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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 8, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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tomorrow evening we'll start to get returns on how voters feel in the granite state. keep us on all day, all night. we'll figure out what's going on. bill: we'll see you tomorrow, have a great day. jenna: it's countdown to the new hampshire showdown as voting in the first presidential primary just hours away. reporter: the stakes could not be higher in the granite state for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. with mrs. clinton coming off a narrow victory in iowa. so both are crisscrossing the state making a last-ditch effort to appeal to independent-minded voters. rich is following the gop candidate live in hudson, new hampshire right now.
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rich? reporter: good morning, john. the question among republicans is did this weekend's debate and campaigning shake up the polls in this state? here at chris christie's event they are hoping. he launched an attack against marco rubio and started this event with the same line attack charging rubio is unprepared. >> i have been lectured on foreign policy. the most important foreign policy issue in the modern history of this country was the war in iraq. i was right on that issue, hillary clinton was wrong. reporter: bernie sanders wasn't here. but here in new hampshire he launched into a review saying he looks good in front of a
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teleprompter but he's not prepared to be commander-in-chief. rubio says he wouldn't be attacked like this if he didn't have so much momentum coming out of iowa. he says the reason i repeated myself in the debate against barack obama is because he's concerned by the and cares about it. the other candidates are piling on essentially saying the same thing about marco rubio. but here is jeb bush on trump. >> you can't say the things he says, you can't disparage people and divide the nation and expect to win. this is a reality tv show for him. he views it as a form entertainment, i think. reporter: monmouth university polls show fewer than 50% of gop voters are firm on who they are going to vote for on tuesday.
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jon: bernie sanders was not on stage saturday night for the gop debate. he did come up. rich edson, thank you. jenna: we'll be talking to molly line with the latest on the democrats. reporter: yesterday senator sanders was in portsmouth, new hampshire speaking before a huge crowd of 1,200. hillary clinton drew 500 people the day before. hillary clinton is expected to hit him on foreign policy. sanders is slamming clinton over her own foreign policy decisions. >> i have been lectured on foreign policy. the most important foreign
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policy issue in the modern history of this country was the war in iraq. i was right on that issue, hillary clinton was wrong. reporter: senator clinton went to flint, michigan to address the water crisis calling what happened there immoral. back in new hampshire she stopped at the same dunkin donuts her husband stopped at in 1992. >> the mayor has been wanting me to come. this is a type that worked out for her. i am thrilled to be back in new hampshire working as hard as i can. i will keep working literally to the last minute. but occasionally you go off the campaign trail. senator sanders went to new york to be on snl, i'm going toy
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flint to help the kids. reporter: bill clinton was slamming bernie sanders and the sanders campaign as being dishonest. hillary clinton will be cam bang her husband and daughter chelsea on the campaign trail. later on this evening he has a student for bernie concert. jenna: the white house hopefuls squared off over the weekend. here are some of the highlights from the debate. >> what donald trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that's not public purpose. that's down right wrong. >> when you are governor you have to take responsibility for these things. you can't act like it of nowher.
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>> i'm the last person that hillary clinton wants to run against. >> we can turn this country around if we get back to the constitution, and i'll always stand with the american people against the bipartisan corruption of washington. >> i have done over 100 town hall meeting and i loved every second of it. it's been the greatest thing in the world. and i have seen your tears and i have seen you walk away and say i now have hope. jon: joining us, karl rove, a fox news contributor. marco rubio and his performance seemed to be generating most of the headlines today. did he have a bad night, karl? >> absolutely. "boston herald" made line, "choked." "rubio on defensive." he did not have 0 good night.
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we had two one-on-one competitions and three individual performances that were worth looking at. the most important was chris christie interrogating marco rubio as an experienced u.s. attorney he took him, put hip under the hot lights and won that moment strongly in my opinion. rubio did not have a good response. looked like a deer in the headlights. remember this is just part of the debate but it's the moment people will remember most about marco rubio's performance. onare even after the debate he was on tv repeating the same line. he said that's what i believe and that's the point i'm trying to make and i was trying to get that point across. >> it's a smart decision on their part rather than saying we had a terrible night. he said i believe this. i believe this guy tried to change the country. if you want to attack me and try
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and discredit me you are saying you disagree with my view this guy is dangerous, not base he's incompetent -- not because he is incompetent. but he walked into office with a deliberate plan to change our country. it's a smart move on their part. it would have been bet for they hand that night better. you have got to tip your hat to chris christie. he has been sliding in the polls since january 6 for reasons i find hard to comprehend. but he seized the moment and prosecuted the case against marco rubio. it was the contest that dominated the evening. we also had trump and bush going after eminent domain where bush schooled donald trump between the difference of using the powers of government to seize people's private property for a public purpose like a road or bridge, or for a private purpose.
