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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 8, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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13%. whatever you earned from the big game, you pay 13% in california taxes. and that applies to both teams. >> right. well, they earned it in the state. that's the argument. >> yep. fine. >> there you did. >> thank you for joining us. >> congrats to the broncos. "the real story," with gretchen starts now. congrats john, the countdown is on. less than 12 hours from now the polls will be open in new hampshire for the first in the nation primary. this is real story for monday. candidates making last-minute pitches to voters. the three governors in the republican race looking to gain traction by hitting the front-runners hard. meantime, senator sanders looks to turn new hampshire into a tie game with hillary clinton with a win tomorrow. fox news coverage for you. ed henry following the democratic race. chris steigerwald has the latest power index going into tomorrow and john roberts is talking to independent voters. first to ed henry a. remarkable turn of events with former
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president bill clinton accusing bernie sanders supporters of being sexist. right? >> yeah. pretty remarkable. you've got this group called the bernie brows. they like to go on line, and not just defend bernie sanders, the democratic socialist, but attack hillary clinton. and so yesterday at two different rallies here in what is now becoming snowy new hampshire in the last moments and hours before tomorrow's primary, bill clinton, who has been relatively quiet in this campaign, has been keeping it in check, and has not really been going on the attack against bernie sanders. really unleashed, and suggested that some bloggers who are trying to defend hillary clinton on line are remaining anonymous. he named one in particular, a woman, and said she is anonymous because she's afraid of the these, what he called sexist attacks from bernie sanders supporte supporters. watch. >> this is only one funny thing you need to know about this e-mail. she posted it under a pseudonym
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because she and other people who have gone online to defend hillary and just explain why they supported her have been subject to vicious trolling and attacks that are literally too profane often, not to mention sexist to repeat. >> remember where we started in this campaign just a few weeks back where the republican front-runner, donald trump, pushed back on hillary clinton by saying, look, bill clinton's sexual past is fair game. he accused, trump did, bill clinton of being sexist. now you see bill clinton doing that against the sanders supporters. >> a clinton went further attacking sanders' policies. >> right. >> could you run the risk in any way of what happened in 2008 when his attacks on barack obama backfired? >> look, they started the day today at a cafe that bill clinton made famous, perhaps n 1992. because they are trying to sort of regain some of the comeback kid magic, if you will.
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but it could end up looking like 2008 if these attacks look into vicious. because bill clinton also said look as bernie sanders rise inside the polls, nobody is really scrutinizing how he's going to pay for these social plans. and what's interesting is bill clinton kind of mate it about himself, not about hillary clinton. watch. >> i've been through this for 20 years. introduced it nine times. not a single cospompl you raise another $9 million. and once the money was in the bank they dropped the plan in 48 hours. you've got give it to them. the new hampshire i knew would not have voted for me if i had done that. and so i want you to -- don't get mad. look at what's happening. >> so what's interesting is just a few moments ago at rally here in manchester bill clinton said look maybe i went too far, basically he said, sometimes i'm a husband instead of just a former president and i say
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things i shouldn't say. he is walking it back, gretchen. >>et henry, ings thank. independents make up half the voters of new hampshire. tend to favor republicans who are more m-- favor candidates w moderate. >> we are looking for who is the best commander in chief, the best to lead us later on. the flash in the fans politicians we don't need them. >> john roberts life in manchester. john, what else are the independent voters saying? >> they are saying all kinds of things. mostly they are confused. if you live in new hampshire and you want unconditional live love, you can buy a dog or you can become an independent or undeclared voter. because they can vote in either primary unlike registered democrats or republicans they are highly soughtafter by all of the kpaps. we talked to more than a dozen yesterday at various campaign events and found for the most part they can't make up their minds which candidate to vote for. >> still deciding. but probably primarily
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interested in marco rubio and one or two of the governors. >> what about you, bob? >> same here. i sort of like this guy here. i like his demeanor, and what he stands for. but i do like the governor as mainly because of the fact they have managed. they are executives but haven't made up my mind either. >> most of the voters we talked to haven't made up their minds which candidate to vote for. we found a few independent voters that don't even know which party they are going to vote for. lib to this. did you think at all about voting democratic? >> oh, yeah. and i usually do. but i'm seeing these governors show up well in the debates. and that's important to me. and i just -- they don't seem like the same old politicians of the past. >> have you volted democrat before? >> yes. >> is kasich closest to sort of your views that kind of cross back and forth over the line? >> it's more he appeals to the moderates. i think he is a fiscal
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conservative. he is very conservative candidate, but appealing to the people out there who are reasonable and want golf government moving forward. >> on the democratic side it looks like most of the independents who go democratic is split for bernie sanders. on the republican said, kasich is way back from trump but has strong sentiments favoring hip. with so many undecided we could be in for surprises tomorrow night. wouldle' see. >> john roberts thanks much. let let's look life at donald trump's event in new hampshire. earlier the day governor chris christie going to great lengths to win over the voters. he even got down on one knee. >> all right. you haven't decided yet. here we go. >> i want to vote for you, and -- >> i was going get up, but i think i'll stay on one knee.
