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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 8, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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on * i barely talked about broncos victory and i didn't set that with julie roginsky. jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. andrea: this is "outnumbered," i'm andrea tantaros. here with us is. sandra: , megyn mccain and today hashtag one lucky guy, someone with the same last name as senator john mccain of arizona. he ran for president two types. he was the republican 35r9y's mom -- he was the republican party's nominee in 2008 and he's megyn's dad. you are outnumbered and your
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daughter has been here several times and we just love her. you are the political newbie. >> i'm outnumbered. thanks for mentioning i ran for president. andrea: we know there are receiven in your family. >> one of seven kids. >> i mom said ask him tough questions. harris: will you tell us stuff about megyn? >> just one day to go until the first in the nation primary and new daily tracking polling shows donald trump is leading republicans with 34%. florida senator marco rubio is down one point, now tied with senator ted cruz at 13%.
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rubio has been a big opponent -- a big target for his opponents. he's taking heat for repeating the the same line nearly verbatim several times. he's so scripted. he's a great speaker. but he came across as totally scripted and robotic. and he just missed the sense of the question it was about leadership. can you make a tough decision and marco is gifted by never had the chance to actually make a tough decision like governors do. i have to be tested, you have to be prepared, you have to be ready. that's what i tried to show the folks last night that i am tested, prepared and ready. what i said about marco rubio was on full display last night. he's a good guy, by's not ready to be president of the united states. andrea: rubio and senator christy got into a pretty heated exchange.
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>> your state got hit by a massive snowstorm and you didn't want to go back. they had to shame into going back. then you stayed there for 3 hours. this notion that barack obama don't know what he's doing is just not true. he knows exactly what he's doing. >> there it is, the memorized 25-second speech. reporter andrea: rubio is defending his performance defending every word he said. >> i would pay them to run that clip. that's what i believe. we raised more money in that first hour of the debate than any other debate. i'm going to keep saying it because it's true. andrea: i couldn't help notice your reaction to that back and forth between christie and rubio. >> i thought chris christie took
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advantage of what i think was clearly an error on marco's part. since my beloved friend lyndsey graham is out, i'm not supporting of any individual, so it obviously hurt marco. i don't know why he kept repeating the same thing. but he's also got a lot of good things going for him. he's articulate. he has a great story. he's good upon foreign policy, national security. so it's hard to gaining exactly how much that might have hurt him, which brings up the larger point. it seems to me with these debates as important as they are. rather than what a candidate stands for and what their policies are and what they will do for america, did they screw up in an exchange? >> is that any different than history has shown -- >> i think it's taken on more
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importance, the performance over record and other things. and a lot of it has to do with the trump attraction. we have high ratings as you know. partially due to the trump appeal. so it's -- i think debates are really important, by also think examination of people's records and their vision for the country is important. harris: you are pointing to style over substance. i wonder fit' not part of that gotcha culture we are in which is fueled by the incessant conversation people who want to remain anonymous even gang in on social media. >> donald trump says he wants to deport 11 million people. how do you do that? but nobody seems to ask him. when they do it's don't worry, i'll take care of it. harris: it doesn't mean he
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doesn't have an answer. given the landscape we see today, some of it is acrimonious, some of it is bluster and some of it is what it's always been. politicians trying to sell their platforms. what you ever want to step back in knowing what you know, having your experience? >> no. everybody has their time, i certainly had my opportunity. for me to get nostalgic and start second guessing these people i think is inappropriate. i have seen too many politicians who don't know when it's time to step back. andrea: megyn, you watched your dad run for office. i think a lot of these candidates must have your picture on their refrigerator. they want to do exactly watch did in new hampshire. megyn, how important is the state for someone like a marco rubio. you saw his performance. can he afford to not do well in
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new hampshire? >> he can't afford not to do well in new hampshire. dad, i have to push back a little bit about what you have said about marco rubio. that moment he sowrnldsed like a robot malfunctioning. he jumps back into his talking points over and over again which to me putting him up against hillary clinton, if you can't get off your talking points that makes me nervous. it's why we have spirited debates at home sometimes. because i live in -- i live in the digital age and i kept watching it and it made me cringe more and more. kasich is second in new hampshire and i think he did a lot of damage saturday. i can't not push back because we are related. >> i understand your points of view. and i'm told lindsey is now supporting bush and he tells me
