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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 8, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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bell on wall street this afternoon. it's not good, but it is not horrible. earlier was horrible. we know horrible. the snow comes down and neil cavuto is out in it this afternoon for "your world." see you if news happens. now here's neil. a last minute dash to pick up the support and many adding evens to their skid all in the hopes this will include the closing settlement to create some surprises. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto reporting live from manchester, new hampshire. we had our call on this. we could have been inside where it's warm and cozy or the staff said, let's go outside. it'suñç only 20 degrees, so i deferred to the staff, and
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they're not quite happy about it. anyway we have an action-packed hour for you here, donald trump coming up, john kashich, michael dukakis, jack welch, all of this to pick apart what is at stake and a big day and a swing swing in the markets, some say telegraphing big problems for the markets and the economy. hard to say. in the last-minute dash to get votes these candidates are crisscrossing this state like nobody's business. blake has more on that. >> reporter: we are inside. we do have good reason, though. this is the bean town coffee shop in hampsted, the southeastern part of the state. of four planned stops for christie. he was relentless in his pursuit of marco rubio, kept bringing up the saturday night>fçç debate ad kept going after rubio for his performance that night. rubio tried to stick on message today, touting what he
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accomplished it as a lotter, not only in the united states senate and also as his time as a florida lawmaker. christie is just one of a few trying to break out here in a crowded field in new hampshire. jeb bush is another of them.ñs bush went after donald trump today. he renewed that line ofzy=s8< a. trump responded in kind by saying, he thinks bush isn't smart enough to win here in new hampshire. >> it's not strong to insult women. it's not strong to castigate hispanics. it's not strong to ridicule the disabled. >> jeb's not going anywhere. not a guy that can go anywhere. total stiff. >> reporter: as the candidates were crisscrossing the state and the snow was fall, red was all across the screens there at the corn over wall and broad. the candidates didn't bring this up as part of their stump speech. though wall street is one of the themes. but this could be an issue as to there are many undecided voters
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here in the grant it in state. in the latest poll from monmouth university, 17% of democrats a her have a very small prefer reps or undvded goingiz#ijcá ino tomorrow's decision. that is 21% among runs and keep in mind, that doesn't even include independents. so you are likely talking.tens of thousands of voters still yet to make up their mind and if they see what is on the screen there today with their 401s, might that have something to do with it? we'll find out tomorrow. >> thank you very much. 'we were seeing there earlier on, christie. he'll be my special guest and we'll attendi( one of his rallis where he hopes to be cultivating a little bit of juice from his stellar debate performance. a lot of people are saying he is gaining momentum. there's no way to track that, put judging from crowds that show up to his event, there's reason to believe that.
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my special guest on this fine channel as well. but ahead of that and ahead of all of this we good to jack welch who just to rub it in is joining me from west palm beach, florida, good to see you, jack. >> how are you? >> i'm cold, jack, but i know you don't care. let me ask you about what is at stake right now with the volatility of the markets. the closed off the worst levels but youret( know the drill. as oil dips, stocks tank, china in a whole heap of trouble. germany interest rates the lowest on record record. what is going on and telegraph knowinger role in -- telegraphing for the global economy? >> well, things are soft. let's face it. we're involve with a variety of big businesses, none are growing more than one to two percent, and our private equity portfolio outside of the healthcare space, it's a grind out there, and what
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is happening is the earnings probably are going to be down in the first half of the year, and the pes have to come down and they're coming down to natural things, and we're in a slowdown. there's no question. >> you're talking the price earnings multiples which are coming down. >> yes. >> the prices can't be justified witch the earnings if you're lucky to have earnings. >> right. >> normally when that happens, jack, as smart people like you remind me, often times the economy follows suit. now, i don't know what is going on here but i've had a number of experts who say we're in for some serious head winds.t÷ generally doesn't benefit the party that controls the white house. so what do you see happening? >> well, i don't know about that. but i'll say clearly that we're in for a slowdown here. we have .7% in the fourth quarter and it's tough to see us doing better in the first quarter next year -- of this
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year. >> but it's interesting beyond that technology, which the nasdaq, you look at that. very close to correction territory. most of the stocks in that average are well into bear market territory. so, what do you think is happening here? >> well, neil, you've got regulation on regulation on regulation. you're strangling this economy. and we're starting to see it. we haven't had a real recovery. it's been teasing us all along, and we're now seeing the effects of more and more regulations. we get one almost every day, and it's suffocating the economy. that's the way it is. we -- until we gate change in washington, this is going to happen. >> are you still a ted cruz backer, still'> absolutely. >> nothing dissuadessed you from the debate or actually encourage you? that recent debate.
