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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 9, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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wednesday night for "on the record" 7:00 p.m. eastern. don't forget to go to my facebook page and like it. up next, "the o'reilly factor." good night. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. andy? >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, chief white house correspondent ed henry gives us an update from new hampshire. it is a shocker for him because our booker told him it is for "the kelly file." and a communist leftist society is looking to increase diversity. changing rules for more than a burlesque show. and madeline allbright said there is a special place in hell for women who don't support hillary. good news, tom, you will have plenty of female company.
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>> thank you. let's welcome our guests. the star reporter to the stars. entertainment and lifestyle expert jill dobson. never hit a man with glasses, but feel free to hit on the woman with glasses. reporter for the national review and fox news contributor, katherine tim. he needs a new head shot. his last photo was a blurry image of him running through the woods of the -- through the woods. she is hot, married a snowboarder and starred on mtv and hosts an irreverent show. next to me, host of "kennedy" from the fox business network, kennedy. let's start the show. by the time this show airs the first results from the new hampshire primary will be in thanks to the tiny town of dicksvillenoch and a couple other who cast their ballot at
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midnight. to show us how things are turning out is ed henry. thanks for coming on "red eye." >> is this megyn? this is not "kelly file"? i have been tricked. >> it is the only way we can get high quality guests on our show. sounds like a lot is going on there. i want to ask you, ed, about the current supposed shake up in the hillary clinton campaign. is it happening 1234 is -- is it not? are they denying it? >> they are trying to shoot it down. politico are saying both bill and hillary clinton are frustrated with the message out of the campaign. that sounds true. nobody could be happy with the way the campaign has gone so far. the message from the clinton folks has been for days now, we have to get past new hampshire. we will go down south. the african-american vote will help hillary clinton down there. everything will be great. to leak this story out, somebody in the democratic party leaking it out sound
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disastrous for her. they are denying a shake up after new hampshire that she is expected to lose. i have been on the campaign trail a longtime. democrats, republicans when they deny there is going to be a shake up, pretty soon after that, there is a shake up. >> david axelrod appears to to be blaming the clintons. he says at what point do the priss pals say it is us. >> it happened in 2008 when hillary clinton was the inevitable nominee and then it didn't happen and there was finger-pointing and staff shake ups. the same thing is happening. that's his point. he has an ax to grind, literally an ax. they beat obama, but the same deal is playing out with a different set of circumstances. hillary clinton is still struggling to seal the deal. that's why axelrod is noting
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that the problem may be the candidate and not the method and not the staff. >> we have bernie doing well in iowa and it looks like he will win new hampshire. they seem to have a fire wall. when super tuesday comes hillary is on solid ground. maybe she doesn't have anything to worry about. >> she definitely has an advantage in poll after poll with the american vote. with the african-american vote. momentum can be anything. if bernie sanders not only wins new hampshire and wins it big and the money keeps pouring in over the internet as we have seen and the national media narrative continues to be these doubts for hillary clinton, these poll numbers down south can change in a heartbeat. >> i want to ask you if i can about rubio. he is getting bad press about his performance on the stable. are people on the street in new hampshire feeling it is
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affecting him? >> tom, that's a bunch of stuff from talking head. tom, that's just a bunch of stuff from talking heads. tom, that's just a bunch of stuff from talking heads. >> come on, ed. >> tom, that's just a -- oh, sorry. >> politicians repeat themselves over and over. is this going to help rubio? he is just reminding people he is no barack obama, right or wrong? >> right. he definitely looked programed. i was joking about that. his staff points out that he raised more money over the internet in the 24 hours after that disastrous pre program moment. he raised more money and i am here on the ground in new hampshire on sunday the morning after the debate all of marco rubio's events were standing room only. they were big crowds. it didn't turn off voters in new hampshire at least in the initial hours and day or so. will it impact -- when we see the vote we will see. i think sometimes they things are blown up so big by us in
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the media. sometimes the voters don't care. >> thank you for joining us and thank you for talking over the noisy crowd. >> bernie sanders. >> let's talk about this. what do we think? kennedy? you heard all of the salient points. do you think rubio is in as big of trouble as they say? >> i heard two vastly different things on sunday. you heard but you know what, rubio had a great second half of the debate. if people still tuned in for that they would have seen a pretty good performance. then you have everybody else in the world saying they may have been mortally wounded by that. he didn't seem to have an answer for it. that is the most critical line of attack. he is the boy in the bubble.