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that he's moving up, too. one thing i guarantee you about tomorrow evening, you will be surprised. there is bound to be a surprise. harris: who is this going to be a make or break moment for in new hampshire? you have a little experience in the field. how important is new hampshire? >> i think it's really important particularly when you look at the sequence of states afterwards. the people in new hampshire examine the candidates. you can't buy new hampshire. there is an told joke. a congressman have oklahoma ran. a guy in concord said what do you think about him running for president an said i don't know, i only met him twice. the reason i think kasich is coming up, he had 100 town hall
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meetings. he walked into a barber shop in manchester, new hampshire, he says, i'm morris udall and i'm running for president of the united states. and the barber said yes we were just laughing about that this morning. but if trump wins heavily, that turns just side down this belief that you have had to do the 100 town hall meetings and all of the things you need to do, base hasn't done that. i would regret that because i hope all who seek the approval of the people would go to new hampshire and do the on the ground campaign. harris: one quick thing i would say. you talk about the undecided voters. they sure do have a lot of power this time. you can walk in on primary day
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and do whatever you want to do with that party on that day. that gives you a lot of power. >> and the end voters. which way do they go? andrea: if trump wins, is he unstoppable? >> i don't think so, but it certainly gives him a boost. you can't help interpret it any other way. andrea: the race is heating you have on the democratic side. new hampshire is shaping up to be an uphill battle for hillary clinton as she steps up her push for the female vote. will work the woman card work for her in new hampshire. bill clinton is slamming hillary's clinton. what the former president is saying about bernie sanders and whether it could backfire. right after the show, catch more from the couch. join us for "outnumbered"
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harris: after that father daughter moment in the commercial this will be interesting. new polling bernie sanders showing advantage over hillary clinton in the democratic race in new hampshire. vermont senator has a 16-point lead in clinton in the latest u mass tracking poll of tremendouscratic voters. clinton's quest to become the first woman president? it is encountering a problem. new poll shows sanders beating clinton by eight points among women. that she is accused quote, shouting when she gets passionate about an issue. >> we're still still living with a double-standard. i know it. every woman i know knows it. whether you're in the media as a woman or you're in the professions or business or politics and i don't know anything to do just keep foraging through it and taking
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slings and arrows come with being a woman in the rao rena. sometimes i talk soft. sometimes i get passionate and i get a little bit excited. i don't know any man who doesn't do the same thing. harris: here is something else to know. former secretary of state madeleine albright and feminist icon gloria steinem are taking heat what they said about women not backing women. steinem is poll buying for suggesting that young women are backing sanders so they can meet him. at a clinton rally in new hampshire albright used strong language to tie clinton's candidacy to the broader fight for women's equality. >> you have to help hillary clinton, will always be there for you and, just remember there is special place in hell for women who don't help each other. [cheers and applause] harris: by the way not just meet him, but meet dudes at the rallies of bernie sanders. you met senator sanders. >> i know him pretty well. when we had this terrible va scandal where 50 of our
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veterans died going out care at the phoenix va they asked me to negotiate with him. he was chairman of the veterans affairs committee at the time on trying to help reform the va which by the way is a long way to go. and we spent a lot of time yelling at each other. harris: be careful when you shout, senator. >> that's right. but we did reach an agreement that i think was important. i think, we made significant progress. there is now a thing called a choice card. that is veterans under certain circumstances can rather than have to go to the va and wait, they can take the card and go to the provider of their choice. that is a huge breakthrough. it is not universal but i want it to be universal. harris: yeah. >> that was result of negotiations. i never negotiated with a socialist before. harris: oh, my goodness. >> probably never will again. harris: how well he is doing against hillary? do you think it is necessary to play the gender card to beat
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bernie sanders? >> first of all i met a guy the other day. i'm for trump. why. he will make america great. who is your second choice. he said sanders. harris: wow. >> you see this kind of going all the way around to the other end. as far as women thing is concerned, i will leave all of that up to you except to say that if i know one thing through my daughter and her friends and being involved, i'm not completely divorced i don't think young millenials admire or appreciate being told what to do. i may be wrong. i may be wrong. >> certainly don't, meghan. don't appreciate women playing victim card that doesn't help us. she has opportunity to be strong voice for women. she is choosing to go that route. looking more women than men undecided in state of new hampshire. such opportunity for gop and democratic side. gop arguably not -- i don't what your take is on this bernie
9:19 am
