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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 8, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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fox business chronicling what's happening here. good luck finding it on other business networks that are in reruns. they're rerunning, we're running. we mean business. well, they just talk a good game. see you tomorrow. live from new hampshire, the five. saturday's debate was pulp fiction meets politics. chris christie became the hired hit man for all those forgotten governors to pick off the upstart rubs. he sliced them up like a benihana chef. >> i'm proud of my service in the senate. >> let's talk about this once and for all. >> you have not been involved in
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a consequential decision where you had to be held accountable. you just simply haven't. when you're president of the united states, governor of the state, to memorize the 30 second speech, doesn't solve one problem for one person. they expect you to plow the snow. >> your state got hit by a massive snowstorm two weeks ago, you didn't want to go back. >> this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing, is not true. >> there it 1. the memorized 25 second speech. there it is, everybody. >> that will leave a mark. >> now, christie's right, governor's run states the size of france, which is why they matter. it's why he, kasich, bush and jim gilmore would destroy the grim geriatrics on the democratic side. who's leading the pack right now, sour favorite celebrity landlord. christie is right about the governors.
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he's right about marco's robotics. marco makes c3po look like a meth head -- >> i'm the first one who said, build the wall, china. build the wall, china. >> where was chris then? probably do this. >> seven years as a federal prosecutor. i was a prosecutor for seven years. former federal prosecutor on the stage. >> christie picked on the new kid, rubio, steered clear of the big man on campus, that was trump. was it on purpose? chris may have eaten rubio's lunch. trump's been drinking christie's shake for months. stealing his alpha male thunder. could to be christie avoided trump out of fear or friendship? who knows. saying you don't want another young likeable senator as a candidate may be a mistake. obama a progressive still won
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twice. a huge success. not our kind of success. but maybe it should be for once. >> thoughtful. good to see you over there. >> how is it going? >> it's great. my feet are numb. >> thank you, little person. >> big step back for marco? >> i thought the debate saturday night was fantastic, i watched the pregame on, the coverage after, the whole thing. really i think some fantastic performances in particular, the three governors stood out like three skilled tenors, they really were working in concert together. they had a harmonious voice, it was all about trying to take out marco rubio. cruz, even though they could say the same thing about him he seemed to go unscathed. the focus was on marco who had the momentum coming out of iowa with the big kind of surprise, in terms of how well he did. definitely i think that hurt marco rubio.
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made people think about, maybe he should be vp versus president, that sort of thing. >> was that good for christie? >> i think it was good for everyone except marco rubio. literally everyone except marco rubio. i think it opened the field up to anyone who's not donald trump. anyone could take second or third now. it looks like marco rubio is going to be the clear favorite to take second place. they're fighting it out for third. we hear the same talking points over and over and over again like you point out in your monologue. the public picked up on it like oh, yeah, and maybe just because christie kept hounding, look, he's doing it again, he's doing it again. they all do it. they all do it. i don't think policiwise or likabilitiwise, i don't think it changed rubio at all. >> what i learned there is that christie would probably destroy hillary in a debate. don't you get that feel something. >> that was the thing i walked away with. i don't want him on me.
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>> the only drawback to that whole interchange was that rubio didn't fight back. you mention your downgrades, there are so many blind spots on chris christie, and marco didn't have the comeback, and maybe that's what hurt a little bit. >> i also heard that marco rubio genuinely likes chris christie, and so i think that he wasn't -- when you really like somebody, it might be hard to take a shot at him. but politics, timing is everything. so christie took his opportunity. saw it, and he hit him. i'm going to agree with eric, i don't know how much it will hurt. i was reading today about some reports, local reporters who had been following all the candidates around, they have blog posts. if you look over the course of time, if it holds true that you need to reach every voter five times in new hampshire, then i don't know if that one debate moment could erase a personal touch from a candidate, from any of them. >> you're not known for repeating yourself at all.
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at this table many. >> no, no. you never say i can't believe at this table. >> my family says check it out. >> you say check it out. >> sometimes you say that in the weirdest places. >> i have to take exception, i'm just looking at the local papers. it doesn't matter what we think, what are the local papers reporting in the sunday morning, boston herald, choke describing rubio's performance. the conway daily sun. looks like they wound him up and pushed play. the new hampshire union leader, rocks. rubio rocks. national review, rubio hit a granite wall. that's pretty condition demming coming from conservative news outlets about his performance. >> in des moines, the morning paper had cruz after the debate, he had such a rough debate. >> that's a different election toral. the electorate here is so undecided. i think they say 40%.