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>> you have earn my vote. >> thank you. >> truly. >> all right. i'm two for two. i'll leaving everybody. good-bye. thank you very much. >> chris steigerwald, fox news digital politics center, joins me now. you have got to do whatever it takes, right? >> when you are as far back in the pack as chris christie you don't have enough time to kneel in front of enough voters to catch up. i think he has to broaden his appeal. >> but he was two for two there. >> two for two. >> i want to lock at the latest polls nar coming out in new hampshire. again, these were taken saturday, or between thursday and saturday. so a lot could change obviously. trump still wildly in front there, 30%. kasich number two, 14. really you have a bunch of people vying for second place, rubio, bush, cruz. they are all sort of stuck together there right? >> look, asking new hampshire
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volters about who they are going to vote for is always tough. this year it's particularly hard because of those independents that you talked about where they are actually going back and forth not among various republican candidates, but between b donald trump, bernie sanders and john kasich. you have two prominent republicans at least in this state with kasich who really model policies that democrats like that are much more moderate on social issues, moderate kind of democrats. so you have all this swing down here. basically it's going to come down to this -- this field is chaotic. we don't know how it's going to shake out it would be impossible -- it's almost impossible to think that donald trump having led by 20 points or more for so long wouldn't do extremely well on the republican decide. but there is a lot of swing out in those tail of the feathers. >> as we are looking at the trump live rally right now, a quick question about the ground game for trump, are people going
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out knocking door to door? that was one of the knocks again him, no pun intended against him in iowa. >> donald trump has no problem with ground game. there has been grousing off the record or anonymous grousing coming from his campaign that he is not also to spend the money. this is a long process. if he wants to sell funds it's going to cost him $40 million, $50 million to compete throughout all these states. he has got to get serious about making his bank account a little less great again if he really wants to do this. we'll see. we'll find out tomorrow whether he started digging in his pockets. >> huge, huge spending. >> huge. >> for a special new hampshire election now, we are having the 2016 power index especially for nh. you have donald trump on top. senator marco rubio, and then governor john kasich in the top tier. >> uh-huh. >> then you are followed by senator ted cruz and governors chris christie and jeb bush. how did you come up with that? >> here's the thing.
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i don't think that rubio has suffered stemmic damage. i think he had a bad night or saturday when chris christie kicked the tar out of him in that debate for five minutes. all in all, if you liked rubio before, you are probably okay with him on the grounds that you believe the republican party needs to coalesce and avoid a destructive lengthy process as hillary clinton awaits. i think that rubio structurally is probably still okay. we'll find out. but kasich, i think it's going to pay off big for kasich here. i think that he is selling what new hampshire voters like. he is talking about being open to democrats, talking about democratic ideas. i think he is going to do very well. cruz doesn't need to do very well. he already has his ticket to ride. his iowa win carries him forward. nobody expects him to do well here. if he does as well as fourth place it will be great. >> interesting analysis. let's look at the dem side. it is easier to look at. only two of them now. you have bernie sanders on top there, hillary clinton second to him. >> a disco infernando of
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berniement up is going to happen here. now he is threatening her nationwide. they are about tied in the national polls. going to be a hot time in the old town. >> okay i'll be looking forward to all the coverage, chris. thanks much. >> you bet. jeb bush and donald trump trading jabs again. so will jeb gain points for fighting back? and senator marco rubio also taking fire on saturday's debate from governor chris christie. did it hurt christie's chances as much as rubios? because could it have been too negative? we'll talk to mary catherine ham who asks some of those questions. she joins us live next. >> i think you saw the president of the united states and jeb bush. i think you saw a man with the right temperament, the right back ground, the right judgment, the right experience. i think you saw that you never want to make chris christie mad at you. [ laughter ] the microsoft cloud allows us to
