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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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the moderator, and she was my guest. he thinks she did a great job. thank you for being part of "the real story" for a monday. tomorrow's new hampshire. i'm gretchen carlson. here's shep. >> noon on the west coast, 3:00 in new hampshire where campaigns are scrambling through the snow for a lost-minute edge before tomorrow's primary. donald trump still leading his republican rivals but is also the favorite in iowa, or was, and he has been hoping that history does not repeat itself. a handful of trump's fellow republicans in a virtual tie for last minute surge. could happen. wait nothing you hear how many voters in the state are still making up their=' mind. bill clinton accusing a couple of sanders supporters of sexism. you heard his complaints be the clinton's plans to stop bernie sanders in his tracks.
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good snowy monday afternoon from historic and picture-action man chestster. an inch of snow an hour, 20 degrees now as a nor'easter roars up the atlantic, this is home base for 250 of us on the fox news and fox business team with hours left before the nation's first primaries. analysts predict this state could be the end of the line for some hopefuls. the question is how many. in past years new hampshireites have picked who gets to move on. this year, maybe not as much. we'll speak to that. today is the last shot for presidential candidates to make presidential candidates to make their cases for thewieø and the['yç latest polls suggest this could be anybody's race. there's a new boston herald franklin pierce survey out and finds a full 31% of voters in new hampshire say they could still change their mind before tomorrow's primaries, 2000 out of five. right now candidates from both
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political parties are on a last-minute push across the state. stumping at town halls and coffee shops, a lot of them seeing big crowds but no ben carson out today. he is holding private fundraisers, not a single event with voters. analysts say tomorrow could be several g.o.p. kids' last stands. politico reports chris christie is quickly running out of cash, and they quote jeb bush's donors who are fed up with his campaign. and donald trump, who has already planted the proverbial knife, tried to twist it. >> look at jeb, a loser. spent $110 million so far, forward the bottom of the -- toward the bottom of the pack and going nowhere and the only thing he does is attack me. the think that's going to÷p[k sw he is tough -- >> for his part, jeb bush spent the day shaking hands andoducin, as donald trump. he was going for funny, i'm told. but this morning bush said that
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trump's insults are really not a joking matter. >> we're living in dangerous times, and you can't say the thing he says and disparage people and divide the nation and expect to win. this is a reality tv show for him. he views it as a form of entertainment, i think. >> the latest real clear politics average at the big poll shows donald trump still had a double-digit lead in new hampshire. mark co rubio in second place but not by much, and we don't have polls that we trust neated after the debate so we don't know if anything changed. certainly could have. rubio got a lot of flak, obviously, for repeating the same line, not twice but four times. even getting boos from the audience when rival chris christie called him out. that led so rubio critics protesting at a rally here. they're all dressed up as marco roboto. you no know, talking point 3,000. rubow doubled down and said he would say the sameáline again but the beating he has taken
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from critics could mean second place is up for grabs. let's get to campaign carl cameron a few miles east of here. carl, a week ago, ted cruz and new hampshire new hampshire came into new hampshire as one and two, where do things stand. >> nobody knows and doesn't matter where they stood in iowa. there's a long historyr2ymtñ:ñ w hampshire of voters either reversing or canceling or drastically modifying the rate of the front runner ins established in the first caucus state when the get to the first official primary, and it's really getting interesting. jeb bush today is again on the attack. he is not only shaking hands and trying to bring out all kinds of endorsements and get his crowds boostedñpgç but going after trs a major part of his theme. he is not a big tweeter. that's their purview and venue that donald trump most uses. today jeb bush used twitter to go after donald trump, and watch
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this. he says, quote, at real donald trump you aren't just a loser. you're a liar. and a whiner. john mccain is a hero, over and out. of course, trump always calls bush a loser, and he also suggested that mccain wasn't a stings. donald trump campaigning hard, mugging and mocking and imitating jeb, and today he had another iteration of it at a town hall just a little while ago. >> jeb's not going anywhere. not a guy that can go anywhere. total stiff. $110 million, and he is just going nowhere. so, look, he's these are poll politician. i heard jeb bush is a total light weight. >> tough stuff but nothing that jeb handed faced in quite some time, and mark -- marco rubio,
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has run bo abuts saw as a consequence of this saturday night debate performance, and even in his audience at the super bowlwatch party he had there were people there who couldn't wait to talk about what happened last night and whether it might undermine his chance. it's volatile and with the snow on this last day of the campaign, the candidates are frantically trying to reach voters, and voters are showing up, but only adds to their own frustration, the
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new hampshire. the candidates all go to church on sunday at one place or another around granite state. they are church are goers but don't wear if on their sleep as those in iowa do. here it's the no sales tax, live free or die state. much here about how government affects your life rather than how government affects faith, and for cruz he had a mob scene in raymond. this is actually a new political venue. they call it the tuckaway tavern and opened up after the 2012 campaign. so candidates haven't come here. cruz the first to come here. a hugely successful business and he jammed it. parking lot full, media came in. he has a lot of momentum here and attention but doesn't have the kind of popularity in new hampshire. frankly, texans haven't auld fared well in new hampshire. so cruz knows for him, bmhshp &c
