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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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from beautiful new hampshire. we'll see you tomorrow night with the winner, we'll know who it is. thanks for being with us. this is a fox news alert. five hours from right now the first votes in new hampshire primary will be cast. but there is a campaign trail bombshell and this could change everything. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg appears serious about jumping into the presidential race. mayor bloomberg telling the financial "times" he is looking at all the options. more on this developing story in just moments. right now "on the record" taking you behind the scene on new hampshire's primary eve. 24 hours from right now. all the new hampshire poll also close and the votes will be counted. the 2016 candidate spending campaign day crisscrossing the state hoping to make
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last minute voters them the big winner. >> watch this. [inaudible] [ laughter ] >> i was going to get up, i think i will stay on one knee. >> we have got to be willing to say no to the washington cartel. is a no to the cronyism. no to the corporate welfare and corruption in washington and get back to the constitutional principles that built this country. >> we need to let countries know, you attack us, we can defend ourselves. and if you attack us, we have the capability to attack back. >> we are bless to do have a very talented field. it's made up of a very messy and competitive process in the long term. >> if it snows or not we have got to vote. i'm not asking for your money, i'm asking for your >> >> "on the record" griff jenkins is in new hampshire and caught up with governor chris christie and john kasich. griff? >> greta, we're coming to you live from concord, new
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hampshire, at an air and space museum where carly fiorina is holding a town hall as we speak. she will be on the show with with you later. that's right. the two governors have spent more time than anybody here. first we caught up at the it 105th town hall of governor kasich and his wife karen. take a look. >> this bus is a lot of fun. we call it the magic bus,c[ really. we are like traveling minstrels and we have had a great time and we operate it it almost in total obscurity in r. for months with these town halls of which we have now hit -- this will be i think, my 105th. and we get along. we have fun. i speak from the heart. and it's working. and we are going to do extremely well here. and we are going to have to trade our boots, you know, our big snow boots for flip flops and a little jambalaya here coming up on wednesday. >> let me ask you, governor, as you go around and talk to people at town halls, what seems to be the issues they want to talk to you the
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most? what do they care about? >> obviously they care about jobs, they care about drugs. student debt, social security. they also care about wanting to measure someone's heart. you know, does this person really get my problems? are they willing to listen? are they willing to fight for me? i mean, that's what we hear. some of them are extremely emotional. and, as i said in the debate, i mean, they have changed my life in a way because we all need to slow down a little bit and listen to the wins and the losses of people who are our neighbors. but it all starts with a strong economy. because if you don't have a strong economy, the whole house collapses. we do that and oncefptz we do that we look out for everybody and want everybody to have a chance to rise. >> mr. kasich, is -- ms. kasich, is your husband prepared to be the leader of the free world. >> my husband is the one with the experience to be
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the leader of the free world. he is a uniter and not a divider. this country doesn't need any more division. >> and the other governor, chris criminals city, perhaps wanting to be the come back kid, he spent' 73 days here, more than 180 public events. we caught up with him and his wife at thekmexican restaurant. take a look. >> people see i'm ready they see when the bright lights come on i won't need tohat you fight hillary clinton in november. she is going to be a tough, tough adversary. you need somebody just as tough to run up against her. and i'm the right guy to do it. >> there is no doubt that you guys have spent as much or more time here than anybody else. what are voters saying to you about your husband and whether or not he is the best commander and chief in a time of a lot of problems? >> well, they are very impressed by his strength. they are also impressed by his commitment to the voters of new hampshire because we have been here so much. and they have really gotten very thorough answers to their questions which they,
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as voters in new hampshire, appreciate. they are saying they are excite to do vote for him. >> what is the number one issue that you think really connects with the voters here in new hampshire? >> homeland security and national security. people are really concerned about the threat of terror. they are afraid of what is going to happen to our future around the world. and they want to know they are going to have a strong commander and chief who will first and foremost protect the homeland. and a former federal prosecutor who did that for seven years, they know i'm prepared and ready to go. >> finally is, in a must-win for you here? >> not a must-win. it's a must do well. we will see what that defines on tuesday night. i think we have to do well and i think we will do well. >> and that's all from here for "on the record" i'm griffrjenkins, greta? >> griff, thank you. you will hear from another 2016 candidate coming up. former hewlett packard ceo carly fiorina is standing by to go "on the record." wow, sparks flying on saturday's abc news debate.