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donald trump tried to grab an old lady's house so he could put in a parking lot for limousines. bush i think scored good points against the frontrunner donald trump. jon: it's a more subdued donald trump talking about new hampshire. we have even had footage of his people knock on doors in new hampshire which hasn't been the trump way. dose see signs of softness there? >> this is the most important of the three individual performances. something is going on here yesterday he had one event in the morning. one event in the evening. there are a thank you people at the evening event. not a donald trump number but a good number. but it was a subdued performance, and he looked like he was running out of steam. maybe he's just tired. but he doesn't have a closing message here. yesterday's performance by trump
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on abc this week with george receive open lousstephanopoulosn him down and it went on and on. saturday night trump receded from sight largely except when bush went after him and he said nothing that got him into trouble. i get the sense we are running out of gas here. tuesday night, last monday night trump said i'm up 38% in new hampshire during this iowa concession speech. he's at 32 points in the real clear politics average. let's see where he is tuesday night. i'm not confident he will be at 32. there is a sense of energy running out. the other two perform answers were ben carson who i thought didn't making a bad impression
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but made the point. and john kasich basically said i have connected with you, and there is a sense he has connected with the people of new hampshire, and particularly among independents who can vote in the republican primary. jon: new hampshire voters notorious for deciding late. carolina rove, goolate. karl rove, thank you for coming in. jenna: taking a look at wall street markets. the dow is down 350 points. a lot of concerns about the economy. the financial sector is getting hit. one of the bright spots which tells you something is in the gold market. that's a safe haven when things start looking badly. the markets are closer to 400 points down so it's something
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we'll be watching today. in the meantime north korea's latest rocket launch prompting condemnation around the world. we'll talk about that next. one prominent hillary clinton supporters says there is a special place in hell for women who don't support each other. we want to hear from you. who do you have think won the gop debate saturday night?
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nation. gordon, bottom line for us. what is the significance of this weekend's launch? >> they had two successful tests of a long-range launcher. this launcher was financed largely by iran which means pretty soon we'll see this in iran's inventory. this missile can hit the east coast of the united states if launched from iran and the west coast of the u.s. when launched from north korea. it's more than half of the continental u.s. can be held to terror by north korea. we should tighten our general sanctions, then get the south koreans out of the industrial zone where south korean businesses shovel $90 million into the north korean regime.
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and we need to sanction the chinese banks that are handle can the money between iran and north korea. jenna: how difficult will it to be do that? >> it will be difficult because there is no political will in washington to do that. we have been use footing around the chinese. secretary kerry says the launch is unacceptable but he doesn't do anything about it. jenna: the u.s. strongly condemning these actions promising sanctions but we don't get the spiks on that. why is the timing important for the sanctions to come into place and why should we believe other sanctions will be more successful than they have in the past. >> they were not able to put them in place after the january 6 test of a nuclear weapon.
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north core reefians are close to perfecting this long-range ballistic missile. clearly if they can put an object into space which they did yesterday, they can put a nuclear weapon on american soil. jenna: what do you say to those who say you can't do anything more to sanction them because who are you going to punish? >> we can deal with the north korean regime and we should be tougher with them. we tried to engage the regime, the kim family over the coast of decades. but we can help the people through aid. we do that, we can separate north korean people from their government. we know how to do this, we are just not doing it.
