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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  February 8, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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foot at bus stops. he casually rides off on his bike. that, my friend, is why we we're stilettos. thank you very much for joining us. we'll be starting bright and early tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. eastern. we hope to see you for the new hampshire coverage. >> big day. 4:00 to 6:00 a.m. see you then. "fox & friends" starts now. have a good day. >> bye. hi, friends. good morning, it is monday the 8th of february, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. the denver broncos super bowl champions. peyton manning is going to celebrate like this -- forget disney world. >> i'm going to drink a lot of beer tonight, budweiser. those are my priorities at this point. >> was this his last game? complete coverage of super bowl 50. >> this bud's for you. then we're one day away from the first in the nation primaries in the state of new hampshire. what are the candidates doing in these final hours? we're going to hit the trail.
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and how many hours left in the show? three. what would you do if you saw this -- a tour bus exploding. thousands in sheer panic. turns out it was just a stunt, and people are furious. >> i don't blame them. >> smile, mornings are better with friends. people are probably waking up, hitting snooze on the alarms for a lot of people. >> i think you're talking about a great team that won. >> yeah. and peyton -- >> if he decides to retire.
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this one of the great defenses of all time. peyton manning had to just not blow the game as opposed to go out and win like he had to a couple of years ago and came up short. here he was after the game. >> this has been a very emotional week, an emotional night. and i got a couple of priorities in order. i want to kiss my wife, kiss my kids. i want to celebrate with my team and teammates, and i'm going to drink a lot of budweiser. those are my priorities at this point. >> budweiser said, "we did not pay him to say that, but we will send him a lot of beer." >> yeah. cases. >> budweiser tweeted, "congrats to peyton and the broncos team. where does one ship 50 cases of
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bud, just curious? #thisbudsforyou." he had a great game, cam newton not so much. >> talking about what happened after the game, too. >> after being sacked six times and not having a great performance. he with the hood up, indicative of early in his career, frustrated. took a few questionses, had a few short answers, then got up and said "that's it." >> yeah, he did. >> are we going to hear it? >> i don't think -- there we go. he had enough. put it this way, they're not delivering budweiser to his house. >> i don't know if you remember when peyton manning bombed and they got crushed by seattle. peyton manning sat for an hour in the podium and had to take it as a losing quarterback. i was also covering when he lost to the saints after leading at halftime. he sat there for an hour. i think part of being a superstar, the mvp of the league, you've got to sit there, good times and bad. >> the night before he had gotten the award for mvp of the
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league. come on, cam. you got to know how to lose, too. like a gentleman. >> he's got a year to think about it. let's talk about the important stuff, we're talking about commercials and talking about the halftime show. if you saw the very beginning, lady gaga -- i didn't actually see it. i heard it on the radio. it was just her voice with a single piano. and it was beautiful. ♪ o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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♪ >> awesome. nobody can accuse her of not being pate rotted nick that outfit either with the glitter red eye shadow and suit and american flag platform shoes. >> unbelievable -- unibelievably talented. also, i didn't know that she looked -- she looks totally different there. >> she has so many looks. >> she has to bring i.d. i mean -- she was great. i didn't even know it was her. >> she turned down the outlandish outfits. >> the pop, pop, paparazzi outfits. >> and the meat suits. part of me was worried she would ruin the patriotic moment of the super bowl. no way. she was unbelievable. i loved it. >> fast forward to halftime. coldplay was the main featured performer which a lot of people weren't crazy about going in. weren't crazy about going out. he got help from bruno mars, who was fantastic, and beyonce was
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in there, too. ♪ uptown funk you up uptown funk you up ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> that was the moment, right? >> a couple of things. the minute chris martin started singing and you heard the songs back to back to back, you realized why they were there. then you lost him for about an hour. then everybody came up. i loved the flashbacks in other performances. i was surprised that janet jackson didn't make the cut. they went back to 50 years of other great halftime performances. at the end -- i couldn't make out what beyonce was saying. in the end, she dressed up as a tribute to the black panthers. and she was telling cops to start shooting blacks. >> i got to be honest with you, his no idea when this was -- i had no idea when this was going on.
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>> she performed the single formation, a rallying cry for the black lives matter movement. we'll talk about that later on. rudy giuliani will be with us in an hour. meantime, let's go -- >> loves music. >> everybody knows, america's musician. let's go up to new hampshire now. we have more from the frozen tundra. a big storm coming. good morning to you, tucker. >> reporter: good morning. >> let's talk about the polls. the last polls before the big vote tomorrow. once again, donald trump is leading by double digits in this particular poll. he's up by 16 over kasich, who is in number two and rubio's in third followed by bush and cruz. from your point of view -- and i know you were working all weekend long -- how are things changing on the ground if at all after the debate? >> reporter: basically you're seeing what you saw two weeks ago -- trump in one category, the bulk of the candidates in the next category.
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then the evangelical candidates at the bottom. the problem for candidates like rubio and bush is that their vote is being split among five different candidates. if you are interested in trump, you're probably only interested in trump. if you're interested -- if you were happy with the george w. bush years, if you liked mitt romney, you've got five candidates to choose from. if you're a sincere evangelical and vote on that, you've got cruz and ben carson. but again, the middle of the pack, they're dividing their vote. and some of these guys will be out on wednesday, i would predict. i think we're going to see a much clearer contest come -- >> there's a school of thought that kasich seemed to be hitting the right notes for the people of new hampshire after a solid debate. he does a flash poll, his own super pac does. they don't hide it. 500 phone calls. 500 people they connect with. it turns out, he moves up the most, and rubio drops the most. trump stays solidly at number one. kasich ends up at number two. what's your reaction to that? >> i mean, it kind of makes
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sense. i would say this group in the center, these five candidates are really looking ahead to the -- they believe that new hampshire is an anomaly, an outlier. it's its own state. they just want to be in the game by wednesday morning. >> sure. >> that's why you're seeing them attack each other. you're seeing almost no attacks on donald trump because their calculation, people who are voting trump just want trump. that's why you see bush going after rubio or christie going after rubio. >> tucker, want everybody to see this in case you missed the sparring session saturday between governor chris christie and senator rubio. chris christie basically saying you have 25-second campaign responses, and you need to be more fluid. listen to this. >> once and for all with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. i would add this, let's dispel with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's
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doing. here's the bottom line -- this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is not true. >> there it is. there it is. the memorized -- >> we're not facing a president who doesn't know what he's doing. he knows what he's doing. that's why he's done the things he's done. >> it was stunning to watch it live. and yet yesterday -- for your analysis, hold on. marco rubio embraced what he had done the night before and doubled down on it. listen to this. >> i would pay them to keep running that clip. that's what i believe passionately. it's one of the reasons why i'm not running for re-election to the senate, and i'm running for president. it's what i believe, and it's what i'm going to continue to say. it happens to be one of the main reasons why i am running. >> tucker? >> reporter: that's the only answer he can give. what are you going to say, you caught me with the reverse talking point? repeating a bumper stick four times? no. this reminds me of the trump answer to eminent domain, which conservatives hate. he's tied to it. he says, yes, eminent domain is
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a good thing. i think this saturday best possible answer. christie's numbers after the devastating exchange don't seem to have risen much. he didn't seem to get much out of it. >> was it too aggressive? >> i think that may be true. we'll find out tomorrow whether it actually moved votes one way or another. but you haven't seen that -- seen any kind of great bump for chris christie. maybe that he came off as too tough. >> right. you're having a good time, right? that's the most important thing. >> reporter: the bernie phenomenon is unbelievable. he's going to crush hillary clinton tomorrow. that is -- that's a story that's going to get us rethinking what the democratic party is, i think. >> thank you very much. a lot of people saying it's the revenge in the rise of the governors, too, with kasich, bush, and christie making a name for themselves on saturday even more. >> and we have more on the news. welcome to the week, heather. you lead with a fox news alert. >> coming in from overseas. good morning to all of you. an update on the somali terror attack. it was an inside job. take a look at this -- caught on
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camera. investigators from mogadishu's airport releasing video that they say shows the moment when an explosive wire laptop was handed to the bomber. two men seen in the term new hampshire one wearing an airport vest, that orange vest. one appears to be carrying a small laptop. moments later, they stop near a third man who's believed to be the homicide bomber. they hand him that laptop believed to have the explosives inside. six airport officials have been arrested in connection with the bombing. the pilot describing security efforts at the airport as "zero." back at home, overnight, a mardi gras parade erupts in gunfire in mississippi. police west of gulfport say a fight started shortly after the parade ended yesterday afternoon, and then shots were fired. listen. >> lady heard one hit the stop sign across the tracks over there. it seemed like it was pretty
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spread out. >> a 29-year-old man and 43-year-old man were killed. four others taken to the hospital. no arrests have been made. the super bowl wasn't the only major sporting event yesterday. the most adorable athletes showed their stuff in the 12th annual puppy bowl. >> now, starr is heading for the end zone. touchdown! touchdown. >> so cute. team ross came out on top over team flop with a score of 70-44. what's not adorable about puppies? those are your headlines. speaking of adorable, i think you had a birthday yesterday -- >> i did. they brought a cake out. it was very nice. pie parents called in the -- my parents called in the show. thanks for remembering me. >> finally you're 25 -- >> and holding. 13 minutes after the hour. coming up, a newspaper planning to publish the names and addresses of cops as revenge. you're not going to believe it story. and madeleine albright has a strong message for women who don't vote for hillary clinton. >> there's a special place in
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hell for women who don't help each other. [ applause ] . >> a special place in? will did she go too far? a debate next. hello my love! the flame is out... the flame is out, tomorrow my attitude... your mother... antonio. antonio. que? the stove. it's not working. campbell's microwaveable soups. made for real, real life. frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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and you have to help. hillary clinton will always be there for you. just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other.
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[ applause ] >> wow, the crowd went wild. hillary clinton dropped her jaw there. madeleine albright sending that strong message to female voters at a rally saturday did. she go too far? let's bring in campaign director for the center for american progress, emily trish sussman, and ashley pratt to the base. good morning. the hell that i learned about in sunday school, fiery furnace, weeping and wailing, gnashing of teeth is, this too much? >> i don't think she was saying hard line women have to vote for women. this is something albright has said for literally ten years. it was on a starbucks cup. i think she is speaking of a place of truth for her. she had to break a lot of glass ceilings. she supported other women in doing. she want women to support women doing it along the way. that theme is generational and resonates with women like her who did have to break glass
3:19 am
ceilings themselves. it hits harsher for younger women which i think is where the discussion is coming in. >> ashley, is it fair for women to vote on issues other than just women's issues? >> i think it's entirely fair. women aren't just voting, you know, on women's issues or because of their gender. they're voting on pocketbook issues, as well. things that affect their families, things that affect health care. yet, hillary clinton has made the whole campaign about pandering to women who are my age and emily's age. last night actually, it was just surprising to me. i went to one of the local restaurants here. she was in town and was actually in the takeout line at the restaurant. i talked to her about why it was important for young women in this election to go out and vote. she said, you know, madeleine albright said yesterday that it is important for young women to get involved, confirming this. i thought the comments were despicable and alienating toward young women. i think it will really work to her detriment against someone like bernie sanders who is attractive to young people and young women voter. >> emily, another feminist icon,
3:20 am
gloria steinem made the comment, "where are the boys? the boys are with bernie." suggesting that young women are flacking to bernie sanders because -- flocking to bernie sanders because that's where the men are and they want to get dates. do you think alliances with feminist icons could backfire against clinton? >> steinem has said she apologizes for that. she overstepped. there is no question that clinton does need to sharpen the message when talking to young women. and talking to young people generally. i think especially with young women. this is something she's acknowledged, a message that resonates with women of her generation, a little bit older. millennial women in particular, they don't -- they feel the fights of their parents are not the same as today. they feel disparity in their own lives. but it needs to be framed differently. she has said that she'll fight for young women even if they don't fight for her. look, the messaging has to be better. >> emily and ashley, apologize, we have to leave it there. we're coming up against a hard break. appreciate your dime today.