sanders sticks to the economy. we know what women care about the most, it is the economy. their pocketbook, providing for their family. bernie sanders stays on message. whether you agree with it. >> free education. free health care. free everything. that's the bern. >> i think i agree. i think millenial women will not be force fed to vote for a woman because we share biology. i know when madeleine albright said very insulting. that is something she said for years and years. gloria steinem said they are supporting bernie sanders wanting to meet dudes is wildly offensive and out of touch. my generation no longer follows the old feminists of0's because you say things like that you're completely out of touch. hillary clinton is incredibly desperate right now to be pulling all this. harris: talk a little bit what she is doing out there on the trail. you saw her over the weekend go to flint, michigan. she got to change the topic. obviously she is so far behind
9:20 am
in new hampshire. her stepped up on the stomach. bernie sanders continuation of what he is doing over the weekend and it is not kind. he is really pulling out all the stops. bill clinton, you know them both. is this where he needs to go? >> i don't think so. i think your point is well-made that there maybe there is sort of a desperation there. roll out bill clinton and see if he can't galvanize some of their traditional base. when clearly hillary is not. andrea: senator, doesn't he remind the voters of hillary's bullying? when madeleine albright says something like there is special place in hell for women who don't help other women, i think what about women who bully other women after they accuse their husbands assaulting them? is there reserved seating in hell for those type of women? that is interesting strategy to try to bring women to their side by insulting them. that is exactly what they're doing, by stein -- steinem and
9:21 am
madeleine albright. that is dating them. women don't like being insulted and told what to do. think want more credit. they don't like bernie sanders because they're not believing what she is selling and that is hurting her. harris: journey this far so we can go backward. give you a little taste what i'm talking about. the former president deliver ad blistering at act on his wife's rival and ridiculing sanders as hypocritical and dishonest. mocking him a bit, saying when you make a revolution you can't be too careful with the facts end quote. bill clinton taking aim at sanders supporters attacking women who supported:to in. he felt a blogger needed to use a pseudonym on line. she and other people gone online to defend hillary to explain why they support her and visioning schuss trolling and attacks too profane often, not too mention sexist to repeat.
9:22 am
meghan. >> bear with me on this one. i can't help think of what monica lewinsky gone through -- really ironic talking about people bullied on line, and ted talk is talking about being patient zero for being bullied on line. bill clinton is not working anymore. it shocks the clinton campaign. not working with millenials. harris: it is an interesting surrogate. obviously he was president before but he had some real moments, bumps on the stump with women. i guess best way to put it. a bumpy ride. sandra: do you think bill clinton at this point in the race is helping or hurting his wife? >> i believe that there is sort of a different take today amongst you all about what happened with bill clinton. i think women that i talk to today feel that those kinds of things can not be glossed over
9:23 am
by saying it is a vast right-wing conspiracy. you all on this issue are far more attuned than i am. i am serious when i say that i understand most issues but -- andrea: is bumps on the stump a euphemism for something? very creative way of putting it. harris: where you hope journalists on the stump would go. they have had people ask him, people ask him about this particularly young reporters that you will see. they just want him to get on the record with what exactly he wants to communicate about women? is it fair questioning? in arena who would say are politicians. andrea: sexism does exist today. especially, meghan, you and i talk about it all the time, we're all victims of it being women in the media but this election season, senator, you see on the right if you don't fall in line with the establishment candidate you're called stupid. on the left you're called a misogynist. it is not working either way. i think if they took different
9:24 am
approach this is such outdated archaic approach. rolling out relics from the 1960s and 1990s to speak to women who have completely different mind set. >> i also wonder, you know, that, hillary clinton had some women senators there with her. andrea: yeah. >> i'm not sure how much impact that has either. harris: that's interesting. >> again, take it from an old man, i'm not sure that older people are attracted to by the -- harris: i like seasoned better. >> there you go. seasoned. how about senile? harris: these would be women with also some seasoning, with experience. you would think it would work. but that is an interesting take. >> but isn't it true that younger women like to make up their own minds? isn't that true of today? >> that's right, dad. harris: get agreement on that. >> really. andrea: all women, right. >> all women, particularly
9:25 am
millenials. harris: move on to the news point t was big news as of last night even as u.n. was meeting in emergency fashion. north korea has done it again, another missile launch that defies sanctions and united states resolution. reaction has been a lot of talk and condemnation. what does the united states need to do? what kind of a threat is it really? tough talk on terrorism. >> i would absolutely authorize something beyond waterboarding, believe me it will be effective. if we need information. harris: gop frontrunner donald trump defending so-called, enhanced interrogation isn't -- is it going too far or not? our #oneluckyguy. look over there. john mccain has strong opinions on this as you might imagine. stay with us. >> look at the camera, dad. try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky.