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jenna: our pentagon team had this story friday. they were according to their good sources had good information that we would see the launch really soon. it came right before the super bowl. an interesting piece of trivia is that this newest satellite that went into orbit went almost right over super bowl stadium about an hour after at game ended. some technology experts are saying this is just a coincidence. they are not that good. you are shaking your head. what do you think about that? >> they are that good. they moved up the launch window by a day so they could put the satellite over levi stadium during the super bowl. i think they have tried to put that decoy over the stadium during the game. the launch director is probably in a prison camp because he
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wasn't able to get the fourth quarter. thank you. jon: some controversial comments from to feminists who are not supporting hillary clinton. why some are calling their arguments sexist. reporter: the centers for disease control says the e. coli outbreak linked to chipotle is over. [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
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jenna: a new war on women maybe he morning from an unlikely place as two feminists urge
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women to support hillary clinton or bernie sanders. when bill maher asked why young women aren't leaning towards hillary clinton. >> when you are young, you are thinking where are the boys. the boys are with bernie. >> oh, if i said that, they are for bernie because that's where the boys are. you would [bleep] me. >> no i wouldn't. hello, how well do you know me? jenna: former secretary of state madeleine albright had this to say. >> you have to help hillary clinton will always be there for you. and just remember there is a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. jenna: julie roginsky is a fox news contributor.
8:25 am
and julie, ways the appropriateness of this. what do you make of these comments coming from these icons. >> i started my career at emily's list. i served on the women's campaign board at yale. she was dead wrong. there is no excuse for her to have made that comment. it set back the feminist cause and women. >> i think she was trying to be funny. the millennial women are doing it i suppose because they have conviction about his campaign because they think he's the right man for the job. not because they are trying to be cute or flirt with boys. i believed in bill clinton in 992 when i cast my first presidential vote for him.
8:26 am
i don't understand why gloria steinem would say something so demeaning. >> these comments are outrageous, insulting and sexist. this noise way to influence any voter. hillary clinton is desperate. she don't know what else to do. she is rolling out these individual and they are making outrageous comments. don't forget the fact that she also rolled out her husband, a known sexual predator. he's not going to help influence these individuals. >> let's talk about the explanation for it and whether it's effective. gloria sign emsaid women become more radical when they get older. as they grow older they become less sensitive to these issues or more sensitive to these issues and it brings them to the radical side.
8:27 am
hillary clinton tried to explain madeleinal bright perspective on the sunday shows. >> why people are offended by what she is expressing. we are getting offended about everything these days. i think what she was trying to do which she has done every setting i have seen her in, was to remind young women particularly that, this struggle which many of us have been part of is not over. and don't be in any way lulled by the progress we have made. jenna: young women don't get it, they don't understand what older women do and therefore they are making silly decisions, these silly women. what do you make of the comment? >> they think other women are going to be coming up and taking their spot. i don't agree just because there is a woman on the ballot you
8:28 am
should vote for her tip you just think a man is the better candidate. i have been in that situation myself as a hillary supporter. i'm not going to cast apersians on these women. jenna: the "new york times" is pointing it out as something that's questionable. >> i think it's not helpful. there are a lot of women out there who said back and say stop exploiting gender. i want to support hillary because i think she is the best candidate, not because of her anatomy. i think it's demeaning to women to think that's the on reason to be supporting hillary clinton. jenna: going back to the common theme we have seen from these
8:29 am
women is young women don't get it. this is coming from older women in leadership positions. one has to ask the questions, if a man said this, a conservative man what the impact would be and what a double standard there is. >> the newslines would be on fire with all of those comments. hillary clinton is the problem, she is the establishment, she is not likeable. she is not credible. people don't trust her. to wheel out these individuals making insulting comments to voters especially to young females i find very outrageous. jenna: why do we do this to ourselves? we do as a group, and why does that keep happening. democrat and republican really. julie i know you will be back to talk more about a political topic catching some heat today. jon: ted cruz sticking with a
8:30 am
trend we have seen in this election cyclele. the texas senator blames the media after taking heat for spreading a rumor about dr. ben carson's campaign. is it a good strategy? north korea defies the world with a rocket launch which many feel is a cover for a nuclear test.
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jon: presidential candidate ted cruz is ticking to his guns blaming cnn for a rumor about ben carson dropping out of the iowa caucuses and the presidential race. cnn blasting the texas senator in an official statement in rebuttal. but he says his campaign did not start that rumor. >> they didn't correct that story until 9:15. from 6:30 to 9:15 was what cnn was reporting. >> the timeline indicate the initial tweet from cnn was followed by another one within one minute that clarified i was not dropping out. everybody can see what happened and you can make your own judgment. jon: we talked about this last week. and it's still making waves.
