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  Hannity  FOX News  February 8, 2016 7:01pm-7:12pm PST

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all of that and jeb bush and "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." coming to you live from manchest manchester, new hampshire, where the state's primary is hours away. brand new poll numbers out of the granite state and showing you throughout the evening according to to awe umass lowell 7 news poll. donald trump first place. second place there's a tie of marco rubio and ted cruz and then john kasich and former governor jeb bush tied with chris christie at 5%. earlier today, we caught up with donald trump before he headed out the a campaign rally with his supporters. >> mr. trump, great to see you in new hampshire. >> thank you. >> snowstorm, 5,000 people at least. >> we have a lot of people. i know we've had three of our people in accidents already. i don't know how many can show up. 7,000 say they were going to show up. we have a big storm have not been below 30.
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things are certainly looking good for you. how do you feel about things on the ground? >> we hope so. we have a good ground game, good everything. we'll see what happens. it's on the election no matter what. we'll see. we feel very good about it. >> talk about the debate saturday night. it was interesting to me. i watched you. i thought you had a very good debate and watched ted cruz. everybody's going after marco rubio. is it because they think you're inevitable in new hampshire? they think -- >> well, they were going after him and it was sort of a tough night for him but they were going after him an i was a little surprised. i felt quite good, actually. not because they went after him but nobody but jeb and jeb is easy but nobody really came after me. >> and the issue of iminnoceemi domain and then ranger stadium built. >> yeah. jeb was mentioning and i used it an we found out this morning that they used that for one of his parent's projects. and in texas they used eminent
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doma domain, private. he's embarrassed. i heard he's like a nervous wreck. too bad. >> in the case that was mentioned here, you did not take the woman's home. >> no. we never took it. could have taken it. could have bought it at some point. we didn't. good thing. atlantic city was not exactly a thriving destination. worked out well for me. i never did take it, no. >> talk about the campaign. new hampshire you're doing well in the polls. double digit lead by every poll and heading into south carolina, nevada an super tuesday. walk us through the strategy that you think gets you the nomination. >> well, we are going through a process. we left iowa. i think we did really well in iowa, especially after what happened to ben carson which was fortunate and did really, really well. came in a very strong strong and come here and we seem to be doing well. new hampshire is special. i know the people up here. i come here a lot and have friends here and going to south carolina and then going to
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nevada. i should do well. south carolina been amazing. and then we have the s.e.c. by that time i think somebody's going to be -- people know what's happening and i think at the end there you'll know whether somebody's getting it or a little bit further. why see a convention to go and start a fight. >> brokered convention. >> i don't see it. >> trying to make money through punditry. >> that's interesting. >> something stuck out in your speech. you have a lot of people offering you advice i assume. you're your own man, though. you make your own decision and telling you don't go to iowa. you decided to go anyway. tell me about that process. what were they telling you don't go to iowa? >> i'm glad i did go. we had fun there. we did well there. i got the second most votes in the history of the caucus, the republican caucus. >> more than any other winner in past cycle.