3:21 am
>> thank you. >> and yeah, steinem did issue an apology on social media. 20 minutes after the hour. she's been making presidential candidates camera ready for nearly three decades. then her daughter died from a heroin overdose. how she's asking candidates where they stand on drug addiction.
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she has been working her make-up magic on political candidates and their moms in new hampshire for almost 29 years, painting the faces of the last five u.s. presidents, and every candidate, it seems, who has visited new hampshire since 1992. after losing her stepdaughter to heroin addiction, chris blevins is advocating for those who
3:25 am
suffer from the disease. she's using her access to politicians who sits in her chair every day for 5, 10, 15 minutes to bring about change. she joins us from manchester. chris, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> tell us first of all your personal story. >> well, unfortunately, in april of 2014, my stepdaughters amber was found in an alley here in manchester dead from a heroin overdose after quite a few years of struggle with addiction to various substances to led her to an i.v. heroin use. >> we're sorry for your loss. sometimes people in your chair are there for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, could be a half hour. while they're in your chair, what did you decide to start doing? >> i wanted to ask the candidates if they were aware about the heroin crisis, especially in new hampshire. early on, their answer was, huh,
3:26 am
what heroin crisis? i took it upon myself to be the one that could educate them on the reality of what's happening at the grassroots level here in new hampshire with our heroin crisis. >> sure. and we were talking over the last couple of weeks with geraldo, who has been noting the terrible number of deaths by heroin in new hampshire. we've got stats, we'll put up on the screen now. drug deaths by year in new hampshire, in 2013, it was 192. 2014, 326. and this past year, 399. one more graphic. what issue citizens say is the most important facing new hampshire? number one is drug abuse. that is what you're talking about rights there. when you have candidates in your chair and tell them your story and ask for their opinions and -- you are not, what range of answers have you gotten from the
3:27 am
candidates? >> i think shock at first. it was kind of like a punch in the gut when i talked to senator clinton. a lot of compassion from some of the candidates who have personal experience. and from some that have no personal experience with anyone in their life with addiction, kind of that blake stare of i don't get -- blank stare of i don't get it. wherever they are with their understanding of substance abuse disorder, i took it upon myself to educate them as much as i could. i'm quite proud of the candidates, they're all talking fluently now about substance abuse. what we're looking for now is not so much them talking about it but action. what are the action steps that they're going to take? i know here at a grassroots level in manchester, new hampshire, i'm partnered with hope for new hampshire recovery. our only community recovery center in new hampshire. and my recovery guru, our director, holly sikala, is amazing educatesing me.
3:28 am
i've got her on my left side. -- o my right side is our chief of police in manchester, nick willard, who wears a superhero cape by day and by night. we're doing a grassroots effort to open amber's place after my daughter. i've raised personally $50,000 because we have no state or federal funding for our mission. we're relying on the private sector now. and we've had quite an outpouring of support. we want to catch people after they overdose and have been brought back by narcan so they don't go back and use again and again. if recovery is not initiated at this crucial point of you just died, now you've been brought back, this is where we're losing our people here in new hampshire. amber's place will be a catch net for our community center. >> before you go, do you have a website if people would like to help? >> yes, absolutely.
3:29 am and amber's place is a project of that nonprofit. >> terrific. >> that's where you can find us. >> chris blevins, where we hear the candidates in new hampshire talking about drug problems in the granite state, you got to wonder whether or not the first time they heard about it was when they sat in your chair. >> i'm sure it was. >> there you go. thank you very much for joining us. we know you've got a busy 48 hours ahead. >> yes, for sure. thank you. >> thanks, chris. all right. what would you do if you saw this? look at the screen. a tour bus exploding. thousands sent into sheer panic. turns out it was a stunt. people are furious. we'll tell you more about that ahead. and what exactly does it mean to feel the burn? tucker carlson went to a bernie sanders rally to find out. >> reporter: what do you like about him? >> everything. his economic policy.
3:30 am
>> i like his hair. >> i like his hair, too. tucker joins us from new hampshire next. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
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but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. blevins. i often think about this alone. this is the first time i can say this out loud. what exactly does it mean to feel the bern? >> tucker carlson went to new hampshire to find out. how did it go? >> reporter: it was intense. i am still singed. the moment sum is clearly behin bernie sanders. he's 74 years old, but when he took his coat off, people cheered when he called for wall street executives to go prison, they cheered even louder. here's some of what we saw. ♪ much [ chanting ] >> i'm they're watch bern speak, to hear his message, be inspired by him.
3:34 am
>> here to see bern. >> i'm here to support bernie sanders. >> i like bernie. >> i like his hair. >> reporter: at the rally, things are reaching a fevered pitch as the candidate gets ready to speak. unbelievable. what do you like about him? >> everything. his economic policy. would like to get big money out of politics. >> we like his message. equality for all. changing the system which is broken. >> almost his entire platform, you know. i think breaking up the banks, raising the minimum wage. >> reporter: when he calls himself a democratic socialist, what does that mean to you? >> i think it means that he is someone that truly cares about all people. >> democratic socialism? a frightening thing. the word socialism. yeah, that's huge. >> didn't say i was for it. i said i was fewer curious. -- i was curious.
3:35 am
>> reporter: why not hillary? >> i don't -- she doesn't speak to my heart. bernie, i feel he's honest. >> there's been a lot going with hillary. i don't know if our generation trusts her as much. >> she unfortunately has the ear of special interests a little bit much for my case. i'm not a fan. >> poor hillary runs against the best people. i loved obama. enough to i love bernie. >> reporter: do you think he has a shot? >> bern? yes, i do. i think he. does [ chanting ] >> reporter: sanders' rally has ended in portsmouth, new hampshire. and supporters are filing out behind me dazed but apparently content. with that, we sign off. we came, we saw, we felt the bern. >> dazed but content. tucker, are the people who go there -- you know, i know you had back and forth with them about socialism. are there people who hear his message and go, yeah, 90% taxes
3:36 am
on some? i'm okay with that? >> reporter: they're angry. they were nice to us, totally friendly people. but they are really angry at rich people, at the ruling class and at wall street particularly. sanders almost never mentions socialist views. it's all about the economy. the most something thing from my point of view covering this is how contemptuous people in the audience were of hillary clinton. the clinton people say, well, the overwhelming majority of bernie sanders voters like us. that was not our experience. they have a choice, and they're going with sanders. they see her as a tool of big money, of wall street. her goldman sachs speech really irritate them. i think this is a bigger problem for hillary than i realized. who knows if he has a future beyond this state. he's going to win big hire. >> you watch. the next big thing is pushing hillary clinton to release the transcripts that she insisted on having done every time she did a speech. >> exactly. >> when she's totally disingenuous and says i didn't know there were transcripts, it was built into the contract. >> exactly. whether we get the transcripts -- and i think we will, and we
3:37 am
hear her saying goldman sachs, you're the reason america's great, i think it's a big problem for democratic voters. voters aren't going to understand it. they'll hate it. >> although she said it was an artful smear campaign, he's saying, look, these are the dots. you voters can connect them as i wish. >> reporter: exactly. he almost never mentions her name, but he doesn't need. to they know who he's running against. >> are you going to stick around, or are you going to bed? >> reporter: are you kidding? i'm so wound up from bernie sanders that i'm staying here. >> completely singed. tucker live from manchester right now. meanwhile, 23 minutes before the top of the hour. and heather, good morning. >> good morning. a couple of headlines this morning. there was a family that was heroically rescued after their car was swallowed up by a massive sinkhole. heart stopping event caught on camera. watch this. strangers stepping in with makeshift rope, pulling a woman and man and a 2-year-old child
3:38 am
from the 16-foot hole in peru. during the rescue, the car started to fill with water from underground. thankfully all three of them are safe this morning. unbelievable. back at home, a texas tabloid plans to release the names and addresses of every san antonio police officer following the shooting of an unarmed man. the publisher of "the san antonio observer," that's the paper, is calling for the move saying the shooting was unjust. listen -- >> his hands were above his head in a posture of surrender. >> wow. that publisher, stephanie zarillo, seen here, claims the names and addresses of local police officers should be known just like the public has a right to know about nearby sex offenders? >> what? and officers killed a man last week in an attempted arrest. he had felony warrants against him. the police officers thought he was holding a gun, but it turned out to be a cell phone.
3:39 am
outrage in london after a bus explosion. imagine this -- packed bystanders then learned that explosion and the noise is all for a movie. listen. [ explosion ] >> oh, god! >> people there were understandably left in shock wondering if there was a terror attack. they quickly learned that that blast was a part of an upcoming movie that features pierce brosnan and jackie chan. social media points out signs had been sent a week earlier, you see it there. but it just says "road closed." they said that was the warning that there was going to be an explosion for a movie. can you imagine the history that london has had with terrorism? >> no kidding. >> and to see a massive bomb go off for a movie. >> sure. [ all talking at once ] >> how do you tell everybody a bomb is going to go off? a sky writer? >> big special effects, movie coming up, local news could have information. that's what they do here. >> troubling.
3:40 am
>> yeah. >> they're making a movie in front of our building now. something about "the mystery of laura" or something like that. >> really? maybe they'll cast us. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. next, jeb bush stepping up his attacks after this weekend's debate. >> american heroes, calling them losers. donald trump, you're the loser. >> so how he feel being tomorrow's primary? we'll ask him because he joins us live. and ads like this one stole the super bowl spotlight last night. >> you're awfully sassy for someone without a torso. >> i feel like you peaked in middle school. you look like an out-of-work magician. >> the complete list of winners and losers when lee carter gives them the dial treatment coming up. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes?
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it was an ad extravagansz last night as advertisers shelled out $5 million for, i don't know, put 30-second spots together like this. >> six, five, four, three, two, one -- >> yep. so what other commercials were big hits last night like that one? pollster and partner for meslansky and partners is here, lee, welcome. it's okay, you can thank me later. let's look at the first ad you that would like it grade. you give this -- i'm not going to give it away. this is tj miller and orange ripping on each other. >> i feel like you peaked in middle school. >> you're sassy for someone without a torso. >> i think your superpower is breathing heavy. >> that would be a pretty good superpa sup superpower. >> people would know you were there. >> your mother was an orange.
3:45 am
was your father medical marijuana? >> you look like a movie mat. >> do you have eyes? >> this loser walk into a bar, it's called right now. >> touche. perfect touch. touching. >> we like that? >> we loved it. people talked about it a lot. people gave it an a. the blue were men, red were women. people love things that talk that don't usually talk. whether it's animals, oranges. >> what do i want to buy there? >> the beer. i think a lot of people don't remember the name of the brand. >> that's the whole thing. i don't get it. it was entertaining. now let's talk about snickers. this made me uncomfortable. ♪ >> sweetheart, don't look at me like that. it's going to be amazing. ♪ >> this is a disaster! >> who's the genius who puts a girl in heels on a subway grate? >> miss monroe, eat a snickers.