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governor chris christie blasting senator marco rubio. governor christie accusing senator7fl'u%ájz of just memorize ago 25 second speech and given to him by advisors and using it over and over and other. >> marco the thing is this, when you are president of the united states, the governor of the united states, thez]l second speech where you talk about how great america is at the end of it doesn't solve one problem for one person. they expect to you plow the snow and get the schools open. and when the worst natural disaster when your state hits you they expect to you rebuild their state which is what i have done. none of that stuff happens on the floor of the united states senate. it's a fine i'm glad you ran it does not prepare you for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> senator rubio? >> chris, your state got hit by a massive snow storm two weeks ago you didn't want to go back. they had to shame you into going back. [crowd boos] >> you stayed there 36 hours and came back to campaign.
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this notion that barack obama is not doing is not true there. >>it is memorized 25 second speech. >> that's the reason why this campaign is so important. because i think this notion -- i think this is an important point. we veto understand what we are going through here. we are not facing a president that doesn't know what he is doing. he knows what he is doing. that's why he has done the things he has done. >> the "on the record" political panel is here from the "washington times" stephen dinan and from the "weekly standard" danielle hell per. steven, who won that one? >> well, so i actually made a mistake and came into the debate 20 minutes late and so rubio actually sounded really good to me if you only took the last two hours of the debate. having gone back and watched it, that was not a good moment for rubio. >> not a good moment or awful? didn't it sort of strip away everything, the facts that a senator is a talker, a governor is a doer? doesn't that sort of lay that flame. >> i disagree with that i think his fundamental point -- we know what he was
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trying to say. it's not a could you tell use thing. he is trying to say that he believes barack obama has intentional plan hey he is incompetent. it's intentional there are voters who think that and agree with that i don't think it's a silly thing to say. >> no, it's to criticize obama. it's not to say this is what i am going to do and this is what i have done for you from experience. >> it was the four or five times he said it not what he said that was the problem. it was a really bad moment. if he loses, this will be the moment that marco rubio replays in his head over and over again for the beginning of the decline. but i'm not sure that the conventional wisdom is correct on this. i agree with steven in that it could play out a little differently than we suspect is. if he is able to finish okay in new hampshire, he goes on to south carolina where he has a lot of support from senators and from congressman there or a senator. and he can do pretty well in south carolina. and i think he can then turn it around. but he really needs to make positive case for his
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candidacy. >> two problems. on the lucky side probably not all of new hampshire was watching that on ther lucky y. side all the other candidates have learned to do what christie did to him. >> we have seen a flaw, a vulnerability in his defenses. having said that though, two debates ago when he went after christie and had a devastating attack on christie, the real surprises that we didn't see that the other night. you know, it was planned parenthood, sonia.g]r sotomayor and common core. it was a devastating one paragraph attack. what was surprising is that he didn't do that real quickly, the one thing we haven't seen is much of a big change in the tracking polls on rubio. he wars already sort of declining in the days just ahead of the weekend. we haven't seen a big change since then. >> okay, panel. governor christie isn't the only governor on fire out in new hampshire. ♪ >> we need to finish the border. it has to be be completed just like we lock our doors at night. the country has to be able to lock its doors. >> we are dealing with type
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of situations like we are talking about north korea. where criminals take people hostage. you never pay ransom to the;u criminals, ever. everyone out at home watching that tonight understands that principle. >> i would like to see more millionaires. we need to create more millionaires. create prosperity where people can rise up. this notion we are undertaxed as a nation is just fool hardy. >> danielle, i want to correct myself, the last senators have done an awful lot of thing. senator rubio is a freshman senator like senator ted cruz and that's what governor christie basically zeroed in on. your thought about the governors. >> what's funny is ted cruz never gets that criticism it's all directed at marco rubio. at least not yet. the governors have put all their lot on new ha,tp/iñ kasich has been there, as he said, 105 times. he has done town halls there plus any number of other events. he -- if he doesn't have a good showing and i think he will, by the way. i think he will probably come in second even.