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>> evangelicals were great. just did well. we were told don't go there. i said i think it is for me. we have lot of delegates. second most delegates an now we are in new hampshire and i think that's going to be tremendous. >> hillary clinton says that donald trump doesn't think america's great. campaign slogan is make america great again. what do you say to hillary? >> america is great but it could -- look. it is troubled. you report on it every single night. >> i think we are in decline. >> we are absolutely in decline. my whole campaign is make america great again. right now, we are in a lot of trouble. we are being scoffed at, laughed at by everybody on the planet. we can't even beat isis in a war. can you imagine telling general douglas macarthur or patton we can't beat isis in a war? they would be spinning in their
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grave. mine is a positive message. people say it's negative. it's very positive. i go around, we have the biggest crowds of anybody. nobody has crowds like we have. and the message is that we're going to make it greater than ever before and i really believe that. >> when you meet people losing their homes, don't have a job. almost 100 million americans out of the labor fers. >> true. >> they tell you their stories, does that motivate you more to run? does that say justify in your mind this is why i got into this? >> it does motivate me. you know what? i could be doing so many other things right now. it is wonderful standing with you and talking to you in a hotel room. >> there are other things, other people? is that what you're saying? >> doing other things. there's no question about that. but i will say this. there is such potential in this country. and when i say, you know, i have to do it. just i have to do it. i'm a worker. i'm somebody that understands how things have to work. >> you're thinking about those people out of work, in poverty,
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on food staffmps. >> unemployment less than 5%. okay? you know everybody looks, they look and look for a job months and then give up and they're considered statistically employed. it's 25%, 28%. some people say 42%. the actual employment rate. and you report on it all the time. close to 100 million people. >> i don't know where they get that calculator in washington. but using in it your business they'd send you to jail. >> that was developed before obama to make presidents look good and the economy look good. when you hear less than 5%. honestly, i probably wouldn't be running. if you had 5% unemployment, you wouldn't have crowds showing up like show up for this. >> you get to the white house you'll remember the people that told you about the lost job, lost home? older people can't live in new york, for example. can't afford the taxes. >> we're bringing jobs back from
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choo that, mexico, vietnam. that's a new buone. from all over the world. bringing the jobs back. killing us with evaluation and manipulation of the currency. me, i understand it. obama, he doesn't understand it. >> if i could get you to project in your mind, win the election, in the white house, what are the type of people to surround yourself with? >> great and different people. we have the best business people anywhere in the world. use them for trade. we have political hacks. military, pick the people. we'll get the right people. not people that go on even your show and talk on your show. i mean, i see the generals -- >> great people. >> you're right but they're on the shows. you have pretty good ones an retired. i see people going on the different shows and they're talking about what we're going to do. i always envision our great generals, do you think they're going on talk show s discussing how to fight isis? i don't want to hear about it. do it. there are so many people out
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there. we have political people and we have many political hacks. they get the job because they give contributions. not going the happen that way anymore. >> hillary paid between $225,000 a speech and $400,000 a speech. and all of them have business with government or lobby in some capacity. >> she's been terrible. lock at the republicans. jeb bush said he doesn't like the idea of superpacs. $117 million on superpacs. he said he wouldn't do it again. it's been abusive and people are being abused by them. but you look at the kind of money being thrown around and then you look at hillary, what she has done and taken to a whole new level. >> would you if president go to the private trust secret trust where you don't know about the business? >> i would do that. my children are capable. i would do that. and my executives and my children would run my companies. >> you have been hard on the other candidates at different
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times in the campaign. as you look at the slate of candidates, 17, and you're leading in the polls, if you win that nomination, won the job, would you pick some of those guys to work with you, hire them? >> i would. some are very good and can't tell you. >> sure you can. you can tell me whatever you want. you're donald trump. you can say whatever you went. >> some are very good and some i don't have much respect for. to be honest. i could see some of them working with me and straightening out the country and making america great again. >> do you give thought to a vp choice? >> not much thought. so many really good, talented people. i would have maybe two or three. i don't want to think about it. i want to think about closing the deal. i want to close the deal. i want do get it done. get it closed and plenty of time. i would speak to lots of people about it. >> who? >> including you. by the way. >> right. one of the best things in the art of the deal is any moment willing to walk away. never want a deal that bad.
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>> well, we should have walked away from the iran deal five times. we could have made the deal so much betterment they were dancing in the streets of iran. dancing all over the country. >> embarrassing, isn't it? >> not made yet because just they heard the details and told to do it. they negotiate, negotiate, losing. i mean, when you think about deals, that's one of the worst. but there are others. actually, iran making the next best deal, taking over iraq. we made it possible for them to take over iraq. that's a better deal. >> sfee the sunnis and saudi arabia will protect their own territory, their own lands and stand up against the rise of the shia and mullahs. >> going in yemen, took over yemen. they want yemen with the nice beautiful long border. they want the oil. okay? 100%. >> all right. you got thousands of people waiting for you. i think you can throw me out. i'm fired. >> you can always stay. have a good time.
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thank you very much. >> appreciate it. coming up, senator ted cruz on the campaign bus earlier