3:46 am
you get crank weathy when you'r hungry. better? >> much better. >> this will never make the cuts. morons. >> willem dafoe and marilyn monroe. what does it do? >> what we saw is overall it got a b-minus. you saw it went up, then it went down. people said it made them uncomfortable. i will say people remember this was a snickers ad. it tied into the brand. let's see what the long-term results are. >> people know it's a snickers ad. that's good. the last one is death wish coffee. [ cheers ] >> a legend. and welcome -- >> death wish coffee, fiercely caffeinated. intuit, glad to put -- >> is it quick books, coffee -- i don't get it. >> nobody got it.
3:47 am
it was a great idea for them to sponsor small business, but it wasn't a clear time. people didn't know what it was. i don't think it's going to do anything. i don't think anyone knows what it's about. i think it was a big miss. >> according to the dials, it was a miss. according to us in studio unofficially, a miss. lee, you coming back later to do politics? sounds good. coming up, jeb bush is stepping up his attacks after his sterling performance -- stirring, i should say, as well, at the weekend's debate. >> american heroes -- calling them losers, donald trump, you're the loser. >> how is he feeling about tomorrow's primary? we're going to ask him when he joins us live from new hampshire next. black friday
3:48 am
3:49 am
3:50 am
3:51 am
you can't recite turns of phrases to the presidency of the united states and expect to be able to lead. american heroes, calling them losers, donald trump, you're the loser. >> following his standsout performance saturday on abc, former governor jeb bush is stepping up his game to break out from the pack. >> former florida governor and presidential candidate jeb bush joins us now. good morning, and thanks for being with us. >> good morning. it is a beautiful day here in new hampshire. not a cloud in the sky. >> there will be. >> you have been saying i'm the
3:52 am
tortoise in this race, it's a long race, a marathon, not a sprint. how is it looking in new hampshire? >> we have a phenomenal number of volunteers from inside of the state and outside that are knocking on doors, making calls. i think the debate helped set the stage for what we're doing, electing a president. people in new hampshire take it seriously, and i'm showing that i have the leadership skills to be president of the united states. so i feel good about where we are. >> governor, just thinking in the big pblticture, you seem so much more relaxed on stage. i watch your town halls, everyone seems enthused. was there something about seeing your mom next to you that just gave you a security over the laugh few days that you thought i really found myself -- the last few days that gave you a securi security that found more? >> whatever you want me to ascribe to the change -- >> i don't want you to -- >> i love my mother. that's a good reason.
3:53 am
>> we love your mother. your mother's great. >> i love my mother a lot. >> i tell you, i thought you had your best debate of the season on sudden night on -- on saturday night on abc. i think we'll play a sound bite of you going up against donald trump on the question of eminent domain. here's part of that exchange. >> sure. >> eminent domain is an absolutes inited for a country. >> but donald trump used eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman -- [ all talking at once ] >> how tough is it to take property from an elderly woman? >> let me talk. quiet. >> okay, there he is shushing you. it seemed from my money, governor, you were about the only one who went after donald trump who is a front-runner. everyone else was trying to blow up marco rubio. >> marco had a chance to say that donald trump wasn't a conservative, and ted cruz was asked about whether he had the
3:54 am
temperament to be president. both of them punted -- i guess they don't want to be bullied by the big bully on the stage. he doesn't have the temperament to be president. whenever i have a chance to describe what i think about him, i'm going do it. it's important because we have to have someone who can beat hillary clinton and someone who's a conservative needs to be president of the united states to lift us up again as a country. so i don't know if it's good politics or not. it's the right thing to do. >> how would shushing you go head to head with hillary clinton? >> you think you should shush hillary clinton.
3:55 am
this is a reality tv show for him. he views it as a form of entertainment, i think. and i don't view it that way. i wake up each day saying, wow, i'm runningstates. the greatest country on the face of the earth. people are suffering right now, it's in our history to be able to fix these things so people could be lifted up. >> i was watching donald trump yesterday, and everybody doing the interviews all over the place, and donald trump said i just found out that george bush 43, your brother, used eminent domain to build a stadium, texas stadium. and he wished he'd brought that up. he found that out after the debate. what's your reaction to that? >> i don't think that there should be any use, private use, eminent domain should not be used for private purposes. period. i don't know what my brother did or not. i have my views on this. the state of florida passed a constitutional amendment by about 80-20 i think on this very subject. donald trump couldn't do what he tried to do in atlantic city in florida. and that's the right thing.
3:56 am
eminent domain should be used for infrastructure, for public right of way, for the things that it's always been used for. that's more than appropriate. but not to take away a home from an elderly woman so you can build a stinking parking lot for limos for your casino. you know, it's just not at appropriate use of police powers of the government. >> all right, after new hampshire, governor, real quick, is south carolina. we understand your brother, george w. bush is going to be campaigning for you there, right? >> absolutely. and i'll be there on wednesday morning bright and early. in hilton head starting to campaign there. but for the next two days i'm focused on new hampshire, and i have been -- i'm so excited about how we're doing here, and i'm -- i feel blessed to be able to campaign in a place where people actually take it seriously. this is -- >> they do, indeed. >> an important part of our democracy. >> congratulations on a great debate, governor. best of luck the rest of the way. >> eat some hush puppies at the salty dog when you're in hilton head.
3:57 am
>> now i'm hungry. >> they're delicious. 56 minutes after the hour. beyonce gets a police escort to the super bowl and salutes black lives matter during her halftime performance? america's mayor rudy giuliani has something to say about that. he joins us next. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground. hi friends, good morning. it's monday the 8th of february, 2016, i'm anna kooiman. broncos fans on a rocky mountain high, and peyton manning knows how he's going to celebrate his super bowl win. >> i'm going to drink a lot of beer tonight, jim. budweiser, von miller is buying, and those are my priorities at this point. >> he deserves it. complete coverage of super bowl 50 in moments. >> i love the way he uses everybody's name. just let me be honest with you. from the rocky mountain to the granite state the candidates make their final push before tomorrow's primary. yes, it's timely tomorrow. rudy giuliani is here. steve could touch him if he wants to. but i asked him not to. he's going to tell us who he thinks has the best shot.
4:01 am
see if he doesn't like that. >> i'm just touching him. he's right next to me. you'll have him in a minute. meanwhile, this is a story. a world war ii hero to took a grenade for our country denied benefits at the v.a. because the government lost his records. >> we have no record of you being in the service. i must be one of the unknown soldiers, i guess. >> did we mention he's got the medals to prove he was in the second world war? the most outrageous story you're going to hear all day. live from new york, that show where they touch rudy giuliani on the shoulder, against his will. it's "fox & friends." we're starting right now, rudy. >> who knew rudy giuliani loves football to the extent he does. >> i'm a big football fan, too. a giants fan. and then the jets, when the
4:02 am
giants aren't in the playoffs. so i really hardly ever watch super bowl commercials. i always watch super bowls with my friends. >> mm-hmm. >> okay. >> so the commercials are a chance to debate the plays. you know. was that the right play? should he have run -- and last night's defense against -- against was tremendous against carolina. >> one of the best defense you ever see. >> cam newton? how do you defend cam newton like that? my god. >> six sacks. the way he acted after the game is also a story. when you take four or five questions and storm out with your head -- >> if you're in the super bowl, against one of the best teams in football you got to expect to lose. you want to win. you got to be ready -- >> somebody's going to lose. >> like tomorrow night. most of the guys are going to lose tomorrow night. one guy's going to win. they better be ready to lose or you're finished. >> he's only 26, right? he can make a comeback next season. >> oh, yeah i don't hold that against him. i know you -- the emotion is tremendous. he let his teammates down, i'm sure a lot of that is involved
4:03 am
in it, too. i remember when i lost when i was running for president when i lost my biggest feeling because i supported john mccain. i loved john. i kind of felt good about that. that was okay. but i felt bad about the people i let down. but you got to suck it up. >> sure. >> well, i tell you what, the older guy on the field was the big winner. peyton manning. >> that's what i love. i mean -- >> we all love that. here he is, up on the podium, he's not going to disney world this year. he's going to have a hangover. watch. >> this has been a very emotional week, an emotional night. and i got a couple of priorities in order. i want to go kiss my wife, kiss my kids. i want to go celebrate with my family and teammates. and i'm going to drink a lot of beer tonight, jim. budweiser, von miller's buying, and those are my priorities at this point. >> so funny. so controlled, so sarcastic. it's great, right? >> that's why he's -- he has that number one guy on television for all the football people for a commercial. >> you know what i also thought
4:04 am
was great when john elway, pat bowen has alzheimer's he famously said when john elway beat the packers, he held up the trophy and said this one's for john. then john elway holds up the trophy and says this one's for pat. >> that was beautiful. >> and both of them end of the career, probably his last game, my memory will be the two-point conversion. like an old-fashioned -- an old-fashioned peyton touchdown pass. wide open right there. >> let's talk a little bit about the halftime. i know that's when you go and argue with your teammates. but this is our entertainment director. >> okay. so we're going to go ahead and show you some video of beyonce with cold play and bruno mars. she got a police escort there and then gives a salute to the black lives matter movement, and shout-out to malcolm x and m.j. were excellent. >> i think it was outrageous. the halftime show i thought was ridiculous anyway. i don't know what the heck it was.
4:05 am
a bunch of people bouncing around and -- >> cold play old -- >> it was terrible. i don't even know why we have this. i mean, this is -- >> you got to do something at halftime. >> this is football not hollywood and i thought it was really outrageous that she used it as a platform to attack police officers. the people who protect her and protect us, and keep us alive. and the african-american community, and all communities, is build up respect for police officers. and focus on the fact that when something does go wrong, okay. we'll work on that. but the vast majority of police officers risk their lives to keep us safe. >> mr. mayor, i also look at the nfl. what do they do? they took control of the halftime because they didn't like what mtv was doing after janet jackson got her, her -- >> wardrobe malfunction. >> after that happened. so didn't they go and review this and say wait a second, why are you -- >> figure out who you're putting on? it's a political position she's probably going to take advantage of it. you're talking to middle america, the super bowl, so it can have entertainment.
4:06 am
let's have, you know, decent wholesome entertainment, and not use it as a platform to attack the people who, you know, put their lives at risk to save us. >> when you think of beyonce, i think you know, some people think of jay-z, i think of tucker carlson. tucker carlson, you're down in new hampshire. you saw beyonce at halftime. >> actually, i was at a bernie rally. i was like, what are you doing here? >> something with bernie. >> go ahead. >> i got a question for the mayor. i can't control myself. so mr. mayor, you have run for president. you know everybody running. the other eight candidates with the exception of governor bush haven't really attacked donald trump. he's the front-runner. he's doubling the next highest john kasich. i asked them why aren't they attacking me? he said they're afraid of me. that's obviously boasting. but is it true? >> well, i mean bush did, right? and i thought bush actually probably gained somewhat from it. i think trump will win tomorrow. i think the disadvantage they have and the advantage donald has is, he has the three
4:07 am
governors, right? they all did well. so, they got to divide whatever that is, 30% or 40% by three, as opposed to if one of them had done well, and the others had done poorly, then that would be more trouble for donald, i think. but the fact that they all did well, it's hard to say. >> what about the fact that marco rubio -- there's that embarrassing series of sound bites that sound complete -- to chris christie's point, sound rehearsed, sound like part of a canned speech, and can't say over and over and over -- >> here's the point. particularly when you get down to the seventh and eighth, i did eleven or twelve debates. your big worry is you're going to say it different. they ask the same question all the time. and -- >> the key is to say it the same way. >> because you're going to put a new adjective in and they're going to say, you changed your position. you used to be against it now you're very much against it. i'm sure there was a little bit of that -- there was a little bit of that there.