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he is really toast. so, i think he will. justice bush, he brother coming in to south carolina, linger on longer. criminals christie needs to do better than the a% is he polling in now. 700 plus days spent in new hampshire. spending that time away from his state, you really have to do well. >> steven, if donald trump doesn't have a commanding win tomorrow night, i mean, he is ahead in the polls like a signature is can't amount. >> well, so new hampshire is a real test for two key groups or figures. donald trump, as you said. iowa he did not show. did he turn out a lot of extra voters but didn't show enough to actually win in iowa. he have to prove in new hampshire that he can actually do that the governors though. look, the first thing for the the republican primary to go on is with three of these governors still in the race. as long as there are three of them and they are still all splitting that vote, there won't be any real unifying in the nontrump factor and we don't get sort of a clean race there republicans have to hope that one of them does emerge
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from this race on tuesday and we get, youí ísm know, a cleaner primary going forward. >> governor kasich is on stage in new hampshire right now. we are looking at the trump stage there is a line to get n manchester, new hampshire, for trump. anyways, going to be exciting. steven and daniel, thank you both. at the end of this long and grueling 2016 campaign, there will be only one republican nominee but there will be lots of blood on the floor and hurt feelings from the nonstop battling. the big question county republican party mend the wounds once a nominee is named. >> you are going to be the big healer. >> well, if i have to use a mop, i will here's the thing. all this stuff is great and these are really smart guys that you are just talking to. at some point this conversation is going to change to delegate count. and when there is 18 states that go on march 1st. you're not going to have time to talk about tennessee and mississippi and alabama.
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at some point you are going to say what's the count? and when you start asking the question. >> is that the really sort of when you will have your nominee pretty much? >> no, i don't think so. i don't think it's going to be until the end of march and maybe even mid april. but, yes, we're going to heal. because a week feels like a month since iowa. a month feels like a year. when you get to a nominee, you have april, may, june, july. we are going to have plenty of time. what's going to bind us are the things that we believe in as a party. the freedom to work. the freedom of parent to choose which school to send their kid too. the freedom that a safe world and country comes from. that's what binds us together. >> what ifbj mayor bloomberg should get in as an independent because if he does, we don't know for sure, there is this sort of chatter today about him because of a statement he made to financial times. what does a bloomberg into the race do because is he going to peal off some of those republican votes. >> i don't know about that greta. most of the early analysis is it actually works the
11:14 pm
other way. >> you think he is going to peal off democratic votes? >> absolutely. number one, no pathway to get to 270 electoral votes. even if he has some kind of pathway that no one can figure out, then who is going to determine the nominee if no one -- >> -- the house. >> the house? you think paul ryan is going to not support the republican nominee? secondly, does he put new york and connecticut in play for the republican party? does a guy like bloomberg take votes out of places like delaware that places like 20 years ago the republican party were winning up in the new england and the mid-atlantic. actually, most people, i think right now think that that would be a pretty bad thing for the democrat party. >> but we are in very unusual times. >> we are. no doubt. >> this race is no other, throw another twist in it but i don't see how putting a moderate sort of liberal on gun control type, you know a guy that wants to regulate slurpees and diet
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cokes is going to somehow hurt the republican party. seems more like something that bernie sandlj will be talking about. >> are you going to be watch flg the results tomorrow night. >> that's right. >> from where, from new hampshire here? >> i'm back from new hampshire for the weekend so i will be here watching the results. >> as we all will be. rings, thank you. >> you bet. >> from the g.o.p. and their intraparty fighting to the democrats and their intraparty fighting. today, former president bill clinton and husband, hitting senator bernie sanders right between the eyes, claiming his supporters are sexist attacks on hillary clinton. >> people' gone online to defend hillary and explain, just explain why they supported her have been subject to vicious trolling. and attacks that are literally to profane, often, not to mention sexist, to repeat. >> all this coming as a brand new u mass lowell poll
