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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  February 9, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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it's tuesday, february 9th, the road to the whitehouse swings through new hampshire today. >> presidential candidates swing across the state in the first primary election. let's get right to a fox news alert. the first votes have been counted at midnight in the new hampshire primaries. >> residents in dixville notch showed up and they are in a
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three-way tie. >> donald trump, ted crews and john sayic are tied neck and neck. >> we're live in manchester with the latest in the republican race. molly, good morning. >> good morning, leah. as you mentioned, a few of those towns to the north have already cast their ballots, the rest begin early this morning, some polls opening at 6:00 a.m., the republicans like the democrats were out there working very hard yesterday. the final push the get out the vote effort to pull in those supporters. the republicans pulled in all the stops in their final pleas to get out that vote. >> tomorrow, you have to get out and you have to vote no matter what. >> if you are sick, if you are really like, you can't move, you're close to death, your doctor tells you it's not working, your wife is disgusted with you, she says i'm leaving, i don't give a damn, you got to get out to vote, right?
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>> a little over 24 hours a way. at this point, it's all about one thing, turnout. that's the whole game. turnout. >> i've seen obituaries written about myself and like the guy at the town hall meeting i'm still alive. >> voters have been known to surprise. you can remember in 1992, bill clinton came in second place, that comeback kid story. that second place finish can sometimes be seen as a really big win. the secretary of state is expecting record turn out over 550,000 votes to be cast. now to the democrats. bad news all around for hillary clinton. the fbi now officially confirms an investigation into her emails. meantime, better than ie sanners takes a double digital lead.
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>> reporter: to some of those rumors that there will be a campaign shake-up after bernie sanders have mounted quite a race so far, hillary clinton's campaign folks saying that's not true, shooting down those rumors. former president bill clinton is joining his wife and campaigning there. he's knocking bernie sanders campaign for some supports who she say have launch sexist attacks against hillary clinton. >> she and other people who have gone online to defend hillary clinton and explain why they supported her have been subject to vicious trolling and attacks who are literally too profane, not to mention sexist to repeat. >> he sends a message and his campaign then amplifies those
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messages and a lot of those young people get really worked up. rgs. >> senator sanders is saying he wants none of that nonsense and telling those who are supporting him and saying sexist things against hillary clinton to stop it. sanders has still got quite the lead here. bernie sanders 52%, hillary clinton, 42%, with 60% saying they are completely decided on their choice. not the case on the republican side. there are far fewer contestants in this one as the voting as begun. >> all right. thank you, rich. another bidder throwing his hat into the democratic race. michael bloomberg announcing he's considering running as an independent. he calls the current democrat race an outrage for voters. he's keeping an eye on today's
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primary and will start putting his name on ballots in march. all right. it's been said new hampshire is the state that picks presidents, so how will today's results impact the rest of the election. let's ask lisa booth who is the president of high noon strategies. thank you so much for getting up so early. we appreciate it. a big day today in new hampshire. talk to us how new hampshire is different than iowa. you look at how this shakes out. 44% independent voters coming out of new hampshire that looks awfully different than iowa. >> you are right. typically what you'll find in iowa, not only is it a caucus, it's a different process than a primary state. you also have your most ideological voter that will turn out for a caucus. you are right. it's important to turn out your base because no candidate has
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ever won their party's nomination without getting the majority of support from their base. >> and the issues that the voters care about in new hampshire, what are the top issues for them and what are the qualities that they are most like looking for in candidates. >> unlike iowa, you see majority of voters there consider themselves evangelical christians, whereas new hampshire you havdependent bent moderate bent but fiscal issues are still important there. you might see a candidate like donald trump or john casic do better than they would in new hampshire than they would in iowa. >> and the big story that will come out tonight is momentum. who has the momentum coming out of new hampshire who can come out to south carolina.