4:08 am
he wasn't picking up on it. >> does it hurt rubio. >> it hurt his momentum. i mean i think if rubio -- let's say rubio had a great debate after the big -- iowa win he takes a three and makes it a one, by the way he handled the expectations. and he had a great debate, i think tomorrow would be real close between him and donald. but i think now i think donald will have a maybe double digit -- >> -- open up his lead the last poll. >> yeah. and then the governors who all did well, i thought bush had maybe the best debate he's had, and i thought christie had a great debate. although he'll take a little heat for being the guy who had to do the damage. because, you know, when you hit with a negative, there's a kind of a negative feeling against you, too. but it had to be one of the most effective points in a debate we've ever seen. >> governor christie also showed himself as the strong executive and contrasts himself to senator rubio, aside from the punching
4:09 am
that -- >> it could help down the line. it could help -- ithim down the. don't think it's going to help in new hampshire. >> tucker, real quick, i think it was the monmouth poll went back and they talked to a bunch of the people they had talked to before, and they said, what -- twice as many trump voters did not go to vote as everybody else's. there on the ground in new hampshire is the feeling about the ground game? you know, they've got this? people are going to show up on tuesday? >> you know, it's impossible to know and the weather always plays a role. obviously an election is very different from a caucus. people don't change their mind as often when they walk in to a voting booth as they do when they walk in to a caucus site. but look, people are voting for trump want to see the republican party substantially change from what it is. and that number, i think, is going to remain pretty static. we'll find out. >> about 25% say they still have not made up their minds. we don't know what the independents are going to do, right? >> new hampshire generally turns
4:10 am
out well. as a state that loves politicians -- >> you mean accurate to the polls? >> no, no, not necessarily -- no, i mean in terms of -- >> people go to vote. >> usually have a big turnout. no the polls are historically inaccurate in new hampshire. i mean we've had some big swings like hillary was going to lose eight years ago, people do change their mind. but these people are very enthusiastic voters. so i think you could have a real, real trump turnout. >> it's the live free or die state. >> it could be. i mean i think trump is going to win. but it could be different than the polls. >> i know we got to wrap but the biggest mystery to me is the poll numbers go down for christie, yet the crowds are big, and his performance was so -- he was so competent, and aggressive and confident i don't know how he does not benefit from this. >> well, there is the old action in politics that if you ever want to deliver a negative you take a certain amount of negative for awhile. you can then gain. so, sure -- i don't know if
4:11 am
he'll get immediate benefit. i hope so. >> the reality is he had to be the one to do the dirty work. in essence he helped them. whoever comes in second, particularly if it's close, is getting helped by that. >> you're right. looks at this point, second is going to probably be john kasich. >> because if it were rubio now you got it down to a three-man race. it would be rubio, cruz, who's won a primary. he already kind of put his stake in the ground. and then trump. >> interesting stuff. all right -- >> would you go talk to heather before you go? >> well, now we're going -- now we're going to hear the news from heather nauert who is always terrific at it. >> very good. thank you so much. well done, great to have you here. good morning to all of you. let's start out right now with the fox news alert. we have an update for you on that terror attack that happened on board a somalien airliner. it was an inside job and it was all caught on camera. investigators from mogadishu's airport releasing surveillance video that they say shows the moment when an explosive wired laptop was handed to the bomber.
4:12 am
two men are seen in the terminal, one is wearing an airport vest, and one carrying what appears to be a small laptop. just moments later they stop near a third man who is believed to be the homicide bomber who then boarded the plane, and that's when they hand him the laptop. six airport officials have now been arrested in connection with that bombing, the pilot of the jet, by the way, describes security efforts in that airport as, quote, zero. well developing right now there is a massive manhunt under way at this hour after another prisoner escapes from jail. this time in arkansas. police there say that paul grice broke out by stacking several items near a fence, and that enabled him to climb over a razor wire fence using a blanket. he is being held on burglary charges and had previously been convicted of second degree murder back in the 199os. well, errors in the original iowa democratic caucus count have now been fixed. hillary clinton still managed to hang onto her lead by just the
4:13 am
thinnest of margins. based on the updated iowa results, clinton won with 49.8% of the vote while sanders finished with 49.6%. that's a difference of a quarter of a percentage point. the audit by the iowa democratic party discovered errors in five of the 14 precincts across the state from last monday's caucuses. and those are your headlines. >> all right. >> steve doocy by the way, i med your queso dip last night. loved it. anna, i'm going to do your meat pie another time. >> thank you, anna. straight ahead, world war ii hero who took a grenade for this country denied benefits by the v.a. because the government can't find his records. >> we have no record of you. of being in the service. so i must be one of the unknown soldiers, i guess. >> did we mention he's got the medals to prove it? the most courageous story you're going to hear all day coming up next. and no one expected their dream vacation would turn out
4:14 am
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hi, everyone. a decorated world war ii veteran forced to fight his final battle over health care benefits. the v.a. refusing to accept his military honors documents as proof he served his country. lea gabrielle joining us now with the story. >> good morning, anna. he claims that he served his country on the beaches of the philippines during world war ii. but now amill lymepert is being forced to fight government red tape for health benefits that he deserves. the v.a. questioning his service despite what appears to be multiple military decorations, including a purple heart and documents that appear to verify them. limpert says he was wounded in 1944 when a grenade exploded in a foxhole that he shared with four other soldiers. two of them died. after leaving the military he never asked the v.a. for anything. but now he's moving into assisted living with his wife and needs all the help he can
4:19 am
get. but before he can collect government officials say that they need more proof of his service and his sacrifice. >> we got rid of our car, we got rid of our house, i got rid of money i have in bonds and stocks, and now i need help. now i got a letter that says we can't accept it because we have no record of you. of being in the service. i must be one of the unknown soldiers, i guess. >> limpert says his application already included plenty of documentation that includes his discharge papers, an x-ray of his wounded leg, his purple heart and two bronze stars. >> your claim could not proceed under the program because of the claims required. further evidence from the veterans. we have to find more evidence is ridiculous. >> well the v.a.'s excuse? apparently limpert's service record was lost in a massive fire at a government facility that happened back in 1973. they say the only way around that is to submit affidavits from fellow service members.
4:20 am
unfortunately, most of them are dead. anna, brian, steve, we will definitely keep an eye on this. >> absolutely, thank you, anna. same thing with my dad. after my dad passed away, we wanted to put a marker on his head stone and contacted the pentagon, they said, you know, we can't find any records of your dad being in the service. >> unbelievable. >> even though we had the discharge papers and all that stuff. and eventually they did some -- i don't know what they did. they sent us a confirmation that he was in the service. even though they had that big fire, and they couldn't really prove it. >> that's kind of -- >> so there are a lot of people in that boat. >> and rubbing salt in a wound after you already lost a loved one. 20 minutes after the hour. what happens when you steal a veteran's truck. the message he is sending to that thief. >> and her dad is leading in the polls in new hampshire. eric and donald trump jr. joins lunch from new hampshire. they're next. good morning, guys. >> and then tom coughlin.
4:21 am
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remotes you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. x1 customers get your voice remote by visiting good morning, everyone. the candidates are making their final push with just one day to go until the nation's first primary for front-runner donald trump, this includes getting his famous flame on the campaign trail. >> joining us right now to weigh in from new hampshire, donald trump's two sons, eric and donald trump jr. guys, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> all right, as outreach from the trump campaign, i understand you were at buffalo wild wings last night. you had a viewing party of the super bowl. how did it go, eric? >> well, it was amazing. i mean we had everybody there. in fact there were some fox guys there, and it was a lot of fun. everybody was on the campaign trail. they're hitting it hard. and then everybody just shows up at buffalo wild wings, watching the super bowl. we had a great time. so it was a lot of fun.
4:25 am
>> if ed henry was there i would imagine the food was 23r50e and the beer was free? >> it was. he put it all on our tab. you know how that works, right? >> that's him. >> so, done, everyone was saying what happened last time in iowa, being that this is your rookie campaign as a family and as a candidate that you didn't do a good job locking up the win with the additional ground game. are you guys and don in particular, this question to you, are you part of the increased intensity with the ground game here in new hampshire? >> listen, i think we've always been involved. we were involved in iowa. we were on the ground there a few days before that event. the reception we've received from people in iowa and here is just amazing. i don't know that there's anything different. we're working hard. we're always going to work hard. iowa is a different state than new hampshire. the reception we're receiving here has really been incredible. the people have been incredibly warm. they're excited about what my father's doing. they're looking forward to seeing what he's done in business and doing that to the country. that's what's going to happen. it's going to be great. >> eric we had governor jeb bush on the program a little bit earlier, and there was a
4:26 am
sparring session, a fiery exchange between governor bush and your father on saturday night over eminent domain. so, when governor bush was on we asked him about that, also asked him about the temperament of your father. he's attacked that saying he doesn't seem to be acting presidential at times. listen to this. >> the simple fact is that he's the front running candidate for the republican nomination. he's not a conservative, and he doesn't have the temperament to be president. and whenever i have a chance to describe what i think about him, i'm going to do it. people want someone who has a steady hand as president of the united states. we're living in dangerous times. and you can't say the things he says, you can't disparage people, you can't divide the nation and expect to win. this is a reality tv show for him. he views it as a form of entertainment, i think, and i don't view it that way. >> how do you respond, eric? >> well, first of all, it's not a reality tv show at all. you know, jeb's received $100 million. he's put $25 million against my father in negative ads in this state alone. it's not a reality tv. he's self-funding his own
4:27 am
campaign and that's a lot more than jeb can say. and you know what, i sit there front row in these debates and jeb has just been a weak, weak, weak person. it's just not even the same character. my father is an amazing guy. he's an incredible businessman. he's an incredible negotiator. and jeb wants to bring up eminent domain. look at what the bush family did with the texas ranger stadium down in texas. i mean,ally, really, really sad. i mean, jeb is a weak guy. my father is an amazing guy. he is a true american patriot. i love him to death. i want to see him go all the way. he would do such an unbelievable john for this country. >> donald, when you guys are out and about, and talking to the people of new hampshire, what are the two or three things that people ask you about your father the most? >> well, they obviously they ask really a lot of interesting questions. but mostly about him as an individual. i think everyone knows his track record in business. the success he's had there. the incredible deals that he's made. his passion for this country. they really want to hear about him as a guy. that's what we love to talk about, him as a father. the great compliment that all these people give up and it
4:28 am
means so much when we hear it, you know what, i love donald trump. what's really most amazing about him is his kids, the way they've been brought up. how down-to-earth you guys are. he's a great guy. he understands the american people. he really is just a good, american guy. that's what they want to hear about more than anything else. they want to hear the funny stories at the family table and how he is at home with his kids and now with his grand kids and it's just special to see that. it's just lyle an amazing experience. >> amazing father. >> eric, let me ask you, bring us inside the preparation. you can't possibly run a major business, know the insides of health care, the insides of foreign policy, understand about conflicts, military history. how is he getting up to speed in the middle of the campaign? can you tell us about that? >> well, you know, he really trusts don, ivanka and i. we're running the business right now and he wants to devote 100% of his time to his campaign. it's what he cares about. he wants to make america great again. and this country has given him so much. it's giving him an amazing company. it's given us as a family. it's given him tremendous wealth and success in everything else. i mean he's kind of the epitome of an american dream. and you know, he wants to give
4:29 am
back to this country. he sees what's happening. we have $19 trillion in debt. we have, you know, major problems, our vets are treated poorly. our educational system is a total wreck. i mean you can go down the list. we're giving $150 billion to iran. i mean he just looks at it as a total, total joke and he wants to give back to a country that's given him so much and that's why he's doing it. he's 100% on this campaign. he believes in this mission and quite frankly i think he's going to win. >> you know, you look at the polls, they all say he is leading at this point. donald trump jr., the question. who comes in second? >> i don't know. it's a pretty close race. they're all pretty distant seconds. but i don't know. i think when you look at what happened at the debate the other night a lot of guys that would have been close seconds in my mind, three, four days ago, all of a sudden showed a lot of their weaknesses and it's the typical nonsense in politics, right? you have a few sound bites that you go to. if you have to get off script because someone throws a problem at your way, you're totally defuddled. my father is not that way.