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christie went for it and drew blood. >> i don't know. he is getting hammered for saying the same thing over and over. but i feel like the audience appreciated what he is saying. let's look at the clip. >> let's start once and for all that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. he knows what he is doing. barack obama is undertaking a systematic effort to make america more like the rest of the world. let's dispell with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. he knows exactly what he is doing. he is trying to change this country. he wants america to become more like the rest of the world [applause]. >> you can't argue with that, ben. they love him. >> there is no arguing with evidence like that. that's for certain. i think there is a writer on the "red eye" staff going through the same thing. i have been call sasquash before.
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>> you were called sasquash, but were you called big foot? >> maybe a yetti. >> where is rubio going to go? where will his supporters go? kasich looks like he is trying to get water out of a boat with the way he moves his hands. jeb, to get the youth boat -- that's what he does. jeb is trying to get the youth vote by bringing out his 90-year-old mother which is terrible. it is elder abuse. jb bush is -- jeb bush is acting like happy gilmore. >> a warm glass of shut the hell up. >> barbara bush is like, let me out of here. she doesn't want to campaign for jeb bush. >> i don't know. i think young people love jeb bush. he is a breath of fresh something. >> i think he is so cute in the way that like if you see a puppy with three legs and you are like, aw you are not going to run faster than the other
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puppies. i thought rubio looked like an i idiot. >> why? >> all politicians use talking points, but it is points. he said about two points. >> how many times about christie say i was a prosecutor? >> she big and i don't know why that matters, but it does. and do you know what he was saying? he was saying he was supposed to be the moderate dude and that obama is involved in the secret conspiracy to destroy the country which was obviously true. maybe not moderate. >> jill, give me your take on that debate. i think it is all about messaging. the media turns people into superstars. and then they want to pull him down. >> it is true. ever since jfk, right? if you look on camera you end up winning your debate. i'm jealous of the people in new hampshire. they get this one on one time. it seems like everyone in the state gets to meet the
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candidates. this has been a challenging time for me. >> really? who did you meet? >> i once met donald trump. he liked me as much as he liked megyn kelly. he was not a fan. >> in the debate to your jfk jfkpoint, rubio was nixon. the thing about rubio's talking point is the president will not be president much longer. he doesn't have to run against the president. he can run against hillary clinton and he can run against socialism. he can use that pre manufactured point over and over and over to fill out the larger picture. he didn't do that. and he didn't anticipate christie and i think the bad debating skills. not a master debater. >> there is a war on women and it is being lead by hillary clinton. feminist icon hillary steinam is asking and it is an
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interesting theory. >> you were asking where are the boys? are the boys with bernie? >> if i said that. vote for bernie because that's where the boys are. you would swat me. >> no i wouldn't. >> and the hormonal sanders supporters better step in line with the female elders or face god's wrath. madeline allbright gave a warning to any female who thinks of going against hillary. >> just remember, there is a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> on "meet the press." clinton was asked if she understands why some people are uh febded by her threat -- offended by her threat damnation. >> good grief, we are offended by anything these days. people can't say anything without offending somebody. >> yeah, elect hillary so we can stomp out political correctness once and for all, right?
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>> i hate hillary clinton. >> what? >> i hate -- no seriously i do. madeline allbright is doing that going -- did you see that face? but who has helped women less than hillary clinton, right? she has a special place in hell too for what she did to all of the women who accused her husband of sexual assault. boom. you better watch it. i would rather go to hell a million times over than ever vote for that horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible woman, boo. >> kennedy? >> a couple things here. number one, yeah, if hell is reserved for women who don't help each other, then it is reserved for hillary clinton because she didn't help the women who worked in her senate office where she paid them 76 cents on the dollar compared to the men who worked. >> i pay 77 cents. that's my rate. >> that's why you got employee of the quarter two quarters of the row at fox. congratulations. a lot of envy at this table and a lot of love and compassion. she is so far off base.