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>> i thought he held his open. he didn't -- it was all about the take, and bush taking on what you saw of ted cruz was nothing but smart, smart, smart, every issue. >> you were talk about this heat he takes, senator cruz, that he isn't liked by many in his own party, that he can't reach across the divide when he has a divide on his side of the aisle. you say that is not the case, onu become president, that quickly dissipates. if he became president, this ill will that the likes of bob dole mentioned and john mccain mentions and all these others, you don't buy that. that would be a problem for him. >> look, he is threatening to shake up the game. okay? and they don't like that.
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so when they mention shaking it out, i'm talking about the whole institution of runs and democrats. >> do you fine it surprising that a number of these folks who criticize cruz would be more comfortable with donald trump? i think it was bob dole and jimmy carter. there's an unlikely duo who said something to the effect trump appears more malleable. what did you make of that. >> well, trump is a dealmaker and will make deals, and now hopefully he'll make[umç good ds like he has most of the time in business. >> all right. we'll see what happens. it looks very warm and cozy down where you are, jack. i don't want you 0 to or the staff and how cold we are. we're here to deliver the news and help you out. >> neil, i'm counting on you every day for that. >> thank you. so you're the one. jack welch, thank you very much. good seeing you. best to suzie and the family.
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>> thanks. >> a great ceo. he really is one of the greatest ceos!z;> ever. we have john kashich. he has been surging and people say he might be an early beneficiary of the chris christie attack on marco rubio. itself i doesn't benefit chris benefits john kashich. kind of of convoluted story, and donald trump will be here as well. busy hour for you and this is it, primary eve, and all throughout the house, well, they're frantic.
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all right. only hours away from voting. in fact i think they vote at 12:01, first folks start coming in, people start -- you've know how the process goes. hoyt has made this the first primary state in the nation after iowa- and lot another stae here. we'll be hearing from donald trump and john kashich shortly. in the meantime, rich is at a ted cruz event right now. >> reporter: good afternoon, and ted cruz speaking just a few hundred feet behind me. doing a number of events in the area and what you've got at an event like this is ted cruz trying to remind folks he is the
1:14 pm
winner in iowa, and even though we have heard so much about the fors going after senator marco rubio, that in fact he is the one who emerged victorious and has been reminding voters of the previous contest. >> all the pundits on tv, said we couldn't win. i remember sunday night, a week ago, watching every tv station, every pun it said there was no chance, cruz can't win. give up. it's hopeless. cannot happen. one after the other after the other after the other. and then there was just one thing they forgot about. the people. >> reporter: and he is also much like the other governors been knocking senator marco rubio today on his tax plan, a few other issues and also repeated he does not want women to have to register for the military draft. back to you. >> thank you very much, rich
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edson. john kashich has been an early beneficiary=t of some polls that show him surging at the right time. we'll know tomorrow whether the polls are accurate or close to right. kashich telling me he is enjoying the fun, getting into snowball fights with his crew and staff apologies he is -- because he is relishing the moment to be with the people. >> it's great, neil. snowing like crazy. our people are knocking on doors, and the more it snows, the more our volunteers work. so that's what it's really about, neil. we're doing great and my wife is there. what is there not to smile about? >> there you do. depending on the poll, governor you have good reason to smile. you remind me the only one thatt of polls and even some surveys post the debate, where you performed very, very well, you kind of got the wind at your back, and that people seem to be -- again, seem to be --