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among republicans a third have yet to make up their minds. was it going to be carson or cruz. i don't think it has as much effect there. what's really striking to me is that if you come to the heart of rubio's message to the voters, which is i'm the best republican you can put up against clinton or sanders. i think they really penetrated that argument by saying, if you're so experienced, do you know how to make a decision? have you been there before? or are you just like -- i'm using republican language here. are you just like that first term senator obama. >> i thought christie came off very seasoned, very experienced. >> as a prosecutor, he just -- it was devastating. it was a devastating cross-examination, i think quite frankly, marco was taken aback, surprised. >> but if you heard --
2:08 pm
>> really he should have been able to think on his feet. >> there's two or three things can you ask. you go back on the downgrades, the state down grades, the job situation. the state of this -- the state of new jersey another one, where he is on the second amendment. even some justices -- >> you know what surprised me. you said they're close, i remember that marco rubio ran an early ad against chris christie on bridge gate. i think from him -- the boys can get mad at each other. >> why don't you -- didn't do the same to trump. he let trump go for months, i think that's why christie's out of it, christie never faced trump up front. trump outblunted christie. everyone said christie was going to come in and blow the doors off. and in came trump who did that. why didn't christie go after him, was he scared? >> maybe he just didn't take him that seriously. >> a lot of us underestimated trump.
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>> he's seen as a bully, which is why -- the first caller into rush limbaugh's show today said chris christie makes me embarrassed to be a republican 37. >> were you the first caller? >> no, i didn't have a chance, i was on the plane. >> can we move on to -- let's talk about the moment in the debate between donald trump and jeb where they discussed something that most people never ever talked about before, which is eminant domain, everyone's becoming an expert on eminant domain. i think we might have that somewhere over there. >> eminant domain is an absolute necessity for a country, for our country. without it, you wouldn't have roads, hospitals, you wouldn't have anything. >> what donald trump did was use eminant domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that is not right. that is downright wrong. >> a lot of times --
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>> how difficult is it to take property from an elderly woman. >> a lot of times. let me talk, quiet. >> that was a pretty fiery back and forth, k.g. >> definitely, it got heated. bush had a good point he was trying to make, then he said, they're making points because these are all paid speech, and the lobbyists who are getting the benefit for cominget a seat. afterwards, the media made a point about the 74-year-old woman with the limo parking lot. that could have been effective. he started to to do it. it was good to see him fired up. it felt like all the governors had their b 12 shots. >> we have tape of bush and jeb trading jabs on various shows. >> here's a sign of real weak nfs, when you call john mccain or leo or anyone else who was a
2:11 pm
pow, who served this country in a way that should be admired, calling them losers. >> i never called john mccain a loser, i don't know who leo is. he's making some other name, he made that up. look at jeb, he's a loser, if he aing tas me, he's going to show he's tough. every time he attacks me, he melts like butter. >> everyone's calling each other losers. does this help either of them? >> i can't believe it's not butter. >> should i weigh-in on the eminant domain issue? >> yes. jeb was trying to nail trump on the eminant domain. you're going to use every tax benefit you can as a person and a corporation. that's what trump was doing. the other republicans in the field are trying to say, well, that's the same as if you were president or some sort of land manager using the eminant domain
2:12 pm
argument for public -- >> is there a very different -- >> is it a different procedure? >> yes. >> it's very much similar, but eric, you're both -- on all occasions, you're paid for the land that they -- >> but eric, the conservative position is that the government and private industry shouldn't be taking land from a little old lady. >> when trump did it, he did it as a private -- >> yeah, but for profit. >> i'm going to pay more taxes, i'm not going to lose this loophole because some conservatives don't like the loophole. >> one thing that stood out to me is that trump was not the center of this debate. trump was back in the action. >> it's almost like he was like, very quiet. he was -- >> he didn't have to do anything. >> he doesn't want it to become a three person race, it's harder for him, i think that's why he was stroking the egoes of carson and christie all week. it helps him if it's messy in new hampshire tomorrow flight, in terms of how the vote turns out. it goes on to south carolina and further. that's where trump thinks he can
2:13 pm
do that. >> there's no need for him to jump into that. christie was getting the heavy lifting there, getting done. you sit back, you wait for your opportunities. >> we have to move on. the best part of the debate for me. everyone can agree with david muir's hair. it was perfect. >> the best part of the debate was the entrance. >> that was incredible. you don't want to make fun of it, you never know, that could happen do you. >> if you're a republican, you're going to be in front of the debate, have the answer to who's going to win the super bowl. across the board. >> look at ben carson, i don't know what they did to him. >> he just -- he didn't hear it, and trump, and then bush comes by and smacks trump on the back --. >> up next, we're going toll check in with campaign carl,
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that's carl cameron, for the latest on the republican race. we'll hear from some of the candidates with their predictions on tomorrow's vote. stay tuned america. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses,
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welcome back to the five, live from new hampshire on the eve of the first primary of this election, a big con defendant tomorrow that could shape the future of races. how the candidates are feeling about things, let's take a look at some of their thoughts from today. >> this race is wide open. no one knows what's really going on in this race at all. we sense real momentum on the ground for us. we're looking to run right through the tape on tuesday and do very, very well. >> we're going to do well here in new hampshire. when this process finishes, and what is a very unusual election cycle. i feel good about our chances to be the nominee. >> i have a great bonding with the people in new hampshire. >> i would love to have a great -- >> i thought the debate helped to set the stage for what we're doing. >> i feel good about where we are. >> everything's moving our way.