8:35 am
let's bring it up with our media panel. tammy bruce and alan colmes. are you surprised it's still making waves? >> not really. look at what ted cruz did. he had robocalls going off precinct captains telling them ben carson is leaving the race. he took a statement which of course is ridiculous that ben carson is going to change clothes in florida and assumed he was leaving the race and allegedly apologized to ben carson during the debate. jon: he says it's the media's fault. jon: tammy, you see it differently. >> cnn is not a twitter network. cnn had actual coverage. they handled this as breaking news.
8:36 am
they discussed how unusual it was he's leaving the state. this never happens. if you are serious about the presidency you don't do this. they hand the it off to wolf blitzer and he says yeah, that is strange. thp. they felt he was leaving the race. this is politics. what ted cruz was apologizing for was later on in the evening when i guess when they noticed the twitter difference, the television network never corrected themselves. that's what he apologized for that they didn't go back and redo that. that was a man of character. that was the appropriate thing to do. but this is politic. clearly dr. carson was not going to florida for his laundry. then we have to look at what is more of a fraud or misleading. continuing to raise money when you know you are going to be leaving and cnn when it comes to the media, the other issue.
8:37 am
this is a typical drive-bay dynamic. they want to influence the race, they know what they have done and they are doubling down. >> it's a bone-headed move what carson did but he never said he was leaving the race. he never said he was quitting the presidential race. jon: he said he wasn't going to new hampshire or south carolina. >> this is where media is very important. there is a setup when conveying what is urgent and what you think is breaking news. they clearly thought so. on most of the time alan would expect us to want to believe what cnn says. in this case we are not suppose to. but cnn is interjecting itself saying cruz is the problem when their video of this is on the internet. >> putting out those robocalls at a time he knew carson was not leaving the race is inexcusable.
8:38 am
>> it's politics. >> he got caught in a lie. >> you want ted cruz to hug his way through the primary process? he was telling the truth as they knew it at the time. jon: the bawms in a 7-minute sit-down asking questions bike what's on the super bowl menu and what do you love about each other. i think that it's okay to do a softball interview. not he interview has to be about serious issues. just because this 7 minute was not a hard-hitting issue or policy interview, so what?
8:39 am
>> every interview with barack obama is hard hitting. that's amazing, wow! the notion here especially here this year, we have the zika virus. the stock market seems to be making another correction today. the economy is obviously horrific, you have got the middle eastern situation. you have got china and japan still in trouble. there is a lot of things to talk about. but this turned this administration and our politics into reality television. that's what people want and that's why we are in such trouble. nobody holds this guy to account. this is like a trump rally. jon: michelle obama made child obesity and pressured schools to change their menus. but for the super bowl they are
8:40 am
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jenna: north korea launched a long-range missile test. >> we cannot continue to be tbheact face of the north core rans or in the entire rest of the world. >> we ought to put missile defense interceptors in south
8:44 am
korea. >> we should be leveraging our relationship with the chinese to insure north korea no longer has access to the resources to develop long-range missiles. >> china said they don't have that good a control over north korea. they have tremendous control. let chain a solve that problem. jenna: general keane, anything from that group that strikes you as true? >> i don't get involved in political commentary. but north korea in fact is becoming a serious threat. the way we have dealt with them in the past is largely north korea's provocation in the region that always involves u.s. interest. now that they are miniaturizing a nuclear weapon they can put on top of an icbm which they are testing.