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coalescing around you. a lot of it seems to be that you're the biggest beneficiary of the good governor's night. what do you make0t[3 of that? >> well, neil, i think the debate obviously helps. it's important, but as i've been telling you all along, it's really the town halls, which i'm about to do my 105th, believe it or not, and at the same time, this ground game. we have -- look, we have people today that drove in from atlanta, people that drove in from virginia, we have, like, 400 that came from ohio and we have four or five hundred move volunteers from new hampshire. they're sensing positive. they're sensing this is a>ç guy that can unify, who is a conservative and they don't like the negative stuff. being pounded again today. as arnold told men when he campaigned for me, love the beatings, john, love them. so we absorb them --
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>> did he you that accent? >> i thought that was a really good accent, neil. i'd like to doous but it would sound like arnold, too. >> well, you know, you mentioned you -- all seriousness, you mentioned the higher up you go, you do become a target. marco rubio discovered that at the debate. this is already surge prompted comments from some guys, i guess you thought were friends. this is an ad that jeb bush is run on you, governor. take a look. >> 13.6% in 2014. 1.3 million jobs, 4.4% growth, eight balanced budgets,5ñ a conservative record. i did cut taxes when i left there were $9 billion in reserves. >> ill know we can fix that's because i've done it. >> there's no comparison, the ad
1:18 pm
splashes across the screen. what do you think? >> they've spent so much money -- i don't even know. maybe 40, 50 million, and the biggest chunk is negative, and i'm disappointed they've decided to take the low road to the heist office in the lan but i'm not going down the rabbit hole. we have been positive through this witch'll continue to be positive, telling people we can fix america, that i have national security experience, which is unique, more than anybody. we have been able to balance federal budgets, do great in creating an environment for job creation in ohio. i'm not worried about them. it's just disappointing that people have to go negative. i just wish they'd take all their neglect stiff stuff off and tell people what they're for. >> do you think chris christie went negative on mark -- marco rubio too far in you and he and of that attack, but what do you make of it?
1:19 pm
>> i'm not going to comment on the debate. only thing i can say is i think i had one of the pest ones because people got to see a little bit more of my permit. i don't like the debates. think it is a very poor way to pick a president. >> wait, wait, wait. wait a minute. you're not applying that to fox business debates, right? you draw a distinction -- >> well, yours is -- it's marginally better. all seriousness -- >> this could be a quick interview but continue. >> here's what i'm trying to say. in the debates you get 30, 60 seconds, and we had 90 seconds and you guys did do a great job. but you can't really show you who you are. having here, and in the debates. but look, you have to do them, you have to do them well, and i'm pleased with how they've been going. i'm just saying i wish it was more expansive opportunity for
1:20 pm
people, not only to know your hear. >> again, john kashich has been bet get -- benefiting. as we're talking to these established republican candidates, we're getting word now -- this is coming via the financial times -- that michael bloom boring told the editorial board is seriously considering a run for president. what makes that's different than other innuendo you heard? well, that bloomberg himself is telling them he's considering a run for president. up until that it's been his people, out there in the third person. but now bloomberg himself passing along that, yes, i'm considering a run for president, presumably as a third party candidate. he has a lot of money and could commit a billion dollars to the process, maybe more. ease worth in excess of $37 billion so i guess he can afford it. more, including another billionaire, donald trump in just ae
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what do you make of thephone that has become bernie sanders? a lot of people saying now maybe he is considered almost a third senator here, given his proximity to new hampshire but that he could build this into a big of a juggernaut and maybe get the nomination. what's going on? >> i'm skeptical. if the in the new englander doesn't win new hampshire, he's gone. if i had loss new hampshire mypm candidacy would have been over, and the same is true of anybody.