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fox news alert to tell you about. we are keeping a close eye on the markets today. again on a monday taking a beating, going down. hovering between 350 and 400 points. right now we are down 389. traders fearing another sell off. oil dropping below $30 per barrel. gold on the other hand is spiking as stocks slip. that's no doubt very good news for folks as they continue to watch the market on a downward spiral today. back to politics now. marco rubio trying to regain his footing after faltering in saturday's debate. many analysts say the florida senator was shaken up when governor chris christie called him out for attacking president obama over and over and over and over. >> let's just, stop with this
11:16 am
fiction that obama doesn't know what he is doing. >> a memorized 20 second speech. >> the notion that barack obama doesn't know. >> there it is. the memorized 25 second speech. >> that's why this campaign is owe important. >> still, rubio making no apologies, he kept up with it. >> that's the core our campaign. i look forward to continuing to said. hope they keep replying those lines. i feel great about it. voters across the country, especially here in new hampshire got to here me say repeatedly the truth. >> mary catherine ham, editor at large for hot and a fox news contributor. you were there, asking some of those tough questions on saturday night. how did it feel inside the hall? how do you think the voters in new hampshire will feel about it? >> governor kristy certainly had the room going. he was leaning on the podium, enjoying himself. and they received it well and were really critical in the room of rubio repeating himself
11:17 am
because it was quite obvious. the one thing i wonder is whether the media coverage of the rubio missteps is more of a national issue than it is to new hampshire voters who have seen him on the stump and who have seen him be more nimble than that and perhaps will grade on that curve. >> you are thinking the voters might be easier on him. >> just because they have more experience with him than just that movement but that's how politics works. people remember that moment and he will have to come back from it. he will be working hard on the trail there and in south carolina. >> even if he gave ten other stupendous answers that's what you walk away with when there is a negative. let me ask you this, could it backfire on chris christie because he really, really, really pressed him? could that affect voters positively or negatively. >> i think it always matters what your tone is and how tough you are on your competitors. he did get mean at times. credits chris has a reputation for being that way.
11:18 am
he has a bully thing to contend w. i thought it was within bounds but you have to worry about voters. i think what he did was hurt rubio but helped jeb and governor kasich more than he helped himself. >> why? why dues that. >> because he was very rough on him. and i think sometimes voters can see that and go oh, he seemed a little mean and that can make a difference. >> it's interesting because i just showed him getting down on one knee to ask for a vote. his penalty is multifaceted. >> he has the softer side, for sure. >> we just saw it and got two more votes. let's look at what happened before anyone even spoke at the debate. there was sort of this awkward walk on situation as we are watching here now. christie comes in. and then ben carson is supposed to be next. i guess -- you can tell me, because you were out there, his name was called but there were so many applause he didn't hear it. so he stands there forever. >> yes, first of all this is my diabolical plan to make sure we go as viral as possible. and it worked.
11:19 am
no. actually it was very, very loud in there. and it didn't play quite as much on tv how loud it was as it was for us. i do not blame dr. carson for not having heard his name. i heard and it knew exactly what was going on back there. that's how it went down and once they started piling up there it was. >> donald trump then stands with dr. carson because i don't think he heard his name either. >> right. >> and then you see the other candidates just sort of walk past them. they must have wondered what the heck is going on. >> they are like i've got a podium and i'm getting to night eventually they do come out. did they actually call them back out again? >> no, they all eventually settled. got everybody out there and it was smooth sailing from there. >> mary catherine, great job. glad you could be part of it. honored to see another strong woman up there. >> appreciate it. donald trump firing back at jeb bush following a rough moment in saturday's debate. >> the last thing we need is another bush. bush raised $128 million
11:20 am
supposedly. can you believe that? >> so did jeb halt donald trump's momentum and give back some of his own after he stood up to the real estate mogul? that brings us to your question of the day d to. who do you think actually won the republican debate in new hampshire? tweet me @gretchencal carlson and you can go to my facebook page as well. tell me your thoughts. can't wait to see them. we always were told we were german. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt.
