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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 8, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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and i see you on all other venues as well. it's a pleasure for me. andrea: we'll stay right here, senator. more on "outnumbered overtime" on the web. click the "overtime" tab. more on "happening now" now. plunging 300 points. >> not good news. there we are covering all of the news "happening now". a young girl and aunt pulled from the rubble days after the devastating quake as the search for survivors gross more despera desperate. >> there is nothing worse than planning your child's funeral. >> i have personal experience. >> in new hampshire. where the heroin crisis is a co
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issue. >> and that is what we have to deal with. >> an emergency landing as smoke fills the commercial jet. >> i realized it was coming from the plane. yelling there is a fire. it is all "happening now". battle for new hampshire. less tlan 24 hours before voters go to the pomes. i am jenna lee. >> and i am jon scott. many independent voters prepare to make their decisions. four of the presidential candidates appearing in campaign events in the past hour. and clues on who is picking up momentum. we have live fox team coverage.
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ed henrow is in new hampshire. we'll start with carl cameron. >> reporter: hi, jon, the story right now is the weather. it is coming down pretty hard and whiteout continues in southern new hampshire and going to affect how the campaign unfolds and could spill in to tomorrow and lot of concern talking to law enforcement. they are making arrangements for plying and people going to the polls. live starts and ending. john kasich in a town hall in windham, new hampshire. that is due south of us in raymond, new hampshire. jeb bush in the rotary club and
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a lunchion about to wrap up. and then to donald trump who is in london derry just eastern side of '93 going north out of massachusetts. and marco rubio a retail stop in manchester that is a mob scene and all of the independent news can't go there. and tuck away ta vern where ted cruz has an event. and they are are going to be packing the cameras and cameras in here like sardines. the reason i point outal of those cities. imagine new hampshire a triangle and concorde the state capitol. that triangle is 80 percent of the electorate loys.
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it is it a smile state and it is rural half the way up north on the west and north sides. it is very, very rural. vast population in the lower part p of the state. north country it may not be as bad. forecast shows it will not be. but down here, it is snowing and makes the rod slick and difficult for people to get to the events. there will be a stampede of reporters coming in and so don't be surprised if i get bumped around. it is where the vote s. that is where the concentration is. you will not see the candidates going much north. they will have to stay in the storm to be where the voters are. >> no one bouncing him around.
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hillary clinton is trailing senator bernie sanders in new hampshire by double-digits but fighting for every vote. both candidates will make their push before the voting. >> and ed henry is live with more on this. ed? >> reporter: the manchester community college. bill clinton is introducing his wife, of course, and seems to be doyling back things he said yesterday where at a couple of different rallies, he said bernie sanders supporters were sexist. he just said the hottest the election gets, the wish i was a former president and not the husband. clearly trying to dial back the comments. they went to breakfast to
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a french canadian cafe. it was one of the spots that bill clinton would go and engage voters and became the come back kid. they hope for a come back. and it was all about about the anxiety on the minds of the voters. listen to this. >> one of the problems we have got, is a lot of people don't believe we can -- and people can't afford to go to college and get a home. and you got awe primary. thanks, guys. february 20th. yeah. thanks. and you can can hear hillary saying, look, we have a big caucus in nevada on
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february 20th. looking ahead to that because bernie sanders has double-digits and stirring up the energy and enthusiasm on the ground for him. listen to what he said. >> people will be asking, it is in the just who wins, but whether the people of new hampshire are prepared to lead this country in a political revolution. >> so, look as carl was seaing, the weather could be a factor on the democrat side. hillary clinton is behind. the key for bernie sanders is what happens next. hillary clinton is talking about nevada and february 20th and then south carolina where the clintons believe they have a big advantage for african voters and they will start to turn the tide. >> donald trump is expanding his
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lead in new hampshire. trump is leading with 31.6 percent. marco rubio and ted cruz and john kasich in a close race for second. and then we'll bring in marjorie clifton. they are are radio talk show host based out of san diego. donald trump was heading in iowa as well. should we believe what they have to say about new hampshire? >> everything about the election defoyed the pundits and the polls, cautiously approach new hampshire in the same way, the iowa outcome was not what we expected. headlines were the same. his ratings dropped slightly out of iowa with. he's at 31 percent. and 30 percent of the gop voters are undecided. what will they do if they make
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it to the polls with all of the snow and how they are going to event. >> and the second place. rubio, who came out ahead in iowa and cruz was not polled to do that well in new hampshire, but right now in close second place. >> maybe we can put up those numbers again, mark. second place, all three of them are effectively tied for second place. kasich, rubio and bush p. and toss ted cruz in there at 12 percent. and so if donald trump stumbles like he did in iowa. it is anyone's game. >> it is it a different race. but one of the candidates will see his or her shadow.