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who do you see coming out of new hampshire? >> it's very difficult to identify those voters and see which way they are going to go. you got 30% of the electorate that was ineligible to vote in 2008 so some of those models might be incorrect from the apology we've seen. marco rubio had the momentum heading into iowa. he had a tough debate. we'll see how that affects him. donald trump is obviously leading the polls. he's probably in good shape there. ted cruz is going to see momentum. that being said, john kasich has a presence in the state and is hitting the state hard. it's going to be a toss up. we'll be biting our nails waiting to see. >> thanks so much for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. and now to extreme weather. blinding snow and ice wreaking havoc across the country this as winter storms stretch from the
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midwest to mid atlantic, up to maine, possibly putting a chill on new hampshire voter turn out. white-out conditions and treacherous gusts reaching 60 miles per hour. coming with this dangerous system which dumped nine inches of snow in some places. and widespread coastal flooding bringing knee high waters to cape cod, ice on i-95 is blamed for this connecticut bus crash right here. 30 people hurt as it rolled over in the blizzard conditions. maria molina is here. we're expecting more winter weather across the northeast and farther west across the great lakes. let's start out with current windchill temperatures. this is what's setting the stage for a lot of the snowfall across parts of the eastern u.s. and also across the midwest. you can see some of these current numbers this morning quite cold out there. nine degrees right now is what it feels like in boston. it feels like 10 in cincinnati.
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4 in chicago. over in minneapolis, right now, it feels like 11 degrees below zero and you can see it's a very active weather pattern right now. we had one storm system bring snow across the cape. that's ejecting across the region. still producing snow across parts of maine. here comes our next disturbance, bringing in snow across places like west virginia and kentucky and across the great lakes early this morning. and what's going to happen this area of leon panetta -- low pressure is going to continuance again. here's a look at the future radar. you can see the form is going to be tracking northward. most of the accumulation out there should be relatively light. over to you. the time is currently 10 after the hour. the gop candidates getting ready for the first in the nation
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primary but which one of them has the most to gain and who has got the most to lose. our political panel is on deck with predictions that might surprise you as we continue our live coverage from new york and manchester. ♪ ♪
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new hampshire voters getting ready to cast their ballots in the first in the nation primary. donald trump tops the real clear politics average of polls with a double digit lead over his closest competitor at this point, marco rubio. daniel, let's start with you. what's your take? >> i think the governors have the most to loose, jeb bush, chris christie, john kasich.
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they have dedicated most of their efforts in new hampshire. they have the most to lose. obviously, everybody's political life is at stake, everybody in the race and everybody can really destroy themselves, but these people in particular. >> who has the most to gain at this point? let's still stay with you, daniel. >> the truth is marco rubio, he's had a bad last few days with the debate. it wouldn't be that difficult to overperform where he's apology right now and exceed expectations. weirdly enough, it could be his bad performance lowered expectations thus allowing him to be helpful, but obviously he's got some problems he needs to overcome in the long term. >> emily what's your take on who has the most to gain coming out of this? >> i think the stakes, there are a ton in this new hampshire primary maybe even more than
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iowa because the field is whittled down a little bit. yes, the governors have a lot at stake. the people who have the most at stake are jeb bush who still has a ton of endorsements and money but is performing very badly. his supporters need to see if he can perform at all and i think rubio really has a lot to lose here. the expectations were so high coming out of iowa, he still came out of third. he didn't exactly sweep it. he still came in third but everyone -- that was the big story coming out of iowa, the momentum, right, the momentum of rubio, and he had that not great debate performance in between. this is not a state that's great for him. i think this will be a test to see can he be a more moderate establishment candidate and do better in states like new hampshire or does he only do well in states like iowa? >> daniel, you are speaking as someone who is moderate, kasich in a moderate state, what do you
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think? >> i think he's going to have a good night. i think he's the only independent-minded republican in the race. it's not a huge lane, but lock at john huntsman, you can carve out 17% of the vote and that could be enough for second place, for a ticket out. i don't see his candidacy going further than new hampshire but i think he will have a good night. >> you talked about jeb bush. there's so much money behind his campaign. could one of the big winners out of new hampshire be wherever the money goes following the results of new hampshire regardless of who ends up in first place here? >> look, that's absolutely true. there's been a lot of chatter, not just of republican donors who have been holding out but those who actually got behind jeb really early that are now feeling like he's just not going to make it. they want to be with a winning horse. they want to see who is doing well and they are ready to move their money. there's a couple that are still loyal to him and will be loyal to him regardless but they are looking to move their money to
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see who can actually win the general election. >> thank you for joining us. the time is currently 17 after the hour. the candidates unleashing some bold attack ads. >> you want me to sit here and wait for the 4:30? >> third term of barack obama. >> what do the voters think of the ads? we put them to the dial tone test that's next.