1:25 pm
romney or sanders for that matter. >> okay. that was michael dukakis; the 1988 nominee. and winning new hampshire was perfunctory for him. he did that and got the nomination and then lost to george herbert walker bush. the last time we had a party go beyond two presidents to control the white house. so hard to say what heaps right now but ed henry -- i guess the guy didn't sleep. now is in a car on his way to bernie sanders event -- no. you're cheerly -- clearly standing and not in any vehicle. >> reporter: right. >> you're tapping the feel the bern rage, right? >> reporter: no doubt. this is a race -- we're in the snow inueç epping. bernie sanders having a concert and recally, trying to get the
1:26 pm
university students -- a little snow in my mouth -- hillary clinton is trying to push back. down double digits. today she had a rally with her husband and realizing her ties to wall street have been a bigñ9 issue, so now maybe a little belatedly she is pushing back on bernie sanders, watch. >> i haven't just talked, have just begin speeches. i've introduced legislation and called them out. i've gone to wall street and said they were going to wreck the economy over the mortgage markets. they know where i stand because i've always stood the. >> people will be asking not just who wins but whether the people of new hampshire are prepared to lead this country in a political revolution. >> reporter: we have been saying for days what the clinton camp is hoping that want to have a customback but they know it's an uphill battle. they're hoping to get patz it, go to nevada and then south
1:27 pm
carolina, where the african-american vote will be pivotal and they think hillary clinton has the advantage. instead there's been a leak from someone close to the clinton camp suggesting there may be a staff shakeup, on right now, that after new hampshire they may be pushing people out and bill and hillaryw clinton are upset with the message, campaign official told me there is no staff shakeup that is coming, suggesting this is just speculation and it's wrong, but my point is that this kind of speculation coming out from democrats, at a time when they're trying to turn the page, this is stepping on their message on the eve of new hampshire. >> ed henry, thank you very much, my friend. sorry about my confusion at the outset there. here's pat caddell to support through the confusion. i'd be remiss if i dep didn't mention that michael bloomberg is seriously considering a run ,@third-party candidate. >> i think he is serious.
1:28 pm
i think he thinks there's an opening. i knqihñ he has been polling. they've been working on this, and you have a desire -- look, you have a desire in the country for something other than those two parties -- >> who would he take more rotes from? >> right now probably from the democrats but it's split. the real problem is, the real question is, whether he could be populist enough. the real drive here is an angry country trying to find both a solution but someone who represents them against washington. he is pretty establishment for that. >> but don't you think the rage -- people want stuff done. they want -- >> want to know -- it's more than that, neil. it's also a sense that the sim is rigged against them. that's why you find this weird cross-pattern between trump and sanders. some people, because they actually are laughing at something across the board. you have more than 80% of the people who believe the people in
1:29 pm
washington are running it for their own benefit and not the people. >> that's what i meant by the tremendous -- it's not a left-right thing or who is more -- i think in his case it's a cross-over that a guy,m[ a grt dealmaker, gets stuff done, and i'm wondering -- >> want something done for them. they don't want someone who is just going to go there and do it for the people there. so the country -- the attitude of alienation and the sense of -- the biggest concern is decline. two-thirds of americans think america is in decline. they're not hearing that. they want someone to lift. the up and say we can do this, and that's what make america great or bernie sanders slogan about the new american future. >> the park is -- the passion is out there. you going to work with us. >> i hope so. >> then we do the jell-o shots. >> whatever it is. we'll be doing that. >> happens in manchester stays
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1:35 pm
really big one tonight where we have thousands of people. and that will be pretty much it and then tomorrow i'll be at the voters booth with everybody, stop agent five different places. >> now, pressure is on, you're first in the polls steadily been first in the polls. do you have to win tomorrow? >> i don't think i have to win because i think i'll do very well in south carolina and i think we'll do great in nevada, et cetera, et cetera. i have a great relationship with the people of new hampshire. we have had an incredible relationship. i've been here many times long before politics, and i hope we'll do win. i just want to win. i know what the polls are saying, that we're quite a bit ahead, but honestly i just want to win. >> are you surprise that jeb bush has been coming after you to the degree he has? many people say he and for christie and for kashich benefited and you did as well but he has been targeting you,
1:36 pm
almost exclusively, governor bush. >> he is a nervous wreck. he has done a terrible job. he spent $120 million out oféx"a super pacs which is control money, all special interests and lobbyist money. just announced he doesn't want super pac money anymore after wasting it all. he is a nervous wreck and is saying things that are so foolish, and frankly, he is in -- he is weak on immigration. he said remember the famous -- come as an act of love. the thought the iraq war was a good thing. took him five days to realize it wasn't. he is making a fool out of himself and says things that are just lies. he said marco rubio is a dear, dear friend of his. he said that i, donald trump, am a totally gifted politician. i said, that's nice. i'm a gifted politician. i don't know if let meant that in a good way or bad way. he is very unstable at this moment. it's a little bit sad to watch.