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and it is a weird deal. i don't think there is any normal. it will defy logic through the course of this year. new hampshire may be different because it is new hampshire and more people looking at national polls. more people are aware of puppy monkey. and that's the environment, folks tis challenging and so much is made of the rubio performance and his repetitive. and christie popping on him as well. and he could and should. and all candidates and that is on the democratic side have rehearsed talking points. i think the voters are smart enough to sort it out. magry, new hampshire voters,
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they can vote in either primary. a senator who is raising a lot of excitement in new hampshire. do they vote for sanders or go with the race that most people are saying more exciting, the republican side? >> sanders comes from a neighboring state and in that part of the country, he may have jews we don't foresee. but it is the independents that are moderate has hillary clinton claimed to be as kasich and bush might be. and so again, i think the question remains to be seen. trump continues to drum on. he was talking about water boarding would be the begins of the things he would do in terms of policy in the middle east. who knows, it is amazing.
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>> he's been more muted about his chances in new hampshire. we are going to have to say good bye. we'll talk to you soon. >> we'll talk to the executive editor of the new hampshire union leader in that state. he will have is new insight where it is headed now. >> we have to pay attention to wall street. u.s. markets plunging by more than two percent. what is sparking the selloff. and the latest on rescue efforts next. the e veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts.
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>> the news on the zika virus. the president calling for taxpayer funds to fight that virus. 50 cases are reported among u.s. travellers and doctors fear that
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the mosquito virus may cause birth affects. it is certainly raising a lot of alarm. the white house said the money would go for mosquito control and training programs. the white house asked for 66 million to fight ebola. >> in taiwan five more survivors. one of them an eight year old girl trapped 60 hours. 38 people remember killed when the skwak took down a high rise building. more than 100 people are still missing. >> and u.s. markets plunging in the start of the week. you can see it trading lower. and the nasdaq more than two percent and trading in the
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lowest level since 2014. joining us it fox business network. >> you are right and the s&p 500 down, that is poised to close in the lowest levels since 2014. that said? what is the selloff? there is no catalyst. no one believes in the central bank. global growth story. the money going to gold and treasury. here is how stocks performed. dow down nine percent and nasdaq 15 percent and s&p 500 down ten percent. all sectors are lower. tech, telecom, energy, financial. across the board. the only safe haven is gold and
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can treasury yields. and names we know and love. twitter, new lifetime low. 67 percent. and can linkedin six%. and goldman sach down 15 percent. and the traders are waiting to see what the fed will do. this is not panic. the big picture is a wait and see. thou the numbers tell you otherwise and enough to give you the jitters. >> it's got our attention. nicole, thank you. >> there is a lawsuit in chicago over events that led to it this 911 call. >> it's not the officer taken to court. the case he made against the man
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>> right now, authorities are investigating after smoke filled the cockpit and cabin of a commercial jet. it was from tusson to los angeles. the pilots were forced to turn around and make an emergency landing. the smoke came from the cockpit. the passengers didn't see the fire but the smoke made it hard
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to breathe. everyone is expected to be okay. new information about a police shooting in chicago. a officer facing a wrongfulidating lawsuit for killing a black teen is countering with a lawsuit of his own. he is suing for $10 million from the estate. [inaudible] >> the veteran prosecutors are here and this is an unusual case. the family will sue the police
10:24 am
department and now the attorney for the police department is filing a counter sought. there is no question that the officer suffered emotional trauma and stress as a result of what the teenager did that led to the event. >> it is it a novel approach and a clever approach, but it is destineed to fail for one reason only. it is a lawsuit that is stepped on principle and not in the law. and i think what he's trying to do if i am reading bep hind the lines. we put our lives on the line. and we make a mistease or don't we get sued and now i want to say to those people we are fighting back. if the city is writing you a big fat check you cause me harm i
10:25 am
will so you. it will not fly. >> why will it not fly? >> they the the police officers are training to kill. they can't have feelings if you will. they are human beings. but this is part of their job and if they do it in the line of doubt, it would be covered by worker's comp and not sowing the estate. >> it got our attention. normally the police don't have recourse. they might be caught in something that is a legitimate complaint and that's what we do to figure it out. but the officer said i was impacted by this because the teen came down the stairs and i had no options but to open fire. i am distressed because of the actions he took. do you believe that this will go