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that's why you are hearing rumblings from hillary's campaign. it is an important day because they have become voting in new hampshire. >> there are like 28. >> what are we talking about in this incredibly important day? we are talking about gloria steinum and gloria a llblight and their rancid message that does not resonate with women. >> are you a man. >> am i? >> why aren't women marching in lock step like hillary wants them to. >> madeline allbright knows the different locations of hell because she goes there at night to sleep. she looks like the devil's wife, good god. that's just a joke about her appearance. >> lena says that.
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>> we are better than that. >> no that was one of my better moments. i had no idea the notion girls pursued boys. >> why not? >> otherwise it is brainless hormonal shuts. >> they started the thing with the bernie bros. i was doing a campaign if there was hot girls hanging around. >> i am in my 30s and i don't know any young people. she is 81 and she is guessing. ask them. don't just assume it is because the girls are chasing the cute boys. >> she realized that it was so offensive and so anti-feminist. it runs counter to what feminism is supposed to be. they can't grasp that and that line is so author authoritarian and narrow and awful. if anyone is telling you what to think and who to vote for
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based on a narrow criterion, turn the other way. vote for johnson by gosh. >> now it is time for -- >> they unleashed a torrent of outrage directed at last night's super bowl commercial. the group announced it would live tweet the game to call out any sexist advertisers which apparently is all of them. take this seemingly innocuous ad from hyundai. >> so you are the guy taking my little girl >> yep. >> why don't you take my new car. >> thanks, pops. ♪ >> favorite spot. favorite girl. >> you messing with the wrong daddy!
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>> seems fine, right? wrong. they say hey, hyundai, taking away your daughter's autonomy and stalking her on a date. yeah, hyundai care about the teenager's feelings and care about the parents who buy cars. let's see another terrible ad. >> and there's your beautiful baby. >> any day now. >> really? you are eating dorritos? he is eating dorritos at my ultrasound. see what i have to deal with. >> i know. >> give me that. >> beautiful. >> not buying it. the dorritos ad of humanizing fetuses and sexist dads as clueless and moms at -- as uptight -- how dare they
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humanize a tiny human. >> i love that one. how dare you humanize a human fetus. i mean that is just inappropriate, offensive and sexist. that's a lot of hot malarkey. i have to give them the slow clap for trolling. that was well done. >> do you think it is what the president or did they send an intern out. it seems like they were complaining about every ad. >> i think it was a top notch executive. >> jill, you know entertainment. what is wrong with kevin hart doing the great old-fashioned technique of following your daughter on a date? >> that's what is wrong. it is an old-fashioned idea. it is not an original idea. oh, an over protective dad. that's the reason. >> it has been done before. >> exactly. >> and the dorritos thing, maybe somebody could have caught the baby when it was
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born. they looked to the floor. i didn't like that part. i would have liked somebody to catch the baby when it was born. >> there is probably a laundry basket with some scrubs. >> it is not a real baby. it didn't really happen. >> it didn't? >> you know what? this group, they started out by saying follow us to see the sexist stuff. they were looking for it on purpose. they were looking to be offended. i don't love the super bowl. it is kind of boring. you can find stuff to do. i ate a bunch of nachos and pizza, but actually i couldn't sleep. i will take lack of self-control over being emotionally disturbed. i said i had no self-control and not emotionally disturbed. self-control gets in the way of a good time. >> people were offended by the ad -- some people found it offensive that they were
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taking a fetus lightly and other people were offended that it was -- >> fetuses are serious. >> they are very serious. >> and they should have used cooler ranch. >> if you are offending -- offended by both sides that is winning. >> that is winning. coming up, is there anything liberal professors and i can agree on? you bet. find out what it is after the break.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. here is what is happening. the new hampshire presidential primary is already underway. all nine registered voters are