4:30 am
he's the quickest guy on his feet, the most quick witted guy up there, he understands these issues and he's done it in real life with real money, his own money and with people who he's actually employed and whose livelihoods he's been responsible for decades. that's a lot more level of responsibility than any of those guys have ever had to any individual and he's doing it with his own money. >> we know you've got a very busy day today and tomorrow as well. thank you very much for stopping by. eric and donald trump jr., thank you and good luck. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you. >> 30 minutes after the hour. madeleine albright has this message for women who don't support hillary clinton. >> just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> ouch. >> well now, clinton seems to be defending those comments. wait until you hear what she has to say. >> we're talking super bowl this morning with a guy that's won three rings, two as a head coach, one as a -- tom coughlin now former new york giants coach, smiling, well rested and ready to talk. >> i don't know about smiling.
4:31 am
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4:34 am
some super bowl news by the numbers. the super bowl edition, first 194, that's how many yards the broncos' offense ran last night. that is the shortest distance of any super bowl winner. did the trick, though. next, 61 yards. that's how long the punt return from broncos jordan norwood was last night. he set a super bowl record. and 1.6 million dollars. that's how much budweiser made off of peyton manning after the super bowl. >> i'm going to drink a lot of beer topt, jim. budweiser, von miller's buying. i'm going to drink a lot of budweiser tonight, tracy. >> manning mentioning the beer twice in post game interviews.
4:35 am
and now, it's in the history book. he had a lot of budweiser last night. what's your reaction to super game, is three-time super bowl champ, former new york giants head coach, and living legend, tom coughlin. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> coach, why budweiser? and do you -- >> i have no idea. i saw that one come out, too, and i thought peyton, i mean, normally that's not what is discussed after the game. >> usually you go to disney world. >> yeah, california. >> so tell us about the game from your perspective. you played against both these teams. >> incredible defensive game, to be honest with you. even more to the extent than anybody would have thought, in my opinion. but the pass rush, the incredible pass rush of the denver broncos obviously was a trick. and you know that's how you win. that's how you win super bowls. we won two of them that way with outstanding pressure on the quarterback and that certainly is a tremendous asset in a game like that. >> really no adjustments at halftime for the panthers that i could detect. >> they're a team that has established themselves as a
4:36 am
running team. many designed quarterback runs, throws well down the field obviously. and when they get on a roll and the momentum that takes place for that team, as you saw for example against seattle was incredible. so i think that's how they play. and it didn't work as well, obviously. the pressure was on the quarterback. the running game, they didn't -- weren't able to stick with that as much as they probably would have wanted to. and a lot of the times the opportunity to throw the ball down the field was harassed by the pass rush. >> we saw peyton manning, the way he handled his win. how he's going to celebrate with his beer off the top. but then, you know, we saw sam cam newton very different. and of course, it's tough to lose. but some are saying he's being a sore loser and that superman went from a superman to the incredible sulk, as some headlines are saying. as a coach what would you say to -- >> he'll learn better. he'll learn as he goes forward. he'll have more opportunities. i mean, they're hurting. i mean they expected to win. there's a lot that goes in to these games. a tremendous amount of emotion, as well. yeah you want to be gracious
4:37 am
afterwards. but thank god i've never had to -- >> yeah, you've won when you got there. >> it's tough i'm telling you. >> you tell your team is there a moment before you go out and meet the press, guys i know you're disappointed, show some class. you've got to sit here and take the questions. >> you do. it's very difficult to be honest with you to post game with your team at the super bowl. because there's so much going on. immediately. what you normally do is you bring everyone together in the locker room, and you give them some thoughts about, for example, how to handle themselves with the media, what the questions may very well be. >> so you give them talking points. like what? >> like they played well, give them credit. give their defense credit. you know, it was an outstanding game. we made some errors down the stretch. those kinds of things. >> how do you handling the fact that you don't have a season to prepare for for the first time in your adult life? >> not well. not very well, to be honest with you. it's a difficult thing. i don't care who you are or how long you been doing it. i've been doing it a long time.
4:38 am
so you know you get yourself in to the rhythm. your whole life -- your calendar of your life is based on football. about the seasons. whether it's in season or out of season. you have a schedule that you follow. so there's some adjusting for me to make. >> are you retired or are you looking for something? >> i'm not -- i don't like that word. >> okay. you're looking. >> i'm way too young for that. >> you are. >> all right. >> and way too good. let's talk about some of this, right on your lapel the "j" fund. tell us about where it started and what we can do. >> the "j" fund started in 1996, i had a young man by the name of jay mcgillis who lost his life battling with leukemia. and the emotional impact of that, watching what the family went through, brian, i felt like you know what? if god ever gives us the opportunity to give back, it's going to be in the spirit of jay mcgillis and we know exactly what we want to do and that is help families who have a child with cancer. and that's exactly what we do and we do it in many, many different ways. but we like to think we're that
4:39 am
group that falls through the cracks. in other words we pay for mortgages. we make car payments. we make house payments. we do the things that people need to have happen, because when a child has cancer, when the parents hear that terrible, terrible phrase, your child has cancer, they drop everything and run to the bedside of the child. and many times, where bills are not paid, et cetera, et cetera. >> it's hard to think about anything else. >> it is. >> you can find more about the jay fund, is there a website? >> the jay fund is the website. look how many years we've been doing this. we've been here in new york, 11 champions for children dinners during the course of the football season. >> what's coming up on valentine's day. >> valentine's day we have parties. we have parties. we have certain times during the year when we want the kids to have fun. we want to stay away from poking and prodding and sticking needles in the kids. and we want to be able to do that at certain times of the year and the valentine's day party, we'llville a party at saint joe's regional medical center for example, judy and i will appear there tomorrow. to be with the kids, to be with
4:40 am
the families, to bring families together, so families can share and become supportive of one another, as well. >> and coach, it will be good for you as therapy, maybe have the kids wear eye black, run formations. >> maybe put some helmets on them. >> you are so fired up right now. >> get them lined up and get something done. >> all right. >> we won't fumble the ball or throw any interceptions. >> if you're an nfl team, this guy is not -- >> the best guest to have the day after the super bowl. >> no question about it. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good luck. >> appreciate you talking about the jay fund. >> the jay fund. and find out more. >> you want to meet the coach, he's going to be running a triathlon at noon. >> oh, no. >> 19 minutes before the top of the hour. heather nauert joins us with news from the high seas. >> coach awesome to have you this morning. thank you for coming in. a story about some horror on the high seas. when a cruise ship sails right into the middle of a winter storm off the east coast. take a look at this.
4:41 am
well objects went flying and passengers then forced inside their cabins as strong winds and high waves rocked the royal caribbean's "anthem of the seas" ship. that ship then changed course and no one was hurt. passengers sharing these incredible photos of the damage after the storm, showing broken glass and furniture just tossed around like toys. hillary clinton now defending those controversial comments from former secretary of state madeleine albright about women supporting her for president. listen. >> and you have to help hillary clinton will always be there for you. and just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> really? is that funny? well, clinton's forced to try to clear up what albright meant on msnbc yesterday. >> i think what she was trying to do, which she's done in every setting i've ever seen her in going back 20-plus years was to
4:42 am
remind young women, particularly, that you know, this struggle which many of us have been part of, is not over. and don't be in any way lulled by the progress we've made. >> hmm. do you buy that? well clinton says the remarks made a new hampshire rally are nothing new. she says albright used that saying at least once during her first run for president back in 2008. and a texas veteran publicly shames a car thief. james huff posted this message on his front yard calling the person who stole his truck a worthless dirt bag. he said he put that sign up to warn his neighbors and send a message to the crooks. >> freedoms are gone. freedoms that i fight to give to them, provide, to protect -- >> well he is a 20-year army veteran who did three tours of duty overseas. and those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in just a little bit. talking about cam newton and how he handled himself at the press conference yesterday.
4:43 am
his mom had sent him a text message before the game saying don't let the devil take over your words, use kind words no matter how this game turns out. so i imagine they're on the phone together this morning. >> maybe he didn't get it. >> yeah. all right. >> thank you. >> but mom schuur loves her son. >> it's hard to lose the super bowl. thank you very much. next up on the rundown on this monday, ford is taking a drive south of the border. why the american car company is headed to mexico in a very big way. and 60% of millennials say student debt is a major influence on who they are going to vote for. what does the class of 2016 need to know before they go to the polls? dad, you can just drop me off right here.
4:44 am
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time now for a quick look at your headlines. first up, it will be hard to get lunch at chipotle today, every restaurant is closing until 3:00 this afternoon to go over new food safety pro-feed yours with employees in the wake of that nationwide e. coli and norovirus outbreak. you can get them for supper but closed at lunch. meanwhile ford is moving to mexico. apparently the company is running up operations, opening a new plant and expanding another near mexico city. the move will sharply increase mexican factory output of ford motor cars. and finally, this with brian. >> all right, steve, 13 minutes before the top of the hour according to a recent poll more
4:48 am
than 60% of millennial voters say student debt is a major influencer in heir choice for candidate. but it seems none of the presidential hopefuls has a clear-cut plan on how to make college more affordable. so, what does the class of 2016 need to know before they are buried in a mountain of debt and as they try to take a candidate to vote for? personal finance expert chris hogan joins us right now from nashville. he's the author of "retire inspired." first off, it's tough to tell an 18-year-old to get a financial competency or worried about when they're 22 or 24. what should we tell them? >> well, brian, i think the most important thing is we need to understand that debt is a thief. i mean, as we sit and we look at this, the student loan crisis of today is going to become the retirement crisis of the future. so they need to understand that debt impacts their future. so i want them to go in to it with a game plan and understand how it works. i've seen it time and time again. how debt can impact future decisions on getting married. when to start a family. the type of job that you work. so, i want students to
4:49 am
understand they have options. they just need to slow down. >> all right. also, you have options. and also understand how debt affects your future so that when you get out at 22, even if you're a promising kid, you have to get a -- you have rent, you have food, you got a car, and now you have this immediate debt. so know your options when it comes to debt. understand when you take money out you're going to have to pay it back. >> that's exactly right. i mean, brian, you and i know we can all look back and realize that we made some decisions that we probably regret. and i've seen it with student loans. how kids looked at this and say, chris, if i'd only known that this payment was going to hang around for 10 or 15 years. so know your options. understand that you can go to college, you can get scholarships. you have other ways of doing this. don't sign the loan documents. you could even go to community college if you have to. knock out the prerequisites and then transfer. >> very interesting, chris. finally for parents, watching us right now, don't cosign your loan for your kids.