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settled down. i don't see that happening. >> how close is the finish among the governors, chris christie, john kashich and jeb bush, are the clumped together or spread out? that one question. you're right. we usually say you have three tickets9"j"bó out of iowa and tn from there new -- new hampshire winnows the field. this election cycle willave less of a winnowing effect because the field is so big and these guys going to be able to make the case after the results tomorrow they have a place in this field. >> sometimes we in the media ç everyday folks. most of the time. that said, was getting on the plane to come here and the pilot that marco rubio was suspending his campaign because he had to
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tend to the wounds he received the night before at the debate. i was like, all right, seems to have filtered around a bit. did this hurt him badly or just us talking? flying blind with the polls right now. we don't really know how much of an effect anything is having, the debate or anything else. but anecdotally i have seen evidence as campaign carl was also talking about, of people talking about this, registering, especially here in new hampshire where people are paying more attention than maybe, for example, your pilot on your flight here. they're so immersed in the political process and every little built of movement certainly that was a huge development in this race, and for people make up their minds -- and that's anywhere from 35% to 45% of new hampshire republicans, that's a big deal and could sway them toward another candidate. >> there was a time when wisdom was a bomb bass tick character like chris christie from new jersey, would get some traction
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here. do you sense that happened? is there one of the group that seems -- i don't know how tojcjç read it. >> there's certainly a place for bombast in new hampshire. just ask donald trump. the problem for chris christie therets> all i hear is very angry with the establishment, republican side, democratic side, anger with the establish: i saw it a:
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we one-half the super bowl. >> that's why you see the word establishment being passed around lining a hot potato. no one ones to came that. independentk[;ç voters to me the difference. you can float either primary, just go up and declare. why the rules here geoff the independents such an add impact and what history tells us how they can help or hurt a campaign, and we are keeping a close eye on the dow because even in the snow, it's a mess. the big board back on the news deck, you can see the dow down more than two personal points, nasdaq down even more. percentage basis. we'll take a look at why and what this means for money. fox alert, do not check your 401(k)s at the moment. it's a snowy, beautiful afternoon and we just got a quick alert from cbs, telling us how many people watched the football game.
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we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. quarter past the hour. analysts say independent voters could have a big impact on the primaries. the way the state's primary works, voters who are not registered members of a political political party can cast ballots for candidates on
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the other side of the aisleful strategists:xç say 40% of new hampshire voters are undeclared, the state's largest voting bloc. john;j-3tv@ roberts is here wits important part of the process. >> very important. i'm detecting an awful lot of confusion with these people as well. new hampshire likes to mix things up, hard to pin down. like to change the narrative of the election but these independent voters for the most part can't make up their minds who they want to vote for. gettingk(éb-ú inundated by the campaigns, literature coming their way, but almost seems like the more they learn the less clear they are to vote for. >> what will make up your mind who to votexxóo for? >> their resume. really, i'm a carli fan. could i be swayed yes? >> how will you know when you
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know. >> tuesday morning when i'm in there vote with my gut. >> a tough decision? >> yes. >> probably vacillating right until we walk in. >> absolutely. >> shep, as you mentioned, these independent voters can vote póx republican. one fellow i met said he is torn between both candidates on the democratic side and three on the republican side. another fellow said he decided to vote republican but that as far as he has gotten. >> what will change your mind one way or the other? >> just thinking it over, who is going to be the best to be commander in chief, the best to lead us later on, the flashing pans, politicians, we don't need them. >> he was at a rubio event and also thinking about kashich, christie, and bush. a lot of people are going into the voting booth tomorrow night not having made a decision. >> you mentioned those four, those are establishment lane types. >> they like the8@g governors. >> but new hampshire, sounds like the people i've met seem
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angry with the establishment, and because of that they're either donald trump or bernie sanders, which defies conventional wisdom but everything does. >> because they're on opposite ended of the political spectrum, but independent voters here like the fact they're independent, they're their own person, they speak their minds, they're not following conventional wisdom. on the republican side, donald trump likely to get the bulk of the independent vote, 34%. john kashich is next, way back at 16%. very high favorables and it's interesting to note with kashich he draws ex-percent report from the republican pert, and 16% with independents so a chance if all of those independents don't go donald trump residents way, they could break towards not have an upset, we could have a surprise. >> i heard many say they like what he has done in ohio. >> there's a real appreciation for governors here. they like people who havening managed things. >> great to see you, john. >> good to see you.