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continue to criticize marco rubio for his performance in this weekend's debate. said rubio is scripted, not
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spontaneous. to which he replied that's not true, coma, i speak from the heart, exclamation point. we learn what did and did not work. thank for getting up with us. we appreciate it. most of us have not had the privilege of seeing these ads. i want to take you through some of these. let's start with chris christie's ad attacking president obama for being soft on terrorism. let's look at this. >> there's no one else who is running for president of the united states who has actually been responsible for prosecuting and investigating terrorists. hillary clinton will be nothing more than the third term of barack obama. she's one of the architects of this policy. >> pretty good ad. >> it was a really good ad. i think what's really
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interesting to see is that independents and republicans responded. i have found christie's message is resonating. what i can't understand why that's not translating into support. it's not. his message is resonating. he is on point and even in the debate, when he was going after rubio, people just loved it. >> you give that one an "a"? >> yeah. >> bernie sanders is going with a positive message. let's take a look at this. ♪ ♪ >> what do you grade this one? >> we gave it an "a." the voters told us it was
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optimistic. it's a feel-good ad. that's what people want to see of the candidates many they want to see a better picture of america and bernie painted it. a lot of people used endorsements in their ads, ted cruz, the duck commander, phil robinson who endorsed ted cruz. >> i looked at the candidates. ted cruz is my mind. he's the man for the job and he will go duck hunting because today we're going. ted cruz is my man. i'm voting for him. >> what do you give this one? >> the voters gave this one a "c." the independents are flat on this. one thing people to understand at this stage in the primaries it's more important to have someone you know to endorse than a celebrity. especially in new hampshire. this one didn't help him. >> rubio used the pawn stars
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host. >> over the past couple of years people tried to sell us some real doosis. this is worth something. i don't have to show them the value to their family. when this guy walked into my shop, i knew he was the real deal. >> hmm. it's a little bit better than you thought. people weren't able to connect and say why should i trust this endorsement. it did make rubio seem just a little bit cooler which is something he needs but it didn't help enough. >> we could all use a little bit more coolness. >> these ads are a lot of money and they have a huge impact on what couldtonight. thank you for joining us this morning. the time is now 25 minutes after the hour. and the road to the white house winds through new hampshire today but some voters are already looking to november. who do you think would win in a hillary clinton donald trump match-up we look at the
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head-to-heads with our political panel coming up.
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it is tuesday, february 9th. primary day in new hampshire. the first ballots just cast and the first in the nation primaries. candidates crisscrossing a state in a last-ditch effort to earn support. >> we've got complete coverage of the primary. we start with molly line on the republican race. molly, good morning. >> good morning. that's right. this is the day the candidates have worked so hard for, the day that they have been crisscrossing the state and talking with voters about election day and the first in the nation primary state of new hampshire and the race is particularly fluid on the gop side. of course, the republican candidates trying to get out the vote yesterday making their last-minute plea to voters doing retail politicsing, but the
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competitors took their final shot at each other. take a listen. >> every word i say in my campaign are things i believe. when people brag about their experience and the results they have gotten. chris has down graded his state several times in the last nine years. he has to answer that. >> he's too young, too inexperienced and he has served not one day in a position of management in his entire life. >> when you take a look at what we've done here and look at the intensity and passion of our ground game, you know at the end, in a place like new hampshire, it's touching voters. >> that's right. the voters will be heading to the polls this morning. it will be exciting to hear what they have to say and also a little bit unpredictable. it's notoriously hard to see exactly what granite state voters will do.
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one of the big things to watch will be independents. they can vote in either primary. they can come in and declare i'm going to vote in the democrat primary today or republican primary today. we'll see what they do. >> now to the democrats. hillary clinton under pressure to release information on her wall street speeches, but you know she says she isn't the only candidate to take those kind of donations. rich is live with more. >> this is a continued line of attack from senator bernie sanders who has been to the left of hillary clinton on a number of issues, specifically, according to bernie sanders, when it comes to the issue of wall street, and you talk about those paid speeches. bernie sanders is essentially saying that when you get paid for speeches, that's called political influence and he's charging that clinton is essentially in the pocket of the financial services industry. >> my opponent got $15 million
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from wall street last quarter. and we get an average of $27 per campaign contribution. maybe there's a difference of approach in that regard. >> we've got hedge fund guys spending $16 million in ads against me. if they are so interested in bernie, why are they trying to defeat me? >> bernie sanders pulling ahead in new hampshire 52% versus 42% in a poll. perhaps hillary clinton is going to consider a campaign shake-up. hillary clinton made it a point last evening before the campaign event to thank her team on this. as we move forward here, bernie sanders with a pretty commanding lead but as you've noted before, it's not all that easy to predict which way new hampshire is going to go. >> that is very true.