10:26 am
anywhere or is there a chance? ? >> i will think so. the situation is tragic and traumatic and emotionally charged. what we are doing, i trying to have a logical legal argument about the chances of the suit. it may be unconventionial but not unprecedented for a self defense kind of scenario and officer involved shooting and force has to be sued to suffer emotionally. and what is the price tag of pain? pts symptoms are reported after shootings like. this what is interesting the wrong of the death was foiled in december. and we have this fuelled today and in connection with the counter suit we are learning more facts and circumstances surrounding the shooting. whether or not it is successful will. it will take time to figure that
10:27 am
out. because like emotional trauma case it will have to go in the motion of court. and we'll learn more. >> this is why we wanted to do a story. we are getting a why the officer fired. he's seeking 50,000 and 10 million in damages and alleges he was provoked to four. this is what the victim's mother has to say. whatever it was, it made him hyper. we know that that is not him. he is a calm and can relaxed and positive and promising. seven bullets was put in my son. seven. that is a bit much.
10:28 am
eight shots were fired. one hit a innocent lady that was just opening her dor. something is wrong with this picture. something needs to be done. >> an interesting sound bite. seven bulletses and the the mother said her son was under the influence of something that was not him. that makes you wonder about the aggression. >> this is like several layer ares of tragedy. you have an otherwise healthy kid that makes him act aggressively. this is what police officers are trained to do. theyous 1 or 10 or 70. one bull pet can do the job.
10:29 am
i feel terrible for the family and the officer. this will not make a difference. >> jenna, one of the things we are seeing here. it is not hindsight. but foresight. and what they will look at. what facts and circumstances present whether a bat swinging in his face or person under the influence. it is not reconstructing a tragedy. but you have to look at facts and circumstanceses available to the officer at a time. it is unconventional way with of getting the facts out in front of the why and jury. because the court of public opinion weighs in. but the court of law will tell
10:30 am
us. >> maybe the gain is more man monetary. but maybe the officer and his career. >> of all of the issues in new hampshire, voters are listening to the candicate on one in particular. drugs. we'll look at the heroin epidemic ravaging that state. governor christie blasting senator rubio for repeating the talking points. is it a game changer? we'll talk to the editor about what voters are thinking, next. to truly feel healthy on the outside
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♪ the night for love. ♪ woah oh oh... ♪ mmmm... come on... ♪ be mine... >> less than 24 hours now until the new hampshire primary and there's new fallout after saturday night's gop debate exposed growing rivalries as the candidates battled with strong showing from the granite state. it remains an influential primary in the state. we have executive editor of the new hampshire union leaders. you were supposed to co-sponsor with abc news. and you got plug pulled, why? >> donald trump was upset about
10:35 am
p the editorials saying he was a bully and he was not as conservative. he asked us to drop us from the debate and they decided for us not to be part. >> so trump is leading in the polls and everybody else battling for second place. should we trust the polls. >> going into iowa wait showed donald trump the lead. and 80 in new hampshire. and you are getting a phone call for 80 nights. do you think you are telling the truth. i told my reporters to be conscious about reporting the polls. saturday, people who went to the debate trying to decide between trump or rubio and left more undecided than ever. i think it is a game time in new hampshire and anything can
10:36 am
happen. >> a lot of voters change their mind practically day of and walking in to cast the ballot. and one thing in the polls, 50 percent of the granite staters are undecided. and there are 300000 people to go decide to vote in the the democratic or republican primary. those undeclared voters will make a difference here. whether they would want to vote for bernie or trump or bernie and kasich. >> trump is the candidate with the name recognition. 20 years on television and big businessman. but you have to have a ground game. >> you have to have a ground game. and donald did not. he would fly in and hold a rally. but as the days and weeks went
10:37 am
on. fewer and fewer people showed up in the rallies and don would trump learned he needs a game game. can you convert the first place finishes in the polls to voters who are upon coming out and votering for you on election day. trumpriformed his campaign. and letting reporters see the phone banks. he's finally doing town halls and retail politics. in new hampshire we don't care about iowa wa. we want to meet the candidates and voters want to see them and ask the questions. and donald trump has just realized that and the question is, is it too little, too late. >> there is a marked change in tone from trump over the last couple of days. trent spinner from the new hampshire union leader.