11:16 pm
likely voters show hillary clinton is closing the gap on new hampshire vermont neighbor bernie sanders. 16 points. big. compare that to last week when she was 31 points behind. joe trippi is here to go "on the record." nice to it see you, joe. >> good to be with you. >> the democratic party like the republican party has a lot of blood on the floor. >> yeah. it's going to get rough here for new hampshire and a couple weeks following, i think -- one thing true and i think president clinton is probably experiencing for the first time is how bad social media actually gets. and, you know. >> in what way? >> i think he never was a victim of just the trolling that i get and everybody gets onob26ñ twitter and social media every day. and i think he is responding to that and he is responding also that it's his wife. so, butmi i think it's him not
11:17 pm
being familiar with that stuff the way many of us are. >> is he doing a good job for his wife campaign trail or not right now? i mean, he is there sort of a former president but also a husband and doesn't like to see his wife get hit over the head? >> yeah, that's what i'm saying. is he very popular in the democratic party. probably one of the more popular former presidents out there across the board right now. so i think he is a big help to her. >> can she close that gap? she is 16 90's behind in the poll. and i don't know what the polls mean. i have seen some polls be so wrong that i'm a little gun shy about it she is improving the polls, in 2008 she is behind then senator barack obama having come in third behind edwards and obama. then she ended up having a little tearful moment. got emotional and she won new hampshire. >> look, already cut it in half it lo close a little bit more. i think it's highly unlikely that she'll beat bernie sanders there or get it within small single digits. >> we focus on new hampshire
11:18 pm
like we focus on iowa. taking a bigger picture, looking at the whole map for the democratic party. next is south carolina. and she has got a lot of the super delegates on her side. is she really sailing toward the nomination or is she in trouble? >> i don't think she is in much trouble at all. i always thought iowa and new hampshire were bernie's best states. and they are very white states, 92% white in iowa. 94% white in new hampshire. he has just shown no ability yet, yet, to break into any of the other groups that you need, blacks, hispanics,. >> so we should stop looking at the snap shop and step back and look atñd the whole map for her as we look at the race? >> absolutely. this race becomes 44% nonwhite the day after new hampshire. in the democratic primary. people don't realize that and she is beating him 6 9% to 23% in those categories. and, by the way. she is beating him with women, not with younger women.
11:19 pm
so there is all these strengths that she has that start getting stronger the deeper into the primary season we get. >> all right. i didn't get a chance to ask you about bloomberg. i ask you in the commercial. the viewers won't get that one though. >> good to be with you. >> how deal with attacks aimed at his father. eric trump is here next. also, once again, mother nature, she can't resist threatening the new hampshire primary at this time. that's coming up. you owned your car for four years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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i will build the military big, better and stronger than anybody up here. we are going to win with trump.
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we don't win anymore. our country doesn't win anymore. we are going to win with trump and people back down with trump. and that's what i like and that's what the country is going to it like. >> i think we have a president who, as a president, is totally incompetent and he doesn't know what he is doing. i think he has no idea what he is doing. our country is going to hell. >> that and donald trump. big abc republican debate in new hampshire. and on the eve of the new hampshire primary. donald trump is making push for primary voters. eric trump, donald trump's son, goes on the campaign trail from new hampshire. are you you ready. >> we are having a blast. the whole family is here. we are really having a good time. is he is relaxed and we are having a lot of fun as a family. >> you were in the room saturday night during the debal%; member do you get nervous. >> i think you have to. look, i love the man to death. is he amazing. people attack and that's the nature of debate. you always want to protect your father.