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hampshire became the nation's first primary state and it track record for picking presidents ps and that's an interesting one to look at, at "shepard smith reporting" continues live from manchester.
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we all know new hampshire plays a key roll in the presidential race. to really understand the political significance of this state we have to go back a ways. >> i'm actually moonlighting here. can i get you anything else? >> long before politicians came here to mingle at diners, or to lay out their platforms in town halls and rallies, the beautiful landscape attracted explorers to what the initially called north virginia. the british king renamed the
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territory but settlers in awe of the9wç snow-capped mountains dud new hampshire the switzerland of america. captain john smith set the tone for those who would follow when he wrote: here should be no landlord's to rack us with high rent or extorted fines to consume us. here every man may be the -- his own labor and land. >> that spirit is reflected in the state motto, live free or die. the words of a colonial general still resonate. >> there's an underlying idea in new hampshire that the government should leave you alone and you should be free to do what you want. >> it's reflected both in policies, like being the only state without mandatory seatbelt laws, and in their politics with voter participation among the high nest the nation in 2012 more than 70% of new hampshireites voted in the general election, compared to the national average of less than 60%.
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since 1920, the state has hosted the first primaries of every presidential election. b,?v wih folks often trudging through the snow to cast votes. >> new hampshire's primary was relatively unimportant in the great scheme until the 1952 election when dwight eisenhower wanted to find out if he was a legitimate candidate and the people of the united states would vote for him. >> i want to vote for eisenhower. >> okay, eisenhower. >> he defeated the establishment candidate, robert taft, and went on to win the nomination and the presidency. after that, new hampshire was seen as a proving grounds for candidates. state lawmakerses protected that with a law requiring the primary be held at least one week before similar contests. >> god bless the great state of new hampshire. >> the most number of votes possible in new hampshire. >> theu+rc]z campaigns now criss the state. >> i just could not ever skip
12:25 pm
new hampshire. >> granite staters wait until the end. you have to be patient and just (robc>kyour heart out. >> devoting considerable time and resources here. >> we can win here in new hampshire on february 9th. >> we're winning big in a place called new hampshire. >> they pump millions of dollars into the state's economy. more than 260 million, according to a study that looked at the year before the 2000 primaries. and the rest of the nation has good reason to watch whatb% happens here. as the voters have a knack for picking electable candidates, since eisenhower won only three people have lost the new hampshire primaries and gone on to become president. bill clinton lost to paul tsongas in 1992. george w. bush lost to john mccain in 2000, and barack obama lost to hillary clinton in 2008. >> then again, new hampshireites also reward creativity in 2012 a
12:26 pm
man named very nonsupreme captured more than 800 votes in democratic primary as folks here supported his unique campaign. >> i have four planks. one, mandatory toothbrushing. two, zombie preparedness, three, time travel research, and, four, free ponies for all americans. >> you can see why he was popular. vermin supreme is running again. former president bill clinton released attacks against his political rival. why she says some of bernie8 at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
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kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
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i'm gregg jarrett with a fox report. more of headlines. north korea's new satellite flew right over the super bowl stadium an hour after the game ended. north korea celebrating the launch with a parade and fireworks. western officials say it was really a test for a long-range missile. the feds are investigating a hack attack on the department of justice after an apparent leak of information on thousands of government employees, according to a law enforcement source. theód÷mç info includes names and telephone numbers of workers at the momentland department, and the electronic gear shift and some cars are so confusing drivers have actually gotten out with the engines running and still in gear. that's the word from federal investigators the problem is linked to hundreds of crashes and serious injuries. the news continues with shep live in manchester after this.