10:38 am
going to be an interesting 24 hours. >> great insight there. and see what the new hampshire voters are listening to. what the candidates will do on the heroin epidemic. it is it an everyday occurrence there. and they are investigating the heroin pandemic in the state. >> reporter: unlike many other issues that are clearly on people's minds. there is no doubt that the the plague of overdose deaths of heroin is front and center. eight overdoses this month. and with the various candidates are advocating to solve the crisis is front and center in the waning minutes of the new hampshire campaign, watch. >> it is not like the other issues, he is a drug addict and
10:39 am
i sat there as governor of new jersey and looked across the pew at hiss three daughters sobbing because their dad is gone, there for the grace of god go i. >> there is nothing worse than planning your child's funeral. >> this is not politics as well. >> i have personal experience. my daughter noel was addicted to drugs. >> everyone running for president is touched by the crisis. and having lost a friend and neighbor and family member. >> i tried to get my sister. and mary died of an overdose. >> in new hampshire. voters care more about drug abuse. the granite state is caught in
10:40 am
the throes of an unprecedented epidemic. this is not a ghetto plague. in the epidemic of the 1970s, it was "those people". and now it is "all of us". more than one a day in new hampshire for the last two years. >> this used to be full. and now it is empty. inmates have gone off to diversion programs, but according to the commander here. a lot of repeat and minor offenders who used to come and go, they are all dead now. >> you are hot and cold and can't sleep and restless and can't stay still and puking and sneezing. >> and matt was once a high school basketball star before he turned thief and liar to feed his habit so he would not be
10:41 am
sick. >> you are are water and in and out of the bathroom. it is miserable. and until that drug gets back in your system. it is it awful. but the second it hits you, it is gone. >> the need is so extreme nothing matters not even the baby's well-being. >> i would do whatever i need to to get my drug. >> welcome to the recovery coach academy. >> crushed bite epidemic. >> the state is battling to expand the program with the fact that so many are sick and dying. >> the switch back that i have heard in the couple of weeks i have done the story, people have to take care of themselves. it is not the live free.
10:42 am
>> we blend individualism and like no where else. >> we have to double down. >> you can beat drug addiction. >> what about the political opportunism. >> it is not because of the primary, but it is the first conversation that comes up is the heroin epidemic. and not only here in the state of new hampshire. >> you are getting the attention you need. >> it is not only the attention we need but the epidemic needs. and there is nothing worse than talking to somebody who is in the hospital with heroin abuse and see what the babies are going through. the screaming and crying from the babies is awful. and we have to get our arms
10:43 am
around it in our country and it has to be be right in the top. >> political opportunities, granite staters are sharp enough to separate those who talk the talk and those who walk the walk. nick wheeler, the chief said it was outrageous that senator ted cruz did not attend the judiciary hearing on this critical hearing last week. >> interesting to watch; thank you. >> turning over to overseas other north korea and the missile launch. our next guest reacts to the latest moves of young kim jong-un. is. it's not happening, honey.
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>> the reason why it is important, the north koreans are close to prer fekting the missile. they can put an object in space they can put a nuclear weapon on u.s. soil. >> what is needed to defend the united states from a national missile defense program. that needs to be on the table. >> we'll talk to the general kean. north korea claimed it is part of the peaceful space program. and the u.n. plans to level new sanctions and south korea fired five warning shots. a lot of provocation there. this is the author of nuclear nightmare. it is a title for this project.
10:48 am
what is the significance of north korea's launch. >> they passed a major milestone. they have successfully and mastering their technology. that is the bad news. good news, this is not a long range missile and not as simple putting a nuclear war head. they are years away from developing a launcher that is big enough to hit the united states. and light enough to put on it. but if they keep trying. they are going to perfect the technology. >> administrations of both parent party ares failed to deter north korea from these activities. >> it is not only being tough and bush failed to stop them and obama failed to stop them. we theed a new strategy.