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thank you. on the democratic side, the story of course is the battle between bernie sanders and hillary clinton, which republican candidate do democrats want to win today? let's ask our panel. thank you for getting us -- getting up for us. emily, you look at the head-to-head match-ups of republicans against hillary clinton and our most recent apology, you -- polling, you see trump doing better against clinton, 47 to 44%. she laughs it off, saying it would be a joke if he were the nominee are democrats nervous about a trump nomination. >> think of all the candidates in the field, who clinton would run against in the general, trump would be the preferred candidate. there are many more people that are firmly rooted against him than are actually for him, although his numbers have been consistently high in a primary, that's still at about 30% and
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almost 2/3 are saying even in a republican primary saying they will never vote for him at all. the havoc that he's wreaked within the republican party, talking about going into a brokered convention, they spend so much time attacking one another, you don't know any candidate can make it out of this unscathed enough to run in a general election. >> what's your take on this, daniel? >> i think emily speaks well for the democratic position. a lot of democrats seem to think that way. there is a belief among donald trump and some of his most loyal supporters he could reach out to independents in a way that no other republican can. there isn't that much proof for it. he does seem to be hitting some independents and not the typical republican base like ted cruz is. perhaps that's possible. it's just unclear. we'll have a much better sense tonight who he is reaching, how many voters are independents and whether or not he's expanding
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the republican party. that could actually be insightful. >> it's interesting. when you look at these head-to-ahead match-ups, emily, kasich comes out on top of clinton's 49%-44. he's got the strongest lead there. he's hoping to have a strong night tonight. what's your reaction to that? >> kasich proven himself he has his own opinions. in most republican states that have been polling, he's done pretty poorly. in new hampshire he does the best, where he's coming in maybe in second which could be determinative. it's hard to see how he takes on a general election position at this point. you talk about trump and the independent voters. what's interesting is there are a fair amount of voters who said they would -- their support would go to trump or sanders which is interesting because they have vastly different positions. there's a piece of the elect tor
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rate has something outside the box. they are not really dedicated voters. >> that's the best argument you could have if you are john kasich to say out of everyone running on the republican side, i do the best against hillary clinton, is there really a better argument to take you on to the nomination? >> not necessarily. marco rubio also does pretty well. the problem with the electability argument, it usually falls short. look at mitt romney. he fell short. it's very hard and i think voters really are right to be cautious just to vote for somebody based on their electability. chris christie says this pretty well. vote for the person you think would be the best president and then see where the -- the chips wherever they fall rather than electability, which is really hard to predict. a week ago, marco rubio looked a lot more electable than he does now coming off the weekend
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debate. a lot of things are up in the air and change rather quickly. it's hard to predict. >> let's look at the rubio head-to-head with clinton. polls are not everything here. it gives you a good sense of how everyone is feeling. you look at this match-up, rubio doing poorly compared to hillary clinton. 41% to 50%. emily we'll get your thoughts on that. is that concerning? >> i think the point that rubio has been hit hardest on from the right and from the other republican nominees is that he's change his position on immigration reform. his position matters less but the fact that he's willing to make changes in his positions, even a bill that he was part of the drafting of, is willing to walk away from just because he think it's politically expedient. it was the thing that killed john kerry in 2004. i think if rubio ends up being the republican nominee, he's extremely vulnerable. no one is talking about the fact that he resigned his senate