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sandra: north korea defying the world once again. the hermit kingdom testing a rocket which it claims was part after peaceful program but experts in the u.s. and other countries they believe it is covert test of banned intercontinental ballistic missile technology that could some day be fitted with a nuclear warhead while north koreans celebrated into the streets. u.s. condemning the test and responding for dissal sanctions. additional sanctions, is that the answer? >> it is about the same opportunity of getting through the united nations with china exercising veto as it is for me to be on the next space launch much. look, we're going to complain about it. we will make speeches. sandra: but what are we going to do about it? >> nothing. nothing. sandra: what should we do about
9:31 am
it? >> what we do they had, thad, anti-missile system in south korea. second thing, call the people responsible for this regime to be in being. that is china. china is providing them with wherewithal to survive. china controls north korea's destiny. sandra: so is there a problem. >> sanctions not just against north korea but chinese that do business with north korea. by the way, they're not going to have a capability to reach the united states anytime real soon. but it is inevitable over time that they will. by the way, they have had a lot of help, guess who, our new best friends according to obama, the iranians some this is serious stuff and the chinese continue to act in a very aggressive fashion and in other areas but right now, we need to have sanctions and we need to have missile defense capability in south korea. sandra: but to your father's point, meghan expect the political response.
9:32 am
are you expecting any definitive action from the united states against this. >> no, i think we'll ignore it. i agree with my father. i also keep being reminded of bernie sanders answer in the democratic debate that north korea is issue because i forgot the word he used a crazy dictator. something we'll have to handle. you can't be this disconnected from what is going on in the world if i want to be the next president. sandra: how can we promise serious consequences if we yet to act or how we're killing to act if they continue to do this, andrea? >> we can't. this is obama's soft power strategy. i agree with you, senator. there is no containment going forward. appears if iran is working on missile and north korea is working on the low yield nuclear warhead for them. so iran doesn't have to. we basically telegraphed to north korea we are weak, by flooding iranian coffers with 150 billion and making atrocious deal. what does the next president
9:33 am
have to do? because i don't think, to sandra's point, i don't think we'll see any change in this admin vision? is there a path forward to contain north korea at this point? >> first of all, i would remind you that last deal that we had that was going to stop their nuclear ambitions was orchestrated by the same person who negotiated a key person, wendy sherman, the key person in the iranian deal. definition of insanity, but, i think that you're in for a very dangerous year because the north koreans and the iranians and chinese and isis know that the next president of the united states will not be this president. and i think they're going to take advantage of this year and think you're going to see more attacks on the united states of america. i'm sure you saw where they intercept ad couple of people who baghdadi had sent to commit acts of terror. i guarranty you they have sent a
9:34 am
number, in the refugee flow that are trained to commit attacks on united states and others. there will be other attacks. and meanwhile, there is no strategy. there is no strategy. sandra: a day before the new hampshire primary, why isn't this a bigger part of the political conversation? harris: it was part of the debate on saturday night. about 30 minutes before the gop debate on saturday night they had gotten word of this missile firing. the state media inside of north korea saying kim jong-un had personally directed the so on, so forth, i guess that is sort of the thing they do. can we talk about truth for a minute? i'm covering story over the weekend, oh, but we heard not a direct threat to the united states. who gets to determine what is the threat? and what is the threat? what is the truth? nigerty you when neville chamberlain went czechoslovakia and peace in our time. the germans were not direct
9:35 am
threats to truth. look in 2009 when barack obama came to office and look at world today, you see a very different world. leading from behind. no, don't do stupid stuff. that's the strategy? that is the foreign policy? of course we are now seeing a world in turmoil and on fire. andrea: senator, preemptive strike, jeb mentioned at debate other weekend. quick thoughts as we go, would you agree with that strategy? >> i would have to get a briefing. i'm not -- andrea: he was advocate forge a preemptive strike? >> i don't think it would be wrong to shoot a missile down on launch, particularly if i knew where it was headed. harris: got to know where it is headed? >> yeah. sandra: donald trump doubling down on his support of waterboarding saying he would be okay with going beyond that controversial technique to get information from potential terrorists.
9:36 am
so do we need tougher interrogation techniques? or is it going too far? feel a cold coming on?
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♪ andrea: donald trump is not holding back when it comes to tough interrogation techniques. trump doubling down on comments that he made at saturday's debate about waterboarding. the republican presidential frontrunner took it a step further yesterday in new hampshire and on several sunday morning shows. watch. >> i would absolutely authorize something beyond waterboarding. believe me it will be effective. if we need information, george, you have our enemy cutting heads off of christians and plenty of others by the hundreds. >> do we win being more like them? >> yes. i'm sorry. you have to do it that way. i'm not sure everybody agrees with me. i guess a lot of people don't.