10:49 am
the key to that get bigger sticks and sanctions to put on north korea like freezing the overseas bank accounts that the corrupt leadership uses. and iran got them to the negotiating table. and china is the one that is the real economic lifeline. you want them to crack down. and china doesn't want to crack down and how do we press with china. o one promising technique. missile defense against the short range rockets that the north koreans have. china doesn't want south korea to do this. this may get them to clamp down. >> start formal consulation of the of the thad system. >> this is are talking
10:50 am
about now, joe? >> south korea want a defense against the rockets. short and medium range rockets that can reach their soil and two, they want to do it politically to show their population that they are actually doing something. but this can work for us diplomatically to get china to be more into the game, to be tougher. now, here's the key. china doesn't want to push north korea enough so that the regime collapses. they want to have new talks with north korea. there is a bargain. north korea has to be cracked down on. china can do that. china wants us to bring north korea to the tachbl let's do that. more sanctions, but also new talks. >> interesting. so the regime would stay in that scenario. and that's a big question about the way ahead, about if the regime should stay or go, and that brings in a larger conversation. i'm going to be cut off by commercial, we had that breaking news during that segment. i apologize.
10:51 am
but as alwaysing thank you very much. >> my pleasure blizzard barrels toward the east coast. will the snow affect voter turnout in tomorrow's critical new hampshire primary? a full forecast coming up.
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hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. happy monday. bill clinton unleashed sharp attacks from the former president aimed directly at bernie sanders even calling some of his supporters sexist. and mary ham will give us the story on exactly what happened to marco rubio and why some of the candidates didn't get on the stage when they were supposed to. and to what lengths will the candidates go to to woo undecided voters. one of them got down on one knee literally to sch for a vote. with such an unconventional
10:55 am
season, i don't know, you might see more of that. top of the hour. >> well, extreme weather is making its way to the northeast. a blizzard heading toward new england where voters in new hampshire are getting ready for the first presidential primary in the nation. look at the scene in new hampshire. our producers there with our politics team just fed in this video of the streets and snow covered lawns. senior meteorologist janice dean. how big is it going to be? >> we're going to get snow in new hampshire today. overnight tonight and tomorrow things will calm down. for now, this is our big coastal low. a very potent storm offshore that's bringing quite a bit of snow to eastern long island up towards massachusetts, vermont, new hampshire, and maine. we have a blizzard warning in affect for southeastern massachusetts. cape cod and the island with wind gusts in excess of 55 miles per hour. visitability is very low. people are urged to stay off the
10:56 am
roadways. i-95 is a mess with lots of reported accidents. and looking at the forecast, temperatures and radar, over the next 12 hours, still dealing with the snow for new england but as we get into overnight hours things will taper off and we will have a better looking day for the primary in new hampshire tomorrow. and john scott, i'd be remiss not to mention the broncos. congratulations. >> thank you! it was a very exciting game. >> it was. i know it was. >> happy with the final score. >> i know you had a jump in your step today. >> i did. jaunk jd. >> as jd just mentioned the denver broncos may have won the super bowl. but california is pulling in all the money, making both teams pay up. we'll tell you why, next. ♪ i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall?
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by beloved broncos won the super bowl but they are going to be paying the tax man. the nfl pays each player on the winning team about $100,000. state of california says, hey, we want our share.
11:00 am
13%. whatever you earned from the big game, you pay 13% in california taxes. and that applies to both teams. >> right. well, they earned it in the state. that's the argument. >> yep. fine. >> there you did. >> thank you for joining us. >> congrats to the broncos. "the real story," with gretchen starts now. congrats john, the countdown is on. less than 12 hours from now the polls will be open in new hampshire for the first in the nation primary. this is real story for monday. candidates making last-minute pitches to voters. the three governors in the republican race looking to gain traction by hitting the front-runners hard. meantime, senator sanders looks to turn new hampshire into a tie game with hillary clinton with a win tomorrow. fox news coverage for you. ed henry following the democratic race. chris steigerwald has the latest power index going into tomorrow and john roberts is talking to independent voters. first to ed henry a. remarkable turn of events with


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