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11:24 am
the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that is not proper. that is down right wrong. >> he wants to be a tough guy. a lot of times you will have -- and it doesn't work very well. >> how tough is it taking property from an elderly woman. >> let me talk. quiet. a lot of times -- a lot of times -- >> well, jeb not letting up of course going on the attack again today calling trump a real loser and questioning if he will shush hillary clinton. >> do you think he is going to shush hillary clinton? i mean, come on. this is -- well, he would lose. that's the point. people want someone who has a steady hand as president of the united states. we are living in dangerous times. and you can't say the things he says. you candice page, people. you can't divide the nation and expect expect to win. this is a reality tv show for him. he views it as a form of entertainment, i think. and i don't view it that with a
11:25 am
way. >> williams, mercedes schlapp, republican strategist and former spokesperson for george w. bush. mercedes we are seeing jeb bush step up the attacks. he claims he is really the only one who has gone up against donald trump. >> right. >> at the same time, you have donald trump today now calling for the former florida governor -- he called him today a total stiff. if he weren't in government, you wouldn't hire this real stiff. last thing we need is another bush. your response? >> i have got to tell you smchlg i think for jeb bush it's been a smart tactic for him to go after donald trump not only because donald trump is the front-runner but because no one else is. jeb has may made a decision in his campaign that he is the most poll polly strong out of the group. but he realized he has to show his penalty and say i can lead this country. people are at the point where i
11:26 am
think you are seeing a bit of a shift where they are saying wait a secondly. we are going to elect a president of united states. we need to make sure it is someone who does have a record. you saw this in the last debate. it was like the governors strike back. >> right. >> it was a fascinating change of events here. >> yes. well, it was interesting because ep me, it seems as if jeb bush was bolstered by the debate before that on fox where trump where he felt the bully wasn't around and he had more energy in the debate on saturday night. >> big time. look, not so poor jeb. he found his voice in the last debate with the absence of done on stage. and what we saw in new hampshire was that he didn't lose that voice even when donald appeared back on stage in his normal heavy presence and jeb didn't back down for it. good for him. i think mercedes makes a good point. that is pragmatism has been a tough sell in this election so far. we saw the governors this weekend double down on that
11:27 am
approach. i think with the new hampshire voters because of their make up, because of how they are, and so many independents, it will sell better there than in other regions. >> hillary clinton calling in the big guns, her husband binn bill to try to sake bernie sanders down a of no as well as his supporters alleging her fan base on line and says the debate has become substantive. >> now the online campaign is anybody that doesn't agree with me is a tool of the establishment. when you are making a revolution you can be too careful about the facts. you are just for me or you are against me. >> ep me, what do you make of the fact bill clinton, obviously a good person to have on your side. he is still really popular. but last time around when he tooksome somebody's criticism too far, it backfired. >> i was going to say maybe he is a good person to have around. i think he was a huge liability for hillary clinton in 2008. i think yes he is popular in the democratic base absolutely but
11:28 am
he has to be careful. he is calling people sexist for not supporting hillary. i don't think women are going to take too kindly into being shamed into supporting her as a candidate. i think he has to be careful there. >> mercedes? >> that's right. here's the deal. i think for bill clinton they didn't know what to do with bill clinton, because he did create such waves back in the 2008 race. and again, i think you are starting to see with bernie sanders he is going back to his ole bag of dirty tricks. let me tell you something, it is a very different type of race. one thing is that the voters that support bernie sanders, what they like about him is authenticity, is the fact that he stands for very specific policies. whether you like them or not. >> right. >> and that is something that's not necessarily falling in line with hillary clinton's approach. >> all right. fresh -- the fresh approach on both sides, republicans and democrats, seems to be popular. ep me and mercedes thank you thank you. brand-new polls in the race for the white house showing how some of the top gop candidates match up against hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders.
11:29 am
and the results may surprise you. plus we'll take a look at how the campaigns are working to get the voters out. we're live with those details coming up next. >> senate, they tell you the when to show up, where to sit, what to do, they give you a list of questions, you vote yes or no. that's not way it is being governor.