1:37 pm
he won't use the name of his family and his last name. would have been better off seeing jeb bush. he is using the name jeb with an exclamation point. >> he did use his mother and has had his brother do an ad, so ease not running away from it. >> without the mother he -- i think it was sad, what he was forced to do. but he is doing very, very poorly in the polls and certainly the weakest of the governors. i know they're all trying to figure out who will beat trump and get one of them, but he certainly the weakest of the governors, and see what happens. >> you're right. we don't know -- what if he emerges as the strongest of them if he surged and took the second spot. >> i wouldn't mind because the last thing this country needs is another bush, and i wouldn't mind that. it would be fine. whoever mentales is fine but -- whoever emerges is fine but i think i know who it well be elm thought would be marco, and perhaps the debate hurt him very badly.
1:38 pm
>> what did you think of that? some people said chris christie played the prosecutorial questioner but it was a benefit for jeb bush and john kashich, and they were the beneficiaries of that. what too you make of that? >> it was chris that did the damage, no question, and he did the damage. i don't know that the damage is going to be deep or permanent but he was certainly damaged by the questioning of christie, absolutely. >> let me ask you a little bit about this new talk, the financial times is reporting that michael bloomberg is seriously considering a presidential run. i guess what makes this latest development interesting is it a coming from bloomberg himself. he has a lot of money, like you, billionaire, would commit a great deal of money, running presumably as a third-party candidate. what success do you think he would have? >> well, i think that i'd love to see him run. i like michael. i've known him for a long time and we have been friends and i would love to see him run
1:39 pm
because i like the competition, and i think it would be hard for him to do very well, but you never know what's going to happen in the world of politics. very, very weak on the second amendment. very weak on immigration. and a couple of other things that i think you have to be strong on, and i think he would have a huge impact against the democrats, and i don't see him running but there's a good chance he'll run, and if he did run i'd be happy. >> were you surprised everybody from bob toll to jimmy1%g3t(ç cr expressed more reservations about ted cruz becoming the republican nominee than you. i think dole and carter said, in separate ways, that you'd be more of a dealmaker, more malleable to making any sort of a deal, whereas cruz, they seem to be saying, certainly bob dole was saying, would not. >> well, people don't like that. a nasty kind of guy and people
1:40 pm
don't like him, and i get along well with people and will make bitter deals. you sporeesed to make deals youch can't stand in the middle of the senate floor by yourself and just stand there and have a good time. you have to make deals. our founders set up -- we set up the whole deal was to set up to work along and with the democrats, republicans, or whoever, get along and you get the votes and not supposed to be signing executive orders like obama does every day. it's supposed to be consensus, and you want to get the right sites of the don census. -- consensus so let's see what happened. i was a little surprised that a sitting senator has gotten no ãsupport, from any running senator, from any senator right now, with all the senators he does business with, you would think he would have had some endorsement. >> he has 36 congressmen and women -- >> i'm talking about senators. he works with the senators
1:41 pm
and -- sorry -- let me ask you, stepping back from this race, if you got the nomination and many argue if you win new hampshire and have a very strong polling in the southern states, the sec states, you could be on your way. do you need a6rwç senator, washington insider, on the ticket with you? would you pick a senator more than a governor because at least a senator knows washington? >> i've never been one to feel that strongly about it should be a governor. over the years people said it should be a governor, and if you run you have a better advantage as a governor. i've never been one of those. i think if you're a senator or governor, i would stand fairly equal with a governor, maybe having a little extra weight but i've never been a big believer in that and it's showing that -- in terms of to the voters, it's showing it's not having a very big impact. >> donald trump thank you very much. we'll watch closely. try to get some sleep. >> i will. thank you, neil.