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keeping up with tradition is casting their vote at midnight. they are picking ohio governor john kasich over donald trump 3-2 and senator bernie sanders getting up a four democratic votes. sanderses and kasich getting the most votes in the location. the fbi probe of hillary clinton's e-mail server is not political. the attorney general's comnts coming in an interview with the associated press. the probe is, quote, on going. that is contained in a letter filed in federal court as part of a freedom of information lawsuit. sharp losses for stocks in new york on monday. but is it could have been worse. the dow was down 400 points early. before finishing the day with a loss of 177 lead by bank and
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technology stocks. it closed at its lowest point since 2014. trading indicates wall street will open on the downside. stocks closing lower in tokyo. they lost 918 points or almost 5.5 percent of its value. the benchmark 10-year bond hitting zero percent interest today for the first time ever. stocks in china are closed all week for the lunar new year while the hong kong market reopens for trading on thursday. the lunar new year turning violent in hopping congress. dozens were injured and arrested. the protesters were angered when they began cracking down on licensed street food vendors. that's a look at news. i'm kelly wright. a group of historians is trying to convince the supreme court that laws crafted to protect women often have the opposite affect.
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duh. that's a legal term. the case before the court is whole women's health. the case deals with texas lawmaker's approval of new restrictions on abortion providers in regard to safeguarding women's health. i don't want to talk about that case. any new law that claims to protect the health and safety should be scrutinized carefully to assess whether it is uh extensive blee function serves to deny liberty and equal citizenship to women. point taken. where have we heard this logic before? from conservatives? all legislation ends up restricting their liberty and denying their equal citizenship. you are just catching on to this? have you looked at the minimum wage laws, professors? it creates general dependence, professors and how regulating
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big business hurts employees more than the companies, professors. enough with the professor stuff. when lawmakers try to protect people they almost always hurt them. why don't they look at history when assessing the liberal laws? that would be too consistent. >> kennedy, did you get my reference to the story professor, professor, professor. >> that's the one with tom hanks, right? >> it was katherine hepburn and she keeps calling professor over and over. the laws, these have unintended consequences. >> they are catching on when it suits them. that's why lovers of liberty realize when you over regulate it is the unintended consequences that you did not have the fore sight to stop in the first place and that's
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what economies and individuals and that's an outrage. >> maybe it will bring us altogether if we realize that. how about no more laws? that's the problem. >> get rid of the laws. the vast majority of laws are ridiculous and they lead to people losing more freedoms and having less, you know, mobility and the ability to do things. all of the laws written to protect people shackle them. >> these professors of history are using examples of history to show these laws hinder women. why not a little milton freed man? i think it is just that. it is the whole social justicey thing. i am hurt because i can't smoke my e-cigs in new york city. >> the second block and this
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is the first reference to e-cigs by katherine. >> the thing is i am always thinking about it. i never knew what love was and now i do. they are taking it away from me indoors. i don't care if i get popcorn -- first it is a lie and even if it is not i would rather go out knowing that i loved a life full of love. >> there it is! >> i have nothing to add. i have nothing to add. >> what's your take on this though, jill? don't you think most laws end up causing more problems than they solve? >> i do. ever since i was in government as a teenager. >> it is amazing. >> we went to the state
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capitol and we took over and we wrote laws every day, all day. and i said wait, they write laws all day every day? could we possibly have that many laws? >> every politician that is running for president now, and it doesn't matter if they are in the establishment or in the outside lane they all think they are going to use government to solve people's problems. no one is talking about reducing government. what about not only having a more for yum on laws, but if you write laws you have to write 10 more. >> like half time with tv's andy levy after the break. did you see that? >> wow. >> perfect.