4:50 am
>> i'm going to tell you as a 12-year banker i understand how cosigning works. when you cosign what you're doing is accepting responsibility. you're saying if this person doesn't pay i'm going to guarantee that i pay this debt. and it's not something that you want to do. when you cosign, you put your own financial future in jeopardy. >> wow. thanks so much. chris hogan, great job. appreciate the insight. >> thank you, sir. >> all right. hillary clinton, doing her best bernie sanders impression. >> i have never, ever been influenced in a view or a vote by anyone who has given me any kind of money. >> wow. but an old tape just surfaced that seems to suggest the opposite. up next, what happens when she's confronted with facts. but first on this day in 1989, paula abdul's "straight up" was number one on the charts. ♪ is it gonna be you and me together ♪ i think it landed last tuesday.
4:51 am
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4:54 am
all right, let's talk politics because tomorrow, of course, is the voting in new hampshire. tucker carlson's been up there for the last couple of days. tunneler, i want your reaction to this. bernie sanders has been pushing out and elizabeth warren interview from a couple of years ago to hit mrs. clinton on how cozy she is with the banks. watch this. >> and she said professor warren, we've got to stop that awful bill, referring to this bankruptcy bill that's sponsored by the credit card companies. the last bill that came before president clinton was that bankruptcy bill that was passed by the house and the senate, her husband had vetoed it very much at her urging. >> and? >> she voted in favor of it.
4:55 am
>> well, that can't be helpful to her. running against bernie sanders. >> no. and by the way, on wednesday we're going to see a democratic party in which the majority of voters voted for a socialist. and a lot of republicans are wondering what's that about? this is part of what it's about. they hate wall street. hillary clinton took more money from wall street than any united states senator when she served in the senate. they remember that. elizabeth warren is totally authentic in her loathing of the financial services industry. hillary clinton is totally transactional in her dealings with that industry. voters understand. it's a big deal. >> the sanders has campaign has said they're going to run a positive campaign and stay away from the negativity. we've heard them say nobody cares about your damn e-mails and stuff like that. but we have heard him hit her some on -- on wall street as we are now. but largely, the campaign is just setting up all the dots and letting the voters connect them although hillary says that he's running a smear campaign.
4:56 am
>> they have been quite artful in raising questions, and trying to pass doubts about my record. and i really am not going to sit and take it anymore. >> but senator warren -- >> i have a public record. i have never, ever been influenced in a view or a vote by anyone who has given me any kind of money. >> not only -- >> i'm just going to keep setting the record straight. >> talking over people. what do you think? is damage done there? >> of course. that's absurd and people know it. it's not a question of selling her votes. it's a question of selling access to her and her husband. and that's the business they've been in since he left the white house in 2001. they've raised over $100 million personally. not for the foundation, but for them as a family, and in exchange they sell access to themselves to other powerful people, including many people on wall street. republicans missed this because it doesn't seem scary to them. but democrats don't miss it and they don't like it. >> i think she made $23 million since she left as secretary of state which is absolutely incredible. in the big picture, that could be real trouble for her if she's
4:57 am
lauding the financial world. thanks so much, tucker. don't go anywhere. we got another hour to go. >> that's right. big program still to go. it's the final push before new hampshi hampshire. bret baier joins us live next. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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ride the gel wave of comfort with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long. i want what he has. hi, everyone. hope you're doing well. it's back to work monday the 8th of february, 2016. i'm anna kooiman. the denver broncos super bowl champions this morning and peyton manning seemed to have only one thing on his mind. >> i'm going to drink a lot of budweiser tonight, tracy. i'm going to drink a lot of beer tonight, jim. >> was this his last game? complete coverage of super bowl 50. >> he'll be wrapped into buying another beer forever. >> with just one day left before the folks in new hampshire start voting in their primary, what are the candidates doing in these final hours? we're going to hit the trail. >> and this texas newspaper publisher going public with the names and addresses of every
5:01 am
local cop. she says the public has a right to know, just like sex offenders? can you really call that journalism, i ask? my eyebrow raise. mornings are better with friends. well, tomorrow we start the super bowl of politics with the voting up in new hampshire. last night was the actual super bowl on television. where was bret baier? right now he joins us from new hampshire along with tucker carlson. via the miracle of social media we tracked you down at a beer joint with a bunch of famous people last night. who's in the picture? >> oh, yes. brit hume, my producer doug rohrbeck. chris stirewalt who apparently dressed up for the british pub we were in. i watched the first half. that's all i could make and went back and saw the rest of it in my hotel room. >> election year in the news biz you're going to watch with your work colleagues.
5:02 am
what was your favorite moment last night? were you happy with who won? >> yeah, i had loved the story about denver. i love peyton manning and obviously he's drinking a lot of beer today. so that's a good thing. >> all right. >> it looks like -- >> budweiser. >> i just thought that was almost funny in terms of the commercials, everyone's watching that because the game was without drama. really towards the third and fourth quarter when you went away there the bar. might as well talk about politics. something tucker's really good at. >> sure. >> let's talk about donald trump. his lead according to the latest poll expanded. this is between -- this is the latest poll between february 3rd and february 6th. monmouth comes out with a poll, trump's with 30, kasich with 14, rubio with 13. this is not after the debate, though. tied by bush. one point back is cruz with 12. and then christie mismysteriously has got six. fiern yeah 5, carson 4 and 3% undecided although they say 25% haven't made up their mind yet. what's your take on the staying power of trump? >> well, i think he's well
5:03 am
positioned. and obviously heading in he looks like he's positions for a win. i will say that there's 40% who are independent here who decide really late. and they can vote either democrat or republican. they really shift new hampshire. and it is crazy that they don't make up their mind until the last day or two. so this thing can shift. i think polls here notoriously going in are usually accurate. but i feel like especially in the lower numbers there, where there's only one or two points separating them, especially the establishment lane, this could really shift in the next day. >> here now with another point of view, tucker carlson. with the striped tie. tucker? >> well, i actually -- i agree with that. there are really tns going on on the republican side. there's donald trump, the candidate for people who are dissatisfied with what the party has been offering for the past 15 years. if you didn't like the first bush administration, if you weren't satisfied with mitt romney, probably more likely to be a trump voter.
5:04 am
if on the other side you're happy with the republican catechism and the candidates they've put up you have seven people to choose from. that's the problem with those seven there's just too many of them. >> the big story to come out of that debate on saturday night, had to be marco rubio. he was pressed hard like nobody else has been pressed by any of the time by chris christie and he seemed to go in to robot mode. >> let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not -- >> there it is. >> let's dispel with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. he is trying to change this country. he wants america to become more like the rest of the world. anyone who believes that barack obama isn't doing what he's doing on purpose doesn't understand what we're dealing with here. >> we had rudy giuliani with us about an hour ago, bret, and he said that when you're running for president, you know, the people who are your support staff who help you with your message, they hate it when you deviate from your message.
5:05 am
from your sound bite. but when you put them back to back like that, it is shocking. >> it is. and every paper here. this is the "union leader" rubio on defensive as rivals close in. boston globe yesterday, choke was the head line over rubio picture. i would just have this warning. new hampshire is notorious about pushing back. they don't like media narratives. they don't like people telling them what the deal is. and every media outlet has focused on the style points on that repeated statement. i don't know anecdotally whether it's going to pay off. i do think it was a bad moment for stub yo but how new hampshire digests that may be different than other places. >> that's absolutely right. it's hard to know -- by the way, all these guys use talking points constantly. they're repeating bumper stickers on every side. the reason it might hurt rubio is because republicans have
5:06 am
spent seven years saying of barack obama, who is this guy? he had no experience. he's obviously articulate, he's glib. but he has no real achievements in his life and that exact argument is going used against rubio and that moment seems to bolster it. >> it's just amazing they didn't go after ted cruz. all the governors looked at marco rubio as the problem. in fact, jeb bush talked to us earlier on "fox & friends" and he was talking about donald trump and how he's pretty much the only one going after him. listen. >> the simple fact is that he's the front running candidate for the republican nomination. he's not a krnz and he doesn't have the temperament to be president. when i have a chance to describe what i think about him i'm going to do it. people want someone who has a steady hand as president of the united states. we're living in dangerous times. and you can't say the things he says. you can't disparage people. you can't divide the nation and expect to win. this is a reality tv show for him. he views it as a form of entertainment, i think. and i don't view it that way. >> and that was governor bush
5:07 am
talking about the temperament of donald trump there. and there was a big sparring session between governor bush and mr. trump on saturday night's debate, as well, bret. who do you think won that exchange on eminent domain? >> well, listen, he was the only one to go after donald trump, and that is a win for donald trump. i mean he comes out of that debate pretty unscathed. and doesn't affect his poll numbers either way. i don't think, heading in to this -- the final vote. i will say that this could be bush's last stand if he does not finish at least ahead of some of the other establishment lane. and there will be people who say, you know, what's happening if he's finishes fifth, sixth? >> governor bush is a cautionary tale to the other candidates. he's the only one who's gone after trump. trump says that's because they're afraid and he's right. governor bush has gone after him and it hasn't seemed to help pym. i think that has added to the terror in the hearts of the other candidates. >> real quick, bret, before you go, there's a big item this morning in the political press,
5:08 am
bush camp warns of dirty tricks. apparently the from the rubio campaign the bush manager says expect dirty tricks from rubio. what's -- what is that about? >> well listen, all campaigns say expect dirty tricks and when they leak it out about another campaign that in itself is a -- >> dirty trick? >> it's something -- so we'll see. south carolina is notorious. new hampshire, not so much. we'll see. >> finally tucker, how did you like sitting next to bret? >> it was an honor. it was a pleasure. and i learned something. >> okay. >> there you go. >> very nice. >> a win-win. >> all right. guys, thank you very much. >> watch special report tonight. >> thanks guys. >> heather nauert has a look at what else is making headlines. >> good morning. a fox news alert to bring you right now, and an update for you on that terror attack that took place on board a somalien
5:09 am
airliner. it was an inside job and it was all caught on camera. investigators from mogadishu's airport releasing surveillance video that they believe shows the moment when an explosive wired laptop was handed to the bomber. two men seen in the terminal, one wearing an airport vest, and one carrying what appears to be a small laptop, well just moments later they stopped near a third man who was believed to be that homicide bomber on board the plane, and they hand him that laptop. well six airport officials have now been arrested in connection with that bombing. the pilot of that jet described security efforts in that airport as, quote, zero. well, developing right now, a massive manhunt now under way after another prisoner escaped from jail. this time it happened in arkansas. police say that paul grice broke out by stacking several items near a fence. he used that to climb over the razor wire fence and used a blanket to help him from getting
5:10 am
caught up. he was being held onburg rather charges and has previously been convicted of second degree murder back in the '90s. a texas tabloid newspaper says that it plans to release the names and addresses of every san antonio police officer, this following the shooting of an unarmed man. the publisher of the san antonio observer is now calling for that move, saying that shooting was unjust. listen. >> his hands were above his head in a posture of surrender. >> well the publisher of that paper, stephanie zarillo, claims that the names and addresses of police officers should be known and she compares them to sex offenders, and just like we know where sex offenders live. well, scott was killed by officers last week, they were trying to arrest him for felony warrants. they thought he was holding a gun but that turned out to be a cell phone. and a super bowl slip-up
5:11 am
taking the internet by store. henson mixed up coldplay with maroon 5. she showed a video of the performance saying yes, maroon 5, people quickly caught on including the front man adam levine who screen shotted her post. henson ended up deleting her post. >> you can get them confused. >> it happens. >> thank you very much. >> i thought coldplay was really good. personally. >> a lot of energy. they were okay. >> all right. >> -- eleven minutes after the hour. no one expected their dream vacation would turn out like that. the dramatic images from in -- from a cruise ship coming up next. >> and that is dramatic. and madeleine albright has this message for women who don't support hillary clinton. >> just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other.