11:24 pm
that's just an instinctive characteristic of any son. you always want to be there to protect him. there is no one tougher or better or is he really amazing guy. he did so well at his debate. that's the best one he h amazing how much he has developed as a candidate. i could not be more proud of him. >> i have watched all the campaigns. i hear a lot of leaks out of the campaigns reported. i'm curious because you are on the inside. not asking you about specifics. when you read things about what's going on inside the trumperf campaign. how often in the media do you find us accurate? most of the time? some of the time? none of the time? >> sometimes i think interest are some that are great. you are always great. others thatf]/4 are quite frankly on the opposite end of that spectrum. campaign doing is great. the amount of love in this state is unbelievable. i have been all over this state and literally shook hands with thousand and and thousands of people. you can't drive a mile in the state without seeing massive trump yard signs and this or that. there is a lot of momentum here. it's been a lot of fun. remember, greta. we are politicians for six
11:25 pm
months. this is not our world. this is not what we grew up doing. many of these candidates have been canvassing these states for years and years and years. it's not who we're. he is a business guy. he is amazing businesszu guy. >> let me ask you about the campaign. he said he would do more than washing. what does-waterboarding? >> you cece terrorists flying planes into building. cities getting shot in california. paris getting shot up and somebody complains when a terrorist gets waterboarded which frankly is no different than what happens on college campuses and frat houses every day. the man would keep this country safe. there is no question about it. he has amazing backbone. is he a tough guy. self-sick of the nonsense. he wants to protect this country. that's why he is doing. this is he sick of seeing what is happening to this country, whether it be on trade. whether it be $19 trillion word of national debt. whether it be you know, with the terrorists coming in and trying to instill trait our country. he would be very, very, very tough. that's hot man is, he is a
11:26 pm
tough guy. >> in terms of the expectations tomorrow. i mean, right now he is way ahead in the polls. way ahead. dolls that make it a little bit more difficult to be -- you are getting a lot of shots fired at you -- and by the way, let me ask you. this a lot of attention spent by you and your father directed at governor jeb bush. is he way down in the polls. why do you spend so much time credit siding him. why not go after somebody closer to you in numbers. >> i was on actually this morning with you guys with fox this morning. he came after my father pretty hard. it's sad. my father is incredible guy. amazing man. best friend in the world. he is a truly, truly amazing man. is he so loyal to>?/ñ everybody. i mean, jeb wants to hit him and hit him and hit him. who is the most dangerous person in the room? it's the person who is drowning. that's what is happening right now. jeb ising and going after my father. jeb doesn't know him, is he an amazing, amazing man. he would do unbelievable jobd for this country. it's sad to he: i mean
11:27 pm
really really sad to see. >> many people thought that senator rubio shot himself in the foot when governor christie went after him. what was it like inside the/t room? i watched it on tv. tell me what it also a like there. >> it's politicians. one of the reasons my father has been so successful he has been so authentic. he doesn't have the scripted speeches and this or that you see some people up on the stage and it's the same line over and over and over again. you can tell of it's be with. the fact that my father talks off the cuff and authentic and speaks from the heart. that's what's made him do so well. he has been very quick. i think we are starting to see that as the debates go on and on and on that people are kind of rehearsed. this country can't stand another rehearsed politician. they need somebody who will go in there and fix the problems. that's ultimately what he is going to do. say hi to your siblings for me. >> thank you. i will. thank you for having me on
11:28 pm
as always. >> carlie for that was on on abc news debate stage on saturday. that's not stoppinghé her. carly fiorina coming up next. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear?