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this is a time when we find out what we got wrong. i hope you are there. >> new hampshire primary. nice job with that. >> thanks. i almost felt like a real reporter. i think ed showed what a real reporter is. >> they are so good at what they do. >> they can stand there in a noisy room. >> you were talking about the possible campaign staff shake
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up for hillary and he said that the reports are that both bill and hillary are familiar with the campaign and he suggested maybe it is the candidate and not the staff. i don't see how that is possible. she is so good at what she does. >> it wreaks of sexism. >> paul cameron, his nickname is campaign carl. he is working it every day and he doesn't have a nickname. >> we should think of a nickname for ed henry. >> i have some ideas. i don't know if you rant to hear them. # campaign carl. come up with a name for ed henry. what is your first choice? >> i think election ed. >> election ed.
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that's an obvious one. >> it is the obvious one you didn't think of. >> well let's see if our "red eye" fans, # campaign carl. >> they should tweet that at red eye fnc. certainly not at me. i want to make that very clear. i want to get the panel vofltd vofltd -- involved. you said you heard from republicans who told you, hey, rubio actually had a great second half of the debate. >> i thought that was true. did you not think he had a great second half of the debate? >> he had a great second half of the debate. they were hoping -- they were wishfully hoping -- wishing and hoping that people would
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only focus on the second half that's like looking at the play abraham lincoln was watching. >> cat, i don't think rubio was saying it that obama is involved in a secret conspiracy. i have been instructed to say if that is what he is saying he is crazy and wrong. >> that is what he was saying. i have been instructed to say that is crazy and wrong. >> tom in defending the performance you said politicians repeat themselves all the time. the problem isn't that he repeated his talking point, but he did it verbatim and it was not like i was a federal
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prosecutor, but it was a paragraph and he didn't recognize that's what he was doing. >> if she is going to hammer him on that it can be you can hammer me on that, but he just launched back into it. >> i think these politicians say the same thing at every stump speech over and over. like when you have several shows, do you ever do this? you are on your third stand up show. have i done this material? and you repeat yourself a bunch and it turns into a night full of alcohol. >> turns into. >> first of all as a 9th way feminist i
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>> they are the ones who refuse to use logic. >> just a lot of time you hear the consequences are unforeseen and anyone who foresees the consequences is portrayed as a cassandra. >> i have to go. >> thanks, andy. it is time to take a break. an inclusive burlesque show. can't wait.
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i'm kelly wright. good morning. here is what's happening. the first ballots have been cast in the first primary of the 2016 presidential race. that honor traditionally goes to the tiny new hampshire hamlet. voting kicked off at midnight and took minutes to complete. that's because they only have
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nine voters. in fact, it exists as a town just for voting purposes. if you are wondering about the outcome, ohio governor john kasich came in first on the republican side with three votes to donald trump's two. bernie sanders took all four democratic votes. president obama will ask congress for $2 billion in emergency funding to fight the zika virus. the money will be spent here and abroad toy eradicate the mosquitoes that are rapidly spreading across latin america. it prompted the world health organization to declare a global emergency. although zika is not deadly it is suspected of causing devastating birth defects. if some activists in michigan have their way, rick snyder will be out of a job. a state election board has unanimously approved a petition to recall the governor. snyder has been on the hotseat of late in part of what many consider his mishandling of
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michigan's struggling schools. several recalled petitions blaming snyder for an on going water crisis were rejected by the board. flint's tap water was contaminated with lead when the city switched water sources. and a wind driven winter storm that has brought several inches of snow to southeastern massachusetts is expected to blanket other parts of the east coast today. northern new england could see four to eight inches over the next 24 hours. they warn new york city, philadelphia and new jersey might also get a nasty winter punch. i'm kelly wright, now back to "red eye." a burlesque society at northwest university tried to change its policies after students complained after the lack of diversity in the cast. everyone who tries out is guaranteed a part in the show. of course it is college, but only a few were selected for solos. when the group released the
12:47 am
list of names of the students who got solos some claim their safe spaces were violated. there -- apparently that was enough to infringe on the sacred safe space. even though the group agreed to make changes they fired back at the complaints saying people are upset because they don't think they have diversity in the small groups. they don't know the people who got solos. all they see is a name. they may have seen the assumptions based on the nails. it was picked up across the country including by the national review where the star reporter -- >> i permanently have a -- personally have a singing voice and i am a nonsinging narrator or lip-syncing chorus member in school musicals. it was definitely a bummer.