2:19 pm
>> for more on the final stretch, let's bring in campaign carl. you've had your ear to the ground. how do you think the candidates are feeling today? >> as you just saw, they're all going to win. in fact, dana, you're going to win, we're all going to win. they're going to take it right straight through until the polls close tomorrow. trump appears to have the lead will when you're in any other candidate's hall, there's a lot of shoppers who go see donald trump, people who haven't made up their mind yet. it's in the polls, it's a cliche, it will probably be the same case on the ground tomorrow. most people in this state make up their minds this weekend. about a third of them don't make up their minds today or tomorrow until they find out what happens tonight. >> trump has had 30 plus
2:20 pm
percent. it feels like he may be the leader. a lot is being made of this rubio meltdown on the debate. is it the media hyping this, or are you hearing that yourself on the ground? >> oh, sure. yesterday we went to the rubio's super bowl watch party. and there were tons of people, it's worth noting that the political tourism in this state is remarkable. there are thousands of people who come from all over the country, san diego, san francisco, houston texas, montana, at the rubio super bowl valley yesterday, there were granite stators who said they weren't entirely sure. they were asking us what the impact of saturday night's debate was. and my response to all of them was, your question is what we hear, and that's something that we report. because it suggests that people are asking secondary questions about rubio. if that happens, they take a second look at other candidates. >> in iowa, i think it was 13
2:21 pm
polls were just wrong about trump. people say, well, maybe trump doesn't the have the ground game, he doesn't have the people going door to door, what does campaign carl here? >> campaign carl first of all says ground game in iowa really matters, only one in six people take part in the caucuses. the ground game is vastly different in new hampshire, it's actually not the right word to apply it. one in two people are voters in new hampshire. so you can walk into a gas station and the odds are pretty good that the guy behind the counter or the woman behind the counter is going to be a voter. it doesn't mean the same thing in terms of ground game. you have to shake as many hands as possible. you don't have to organize them the way you do in iowa. you have to motivate them to go to the polls. polls open early, there's always a huge rush in new hampshire midday. afterwards, the polls don't close until later in the evening. when folks get out of work at 5:30 or 6, there's another wave. this is one where it's not so
2:22 pm
much about ground game, as it is presence in new hampshire. john kasich and chris christie are leading in that department, but not in the polls. we'll find out tomorrow from new hampshire voters whether they appreciate the vast amount of time they've had here compared to everyone else. or whether flyover campaigns and massive rallies will sway the voters. it's not been that way in the past, but as you heard, this is an election like none other before. daze very much up in the air. >> what are you herring on the ground in terms of the momentum coming out of that fiery debate on saturday. is it seeming to resonate at all, in terms of the groups you're seeing out there. is christie or rubio, depending on how many people are they getting at some of these town halls? i heard ted cruz is getting a turnout as well. >> cruz has always gotten a strong turnout here. rubio's audience has gotten a little more energized and
2:23 pm
bigger. jeb bush has seen a bit of an uptick since the debate. this state has not been friendly to bush's. george h.w. bush, almost lost to pat buchanan in 1992. in 1996, pat buchanan beat bob dole here, there wasn't a bush in the ace. in 2000, president bush got beat by john mccain here. jeb bush has had a hard time getting traction, since that debate saturday night, in which he was aggressive, he went at a number of candidates. these sorts of things have gotten him a second look. and frankly, that's one of the winning strategies in new hampshire. make sure your second look comes on sunday or monday right before the vote on tuesday. >> last question, greg gutfeld. >> you know what i'm hearing a lot on the ground? >> let me get ready, hold on. >> as you know, i refuse to go to manchester until they change
2:24 pm
the name. i want to ask you, has a candidate said, have they ever said it's not going well, carl? not going well at all. >> no, and to overcome your concern about the massagenny, the nickname for manchester is the queen city. be careful with that, don't take it to the next level. there is a certain sort of recognition of gender politics here in manchester, notwithstanding, and yes -- >> or matter of fact. privately, candidates do acknowledge when they're not doing well, and in some cases, because they know i'm a local yokal, they ask what you're supposed to do, the answer is work harder. you can't flip-flop on your rhetoric in new hampshire, you can't pander too much, they'll see through that. we've seen a little bit of that in this campaign, from a lot of them. >> we're going to -- in that vein, we're going do wrap it up.