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russia launching massive military drills. president putin putting troops across russia in combat alert. troops stations in crima was one of the regions included in the drills. president obama asking for $2 million in emergency funding to help fight the zika virus. chipotle virus opening late today so workers can attend a food safety meeting. the chain trying to regain public trust after outbreaks of food contamination made tons of people sick. the voting in new hampshire will be very different from what we saw in iowa. how are the campaigns switching up their tactics? mike emanuel live in manchester for us. mike, what are some of the republican campaigns doing in the final hours to try and stand out? >> gretchen a candidate who is getting a lot of buzz here after basically investing everything in new hampshire is ohio governor kasich. we stopped by his campaign
11:34 am
headquarters in achs manchester earlier this afternoon. there there is an active push by supporters to get voters out to some of his final events and also to remind votes tomorrow is the critical voting day after months of campaigning. volunteers are working the phones reminding folks that tomorrow is the day here in the granite state. >> i think the fundamental tools have remained the same. what i mean by that is the voter contact. nothing beats the voter contact. whether it's through technology, whatever that technology looks like, an app, or wherever you are getting your data, at the end of the day nothing beats that voter contact, making the knock on the door, having volunteers pick up the phone and make those calls and leave those voice mails of that's what gets people to pay attention ask. that's why you see the difference. >> earlier we were at governor jeb bush's manchester headquarters where dozens of volunteers were preparing to go out and knock on doors. they were also actively working the phones trying to remind their supporters they need them
11:35 am
to show up tomorrow. i asked a senior adviser about differences between iowa and new hampshire. >> the difference between a primary and a caucus is primarily about the degree of involvement. it's much tougher to get people to show up and stay in caucus and speak for you. but the overall process is the same, you want to identify potential supporters, you want to persuade them. and then you want to make sure the votes that support you turn out the vote on the right day. >> of course all three governors on the ballot on the republican side are all hoping to break through tomorrow. we stopped by a couple of their headquarters to see what they were doing to try to find a final surge in the polls, gretchen. >> no doubt. let's go over to the democratic side. what are they doing in the final stretch? >> as you mentioned, hillary clinton has had some high-profile surrogates, her husband, former president bill clinton, also had former secretary of state matalin albrig albright. and also some female democrat sanders helping her in the final hours.
11:36 am
over at bernie sanders campaign headquarters there has been a buzz of activity. he has been doing he can freedomly well in polls here in the granite state. they are trying to make sure those polls turn out tomorrow. and that that is the outcome tomorrow. we talked to a new hampshire political expert about politics here in the granite state. >> new hampshire is very different because primaries allow independent voters to go and vote. and caucuses are not that. caucuses are party run elections. and new hampshire primary is a state run election. it's also much more private and it takes a lot less time to go into the voting booth and cast your ballot. >> the wild card here of course is the weather. doesn't scare folks in new hampshire. but all these campaigns are wondering what impact it might have been. check out u-mass tracking polls approximate match. donald trump leads the republican field, 34%. marco rubio, ted cruz tied, 13% each. jeb bush, john kasich round out
11:37 am
the top five with 10% each. taking a look at hypothetical matchups with democratic contenders, clinton beats trump, and cruz, for the presidency. but loses to rubio. bernie sanders beats all three republicans by a wide margin. daron shaw is a political science professor at the university of texas, fox news pollster and an independent pollster as well. >> good to be here. >> at love people will look at the head to head match up and say wow, bernie sanders creams all the republicans. why? what do we make of that. >> i think it is the backup quarterback phenomenon. you are always dissatisfied with whoever is running the offense and looking for someone different. i think on the democratic side sanders has got some of that appeal right now. he doesn't come with the baggage clinton does. the problem of course is that voters don't know much at all about bernie sanders except he is hot, they are seeing him on
11:38 am
saturday night live, they are feeling the bern. if it gets to a point where he looks like a threat to hillary clinton for the nomination as opposed to wing some of the early contests the immediate why will start to focus more attention the policy position also become more scrutinized. it's difficult to see him being that competitive a month and a half from now. >> that's what you think about where it might go along the road. >> maybe we want to know what his taxite rate would be first and foremost. let's look at another poll. 49% of likely republican primary voters say they are completely decided on their candidate. so 31% say they have a strong preference but undecided. 9% undecided. that's lower than it was in iowa, right? >> yeah. considerly blower. new hampshire, as several guests pointed out. it is a open -- it is -- it's sem open, you can't be a democratic and vote on the republican side but you can be an independent and make a choice. >> right. >> it's difficult to measure
11:39 am
what proportion are dedicated to a candidate. many can make a choice they can change and say i don't know and get into the voter pool that influences the election. >> when you hear people are vacilating between trump and sanders, you are like what? it doesn't seem to make sense but they have the ability to do that. let's look at another poll. when republicans are asked, voters, about their potential to support different candidates from one they are already backing it's interesting to look at this, darren, because when you add that in, that they might come to that person, you know trump then sits at 49% but kasich sits at 57%. rubio, 49%. bush, 61%. cruz, 59%. and christie, 62. the numbers totally change. >> new hampshire is a fascinating state for a variety of reasons. i looked at those numbers about half an hour before coming in here today. i don't know what to make of a great many of them.