5:12 am
>> that was once our top diplomat. this morning hillary's defending those comments, if it's possible. wait until you hear what she has to say about that. americans. we're living longer than ever.
5:13 am
as we age, certain nutrients become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12 and more vitamin d.
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5:16 am
hi friends, quarter past the hour. horror on the high seas. one of the largest cruise ships in the world forced to change course when it sailed into a massive storm, brian. >> wow. abby huntsman is here with the latest. abby? >> good morning you guys. talk about one of your worst nightmares. passengers thought they were on a dream vacation until unexpected weather brought them back to reality. yikes. objects sent flying as royal caribbean's "anthem of the seas" sailed right into a winter storm in the atlantic. passengers were forced back into their rooms for hours. as the ship endured massive waves, and reported wind gusts of more than 100 miles an hour. the ship was forced to change course and amazingly no one was seriously hurt. but, the "anthem of the seas" was left an absolute mess. passengers posting pictures of the aftermath on social media. you can see here, furniture tossed around like kid's toys in
5:17 am
common areas, and shattered flower vases. and check this out, part of a ceiling basically completely chanced. the mess is not enough to stop the cruise. royal caribbean releasing a statement saying the ship has sustained some damage to the public areas and guest state rooms which in no way affects the sea worthiness of the ship. "the anthem of the seas" left new jersey on saturday. it will stop in port canaveral, florida, today before heading back to the bahamas. the ship is one of the newest in the royal caribbean fleet and can hold nearly 5,000 passengers. i've never been on a cruise and this does not make me want to go on one. >> they're not all like that. >> abby huntsman, thank you very much. meanwhile, straight ahead -- >> the candidates unleashing attack ads before tomorrow's primary. >> hillary clinton will be nothing more than a third term of barack obama. she was one of the architects of his foreign policy. >> so what do the voters think? we'll give them the dial treatment next. and a family pulled from
5:18 am
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5:21 am
all right. let's take a look at your headlines. a group of men try to stop a wild leopard after it breaks into a school in indiana. same old story, right? you can see the big cat on the attack as officials try to corner it. it took nearly ten hours, but the leopard was eventually tranquilized and released. six people were hurt but only with minor injuries. we'll see if it affects the kids' grades. outrage in london after a bus explosion panicked bystanders before they learned it was about a movie.
5:22 am
what about a text message before you do that, okay? people were left in shock wondering if this is a terror attack. they quickly learned the blast is part of an upcoming movie featuring pierce brosnan and jackie chan. a good combination that should provide lots of laughs. >> because that was hilarious, brian. meanwhile as voters in new hampshire prepare to vote in fom's first in the nation primary, we're getting an invade look at the candidates' tv ads. lee carter, pollster and partner joins us with what did and did not work. all right. let's start, this is an ad from chris christie, talking about hillary clinton. watch. >> there's no one else who's running for president of the united states who's actually been responsible for prosecuting and investigating terrorists. hillary clinton will be nothing more than a third term of barack obama. she was one of the architects of his foreign policy. we need to send a clear and strong message to our
5:23 am
adversaries that there are clear limits to your conduct and if you violate those limits america is going to hold you to account. >> the red line republicans, the yellow line is independents, you give that an "a." >> an "a." he is consistently right now resonating with voters. over and over and over again. we're not seeing the results in the polls, but i think what he's doing is a lot of dirty work for other people. so right now going against hillary, going against rubio as he did in the debate really resonating, but not necessarily helping him. >> meanwhile, dust off your simon and garfunkel album. here's an ad for bernie sanders, all about america. and people love this. ♪ ♪ i've got some -- >> okay democrats the blue line, love it more than independents although the independent line rising there at the end, republicans not so much. you give it an "a." >> it was the best democratic ad
5:24 am
that we've tested so far this season. it's anthemic, it's optimistic, it's about america and americans. he did an amazing job. he didn't have to say a single word. and that's what's fascinating about this ad. there was nothing in it but inspiring music and people. >> this next ad involves a guy from a very popular television show, endorsing ted cruz. >> i've looked at the candidates, ted cruz is my man. he fits the bill. he's godly. he loves us. he's a man for the job and he will go duck hunting, because today we're going. ted cruz is my man. i'm voting for him. >> okay now this is a little different. people did not like it. you give it a "d." >> they gave it a "d." now republicans were okay with it. independents were not. and i think it's important to note that independents aren't necessarily undecided. and cruz needs the undecided voter if he's going to end up winning. this did not help him. it didn't help his cause.
5:25 am
it resonated with people who already support him. it's not going to bring anybody to his side. >> next up i believe we're changing the order, we're going to go to this is a marco rubio ad. the guy from pawn stars rick harrison talks about mario. watch this. >> over the past few years people have tried to sell us some real doozies. but this is really worth something. when people see for themselves i don't have to convince them, it's a good investment. i don't have to show them the value for their families. so when this guy walked into my shop, i knew he was the real deal. >> okay. there you go. but just an average grade? >> just an average grade. >> very popular guy. >> very, very popular guy. this is a "c." the problem here is celebrity endorsements don't necessarily -- they're not necessarily helping. what's more influential is people in the local markets. someone in new hampshire supporting rubio is going to have a lot more impact than a celebrity. especially as you're talking about new hampshire. new hampshire is a different kind of state than the other states. this isn't help him. >> so people from out of town
5:26 am
that guy lived in las vegas, not so much regarding the granite state, would a political figure in the granite state of new hampshire be influential? >> yeah, even a local community leader. you want the people who endorse the people that you know, the people that you relate with. that's who is most important in endorsements. >> man, you've been busy today looking at the super bowl ads and those ads, as well. >> yes, i have. >> thank you very much. >> we should also point out her mom made the rotel dip and she loved it. >> she absolutely did. >> thank you very much. meanwhile he took a grenade for our country in world war ii but he has been denied benefits at the v.a. because they can't find his records. there's a big fire. did we mention he has purple hearts and other medals, as well? and, what exactly does it feel like to feel the bern? we sent tucker carlson out to a bernie sanders rally to find out. >> what do you like about him? >> everything. his economic policy. we like to get big money out of politics. >> we like his message.
5:27 am
equality for all, changing the system. which is broken. >> almost his entire platform. you know. . ♪ this is the night... ♪ the night for love. ♪ woah oh oh... ♪ with the stars up above... ♪ this is the night... ♪ for love... ♪ (this is the night for love) ♪ this is the night... ♪ for love... ♪ mmmm... come on... ♪ be mine...
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yes, not me! >> that is awesome. that was great, steve harvey couldn't be hotter right now. he's the only guy who could twist one of the things that could crater somebody's career and make it into a positive. >> there you go. sure you saw some of the commercials. my favorite was did you see the doritos ad where the mom is having the sono gram and the dad is chewing on the doritos? hilarious. >> give me that. -- >> i missed that. >> people were ticked off by this. >> there's a pro-abortion group that has attacked this ad. they say #notbuyingit. that doritos add using #anti-choicetactic of humanizing
5:32 am
fetuses and dads as crewless and moms as uptight which you see in every sitcom. but to suggest that they have humanized a fetus apparently this group doesn't realize that fetuses are human. >> all right. well now back to the fun. mountain dew has a really funny one. >> this is weird. >> it may make you laugh or creep you out. >> this is my favorite. >> monkey baby. monkey baby. monkey baby. >> i'm the only one who liked this. >> no i did like it, too. >> puppy, monkey, baby. >> it was like dancing around my apartment last night. the second half -- >> this is what i liked about it, at least i knew the product. i like things that are funny but i want to be able to say what the product is. >> and if you're spending $5 million you want a return on your investment. >> i think it's the way the words went together. because there's no such thing as
5:33 am
a monkey baby. >> a puppy monkey baby. >> but all advertising -- and ratings gurus knows that puppies, monkeys and babies are all tv gold. >> all right. here's my favorite. you know i love shampoo. >> it shows. >> ever since prell when i realized you could have a shampoo that affects the way your hair looks, pantene came out and showed the softness of the sometimes -- the softness of a young daughter, and the -- and the -- and the kindness of a big football player where the -- the player and the daughter were together. watch. >> maybe there's a post-career here. what do you give them -- >> i love you, dad. >> look in the mirror, what do you see? that strong is beautiful. >> i love the phrase, also, you know, these players, people have
5:34 am
the impression these players are always in trouble. 95% of them are great people. and you get the helmets off and you show them out there, it's great. and i also have to give credit to jenna lee, she's the one who told me to check it out. she gave me the preview ahead of time. >> tugged on your heartstrings. you have two little girls so probably -- >> you know the amazing thing about brian's shampoo is he doesn't condition. >> that's true i don't. >> i was born with a -- with a resistance to split ends. so i don't feel as though i need the conditioner. i also don't have the time. >> it takes a minute. >> you have to wash other body parts -- >> it doesn't suds. it just sits in your hair and you can never get it totally out. >> we asked you which commercials you liked. barb, the heinz commercial with the wiener dogs, very cute. it was so cute on our friday show we featured a dog just like it. >> they released it early. a lot of people talking about that one. also a tweet from kevin, both
5:35 am
jeep ads were moving. i went to the garage and hugged my 2000 cherokee. >> bridges of normandy. >> very nice. >> all right. i actually don't remember seeing that. that's a good ad. >> yep. some iconic -- >> i must have been eating your queso when that happened. keep them coming. we read our social media all day. heather which one did you like? >> the dad who was following his daughter on the date. >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> that was the number one -- >> that was fantastic. and hilarious. and so many of us can relate to dads keeping an eye out for you when you're out with the guys. right, brian? >> my daughters are not going out on a date. seventh and ninth grade, i'm still okay. >> we're going to hold him to that. hope you're off to a good day. a look at your headlines. a family, heroically rescued after their car is swallowed by a massive sinkhole. take a look at this.