2:25 pm
are women obligated to vote for hillary clinton just because she's a woman? madeleine albright and gloria steinem's stunning remarks next.
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for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card hillary clinton isn't getting a lot of support from young female voters. they're turning instead to bernie sanders. >> you have to help hillary clinton will always be there for you. and just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> imagine that. even more shocking, clinton's
2:30 pm
reaction. she of course is laughing it off and has a message to those offended. >> do you want the vote to be decided on gender lines? >> oh, look, as you remember, madeleine has been saying this for many, many years. >> good grief, we're getting offended about everything these days. >> honest to goodness. people can't say anything without offending somebody. i think it was a light hearted but very pointed remark, which people can take however they chose. >> isn't this interesting. a lot of exclamations here. >> madeleine is not all bright. that is a phrase she has used before. that was an incorrect context, i love how hillary is making it into a pc thing, that the conservatives and republicans own. >> voting for hillary because she's a woman, is like drinking anti-freeze because it looks like gatorade. >> that's interesting. there were reports from her camp
2:31 pm
that they were very upset, hillary clinton did very well with women over 50, and terrible with all youths and especially women. young women. and so, i think they're feeling a little bit of heat. gloria steinem said young women are going to bernie sanders events because there's boys there. she tries to walk that back. said she was misinterpreted. with the young women, they're saying they're fulfilling what the feminists wanted them to do. the feminists fought for them to be able to think for themselves. make decisions based on how they saw things. what they're saying is that her liberal i678 is not attractive to them, bernie sanders speaks to them. i think she should do more to try to woo them. what she'll try to do is place fear in them that any republican is going to take away their rights. >> you're absolutely right. she started doing that this weekend on the sunday talk
2:32 pm
shows. she had an interview with george recei stephanopolous. >> the same george stephanopolous that used to work to the clintons? where is the protection for monica lewinsky or kathleen wiley or the other ones that are -- have accused bill clinton of doing things they didn't want also? where is the sisterhood of traveling pant suits protecting those women. is it only if you -- you can make sure you protect the powerful women? i guess that's part of it, bernie sanders have flipped the script on hillary clinton right now. he was down by 11 going into iowa. he's up by 8 with all age women going into new hampshire. whatever he's doing, they're buying, not buying what hillary's doing. >> i'm going to get to react to
2:33 pm
this. then there was gloria steinem. she was on bill maher's show the other night, tearing into young female voters herself, accusing them of only backing sanders, because they want them to date. >> when you're young, you're thinking, where are the boys, the boys are with bernie, or -- >> now, if i sid that -- >> no, no, no. >> yeah, vote for bernie, that's where the boys are. you would swat me. >> no, i wouldn't. >> uncomfortable. >> i misspoke and apologized for what's been misinterpreted. young women aren't serious in their politics. whether they gravitate to hillary and are activists in greater numbers than ever before. >> i think they both did a bad job of trying to help out hillary clinton, and specifically, i thought
2:34 pm
madeleine albright's comments were not light hearted. you say, hey, you know, women can go to hell, that's pretty strong to my heart. there's a lot of that in the black community actually, when you don't see people lining up with the interest group agenda, that people then are cast out, and i -- i had the same feeling about what she was -- madeleine albright was saying, and with regard to what gloria steinem was saying, she was trying to be funny. it didn't come off that way. it came off as sort of dismissive. >> hillary thought it was hilarious. >> they're having a problem, they should be happy as feminists that young women are showing up, participating, wanting to get engaged and choosing a candidate regardless of againeder. isn't that the whole idea? >> you would be nuts to vote for a lady. that's exactly what madeleine albright -- >> don't go anywhere. bill clinton has gone into full
2:35 pm
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2:40 pm