8:45 am
they haven't tests its capability to reenter. but all of that is around the corner. these are stretched to the american people and to the united states of america. and from a military perspective, what we do is put blindsers on in a sense. we look at military capabilities of our adversaries and we don't get much involved in measuring their indent. but i think from a policy perspective wnl of our leaders for far too long have been willing to discounts the for korean intents. they would never do anything so foolish as welcome the destruction of the regime. but with that kind of attitude, the core rans acquired nuclear whaweapons. we have to start taking this
8:46 am
thing serious and develop strategic objectives that forces the political and economic chance of this regime and stop this conciliatory tone we have with the chinese. we have let them push us around a little bit on things we want them to do and the chinese don't want us to do, and we don't do it. jeit. jenna: jeb bush mentioned a preemptive strike. when would a preemptive strike be the right thing considering the threat north korea could pose. >> if they were able to complete their testing and development program where they had an icbm that has been tested and reenter the atmosphere and it has decent targets and they have been able
8:47 am
to militarize a weapon. the united states military would never permit. that vehicle to be launched much less struck down over the pacific. we would not let it be launched. what they would do to deal with that potential. they will deal with mobile launchers which would make it much more difficult for to us detect a strike and they would try to achieve that by surprise. these are the kinds of things the military is looking at very hard. the american people should rest assured they are not going to permit them to launch a missile. >> we have done a series of stories talking about our missile defense not being what i'd should be. in the short term, what are the actions the united states should take short term. to send a message to north korea as a deterrents to some of the
8:48 am
activity they are talking about. >> the south core rans have been pushing back on this because the chinese have been opposed to it. this is the attitude we get into. we have to start taking this threat seriously. south core reefians with a little bit of push on our part will accept missile defense. the point you make is a valid one. oured a araries develop -- our adversaries have developed advanced technology when it comes to missiles. we need missile defense. we need to relook at comprehensive live what is needed to defend the united states from a national missile defense program. that needs to be put on the table. jenna: it's something we'll be talking about during our next
8:49 am
hour of "happening now." jon: republican candidate marco rubio is trying to fight back after what some see as faltering in saturday's republican debate. his repeated attacks on president obama made the highlight reel. but what effect will it have on voters in new hampshire.
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jon: let's get a peek at what's on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. sandra: north korea defying the world again with another rocket launch. lots of talk about consequences. but what does the u.s. actually need to do. harris: hillary clinton trailing bernie sanders among women voters. sandra: target rubio.
8:53 am
the senator taking heat for his debate performance over the weekends and defending himself. how will it affect tomorrow's vote? harris: former republican presidential nominee john mccain joining his daughter megyn. jon: that will be interesting. see you then. senator marco rubio is trying to come back after a performance that was widely anded during the saturday debate. he's doubling down on his criticism of barack obama. a strategy many analysts say backfired on the stage. >> let's dispel the fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. let's dispel the fiction that
8:54 am
barack obama don't know what he's doing. he's trying to change this country. this motion that barack obama don't know what he's doing is just not true. >> there it is, the memorized 25-second speech. there it is, everybody. jon: tony, from the standpoint of a republican strategist, did marco rubio hurt himself with that line repeated several times? >> no doubt it was a bad moment for him and he has been consistently strong in these debates. it was an out much character moment for him. the reality will be how much of his momentum is it going to stop? there is no talk in ham -- there is no doubt in new hampshire this is a cloud hanging over rubio who came into this state with a lot of momentum coming out of a strong third in iowa and as a result is getting a
8:55 am
tremendous amount of scrutiny. it can potentially hurt him. at one point people thought he might be able to stake first place beating donald trump. that looks much less likely. jon: marco rubio came into new hampshire riding a wave of momentum. julie: i want to congratulate you on the super bowl. i'm not sure if it hurts or helps. christie was effective in going after rubio. the polls i have seen since the der debate. christie continues to be at the bottom of the pack and bush and the kasich are the one benefiting from his handy work with rubio. i thought rubio started off being on message and then he became programmed and
8:56 am
problematic and it came off the rails. whether he can pivot in a debate and pivot as president and start thinking for himself. jon: we heard governor christie punching back pretty hard at the line from rubio. advice christy put all of his eggs in this new hampshire basket. >> christie is leaving it all on the field in new hampshire. people don't realize the amount of endorsements, the union leaders, the structure chris christie has here. he positioned himself to benefit. and he very well may. the name she didn't say that ultimately could be the biggest beneficiary. rubio is gaining on trump significantly after iowa. trump needs a new hampshire win and he just might get it because of rubio's slowed momentum.
8:57 am
we'll be right back with more happen *. *.
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on * i barely talked about broncos victory and i didn't set that with julie roginsky. jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. andrea: this is "outnumbered," i'm andrea tantaros. here with us is. sandra: , megyn mccain and today hashtag one lucky guy, someone with the same last name as senator john mccain of arizona. he ran for president two types. he was the republican 35r9y's mom -- he was the republican party's nominee in 2008 and he's megyn's dad. you are outnumbered and your


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