5:36 am
the heart-stopping moment caught on camera. thankfully strangers stepping in with a makeshift rope, pulling a woman, a man, and a 2-year-old child from that 16-foot hole. this happened in peru. thankfully, everyone is safe this morning. well, a man drops dead during north california's annual krispy kreme challenge charity race. organizers say that the 58-year-old stepped out of the race within the first mile after he had chest pains. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. that five-mile race requires runners to down a dozen glazed doughnuts halfway through that race. hillary clinton now defending those controversial comments made by former secretary of state madeleine albright about women supporting her for president. listen to what she said. >> you have to help. hillary clinton will always be there for you. and just remember, there's a
5:37 am
special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> yeah, well, apparently some people found that funny. clinton is now trying to clear up what she says albright really meant. this on nbc yesterday. >> i think what she was trying to do, which she's done in every setting i've ever seen her in going back 20-plus years, was to remind young women, particularly, that you know, this struggle, which many of us have been part of, is not over. and don't be in any way lulled by the progress we've made. >> hmm. well clinton says the remarks were made at a new hampshire rally and that they're nothing new. she says that albright used that phrase at least once during her first run for president in 2008. a world war ii veteran battling one last battle. this one against red tape. emile limpert looking for the v.a. to help cover his medical costs. but officials there say they want more proof that he served in the military.
5:38 am
despite his application, which includes several bronze stars, and also a purple heart. >> got a letter that says we can't accept it because we have no record of you. of being in the service. i must be one of the unknown soldiers, i guess. >> he was also able to show them his discharge papers but that, they say, wasn't enough. the v.a.'s excuse, his service record was allegedly lost in a massive fire at a government facility in 1973. now, his fellow service members are left to vouch for them. but many of them have passed away. and those are your headlines. hope somebody can help him out with that. needs some help from the v.a. right now. >> apayentlyry at love records are missing from a fire back in the '70s. >> -- the ranking member on the v.a. committee. he's a big fan. if you're watching, now you have some time to help this poor veteran. >> tucker carlson was at a bernie rally over the weekend, weren't you, tucker? >> we sure were. as of tomorrow night the
5:39 am
majority of democratic voters will likely have voted for a self-described socialist. >> yep. >> what is going on? we went to a bernie rally to try to figure out what this movement is about. >> bernie, bernie, bernie! >> i'm here to watch bernie speak, to hear his message. be inspired by him. >> came to see bernie. >> i'm here because i want to support bernie sanders. >> bernie. >> i like -- >> bernie sanders rally. things are reaching a fevered pitch as the candidate gets ready to speak. it's unbelievable. what do you like about him? >> everything. his economic policy. we like to get big money out of politics. >> we like his message. equality for all. changing the system. which is broken. >> almost his entire platform. you know, i think breaking up the banks, raising the minimum wage. >> he calls himself a democratic socialist what does that mean to you? >> i think it means that he is
5:40 am
someone that truly cares about all people. >> democratic socialism? kind of a frightening thing, socialism. yeah, it's huge. >> if it's frightening why are you for it? >> i didn't say i was for it. i said i was curious. >> why not hillary? >> i've -- i don't -- she doesn't speak to my heart. you know what i mean? bernie, bernie, he's honest. >> i feel like there's just been a lot going on with hillary. i don't know if our generation trusts her as much. >> she unfortunately has the ear of the special interests, a little bit much for my taste. >> i'm just not a fan. >> poor hillary. she always runs against the best people. i loved obama. now i love bernie. >> do you think he has a shot? >> bernie? yes, i do. are you kidding me? i think he does. >> sanders rally has ended here in portsmouth, new hampshire. the candidate's supporters are filing out behind me dazed but apparently content.
5:41 am
for that we sign off. we came, we saw, we helped the bern. >> tucker, how much of the fact that he is so far ahead has to do with the fact that he is from the next state over? >> i don't think much, actually. hillary clinton is running as a feminist icon as the martin luther king of the women's rights movement. everyone we talked to could not care less. they care about the economy. they think she's a tool of wall street, they're mad at rich people and he speaks to them. he's a purely ideological candidate. >> and they like free college. is he talking about how we're all going to have to pay for it, though? >> free stuff is always a great campaign platform. but really he's running on anger. when he said we've got to put them in prison, he said it three times, wall street executives, they cheered louder than for any other line. >> tucker right now if hillary clinton can get this within double digits, 11 or 12 points it will almost look like a victory for her? or what do you think is a
5:42 am
distance? >> i think she's going to write this off no matter what happens. it's all about south carolina. can she keep that firewall with black and hispanic voters? i'm not convinced. this thing could turn into a real problem for her. >> and also tucker, a front page of "the washington post" this morning is a story about how bernie sanders is beating hillary clinton with women. she's having trouble attract being women to her cause. >> because there's a limit to identity politics. that is the lesson here. they are mad about economics. i'm not endorsing the view, obviously, but it's so different from what we've been led to believe that if someone looks like you, you have to vote for him or her. that's just a crock. >> exactly. tucker carlson, a man who can do it all indoors and outdoors. it doesn't -- >> go back indoors. it's cold. >> thank you, thank you. >> all right. >> hey, thanks tucker carlson we'll check in with you again. meanwhile, what does joe manchin think about the race in new hampshire? don't go anywhere. he'll answer. see if these democrat agrees with thosedoms. >> and have you ever heard of a
5:43 am
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when your cold makes you wish... could stay... bed all day... need the power of... new theraflu expressmax.
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new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel better. our next guest has thrown his support behind hillary clinton. but with just days to go before the first in the nation primary and bernie sanders ahead in the latest poll by double din its, does he think the former secretary of state may be in trouble? let's ask senator joe manchin. who joins us from charleston, west virginia. where he was once governor. senator, i think you long for those days on some level. senator, what's your thoughts heading into this primary? always good to see you. where a socialist is leading by double digits? >> well, brian, it's good to be
5:47 am
with you always. first of all we come out of iowa. iowa is a completely state than new hampshire and the south will be different than new hampshire is. you're going to see changes here. i support hillary because i have a comfort level. i can sit down. i can work with her. we don't always agree but the bottom line is she's very pragmatic. she wants to find solutions and she's easy to work with. i trust her. i can work with her. i feel good about that. bernie's a good man. bernie's' very good man. he's true to his beliefs, brian. the only thing i'm concerned about bernie is the treasury department would not have enough paper to print all the money that would be needed to pay for the programs and that would be a concern of mine. >> it would be a concern, i think. no one's really drilled down on that. his message is getting huge crowds. are you concerned if the south starts going towards bernie. would there be any scenario where a guy like you would jump into the race? >> oh, i think that day's passed. but the bottom line is, i'm about as middle of the road as you can get. i'm a fiscal -- i'm fiscally responsible and socially
5:48 am
compassionate which i think most of america. but this is being driven from the left and the right, the extreme. somebody's got to come to the middle and make decisions on what's good for the country. whether you're a democrat, a republican, or independent. or a libertarian. you just got to work for america. >> but, senator, as bernie sanders gains steam are you concerned for your party that you're going so far to the left you won't recognize it? >> i'm concerned because bernie will not come back. bernie is where bernie is and bernie's very honest with you. he'll tell you exactly where he stands. i don't think bernie can come back any further. bernie is the left and he'll stay far left. hillary is able to work the middle and bring all people together. i really believe that. >> in new hampshire, we sent geraldo out there to do an in-depth look at it but it turns out they got this huge drug problem there that transcends creeds, color, age, tell us about what you're doing about this and how concerned you are. >> i have 600 west virginians dying every day of prescription drug, legal drugs, prescription
5:49 am
drugs, made by pharmaceuticals, prescribed by doctors, all legally. and the fda is doing hardly anything. we need a cultural change there. it's why i've been opposing the doctor, i truly believe we have to have a war on drugs, democrats and republicans agree on that. that's something we really agree on. so basically, they'll tell you, heroin users, 80% of them will tell you, they start by legal prescriptions first. and when they take a legal prescription, get hooked, then they go to harder and heroin is hard. the country has got to move, and how do we have more treatment centers? we don't do anything to treat people. even if they want treatment, even if the court orders it, brian, we have no place to put them. >> i know it's incredible. who can afford it and does insurance cover it? senator you think the fda has a cultural problem. you have a problem with who's running it and what they're doing. >> well, i just think that basically over the years they've been too, too cozy, if you will, with the pharmaceuticals, basically the people that pay for all the clinical research.
5:50 am
i'm not saying they're doing something wrong but basically when you have an epidemic that we have, don't you think that if the cdc comes out with guidelines, saying how you should dispense and how you should be educated in dispensing that everybody will be in agreement? but no, the fda fought that. i have fought continuously to move the fda from a schedule 3 to schedule 2 all open yet. we take 1.1 billion pills off the market. we know it's successful. 22% down as far as pills being prescribed. and then basically they fight us every way that they possibly can. also 11-year-olds, oxycontin now is being prescribed to 11-year-olds. this is wrong. >> right. >> and if you don't change from the top, you can't have the cultural change that needs to be through that entire department. i strongly believe that we have to change that and that's why we're fighting. >> always great to see you on the show. thanks so much for scrambling to get up with us this morning. hope to see you again, soon. >> brian, you, too, thank you. >> great message. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour.
5:51 am
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okay so here we are. cheers to you mccallum. >> cheers to you, too. you've got your mug there ready to go this morning. good lineup today. >> certainly do. a lot of things are changing on the ground here. we'll be live in a couple of hours. carly fiorina is going to stop by after a tough weekend, she's got some strong things to say. >> also going to talk to the new hampshire governors, they know more about new hampshire than anybody and have some surprising takes on what they think is actually going to happen here tomorrow. the ground is shifting and we will see you at the top of the hour.
5:55 am
oh, you're going to melt if you're a dog lover. the american kennel club's annual meet the breeds week kicks off right here in new york on saturday. vice president of the american kennel club gina denardo is here to introduce us to some of the very unique breeds and also their owners. good morning. >> good morning. >> so we're really looking forward to this. what can people expect if they want to attend? >> the meet the breeds is this saturday down at pier 92 and 94 and there's 130 different breeds. and they're all in their own individual booths that are decorated to depict the history, the country, the function of the breed. >> okay. >> and you get to meet owners and learn about each breed and find the one that's right for your family. >> now this is atka. >> he is an american us kempo dog. >> i learned some tricks that we can do together. can you beg? beg! beg! nobody. beg! can you beg? uh-oh. >> or shake. >> there you go.
5:56 am
good dog! >> so these dogs in the 19th century were used as circus dogs and they did tricks. they're really smart and intelligent. you can teach them to do a variety of things. >> the next up is a duck trolling retriever. this dog knows how to hunt, right? that's quite a good truck. >> they're from nova scotia and they were bred to hunt ducks and they attract the ducks to the waters edge by jumping around and playing. >> and this is bo bo. >> and bo bo is a chow chow. they're an any sent chinese breed. >> known for her tongue, right? >> they have a blue-black tongue and very scowly expression and they're wonderful. >> we are going to do some more tricks with them in just a couple of minutes. you are watching "fox & friends."
5:57 am
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oh, we're going to the dogs in the after the show show. >> can't wait. we're going to be meeting some more of these lovely breeds.
6:00 am
go to for more. >> and if you run from the tv run to the radio. we have a huge lineup as we take apart what's going to happen in new hampshire. >> i'm going to new hampshire right now. >> see you later. bill: a fox news alert. here we are in the next phase of this race. we are 24 hours before most of the polls will be open in the granite state. it's a sprint to the finish as men and women are jockeying for position. martha: it was a great weekend'. watching the super bowl. you have got the frontrunner donald trump still in a double-digit lead. candidates have been chris crossing the state after a strong debate performance. governor chris christy


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