11:40 am
the word all along or the conventional wisdom all along is trump isn't acceptable to a wide swath of the electorate but the numbers and the polls from state to state don't bear that out. the one candidate who consistently has trouble, a chunk of voters who say i'm not voting for that guy is jeb bush. that seems to be obviously a funk of the unpopularity of his brother when he left office and things of that nature. >> we'll have to see how it plays out. it starts about 12 hours from now. darren, thank you. >> time for my take. as we've always said it's important the look at poll numbers as a as soon as possible shot in time. with that in mind, the latest monmouth university polls are where the polls stood saturday night before the gop didn't. as usual in new hampshire, a bunch of folks they just don't know what they are going to do or they could change their minds. what we don't know is how many will actually end up showing up
11:41 am
to vote, too. to put it in context it's important to look back to what happened in iowa. a follow up survey of those voters found that nearly all of the completely decided voters stuck with their original vote choice. but among those with a strong preference, only half stuck with their original vote intention. only half. one in four switched to another candidate. about one in five decided not to vote at all. what's going to happen in new hampshire? the only way to know is to watch it as it unfolds, live, tomorrow night. let's talk about the tragedy on the bop sled track in canada. two teenage twins were killed and six other teens injured after baek breaking into the olympic park in calgary after hours. investigators say the young menused a personal sled to go down the track and it crashed into that gate. police setting up a roadblock and covering the crash site with a tarp for the investigation
11:42 am
now. this facility hosted the winter olympics in 1988. a royal caribbean ship forced to return to port in new jersey after betting battered by rough seas in an atlantic storm. passengers on board the anthem of the seas being confined to thb cabins overnight as they weathered the storm on their way to florida. the company of the ship treat tweeting we know it was atough day on sunday a apologize for their discomfort. hashtag, anthem of the seas, guess they are going to receive a full refund and certificate towards a future cruise after they arrive home tomorrow. a event turns frightening when shots are fired at a boxing weigh in. fans and even the fighters sent scattering as the bullets ring out. we'll tell what you the motive may have been now behind that killing. >> plus governors like john kasich are depending on their ground game for a top three in new hampshire. but should he be thanking
11:43 am
governor kristy for something he did saturday night? >> we're making this sprint to tuesday. it's where the ground game takes over. and all the work that we put in, and positive ads and all that. i'm not -- there is no hail marys coming out of me. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. vern from voya? yep, vern from voya. why are you orange? that's a little weird. really? that's the weird part in this scenario? look, orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. save a little here and there, and over time, your money could multiply. see? ah, ok. so, why are you orange? funny. see how voya can help you get organized at
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i'm shepard smith, just hours away from the nation's first primary. ahead, the new poll that shows this could be absolutely anybody's race. plus the front-runner donald trump returning to a familiar target named jeb bush. does that mean donald trump sees jeb bush's struggling campaign as his biggest threat? we'll get into all of it when shepard smith reporting begins in just 14 minutes. >> back to the real story now. the governors duking it out in a tight republican race for new hampshire and ganging up on senator marco rubio. washington post saying kasich and bush should send chris
11:47 am
christie roses because of the way he went after rubio. ohio congressman mike turner supports kasich for president and joins me in the studio today. did kasich send roses to chris christie? >> i don't know. but he acknowledged what kasich did in ohio with job creation. he said he has done well and the economy is turning around. that's an important issue to the voters and shows that he is not only aware of the issue but has experience. and that can translate into results for america. >> looking at that time polls, your guy, kasich, is in that clump of guy who is want that second place finish, or maybe first place. who knows. what does he need to do in the next 12 hours to try and really change that up to make him second place for sure? >> we are leaning on his resume. it's important. as we all know, people are concerned because we have a struggling economy, spiraling deficits and threats to our national security. in each of those areas the
11:48 am
governor has great experience. not only is he the only one who has actually balanced the federal budget and the budget for the state of ohio he has produced jobs, turned the ohio economy around. in other areas, in national security he served on the armed services committee. knows what our nation needs and knows how to challenge the threats. >> one of the knocks against him is he is not conservative enough. he talks about his policies on immigration, et cetera, and that he would work across the aisle. comicon serve tiffs don't like to hear that kind of talk. in new hampshire it's different because they want more of a moderate voter. >> they want someone who can get the job done. to do that you need to represent everybody and need to work with everybody. kasich has shown he has been able to do that on the federal level working with then president bill clinton to balance the federal budget. and balancing ohio state's fwumg and turning that economy around. >> it will be interest. he has put all his eggs in one basket in new hampshire.