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on the eve of the new hampshire primary donald trump and jeb bush at each other's throats. >> insure a guy, hun
11:32 pm
honestly, if he weren't in government, you wouldn't hire him to do anything. you wouldn't hire him. if you had a company, you wouldn't even hire him. >> donald trump organizes his campaign around disparaging people as a sign of strength. it's not strong to insult women. it's not strong to castigate hispanics. it's not strong to ridicule the disabled. and it is certainly not strong to call people like john mccain or my friend leo that's a medal of honor recipient who spent six years in a pow camp camp in hand know that they are a loser because they got caught. >> the one thing i'm asking, i don't want your money, what i'm asking is that you have to go out and vote tomorrow. you have to do it because, you know. [ applause ] >> so, what are voters in new hampshire saying? the "boston globe" james pindle has been out on the trail. james, tell me since the debate on saturday night. do you get any sense talking to people and i realize there is a little voodoo
11:33 pm
that anyone has changed his opinion after the debate or her opinion. >> the debate did re-set the race. the race before the debate was about the rise marco rubio. rubio rising up to the polls that to the fact people were requesting the question rubio could actually wish the new hampshire primary and defeat donald trump. donald trump unlike iowa has led every sing dwell poll since july. he is has a huge lead here. even though it's been rink ago little bit in most recent polls. the debate changed that rubio is not on the way up. is he on the way down. the question now is who is in second. ted cruz has gone down a little bit in the holes. that's why you are seeing this fight now between trump and bush which some believe could actually be a fight between 1 and 2678 i'm not quite there yet. but kasich is up there. rubio is up there. and bush is up there. and among those three, they aree all trying to take on donald trump right now. >> are there -- we only have 30 sects left, are their
11:34 pm
still decides, people saying i can't make up my mind. >> we saw polls coming out in the last couple hours, about a third of republicans are still trying to make up their minds with less than 12 hours to go before their first votes are counted. >> that's very exciting, james, thank you. >> thank you. >> all the presidential candidates in a wicked political battle in new hampshire tonight. we have seen the polls. and there has been some movement in the polls in the past few days. does that mean we could all be stunned tomorrow night when the results roll in? new hampshire senator kelly ayotte is here to go "on the record." nice to he sue, senator. >> good to see you, greta. >> why aren't you home in your state of new hampshire. >> i'm here to vote in the senate. we have a beating tomorrow. >> you can do day job. >> can i do my day job to represent the people of new hampshire. i already voted. i think that this race really is still wide open. we have seen the candidates all over our state. i was obviously at the do baited on saturdaygw5÷ night. also they have been town halls. they are continuing.
11:35 pm
they are driving the buses around the state. they are going to the diners. they are all over the state. i'm not surprised that there is still a group of new hampshire voters that are making up their mind. >> do you think we could be surprised? how much faith do you have in polls? >> i still think that we could be surprised. because i think polls give us a good guide but they don't tell us the full picture because we know, also, that a lot of peopleu8yq nowadays don't necessarily answer polls. they are all, many more people using cell phones so it depends on the poll you are looking- at. that said, greta, with this many candidates in the race, i do think there will be some surprises tomorrow. >> what about in new hampshire and correct me if i am wrong, is that democrats can vote in the republican primary and cross o'er. >> that's the interesting thing about new hampshire is the independents, which is the largest block being in our state they-b,ke can vote in either primary. obviously republicans voting in the race but also independents declaring to vote in either the democrat or the republican primary
11:36 pm
can make a big difference for a candidate. >> what does it do for the economy in new hampshire? the money that's -- >> -- it's absolutely great. >> that's why -- >> -- but also we play such an important role because we do ask the tough questions. do you have to go to town halls and meet the voters. our restaurant and hotels they love it. the local businesses and they get a real sense of new hampshire. >> you want this election every year. >> we love it. >> it is fascinating. in terms of tomorrow, everyone is going to go out and vote. snow a problem? >> it's not like d.c. with snow, greta. i mean, new hampshire we can handle snow. so snow is not going to stop new hampshire voters from going to the polls. can i assure that you. >> what about the fights between the governors -- between governor christie last saturday night and senator rubio, your colleague? >> yeah, i mean, it was obviously quite a lively debate and really vigorous. so we will see obviously tomorrow at the polls where the new hampshire voters come down on this. but i think what's going to
11:37 pm
matter in this is is the debates are one piece of,e the puzzle. but working the town halls, getting out and meeting the voters. the one on one impressions are going to make the bigger impact. >> i know the media watched the debate on saturday night but weep don't know how many people in new hampshire thought that they won. they may have thought they could do to the town halls and didn't have to watch it? >> i don't know how many. i didn't see the viewers totals. the crowd at the debate was pretty large. i will say. this i know people i have talked, to family,> senator, thank you. nice to he sue. >> thanks, greta. nice to see you. >> carly fiorina standing by to go "on the record." she is hoping winter weather
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this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud. who horror on the high sea as packed cruz ship winter storm off the east coast of the carolinas. rocking royal caribbean's anthem of the seas you can see objects sent flying in incredible photos and videos. taken by passengers. the ship has. >> this is a a fox news alert. snow slamming new hampshire and get ready, tomorrow's primary now threatened as more snow could be on the way. fox news meteorologist janice dean is tracking it all. janice? >> hi, greta. yes, one snow storm and one behind that one. this is the snow storm moving north and east still bringing snow to new hampshire, new england, eastern massachusetts, you can see it even long island, still getting in this snow and blustery conditions.