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it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. former president bill clinton sanders in new hampshire. he spoke yesterday in milford, new hampshire, half hour drive south andwest of here in manchester. president clinton said a collection of men sanders supporters nicknamed bernie bros have launched what he calls a vicious attack against his >> she and other people who have gone online to defend hillary and explain why they supported her have been subject to vicious trolling. too profane often not to mention sexist. to repeat. >> right about that. you can stay offline if you want to. the former president slammed the vermont senator on his grand their arrives revolution, saying you can't be too careful with the facts. the sanders camp said the former
12:33 pm
president's comments were, quote, disappointing, and as we head into tomorrow's primary, the vermont senator still has a double-digit lead over the former secretary of state. ed> the hotter this election gets the more i wish i were just a former president and not the spouse of the next one.
12:34 pm
you know, i have to be careful what i say. >> so he says sometimes i say things i probably shouldn't. the point is, 2,008th, he also got a little agitated at certain points in the campaign against then senator barack obama and had to walk some things back and they don't wont a repeat of this. >> looks like new hampshire is a good spot form#uççz,ç bernie sa. hough is he looking beyond the state? >> reporter: the clinton camp is still confident that she eeked out the victory in iowa. likely to lose here in new hampshire. but when the map goes south, she has a lot more african-american support and they think they can steady this ship. in the meantime, bernie sanders' camp says momentum can change everything and if this is this g victory tomorrow he could pick up a lot of steam in other places. watch. >> tomorrow, the eyes of the country and a lot of the world,
12:35 pm
bill the way, will be right here in new hampshire. and what people will be asking is not just who wins, but whether the people of new hampshire are prepared to lead this country in a political revolution. >> reporter: so henrñ hopes thaa revolution starts here in new hampshire tomorrow. interesting, hillary clinton for her part today was telling a voter in an interaction at a cafe, get ready for nevada on february 20th. she appears to already be looking ahead to that caucus, knowing she is likely to lose tomorrow, shep. >> before we go ed, huh hearing reports there could be a shakeup in clinton camp after new hampshire? >> reporter: politico the web site is reporting after new hampshire there may be a shakeup because both bill and hillary clinton are upset with the messaging inside the campaign, and maybe want to rearrange things. just got off the phone right before this hit with a top clinton campaign official who said there is no shakeup coming. they're trying to push back on
12:36 pm
this. they don't want dissension. this would be a repeat of 2008 when there was all the finger pointing. that's why the campaign imploded back then, and then they'd be stepping on their own message, they had a harder anytime iowa and likely to lose in new hampshire but many people think this going to get better soon. why have a whole round of finger pointing and slapping each othe% around when she might be about to get things better. so they're trying to shoot this down, shep and say there's no shakeup coming. >> maybe there isn't. what a hollywood sound stage you're on. a beautiful day. >> itself really is. >> i'm sure it's cold but beautiful. let's bring in hidy, senior political reporter for "usa today" and is live with us here at the cushing center. something is going on there we get reports that the sexism thing may or may not be working. madeline albright, speaking on behalf of hillary clinton -- i
12:37 pm
don't know if you heard this. don't know if yoóç this.his. >> you have to help hillary clinton, we'll always be there for you, and just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> well, in all fairness, that's not something new that madeline albright says. shejihas been using that line fr a long, long time. but heidi, in the context of a political rally there are people who are suggesting that -- >> i did actually talked to madeline albright and i said, explain to me. and -- like you said she has been saying this for years and for older women they get it. the problem is younger women, hearing this for the first time, might kind of take some offense to that. so, i think her message was that for older women, this is something i've been saying all
12:38 pm
along, but like i said, the people that clinton is trying to appeal to right now are younger women. >> i wonder how much of a surprise this is to the clinton camp. anybody my age or older, women have lived this struggle and for many of them, a lot of icons but for so many, the gloria steinam crowd, the big goal, woman has to win the white house. young women don't seem to understand the problem and likeberie. >> that's been hillary clinton's problem. i think it's more of generational issue than a woman issue. overwhelmingly young people are going for bernie sanders, and women are no exception, and young men are going even nor in favor of bernie sanders so you can make the opposite argue. he has a huge man gap. i think there's a lot of reasons why, but certainly younger womeç don't identify with the struggles that their mothers'