11:49 am
although he saysst he has ground game in every other states. new video showing the suspected suicide bomber on the somali airline just before the attack. and breaking details on the intended target now. be right back with that. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost. now try new boost® compact and 100 calories.
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watching tvs get sharper, you've had it tough. bigger, smugger. and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. welcome back to "the real story." new details on the bombing of a commercial jet. somali investigators releasing video shows a passenger being given explosives they believe were used to blow a hole in the plane. hi, trace. >> reporter: appears to be an inside job because two of the suspects who handed over the laptop filled with explosives were dressed as airport
11:53 am
employees, and as you watch the have iow this happened on the other side of the checkpoint where only passengers and employees who have been screened are allowed. so the employees hand over the laptop to a suspected suicide bomber who carried it on the plane and then fell to his death from the hole ripped over. most passengers were supposed to be onboard a turkish airline flight which was cancelled because of bad weather. more than 20 people have been ÷ with the?ç bombing, and at first authorities thought ábbb was behind the attack. instead might be the work of an antigovernment group because some of those arrested, including the suspect, dressed as airport workers, are from an area in somalia that is contesting the sovereignty of the somali government. the bomb explodedded at 11,000 feet before the plane was
11:54 am
fully pressurized. had it exploded at 35,000 pete, and the plane was flying at cruise speed, this likely would have been a much bigger disaster. turkish airlines hat not commented but in december turkish air cancelled all flights out of mowing deach shoe because of a -- mogadishu because of a falled attack. >> new developments in a deadly shooting at a boxing event.$oç apparent lay faction of the irish republican army claims responsibility now for the attacks that left an alleged member of a rival drug gang dead and two other spectators wounded. the kill team dressed as police officers and another gunman was in drag to try to hide their identities. not what you expect when you enter a classroom. well, that's a leopard roaming a school's halls.
11:55 am
the dangerous takedown of the big cat, coming up next. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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welcome back to "the real story." four people injured at least when a leopard got go into a school in southern india on sunday. the big catrooming the harps so they tried locking it in a bathroom but it escaped through a vented and then attacked a man near a pool. the animal was eventually tranquilized but took hours to take him down. dramatic rescue caught on ten. ten-year-old boy pulled to safety after his father's truck was hanging upside-down and dangling over a bridge in israel. crews get the dad outjççç fir. but said the little boy was trapped in an area that was tough for them to get to. the stormy weather complicating the effort, but the got the boy down safely after deploying cranes.
11:59 am
>> denver bronco fans going a little overboard hope to super bowl celebration. thousands of loyal and local broncos following the wind hit the streets in downtown denver after their win last night over the carolina panthers. 12 people arrested for getting too unruly. some of you had a quieter night on twitter. bronco fan bobby tweeted this photo of the and his core e coworkers. they were working in the e.r. and're j sent this photo from london. republican presidential candidates sparring saturday night in new hampshire. here was our question of theñq$ day... who do you think came out on ton? >> luis says the governors were clear winners, in particular bush and kashich. they showed how important executive experience is. matt says christie won for the verbs verbal beatdown on script rubio. on the flipside, steven feels rubio had good debate. and west says while cruz and trump did well the clear winner,
12:00 pm
the moderator, and she was my guest. he thinks she did a great job. thank you for being part of "the real story" for a monday. tomorrow's new hampshire. i'm gretchen carlson. here's shep. >> noon on the west coast, 3:00 in new hampshire where campaigns are scrambling through the snow for a lost-minute edge before tomorrow's primary. donald trump still leading his republican rivals but is also the favorite in iowa, or was, and he has been hoping that history does not repeat itself. a handful of trump's fellow republicans in a virtual tie for last minute surge. could happen. wait nothing you hear how many voters in the state are still making up their=' mind. bill clinton accusing a couple of sanders supporters of sexism. you heard his complaints be the clinton's plans to stop bernie sanders in his tracks.


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