11:43 pm
really hard to see driving across i-95 up towards maine. so we still have winter weather advisories posted. going to watch this snowe storm moving north and east. another shot of snow north tonight. then we will watch this system look at d.c., greta, one to three inches for you. starting tomorrow morning. just a heads up. and then we will see this remain offshore. i think it's going to be a good day for the most part in new hampshire. so, voters shouldn't have too much of a problem weatherwise getting out to the polls. but you in d.c., you watch it it, young lady. back to you. >> you know what? iht to put you on the air whenñ it's not going to be like some disaster. it's going to be beautiful. >> i will see you t@morrow. not? here. janice, thank you. >> you got it. >> iowa and new hampshire different ballgame. one thing they have in common. plenty of swing the election. what are they looking for in a presidential candidate in the special "on the record" college panel is here joe
11:44 pm
alexander and chair of the --/eo,x tallia, what are democrats looking for as they choose between bernie sanders and secretary clinton. >> they are looking for someone who hastv leadership experience and someone who really i think one of the most important and interesting things about new hampshire and also one of the most unique things about new hampshire is people are very interested in being able to meet one-on-one with their candidate. and it's something that we really value here? important to be as accessible as possible to the voters here. >> joe, i know that both friends the democrats and republicans people are very much involved in politics go out and vote. beyond your group and beyond talia's, are the students interested? are they going to vote? >> i'm sorry, what was that? >> are the students really going to vote tomorrow? >> i really see a lot of the
11:45 pm
students getting interested, and getting pumped up to go out there and vote. especially since we have all the candidates on the the republican side. we haven't had this in a while. weave he is a lot of excitement to get out there. a lot of diversity in our field. a lot of young voters gravitating toward candidates that are minorities that are of a different gender. can i see a lot of that support happening on campus. >> talia, i don't know if you followed over the weekend but gloria stein steinim a feminist in the 1960's, had you when you are young you are thinking where are the boys the boys are with bernie and suggesting the girls are going to go along with the boys and vote for senator sanders. your thoughts on her comment? >> to be honest, i would rather not talk about it because she has already retracted that statement i think what she said was taken out of context. >> all right. how about what madeleine albright said, there is a special place in hell for women who don't help each other? >> i would tend to agree with that but i think that it's more about people
11:46 pm
helping people than just women helping women. i think that men should be able to help women as well. feminism is meant for men and women. about elevating people and equality. >> joe, what do you think about the fact that senator rubio was taken down a few notches by governor christie in that debate? >> i enjoyed it it i think that's exactly what we need inzmc a primary. i see chris christie. is he a great debater as well as marco rubio. what we are doing right now is just prepping. we are trying to find the best candidate we can it to defeat hillary clinton or a senator sanders in the fall. what i'm looking for is to have the best candidate possible moving forward and that's a great opportunity for us to take a second look at senator marco rubio and see if he really is the right choice. >> jorks talia, i hope you guys get out and vote tomorrow. and i hope that there is a robust election, a primary up there in new hampshire. thank you both for joining he moo. >> thank you, greta. >> thank you. >> and carly fiorina live. the formervw h.p. c.e.o. is standing by and making her
11:47 pm
final push before the polls close in new hampshire. carly fiorina is next.