12:39 pm
generation went through, and they're more likely to say that they're not inspired by having the next female president because they think it will happen in their lifetime. >> and just not as big a deal to their them. bill clinton talking about defending his wife. listen. >> she and other people who have gone defend hillary and explain, just explain, why they supported her, have been subject to vicious trolling. and attacks that are literally too profane often, nose to mention sexist, to repeat. >> we heard that earlier. but the point is -- ed made it -- a little offmessage. they want to talk about the economy. >> let me tell you what is happening. not only have the bernie bros come on to the radar of the clinton campaign but i did some reporting outside the verizon center, these bernie bros have taken their taunting from online to actually getting in the face
12:40 pm
and using vulgar language towards hillary supporters outside the verizon center. things got ugly. booing jean shaheen and maybe billjf cls'ton may not be the bt messenger here but something that just happened in the news. he was the only one in the state campaigning that day. i think in hindsight they feel like maybe he's not the best messenger and not a debate we want to have but they were responding to something that just happened. >> booing jean shaheen is rare around here. enjoy the snow, michigander you are. the messages to voters in new hampshire seem to be getting more and more negative. data suggests that half of recent ad inside the granite state -- and there are a lot of ads -- half of them took shots at republican candidates and the wallets looking to get the edge in voters, and spending on television ads in new hampshire has reportedly reached $100 million in new hampshire.
12:41 pm
at this time in 2012 the number was two million and yesterday we sat around and watched the football game. i don't know where you were watching but i can guarantee you, you've did not see as men ads, george w. bush popped up for jeb bush, what seemed like every 15 minutes. mike emmanuel is live in front of a marco rubio campaign building. what is the emphasis for g.o.p. campaigns in the the final hours? >> reporter: the rubio campaign is a third of three campaigns we visited today. mar hawker, and a lot of the -- headquarters, and the emphasis is driving voter turnout. inside rubio headquarters, it's warm, buzzing with activity, volunteers working the phones, make sure the ground game is ready for primary day. the voter targeting is done by computer bus a rubio campaign surrogate says voter contact is pretty basic. >> you seek the actual calls are
12:42 pm
being done by young people on their iphones. so in a sense it's new only in that it's not a phone bank. you don't have to provide a phone. what you have to provide is an accurate list of people that have not yet voted. >> reporter: the campaigns have been telling me that's basically a three-step process in new hampshire. identify potential supporters, try to persuade them, and now it's all about getting them to the polls tomorrow. >> you wonder if hillary clinton in some way -- certainly here, they're campaigning -- mentally they might have moved on and see a firewall ahead in their minds and looking forward to getting there. >> reporter: interesting point, she was in ft. flint, michigan, dealing with the water % you have some surrogates still working it hard. here in new hampshire, it's gotten nasty with former president clinton saying that some of sanders' ideas are too
12:43 pm
radical to implemented. inside the clinton campaign headquarters you see volunteers the granite state, trying to get it done in the final hours before voting. a top sanders campaigns a of adviser says the campaign is working hard to maximize turnout. >> a great deal of volatility historically in the new hampshire primary so you have to keep the push on up until election day. we knocked on over 50,000 doors this weekend good we're going to push for every vote we can get and not take anything for granted. >> reporter: several campaigns anticipate record turnout tomorrow. the wild card is the weather. >> always is. thanks very much. nice to see you. appreciate it, mike. over an wall street, the dow was down 400-points but down 1.15$÷r 1.2 now, off 200 points. technology and financial really
12:44 pm
leading the downward trend here as it has throughout the day. tech led things up last year, but the tech -- the composite index for the nasdaq is down 20% from the high last year, the nasdaq down 2% right now. we'll follow this as we move toward the closing bell on wall street. stay with us.
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12:47 pm
13 minutes before the hour. another rough day on wall street. the dow falling 400-points. recovered a bit, half of that. now it's even better. when you're down 141 and it's better you know it's been a rough day.l!gky the nasdaq is still down two percent. stocks plunged after oil prices fell below $30 a barrel. fox business network's joine kent is live. what a day. >> losses are -- we're up off of the earlier lows but gasoline and price of oil dropping doesn't help the markets.