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seat. i think that will come up later on. if he does continue to gain momentum, it will become something that a lot of other candidates hit him on. >> michael bloomberg making some news yesterday saying he's not ruling out an independent run. how would that shake things up? what is your reaction to that? >> one more point on the last issue, on the head-to-ahead, the democrat who does the best among all these republicans is bernie sanders, so if bernie sanders actually wins, if he's able to win the democratic nomination and maybe ted cruz or donald trump are able to win the republican nomination, i think it's a good chance we will see michael blookberg. then he might have a path. it's kind of unlikely to see both parties to pick their more extreme candidate. i don't think he will jump in just because that's what he seems to be basing his early
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candidacy on. >> it will be very interesting. thank for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. all right. leah. now to extreme weather. blinding snow and ice wreaking havoc across the country this as winter storms stretch from the midwest to mid atlantic, up to main, possibly putting a chill on voter turnout. gusts reaching 60 miles per hour coming with this dangerous system which dumped nine inches of know in -- snow in some places. and widespread coastal flooding bringing knee high waters to cape cod. ice on i-95 is blamed for this connecticut bus crash. at least 30 people hurt after it rolled over in that blizzard. many in critical condition. maria molina is here tracking it all. >> good morning, a lot of rough weather across the northeast with that last storm system
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bringing accumulating snow in new england and coast flooding. it doesn't look a whole lot better today. maybe if you live in cape cod, you are looking at better conditions today. the unsettled pattern continues for the eastern u.s. take a look at current windchill temperatures. this is what it feels like when you head out the door. in places like minneapolis, 11 degrees below zero. quite cold across the midwest, temperatures quite cold and windchills only in the teens and single digits. here's a look at the weather pattern right now. new hampshire, it's relatively quiet right now but all of this energy will continue to spin-up some isolated snow showers across the state and that's going to be something to watch out for but overall we have snow showers right now across parts of the appalachians, extending into the great lakes, and even into new england, and there is one zone across mid atlantic today that could be looking at several inches of snow accumulating so that's going to be bringing in some concerns but for now, new hampshire, no winter weather advisories in
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effect. they are used to the stuff. just snow showers throughout the day on and off. let's head over to you. thank you, maria. the time is currently 40 after the hour. remember this four years ago at this time mitt romney was celebrating a new hampshire victory before going on to become the gop nominee. >> what can history tell us about today's results? we will look back and forwards. that's next. >> i saw that the unemployment rate in the u.s. fell below 5% which is the lowest it's been in eight years. [ applause ] >> when asked for comment on the number of unemployed americans, obama said i can't wait to be one of them.
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surprised to find out the momentum is in our direction. it's been that way since the debate ended saturday night. senator rubio is dropping like a rock and we are rising.
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>> any predictions? no, i'm going to do a lot better than what you showed on the screen. i know that. >> chris christie predicting a strong finish tonight. what we can expect for new hampshire voters? first of all, iowa and new hampshire very different in terms of voters. in iowa, cruz beat trump despite the polls. had a lot to do with evangelicals. >> they are less religious and more strategic. they are trying to predict the winner. they have a great history of that. they have pick five republican nominees and two presidents. they are trying to pick someone electable. new hampshire, please look at the polls, i'm beating hillary clinton, i need your support eemp though i messed up this debate. that's why he's banking on. that's why the governors do
1:45 am
well. >> a big portion of the voters in new hampshire are, of course, those who are independent, essentially. those are undeclared. that's going to play a big factor. >> that's going to help donald trump. i think he's going to out poll. people are asking who is doing better than they are polling at. nobody thinks it's donald trump. i think it is due independents. if these people are motivated going to these rallies, he could have a better than expected performance today. >> from what our weather folks have been telling us, it looks as though that snow may come early and not affect it too terribly much there. let's a look at some of the history lessons from new hampshire. let's take a look back at 2012. we have some information for you to look at. mitt romney won in the new hampshire primary with 39.3% followed by ron paul and jon huntsman and you can see the others falling in line there.