11:48 pm
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11:51 pm
saturday night g.o.p. debate last debate before new hampshire primary. one candidate not on stage carly fiorina. 5 carly fiorina goes "on the from concord, new hampshire. good evening, carlie. >> hello, greta. how are you? >> good. so did you watch the debate on saturday night and, if so, what did you think? >> i didn't watch the debate. i read about it afterwards. but it's a rigged game that i wasn't on stage because you see i had just beaten kasich and christie in iowa. tied jeb bush for delegates.
11:52 pm
and the last time i looked votes and delegates counted but maybe anybody but carlie network is afraid to have viewers see me because they know can i beat hillary clinton. >> you know, i had sort of hoped you would be on the stage. i like to see all the candidates on the stage. what abc news tells me they released the rules wednesday before the iowa caucus had a conference call on saturday before the caucus. and that there was no objection from your campaign to the rules. then the caucus and you did better than these other candidates and it was sort of one of those, i don't know, very sort of unfortunate circumstances, i guess for better -- >> -- that's bologna, greta. the game is rigged. look, the reason not against me, against voters in new hampshire, against voters all over this nation and against citizens. that's the point. the reason we all were talking about polls for so long is because we were told there were too many candidates on the debate stage and we need polls to help sort it out. for heaven's sake after i beat a iowa, three people dropped
11:53 pm
out. so now all we have is eight left and votes and delegates should count more than polls going back in january. there is no reason for that other than it's symptomatic of what's wrong. people in washington, d.c. and new york are making too many decisions we need to let voters make decisions and in particular we need to lead the people of new hampshire vote tomorrow and see all the candidates three days before they vote. >> and i just do want to say that i do think voting in a caucus is better than voting in a poll as s. a more real thing. we're done with that i want to ask you a quick question before i lose you. gloria steinam say girls want bernie sanders because boys like him. we have feminism erupting and chatter and discussion about the democratic race. what's your thought about what's going on, sort of feminism in the democratic party? >> well, first of all, liberal women have long said that unless you agree with them, you don't count. unless you are liberal and agree with their orthodoxy,
11:54 pm
then somehow we don't countaí4 look, women are the majority of this nation. women, like men, should be free to think how they want. and choose who they want. hillary clinton is making a desperate appeal, vote for me because i'm a many woman of achievement i have never asked for people to vote for me because i'm a woman. although i'm proud to be a many woman of achievement i'm asking people to vote for me because i'm most qualified candidate to win this job and to do this job. >> and i might add that my last guest said that gloria steinem retracted it actually she got caught and tried to walk it[÷ back. anyway, carlie, thank you, we will be watching. good luck tomorrow. >> thanks so much, greta. >> and coming up, i'm going to share a secret about my colleague kimberly guilfoyle. this saul going to be off-the-record. that's next.
11:55 pm
test test test test
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11:59 pm
i want to give a shoutout it to the five who in the midst of their fabulous iowa caucus coverage do what he this do so ably multitask and doing something near and dear to my heart helping rescued pets to find home. during one of their shows in iowa, the five featured these adorable pups in hoping to find great homes to them. how did they do? check out kimberly guilfoyle just two hours ago. >> we(' have some follow-up because take a look at this. squat was adopted by angie from north wood, iowa and moose's new home in michigan adopted by bill and stacy damages. most incredible people wrote a great letter are to us all and so greta and i were writing back and forth that we would like to be adopted by them as well. >> that's the best. by the way, did i meet moose in iowa and here is a picture of me with moose in my arms. like kimberly i fell in love with moose. i should have cut and run chance. i could outrun kimberly, maybe. stay tuned for election
12:00 am
coverage see you right here wednesday night for "on the record" 7:00 p.m. eastern. don't forget to go to my facebook page and like it. up next, "the o'reilly factor." good night. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. andy? >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, chief white house correspondent ed henry gives us an update from new hampshire. it is a shocker for him because our booker told him it is for "the kelly file." and a communist leftist society is looking to increase diversity. changing rules for more than a burlesque show. and madeline allbright said there is a special place in hell for women who don't support hillary. good news, tom, you will have plenty of female company.


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