he said, look -- it's a her metticly sealed box. >> he didn't stop there. bill also took aim at sanders supporters. >> only one funny thing you need to know about this e-mail. she posted it under a pseudonym because she and other people who have gone on line to defend hillary and explain why they supported her, have been subject to vicious trolling. and attacks that are literally too profane often, not to mention sexist -- >> i was shocked when i saw that second one. bill clinton, it felt below the former president to be saying that. >> that's a husband defending his wife, you know. he took off the commander in chief cape and was like, okay, i'm about to go straight on you. this is what's happening. it also should tell you and send a message they are very concerned about the campaign. they're concerned they haven't been able to resonate for that
2:41 pm
key demographic of young people you saw, that obviously find him, and we're obviously concerned about as well. this is what it is. he's sitting there saying, i'm a little worried i may not get back in the white house 37. >> it seemed a different -- >> hey, look, the guy you want to have aeer with, that wasn't him. >> i think bill clinton's still a very charming guy. this is bill clinton, who's looking a little older to a lot of people, and seemed a little more shrill to a lot of people on saturday. so what struck me was, he said any time you say anything now that people disagree with, oh, hillary's the establishment. hillary's getting it from the left. he says on that count, she's also getting it from the right, because the hedge fund guys on wall street are creating super paces. he feels like his wife is under attack, and i think that's what you saw. >> i think this is coming on -- off the story today that
2:42 pm
politico reported that the clinton campaign is looking at possible staff shake-up if she comes, even if she has a narrow victory in new hampshire, which is very unlikely, she's likely to lose here, david axelrod had a tweet today that said when the exact same problems crop up in separate campaigns with different staff. at what point do the principles say hey, maybe it's us. >> i thought it was an interesting tweet. >> what do you think? did he go too far, pushing it too far. >> he's such a great husband. you have to hand it to him. did he sleep with a logger last night? >> people -- bill clinton accusing anyone of sexism, is like charlie sheen accusing you of a bad drug habit. it's not going to work. they're mad about the bro brothers, that's like two guys o online.
2:43 pm
people think it's a thousand guys. no, it's just one unemployed person. it would take him centuries to catch up with clinton. >> ahead, super bowl 50 was all about the d, the incredible story behind denver's dominance. that plus thoughts on a controversial half time show. he. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. vern from voya? yep, vern from voya. why are you orange? that's a little weird. really? that's the weird part in this scenario? look, orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. save a little here and there, and over time, your money could multiply. see? ah, ok. so, why are you orange? funny. see how voya can help you get organized at
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it was the third most watched show in tv history. more than 11 million people tuned in last night for super bowl 50. it was an emotional night especially for one player, peyton manning. the oldest quarterback to lead his team to victory. he did it at the age of 39. now the big question, was that his last game. >> i got some good advice from tony dungy, who's going into the hall of fame, he said, don't make an emotional decision. i got a couple priorities in order, i want to go kiss my
2:48 pm
wife, kiss my kids. i want to celebrate with my family and teammates. i'm going to drink a lot of beer tonight, jim. budweiser, von miller's buying. those are my priorities at this point. >> imagine that, greg can appreciate a man who wants a beer. >> cam newton was definitely feeling down and out after the game. he certainly wasn't hiding it in front of the press. >> they just played better than us. what do you want me to see. >> were you disappointed? >> loss. >> wow! that didn't look so good. an unhappy player right there. eric, what do you say? >> that game, peyton manning should definitely retire, go out on a high note. he didn't win that game. >> you said great? you think he did great? >> no, he had a great career.
2:49 pm
von miller, the linebacker. wade phillips. he should buy him a car, an escalade. you don't know what happened with wide phillips. he wasn't a coach in the nfl. he was defensive coordinator for the broncos last night. he came back with the most amazing defense we've ever seen. >> the defense won that game. >> you thought it was kind much slow after half time in. >> look, we were talking about this ahead of time, you see super bowl championships, great defenses deliver games and titles, that's what you saw last night, denver, their defense may as well as have been a wall. it was unbelievable. you shut down an explosive offense like that, and a top notch star quarterback like cam newton, they really deserve some props. that mvp is the defense.