9:41 am
we are living in a time that is as evil as anytime there has ever been. you know, when i was a young man i studied medieval times. that is what they did. they chopped off heads. >> that is -- >> we're going to do things beyond waterboarding, perhaps if that happens to come. andrea: all right, senator, when trump said that, at the debate, i saw my twitter feed just light up. a lot of people seem to like his comments. and, if you remember, megyn kelly sat down with james mitchell, who interrogated khalid sheikh mohammed. one of the things mitchell told her during the interrogation process when they were waterboarding him, khalid sheikh mohammed said your people will turn on you. your country turn on you. and they will not like it and they will turn on you. almost like he knew the public may have adverse reaction to it, stephanopoulous point of view. who is right about water boarding? >> well if you believe the geneva conventions which
9:42 am
prohibit it, if you believe the 93-3 vote we took in the senate prohibiting waterboarding and whatever other forms of torture i think all of us admire general david petraeus. let me give you his quote. our nation has paid a high price in recent decades for the information gained by the use of techniques beyond those in, beyond those in the field manuel. what prohibits it. and in my view, that price far outweighed value of the information gained through the use of techniques beyond those in the manuel. what he is saying is, abu ghraib shocked the world. abu ghraib was a great propaganda tool for them. we tried japanese generals and hung them for war crimes. one of the crimes was waterboarding. and finally, i guarranty you, that when someone is subjected to torture and by the way, this is a near-death experience, then they will tell that person who
9:43 am
is administering that anything they want to hear. and when someone says it led to osama bin laden, they're lying. and so, what we got was a whole lot of bad information from these people who just told whatever they thought the intear bate tore wanted to -- interrogator wanted to hear. are we going to subject people to torture? is that what the united states is all about? i tell you what general petraeus told me this morning, the best way of to get information be a friend of that prisoner, develop relationship over time. that is what works. andrea: do you grief administration officials in the bush administration, former attorney general, do you believe they are lying? >> no, i believe they are in violation of the law. they're in violation of the geneva conventions and i believe that they're lying when they said they got useful information. in fact i know they're lying when they are saying that they didn't. they got a whole lot of information that was totally false, because when you torture
9:44 am
somebody -- but major thing is, do we want to resort to doing things that our enemies do? do we want to be on the same plain as those people chopping off heads? andrea: i have to stay on this because it was a huge point, senator. you hear officials coming out in the bush administration, former attorney general michael mukasey specifically citing examples how it work. do you believe michael mukasey is liar. >> yes. i know he is. the point is whether he is a liar or not. the point is even if we had gotten useful information, the propaganda and image and the behavior of the greatest nation on earth by torturing people is not what we want and it helps the enemy. now, again, you want to believe general petraeus, general mattis, all of those military leaders or you want to believe mr. mukasey? i prefer to believe the military leaders who have the ones who are responsible for the lives of the young men and women under
9:45 am
their command and they say that it hurts them when we torture people. so, it is just, i can't, we voted 93-3 to in the united states senate to prohibit this kind of behavior. so, when, mr. trump was asked, well, but it's against the law. well i will classify it? do we want a president who will violate the law? i don't think so? we have enough of that with barack obama. andrea: we have to go. do you agree with your dad. >> i do. throwing around torture when you don't have any experience with it and obviously i do in a lot of different ways. easy to throw around in platitudes in the debate. >> let me say, if it's a matter where the nuclear weapon is, you go in and do what is necessary. but to try to get quote, useful information. that is not the way to do it. harris: is there a difference there. >> huge difference. if there is a nuclear weapon --
9:46 am
harris: i mean in terms of the truthfulness of the information? because if the action is the same i'm confused. >> but if there is nuclear weapon that is about to go off you have to try everything. but unless it is a situation where you can look the american people in the eye say that is only way we could find it out, but, what is -- they waterboarded ksm 137 times. they didn't get any information. told that to the cia. cia called back, water board him some more. do you know it is a near-death experience? andrea: they're willing to die under extreme circumstances for sure. thank you for your per specialer tiff. the day after he was named nflmmvp. cam newt ton had very rough go for the super bowl. forget the poor play. newton is facing criticism what some call in the down right childish behavior in the postgame press conference. so did he set a bad example?