1:46 am
no other republican has become the nominee in the last 40 years winning either iowa or new hampshire. what can tonight's results tell us? >> mitt romney won new hampshire but also had to spend tens of millions of dollars to secure the nomination this last time. the reason why is because of the proportionality. this year, there is the fewest of winner take all states. when you look at history, it's b.t., before trump. so trump has changed the game and i think he will win tonight but there's still a chance he won't be the nominee because he has a threshold, he won up wards about 40% of the vote. there are only so many winner take all states. people are going to stay in the game longer. he he's going to have to knock them out. >> new hampshire is interesting. those undeclared voters can show up for either primary. that can change things especially from what we've been seeing in the polls. let's talk about what new
1:47 am
hampshire will essentially predict for the rest of the primary season. what does it all mean? >> it comes down to money. if these governors don't finish above 10% they are done. they are folks from the establishment. people giving to them are big donors, they are strategic. if they don't finish in the top three, they are toast. hopefully the republicans have to be praying it winnows down the field to the top three or top for contenders. >> you said you expect donald trump to come out on top here. who are your top three? >> it's trump, cruz, and rubio and probably kasich. if jeb bush finishes fifth, the republicans need to hope for the sake of trying to win florida that jeb has a bad night and drop out and his resources can go behind the candidate and can win. >> you think it could drop off? >> at some point, asking people to please clap and having to
1:48 am
have the royal family come out. i hope he does what's best for the republican party and drops out. >> let's see what he decides on doing. he said let the voters decide here. let's talk about the democratic side. what's your prediction here? >> i think bernie sanders is going to runaway with it. he's been sagging in the polls a little bit. the millennial turn out is going to be big for bernie sanders. hillary clinton has 8% among millennials. he's beating her by young pim -- with young women by huge figures. they are picking people on policy and who they agree most. democrats agree with bernie most and young people agree with bernie most. >> we have seen her. give us an unexpected result in the past in new hampshire so we'll see what happens. thank you so much for joining us today. the time is currently 49
1:49 am
after the hour. a stunning new development in the death of kayla mueller, the young american woman held hostage. we thought her attacker was dead but there's a chance the u.s. was seriously misled. and the clinton campaign already doing damage control. word of mass chaos behind doors. an inside look at a possible shake-up that's next.
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a stunning new development in the death of kayla mueller, the american woman murdered by isis terrorists after she was kidnapped doing charity work in syria. the widow of a former isis leader being charged with her kidnapping.
1:53 am
she vanished in 2013 she spent two years in captivity where prosecutors say she was abused by an bubakar al baghdadi. and a data breach of fbi employees. the hackers claim they got names, titles and email addresses by breaking into the department of justice database. taunting federal officials on twitter saying when will the u.s. government realize we won't stop until they cut relations with israel? pressure growing for attorney general loretta lynch to step aside into the investigation of hillary clinton's email scandal. it is said she has a conflict of interest. lawmaker are calling for special counsel to take over.
1:54 am
the fbi officially confirming for the very first time it is investigating her private server. in the past, the agency would neither confirm nor deny the investigation. break out the beat this married -- mattered grardi gras. bourbon street, the french quarter, will be full of marching, dancing, music, and singing. the time is now 55 minutes after the hour, and in 2008 it was all but certain that then senator barack obama was going to win new hampshire but hillary clinton pulled off the upset. can she do it again? former congressman dennis cue sin -- kucinich with his predictions at the top of the hour.
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did he have df did he have
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. it is tuesday, february 9th, and today is the day. the first in the nation presidential primary as the road to the white house takes a turn to new hampshire. >> today kicks off what could be a make or break day for several republican campaigns. >> thanks so much for starting your day right here with us and
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let's get right to fox news alert. the first votes cast and counted at midnight in the new hampshire primary. >> that's right, residents in dixville notch, with a population of 12 and mills field and hearts landing showing the candidates in a three-way tie. >> donald trump, john kasich, and ted crews neck and neck. >> we've got fox team coverage across the granite state this morning. let's start with molly line live in manchester with the latest in the republican race to the top. molly, a long way to go at this point. >> yes. good morning, leah and abby, so great to be here today. there's nowhere else to be in the political universe than new hampshire on a day like this. this is a day the candidates have work so hard for. crisscrossing the state, holding those town halls. stopping into the coffee shops.
2:00 am
this race is particularly fluid on the gop side. the candidates making their last-minute plea to voters yesterday. throwing -other. take a look at this. >> we need to spend more money. making that case about being a commander-in-chief in dangerous times has been helpful. >> you spent 20 million on false ads and he says false ads about you. talks about second amendment. nobody is stronger on second amendment. his father and the group, the bushes, not him because he's not smart enough to do it. his group used eminent domain to get the land around the stadium bought in texas. he is embarrassed by it. >> from my end it is a lot easier. if others engage in attack i don't respond in kind. i am not willing to go into the mud. if others choose to go there, my response, there's actually a scriptural response to that which is you repay


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