12:48 am
>> you make that hard for me. >> did i do a great job or what? i finally got a solo and it is on. >> do you have anything to ad? what did you learn about the american college experience in writing this article? >> barf. it is ridiculous. let's give them all a solo at once and it is all a chorus and there is no solo. not everybody gets a solo. i had to be the narrator and i had to narrate and it was strapping for me to do because because -- strange for me to do because of course it was. and some people are better than others at stuff. people need to know you didn't get a solo. it is not diverse enough. there are not enough fat people with solos. just because you are fat doesn't mean you should get
12:49 am
something. >> don't say you didn't get a solo in college when you were the narrator for charlotte's web. >> it was not a great role. >> if was a great role. he tore it apart. kennedy, what do you think? >> it is a burlesque show. first of all i was super opposed to college, but now i have completely done a 180 and i love college because these stories are so fan -- fantastic and entertaining. the college where they said that adele's song "hello" was offensive because it encouraged stalking and it was sexual harassment she called her lover a thousand times? and now those people are like we dent get solos. they are saying no one is turned down for a role so what there are 700 people in the burlesque show and there are maybe four people in the audience because they were the
12:50 am
homeless wandering in off the streets into the safe space. >> quick point. we have to go. >> i was type cast when i was six years old in my first community theater play and i was cast as a tree. that's exciting. >> oh my gosh. >> you are still a tree. >> i would still be cast as a tree. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story.
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>> no "red eye" tomorrow because of the new hampshire primary. sorry. we will be back on wednesday with john devore. >> the nominees are all white, but the swag is pure gold. the contents of the gift bags were announced and each lucky recipient will take home $200,000 worth of free stuff. the bag given the nominee in the main account aing and directing category contains dozens of items. some include a 10-day class trip to israel. a year's worth of unlimited audi car rentals. a 15-day walking tour in japan. a lifetime supply of skin creams and 31,000 and a vampire breast lift valued at
12:55 am
$1900. i didn't new york what a vampire breast lift is. >> somehow it uses one's own blood to create a rounding affect in this area. >> your own blood? that doesn't sound like a vampire. a vampire takes someone else's blood. >> sorry. they came up with the sexiest name for it. we'll take your blood and put it in your chest. >> i would totally get that especially if they had leach therapy. then you have gigantic melons. >> why do you think japan and why do you think israel? >> two of our allies and cherry blossoms are lovely this time of year. don't take your roller skates. just walk. >> don't the hollywood folks they have plenty of -- >> they have enough stuff. i need the vampire boobs. >> i think i already got them.
12:56 am
>> at first i thought everybody gets these. >> i thought everybody gets them. of course the companies can have free audi rentals. >> they will be talking about how much they love bernie sanders and then they will be going home with $200,000 worth of goods. when chris christie talks about how marijuana is unhealthy and they need to ban it. >> he loves chowder. >> that's the second slam of christie. >> i am trying to get him out of the race. >> i have one more idea. obviously people get upset about this. the idea is if you can get leonardo photographed taking a walking tour of your country, then that's better pr for your country. it is worth the money to do it because it is good advertisement for the people who give these gifts to the celebrity. i am organized so i would like to give a free closet reorganization and i will
12:57 am
donate all of their designer gowns to a worthy charity named jill dobson. >> that does it for me. i'm tom shillue. i have to buy a beer for a certain quarterback.
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test test test test. test test test test test test. test test test test test.
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it's tuesday, february 9th, the road to the whitehouse swings through new hampshire today. >> presidential candidates swing across the state in the first primary election. let's get right to a fox news alert. the first votes have been counted at midnight in the new hampshire primaries. >> residents in dixville notch showed up and they are in a


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