9:47 am
9:48 am
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9:50 am
♪ >> super bowl wasn't the stuff of dreams for carolina panthers
9:51 am
quarterback cam newton. the nfl mvp who was virtually unstoppable all year was sacked seven times and fumbled twice. broncos falling on one of them for a touchdown. when over, newton was initially gracious shaking hands with players around broncos quarterback peyton manning. during the post-game news conference he appeared agitated and waed away from reporters. sandra: so what, i'll start. i'm sorry, everybody will go the route, harris feels strongly. i watched this game start to finish and that man, 26-year-old, he is an adult. he should behave responsibly. i know you're probably going there, harris. he had the worst game of entire season in the super bowl. give him a little slack. i don't know, harris. harris: you go to the news conference. got your hood on. doesn't want to be there. he lost, i get it. he has had such a storied march to where he was.
9:52 am
and before, i mean he was all over everywhere. he was talking stuff. also very positive. you have a big platform. through your language and actions speak to up lift and not tear down others. don't promote the devil's workshop. you win with character and words you speak. his mom wrote that. posted instagram on saturday. don't make your mom a liar, cam. about who you are. i know he shook peyton's hand a lot of people look up to him. he is amazing player. he captivated us going in. i'm not even a caroline fan. just talking as mom. a lot of kids looking up to him. step up, do unexpected. apologize to peyton manning trying to steal a little bit of his shine. it was his moment. it wasn't yours. god bless, you will have many. be a man. >> senator mccain, what did you think? >> hard for me to follow that because i think it is very heartfelt and very important. harris: thank you. >> you can't understate the
9:53 am
importance of the super bowl to americans and around the world. this is very incredibly transcendent event. all i can say, i know what it is like to lose. i know it is tough. your first instinct is to kind of -- >> hide. >> wallow in self-pity. i'm very good at that but meghan will attest to that. but i think, just remember, he is very young and he has got a lot to learn. let's give him another chance because he is going to be back. andrea: i give him a pass. >> and finally, ernest hemingway said the definition of courage is grace under pressure. so, i'm sure next time he will show a lot more grace. harris: second chances. >> speaking of the super bowl the ads are big deal too and this one has people talking. >> hey, taking my little girl out, huh. >> yep. >> huh. why don't you go ahead take my new car. >> thanks, pops.
9:54 am
>> overprotective dad who wants to make sure his baby girl is all right. some say the ad goes a bit too far. we'll be right back. equals great rates. it's a fact. hey. kind of like social media equals anti-social. good to meet you dennis.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. >> take my new car. ♪ >> oh.
9:58 am
♪ >> you messing with the wrong daddy! [laughter]. sandra: that was kevin hart, much talked about very popular super bowl ad. not all of the buzz is postively surprisingly. some feminists say the father simply went too far in being protective of his daughter. meghan, does any of this remind you of your upbringing? >> he had secret service and stuff really good at keeping guys in high school and middle school scared for a long time. we didn't need a car. i thought the ad was cute and funny. people are freaking out. sandra: set the bar high for the commercials. one of the first commercials, my husband, father to 2 1/2-year-old girl. he cracked up. that is the best commercial all day. that was very funny. what do you make of it, senator. >> i think people who objected to it ought to lighten up it's supposed to be funny and enjoyable. i certainly sympathized with him.
9:59 am
i agree. had gps growing up i guarranty would be somewhere on her purse. sandra: father of seven children, i don't know how you keep track of them all. >> he emphasize too, senator. i had a strict greek father, when boys call the house, he would intercept the home and tell them i moved to greece and threaten the lives of them and all their family members. it was highly uncomfortable. didn't have the secret service to monitor me, senator. i bet he wished he did. harris: great story. >> maybe he was a little over the top. we're supposed to enjoy. let's relax and enjoy it. i imagine a lot of fathers all over america said, boy, if i had been able to do that. sandra: i'm youngest of five daughters. i'm sure my dad can probably sympathize. harris, you loved it. harris: i did. i loved having you here. both on the couch is such a treat. >> i guarranty you all are wonderful and your ratings show it.
10:00 am
and i see you on all other venues as well. it's a pleasure for me. andrea: we'll stay right here, senator. more on "outnumbered overtime" on the web. click the "overtime" tab. more on "happening now" now. plunging 300 points. >> not good news. there we are covering all of the news "happening now". a young girl and aunt pulled from the rubble days after the devastating quake as the search for survivors gross more despera desperate. >> there is nothing worse than planning your child's funeral. >> i have personal experience. >> in new hampshire. where the heroin


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