1:42 pm
>> donald trump, the leaders in this race, a great deal of pressure to be the leader. you have bernie sanders. one thing we have always noticed about bernie sanders, his fans are legion and they're rabid. sometimes myth not even know his position but what they like about him, he is consistent in that position. i can say that for myself because i have interviewed him since he was mayor in vermont. and when it comes to appearing on snl, he is a rock star. joe piscopo on that after this. ♪ this is the night...
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we need to unite and work together. if we're all going to get through this. >> sounds like socialism to me. >> democratic socialism. >> what is the difference? >> huge difference. >> huge? >> huge.
1:46 pm
>> everything i look at that i try to figure out which one is berniemc÷
1:47 pm
were zinging him. there was a way to sort of play off his socialism and his views and all this stuff but he was able to sort of bob and weave with it. >> i tell you, i hope i'm not breaking confidences here but the great lauren michael, who we know and love and fear at snl, said i if i ever ran for government i have to make the announcement on weekend update. i have to do it on cavuto. i'm tomorrow here. but your point is well taken. opposite you go on snl it's the hammer, and hillary didn't come off near as good as bernie did. >> if thought the whole bar skit -- she is funnier than the skit let on but a sense of humor is important. i think obviously george bush had a good sense of hum your, john kennedy, reagan, bill clinton, some are more engaging presidents had a pretty engaging
1:48 pm
sense of humor. how crucial is that? >> what you just did with donald trump was brilliant, and i love you, man, we all love you. >> i love you more. >> but that was brilliant interview and i know donald, you like donald, and he is a good guy. that interview, on the phone, that you just did, was the real donald trump. hump bell, funny, -- humble, funny, sweet. that will win the election. if i can jump to larry david. i came up with larry in the comedy clubs and he was so quirky, he is what he is. we used to play in the appropriate show league in central park. we would play on thursdays. i played third base, layer played shortstop, so he would just go on these little -- go off with crazy thoughts. one time i'm playing third base and i hear from the shortstop, oui, -- oy, oy, and it's larry,
1:49 pm
and i'm trying to warm watch the game. io.ñj- go, what h? he said, stepped in dog doo. he didn't say doo. he was clearer. he said i had to throw my shoes away. this is a comic genius -- >> this whole sanders thing, bringing new life into his career. >> we used to watch him at the back of the improvisation comedy club help would get in fights with the audience and leave the stage. >> i think they should take their act on the road. thank you very much. joe piscopo. the legend of "saturday night live" and no better frank sinatra. >> love you. thank you. >> thank you very much. he could also be the next for of new jersey but who knows. >> a feud developing, the nasty thing that donald trump said about jeb bush, and you heard in
1:50 pm
a commercial what jeb bush said about donald trump. let's see if john sununu can settle the score. he might be able to resolve this, after this. score. he might be able to resolve this after this.
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
he's really been targeting you almost exclusively. that is governor bush. >> he's a nervous wreck. he spent $120 million out of a super pac. it's all controlled money. he just announced he doesn't want super pac money any more, after wasting it all. you have to see him, he's a nervous wreck, saying things that are so foolish. >> that was donald trump talking about jeb bush. i think john sununu may have a different point of view on this. he's an iconic symbol here.
1:54 pm
seeing him in person, he frightens me even more. because he just eviscerates journalists who talk to him. >> don't push it. you heard what donald trump had to say about jeb bush. >> he's upset that bush pointed out his eminant domain problems. jeb is talking about some of the private sector losses donald trump has had. they're going to keep going at it for a while. >> trump doesn't -- >> eminant domain is always bad. >> no, it's very good. it made our country great. >> the point is, is that he has had a life in the private sector, and he's got to carry the burden of the things he's taken advantage of there. this is running for president. and i think people have to know what the background of an individual is, including their successes and their failures.
