they think she is insincere and full of bull and they like him. he did great on "saturday night live" last night. couldn't have come better three-days before new hampshire. >> i want to ask the berning question. can he win? >> everybody has their own opinion about who will win but what matters most to americans
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when it comes to choosing our nation's winners. the answer may really surprise you. political insiders doing their own polling. stay with us. l insiders doing tr
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>> new insight on what's on americans mind as we count oun the primary. the publishing showing 66 percent of respondents say the u.s. is in a state of decline. 28 percent disagree with that. 72 percent say the u.s. has a two-track economy where most americans struggle every day in huge corporations get all of the rewards. 20 percent disagree with that. fox news political insiders are back. pat i want to start with you on this. start with the state of decline.
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i asked people to take a vote twitter po twitter poll to see if they agree or disagree. what specific things do people point to? >> the things they point to most of all, let me back up and ma make a point. this is a project i started in 2013. we have six pieces of this. started with a premise, is there a different politics we are told? the answer resoundingly is yes. we are having a new pair time and that paradigm we see even partially already being played out politically. the nation's think two-thirds of the american people think the country is declining and the only people who use that word is bernie stand ders and donald trump. the second thing is, it's corruption. when you have 81, now get this. this is from left to right. 81 percent believe that the power of ordinary people to control our country is getting weaker every day the politicians
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are fighting to protect their own power. 84 percent they put their power and privilege before what's doing right for americans and three quarters of them believe wall street and special interests have raped the system against the american people. that is and that's democrats and republicans alike. the other thing that is clear they have had it with both parties. the people running the parties are so far away from what they feel. and they are looking at what i would say about this what we had an imaginary candidate with smith. he or she blows away everybody running because they are looking for the whole package and they are not getting it. >> they are never going to get anything perfect but they are looking at what is different than what is out there. does this help explain why some of the polling has been so wrong about who people say they will vote for particularly going into, well, really, i mean, historically in the last few years but now in the now primary
1:54 am
season. >> pollsters have been off a lot public polls. i don't know if the campaign polls are up. the thing that packed it on trump and sanders are tapping a little bit into this stuff. but there's still room for someone even more of an outsider, more of a revolutionary -- >> who would that be? >> let's ask doug seriously. >> i wrote a piece in the wall street journal saying that mike bloomberg who is a nonpartisan centrist never been in washington successful businessman. successful mayor can bring together the 50-60 percent of americans i call the new silent majority who really respond to what pat was talking about. the fit is not perfect, i understand that, but candidly there's so much of a ground swell in america for something different than the politics of division, polarization, negative ads that bloomberg represents he is a potential very serious
1:55 am
candidate should he decide to run. >> i think also what they are looking for is true. we have a question it has not been released yet. almost 70 percent of americans say, as opposed to politicians somehow we have now reached the lower tier where politicians lie about everything all of the time. american people want their sovereignty back. they are not looking at -- they are not looking for just a leader. they are looking to take a role in their own country. so movement will matter. i believe that the opening i heard yesterday, the leading and i won't say his name. the most -- the veterans. the greatest veterans the dean of the political reporters when i asked about the great millage because he was asked my god democrats are going far left what about the center? he said there is no center.
1:56 am
ther there is, it is gigantic. >> is this too late to stay the course?
1:57 am
>> michael bloomberg would run as a third party. kim guy and patricia stewart say no. people don't want bloomberg. they both say nanny state. >> bloomberg has yet to articulate a program needing a
1:58 am
fiscally prudent man. he's an environmental list. he's a lot more than nanny state. if he runs you will see. >> handicap new hampshire among the republican force tus night. >> polling says trump is way ahead. i would be amazed if trump doesn't win. the next thing is what i brie dikt -- predicted other ones will be rubio, cruz, kasich, christie, bush, they will be close to each other for second, third and fourth place. they are all going to south carolina. >> bring you fresh stuff we can look at about the issues not the people which is really interesting -- about the candidates i should say. out >> it is monday, february 8th. new amp shir is heating up. candidates making the final push with one day left until the
1:59 am
primary. hillary clinton is put on the hot seat once again on the wall street contribution. >> the handoff rigged with a bomb, a lap top. was it an inside job. >> the broncos defense dominates the panthers to win super bowl 50. the question is this payton manning's last game? oo ♪ >> good morning everyone. we are watching "fox and friend first on this monday morning after the super bowl. i am ainsley alea gabrielle in
2:00 am
ainsley earhardt. >> everyone is talking about the big game last night. >> i am abby hunts man. it all came down to defense. >> here comes pressure. it is recovered by malique jackson for the touchdown. >> denver's defense didn't slow down sacking newton 7 times and forcing four turnovers. they would muster late but could never quite get their offense going. the broncos went on to win super bowl 5024 were 10. now the big question, will payton manning retire? he said several time the past few weeks super bowl 50 may be his last super bowl. he doesn't know what his future holds except a beer. >> i got a couple pry porities in order. i want to kiss my wife and my kids celebrate with my family and teammates


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