12:48 pm
right now a gallon of regular ix now 1.74, plus you have the fact that the s&p 500 all ten sectors are down. the worth performers are energy and financial. those have been very expensive, coming down with the price of oil but the s&p 500 on pace for the worst close in two years, you're see a flight to safety in gold and the ten-year treasury. bold is seeing the biggest gain in a year right now, shep. >> and the tech stocks, on the nasdaq, they're taking a beating. >> absolutely. i'm watching them, facebook, microsoft, amazon, all taking a beating. some of that has to do with news. perhaps its timeline and product are going change, but this is the lowest the nasdaq has been since october of 2014. these are expensive stock and you see some traders and invest% ors saying we're into
12:49 pm
expensive? and i'm hear on the news deck. miss you here. in fact i'm sitting in your chair and it's awfully comfortable. >> you know what? you can have it. we'll just stay -- >> i'm keeping it warm for you. >> it's supposed to snow until thursday so maybe we'll be stuck here. >> i love new hampshire. enjoyed. >> thank you. the snowy day here. looking outside, we'll get the forecast for tomorrow's first in the nation primaries coming up. not all about manchester. there's much more than manchester here. downtown state is one thing -- downstate is one thing with a lot of snow. to the north, not as much snow. that's more bernie territory. so the weather is going to play a part tomorrow as the students are in session, a little snow does not even slow them down at st. a's. glad you're with us today,aíh[s. relook.
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rescuers say an eight-year-old girls among four people pulled from the rubble of an apartment building in taiwan two days after a powerful earthquake sent it crashing to the ground. officials say they've pulled more than 170 survivors from the remains of the building and also say more than 100 people may still be trapped in there somewhere. the officials say the earthquake on saturday killed at least 8 people. happen during the lunar new year, the most important holiday on the chinese calendar. a fox weather alert here now as people in new england know, new hampshire, get ready to go to polls they're preparing for not this winter storm but another. the second to hit new england in the last four days. the national weather service issued a winter storm warning for the coastal areas of new hampshire. the snow is coming down here in manchester and has been. earlier they said the rate was
12:54 pm
an inch of now. now not quite that but supposed to snow until 7:00 in the morning. janice dean the weather machine is live. let's talk about new hampshire first. the snow shouldn't be too much problem. they understand what to do in snow here. >> they do. and the good news is, it will clear out by tomorrow. but this is a beast of a storm. is offshore. we almost had a hurricane eye looking storm earlier today. very strong -- strengthening system. looking at tuesday, we'll watch this system develop along the coast but we do not think it's going to affect new england. offshore, which means a very good day tomorrow. however, we got to get through the next 12 hours. so four to five inches for the southern and central part of the state, and then parts of northern new hampshire will receive three to four inches of snow, but for the most part, for tomorrow, shep, a good-looking
12:55 pm
forecast with seasonal temperatures for people to get out to the polls. >> other parts of new hampshire, it's not -- i should say of new england, not so good. boston schools were closed today. talking about maybe a foot there. >> absolutely. soxx this is a big storm system affecting not only new hampshire today but much of new england. you can see right there, there's m satellite radar imagery and there's the eye we saw earlier today. this will continue to move north and east, then we'll track this next storm that will develop off the coast. so for now, parts of new england, certain live getting heavy snow, specially parts of southeastern massachusetts where blizzard warnings are still in effect, really for the next 12 hours, until tomorrow. back to you. >> no ferries to the cape today. we'll be right back with a look stories in american sports and happened on this day in history.
12:57 pm
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a helpard wandered in school and attacked three people as it tried to escape in southern india. big cat climbed over the school's wall, lunged at a worker trying to capture it. police say they shot the animal with a tranquilizer gun. at last check the three people hospital. on this day in 1986, one of the shortest players in nba history shock the sports world when he won the slam-dunk contest. the atlanta hawks point guard went up against players who were more than a foot taller. dunking look easy. he got perfect scores. expert says he'll pave the way for shorter players to make it big in the nba, like mugsows and nate robinson. he stood tall 30 years ago today. great too have you with is frown map -- manchester, final
1:00 pm
bell on wall street this afternoon. it's not good, but it is not horrible. earlier was horrible. we know horrible. the snow comes down and neil cavuto is out in it this afternoon for "your world." see you if news happens. now here's neil. a last minute dash to pick up the support and many adding evens to their skid all in the hopes this will include the closing settlement to create some surprises. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto reporting live from manchester, new hampshire. we had our call on this. we could have been inside where it's warm and cozy or the staff said, let's go outside. it'suñç only 20 degrees, so i deferred t


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