1:55 pm
>> what did you think. obviously jeb bush had a very good debate night. it's too late. you buy that? >> i don't think it's too late. i think this campaigning is really just starting, they're going to come out of new hampshire with maybe four or five viable candidates. >> you do. it won't be like a 1, 2, 3 deal? >> what about fritzy, how do you think he does in. >> i think the governor's did well the other night. the question is whether chris picked up enough that i think will be in second place. second place will at least include bush and kasich, maybe rubio. and if governor christie makes that, that's before trump going out. >> you probably heard that michael bloomberg now is talking, apparently the financial times. i'm seriously considering a run. >> i'm not surprised, i think i told ed henry there two 1/2 months ago. michael has the money.
1:56 pm
it's not phony money, he has the ambition and is involved in politics. >> who does he take votes from? >> both of them many. >> mike bloomberg could win new york state. if he wins 31 electoral votes, maybe nobody gets 270. maybe it goes to the house of representatives one vote per state. you may end up with president ryan. >> wow! you're right, there is a scenario for that. >> are you surprised the way the race is twisting and turning? rubio had the momentum, and then thanks to chris christie, lost some of the mow people item. cruz had the iowa, lost that momentum? >> i'm surprised at more than that. i'm surprised i don't have any feeling at all for this electorate. >> is that right? >> i've never seen an electorate that's so difficult to read. i think about a third of this
1:57 pm
electorate will line up tomorrow and make up their mind as they're walking to the box to cast their vote. >> you think so? >> yeah. they are really struggling. >> i don't know if it's going to be bernie sanders or chris christie. i don't know if it's going to be donald trump or jeb bush. >> that's what makes it so odd. that's why i say i can't read this election. >> you think it's too cold here? >> no, i think there's too many of you guys. >> you're right about that. >> you are right about that. governor, thank you very much. >> pleasure to be here. >> we survived, right? >> stay and ski after this. >> i could barely walk on this stuff. >> we have had a chance to talk to people and get a sense of what's going on. with the different vignette. this is when the staff talks to the folks. take a look.
1:58 pm
>> that guy from fox news, it's not neil cavuto, is it? >> extremely hardsome. >> it is neil cavuto. >> he does some type of business news. >> great posture. >> i don't have my glasses on. >> no, i don't think so. give me a glass of wine. >> probably a broadcaster or something. i don't know. >> neil cavuto? >> i don't know who this is. >> neil cavuto? >> yes. >> neil cavuto? >> i have no idea who that is. >> loves the glasses. >> is that neil cavuto? >> how did you know? >> it says it right there. >> he's a caucasian that's running for the presidency. >> his hair looks nice. >> he's a fox news guy. >> i think he's a senator.
1:59 pm
>> neil, neil, neil, neil. >> i am going to get my staff for that. this is their pay back for being outside for doing this. it all starts building up tomorrow. the big vote, i think right after midnight they start, it goes throughout tomorrow. we'll get a good gauge as to what the first in the nation primary state is thinking. if john sununu is right, it may not be a one, two, three deal. it may be a one, two, three, four, five deal. so much is difficult to say. chris christie tomorrow, ben carson tomorrow. seeing whether they can carry certainly in the case of governor christie, some recent momentum to support at the polls. anything could happen in this state and usually has. that's that historic and fun. it's why we have such an unusual start time for our special live coverage on fbn. 7:55 p.m., we are there.
2:00 pm
fox business chronicling what's happening here. good luck finding it on other business networks that are in reruns. they're rerunning, we're running. we mean business. well, they just talk a good game. see you tomorrow. live from new hampshire, the five. saturday's debate was pulp fiction meets politics. chris christie became the hired hit man for all those forgotten governors to pick off the upstart rubs. he sliced them up like a benihana chef. >> i'm proud of my service in the senate. >> let's talk about this once and for all. >> you have not been inv


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