2:50 pm
>> i would have lost a lot of money. i would have bet clearly, carolina was the better team. they didn't show up last night. >> i saw that gail king, when she interviewed the president and mrs. obama last night. today she revealed who he picked. he picked carolina as well. >> john elway was a quarterback when i was a little kid. he brought peyton manning, my sister and brother-in-law have season tickets. i felt like denver deserved it. >> poor cam newton, now he knows what it's like to come in second in iowa. i thought it was another disgrace of an old white man bidding a young black man. >> is that what it was? >> yes, it was. >> speaking of racial things mr. white chocolate? >> the half time show, gregory. >> yes. now, the half time show, what did you think? >> it was an exploding pinieda. there was too many things going on. imagine if the dimension of time
2:51 pm
didn't exist, and everything from the beginning of cave man to world war ii was happening at the same time. that was the half time show, it's like let's do this, let's do this, let's do this. i couldn't follow it. i actually had a seizure. >> you didn't like it? >> they also had cold play. >> he didn't want to like it from the beginning. >> i think the performances were good, they all did great. i loved lady gaga. >> we love the red eyeshadow. >> i never saw anything like that. >> the reason i was asking about the racial aspect was beyonce, apparently part of her performance was the tribute to the more militant era of the '60s. did you notice? >> no, i didn't notice it, i was enjoying all the colors and everything. all that stuff. >> i didn't notice until today, everyone's making a big deal about it.
2:52 pm
the super bowl became political. my favorite ad is the doritos ad. now i hear like people are up in arms about that. >> ridiculous. >> everything's politicized. >> did you have a favorite ad? >> there was a couple of them that were very good. i loved the one that was the hybrid. >> the monkey, baby, cat. >> i thought it was a pug. that was frightening, i liked the one -- his daughter was going out on a date, and he gave the keys to the car and kept showing up everywhere. >> there were some great car ads, subaru and jeep did well. >> the sinking sheep. >> i love talking animals. >> one more thing up next. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was,
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it's time for one more thing. let's go to eric p.m. >> everyone's asking me, what is it about trump? i come from the business world, i like the business sense of donald trump. check out august first. this is one of the first few weeks he was going to run for president. watch what he said? >> they're building a plan the in mexico. 2 $1/2 billion for a plant. think about it. i know about construction.
2:57 pm
how do you spend 2 1/2. mexico in a certain way is the new china. you look at what's happening? because they're really becoming a car capital of the world. >> so he got a lot of grief for that afterwards. he did build that 2 1/2 billion dollar plant. ford is planning on doubling its mexican production by the end of 2018. it's a business sense that's really turning me on to trump. >> but not to ford? >> i think ford should do what's best for ford. >> you know what, how could these two have never met before? turns out, saturday was the first time that larry david and bernie sanders got together on saturday night live. they played two men on a distressed ship heading for america. larry david's character begins heckling, insisting he should be saved because of money. here's the sot.
2:58 pm
>> i am so sick of the 1% getting this preferential treatment. we need to unite and work together if we're all going to get through this. >> sounds like socialism to me. >> democratic socialism. >> ah, what's the difference? >> huge difference. >> huge! it was okay, i thought there was going to be more to that, but not bad. >> all right, k.g., go. >> it's me. okay, so remember when we were in iowa, it was fantastic, and we did a great segment at the end of the show, we had a whole patriots for we had some puppies, that's moose with me and squat and shorty. we have some follow-up. take a look at this, squat was adopted by angie from northwood iowa. and moose's new home in michigan, adopted bring phil and
2:59 pm
stacy daniels. most incredible people. wrote a great letter to us all. we were writing back and forth, we would like to be adopted by them as well. >> i wanted to. >> and shorty's still available. please go online if you would like to bring them into your home an hearts. >> i want to introduce you to julio hernandez. she's an amazing story of someone who could not speak english when she got here. she's now learned to read english. she's improved her situation for herself and her family. >> time for -- >> i hate these people. >> you may have seen this story, it's about an intern on his second day on the job. everyone thought it was cute. why don't you show the darn picture so everyone understands. everyone thinks it's funny. i don't think it's funny. if that happened under my watch, would you have been frog marched
3:00 pm
out of the building and you would have never found another job. we'll see you again tomorrow on primary day. special report is up next. a catapult or a trap door. they hope new hampshire propels them to new heights but fear the bottom could drop out of their campaigns. this is special report. we are coming to you live from the campus of san ansom college in manchester, new hampshire. i'm bret baier. just six hours from now at midnight, residents in three tiny northern towns will officially start the primary voting season for the 2016 presidential race. everyone else begins later in the morning. and after the polls close, 25 hours from now, we will


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